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God Never Wastes Your Pain

Janet Page


Janet Page

Ministerial Associate Secretary for Prayer, Pastoral Spouses and Families for the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventist



  • September 14, 2012
    7:00 PM
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I have really needs right now I pray for your Holy Spirit to speak teach heart even if it's nothing that I say when we just cleaned the blood of Jesus over this round you know Lord that we don't want to just do meetings we really really need you to change our lives hence you can use a spotter to reach this world I think you are and we just love you thank you in Jesus name amen you know that's the first time I've heard that money for most thing talked about in Scripture because from what I understand is something else talked about most in Scripture are linked to or commanded the most of it you know it is working in the most recent mind when doing County Denton is to praise God to give Thanksgiving and the in Psalms one hundred for it says enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise you even to enter its path and enter with Thanksgiving and then my price and we've heard a lot in the last several years about praising God giving Thanksgiving and yet one time Jerry and I were sharing a little bit about it in a church and afterwards of a lady that dynamic came up to me she said Janet really what is the big deal since God knows I love him argument in my life and I know that God loves me why not dig down to that laundry list those once those needs and the weather in on the busy person I have time for all this will let you know I really have an answer for an I thought about putting it out over the next couple of weeks in a reminded me I started thinking about the first year that you area were married we've been married I think maybe seven or eight months or so and Jerry comes up to me one day it's a Sunday I'm trying to the laundry guy unfolding closing to me I wager you have been and he comes up to maybe set down as I can tell me once in a while that you love me and I like my friend of course I'm on your marriage is not simply me away and he kept following me as he once in a while that you like me analyzing the generating timeout I love you but she doesn't let you know as well and I can't play my railway colonies as a millionaire you feel about anything and everything about me and I need to hear me and I just don't think that I leave me alone on this so I finally started reading some of these books on marriage and I know you're going to say let's just leave right now this woman is totally stupid to tell you that it's really a good idea to let you know that you love them in fact they even suggest every day I know the guy nice things about him coming and good-looking I want to do that present casino knows what that means a lot to me I wanted to thinking better than that he allowed that he really was in viewing when you're on the book says again if I started trying to do it and it wasn't easy for me at first I started trying and I went down there and I love them and I started trying to nice things about you know what happened I love Jared as much as I love you and if I will tell him how much I love them and telling the nice things about my love for England increased and made me realize what will you not really got a great year I tend to stay focused on the fact to note the downer is a bad hair and don't you know focus on the back I really got again down your ad is more I realize more than ever how much zero you want me and it made me want to do nice things for him it made me know what you shall Dilantin and as I thought back to that first year what has happened I realize why it's important that I take time every day to adore my God the praise my God Thanksgiving it's not me not some ELA needs to be strong it started we needed we need a one-week time to praise our God to adore God is Thanksgiving in our life that changes on it helps us to realize how much God loves us released in as many and it makes me love my God all the more it makes me want to be obedient to him it makes me want to serve him to do what I can enjoy and in you when you think about the praising God usually what we go to Thanksgiving now it's easier to thank you for many things that it is the price and what do you praise God for I studying the Psalms is a sound has so much of God 's character in an video 's creative powers and sustaining powers is redemptive powers of so many things to do you have God 's presence we need throughout the day or told in Psalm twenty two verse three and I like the way thwarted in making James is says about art holy allow the habits the praises of Israel Italy will not presence with Islam today and continually throughout the day will have his presence with us on him that Sally and I must say well we just need to have this Pollyanna experience a valid time is telling God how wonderful you were never real with God you read the Psalms he now the winners and more real with God they point out their hearts to God I'm interesting in the Psalms we just don't talk about I never hear a preacher talking about it such as yourself oh God why do you sleep last it will be the one who seizes and ashes your little ones against the rock let his days be few let his children be fatherless his wife a widow with children wandering behind in all your exactly in the sound those Renaissance in one place as it is now every promotion is in the song in this for you but I found the more I meditate and read the Psalms the songs back to God healing I have in my life every emotion from from depression to anger jealousy hatred and joined the celebration is all in the song and the more I met her I changes me and