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What Is Reformation? Part 1

Dwayne Lemon


Dwayne Lemon

Director of P.T.H. Ministries (http://www.pthministries.com)



  • October 20, 2012
    3:00 PM
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for us all at Lord we thank you that we can come together and once again setting to show ourselves approved unto God we can work when they may not be shameful we rightly dividing the word is truth we ask for the divine presence of the Holy Spirit that he may come in minister to our hearts in first convict of sin righteousness and judgment please forgive us of our sin and to cleanse us as a result of the blood of Jesus Christ being shed on our behalf father we ask that you give us another picture now as we seem to understand that this revival would also be formation notice what's that heaven has to say in this topic so asking them to wisdom and grace to articulate it right and freedom to take my life that you let it be consecrated Lord to be me you speak my mind and my heart that I may speak to you people and I think you got to have heard this prayer for we do ask it all in Jesus name amen my feelings in your Bibles to the book of John chapter five John chapter five and as he turned to John sent the five hundred to be looking at God 's teachings as it relates to this idea of revival Reformation would come from here to see that it was Jesus that instituted the idea of reviving the Reformation quite honestly will see this laid out in the book of John the fifth chapter in the mobility John VHF and John the fifth chapter of us notice what the Bible says as we begin in verse one met me know if you verify singing and bipartisan jobs emphasized on a diverse one this was a season using Jesus went up to Jerusalem Jerusalem by the seed market which is called in the Hebrew tongue Bethesda having I is him a great multitude of impotent folk of blindfold with it waiting for the move of the water warnings went down in a certain season into the pool and trouble the water whosoever then first after the troubling of the water step in was made whole of whatsoever disease he had in a certain man was there without an infirmity thirty and eight years when Jesus saw him lie and knew that he had been out a long time in that case he saith unto him will now be made whole the impotent man answers in sir I have no man when the waters trouble to put me into the pool but while I am coming another step without informing and Jesus said unto him arise take up thy bed and walk in verse nine says and immediately the man was made whole into the bedroom wall and on the same day was the Sabbath we find a man was sick of thirty eight years he is obviously had a disease that no doctor can cure there was no one who can really help you and here is that in his helpless situation he is always waiting to get into this pool because he believed that if he gets in there when it was trouble that supposedly a healing experience would take place when we find that Jesus means any arson a very simple question do you want to get well some rhetorical question and it is if you want to get well of course you want to get well that's why he goes on to get the full four-year disease is now asking initiated a conversation the man runs through all the obstacles and Jesus speaks of his obstacles and said unto him get take of your matter and one brother is now walking now he pulls up his madness walking by the way and Jesus runs back into him and another time and I want you to notice what he says in verse fourteen the Bible says in verse fourteen same chapter afterward Jesus find them in the template setup and then behold thou art made whole of what the thing is sin no more let a worsening come unto the Bible salesman this clearly wasn't in his condition because of who I was because of sin and Jesus tells them that not only was he going to quicken his life you know inside of his body was of all things day the sales would day the nerve endings were dead and his brother has you running inside of his body can't move anymore and here is that Jesus speaks like that in any tells them to get penicillin is not on the word of God all of a sudden life-size running through his nurse again life sucks all we can do little cells in his white blood cells in his red blood cells and ligaments in tissues and organs everything is becoming him and how his brothers heel season did not leave him we just a revived body Jesus also left him with the reclamation instruction Jesus is if it isn't going so well quick go and sin no more than a worse thing come upon you it is in the mind of Jesus when he gives instructions that his goal or objective is not to simply to revive out also to reform the Bible says in John chapter John separating of the story very well this is a story that woman that was caught in adultery and you remember that as these men which I'm exact Jesus and of course incriminate him to get to the point that it has seasons now sees these people coming before him and they want to go ahead and slap them by the usage of this woman who was caught in the midst of sin but the Bible says and I presented that when Jesus says this is so when they continued asking him he lifted up himself instead of him he that is without sin among you let him first cast a stone at her and of course he began to write on the ground you know the story these men became very convicted because of these is with exposing this is what we were trying to condemn the Senate and here is one by one they all leaned against to the point that now Jesus and his woman are paired together by themselves him will notice what Jesus Esser is says when season seven of himself and saw none but the woman he said under her woman where are those thine accusers no man condemned the birth of Evans she said no landlord and disease is the need to do I condemn the United understand what happened like this this woman is waiting under the authoritative word of God to receive condemnation that seem to serve she was committing adultery see was practicing safe she was carnivorous in the wages of sin is death and the law is needed to be shown by right that this was supposed to die and here it is the season waiting to feel the pressure of the rocks began to fall on her foot is feeling the pressure of the rocks falling on her she has the sweetest tone although we talk to her in NYC has a sweet tone of the rock talking to a garage there are many migrant and seasonal he said neither do I condemn you ever buy one of these you are not convinced since his release from spiritual death to spiritual life and with due notice that even some of the gong into the right he introduces his revival statement and said neither do I condemn