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What Is Reformation? Part 2

Dwayne Lemon


Dwayne Lemon

Director of P.T.H. Ministries (http://www.pthministries.com)



  • October 20, 2012
    5:15 PM
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all you are now going to our final session here is where we are going to study in and let God feelings on things related to his word processing on this topic of eating and drinking to his glory you'll find that this and this is a very important thing to understand because we are trying to enter into the experience of reef formation who want to do it in God 's order off and was seen in our house in order are we seeing that God has in order to their forward resumes it is not just something that we didn't begin at any point everyone Reformation is something that God has given for this experience of what we do remember we saw the revival revelation comes in the ministries of the Holy Spirit yes so therefore we cannot do anything my mind on my PowerBook only by God 's Spirit is beneath his Holy Spirit to dwell within us to give us power so that we may do anything God is called us to do and I want to make this clear there is no simple or graying or not is certainly not any that you genuinely that will amaze and you only I want to make that lazily clear you understand that he may not help the assortment of advertising planet Earth an action brought into the world so there's no doubting there is no non- CMO I'd argue what it is there's no great nonetheless I will pay you when I can he can bring salaries begin these things that we are discussing I want to live in whatever the topic maybe all this is simply an expression of the salvation we have already received this in James two eighteen the Bible says I will so they buy my works you never know what Appletree into using apples were all due nap I know a peach tree these the page is wrong with it and you never know God trees outright dismiss someone was using my doing for life the following is available we are not saying that there any food items that individuals in the woods ring is nothing that a person can do that may ask them rights if you aren't eating drinking and doing had testified to Christ all right this is truly being within us you understand that the amen all right with them with that being said that I would agree our father in heaven we think the Lord for the opportunity to go through things to this study we pray that your blessings be upon us at this time that you will again open our eyes and we may behold wondrous things out of the software that we ask in Jesus name amen you will find in the Bible shows us we remember that God will do something in first Corinthians ten thirty one they were to eat or drink a whatsoever ye do do all to the way is long to the glory of God now how do the proceedings of the guy the Bible clearly says whatever you need a drink whatever you do do all the glory of God how you do that Sega will following the Council are okay and what the counselor mean I feel really hot out especially if you were to do it just on the Bible he will will need a more simple so somebody says this is a simple glass of wine fit on this medical adhesive fan field no problem this is a simple reason forgot I have a lot of seasoning on it he knows not extravagantly put together a that you get what I'm saying is another what I want to give an answer but I want to make sure that you answer empower the person to speak biblical so that we don't go above and follow opening with his purchases to get back my visit English strength and not good-looking as in the whole world will tell you that a little brandy can strengthen your body when you go through sickness and in the little visit moderately little so that was a big play you know how to something that you got each of this athlete is approaching that will strengthen you the thing so therefore they have to be something that brings that line for us to help us clearly understand all right how do we drink the blood he was in and out this is something that I presented at a Baptist Church that you know I couldn't use as very promising young Zen soul in other words you have a tremendous work that God is set before you you got help with seven and come up to the light that you also have to help the non- Adventist come up to the light so young that my disability were very similar the John the Baptist using those within and those without this cannot be done by Minamata power only by God 's spirit and so therefore we need some mechanism wisdom to know how I think the instructions of God 's word to make it practical with a one morning my brother go back to the original died which was through his brain is not no vegetables so I'll be telling people debate underneath those brave enough to know vegetables without the original diet with anything like the what do you send the original guy that sings about always anything you want to be able to come tightly so that weight it can be consistent throughout the Bible that are consider this when you agree that if you sell somebody how to eat and drink to God Maureen doesn't make sense to first define what is glory why don't you learn to define that word first and if we learn to define the word to Re: and it should be easier for us to know how to eat and drink to it that makes it all right so what will it do now is feeling the question what is the glory of God we would thought was hoping each of the North got to watch the glory of God if we can understand what that got it and I believe we can intelligently know I eat and drink let's notice what the Bible says in Exodus thirty three verse eighteen the Bible says and I beseech the show me thy glory so mullahs want to see what you want to see God 's glory he wants to God 's glory now notice how God responds again favors nineteen I will make all my goodness pass before thee and I will proclaim May underlie before the movie grazes when I