you know in the morning sometimes I cry going on with me on hundreds of any drive that you need to be crazy on early hours is let me warn you have used the argument automatic change at this early point of this early hubby Aaron will have a bad day and I finally gave that is starting to help Tamara get up in my merry-go-round seems your file tell people my family that were here with mouse that I've been waiting zero way less grouchy and would love having him again when Don wants me to spend time and way more energy is it's amazing how he can do that but some mornings when I wake up give me on the last why was God the day before some terrible something than maintaining the car broke down the wash machine pronounces all these problems of raising spending but if I take my Bible and all go to the songs that are praise of fishing in his life is sometimes she even put her out because I'm hurting a miserable but I can see the signs and I will pray God 's words to him and what a blessing that this brings healing into my soul and you know the story of Jacob and how he wrestled with the Archangel and it doesn't let me go to I will not let you go until you blessing we can do that with God I feel it seems that circumstance in our life right now but we can count on I will not let you go this morning he blasts and he does seem to it's incredible to me as you praise in new more severe new Senate and the sometimes you feel like your heart burst with joy like you can't think anymore it's amazing how you can want Islam on the end of a normative counterbalance at that time can be really dry you don't sense that I find more and more in its more than joined and it is the other thing a SCSI drive times I believe it's the strengthen us to keep us pursuing him in seeking after him in those times that is as you know what I don't think I've always wanted a citizen talent everything is wonderful about it he wants us to be open honest that Psalms is fallen that is on sixty two way it says trust in him at all times of people pour out your hearts before and forgot is your refuge my shoulders big enough to handle anything we have to pour out you weren't sitting at work that we what I talk to I tell you times in my life I thought I can't tell God about that and I don't like Sally Wright hates I will want to do that or board you whenever you might be angry not want to tell him that he might strike me with lightning is no God wants us to pour their hearts to him I don't know if you ever sometimes where life is so bad you wonder is not aligned easy away in Scripture says believe there is soon about me when any cancer in a way and yet he doesn't believe it or change the situation camera struggle and I have that there times when I have at times I'm the kind of person I can have a tremendous miracle today is the next and I had where I can decide on that way try not to be the years until I feel like I found the answer of what to do with Lisa's answer for me I want to do when you like doing why is leaving why don't you answer what's going on when you really feel that way insulin seventy seven 's needs using answered what to do this verse one S I cry out to God with my voice he gave ear to me first to in the day of my trouble I saw the Lord goes on down to verse three I remembered God I was troubled I complained to my spirit was overwhelmed first for you you hold my eyelids open I am so troubled that I cannot sleep the first time I considered the days of old and the information times I called to remembrance my song in the night I meditate within my heart and my spirit makes diligent search for salmon will the Lord cast off forever will he be favorable no more birthday has his mercy seasons for evermore as he has promised fails for evermore have you ever felt like this first night has not forgotten to be merciful as he and anger shut up his tender mercies that gives the answer of what to do when you're feeling that way verse ten said and I said this is my anguish I will remember years of the right hand the most time I will remember the works of the Lord surely I will remember your wonders involved I will also meditate on all your work and talk about your days nobody is in the sanctuary who is so great God is our God enables on down are praising God is the main what he says here which will be one of me sleeping is he alive and ninja start remembering what God has done in the past in your life is in for how he's worked in the past and one of the best ways I've found to do that is to keep a journal I had a lady do that as well as prayer request is briefly none of us have time to write a lot until I'm down her heat on your computer and then come back and write down the answer when it happens it happens as you start doing you will start seeing blessings and surprises happen in your life I will mainly happen anyway please see these things happening as you walk down those lasting surprises that happen and it becomes your wedding market becomes your testimony but when life gets really bad here in this place is anyone really does exist in that journal and vision insurance remember what you February of two thousand and two how do I want to play him I know that you are looking with you in July two thousand and three gallon to thank you for what you did then you may be sitting there going what kind of boring it may seem boring I'm telling you it unleashes God 's power I don't tend to be the direct quote but it's a ministry of healing just read the whole book is really good and what about when she talks about God wants to be reminded of what is done in the past arguments for him to do great things in the future will certainly do that it unleashes his power in our life we may be sitting in the well I don't have a journal and I have a terrible memory I remember