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Forever Ruined for the Ordinary

Janet Page


Janet Page

Ministerial Associate Secretary for Prayer, Pastoral Spouses and Families for the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventist



  • September 15, 2012
    7:00 PM
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why will he not still totally what I know your God who is full of power and father we know you can speak to everyone here no matter what I say you can speak to them we ask in the name of Jesus it empowers blood that you will speak to everyone here five note advertisement the needs in their lives Lloyd just flat out your love on him right now I think you in Jesus name a name I had something horrible happened to me twenty years ago I turned forty and it was terrible my friends I called them I asked friends did what any formal parties with a better student no black balloons black crêpe paper they had I take that look like a tombstone in on it it said Janet pages using is dying and all kinds of gag gifts and I'm going to do to deserve this and the next morning at home people kept talking points as their driving by and I went looked out the front window and I could see the back of a sign on my front yard as I went out to look at it and it says can't get born Janet pages you visit died and the size of the taken down at my little boy is narrowed his body against it not letting me and fortunately it started raining and the signs came down but he had been told by adult new cute on the ledger mom take it down so he went out to the garage got a hammer and try to put in a buddy going on nine when his bank and get a disguising come visit mommy can you help me I think you're going away for this little guy is now pastor Pastor is a very determined in the barren domain only it was foretelling is nothing holding that sign so everybody can see what happened his mother presumably the cars in every betting on the works of the charming nightgowns and he gave up and came into the house I tried it out because I don't know how it is for you for those of you were young you don't know what I'm talking about yeah you can't wait for that day you get to drive a car you can't wait for that day meet someone and Mary are when you go to college and have a career and incidents like all will never come to that time he did to do those things whenever maybe you desire then all of a sudden it all started happening at present you know at least for me I was in my thirties and in life to start getting faster and faster and faster I felt like I was on Wednesday and ends at noon on this faster faster faster when the flight it's not things Mrs. Tommy is coming to anything I can't do that long I can't long what really matters what what can I do today and make a difference in my kids lives in my neighbor 's life through one or providing a sense of trust in my thirties is a minister come fast by the County of their feet and is that really one fascinated that for those of you who are China still got my agent sixty South and I was in my thirties presumably than sixteen eighty what really and if I thought about it I remember the year in the Academy I was seventeen years old I think when my Bible teacher tells us that we need to be spending time with God that was a new concept back in the Stone Age we had the elsewhere tires made out of stone I will and I said why I may not go to church on Saturday good time to study the thousand eleven one two thousand and eighty nine eighty ago take time and time when God you will die and you will die you love God any time you walk away from him I said I was so after class I team up to my said will will need to do is just how I do anything was no set way to do anything you just know Major Bible Simon Fraser as well how long should I do this musical is no set amount of time how long do it he is anything while trying thirty minutes is okay I knew that I think and he also the same time as the bars which I've mentioned in the seminar that we can claim in your taskbar the weight of the evidence in Isaiah fifty first floor is a last part is dismally by morning he awakens us to to listen as a disciple I read years later while he wakens us that the first part of this verse tells I never noticed that I just would always claim that hard for you to wake me up the first part is the Lord has given me and instructed tongue to know how to speak the word that sustains the weary he awakens me morning by morning he awakens my ear to listen as a disciple now this is a Scripture Jesus waits for us and the reason God wants to wake us up and spend time with him he wants to help encourage our lives so that we can go out and help others do most people during the day he wants us the comfort and help like he's helped us in our worship closing I do that is our young center on Saturday warned wake me up you not only to get up early and a different is amazing and you know it is crazy unearthly hour you want to do that but I was a first-time giant medicine and so I finally had to kneel the whole time and I'm down and kneeling and I got not one client put it right there by the bed so I can design in the thirty minutes and then I'm there praying completely missing my looked at the clock to see how much time I have left only five minutes ago nine what you do with twenty five on I'm so thankful that we serve a God that loves us so much I want so much to spend time with each one of us that he'll take it no matter how show us how to do it simply is a little different for each one hundred and twelve spend time with us and show us how we will pursue and that no hearing was seventeen times in addition and I'm starting to experience God in the college and college really busy and had been nursing labs and is busy and I was about spending time with God enjoy family and as I promised start reading