will be great Susan was a mercy to whom I was so merciless quest in what we do is learn as beautiful in the goodness of God the name of God Satan and are having a conversation Melinda St. Laurent 's oatmeal glory God responds I will sell you my goodness it and proclaim my name is like me going to any of you hear a significant Silvio car I said no problem I'll sell you my copy of the Camry are we talking about the same thing as we did we if return is so multimillion asking God 's only of the doctors and I was so you might read this and proclaim my name is a web learned that the glory of God is a God in the name of God are synonymous now what is that Godzilla 's glory is the program 's name and a accident and accurate security for diplomats and I now exited thirty four watch this now and thirty four five two seven and the Lord descended in the cloud include within them proclaim the name of the Lord the Lord passed by before him and proclaimed the low Lord God merciful and gracious long-suffering and abundant in goodness and truth keeping mercy for thousands forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin and will by no means clear the guilty visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children and upon the children's children onto the third and fourth generations quested what did God still mode since the character he should hold unto Moses 's character you want to see my glory ungraciously want to see my glory I'm long-suffering you want to see my glory I am merciful he went to see my glory I'm abundant in goodness and truth God was revealing his character now at seventy had been a sideline right downplay that I live by these evil things about it by the city for LI says God really started Moses which is as you identify the same point straight with the Bible see that I now watch this the Bible so that that is contacted so what do I need whatsoever to link to efficiently produce there in the evening intriguing to the glory of God what I what I signed sufficiently at the event the biblical biblical now let's go on Damascus is the God of this chapter how practically do we eat and drink do anything ontological question all right was that it is bougainvillea look at some of the attributes of God 's character now these verses if you write down I'll go ahead and explain it in Deuteronomy chapter thirty first nineteen the representable you life and death blessing and cursing and then he said as soon as I is what God wanted to do this by now in verse twenty God goes on to say I am your life 's so why not to live because he is our life John fourteen sixty one know that it's very wealthy this is I am the way the truth and God life John eleven verse twenty five Jesus says I am the resurrection and our life so everything with you that you got a bag he is so what so ever I eat solids it is an wee dragoons life in the not dead and that is whatever you need is and whatever you dream it should reproduce life in you that means that when you go to the grocery store when he gladdened by something that has high fructose corn syrup or something like that you know that what that something is a debilitating immune system and got totally digging for us I cannot put you in this Psalm forty six verse one God is our refuge and strength and soul whatever I think is to strengthen my body and drinking Sprite Coca-Cola seven up or anything like that that have talked to was invented by no less than a week in my immune system and God says that he is an excellent on my system this is likely my body social right I'm sorry that the sales that is possible that it is so you can literally go three shopping based on the understanding visitors even when God when I'm not the author of confusion first previous fourteen thirty three the mapping often confusing but all seasons whenever you dig us enough of my body in a state of confusion what is to keep my body at a peaceful state is available when I drink coffee that it has caffeine which can cause my heart to get into a confused identity to output a I can say that anything with caffeine in it is not to the glory of God back on the self would've lit up with a copy back in the museum that is dry and get that so you and healing this is if you have a field day with this because basically what to do now is in the study chapter because they are in a gossip of myself in it and I says about himself whatever you need a drink what do you want and they said everything is in harmony with the activism character when you do that you practically can't even drink to the glory of God when I get water I know that water one of the best things that water does my body outside hydrating and of course his water is also working at the wonderful cleansing agent is at right guard leaving cleansing only that we need us in fact you'll find that God is the difference that uses an cleansing you want the best for God is him a menace is amazing let us have a wonderful plaything is a beautiful thing and I my name is playing on him and let the necessary funding and him and get appointment easy on you you can literally does not look at the activities of the job is one way that he got always think that when you eat broccoli when you need anything bad about the meal plan conference in brave enough and so will these things are introducing into our system introducing strength into our system is killing us so that we can take this principle and we can begin to build on and you get back so now we understand will practically what is eaten drink to the glory of God say something when we consider any of the regular got always remember that God designed that the food would be on medicine we really saw the hundred of what the reason numbers fourteen to thirty caught in the grass to grow for the cattle and we are collecting them for the service of man towards this means the minister is God gave us the are is a man to minister to Manzanillo I think the man that he may bring forth