not ever doing anything in my life take your Bible that figure Michael and start training at the children in Israel and Egypt had a last-minute emergency in parts of rent seeking to them through our gels and chosen goals to all years of travel and yet it turns around and find out gone since using and saying the children of Israel preinjury lanolin the Lions den Apple Store is amazing to me she pathogen iconography twenty seven arsenals twenty two Isaiah fifty three and twenty years from what Jesus went through for you it can travel experience what it will do for you personally eventually unleashes in your life salon the power of God becomes continued and I don't know how to know if having family warships and I hope you are having family worships again stress that enough I am amazed at how many families don't these days but just a short raining again how cannot she was fearful to stand home and do not have family worship as a result of protection around the family is known to him a stern weather can be the same over Dingell I was at home in a little but I did that recently I spent to write their own stars on the church that in my home we had Moishe we started giggling laughing whatever recent data have us down for wrestling winners in the memory and making a joyful time with your kids when you are worse and I think this is just some fun it was a time when it finally dawned to me what it was when I read Psalm seventy eight and then later Psalm one forty five is on seventy eight verse four says we will not hide them from our children telling to the generation to come the praises of the board in his strength his wonderful works that he has done and is not one twenty five in one particular version is that we now excel sound right when God is in your life your worship time informing finally be dear Lord really want her to try generally want in a in math and you can get and hey I'll argue no sun Celtics thinking on the back and you and not to pick on you as does get infected you believe in Atlanta you know we need a new car and we could use in your house by the way to an end just thought I always request in Jesus name amen and please protect is likely that it was recommended what is and he worships and we started Alan R Simon saying thank you to the hospitalization I think you are with overhead food on the table thinking each other as to length of organizing saying to let my son 's no matter what and that Dan always been grateful for the little things in my seventh cousin you know on which I could have been like the other this is not quite over what is now high and is not it it is really made a difference for us but the Scriptures by James one two says consider it sure enjoying or another version count it all joy my brother and when you encounter various trials in Philippians four four rejoice in the Lord always anyone doing now this last weekend about us trials is probably that even counting a pure joy and rejoicing always the last month for first Thessalonians five eighteen two thousand ten thanks in all circumstances for it is God 's will for you in Christ Jesus our Ephesians five twenty always giving thanks for all things Canadian I'm telling you I used to think holiday for crazy for writing me that's crazy rejoice trip your joy for those trials those towels that even mean not a gaming and I I felt that way I just shut those persons to the side for long time and I had an experience happen to me now many years ago now that I felt really helped me to see that it does make a difference if I do that and I was previously married to a pastor we hadn't been out of the school that long and we were actually in our first district possibly had the church is and we've been there two and a half months and he has been working hard all week doing Bible studies and visiting while pastors do and he decided to stay home this morning to work on a sermon but before you and I said I go running if I haven't been exercising I need to start running again so goes out and run on Monday July three and out in the southeast and he came back please still sweating is also high go for a swim in the pool first we were living in apartment complex where there was a swimming pool and are little toddlers had mingled your daddy mingled to and so he grabbed a mop and often the pooling and I stayed behind because I had some things I was tremendously cooking and I remember looking at the patio window at them and I went back into the kitchen and it wasn't too long when my little guy was there sitting on the door crying and I went to isolate some reason guidelines outlined how will one so I got in my monster over to the full readiness called my husband for leaving this little guy will slam while you swim in the end of the phone but I get there to find a crowd of people standing around the van and I parted to my said wife Jean and I see my husband lying in the bottom loophole so you immediately jumped in to pull him out and I'm trying to pull in how I've taken enough of the edge of the pool I'm just thinking you know this is a nightmare I know this is real this isn't happening to me is not part of my life and yours enjoys that is not part mine we just got to school together when the minister 's order to serve time in our lives as a I know it's not a part of this is a nightmare but in the emergency room and hospital when the doctor came out and he told me there's nothing we can do he's gone I'm so thankful for God 's word the nurse came into my mind and at that time I could not tell you where was found now you hear all the time and people have it printed on their walls everywhere but it was the first part of the so all work together for good that's what came into my mind all things work together for good now we attend a seminar I'm not sure this was in the