these the next thing that is used sin no more we formation Jesus and his work is very consistent that he believes not just in revival but he also believes in reef formation so the concept of the idea of reviving of reclamation is wonderfully articulately and beautifully stated so God serving our profits this is that I'm letting you know that this I came from the mind of Jesus Jesus is the one that is responsible for bringing about revival and reclamation she is the one that would even an adult life my to help us understand how remains and therefore this morning we started about revival and what really constitutes a true revival and we'll get some very key point but now we are going to look at what is really formation so on medical record is called that we live the earlier memo we were meeting from Christian service age forty two and I said before Mason signifies a one is a reorganization exchange of ideas and theories have been practicing with La Mesa when I bring forth good fruit of righteousness unless it is connected with the revival of the Spirit revival of reclamation ought duly appointed work that in doing this work they must blame you so you'll find that once an individual is revived once an individual is quick in which spiritual life the next step that God instructed that they are to be before you must be a change in ideas habits practices and the list goes on so therefore this morning when you accepted the call to come into a true and genuine experience a revival of God says that start to finish the sentence is that there must be a reasonable amazing now I'm so thankful that I see so many talk with their wives am very thankful that I think families here and I'm also thankful for the individuals because all about townhomes and what happens when you go home what you want to do is make it a priority to say what is it that needs to be re- organized about my home life what is it about my personal life that needs to be reorganize the habits and practices in the things that I do right now that needs to change this is what music going on in your mind as you and I are preparing our hearts to go back home and live out God 's truth I will so now understanding this was one exile is bearable him then we can study a second help us understand our need for information for believing that is okay are Daniel what other will Revelation sounds like a class is learning all right now you'll notice what this testimony to minister the gospel workers page one eighteen notice what is this a physical peril to the last days are upon us and in our work we are to warn the people of the danger they are it is not silent scenes which probably has revealed me they are people who are half a way to get a realize the nearness of the eventful trade in the revelation is a real formation would be rocked in arts artists and many more would believe the message is easily find that is not only the in the book of Revelation that we see a revelation of Jesus Christ brings about a revival that we also read that there is a need to read mom online so we can be put in the one who has revealed himself to us are you following on when you study the book of Revelation this is and what he begins to tell you all these several events that are taking place in Revelation thirteen as you know is a very high key chapter in the book of revelations it wonders about that final crisis is a lot like with the Emperor this is the one window with this market these issue we must understand that this is a final test for God 's people we are told in great controversy faced six oh five that this is a final benefit of becoming God 's people and as a result of that is all the tests of life right now probably cynical with its lobbyists out of everything that always ties with an full benefit to see how they would respond to it and will we respond to in the matter of Christ these are things you will do this great prices on the Sunday law all this great life of the mine of the VCR this is in the final test in Revelation thirteen spell that out we've already been told and inspiration that is not just last night I said that the majority of the religious world I was being kind I still do last night that the majority of the religious world that we lost me so that from the Bible didn't we songwriter Mac in the seventh chapter verses twenty one to twenty three and we saw that Jesus was it the whole want to religious workers is to say that I never knew you but then we saw in verses thirteen and fourteenth majority of religious peers it is not all that it was in fact the majority because you said and then he will go to destruction see you will have eternal life anytime you think that many would see many is the majority of reminiscences is even more clear when the inspiration and volume five a testimony to the churches these one thirty six we are told that at the time when God 's law is most despise God 's prophet says at that time when the majority forsake us we are told that the majority of those I want to think about that seventeen million seventy admin is worldwide the majority of them turned their backs on Jesus series business that makes these the Lord have mercy help me to surely be counted amongst the minority and the majority every single one of you in this room this may have an opportunity to be part of the minority and majority the only way that happens and you and I need to enter into a genuine experience of revival and me for me Sean in the book of Revelation we learn that when all prices are constantly tells us that appears to be a group who tells the revenue growth is to make it through the crisis and in others with Islamic Bible says they are they which keep the Commandments of God and have the faith of Jesus Christ and the visits is that it wasn't my goal over the question is what are the commandments of God what a question for you as we know that the group death accident to make it a they are known as those who keep the commandments of God and have the faith of Jesus Christ but my question to you is what I got what would you say some I forgot the Manistee Donati to keep documents what I'm definitely not solicit the word is the word cocaine the word sounds good anything else they can exit his twenties my friend is going to the ten Commandments on eliciting command will be as mems although the Bible has to sue about six hundred thirteen brothers and sisters go to someone nineteen don't forget this because of something once this was more than simply a group of people decided to try to follow a bunch of external rules that initially when the Bible is really trying to bring across to you and I the Bible says this on the hundred and nineteenth edition fusing when this is so that the crisis what is less that