food out of the area that would God do these things if he would understand that this is why God eventually called us all of me most people don't even know I'm not allowed to see me also and I was placed three seventy three graphically we are told that God allowed man to consume flies to shorten his life God gave man not because he couldn't figure out what to do because it was no more meditation but they got magnetization one day reason immunization Monday when God allowed man to partake of flesh to shorten his life span and this is why when you look at this chart to become at one after the flood do they need to see this is because notice before any flesh Adam nine hundred and thirty seven nine hundred and twelve in all nine hundred and five chain and nine hundred and ten Mahogany eight hundred ninety five nine hundred sixty two eight three sixty five methyl to because he never died Methuselah nine hundred fifty nine seven hundred seventy seven will not visit the mankind before eating once man began to eat less and ship six hundred are exact four thirty eighty seven four thirty three Negroes for the people in two thirty nine is a big jump in when two thirty nine seven two thirty nine one forty eight and two hundred five Abraham one hundred seventy five once a man is began to consume slice inside of the cylinder lifespan it was only in the nineteen sixties that medical science to find this out medical science I think AA did you know that the consumption of less actually drains vitality from the humans machinery the human system science is always going but nevertheless with thankfulness I felt to even show you these things into my prayer that you believe these is before you believe Barabbas know what this when you look at Psalm one hundred and nineteen division verse ninety six we know that God 's commandments are exceeding brought it so that when we look at times eight in Ecclesiastes reimburse one the Bible says that there is a time for everything under the sun is Iraq this is their time to eat indefinitely due under the sun is at a pivotal time to eat and at times enjoying a member of this is what that would mean that women need to understand something that all the Hebrew children understood and all seventy ad this was supposed to understand physiology him Psalm one thirty nine fourteen you remember that David said I am fearfully and wonderfully made marvelous on I was analyzing an essay that you know I said that because he understood physiology when you meet about education page one ninety five education page one ninety five says that every individual is says that the understanding of physiology should leave the basis for all online education the event that the book education page one hundred five it says is the understanding of physiology should be the basis for all lines of education beginning tomorrow medical back of the San Diego Lindsay Justin is the gospel to physiology who limited the body in a whole different way to understand something about those cells and everything else in the human machinery and you'd be amazed at how the sales process is to tell the whole story about the gospel 's incredible physiology now if we understand physiology than we would know that when you finished eating a meal that you need to wait two hours before you go ahead and introduce any liquids into the system is the concept we talk about two hours after a meal for half an hour before the meal the whole eating and drinking principal is what we get these things from intimate understanding of physiology Wisconsin an understanding of the Bible that God undersigned support to be done in eating and taking it something we do under the sign going today is something we do under the sign so that you do this since I think that we do an assignment you don't decide immediately after a meal it means that like to help bring down at will when it is ongoing all enlisted on the field by letting you pick the result has been in my bathroom repair the muscle that is sometimes we go around having meetings directly after a meal that I hate increasingly people just as he can become a legitimate delivery controversy the abilities so the guy to bring these blood so we can bring in the belly typically wins NASCAR as when he said in a meeting is this guy is the latest on Kelly's wedding is not even a significant fitness times for everything so that we learn that from the Bible amounts to eighteen in problems twenty four thirteen sixty dollars because his sake but because that's another reason why you are being is because the like the money they see damaging the beating heart honey because it was good and now the marketing out how to become is good thirteen by improperly five sixteenth visit half cup honey eat so much as it is sufficient for the less be filled therewith and Bonnie so even that which is in needs to be judiciously yet that social moderation is not presently the idea that once we know it is bad for me to say that I'm a little bit of God is evident is that the loan is gone and judiciously full of moderation only good things judiciously noting good and bad together and all this other stuff that happened little moderate moderate severity theater is not clear this could drink it or not it is good and then when you don't do it judiciously since I is will but if not meant to be eaten every day at why some people call a dog who died him and all who die are you seeing the same thing every day I don't never get themselves they all have intervals and that small puppies out into the something that is not to think it wasn't as everyday everyday everyday everyday ethanol who died similarly the same thing with the same foods every day and then we wonder why our body begin to have allergic reactions is a lot of fun because we do an overload on our system I follow them but visible from the Bible is not amazing you know the Bible that's helpful in the market and of course we know quality of food need for