summer sometime in the winter I was six months or so before and it is hard it was about a totally different something before they ended they started talking about praising God in all things I know I heard that before these guys are crazy but I will e-mail out and in and I went home I started studying and looking at the passages in Scripture that they gave waiting began to realize it was something I needed to know and sold my house and I we started trying to do it and it was almost kind of teasing each other time he had a flat tire on a car without me seeing China change it is in the so were trying to the church I'm leaning out the window you can happen at any time and then I work real hard to make this special dish in my clumsy threat and dropped it and he's going to bring about that until we were dealt with each other by the time we were really seriously trying to do it and seeing that it made a difference so when they tell me he's gone members in my mind all things work together for good I chose to start praising my God not that he died but in fact he and I might not even control my line you can do anything you will and he can stop it even shows do I still chose to surrender it to him and that night the first person to show up with my brother it was almost midnight are between the 911 was one o'clock in the morning and we went into my bedroom and his huge king-sized bed and I told him we just lie down on one side while I lie here as it is to go to sleep as I close my eyes I see the horrible seeing of my husband at he promptly fell asleep on me and started snoring is he was a pastor also I have been working hard he was exhausted and just went to sleep I couldn't go to sleep so I got out I went into my little boys room and never the double bag he was then as I called them next to him and as I shut my eyes a horrible scene comes back and so I looked up for that when I said I I choose to praise you for whatever reason you will have if I choose to surrender the whole thing do you know I will be about how easily I can make decisions to want to face church members which by the way the previous pastor and until a few months before the horrible Carmack said the church was absolutely devastated and cellulite on the minister to them as I do with my own grief and so I'm the guy you know by now if and before I can hardly get up here I suddenly felt like it was being held and is came over me and I slept the whole night long I wasn't taking any medication Doctor offer that I said no no I don't want anything I slept all night and I started to wake up in the morning on this terrible nightmare and I reached down for my husband the status is my little boys there I knew it was real while my insurance when I called and told them that they know the day before when it happened they lived three states away and they said don't do anything don't make any decisions to we get there I don't know what the father is going to do we owned a canoe in a rusting VW and we had no money no money and I am afraid that I might be talking to haven't him and I couldn't afford silently in the immediate daughter and waiting for them to go sit still you know when it's happening I sent back and forth in the apartment just dive for the five years on our secure site and online five years we've been married and thinking him for that fun times we had together herein in Oregon mountains actually we went to while water and scanning and camping backpacking and I think was just thinking onto the people we seem one to the war due in final studies in the slammer was thanking God for Cardinal Law that I've had mine as he reports doing this my brother like to point out the fact you sitting on the calculating argument a young man he entitled woman housing and recognize you in heaven as I have my box will quickly turn to the Gentiles that which is dwindling and I and he says okay you're changed he changed hyena recognize each other and are sure to look a lot better needed and I thought about that my husband had this crazy backwards Waukegan we walked and Issac whenever you take that away from him was his personality and by that work in that way the conversation went that there was a single lane on nine and a table by the couch it was a devotional book edit and print printed from Ellen White's writings and lizards pick it up and read it it was July four and I thought no I want to be I can't concentrate I want and so I never picked it up and read it I never asked about are you telling me to pick this up at that time in my life I did not know that God would talk to me can find everyone calls my little morning it was time to elaborate on that impression to write somebody a letter and you don't diligently find out later geisha it was what they needed or that phone call the consummate politician and you find out later is what you shut up and then you try and do it is to light if you don't do it when God tells you to it's too late or not personally want to witness to all morning I live me he keeps putting on your heart to go pray for this person or that once you know and the guy in the click in the grocery store that the clerk in the car and shot in the guys ministering to that witnessing these people should be in obedience and I remember one time I pulled up to the school in God I felt like God single payment at woman in the car I'm going I don't know what you are and as he and I finally did it in the world currently and I will knock on our Windows roles and I said maybe to Jesus how did you know I didn't know you know maybe Molina those impressions but I didn't I picked up the book will be only one time we had a memorial service in a new high not seen the notice it's not okay to wait to cry for loved ones we know Jesus weeps with us it is okay to grieve over Longhorns