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Integrating Hebraic Concepts in Modern Medical Practice

Horst Mueller


Dr. Mueller graduated from medical school at the University of Freiburg in Germany. In 2004 he opened a private ENT-Practice in Weinheim/Germany. For the past 11 years he has done extensive study on the relationship between mind and body. 



  • October 26, 2012
    4:00 PM
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having father you on that how we are not doing we are thankful for visibility to CNN study and learn from you 's that is all might be helpful for us we need you we need your Holy Spirit to guide every word of the idea that this said so that that might be of benefit to thank you that you promise you have heard us Jesus name and out before I started going to the incident message I just want up that introduction and I want to ask you to see a little of it is small movie and I may talk about it I this is having with my small camera and I would like to ask you what you see what when it is missing so what you ever come to the idea to say that you see a tree that moves itself with anyhow you come to that idea belong along as I get so we are united currently say that an evidentiary move himself within any exception to it on while the girls is also nothing that he dusts himself I think I'm moving with any online company idea to say the tree is just moving his leaves because he wanted to itself so this is very interesting and I like to put my seminars on the day general title that is a type of the law of life why would be so united in what we saw why would you not have any discussion here about that the tree what is a possibility that the leaves move themselves why would they never come to the ideas discussed Nass we haven't an evidence and we handle all that justified that there is nothing on this earth that can move itself I have never found something that can move its site is a general law that all the seminars that I do is based on its I caught it amazing to all life for a basic the first that nothing has the energy of life or existence or even the energy of it in himself so he produces it so that you can use recently added patient was twenty four years old and he just finished his Masters in chemistry and he had some issues in his life and his health and I tried to show him that there is a cost of that issue and so I am if you knows where the energy comes in today until and if as if I would know that I would be in the news I said isn't anything new of the need to know where he comes from acid something that is not video to know that the antigen this item is from where it is is believed that he had been in itself have no energy producing problems so now on this thing we are all united because they there is a law is a Romanian saying there is no discussion is and I think it would be very nice in medicine we would have no discussion we just would agree on the terms likely agree here in this simple tree and when relationship necessary for venting to our theme I found on on you too I mean that God somehow directed me to find this so we will start screaming and but that's fine I explained so I wanted to show I can then closes I wanted to show a small movie from the Internet I found it's it's called the new grain agenda you can go on YouTube and see and basically they make up promotion for the starting of the function of the brain and they build up a big Sentinel starting the brain functioning guess where in Jerusalem so that's why we have this he really approach so I get is an antibiotic exempted and in this Sunday May one a study the brain how it's functioning itself and asked him some examples and the main issue what do you think what is that's what we think we do not know about the brain what is it what we want to know in the brain what do scientists want to know when the brain is they will see how how the energy and drain comes from the state takes some of you know some some clips they put in some cells of the brain on the Mysore whenever they can put anyone unmeasured oh one and see that the way how the bathtime is going from one place with Antonio what is the missing coins in the study of the brain today why even to reach tried to figure out what is moving the brain you know what is moving the brain does the brain itself both what someone looks to fit the seductive brave move itself yes I know Canada missing in this high scientists which are in Jerusalem and it's a big building interested up five big buildings that they want to study and action thanks the approach on how our brain 's functioning I wonder if they would have gone to that history they live the king about three thousand years ago who already unlock the mystery of the brain you know that I really don't enhance the good calling doctrines actually give it more dissertations than long because he's so all this driving but busy he says there that even then there is long what Internet province twenty twenty seven I revisited in the condensed version the spirit of man is the tender of the Lord searching all day in what parts of the Valley out I'm a gentleman and I read this Bible was also injured and those that translates this this is vital was like the spirit of man it is like the light off on you it's a light and this life goes to all the compartments of the bug so the spirit is no one that movers how much in a entity to that can we agree that our brain is a tree of life says in one of his statement redemption temptation of Christ she says the brain is that capital off the bone is anxious the brain is a I want off the body eleven is this the best estate who moves if we take the brain on the human being like a tree then can the brain of the human body ever be moved if not the spirit moves him Ensign so the solemn one like no other in the Bible describes the interaction of the spirits to the body in a very simple and plainly and I wanted I mean I I know that Solomon was adopted in other it was a medical document deals with interests focus but not however he was a medical doctor because the key even prescribed therapy and he even could say the cause for unity I never studied in a wildly worse but he was there is not one of his basic statements on the multiple of my practice that is and Mary Hart's is like one who is good like that medicine and a broken spirited Zionist the bow so how many daisies as you know that