strength Ecclesiastes ten seventeenth he was strength and I could looking at whatever food we eat them because you know it's been a strengthen your body not weakening of the principles that we learn about eating and thinking habits is not amazing I also understand that when it comes to eating and drinking to his glory these all principles that are encased within it so that we can understand this is how you do the gospel of because what happened is you actually using Scripture to explain scientific but the people resting my eyes never know the Bible talk about that eluded him we would all these people went about this or that about four thousand members from and at one point we decided to interview some of the people not hope without into the classes with a great number and they came to the classes and when we said is that classes gas resulting from twenty five pounds yes people are high blood pressure didn't have anymore yet feel the wet diabetes didn't have anymore but even so given that people were saying you know what I never knew that what I do physically affects me spiritually they said we never knew that what I do surgery affect his physically visit we never knew that the word of God teaches us that they all in all that we must obey and resolve the laws of it means that they must be obedient with present books that were in their home reveals to them the law they must be obedient with the site assisting brothers and sisters as I find out that when God made man whom everyone in a medicine man evil man out of the dust the ground grievances nostrils the breath of life remember that now because of this I could man came out of the dust of the ground we learned then that all the elements from the death 's icy found in managing of all right so therefore magnesium phosphorus calcium potassium sodium cyanide for result etc. I see you opened with venting from Peggy Lee this feature don't you celeb has to question why we waste so much money on public sunset remember to get us to hold Israel to the Narrows California I display him to stop going after everybody is emboldened him to the outlet amended in an are bodies need be in the soil then why was not I would all these vitamins and everything else will cost money but this winter recess why can't we use why can't we disable the dirt for everybody the most mobile whatever version you want changes in an ability to talk to everyone why you are doing a wrong tactics okay month activities what's amazing is bacteria in the facility the treaty right field bacteria on the right proportion as it was not enough of it the components are not in the right proportion okay can I help you reason we will not be bulls of dirt him cause it is true that the soil holds many of those elements that our bodies need but the problem is that the soil is in what's called an Andean organic space which means that he cannot be properly broken down inside of our system to give my body what it needs the agreement is now what that means then he saw it all must come in contact with the root system and then when it comes in contact with the roof system now is able to go through that roof systems and eight angles to a conversion process and then when it goes through a conversion process signals from inorganic to organic and now able to produce and how you and I can do it because now you can bless a lot he found that okay let's try one more time the soil is inorganic with me the candidate in the body but in order for the inorganic soil to benefit the body it must come in contact with the root system when it comes in contact with the root system the soil goes through a conversion process and winning the conversion process shape changes on inorganic and organic anyhow all he can produce fruit that can benefit the body shop that help you Jesus told the parable of the sewer that when he told the parable of the solar diseases including the human heart to sort shall I natural state cannot benefit the body the church therefore will the human heart soil must come in contact with the root and offspring of David and when that an organic and non- metaphysical human heart soil comes in contact with the root and all renovated the human heart soil goes through a conversion process and when the human heart will do a conversion process now all that human parcel is able to bear fruit and they can now benefit the body of Christ don't tell me that you can learn lessons of righteousness by faith regarding God wanted to show us these things in the sort of emphasis and I saw one of the greatest tragedies are probably told the fundamentals of two education the ABCs of true education was farming every seventy Adventist school was supposed to make sure that the students learn we are told in the book abundant healthy food may be defined of any substance was when absorbed into the blood will nurse the tissue repair waste and furnace for sending to the body without causing injury to any of its parts that food is which will our bodies are made up of the food we those who were to be chosen at the five elements needed for the building up of the body the brand communicate the entire system on all only medium through which I can communicate a man and affect his inmost life does not communicate with our spirit man God communicates with operating nurse him to the brain nerves and whatever this are the circulation of the electric current in the nervous system that is missing the vital power and the result is a beginning of the sensibilities of the mind because why would any injury you must make sure that if you put those brain nerves in a strong condition when you think about the brain and the mind you can look at the brain as hard drives and you can look at the mine is software that you have the best software in the world if the hard drive is debilitated brothers and sisters your software will work no one is available in like manner the brain nerves is what we need to be very focused on when it