but we as Seventh-day Adventists have a blessed hope you have something in the world can rejoice about and so we named his memorial service time of rejoicing we have a blast I know everything about the second coming of honoring Jesus a dynamic class for an out my parents and my brother stayed by as long as they could are you part know we had lived there that long there was no point in a standing and have an income and so I needed to move so they are as much as synchronicity and we got to get back to work is that okay a lot had basically one other place to pack up yet and it was who wants we had the stuff in storage and I needed to get back out to the mover was not coming while that morning I had my devotions and was reading my Bible and decided to bring that devotional book that I told you about and it was now ten days later from July fourth and July fourteen I start reading is so good I have reading page after page was called this day it's called they would God do with an I'm reading away and just really enjoy it very had to glance at the clock on always did like an impact on the risk of the South America photography that will come back and read it later so I took the blood known to have it with me but I forgot to bring energy and I turned it upside down in July eighteen and nineteen and left it there on the end table by my back as I wanted to come back and read that night and then I got my little toddler in on to the garage we went to get things packed that an assignment and I start to pack the stuff I start being overwhelmed with how much I miss my husband is in with his tools and just want to stop not that I made them keep all his stuff in the garage that was just enough for my family and is unpacking it up I started crying out on why what you let them die one day what we would consider it again in a ministry I raise my little boy when I was happy and all belonging on pack and a variant and a sobbing and crying I have one we could partner my little guy was asleep when we got back I put them in his dad and I went into slots across my whose line is sobbing as he comes over me looking me and I said to myself I want to read it and I'm miserable I want to try and watch I want to read it the concerns were not leave me alone and I started thinking while you know it's coming and going cry and cry all day pretty well cried out I'm really looking up the book and read it so is this mornings I think the book and religion only child that if I leave my things a certain way even though that might be messing don't touch them I will notice that Jerry were here you need only a man I does this not work on the amount and something in his underwear in July eighteen and nineteen and I'm going to post here knowing how to keep at me I know nobody's been in there and I knew my little guy hadn't touched it but as I look and glanced down at the page in the Pentagon is on July four July forty five and the title on July fourth is my I just went to that was Jesus cares that person the first is casting all your care upon him forty character for you first Peter five seven I started reading it in the first paragraph on down and said I your heavenly father will be your husband at hand to counsel to direct companies you need to find a try nothing I can support us one hundred and eight Lamentations three thirty three for he does not afflict willingly would read the children and men does not want bad things happening to us but were in a great controversy that we don't always understand why things have to happen five harassment and then down at the bottom as I wanted to know why it was written in his letter forty two Megan July four eighteen seventy five Joyce's sister who recently lost her husband is gone to noticing this happened to send an Angel did shrink that age I know how we did it knowing that it I can't wait till heaven to find out how he got ideas as so many things you want to find out about the last paragraph it says clean to his hair and hold fast he will take you your children all your Greeks in your burdens if you only cast them all upon him are God 's amazing amazing to me what he does one of the things I love about God 's word is as much as you read it when you're in a crisis you've got a problem with things will stand out to you you notice that now that happen and got started still in the holy Scriptures and he would be my husband as he's a husband to the widows and a father to the fatherless I've never know the Scripture before one what are you being my husband ate in the nosy gallery shows me that and it just I just find so thankful for God 's word but before my parents left the night before they really were sitting on the couch and elegant packing boxes all day and accessories as you know Jack I don't know how you make but at least you got that life insurance policy to tide you over for a while now I have learned one of the little kids all these horrible stories about you have life insurance is here and got a husband and I can because some might happen and you need money and they tell me these are stories of what people saw when we had the baby I think what I have life insurance with underlying address and I don't mean that I translated Jesus is coming well he cannot get in without a life insurance as we were in school than he was when the physical and I thought whatsoever in the hospital and will have money because he is a pastor we had more money when we were in school and when you have a somewhere in the ministry now and we were in a district where we are entering an financially and really felt called to stay home with my baby and I wanted to do I can build a job as a nurse I want to say hello my little one and you were not were not making it financially when they figured out what I cut out and cut out that I do this that