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The Supervillain Within

Eric Walsh


Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician



  • September 16, 2006
    10:00 AM
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I was so warm in winter John the thirteenth chapter John thirteen and starting of verse eighteen done thirteen verse eighteen Scripture reads I speak not of you all I know I have chosen but that the Scripture may be fulfilled even if this bread with me have lifted up his heel against me now I tell you before it come that when it is come to pass in the May believe that I am he verily verily I say unto you he that received with whomsoever I send receive of me and he that received me receive of him that sent me when Jesus had thus said he was troubled in spirit and testified that verily verily I say unto that one of you shall betray me a message this morning is entitled the super villain within the super villain within shall we pray father God we thank you Lord for this opportunity to read and understand your word as father now that you fill this place of Joe Holy Spirit the words that are spoken of not mine the father you hear these words and speak these words the Lord we might be changes prayer in Jesus 's name amen Jesus and the disciples are at the last supper the upper room in Jerusalem specially chosen and prophesied about as they reached this place the table is set in bread and wine is prepared as customary footpath will pass over as we now call it what they are and they begin to get ready the Fellowship and to get together a strange thing happens Jesus begins he walks to the side and pours water in a basin he takes off his outer coat and I was left with just the T-shirt out of apparatus on and takes this basin of water aqueous filled in and begins the ball around the table washing the feet of his disciples this is unheard of because Jesus is masquerading is the leader he is of the figurehead of the group and it seems crazy that he would be watching anyone else's feet philosophy in that kind of upholding was to be relegated as it were to be a fully not even a Jewish slave but a Gentile slave because the Jewish legs at least more better clothes than just an undergarment as he made his way around the table watching each of the disciples feet against the Peter and Peter pronounces in a loud voice so that everyone could hear him that he will not allow Jesus to wash his feet he figured him sort of Peter figured that by saying this and being so loud that he will gain brownie points with Jesus easy peters objective really was to be to get a cheap position in the newly of the newly to be established kingdom of God Peter was always working the political and always looking to hit the spot he wanted to be the vice president as it were even want to be the directory wanted to the railing me about that he wanted to meet Jesus is right and when the kingdom of the stop so we thought is this thing that he would he would not at all except Jesus washing his feet with Jesus as reply kind of robots that when Jesus said that if I want something you have no part with me then Jesus than Peter replied that one will just wash my feet but wash all of me seems like a good response like is the one a right angle again probably just positioning himself politically trying to make statement to impress not just Jesus but the other disciple of his worthiness to be elevated above everyone else interestingly enough Jesus 's response is powerful Jesus said look if you had me at home there would be no reason community was anywhere but your feet Peter 's responses be the attitude is one that sometimes we reflect it is where we are almost as if we are trying to use our Christian experience and being a Christian not so much for how we can serve God but but more how can God serve us weekly awkward enthusiasm sometimes good to do what God asks us to do almost fanatically anti- the jumping into the book to do whatever God says do it and wanting to see the front in the spotlight not understanding that God wants something different for a missing Peter wanted to be pushed to hire but you will not even yet converted Peter had not even really out of a spirit of Jesus why because he was too busy trying to become the rest of the disciples don't understand the power of humility that God was calling him to even understand that it was sometimes the LCD will sometimes being the one who wants everyone else to speak that ultimately in the kingdom of God was due to be Dwyer position and being upfront and will remain flaccid and one getting the spotlight that David was kind of low spirit and heart that allows all the tools you even when you're going to be put in them I think an organism with you that the devil does not always shoot bullets of destruction sometimes Asian woman of prosperity sometimes he destroys you by giving you in your hearts desire the devil was sometimes commenting and what sometimes we think of that when these blessings are coming to what we think that somehow God 's favorite is no realize that sometimes what is awkward to what is occurs up in the package of a blessing unless they could play was make it so is the Everyman young lady that you meet just because these handsome and have the potential of earning a six-figure salary it doesn't mean that God sent all his broad shoulders of his strong chin might be quite attractive but in reality he could be working for the enemy and he might just be the guy that called you the turmoil necessary to make you cannot view of the vessel of God because if you didn't pray for him and you didn't agonize for that relationship and while in God we will converse with although he would spend the rest of your life with that battle is just as quick to produce your dream man as God would like to the following of course young men the same applies yes he might be very pretty and at her failure rate they may mimic the Coca-Cola bottle of old times the revived in your mind but but you have to remember that as subway where the last all the owner how to open starting with instead I is concerned with you marrying someone what they will you do a higher spiritual plane okay relationships around way let's move on is it because the next thing is correct here it seems as if we go to school and we were so I wonder what it's like Peter Abdullah years of being with Jesus that I'm receiving kind of criticism am sure from Iwo Jima he