comes to the body were taken care assuming the scenery that God has given to what we ought to think about what my brain is that when we understand that no child will be found at amusement parks we're going on these roller coasters and all these things especially in the body of an sound and make your busy and all these other things in the name of the Nola to understand this will be found in these amusement parks in all these places because now Dennis then I got to do whatever it takes to keep my brain nurse in its healthiest condition vegan doesn't exist understand the physiology of the July and we understand that illegals the health of our brain operate as we get our thoughts on how we get our actions are actually repeated as we get our habit habits will begin our character and ought to determines our destiny that the connection between diet and salvation the food is eaten is broken down in blood the blood is what seems and called the help of operation operating is where we get our call on God 's will we get our access I see that is what we get are having our habits as we get our character and character determines our destiny is this is where you connect price on the list and sixty nine when the character of Christ's is perfectly reproduced in his illegal and Jesus will come is what is waiting for you not eating and drinking habits affect that fellow minutes of character are you following on all right therefore the Bible says with if we eat or drink whatsoever you do do all to the glory of God on the screen this will close we're told that the subject of health reform has been presented in the churches of the light is not been hardly perceive the problem in nineteen hundred there was people was using all these beautiful things about health reform of the problem is is that it wasn't being accepted people were thinking now it says it itself is healthy strong indulgences of men and women counteract the influence of the message that is prepare people for the great day of God is talking about notices question should we be working to bring people into the church should we be doing that right now yes you agree we should should the Lord is not now worked to bring many cells into the truth what this is the Lord does not now worked to bring many souls into the truth why does God not now work to bring many souls into the truth well organized souls into the church but here is that the Lord our government is sold to Mister that if you noticed that many didn't see any ride why they got with Satan the majority of people are I will hold you back from joint ventures why the because of the church members who have never been converted and those who were once converted but with Max can you imagine that our behavior literally can determine how many people come into the church our behavior this is incredible little is this what influence would be fun consecrated members have a new convert would they not think of no effect the God-given message which is the lot of their want to think about that the Lord access and hold people back to the church because of all these things are going on amongst my people that is my next question what the people in this condition what is in it for the people in conditions that they were either never converted before they were once convertible back that is what the people in this condition in the first things magazine from the sisters when you read further on in that chapter six three seventy one when you read that chapter you'll find that she says their habits of eating and drinking using we don't understand it is only because of our ignorance we don't understand how eating and drinking habits have a very great effect on the brain nerves that ultimately affects the mind when God wants to minister to our mind to speak the truth to us the condition of the brain nerves and the condition of the mind it will tell how much of Jesus we will be able to understand and more importantly far in our lives him the reason why God that he was given a set on appetite because he knows how it affects the brain knows that affects the mind that affects the behavior and so this is why God brings us all God said listen I got an instrument that I want to use that will actually bring about revival reformation amongst my people anyone obviously got you want to use it involve a lot of young people to my ministering brethren I was the prosecutors were protected under the secular young men and young women in Texas combine two things I got some of the combine combined medical missionary work with the proclamation of the third Angels message to let you what God is instructing us to do combined a medical missionary work with the proclamation on the sort Angels message these events this is something you confuse God gives very specific instructions but then we start adding things to was adding things and I'm like where is that in God Council when sanctuary message is clearly see these things but Mrs. is I plead with you stop making false test for God 's people on the Alameda I do not mitigate me by the grace of God modeled after the several members of the officer thinking eleven by all these different false test and false teachings and things that we think also foundational to our movement politics is careful study and it was enough foundational at a ounce there is from this was how many debating if I see you bring this up as you know we family-run him and I was told do I believe another building is one of no reason why not to do it is I don't want to unduly embarrass the person 's entity not afraid of the position that I hold some Asian not afraid of the position I hope the reason why I'm not afraid of position holder this is because I wasn't prepared to be wrong I believe it's been one of the saving virtues between myself and Jesus if I'm wrong I sanded the reformers of always that show me my error but I've seen thus a lot of people have not successfully showed it to me and I'm not a