the Bible is when you just what he wanted he held me back and I will try to keep my promise and I start reading the Bible and start playing and spending time with them I presume will again designed in the late afternoon out God Jelinek and family to help your visitors immediately and try again after that I can see polymath again I will like that we spot once I'm done with college I'm not just working a job and so much time to spend with Jesus I do know that in the end now cooler only when you retired and so when he has time and it was great I thought you wanted a job on time and I know that Mary Little baby I thought were going to quit my job to stay home with the baby and I thought I'd have so much time to get to know God and the Bible my mother failed to tell me listen young girls it's a 24-hour day job things are remaining and I got if you're not working a full-time job everything in the church as a volunteer job for you anyway how willing he got no help with the vegetarian cooking school and sometimes even a little help with vacation Bible school and teach the children please Lord William last man sorry haven't had time for you and your never forget that after nearly one one Michelle one five oh setting this is Alex I will gladly will you help me to revealing fact it's been a while hasn't maybe a week or so will we lastly before I know it I'm in my thirties realizing I know about him but I don't know him I thought I'll start doing it now it's not happen so I started doing okay got to start waking me up against unruly and do it now understand this time in your everyday I started doing that and and I started like it talks about Hitler is going to give you this is very gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise so sorry during the Thanksgiving and pride after following the sanctuary kind of prayer and I would then go into a time of consumption and I confess everything I thought it needed to confess but there was this one particular thought they would keep coming to mind and I would think I'm a melancholy that's not stand I never identified as an over guilty conscience and advertised on the five that no every time I spend one dime if they bought kept coming and then prepare conference in Oregon and in other places where they have a good run a fair time as we keep coming I finally said okay okay I know I should I can't deliver something Jesus would anyone here is just to all was just late over here I thought I can go on having a spiritual experience with my God and totally ignore the sin problem in my life I didn't realize at the time in real life though much later what didn't in my whole Christian experience but God 's word became dried to me I can enjoy anymore which is boring and when I pray that it felt like my prayers were going higher than the feeling and is not as vicious cycle of depression didn't want to live anymore I just felt like I was homeless is no way I can save me and I started having relationship problems the Jerry Nyhan Charlie Darian and the people around you I know what was long and I just privately quietly gave up because as a pastor 's wife you don't tell anybody about this fight is going to the functions of doing which afternoon with her kids in the church but didn't tell anybody at the time this was happening in my life Jerry we had moved and he became a ministerial secretary was a pastor the pastors in a statement released and he worked at the time that happened he he went around and visited all the pastors and their wives and found it was a real need among them to have a spiritual retreat for pastor 's wives so he really thought to make this happen because of the budget was tight and only got been afforded only had one I was blasting the wise Terry says you know if this is good for the wise thing to do we had one for all the work in our conference take out a spiritual retreat for which I get someone to do this to take it on but he couldn't get anybody to know what I think I forgot about it will in the meantime Jerry became the conference president and one day someone had handed me a brochure of a women's retreat another state potential to generate when he comes home I said okay so when Jerry came home I handed it to a electricity is just isn't this is what we need is what we need for the women the conference is that alopecia don't you think that's what we need is that I know I never been the one you want them to think they need spiritual nourishment fellowship well you have any revival adding a conversion doubting and that isn't going to go planning to do it Michael sorry I can't do that I know I can do that kind of training anything won't you at least pray about it think God wants you to do it we talk about a guilt trip tell you to pray about it and so I I thought for a moment and I said okay Jerry I'll pray about design you like to come back in a few days intelligent Jerry the voice is so nice it shouldn't do this because I know I couldn't do that kind of thing it was extremely shy person is but I was not praying that time in my life and I told I forgot about it generally comes home about three days later in the conference office and tells management body of knowledge I can remember I were both things they are again to figure it out that I is with his retreat and I'm going to be going as well I was sure that when you prayed about it bluntly tell you to do it well I was now embarrassed I felt like my name is on the line now someone all the people voted for me I have amended this thing so I started trying to plan and the one I knew I needed was God and so I started once again having my devotions again because the argument is as it was know for me and I started taking that quote resveratrol closing the says his word is his voice speaking to you know what we know of it I need to speak to me only when you do this majority by ourselves