are related to the bone marrow onto the boat hello a percentage how many things on how many diseases the using our related to the to the bone marrow I think almost all PCs comes from Anita can trace them back to the to the bone no he has many sentences about the bow I cannot go through because my times with both I challenge you to see that some of the new physiology and in my nearly much better than we know because when he'll read the physiology book you never read that there is a spirit cool what does the same that nobody only listen to what the commands of the spirit it is it is the main thing that is missing in medicine today the human being is a tree that science think moves in so how much would you think Ace home how much trust would you have any scientific person that would go to a tree when it moves and strive to put some clear dishonesty why didn't we give you find any high yes we all think we wouldn't really give any great credit that but and in fact when we look to the brain studies why they never mention a spirit in the right that the scientific people saying that doesn't fall from where phone from biochem he goes refinishing nothing that ever be possible can have either a chemical produced one single help please can any any biological any physical saying produce a spiritual thing yes somehow never because it's a year refine there was other person that was also not taught he was also talking the schools of this one but then he was re- taught by Christ in the wilderness it was Paul and Paul had an interesting and understanding of physiology and of how the human being works so if you started from this perspective you will find great great things your concerns sci-fi stringent chapter two verse eleven he defines exactly thinks in a human being is just so for what commandment no as the things of man save the spirit of commandment which is in him so when I was staying can have at any age income and asked him to know everything that uses to ask and ask him have a soft tennis shall take a decision and mother can a society and a sound or a well read you forget that a kitten has been because it was not moving so everything that has a choice everything that shows potential as anything must have a spirit with all the spirit there is no choice no way is evolution did a great job I give the devil a number along a forbearance he and he brought the thing that sells can choose it would likely that this iPhone holidays table can have a chart but if there is no till in nothing that is physic in a significantly lower that is biologically his life and has no choice it must the sunflower must another one of his son it cannot say with I don't want this line we must understand this human structure who does what in a human being so we have the human being in two parts we have the biology and then we have a spirit but in today's science that exists most or have you ever been done in medical school that the spirit moves your brain and the other long that your your your bone marrow is dictated by what you think the south that circulates through your body is an image of your thoughts on gold-mining energy option I do ever lend his cool we have never known I had to learn new things and new electronic I had to come to understand that there is a major missing coin into human nature and that is the spirit of man selling my constellations situation where I speak to my patients about their sickness I have to explain them makes them sick I have to explain them what is the problem and you see Solomon says that an infection comes from the assaults as a set of some broken spirit what does it that Susan affects the ball but because he even speaks up the bone marrow off the workers is as good once whether the bone that Kuwait is best drop of sixty new greeted through death and so comes this patience for me and he has an ear infection yet in our infection now it's on one side is dependent on both sides that this was on my knees beside SL I know that this infection is a because of its must be a broken spirit I don't okay so in my approach to the patient where do I go I know that you of course I take care of the budget had take care of the year I became a Christian would laugh when this one is going on his guidance here your problem and you see I would have never asked him if I would have not known from solemn and from personal experience because I figured out and I challenge you to forget all presentation to see what broken heart is beyond that year inspection or whatever it could be because almost everything is an inflammation but all men anything that will solve it told me two weeks ago my grandmother die so what ever asked him about his broken half without ever got into his heart without knowing that he has done much of blood the is you who you think yes and what you what you as a medical doctor whenever medical service you would you ever think when you see something damaged in your body the things while we doesn't hope to extend range is it breaking the ranch itself or is there a win hello Wayne I'm correspondingly and brings back on the treat the branch so we have to come to look to the human being as the Bible looks to and see the physiological processes like they really are so we have a slight one abilities of it into some details and then we might have time for questions so the human being basically is made up of two things that only two things and I might end on here on this part we have in our human being we have feelings we have feelings that is all emotions everything that can be felt is a feeling in the computer that is no more to it than feelings and three have the human being we have thoughts okay we have produced losing and we need to define without it coming they have the same room they come out from the same source or not that's why I think of my patients the rain the rain is is helping us along me know that they have to have your say is this cortex and rehab he has a Goliaths to come into the center of the brain that is the limbic system and so the wires go on they go to the other side of course you have the twelfth on each side now so it is basically all right and we know that there is a part of everything and it is a part where we produced a feeling and I think that's basic knowledge for everyone so where is the part where we think well it's in the court the thoughts you have I importantly only in the cortex have