the majority of limiting all what is was is that Christ is a local crowd and one of these when we begin to see that our rate of our Lord how can I'll conquer and become the most painful onesies it says in Revelation fourteen twelve days ago Suki McManus about everything and Jesus is the only one listening and would benefit our right and then we try to keep Gaza mammas and we field all day long but we so that means that we need a deeper understanding we do not agree as influence on one ninety nine the Bible says in Psalm one nineteen you feel notice I asked the question and there is a direct Bible answer here's what it is the Bible says this on the hundred and nineteen divisions no as what it says in verse one seventy two him I will say Psalm one nineteen one seven two this felt now clear enough that no one can miss it as long as they can read the Bible says in Psalm one nineteen one seventy two the question was what our God commanded the Bible says in Psalm one nineteen one seventy two Mike Todd himself speak about word for all thy commandments all rights dismiss what are the Commandments exists in this now you and I have been signed to keep the commanders in and of ourselves we seek is year and currently is because we tried to keep this myth is in and of our own strength you can't do that the Bible says Isaiah sixty four sixty nozzles and it makes it clear all out war exists in this are still the rise so when I began to document exactly what I understand you wanted to write this this is the problem that I had on equipment is one who did utilities as indulgent John fifteen the Lord Jesus it is sweet Lindsay decided it was beautiful when Jesus said and is encouraging to know that Jesus is John the fifteenth chapter notice what the Bible says Revelation was able to bring this out the human eye John the fifteenth chapter right here in verses in the woods a visit Jesus at something that was monumental John fifteen day notice on the Bible says the Bible says in John fifteen ten it's as if he see my commandments you shall abide in my love now watch what he says right here even as I have said my father 's commandments and abide in his love Jesus says I didn't check my father 's commandments he noted the modules of the Zeta everybody is in the back of anything they can always number I broken before they kept it for Jesus and the baccarat is whole entire life hanging the only human being what one is a you say I kept never broke it and because I had never kicked in by saying that he lived out his life within me so that now it is not a power of my home and try to obey God 's commandments but now if the power of Christ with me living out his life through me enables me to see all of God 's commandments from systems and hence with the idea that religion fourteen twelve one to bring about and this is why any vandalism page one ninety eight when Ellen White was asked the question is the third Angels message and the messenger right this is my page sees the third Angels message is justification by faith in writing and an resolve of justification is that it is revealed through the fruit of one's actions if a man is truly justified it will be demonstrated the words could not justify the man the words testify that the man is been justified and that's why the third Angels message is a message of justification by faith in the area of Manhattan even the dust trusting holistically and completely in the power to succeed every single one of his ten Commandments no wonder it said keep the commandments of God and have faith of Jesus Christ the message of righteousness by faith is right there in the third Angels message and arthritis I want that revelation was supposed to springboard that bring out the meals in my mind and so we find that here it is the Bible what is in no doubt that the book of Revelation carefully studied carefully undesired cells are need for reform is so that we can be a people prepared to meet our guide no wonder the book of Revelation is the book that is reason tells us we need to be studying is on who does Reformation begin with the question of degree border is not yes more and then they become gone out of order then we know that before Mason must take place for the question is what was a begin with would you say begins with brethren what would I I can read some of the most insidious sit with us Christians are with us Chris is what is occurring to begin it will be given out it was somebody in okay so I cannot say immediately give me a yes album of exam like a football field Hans is when I made what I respectfully disagree with our I cannot disagree in that you know that obviously hasn't been in my pocket of why disagreed whether this is its massive question when the people chose Jesus what the people choose Barabbas over Jesus it was an opportunity for them to go ahead and choose the diesel Barabbas why do people choose Barabbas leaving the zealot thanks what why did they choose that's what people deny Jesus you say something is Johnson whose influence of demons by John seven twenty one the Bible says you want Bible to see what the Bible course to do notice what the Bible says in John the twelfth chapter and verse forty two the Bible says nevertheless among those who are among the chief rulers also many one is not a good thing or bad thing is that the unit achievement is believed on keeping a beautiful and there's a verse it says many of achievement is believed on him but it's as when we caught up and they did not come to him as a sending what is flat out on the synagogue why did the people reject Jesus is because of the leaders what they have to write the Bible really says is because the meters were the ones person waiting van outdoors I always understood that if he wants a message to come to the church it must come to the angel of the church the messenger the chief messenger the leader because once a message comes to the millionaire and it can have an effect upon the people of the book of second Chronicles of the twelve notice residual combat and is true for good I'll give you the second Chronicles chapter twelve license in second Chronicles chapter twelve point here we will notice something that happening is that that's not very good at all blue in second Chronicles chapter twelve I want to do season than the Bible says second Chronicles at the twelve lives with since writing this what is this as I came to pass when Rahal Balaam had established the kingdom and I've strengthen themselves what we do diesel is still the law of the Lord and how much of Israel within the whole Israel so what do the people naturally do it diplomatically who is a leader in the Xena when Josiah was King Windows I'm looking home of the human race is over and gently