anything that life insurance policy I think it were really terrible weekend Megan Brandon wanted anyway I been reading some of those books on on our nursing talk about be a significant part of scriptures in the Bible not be limited to your husband feel being to him about me management finance and my husband and I nag in the beginning he came home at night from his studies I sent to and you know I think it is all I and I think if we cut out even the life insurance always other things and it really carefully I think we can make it financially signed stay home and I can do you want to push me into a translation is coming wait till I see that man and having him do I have something to tell him it was just a few months or so later he goes and I'm longing so dad doesn't know all this he knows I have the policy anything going for now at least you got a life insurance to tide you over why I think that I don't have the policy he and he just comes off the couch I told them I canceled it because they were going to get your mom and me we both weren't really carried the policy for a while why ran into the bedroom crying and I not down by my dad and I said gone I tried to do what I thought as I stay home with my baby not going to try and meet their financial needs let me know and I really think this is your problem in you started happening from all over the United States from Oregon here from Canada people started sending me money some of the more people I was in college with and they were sending the large amounts of money and I know they could afford it so I sent a chair outside to look oldest is why she is a journal that I write down everything that came into his I was so grateful for it but I never added to the computer later on how my worship devotions one morning and suddenly I get this error to add up with coming to you I'm thinking that's really rude think about money when Constantine the thought as I tried to avoid the urge but it kept coming so finally I started to get up a notebook where it was recorded in I started adding all the key man and you know it it totals to the very beginning that life insurance policies worth today is I know what you're worried about in your life what you worry in the future but your God everything is here you nine months before mine died my parents had moved into a new house now when I know I have a choice between two-bedroom three-bedroom apartment in with only the two of them they decided to build a two bedroom because they thought was poor stewardship to have a bigger home engines were gone and they had very little the format in the morning and anything finely gave into it don't afford better but they were embarrassed they didn't tell anybody to anyone you know that a four bedroom house in a camp asking politely about one hundred SKUs me excited I haven't him seems really thrive here in Oregon I remember being a strong nine months later after moving into that house my husband died in a brand-new White House four-bedroom house even before I knew I had a problem is already working on a solution and I is amazingly our lives and my mother was living with him she had my grandmother selling brokers have an arrest that I been living with them for several months will not balance your need to go take your grandmother she would have to go into nursing home so I go south in and stay with grandma take care of her for many many months and drama student wowing and on another campus can come and take my place and before the data files to leave she wanted to get in the sunshine the fresh air so I get around the sunshine wrapped in blankets kudos cool and grandma the kind of person who never complained about anything it drove me crazy she wouldn't even give an opinion about what you want to be just what everyone is a good woman and the sunshine and she says to me Jack I need to talk to you sit down next to me and I'm going home finally dramas ever talk to me and definitely raising I can't login I sat down late in as she sat down I want to know and I'm praying for God to bring you a nice young Christian minister old grandma I had one calendaring in addition Kristin Ridgeland is very not laugh at me and she pointed her finger at me said Janet you begin a minister and that's what you're going to marry it wasn't too long after that we not brought Jerry and my life and year is nothing like Microsoft but he's absolutely what I needed and what a blessing yes but we have asked me to marry him he says to me you proposes in a crazy way when going back at the time but I think my sincerity I'm sure you can be the husband that the husband is really done a pretty good job you would love and making that I'm amazing I'm not saying that it right Thanksgiving dinner that new husband you need to know that he will give you peace and genuine joy and comfort in spite of what you're going through and what's happening in your life and I remember crying to God Lord what do I even bring somebody and it was always just we just do what you do and now just keep taking care your child and am loving me and hit his time take care that's just amazing to me what what how God does that but the great controversy right you know that right eye and I can say is there tormenting my God and Satan will do you know that sin out of our life right when she watches as what's the use out in worship spending time with you because you don't know freelancer ran away she wants here in twenty oh one nine Wii bad things happen or you change my life and things they are tormenting and she doesn't love you she doesn't want to haven't her whatever you want to be the first economy extra person that was thought no matter what the guy desperately need a people that will choose to praise him to live in new matter what happens in their life there is no