wanted to make sure the three-year investment with following Jesus in evidence at the end of the rest of us after four years or six years or eight years or twelve years of post high school education we tried telling him to think I desire this better job I is this better position I deserve it because I worked hard for it I name the new so we want to be long for the job with the most status and the walls pay and we often do not seek God 's guidance first because again when the devil submit send you that job offer and you jump on it the job is often what will end up making you ineffective as a vehicle and vessel in the Army of God so he handed out blessings that can come to understand the enemy is just as good almost as God is sending you my things at least especially when you're only trying to proceed those blessings with your five senses and with your carnal mind so it is imperative before you jump on anything that comes your way that seems like a good idea that you first consult gone to make sure that the stamp on the item you're receiving that may glory even the devil took Jesus to the highest point point they can take him to sell him the entire world and offered to Jesus if you think we ought to be said that these of all that will be only get the great controversy right here how can you get this world Jesus is held to be I submit that the devil will take some of the brilliant minds that are in this moment with all of the training of expertise but some of you have the devil will take some of you to the highest point he can take you and simply tired as you and you would simply bowed to me now I will give you all are in you tell the difference between a blessing and a curse you see someone cry over blessings and rejoice over persons if you can't tell the difference that young men left you young lady he didn't treat you right and left you and left you broken hearted and you cried you are angry with God that elected you and realize that God is allowed in the duty of the biggest favor we pride over the cars and rejoice over the blessing you you've got to know Peter didn't understand what Jesus was really offering and beginning understand that when Jesus Bob Wasserstein what Jesus was trying to tell us all about including his disciples intellectual the tiny end of life because your feet all reminder of where you and since we are always going were supposed to go even if we bathe at home like Jesus that even if we took care of that stuff at home when we walked out into the world on my one I wanted but if I speak because they take us there and Jesus was trying to remind the as all new hiring sometimes even if the window washing business and so even though you're not perfect but it's okay because it was possible even when use it again the insincerity he will wash you and make you money once only be washing your feet on a daily basis you will need to be baptized thirty times in order to make the glory of God was making a statement about mercy and grace and Peter was trying to position with it there was another management table Jesus began to mention him at inverse eighteen eighty he begins to talk to the movies that I speak not of you all I know I have chosen but that the Scripture might be fulfilled either a spread with me and lifted up his heel against me now I tell you before that when it comes up that you may believe that I am he he mentioned this thing the disciples that they would latch onto it and they would understand prophecy was being fulfilled in what was going to take place at Jesus in verse twenty one seventy is a bus said he was troubled in the spirit and testified and said verily verily I say unto you that one of you will which working me I love you can imagine when Jesus says that one of the twelve would follow him through thick and thin was going to betray him that must've been a commotion among the disciples who would we trade him after seeing them raise Gerace 's daughter from death after watching Lazarus walked from the tool will have to see and feel the eyes of so many blinded make the deaf ears to hear again after seeing them feeding the five thousand and the four thousand who in their right mind would try him which is the one you really start they want without June this thought he would be doing Jesus a by bringing the child of the Jesus he would force the kingdom of God into existence we thought that Jesus and all of the powers that he had wooden that allow himself to be taken or destroyed W the story the Bible says in verse twenty two then the disciples looked one another doubting the police make the inner compulsion but it was leaning on his bosom one of the disciples and Jesus love is the job of writing the book it is Simon Peter therefore beckoned to him but he's asked who it was should be of only spiked beer was still politicking these are the liabilities of grasping John set up to him Lord speaking to Jesus and laying onto the breast away to be stable to set up a remote routing economy back on one elbow on a pillow and so you cannot get in a centrifugal way make out of roll around the table and so did the one disciple will normally run leaning back to one of them would inevitably alienate them close to the heart of Jesus that was John the Peter was originally tennis singles that will come up in a gossipy way we know pedophilia ethanol because he was going to be the vice president he had to protect Jesus when Jesus as his values he he it is watchdog in Aesop when I have dropped it it did and when he had he gave it to Judas Iscariot the son of Simon Danny gives away the secrets June this was going to do it John who was going to do it I wonder John Ruby told Peter when he found out banana seat would let out the juices going to do it to us was the most unlikely disciple to be the butcher your are you one that is I believe that was at least chosen biking in other words the other disciples pushed him into the circle begun on the abilities he was a duty to be handled a lot he was well spoken he was coming from a blood family they decided that it would be a good thing with his team of twelve beside Dorian didn't feel like the one that would betray him it was probably the one with the most competitive Jesus and many which are not entrusted you with so much but it's not just that the jewelers was the one carrying the money with Judith out of issues Judas was also politicking and although June is when out with them and work miracles with them