started bagging nine going I don't know you I don't want you not want to go to haven't really the point why not in one when I do not help me help me to love you to know when you only know that you love me and I pursued my bastard I witnessed it took three weeks before it became meaningful it was not something that happened overnight for me and I started having this experience with God I know I had to switch to plan I know enough to have a speaker I know what else to do and then I started realizing nobody's registering to come about because they don't want me and I started training for a lively agenda register related start registering recently are filling up I thought we might always when you even know what you did women's retreat as I know a case in one night I was home before everybody out when fixing supper in the inattention and add them back and forth what is going on again I can hardly include unsubsidized phone rings and it was a woman who I didn't know very well she engines to sell and then she said just this may sound strange but likewise impressing me to ask you if you want to get together once a week to pricier women's retreat and who knows maybe after that Grosvenor and immediately a piece flooded through me as I know God wanted this retreat not just my husband and I wanted which means if I want that if innocently and so I said okay and having great twisted together to pry and one thing I had to I forgot to tell you what before that happened I had been winding around the Jerry one morning as he was trying to find a leave for work I sincerely this whole things done in the citizen it is the link you will want very anxious young it turns your election means it's going to witnesses before Nike images are doing and I said just go do it again I walked out of there in the fun and my mind was finally forgot to send you another woman to so I started praying that you know what there was one minor detail I forgot about that one time in my life I was scared to death to play with anybody out loud do not is these pastors are now let's divide up and reason boys and prayed together anything in the click of the restaurants using party against an alien crime is something you are beautiful prayers all over my words Courtney they play Franzen by the time they get to me there's nothing left and ran out and you know and learn about God it's okay it's okay for him I think they did and one thing the Holy Spirit phrase into your personality London England hasn't even started crying and I thought you and they are thin I like why certain things and wonder why have a crying was going on for all of that that was in that I start praying for God to send me some money and then this woman she calls and tells me God the president of as always documents comprising the other influence among the women join if you know what happens when you commit yourself to meet with a group to pray once a week you'll didn't make it easier than you ever been on the new union so I think it even swells my start happening to begin with because session if there had been no power installation we pray together and this was I'm telling it gets better and regularly I would dull and Raymond did not indicate you will you send these people I'm kind of way with him is what kept me going given me the ground so we need to pride that's the thing that you start spending time with God every day I miss you you'll get busier permission any trouble may happen to begin with a single trust all of you but don't give up your prices alloyed and go on to the present aliens so much better so we need to try and as a means of right I've start writing more help these women they mean in a converted God bring the final brain are a lot alike what time zone prisoners are just as loud impression in my mind is that if you want to help these women work on your life is in my eyes as it was so embarrassing I just knew everybody can hear and I open my eyes but all like to train away dynamically here Simon my mind going later gone okay on the later procrastinator and I did not know when it is it was it wasn't some I wanted anyway and I plan on what my husband heard about in Oregon operator conference happening and he tells me that I suggest we need to go we need to go in and support Don and Lady Jenkinson or happened areas friends is at all times in Missouri anything out so we went it was at that prayer can't five thousand dollars and nine other hand does the group prayer in the mainline is a short sentence where people pride themselves on their thing and to gather raising gone together in a mining conference in Reno and people taken finals and the praying Scripture the most notable thing I was too shy to pray out loud I is in God 's presence there was so beautiful what happened but once everything is going on I actually was in a seminar that was a pleasant encounter with God in prayer I don't either event attitudes in that hand out Hannity has you might want to try but I wonder on actually gave it to her that one time when he was taken a suet in a seminar and afterwards as were walking out a lady said to me so we did not speak to you during that time because all it really is a time of silence even got a chance to speak to you and asking is there anything in your life watching the way of you have any experience with God as the one I know now now that's never spoken to me I've been to that paradigm three times now and never bothering me and I sat down the church waiting for the main meeting to begin sitting there next to my husband just minding my own business at all that information once again Janet I told you those three times I keep telling you where you were I want you to deal with this and problem in your life and I know she can delay or whatever it was a stranger here the next morning in the Motown now you can spend time with God every day I went in