dummy and not let us examine that you give me some quotation from Cisco why did you not to balance out with other quotations William Miller is not my model you can find anything in the Bible or the spirit of prophecy that tells me that he's my model will inevitably think that working erroneous William Miller believe things that weren't sure I see the truth of what William Miller taught and I really behind the error that he talked him that simple we are deified and have taken things that have quickly waited other things that have been written to the ten Commandments and I undoubtedly the truth little floor and just a little floor when people try to come up to me and try to ask me if I believe in certain things and because I intelligently say I don't believe that you walk away from me and tell me that I'm not a set of the assets you have no idea how much I want to jump on that is already a modest amendment is you sit down this talk is my biggest enemy in accounting running away talk to me there's going to study it out let's match about this a little regardless of the economically one right now you are not a child of God if you go to your brothers if you believe Ms. and when the brother says no I don't think you turn away and walking an end of the music you are not a seventy and is and you walk away you have no idea that if the Spirit of God was bored from your heart when you do that you have no idea and yet you claim to be following through and I'm supposed to see that Jesus is only by the Sylvia shall know them and I saw that tonight he will testify that you don't believe in a freshly when I see how so much of God 's people I'll be in leavened by the erroneous documents listed in this file at this point in time I read enough of it I'm look at the Luna Sabbath is not true this is not a result claim because they always say the same thing a LOI said Bill I said him down this life is qualified to sleep as she says in the same hotels as a writer than it is said that does not negate the all lines I believe in a problem with but it cannot cancel out the all Blacks problems for birthday seems to have public jobs is a shining light that science writer and a writer on deliverability and a chance about the previous night before it is bright light that was already there and make the remodeling we have the Sabbath we have these days with twenty five twenty we have all these different organizations and different groups customizable thing and is among the premises is here I stand on this please understand here I spend on this I need to see them inspiration to all point things to me that don't specifically state what you are trying to specifically stated white endorse the chart LOI to endorse Daniel and Revelation so we had to endorsements white under inspiration and endorsed the eighteen forty three nineteen fifty John Ellen White under inspiration endorsed Daniel revelation she said the book of Daniel and Revelation even God helping hand so we had endorsement endorsements LOI friends says that was a mistake on the chart in the state eighty forty three eighty forty four Ellen White him first time he is more forcefully so there was a mistake in Daniel and Revelation the king of the North and Daniel Revelation was sent to the turkey but the king of the North in fact with the papacy some as notice eighty four thirty fifty chart endorsed Daniel and Revelation endorsed creativity time a mistake Daniel revelation on the state always illegal it is said that because she did not address the twenty five twenty on the chart it must be true that poor thinking but watch this because the twenty five twenty was one the chart and because he did not say what that was a mistake to it is not something that I must be right and Ella White endorsed but when I read page seven hundred and eighty four of Daniel and Revelation the LOI said was God helping hand page seven hundred eighty four have a whole chapter is showing that the twenty five twenty was false so does that mean that the understand how faulty that type of reasoning is given us in the twenty five funniest true because it remained on the target analyte that it didn't address it then I guess Daniel revelation when it had a whole chapter is really negating and refueling the twenty five and will never address it so it must be true you see that is at the three Angels messages for anonymous Sabbath is one of these days is what it is not as widely cheap sign in second in their body you try to delete I don't understand I am really confused on the site is lease resulting in physical diesel cooking the middle of a big baby use Daniel and any safe many many thick LU farce in the tiebreaker S one five one like to reveal the brother went to a store and he was in a money tenant a personal struggle to understand and forty five twenty three dollars and some I did five thousand twenty centuries and which will my things things and how far we think this thing is if I see the thirteen thirty five Mrs. is a message of love because in John thirteen thirty five thesis of this is out because I know you are my disciples will you love one another these the adhesive how far we can go when we start using this type of reasoning they visibly would you want to believe but don't get mad at me because I'm not condemning this incident except to say I'm sorry as is known in don't get mad at me the economic and of refusing to buy into what you say God allowed my mind to be intelligent enough to think intelligently to anything that I believe God is showing us what is in a finish his work God says come by the medical missionary work with the proclamation of the third Angels message this is God 's instruction that is coming by the medical missionary work with the proclamation of the third Angels message notice what it says it sat next making regular organized efforts of the searches out of the debt level in which they are fallen abomasal years is saying to the churches workers