with his old jewels when Eddie began to do a tremendously long so people did the people following on design you think is the is that the leaders have upon the people 's again it is one that is soon to begin in the house of God Bigelow to begin with God through music God is really focused on meeting first is not great the ministers must be converted before they can strengthen them recommend that you should not treat themselves to Christ and his righteousness and we bought medicine is needed among the old agreement with me but it should be dedicated here I went job ministers exactly are likely are likely volume one of the testimony is based for sixty nine God makes it clear but this is that the reef formation work must begin with our ministers one of the great reasons that you don't be a good something that takes place in Adventism but quite honestly discuss me I will be meetings and outreach the word by the grace of God and typically use it down with people and people will tell you also the bad things happening in the church you say that terrible when the last time you talk with your minister about the issue and get this island that is right now we will know how to meet in groups we will know how to meeting clicks will not meet with everybody else except the person got told us immediately we read Matthew the eighteenth chapter carefully the Bible is explicitly clear that when we see a brother Paul when we see them in a hallway in an era when it comes under that have offended at the Bible says go to person but we have taken this as a way to put them on such a level that is sometimes significant like to be on correction and we don't live in the MIB are many times I remember one time he was a minister we would teach the truth as it relates to the nature of Jesus Christ we were teaching the truth of the word of God that Jesus had the nature of Adam after the fall and since we occasion and within minutes it would build his annuities that would disease and in a Bible class which is in a Bible class and anything else it was a of the minister would come up one of the and on the pulp it seems that these people did to Jesus had been a Janata map of the patentable one episode he will give all these quotes and you'll get equal to the spirit of prophecy in the Bible commentary the syllables always go Bible commentaries by Bible commentary five Bible commentary seven free will because all you do is rewrite it if you read it right so you act like that in a dramatic fall in now even the LL W K which I won the people from the pulpit he will send out with us the woods and out of love you just try to find a suitable predominant people do that today they finally announced in the pope and the place with the gospel is about leverage and heinous that it might be done from the pulpit well here is that we ought to appoint it was it would be the so we all agreed and covenanted together pray together a cynical talk to an end I was impermissibly in a meeting with a couple of the other brothers in our class then they sat down with the medicine they began to talk with him anything why are you fighting tooth they just change those things is one-on-one visit asking why do you keep fighting truth my financials and and and and and he began to make up what is really what the Bible the plates of all and so the merciful before called the comparative cold verses in the Bible 's also forth at the end of that study they looked many eye to the passage you see that you cannot use these codes anymore because they are not endorsing which is indeed the process yes I see that Mister can we have an agreement that you will not do this anymore from this incident ask agreed and told you that the pastor came back to Bible study that I was doing I was in a Bible study at church again and started teaching and I was teaching on a whole different topic totally independent on the subject of an enterprise and also the path to revisit when he raises and make a point I got nervous so Lord please you know I'm young I think it is in my mind what I pray this is not an attorney to in our life in the problem the veil is a you know what he raises hand exact point is against have to go right ahead he said you know inspiration makes it so clear to design for the whole class is a inspiration makes it so clear that we can have victory over sin because Jesus came with the nature of Adam after the fall and ninety seven because Christ came in our circumstances situations and he still needed by faith we can have the same thing I think Pastor five five is not talk about them in other words don't judge people sometimes we will not go to ministers and talk to them and redirect them or sometimes been him me feel like all the anonymous and me holding on this idea but you always saying that because you're probably thinking to go in your own strength but if you go to them in the deep in prayer as I think the focus on hand and walk with you in that room you sit down with those ministers and you talk to them and complete within the primitive and biblically correct them if they are wrong the amazing mean some that actually will respond to the truth and respond favorably so therefore there is no doubt that there is a need at a forming formation to take place beginning with the ministers as we got an assessment that we ask another time I was told I was always told I got a pretty damn good means you are literally watching a far more polished blame Lenin because I was a whip cracking brother and answers about that I remember one time and is inviting up my thirty six what am I now wonder why was before and an outdoor Bible studies and he got mad at me some of the elderly are not even on the Bible study during the time it would go by was the possible business of these are young people do not interested in your study and in breaking the Sabbath so I wanted to go and get their tenders are currently studied with and engage the minds of the was a one note policy and procedures that you are not allowed to go ahead and included as part of the procedures that the usages and and and and and cooperate in the Bible study as addressing the believe that when it comes to school I think you'll see the believe that when it comes to the prison ministry getting him right in the middle of the mindset to go on doing a ministry I seem to remember to remain scientists at what's going on there was a way to have a meeting with use of the cameras are growing I came inside the room and he will sit down reminded me somewhat of the scenery of John chapter two an installment Jesus was right before the Sanhedrin and and I was looking at them and him decide what you have to say if I had with my five hundred thousand easily from the script of any error