mental activity but because down here in the end the limbic system we have what they call the feelings yes we say that he had comes out the emotions or what they call the instinct also they are all laid down in the limbic system is remember Ellen White also has a structure about the human being she says that the highest powers of the soul yes another lower collars all of the so she says that the feelings that passion and appetite are located in the bug is not in the soul it's in the limbic system but the high-end powers of reason and caring and morality Aldous there is in the cortex so we have feelings and thoughts for generations feeling towards us it makes the feeling yes that's that's that's correct though they come from here down but who makes them I just mean who this is like a production machine on another loudness in the event that is how we put it in that's enough I decide to get the root of it lately has hung that coordinates the food is not so the body can speak only for feelings yes because he could speak with words what would you do it was big for you I cannot speak with one so the cells the cell 's makes the feeling so important to have this sum is clear distinction thus what we want to generate them but who is responsible for all feelings and all emotions they all come from the body but they are felt only in the cortex as it don't feel anything in the system all that all the thoughts and all the feelings I proceed only in the cortex and we had maps of that so I'm not going to the mouth who generates the fall is already regenerates itself who makes about which oversaw that the cells do feelings because they cannot talk but who generates the fall who makes them regretted that the spirit yes so it's it's gone the spirit or mind I mean in English have anywhere in the spirit but it's a mind that is stated that think this is what the Bible says now we have feelings and thoughts receipt of the feelings are proceed from the body because the body cannot speak but who fail who has perception who feels the feelings I wasted when the cortex interprets the feeling on this favorite is different when a person is that how much can a few why is she not able to view anything it is the spirit has left his coat we know that when a person dies what happens with that person the spirit goes up the dog then uninstall them on and body goes through the and to see that the Bible is very clear in all this even now Jack that brother of Christ roles is a piece of this as as the body is that without this Spirit so is faith without works so is the face and analyzes life of the human being existing law and the spirit of the evidence for that in the Bible that the life of man is in his spirit decimal who will talk talk who felt sorry for it Jesus lets go his is that all he just created us should you know it yet history does we and John Senator said he has a very indistinct talk to his paper it actually brings a indecision to separate the chaff from the wheat and he provokes them all in saying that exists not in the man on the says all your parents have it in the manner and what happened to them they die but it has released anything me what would happen he was the as always as soon as a conclusion percent sixty three he says it is the spirit that wickedness or that gives life the flesh profited nothing the words that I speak unto you they are spirit and they are nine so the life of man consists in what interests them and it is not some a meaning is it's good to know that the physical life exists nothing itself we need to understand what our thoughts for the cell now let us look at the feelings are the feelings and in terms of his hunger a command or entity can feelings ever be a command but I think I'll buy that did not I mean can run all on while even that is that they must be Manny married but that's why we talk about this is not attend the analytical man now this is where we have now to take the law of the treatment I showed you before the physical outcome of his peers must follow a command that cannot go by Vincent there is no energy in the Lexi making system to live in the state you know academic there is nothing like that there must someone say something that you must yet use must that is impossible without the power of the spirit that anything happens in about really have to know that like that she really cannot remove itself all are buggy without the spirit moving it is not moving at all it was a decision of Christ we did listen that something that he did unconsciously or compel feelings are always the flag have to be like this they got always just leave it can be very strong they all were but only if the mind consents to them and does what they believe for you see when you have I believe that the appetite overcomes you except you concerned that you yes and no never yes Frederick must say I will give my body this lucky for business larvae have to be very clear in our understanding we have a long life says in that Patterson profits in the chapter sixty nine up profits and Kings chapter thirty nine I think about then yet she says our physical tendons if they are not on than a higher power will surely what you learned so we have in our limbic system the appetite and passions like they were creative from God I'm not the same life as she created that these our sexual behavior today is not what God an hour at the time what we have today is not what God created in its originators changed it is very much so that the new system believes for some things it gets to despair the desire to do something what is damaging not only the body but only the spirit but without the spirit consent the cabin do not this is why I love my emphasis and the Bible also that he must have control now to just let that gives flow that's not a big meal but we must have control over ourselves Solomon says he who controls his spirit is how is my fear that he will existentially yes so that control of the spirit is that what we need to be healthy you understand that the body may make made tool to us whatever he wants he made me but if my spirit does not consent the deputy will not be able to satisfy said the abuses now the problem our spirits our mind is so that it gives way to the appetites and passions if the spirit has not the power of Christ and the Holy Spirit with him what liberal his feelings with they will convey to send to do what they want that's how