greater witness and on that fact table under these handouts to see if Yosemite on the front excreted in the first section of it we got a lot of ports and air from how we want to writings about praising God and colorful quotes and she talks about there's no greater witness than someone who praises God for what they've done in their lives every cancer you how many when I satisfied whose husbands of either abandon them left divorce or had died on an advance of any legitimate or crying they say you need you've been through this and you still love God said yes and this gives me hope someday I will to the individual ministry I desperately needs of people that are willing to go through things no matter to somebody who's house burns down but to somebody who's houses burned down no matter to somebody who is in prison but someone who's son is none at present are some in Congress want to orient you when illness on your life you can witness to the people or something the network or maybe you will is from their car wrecks or whatever I may need you to go through that and witness to the that chiropractic adjustment manager to the x-ray technicians and the doctors are you willing to go through these things to be that way him him him him not I die I'm not I don't want to go through the things I like my life to be comfortable and easy and nice however suffering the only way I can go throw it easier to read I Einstein is my God and knowing him studies focusing on the any reading and meditating on what Jesus went through for me that is what has made a current ability to go through what I allows in my life it's the only way I don't know how you handle it but it's the only way I can handle it but not given me a ministry and because of this was with them when and he is one woman her husband put in jail now she and I pray together because you have a lot of baggage from the past and we pray for healing over that she'd been being abused as a child and I gladly elected to know praising God not for them in and advising users in her life immunized people 's life music user for this ministry will be put in jail since I enough money to survive I am minimum-wage and I can live you will know that I started showing in the Scriptures as a thought leader Hassan I confuse her husband now give those tax credits for widows there for women whose husbands are in prison for women whose husbands have abandoned applicable other women were not the right and I will be here not your back I know what you men will do that for us when we are covered and him and him and him and I think you have a problem in getting your husband in heaven as your president again out minimum filling it out is terrible marriage the guy had a horrible temporary visit was a incumbent wow I see do in prison now calendar gently don't do it right away with people you do exactly gradually things on your husband 's and present she does you are crazy and I said I know I'm crazy but let's just do it anyway so we started doing it thank God that this man was imprisoned he was in prison five years doing well that when he will he was a totally different man he will not present in Bible and human prisoners my studies in there to the Lord and to have precious marriage with his wife in a different manner when before he got out of prison she said she's the first thing that happened to those within twenty four hours in the imprisonment was really close to that time she called me up one morning as I wanted to throw one down cheeses I have no money and they all wore white about it privately praying that I can like to ask your husband can have and what he's going to do but inside I'm going to come through for you for an so we drank your husband have a name that I was not the brought broken hot water tanks is not doing a single outlet for you and you will find the next morning a neighbor had come to her door and said to her I asked her hot water tank could you cannot do that he was in for her I told you are writing down journalist writing announcing anything and she goes out why because you'll forget you're pretty what was his biggest problem they forgot they are not made but not that she started journaling writing was encouraging her to notice when God every day yes so she wanted it was up-and-down we should have seen the fear throwing is developing a beautiful surprised when her journal is willing at this a couple years ago I comply or office one day where she worked and I came up to the counter and I center the store with you that came of the county sizzles you to go to work you will want anymore to travel this influence she said my lecture city turned I said oh she said if somebody anonymously gain money I turned back on dolly shortening turned it off the second time in a PG&E in California and is and I sent this to her that I made sure I got way back swinging range I said to her that if you're has been in heaven since you don't need electricity you prayed he got turned onto Nassau and you don't need she came out swinging and I got got away when she was able to calm down we prayed about it together and she's going to tell anyone I said lonely when I go backpacking but is actually not live in Maryland I know what it's like I been out for us without electricity got definitely strained everywhere that fall down on your your house is in your electoral wires and authority from it hard he gently for chapter by sending him collectively that the DSL not that this is a necessity I am praying and praying forgot to turn on electricity eight husband and something happened against turn our price is right then why what we started playing together and she said would you pray for tomorrow why him or what is going to send the people who put my husband in prison because he was embezzling money from it I have the