the earlier and early morning person at that time changing out the beginning of all time with God would wake me up so warmly and Mayfield Dargan very lovely when Simon Windsor Mayor and the most talented going to the bathroom dispenser is on one wage area son is sooner my Bible and trust in this tournament on enemy lines and is not applicable and where I have since your presence I thought maybe to them by the toilet when you realize you can not to harass and I will be there when it as I thought is uncertain as good morning sounds wrong where I just got bought came again Jim I want to go call this person now in this yacht was involved in this one particular big ones and I was a bitterness and resentment toward someone and are now in the anatomy for so long didn't be aware that presumably in a not you need to call and ask their forgiveness and wanted down on the man I started listening to it on to him and I think to get them to call me enhance my forgiveness and they then maybe I didn't say where to do it I started trying to be nice a few months ago seemed less than what is entering I can get no response from God to silence and I was at the point of desperation because this experience would God have become so special to me so meaningful I do not want to lose what was happening and I was desperate for God that gave me the courage to get up and go call the person also wanted to bless the retreat was afraid he was so I called ahead to that of Jeff and if I'm going out swinging my hands going got I hate this person I don't know how many do this I think I please and the Holy Spirit now they need to do it to me I called in public they wouldn't be home it was so early in the morning I welcome and eighty nine well hello Laura hope and prayer I jump into it and start asking the forgiveness and I will never forget what started happening as I started asking the forgiveness one after another started coming to my mind of things I done to them that I needed to specifically ask forgiveness for and I was shocked one afternoon every time one came to me I can would you forgive me for that amendment it would you forgive me for that which is infinite I think I was an attempt to finally attend the dealer Jeremiah seventeen nine cents said the heart is deceitful above all things we don't realize how we come across to others I was blind to the fact I've done these things to this person and now never forget he not only myself asking forgiveness knowing full well they probably would never ask mine came in and washed me clean on the bitterness and resentment is building with mom for them compassion and I can be friends with them we still have some differences buttocks not just a change for me or that that that you know we had a prayer conference meetings all day and I know over the last couple of days as I wandered in and in honoring Jerry but he wouldn't talk about it neither know what was long and that night we came back for separatism to the motel room and energizing I want to go back to the meeting I'm tired of needing a mistake here is the log of the meeting and I started trying to avoid you love the meetings I want to know what's I stopped caring and I felt like God wanted and I miss you and your invoices businesses are using to stay with you so when I decided no cameras that year we knew Jerry on I heard to share with him what happened this morning on the phone so I start telling Derek is no I wanted to know about who is embarrassing so I started surely certainly is interesting to sense this emotional wall coming down and then Jerry started sharing with language my way in January here he would share this part of the story I'm not on you anything that Jerry doesn't care adventures are certainly may that he was bothered about something and he started telling God why am I here this paragraph busy conference president and tell me how to pray I know how to price plan our conference will need to be here last time this NCM Janet she is all spiritual getting up so early every morning she has trouble with so-and-so I had no idea he felt that way until you sent out I always thought he was on my side that came as a big shot in addition with me I suddenly realized this really is a God thing you doubt when it comes leaving you are not I do a lot I'm going well I really did get me to call him this morning and as I'm sitting Canada's basking and in what happened all of a sudden I get discouraged it is something that God had been after me for a number of years to do with Jerry you know the Scriptures in Matthew twenty three twelve it's also in Luke fourteen eleven in fact if you are this problem you read the Bible you can't get away from it is just everywhere in Scripture says elaborated off himself will be humbled whoever humbles himself will be exalted I never believed the Scriptures I thought is for somebody else I'm not to be nobody's doormat hours I got back to me for a long time I need to ask Jerry 's forgiveness for a number thousand and I always said no way if I knew that the next time we have a problem Jerry says don't hold it over my head I'm not Monday when the dark Knight because the white house that morning it was such a miracle for me and I was originated in time for you to talk to Jerry that I started talking to Jerry and asking his forgiveness for and just want to size for you I've been trying to exhaust myself and I is will now as I humbled myself was exalted it just shows you close together we can not belong in obeying God 's workers all minutes of me so many years it will you know why you software because I die at the nearby your life because of it and you don't get to hear somebody in their reason for lack reasons for wanting to avoid parental development task if you need to get people to pray for you because that's what winning a life you what happens is much as you want to avoid them in a