that I committed in August and it was not talked about the procedure and I think you know you a mommy of those whitewashed sepulcher the Jesus talked about Carmen Oppenheimer memorizes one Simon Elder came up to me he came up to me Muses you know we don't appreciate what you said I said on sorry you feel that way then he said to be he said noting the length of the elders and that's what he did anyone my face as I got to thinking the legs of the elderly when things like that I looked at many eyes and my first reaction when I said that we tell you something that I remember walking back in his face and immediately backed up and was meeting that the spirit of God the son son you're out of control have realized that this is a classified money to help identify crack addict possessors as I need to help listening and it was some praying and reading that God began to show me that instead of the Christ page twelve when Jesus rebuked the Pharisees it said he had tears in his voice and got the same son tears were nowhere near your voice and your eyes you are angry and you can never correct out of anger all it does it invites the presence of Satan and I began to see that no edit I called both of us together and I said I stand before you all because I'm here to let you know that I apologize I disrespected you said it was wrong can you please forgive me and what I realized this is that sometimes we tried to correct ministers and even though our content is right many times our spirit is all wrong so when we say all the ministers will listen sometimes you want to check yourself and asking someone what was ratified as a content life for you thoroughly and in the spirit of Christ coming to these individuals to try to redirect incorrect and to admonish and two and a car reach then to be faithful you'd be amazed from this is not administer site is present true that semen is designing his country living I think if I get so many things and actually begin talking in dialogue and so on the same ones with enemies of truth became advocates of truth I seen it so therefore I believe that this can happen but we must understand I have to thought we knew how bad they are ministers that are going around limiting God surging God 's people brothers and sisters who need to know then enough to hold them accountable is one of the most visiting another tip with a set of the General conference in session when he spoke he said hold your ministers accountable I say BS 's art is a you be amazed at what God will do so therefore Yahoo reclamation work must begin but it must begin with a menacing than everything was in August eleven twenty seven as how we love them one on one sometimes we get together we have a little talk with him about all the Church of England buildings being torn away and all these things and we wonder why is it that God is doing anything that meets any one of these is likely to be that we tied his hands I often ask people okay you have a problem which a minister here is my question to follow the full counsel of Jesus when it comes to dealing with the ministers for dealing with anybody else on my Mac waiting to be gone to them one-on-one not evidence and no all right have you gone with a witness with the witnesses exhibited by the ring nine times out of ten Notepad something how can you expect God if you thought what a act that God would be insubordinate is his own word if you want to see God act him one-on-one if they won't listen to bring the witnesses if they won't listen you go ahead and bring it before the church in every phase of ML Andreasen had a problem if any of you know about it and then I drifted he saw that they were broken in the charitable questions on doctors a written Cheney had built on the net and evangelism with one guy standardbearers he was one glorious season against the error that was taking place as you enter it again and risen one of the key when one oh one he went with the witnesses face it would listen if you want to bring before the baby Beatles alcohol when injuries in the back of Matthew eighteen he said bring it before the churches but it never said during a business meeting so you know he did he create inevitable that you might find in some of your ABCs call letters to the churches and what he did was he put together his issues and he gave it to their every member letters to the churches and when the people were able to see that this is one of the instruments that help bring about some conviction and some fruit to go forward and were quite following that so in other words you and I have no right to argue beef and complaint and everything else if you follow God 's instructions love your brother this is another when you see them messing up when you see them doing things wrong and you know that gripping instrument of the devil at his condo ever forget that not want the devil always the devil because at one time deal with the devil but thank God later on Pete was the same one got use to lead out in the early rain power is something that look like devils right now but perhaps I got recently deal with them as Christ told us to deal with it could it be that some will being used by the double right now I might be used by God on the latter rain as in so therefore it begins with the Minnesota love him enough to hold them accountable can you same and that is a myth now let's go on and the Christian experiences with amazing beginning of the oneness notice something about David's prayer you remember that they these on the sin and when they misunderstand certainly the aggregate things right with God now was interesting about sounds to be one is that when you read Psalms fifty one from verses one to nine you find and sounds to be one one two nine BC David and writing any bathroom got given to blot out his questions and remove the guilt and all these things but it is in the hat that we find that he gets more so towards the reformatory aspect of his repentant prayers the Bible says this all to do one person the Bible says three at eight a.m. need hay and fluorine heart O God and renew a right spirit within me when people began to delude himself into sin the Bible says in Genesis six five is that the imaginations of the people were able all on continuously so there is about the imagination that will appear to ultimately create the animation outside that's why the first thing that we should address when we dealing with reclamation or where does it begin and it begins right here the work of the Lord reformed it to purify the imagination the first first work that we must purify the imagination feebleminded let out and this is a direct since it must be restrained and will only upon pure and elevated subjects but you can put Isaiah twenty six three in