Jonas and was never converted to the three years of trying with Jesus working and watching miracles being that close to Jesus Juliet nor Peter working hard October as that there is a chance that you can grow up in church and a chance that you can visit the school all you like to check into their native powerful evangelistic meetings and save thousands baptized and with all that I do with computer never actually be converted you can spend your life working on the church trying to convince others to do the practice of engaging outlets are and yet your help now I really know that Jesus was sought to starve so diabolical given that the two disciples most of it will no doubt in the most for me at the time of the death of Christ on Julie's and Peter why because they were the two that were probably most of it on their conversion the Scripture is warning us in the Lori you'll will never rest on your spiritual laurels he was never assume the US spiritually arrived it was like trying to mold of the Christian to be like because the children you will need to agonize with God the weather on the old will make it into the kingdom but this is the one your own salvation in fear and trembling you can't want your children or your parents or your friends salvation must visit you got to want out all the Bible says when you think you said that he thought you might just all I live in first Corinthians nine and verse twenty seven I beat down my body and bring it into subjection that I have reached the others I myself should be a castaway usually you can do all this for God can be passed away which is from the Greek word on Kmart which means disqualified you can do all of it and never really know Jesus I really want when Jesus wanted because you don't know Jesus I hope gathering intelligence and knowledge by being upfront you'll get to know Jesus my going out in your own closet in your own home by confessing the awful everybody else's you get to know Jesus and Andy close to him by recognizing your failure and in turning away with this all that data into workable on how many of us in our weakness of the story that you good-looking but you will realize a lot of is looking for regular the kingdom I'm letting one day you will understand that with every paycheck and get more difficult more of a temptation is to be comfortable in this article that's why when we go I thought they are often all El Salvador Ecuador into the open point is that in your blog Michael Grazer where poverty is the norm that's why the president I think I understand how uncomfortable this world is reacting as it comes on an average of the Clean Water Act the wealthy do I want one connected in the ad and so unless you get to the point where you understand I'm available this world really is no stock to think that this card is your you'll start the want to stay here forever most like to worry about living forever here rather than living for Evelyn God and I want to submit to you that what happened here the Bible says in verse twenty seven after that after the stock was in his verse twenty seven after the stock Satan entered into him one of the most pol cortexes this will in all of the Bible that in the very Jesus watch this in the rule of Jesus at the Last Supper with Jesus after having it and drank with Jesus after having at his feet washed by Jesus after all of three years of ministering with Jesus Satan in the very coming to us in the very presence of Jesus is filled with all the privilege of being that close to the son of God Satan doesn't take control of Judas Mister Levy warned you of something that am learning of the Christian I'm learning that one of the most dangerous places to be in the church is up here on the roster I have learned that the more attention you get in front of the congregation of God the more dangerous it is the more you know what you think you are the spiritual leader the more you create your own salvation become so when Julie was in a position to leave the theater at the end of Christlike and being humble and starving for anyone to start himself and try to help Jesus and Otto Eugene G God Satan likes when Christians want attention to when Christians speak to the book the limelight session like that because in heaven he had the limelight and I think he was covering cherub it was the choir director and head he was the one covered in precious stones enjoy but when this kind of glory of God shined on him and he left the presence of God but Jules continued to shine with the glory of God I can imagine there were probably angels that mistakenly what about thinking that taking was Jesus and the devil began liking rules of Lavinia began to like the ancient than he got from serving God more than he was on serving God that's why we watch Christian television some of the madness you hear being preached that's why from the pulpits even loan denomination some of the sermons also watered down is because devils were more concerned with being popular if I front of the congregation of God than with Terry and God message to the congregation of God by challenging that you kill the super villain within the Wii needs people to serve God don't get me wrong we need people to come up front we need speakers and singers and leaders and directors but we must at all times know that when God gives us those positions they are not to be taken likely more blessing and privilege of the vision comes more responsibility to stay from the state teachable at the here when God is whispering what direction the lead his people all of us have a super villain trying to come up the question this morning is will you allow Jesus to be the supportive role inside of you let us pray father God we thank you for your word we asked for humility Lorna 's were offered position Lord and after offered jobs and interrelationships Lord we ask that we do nothing except you tell us to do it we actively stay humble the net father God we remember that we are made of flesh and blood in the week are inherently weak so to father God we allow the Holy Spirit to dwell in us so that we would be elevated not for ourselves but elevated so that we might lift up hire the name of Jesus this is our prayer in your name bless Ivanhoe and is the director more given guidance and leadership skills father God as this powerful company continues to be a light in a world of darkness is operator in Jesus 's name amen


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