liability when it you will start acting like them that's what happened to me I started acting out some of the same behaviors that I hated about this person what they did to me I had I had started doing it to others there was such a change in me my older son it was then a young teenager he comes up to me one day and he says mom money changed he said mom which is like you know I think there's any more than a mother longs to hear whiteboards like that and my little guy my younger voice of the little guy he never heard that conversation but it came to me one day just bounce around a my mommy will have the monument is and what Jesus you know my son we never imagined them that they needed to spend time with you but enhancing their mom and dad doing day after day for many years my only do that my guidelines do that when they come in as it early in the morning these can drop to welcome them I and there are some coordinate will talk to us in their hot little blanket over their head and yelled to me I got my time with Jesus and his apprentices one God guys but a hound that you know when might you but one day might my younger son for a little while went through rebellious time and I had the school call me out a phrase been suspended just in shock to myself and I can do better than that and he had thirty nine or forty minute drive home by dining at home you know he's expecting his mother to lecture him but I made a mistake I spent time with Jesus and ask God willing will do as well I sent an index that came when she asked me what it is about you that would cause you send the unit don't ever do that dynamic sky you don't want to know because I'm an anesthetic I said okay what is and I'm even with Megan Davis and God told me what a wife and I was in shock my heart was broken when my son came home fully expecting his mother to lecture in Santa Fe now and then I said that I just spent some time frames and after I got a phone call from your school mascot I told them about it on that God has forgiven me I've asked him to forgive me but we'll forgive me her boyfriends about example to you he was under the hard rebellious young guy he couldn't hold back the tears we cannot go wrong and humbling ourselves to those around and I have to diagnose a few who are parents listen to those scans license allows teenagers listen to those young adults when I point out something about you that's not quite right don't get angry at them but go to God and pray about it I can't tell you how many times my son pointed something out fortunately I'd have the ability to go and pray about it and realized God 's work in my life maybe you don't have those kinases I'm thankful for God is use my sons and my life at that retreat all that prayer once a week via we get together and train cars were praying for the week to train unitedly together once a week at that women's retreat we saw so many miracles happen a lot we didn't know until after the retreat was away but I'm telling you I had several pastors either call me or write me letters saying what went on at women's retreat are women have come home changed I was writing the zoo for whatever happened that women's retreat our marriage is then he'll we had our physical healing happen there been done two years later he kept asking to see the woman he would not believe she could be seen how the disease almost fourteen years and he said that this is not impossibly and equally made by virtual years he kept seeing Ernie finally said no you were sealed with that women's retreat is that I don't get it but on they were husband that was how happy about what happened they started calmly think of the local retreat at our church year and will will make just and is demonstrating it was just amazing but it will while there was gone one needs in their Bentley Continental where in this handout is more on the back label encouraging yet but the school is if a musical in Matthew eighteen nineteen and twenty if two of you shall agree on our touching anything that I shall laugh it shall be done for them my father which is in happen for where two or three are gathered together in my name there I am in the midst and then it goes on and inside a quote from the spirit of prophecy says that the promise is made on condition that the United press of the church are offered in answer to these prayers there may be expected in a power questionnaire than that which in answer to prime and plan this will be strongly united together the PowerGen was as Howard Zinn will be proportionate to the new entity of the members and their love of God for one another you cannot play long week after week with a group and not fall in love with them my best bodies are my prayer partners through the years and we don't socialize and want time to socialize but they're my dearest friends there my body has been being with my tool what a love relationship that gives you when you came on the first weekend I know all these miracles yet but we know God really blessed the weekend Jerry's waiting outages can't wait to hear what's happened is a number he wanted to start sharing within the miracles they are thinking this will do that's what I said that's what we got into his last start getting together with other families and praying praying for our community for the people around us for our charming I said well okay I can work that out on some couples to get together as Iran and the one thing we do is we all committed you are strongly thirty minutes a day just getting to know you got with the Bible praying as we can then today that on the way you know thirty minutes may sound like a long time just do it for five minutes beginning at five over five minutes if you don't write for five minutes and it is some kind of outrage loving somebody from the service and went looking for five minutes every day I promise you your experience is going well