Isaiah twenty six Emerson string the Bible says thou will keep him in her so I is there funding because he trusted in the so therefore if the mind and let out a name this is the direction and it must be restrained as well all leading up unpopular and elevated subjects when tempted to yield to a corrupt imagination and sleeve the throne of grace and pray for strength from Heaven in the strength of God imagination can be disciplined to dwell upon things which are you are and have been the and one of the things you can do Hesiod said three Cialis calling us to pray for strength from Heaven you can also buy seventeen on that one evening morning and afternoon will I pray and cry aloud you will find that if you pray about having company pray silently in one minute Ukraine and talk to the Lord for next thing you know you think about rosacea you thinking about your days leaving you with the outline with the sale was to move all my life all of a sudden the mind begins to wander in the same quotation ideas is little further down my character and personality book two page five ninety five when it also says is when the mind wanders bring it back bring it back is that simple in other words if you find is that one of the best ways that you can see is also a focused feedback if you begin praying aloud not playing loud praying aloud it simply means that is not silent prayer it means that your voice is actually thinking the audible you can hear it and will happen it is easier to stay focused in prayer when you pray allow you when you pray for strength from Heaven because the mind is wandering in all the other things you can pray out loud and you can claim God 's promises and you will find that the mind will come right back and that's all will become subject and obedient to Christ so therefore it begins with the imagination is now only this is usually not any damages we thought you are willing to imagination for any damages before you locate your imagination so when we talk about the reclamation begins with the imagination that means that you and I would have to be far more judicious about what we let our minds dwell upon looking at what is it that I'm feeling what is it that I see that I'm touching anything that will stimulate output before my mind and manage these are the things want to begin guarding because you find that before we typically fall into sin this first started in the imagination that's why Jesus is not just against the act of Sinhalese also get the things that need to be and that's why said it is not enough that you commit adultery but when you look upon a woman to lust after you have already committed adultery what's going on in the imagination so therefore the first step is that we must be mindful of what am I putting in front of me that consistently allows my mind to dwell on things that are impure and unholy whatever those things are those that they lifted and the need to cut off all you follow some of you don't need some of these PDA phones because the stuff to keep accessing over the Internet is not helping you is not going to close it Jesus is on you closer to the things of Satan because the wicked machinations because of what we're looking at some of us don't need all that high speed in the axis is one of the biggest killing a lot of people right now there's no sin in high-speed Internet access there's no sin and eighty eight all those interfacing mobility device out of the book of life another wrong with any of these things but when we find that it began to become a distracting introduction to wicked imaginations and I sea level things all this is the goal sin no more are you following on all right was long what is directly connected to imagination reform in other words yes it is true that God wants me to be mindful of what I imagine all what I allowed to go on in my mind would did you know that is the reason I see shows us is a very powerful way to do this is the first reviews of the missing something in first Corinthians attempt chapter I meant to give you the brief explanation on this that I can move on from it from verses one to ten in first Corinthians ten you find that it rehearses several experiences of the children of Israel as they left Egypt on it waiting in the now all these experiences from verses five and they were very very negative thoughts about the fornicating and complaining and all these things and how they suffer the horrible ramifications notice what the Bible says now in verse eleven first previous ten eleven is it now how much of these things this is now all these things happened unto them for what examples and they are written for our admonition upon what the end of the world are counseled the Bible makes it clear that the things that happen to the children of Israel were any samples for those who are living in the time of the end of the world and work samples means types so when we looking at southern Israel with the ability to bond with a K it was tight for typical of what God even in the last these women go through as we prepare to go to the heavenly Canaan now when we look at that you will find that the inflammation that God did with the children of Israel was based on what to quite so you don't know if it is sixteen is connected to sixteen I want to guess if you don't know then you don't know that's a I know that sixteen SU in the Bible so the first lethal amazing that God came with the children of Israel I find to be very interesting notice what the Bible says in Exodus sixteen must alright members one would think the merciful the Bible says mix of the journey from even then all the congregation of the children of Israel came unto the wilderness of sin which is between even inside one fifteenth day of the second month after the departing out of the land of Egypt and the whole congregation of the children of Israel murmured against Moses and Aaron in the wilderness for the problem with a murmuring verse three of the children of Israel seven of them would to God we had died by the hand of the Lord in the land of Egypt when we sat by what when we sat by the Scots and when we did eat bread to the full year promise to look into this wilderness until this whole assembly with hunger things of the Lord unto Moses behold I will do what I will rain bread from heaven for you and the people struggle out gather a certain rate every day and that I may prove them whether they will walk in my law or no you'll notice that the Bible so that the first reform a sin that God did the children of Israel was the change in their guy soon as I got out of eating the sweet form a synagogue did the things that I now why would God esteem diet on such a high level for what reason what is very interesting we see them as a flashback