the devil comes to death yes and I tell you I announce nine years regardless of by God and the first one of the first thing God corrected in my life was stopping with my appetite is still there was something that I should eat only twice a day I thought that would never be possible but I by God 's grace I said well that was my first love I tried another now I'm nine years and a half and I'm on to neo- basis and I'm doing made with then at a few months later he challenged me to not eat anymore and to become a total vegan I'm a chocolate theologically some people love but you know much of the dust and gas sheets your propensities for me and if it does something in your body so that your spirit is getting some feelings that confuses because he's the only one who feels I need here he is the is bugging us in anything for the chocolate that it distorts to think like the alkyl you know chocolate and alkyl does the same thing they enhanced the date of enhancing the actually bring their the the assistant Don so your tongue get loose and you have no control over yourself and that's all up to them along he wants to he cannot control our spirits you know that only a frequent century but it can control it to the appetite is very happy that's why conquer your appetite you need a higher power believe me you can try to do whatever you want a titanic comments how my appetite got me last year when I was in a campaign and it was summoned that there were nice foods and I was eating in the morning at about seven and in the near admitted bed at one o'clock and I said well Lord it's a long time tomorrow morning it's only foods that I cannot only from legacy I was so the nose flute so overcame him so I ate about fifteen of those apricots and shut a very good I've done a very good and an and watermelon and I think this four four nine and the fifth day in the morning when I was with God do today he said what if you would renounce tonight not so and I said well it's July only independent not because I need them I just need them because of and I have a frenzy of most advertising for us we were in the NRA and their eight every day not just because I haven't I think it's a good appetite but there is still a time for each of the dialogues and designed to give way to your avatar at the time to say no so I had that evening I did not need and I didn't sell any bad thing but I have a major change for nights I couldn't sleep well but if it's not often I didn't eat I slept very well so the Lord bless was helping to understand him into the good thing things I value Brent the devil doesn't will not help the devil will not challenge us he will not convince me that things as an halo childhood the good thing but to the wrong time and and then I will take over and if you would not have no control over that but that because your spirit is inactive to God spirit you will give way but you gave way it's not the feeling that I hope everyone understands if we have to correct anything in our lives is not the button it can help him back to you these we need the correct spin because no regardless all three have seen that feelings are links but one of faults those are the ability command that will be physically dependent on his life for his song they ability can never hide himself from what the Spirit think I'd like to win when he blows and that she does anything to hide his decimal number so that false our command so that's why it's not something might change what you think everything you think gets a reaction into your body you know what what is the energy that is made by thinking that the body needs to exist what is the energy that the cell needs that he gets only from the spirit and can poison a on what is what would you want energy does this that the notice so what is flowing here for energy at Senate 's Internet so after city Polytechnic electricity the court this day because when is a person that they randomly say is that threatening Megan e.g. that where no no brainwave that means no spirit is there an RMI says that penetrated in my character and personality Jeff reported to the second sense is that the energy and the sauce that promote an electricity in the brain of people things just many on-base clothes when she says that thinking makes electricity you know we can prove that every time to be violent person that he should take a decision on the book and found the decision when he takes a decision we can measure off the decision was taken a action potential off and energy we can measure the energy efficiency by what he was thinking that we cannot measure the thought is just what the measure is the moving although the so as efficiently in the court this comes from that and the spirit all cells need electricity to function and electricity is given to them by size but by command renowned lighting and a Johnson insisted that she was finding in this anxiolytic valid she says in the parables Linda Cid is split into the ground what must happen that secrets yes but what must be applied to take an electricity she said electricity must be a lie so save thoughts produce electricity everything we think produces here down in the limbic system a good hormone a good time ago or another good number that are massive and he doesn't present all we know and I have I have patient occupations and I have recently one of another late sixties and she had an issue of fear since she was seventeen years old she's an she got her first fear attack the night also she had heard that her mother had leukemia and she woke up at night and with shortness of breath and menu to the ER and of course you have nothing in her shortness of breath was all always all things functioned well but yet not functioned well because it was excited they had that was produced through her spirit now off to ten years her mother the and she says her mother was and she goes through life with this fear again and again but she says something that exist to set every time I fell in love my disease heal she was married to buy the song I'm divorced and justified when Olive I traveled I did I did all that she could do to keep her alive yes it to do something against it as you said I I went out and every time I fell in love I don't see an amazing what happened when she thinks loving me what happened with you when you love someone what kind of end of things are you producing who produces a sound but promoted by one spin