well and on that note you'll be wanting one more time than God the reason is that enough is enough to visiting Ukrainian tabloid more time with him and my life around you the Jesus I keep trying so now you have a heart attack are not in cancer live longer I try to eat what I will have the energy and strength to spend more time with my best much I want an exercise on your energy is starting to spend with my God in it it makes such a difference we started meeting once a week these families bring together Jerry can always join us for the newswire we can't do what we were planning for the end of the year when I between over fifteen people are celibate and then converted rebind they never even know were planned for them we generally but in the end which means I mean we started seeing this reminder will happen there after accepting Jesus and wanted to be baptized it makes such a difference I went to what we did together and twos and threes and pleased that salvation possible for another one and another one genome for three years I had to tell my kids like it and it is somewhere send the way back thank you for praying with my mother for me I was converted on now here at school if we had time out of our busy schedules I'm convinced it has great controversy that's going on when we take that time to pray while listening to Wellington had time gone does my book is more than that here's very nice time and I prayed alone reading your Bible you know what having a relationship is not seeing is not just do relationship with the God of the universe and then immediately than welding is a human emergence of new partner you will be witnessing I hear once in while I work and why they will force as time went on to say the result is Jesus Christ part is not black and having a group that would pride in when I moved to California in the Congress am wanted I was scared enough of the conference that I started milling and had to pray with a grooving we pray prayed about how once we got to list three hours I don't think everybody should do that and we did the Senate 's conversational campfire and we want our print was that my husband would make out that we would try for for all the names in our church where there when we would try you ladies bring my people they wanted anything I think I'm a nice film library partners enabling the lighthouse is what it is there one in people that Jesus Christ is truly stunning time when God when the Bible and fourteen eleven I leave you alone the antigens you busy winning people to him because he wants additionally Stanley knew anyone to share what his family if you don't well you don't you can experience more fun and if it starts problem is through a two-way thing that happens but we love will bring them there born Pennsylvania and one thing that had when this whole thing happened to me remember I said during women's conference present was unfortunately any candidate people started coming up to the same congratulations how does it feel to be the first lady I hate that kind of talk I think what I want to disclose the same knowledge did nothing to change the annual essay that part is that I was disclosing how is dead nothing changed but is continuing along very many can't comment on the fact that not everybody does a lot of people which in the last weekend it was a Sunday evening attending about last weekend people started coming up and saying something different they started coming out and saying will attend the seminar is on the Holy Spirit and the speaker has been teaching us how important it is that we pray for the baptism in the Holy Spirit every day in our lives and our children's lives and the people around that session are the slides and he asked to come back to pray for you and Jerry every day the Holy Spirit to be in time somebody is starting in the charge for a surprise success team every day somewhere in the wild and people all around the world praying for the baptism of the Holy Spirit and people started doing that is this guy was giving them to commit to pray for Jerry not saying this to me and I'm looking at going out to the inside and thinking they know what this prayer do I know now that my life and now I don't want to live anymore my marriage is enough in all I just amenable but couldn't tell him that the one person of their knowledge infinite the last two years and never insurance almost every psalmist become injuries were somebody somewhere would come up to me as a plan for you and Jerry workforce and the Holy Spirit in your life we need in San Fran and we play for you and Jerry are not thank you but it was two years later the story I just shared happen I just started pulling out his Holy Spirit on I would ever want to go back to the way it was uneventful as are ruined for the only plan are willing in that efficiency when God there is no ordinary in walking with him when he dies and so we moved to California and not started pulling me into playing with others and some really started he starts pulling and gives people the Connelly County nurse problems and even leaving to meet with them and try and revive Levi and when asked how we pray at some point in their stockpiling friends in the situation and would see the marriage handled with a vengeance in the Lord 's only started happening and then went on to Californian jury since we know we need prayer hair and finished down economy that winners are they were looking at shutting it out of almost two million the whole and hardly any student and it is one of the shutdown can't ignore people who didn't want but they are devoted to sell the grounds to shut it down and jury comes on this is where religion oriented policing Canadian outlook on the conference Jeremy and so we worked to send out requests for prayer partners three hundred and some people signed and added will need to pray and you know that that