for me to go to Exodus chapter five in Exodus out of five notice what the Bible says as it relates to something that was said in Egypt at one time the Bible says in Exodus at the five euro member the story Moses and Aaron go to farrow itself are let my people go Sarah responded in a very interesting way that the Bible so that's inversely as this at the five and first the Bible says and Sarah 's influenza will die soon obey his voice to let Israel go I know not the Lord neither will I let Israel go so here it is that Taliaferro who let my people go sour response the Lord Christ obey him and obey him now what was the reason that car with St. Louis it will not even questioned our sovereignty like that well one of the things you'll find in the Bible to visit with at least one reason why comes with many others but there was one reason why and we find this reason improperly thirtieth chapter of Proverbs chapter thirty should be reviewed for many of us in Proverbs authority of chapter you notice what the Bible says as we consider verses seven to nine Proverbs thirty versus seventy nine notice what is one reason why somebody would question God as he was aluminized even obey him the Bible says in Proverbs at the thirty first seven two things are not required the deny me tonight before I die remove lock on the vanity and eyes give me neither poverty nor riches to see anyway see me with food convenient for me I believe all and what didn't I be anything what will and will bonus on people and stealing take the name of my God in vain the Bible sells a direct connection between Baltimore eighteen and denying God be that the there is a connection between all rating is exceedingly little while conveniently for me I believe all and it will again without being full I really didn't I knew as a whole is the Lord of this a lot of people do not believe that her eating and drinking alcohol with family how would you still could easily do not look like it was a family that drive unit with family is now wants its license we ought family because the blood of Christ this figure than any of the biological blood that humanity is on the July bar this evening uncle hereof this is fun you are my brothers and my sisters and our analysis you one thing about families and we can talk family dental number and ask you a question I'm asking to be honest with me his family how many of you honestly believe that you are eating and drinking habits do not affect your cell they should be asked the question again before you raise your hands then you honestly believe that you are eating and drinking habits do not affect your salvation with family communism beyond Seattle believe that audibly thank you I appreciate that is anybody I received that appreciate that anybody else anybody okay another hand there are anybody else all right good anyone else want another hand would come to an otherwise friendly it's all right with family thank you with and with family I don't mind to make it in the second year what I don't want to do is make a mistake out there when you're working with us old how many of you honestly believe that your eating and drinking habits of extra salvation how many of you by the razor hands believe that is pretty long him how many of you have no idea is freezing I don't know okay do you believe that they would see the effects of salvation and enthusiasm that is all right I see everybody in the right okay now we know the iniquity of exit salvation because in Isaiah fifty nine adverse to the Bible says but your iniquities have separated between you and your guys ultimately the reason was separated from God by okay so we are in agreement that in the equity of access salvation yes all right let's go to Ezekiel sixteen would agree Ezekiel sixty B to slow down Ezekiel sixteen with a notice what the Bible says I see what my friends who agrees answers that you not have all the officer got oblique lighting and breaking habits affect our salvation so we want to talk about on the word of God now that Ezekiel sixteen verse forty nine must notice what the Bible says would go to read it was slow Ezekiel sixteen over forty nine behold this was not what the iniquity on who I think I do now that's our we just read in the beginning of incentives we didn't it wouldn't see on thy sister Sodom so whatever comes after the senses we know is what was called what an equity of anonymous try to do Leonid five and iniquity in five separate us from God 's of the five affected families and what the next thing on the list is long at all Greg and wait a minute what's that was that that overeating that's overeating what does the Bible call overeating is not another on Iraq not in what does the first call a meeting in the woods he uniquely tea affects what the salvation so therefore I ask the question again does your eating and drinking habits can affect your salvation is yes yes minimal reason why is because you know that I have some quotations but is not on this life so that we have rats with these which shows you the Loma Linda guys know that I would imagine there are all sorts of studies that show that that chemical called dopamine is the direct dopamine doctors anyone in here and we started by dopamine you know that dopamine is use the cognitive functions and we know that dopamine health as it relates to our ability to make decisions ability to see things and understand things condemning the bombings are important what happens when a person over eighteen they called dopamine disorders the person is not able to make it right cognitive dissonance is that as a result of that if a person over age that's why it's very natural for them as a license to surrender the will to the baser passions animalistic access the lower propensities what the place Wallace and this is the reason why God does not want us to overeat because it hinders my from being clear is that when heaven was made we can understand it and live it and it had effectively shared with others that is what there's no thing of all I make excuses about how reading habit of visitors now we understand that it's a bigger issue than visibly having a big belly serious issue now I'm understanding this is what it says what is directly connected to imagination reclamation Minnesota when I told you to make the temperance movement asserts that the work of reform must begin at the table 's busy now we understand temperance one ninety six now we understand that the one reform must begin at the dinner table was it I don't get victory over the time there will be no victory over sin in the Senate you and I don't get me through rapids I may will be no victory over sin you have to take more seriously these binges that we have Jesus wants to give us power that we can