when the spinoff not only does it allow us out and unblock the snow does not know anything about the anything about anything this sounds as proceeds a energy and it was his electricity and according to that electricity arm was obvious here they are going out to the to the cortex and the whole body and the body gets ready with either patient who had the Kenya chronic leukemia and she got pregnant and is as such I and all the positions that the letter you need to abort is shy into the data but she was a Christian on Adventist and she decided not to do it but to keep the baby what happened was I looking at during her pregnancy it does appear but it came back up to see the but what does it show it's an all think this things are changeable they are not fixed they are not genetically unchangeable because the genes follow Conan the genes have no antigen itself anything is a spirit who turned them on and it's the spirit within some that we need to understand one of the physicians in golf unit I want to come to an end for the practical issue why do we need to know that only the spirit is the one that is when we have no other external event no note working of freezing no damaging from outside that it must be the spirit with us since the first I just for I came I will patient it comes to me as as many issues in his life and I asked him a few months ago to come for counseling to help him to tell his spirit but it needs to change that his body can do it in his also in his fifties and it came just recently and he had a burning on his time in a bond fund the set that the conscious burns steadily for weeks now for four weeks I went to my my family doctor and he gave me some fluids to make my mouth and to do that and so I comes to me because he doesn't know what to do which is the time now I as I'm at the student of Christ when do I know comes that the it comes from a broken spirit the cost approach for four weeks the spirit is a commando that that does to the body and damage in the bloody Muslim feelings show what in the it's a reflection but history does not know that he does something wrong is they just knows that he has a problem Austin was that something must go on in your life as well yes it's something currently have I was living a year with my cat and my cat died five months ago and I could come over the death of my mother often among but I cannot forget him I fear you home I look not to sit on her is a decidedly related harmoniously like ninety one the man lost his life source and now his spirit is broken and he said to me you see I have no friend I've known a family really is anymore I have in my place I leave they are not interested to talk much I is if I wasn't not known that has a broken spirit because it comes with a fund to meet with and not lose a chance to get with an opposite I tell you I pray for this management when before when I first knew him and I know through the death of his cat you might get the point that I'm actually in that he misuses his cash for what she's not done but he also needs use our relationship for what they are not made for men only one source of low lettuce spinach can be set this ways that source Christ what does it do to get his fun burned away or whatever disease will follow off the he must exchange the cat was gone is the only way but the spirit needs understanding not never gone gone ever will be there you can ever take from it can you use in music cat some people say this is what God is a God so you got called us in our life as a minister feeling he's first the first thing on the physician the hot women they cannot reach a heart if they cannot ask for a broken spirit I would challenge US as callbacks to recognize some patient comes to you and he has some disease that she was not bundled because no one ever note that much like something else site and maybe has a chronic disease agent whatever it is there to suggest the leasehold on the statewide one sentence you know I don't take on a constant site distally on since but I think the whole body everything that will be set and then I go to him and explain that he thoughts are commence for his button and it is a great difference how we think is healthy and I know that disease comes from a broken home and we need to help people to sell that their spirit does something wrong so that they break also the book they don't do it on purpose using this man gets himself a person but he gets himself his commands thus so bad things in his body that is going first the tongue and then you know whenever you comes his life it will destroy I saw people who were distraught by the deaths of the dog I may also buy that about so we need to reach the heart of a person and then the current role of physical RAM and I'm just the menu to come to the Shiite Street display but if I would just treat his pain I would not be a servant of Christ I am lost go to his heart but I'm I know that his heart is broken because I know his body cannot make himself sick bites there must be a win and a win must go wrong so that sometimes it's change so let us look for the human being as Christ did that he has to create it a spirit and a body that together in the cortex make the soul alike says that he is the sole soul the combined together as a medical how they work together but we need to know makes the files and can no mix of feelings and we need to know who proceeds to feed so the spirit actually does and he's been in charge of everything that pilots in the cockpit we need to know this and so we can make a great difference in the CID Bible lessons to my patients we saw they ever wanting to talk anything about the because they have any because they have a pain no one can cute but I can tell them come to me we have to stalk about to spin the ball to fall we need to adjust and write so that must be our approach all the physical health must be just the Avenue to get to the heart and the heart is here to cortex of the spirit and the body and I have some DVDs yet you're free to take them you can I hope that you have been learning something and putting the things right we have to regrow to lose a group of in this video was produced by audio versus Wayne then systematically as a unifying to learn more about me then please visit www. amen and I will like there was more free online services please visit www. online universe on a


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