can't meeting they must have one more to try and justice seizures as I've ever tried even though they voted to stop automotive eleven one when I tried everybody trying Godzilla with people if you want can you knew that fill this place was able to gain all gone filled with people any family was present so much so that people who delivered short letters from people you don't dramatically start talking about the nanometers of people called the surrounding Angel she can do her today I know what goes on at your grounds of online employees talk about it that when they enter the ground no matter how trouble are depressed and miserable they are consuming but we went from one of those rises consumer people feel people do you need to do on the police also many people come back to Jesus Christ there are times and beautiful miracles happen in life marriages heal their and on each experiment campaigning with so many people again is what is left to get into that meeting is one of the largest in the largest visit thousands of people there what better can only almost two million home prayer prayer people praying and praying within just a couple years ago I had a debt-free was amazing I have had this old building the something anything so we planned my six of these buildings and leads a people content of external and I started bringing the students to ever get boring Uganda is missing in the money some evidence they give the money you know that going anonymous again over two million dollars to fix up at school anything flammable things we saw happen Jerry McAllister 's personalities did you go to pray for could not tell on the details you can do that but there's a pastoral couples have a marriage problem price of them we couldn't say the will replace prayer partners would play like crazy some of these marriages heal that literally they already separated were filing the boys come back together now we can see them all he'll know something then but we saw the majority he'll and cannot personnel issues dissolved that Clinton and harmful gases just go away Jerry says that I will never work anywhere again without a team player could make such a difference to have people praying but all these vehicles were seen helping were talking about it still you can get people to believe and we started playing Lord please get people to understand why do some limitless shelf people difference prayer Manx and as we pray that we started crying like innocent home and felt that we can pray for Nelson of people and we felt impressed to start writing partners of the marketing Academy that God would make you go greater than it's ever been so people the difference praying together makes so we started praying for that activity they were getting a hundred thousand and in the place to raise money for the Kennedy offering with our basil 's mockery it was a candidate this is evangelism often so we started praying for that and do you know that I'm here we first started playing we were asking God let it go to know twenty five thousand dollars when daddy went whale virtually like thirty five thousand or so but people found out about it we prayed for them and so we're talking you know raise the goal of resolving jury these guys were scared and didn't want to do it so we can pray and malignant intermittent character show people what United prayer was now her partner started praying for you to start playing for half a million in all advantages of the mommy once I have a million things somewhere far start praying for a million and eventually it was over couple years but it went to a million but he never went just the amount we are praying for it always the only bad by a hundred thousand or something would always act like money normally I think it's about ninety percent in flanges are actually paying a lot you know we had a hundred and eleven percent for several years at a news plan to and happens because people got been such a miracle in their lives paying their plaintiffs that they mature mommy to entry what we do in life is restarted asking people etc. then again we decided would you try and ask God what you should give when you want to give a penny addition the just pride in Ascot they were given the time of silence one of our amazing journeys happen with people people started giving huge amounts and they would never normally again he cannot convention such a miracle how God would help them to pay that if it had recently been selling candy we start having everybody share their stories and became such a way marker journey for people and medievalists inclined in the audience you want to client because they are realizing they're gone and alive working out and went over very when ordinary for a couple years and one year insurance estimate is what you think we should set the goal line didn't even try to tell and I knew he would probably listen to me because another friend they can go to high prepare to fail but I started privately Brian a similar one should read what should be our prayer what should we price for MAI he thought came two million and I thought will will will will think I'm crazy if I do that and who knows what they'll think I started praying for and when they are brought a pair of moving and one prayer partner just shut me down right away I knew that Hollywood basically I need more money will assign tags so whenever that presumes that one report but still I get brave and bring it out but we can't forget meeting that primitive actually not many of them were ICANN meeting and some people looking at meeting did not know about printing this two million ballots we're praying and when you want the grounds the Sabbath before and at one spot I was with the treasure make Jerry and upper partner myself and and there is a place where it always pregnant evangelistic offering a search landlord could you please make it two million the