who will set the principles of alcohol in connection with the third Angels message before everything an individual to enter it all apart and work with fellowmen and see if the problem I will not claim to be returned to these charges God given us helpfully leaves stated his solution don't actually don't take away from it except that the wettest and by the grace of God comply with God promises princesses we just do what he said just do what you say don't do this far-reaching trying to make if that is not ruled out just do what he said God is my promise to you the bread of life will come back into my data churches and so it is very simple is very simple you want to see a revival in a Reformation what two things you need to understand what you never understood before what do two things it was just visiting a friend he wanted two things that we need to understand and put into faithful practice medical missionary work and have him talk to Mrs. earnings method you need to understand what is the third Angels message what is it you need to understand that then the second thing you need to understand medical missionary work medical missionary work is not being a medical professional I wanted that blazingly clear medical missionaries is not simply being a medical so let me show you why I find seven of the dissonance is a sixty two is says we come to a time to every member of the church every member of the church to take hold of medical missionary work so how many members of the church are supposed to be medical missionaries on every member so if you are not a medical missionary you know what you need to be not what outside of that in the book education pages eighty seven it specifically tells us that God called everybody to be physicians so obviously medical missionary work is not being a medical professor because I called everybody to be medical professionals who got certainly called everybody premedical missionaries with thankfulness beautiful medical professionals take hold of medical missionary work but you are not a medical missionary by default because the medical profession but you take away anything from medical professionals we appreciate you beloved we thank you for the services that you provide in the order of God but again I'm a deeply you are not a medical missionary this is because runners you are not a medical missionary just because her doctor do not medical missionary work we are told in the gospel in practice so that means that have a person with a medical missionary needs to know how to make the gospel classical and minister to the whole of man and that's way beyond simply being a medical professional someone make it clear that God is on all of you to understand a medical missionary work God has called on all of you to understand that third Angels message and it is through these Zulu to combine and bring together under the administration of the Holy Spirit that God will empower you to go forward and to finish his work in the breath of life by the way the bread of life comes back what sounds like revival so you don't need to do so either he was doing we are in San Diego brothers and sisters because we believe that we training the students via San Diego is a finishing work with teaching the gospel ministry medical missionary work in the canvassing work because we are told with recent of those our God agencies my hope my prayer the interview will take over the don't think that you've taken hold of it just because you are studying medicine studying medicine in the waiters are doing it right now is not according to the curriculum making you medical missionaries medical mission work is something completely different and you need to understand that by the grace of God minimal help brothers and sisters in Christ there is one finishes were when he's waiting for my my he can dwell in a and his church as his body that he was the dwelling silver this is my question is very simple how many of you are willing to take on what God has said you don't have to have to you don't need to take away from how maybe you are willing to do what God has said and even if they hold medical missionary work in even understand that during this mess is never happy for you to let the spirit of God see how to combine the two that you may go forward and finish the work in this generation if that's it as I was pleased into your feet is that if you think you are making a commitment to God not demand my hope my prayer that as a Sandler crisis with you giving strength to give you power on stay focused we've already been told at every wind of doctrine will be the what are they focused on students what inspiration clearly says don't have to and don't take away deal with the inspiration clearly says stay focused on the Spanish this work father in heaven we are thankful to bless all of us to come together thank you to God given us a place to start your words and to share them what I created to help us to understand all that several other layers that brings about the revival and reclamation law drafted by your grace and power you give us wisdom nor I asked her to please minister to our helpless to really understand what it is to embrace medical missionary work to understand this third Angels message I asked if all these things a father in Jesus name amen business is produced by the women's ministries our mission is to spread the three Angels messages preaching and teaching the Seventh-day Adventist message to integrate doing a medical missionary work in declaring the gospel for more information on a ministry and the resources we provide please log onto our website at www. use ministries .com www. PTH ministry .com or you can call us at seven seven zero two seven four nine five three seven seven seven zero two seven four nine five three seven maybe do a part to meet the needs of humanity in the everlasting Gospel and hasten Christ's return mariner


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