overcome the call Stephen of the flesh and therefore the worker reform begins at the table don't you love this I mean that God loves us so much that he's literally walking a step-by-step on how they screen to read formation got the CSS without imagination one of the things that directly affect imagination is how we how we that directly affects the imagination someone asked the question they say well why perform practically we begin with food is very simple because Prevacid fifty Ro is eating and drinking result in erroneous thinking and acting the leaders went Google Scriptures erroneous eating and drinking results in a row it's thinking an act that is why we have to understand the connection between diet my body by the way what is the great issue was a great final crisis all about the great issues between the commands of God and and and and the mark of the beast and all the things he's always on the longer his final crisis based on the longer it is our bodies our blog what would Romans at seven rooms at seven oh two the Bible says in Romans the seventh chapter you will find the Bible tells us exactly how we serve the law of God Bible says in Romans seven chapter first sentence of verse twenty five firsters and Travis to point the Bible says in Romans of the seven hundred twenty five how you serve the law got great crisis is over the issue of the law guy notices three seven seven verse twenty five I thank God through Jesus Christ our Lord so that the mind my fellow cyber law of God reason to love God with your mind this is why God sees it I got saved Israel died everybody's going to win again God was preparing the mind this would be about the Reseda Mount Sinai new Beta Council two three seventy four now now it makes more sense when in Daniel chapter one one the first thing that Satan wants to do is he says is seen in the king 's meat and they've got a very healthy food to prepare their minds to receive the truth was Mount Sinai exactly think you want to give an unhealthy booth so that him live to be debilitated so that it will not faithfully followed by type receipt of the racing when he brought out a most profound point you remember that there were three things that Babylon wanted to change we got I read it all and then another one down on one of the change your curriculum the education system the learning of the Chaldeans but Daniel didn't protest to be nothing in anywhere in the Bible Daniel protested against falsification while he was overly rooted in true indication within Elkland Saint Daniel 's name Daniel didn't protest reason that he wanted to talk no protest why the values of a no money that's why every time Daniel gets the species and I Daniel Daniel Meade Daniel he never said I was that he did not know that all the notice address the window units it is odd Daniel S twenty considers me to no purpose but when they change Daniels the first time Daniel protested Daniel said we will not be the king 's meat why did Daniel protest that because Daniel understood erroneous eating and drinking result in erroneous thinking and acting and when you are subject to the powers of Babylon need to think and act meals and clear and straight but in order to do you become erroneous eating and drinking result in erroneous thinking and acting within you to understand that God says repeatedly one habit and have it verified by that actor ought to enable time and eternity the inside when we talk about that ethical adult guys up it was a three fifty six to understand the erroneous eating and drinking result in erroneous thinking and acting axis of evil habits one chapter about a character audacity for time and eternity is decided this is why we formation must begin at the table it prepares us for all the longer reform patients that need to take place it is why we're told that if we need all these different bathrooms is also what we should be leaders and an insult this is where all I come from because God understands the effects of erroneous eating and drinking and don't tell me about the culture because God is calculus like this some brethren Jacob invites this by feeling a bit about every culture of churches under the sun now in some cultures you find a bit less likely to visit pharmacology this from the scissors I have some New Zealand Bible says in second Corinthians five seventeen if any man be in Christ he is a new creature and because he is a new creature that means he's entered a new culture and a superior culture in any articles will bring up Hathaway behold all things in a new sixty five all culture is with your new culture the new culture is superior to the new cultist as eating and drinking to the glory of God includes not putting things that will stimulate your blood and fever your blood and cloud your mind and that means that it got to go to follow that civilians culture as a reason to practice things that are harming the body Temple are you following so therefore you are using a drinking result in erroneous thinking at Seattle mother she has a child is one all over the place and ended child cannot sit down in it alone always on up to the seventy eighty eighty and here is a look at all the ADHD and enema this is like the unlimited consult this person is talking about how I have always found my child is tested down so on who the next thing you know the mother was seen in cotton candy fiend and cotton candy and candy apples and as a you know I could have you ever looked up red number forty and blue number fifty and all these different visiting the local food at this message you know that food additives is one of the chief causes of ADHD from the food kingdom so the Muslim why did know that that's why we believe the recent changes she's on to make certain changes shall start to improve so what we will be in my capacity to the cause of this is literally certain things without putting aside my system that is one of the reasons why we cannot memorize Scripture why cannot retain information why would all find ourselves struggling to apply Bible to dipping into the lower propensities the basic facts symptoms Atacama this is what God was understanding what is eating and drinking result in erroneous thinking and acting and axes repeated phone habits and habits formed characters and by the character by destiny for time and eternity is the cited in this is Libra this is limited to break them let's talk a little bit about God 's food menu with a cost of a ten minute break within a comeback talk about God 's food menu driven to be someone this things out of the word of God that he will show us so that they could break ten minutes we will come back as we prepare our hearts to study God 's food menu


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