sheer will he is when you play something that silence is selecting juries is relative had eyes to the fact that handling trays the woman and the other the other treasure knowledges no comments I didn't say anymore about it but I can plan for this and why did say one other paragraph in which Prime Minister but don't tell anybody and everybody think it's weird the first half when they took the offering I mean back then as it went down on back there patented rants out the spray and pray that if offering an barn was upstairs and came down anything just don't want to bring it's going to get into me when I get are involved in a million because no dance for me to imagine how these patterns I know what you do not want trained for two million videos why didn't God is still infinity tonight that first habit we hardly had any brink where when and how will thou than that that includes you on your face all waiting for you why not let's was common in the lower price and about what they should do that last Saturday night it was Jerry was beginning of the beginning Mike Duncan was a non- single command it was nine hundred and somehow that it was close to be in a million and you know what to announce people become run and not to make it was just a few dollars away at the height of this man comes up to me says Houser offering going now this is a wealthy guy but he never given torments as an offering is what Jerry coming I actually didn't know whoever gave the jury said that entering into effect on the said William McDonald he said were within a few dollars seven and I know people get for that advises on Alaska that scavengers of the asset we got some crazy paraprofessional plan for two million and the guy said are you serious appraisal to know jurors and yeah I know I know it's crazy but I said hopefully this jazz is what was on his as well my brother and I met this afternoon to pray about it which should give something as when we started praying because I was thinking that what was doing just enough to help United ten million daily mind of a hundred thousand he says that is the way Windows was strongly impressed that we needed to give them know anything and he shall think it is how argument that and when he said this but I might injure you know the source about them I can drink from last the guy that night filled on a pledge envelope for a million dollars and when Jerry and got to announce that I grew that was not a million but that was two million dollars to shut an engine that will people start and start shopping and going to their God in the sky pulling into their God is alive he is nineteen we're told him I always think people will try and will boldly and not wanting to do mighty things as we were demanding forgot to do money I don't believe I've noticed in a three million young women and demanded I get his money where my network I got his drink and some people definitely and is powered via a donkey tied together and things are happening chiasm losing weight there's a moment in the story that I have to clean themselves I know you want to hear more but honestly anything about using my little boy my youngest cat become from school it is Christmas time income online and into the kitchen when the patentee himself and he made himself he is one of and I say I do have an unshaken I guess what it was and in any event how long imprisonment and iCal and how long a single point out the living room and so he don't plan out there but you haven't any money on it till Christmas going your way for Christmas so I can unwrap the skin to see what you made me because he loved me so much and oscillators with our God to wake you up early in the morning to target many call in your miserable you want to spend time to get going to that room is like if you want to go easily I actually haven't had time to sit still and let him talk to me I will the Bible was more far gone the creator of the universe wants to spend time when each one of us how can we not have time to an iTunes years ago started working of the General conference the follow us at all he is all over the world and an external godly people there by the way the enigmatic insurance and installing curries being there are leaders in the intent Wilson is a humble spiritual leader who is standing inside a minute the only don understand you may not agree with everything he said that this is a godly leader hung on me but these people they need your prayers for them to have the time they need with God but Jerry and I whirled around this time it will be successful at it so you can work twenty four is designed to remain and be successful but we had the time and we are going to make God first and spend time with them whether we sleep or eat or anything out there who don't want to be comes just three minutes away if you are a joyful experience with Jesus Christ as we closed would you just join me once again as a group prayer time origins where it started porn is where it needs the continued seasons and you can set you can mail however and if you want to where you need them to stay away from stress pray for a little bit and I'm hoping that that's maybe uncomfortable praying out loud I know not everybody has I can encourage you enough to get over it because you're missing out on so much fun when you delve into short segments where the basis for a loudly so we can all here in this bedroom why will I know when I wasn't told me that I think it is and have your eyes open and processor is some of what happens when me and let's just start and will beginning monopoly is on a boat this media was not as mind-body as the website dedicated to spreading God 's word through three seven audio and much more than you would like to know more about how universe you like this is more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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