money since I know nothing about it I don't have any money to service costing me money to hire a lawyer to get me in August whatever they do defend me and it was okay I'll be right out front all day tomorrow while she called me the next day about five I thirty in evening and I am telephoning oh hello and she said to my favorite she's finally had a nervous breakdown it gives them too much for her she did it stands now it is when you go out again turned the she said I'm in this mediation port and one with my lawyer they are in another room of their lawyers mediators going back and forth and it will finally say to my lawyer why is it so long he's is why we need to do just that I need to tie up my dogs whiting inside in Occidental electricity electricity what we ought to tell the whole story and you don't you really don't have any money she says no I don't even know how many pay you him now and then does congrats a mediator and housing the whole story him or her what it was telling the whole story will tell the people and it is all okay and him and W is human I think I can find the answer to work in your life he got into a situation as you live in knowing you just demanding allegiance is now easily into my weekday and we got our letter writing and are complaining and are grumbling and I'm as guilty of the anybody of doing a little melancholy I like to complain as you copy or which is not him until I laughing that God wants to give my only thanking him for the things you think are blessings to you and we saw how I will thank them for their everything that happens you have a big storm in your life you ever tell God how bad as you don't believe me about it as you know we need to do more stop telling God how big are storing it and start join our storm how big your God is God 's Word will not only and will remind you right on your past healing it does your faith encourages you and I I must quit now have to just tell you this if you want real hard putting together an lot of things that led on page eight number nine this week this one in order to close it says the fathers presence encircled Christ and nothing beats down him but that which in the law permitted for the blessing of the world here was a source of comfort in this process he was in her here heritage who is in dealing with the spirit of Christ abides in Christ what ever comes to him or her takes whatever comes to him comes from the Savior who surrounds them with his presence to hear that it comes from the Savior who surrounds when this presents nothing conception except by the Lords permission do you think she'll hear God 's child all our sufferings and sorrows our temptations and trials all her sadness is ingrained in our persecutions my nations in short all day and work together for our good all experiences and circumstances are God 's workman whereby good is brought to ministry of healing page four eighty eight twenty nine isn't that powerful him but this is just so true what God does I am so thankful for my guide that includes up with me my money in complaining time able to choose to praise him for the situations and you know I know you can do share one more story and you have a real goddess of the husband and I decided to go on a trip had been ready with my parents for a couple months and was endlessly my brother downtown and before leaving that morning at the widemouth thermos put Queen Mary's and raisins in it and poured hot water times as chewy cereal that my little guy like a well in the motel with collating he's hungry he's run around with money hungry hungry hungry and so I got permission to open it for him and I cannot get it open it's a widemouth thermos teams annually and I'm in the hotel alone as I take the thermos and I put it between my life and sitting on the Internet and trying to get an open and I can get it open so I shot this prayer in my mind and I think I get my husband were here he was big and strong don't you know me or my husband so when evening and then somebody starts trying to come in my motel I jumped at the time he and they were in before I could get there but they immediately jumped back and lady were sorry I didn't see him again at the wrong world Dorian added are they signaling and they closed the doors and lady will take care the animation the door will now I'm leaning against the door and I chain market now is scared or relieved you know I pointed out the command and adrenaline draining me of my mind making a winning of the northern Gulf Angel Lloyd and write down to Missouri and open your firm I sat at your numbness arms against how we found when analyzing and any twenty when this crazy lady why and I thought I'd start by bringing my fingers you will gain one point turn he had an open and I got a sense of humor is amazing we'll do an online as we close in the first prayer conference I ever went to was in Oregon and his first time you ever experienced a group prayer and it was one of the things that help to change my life it was so precious and I know it's late but can we just delivered humans and what about his is just in short sentences I want a list of praise to God when I'm doing a request tonight but just phrases or Thanksgiving whenever God would put on your heart and a basis in height loudly so we can all here in the room it's no fun if we can't hear you may hear you and he enjoyed him but we don't morning got me in your heart a song start a song in England when humans in sing the song together if we know the song those are my friends nonprescription African woman and wants to this media was brought to you by bodybuilders the website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about how humorous you like the more so than please visit www. audio person .org


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