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Theism, Atheism, and Science

Subodh Pandit


Subodh Pandit

Physician in North Carolina



  • October 26, 2012
    7:30 PM
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thanks to be here my name is subordinate pundit from India Rob grew up their ball and brought up that it is a very diverse country philosophy religion culture and growing up there gives you a prospective and a perspective that created challenges you telling me when the questions I had was in this pure elastic society when I grew up how do you find your way through would it make sense to be able to evaluate the different things that come to you that he strongly I such française for more than twenty years grew up as a Christian in a very and the Christian environment so that she had questions I'm going to present to you this evening one topic of the struggle is not the first my first topic that really confronted me was how delay make a decision between Hinduism and Islam and Buddhism and Christianity and Judaism are now the stove Jainism Sikhism Zoroastrianism you name it then as I grappled with that I reelected there was an earlier question because these claims tried to show that there was something supernatural woodworking that was not anything supernatural abilities of looking for all the names so my first question had to be how can Asheville thinking scientific mind accept the existence of something beyond what we can see beyond the natural so is there something supernatural entity with this so I just go ahead and that he was Perez was on the slides the first question for any length this is to recognize that this is a huge complex question it is not what you would have for breakfast I've been to see the love that this is something that is huge it is mutually exclusive the question is is there regarding existence that only two alliances yes or no you can't have fifty positivism fifty bed of that yes I know it is huge it is also all-encompassing our whole existence including all and all that be understand of the planetary systems on the galaxies the universe either days of God and his universal others nobody in this universe though the two questions if you say that that is about Yukon step onto the fence a man of fifty but those that do mutually exclusive if you are atheist abuzz nuisances of God 's new cannot be an atheist and if you're an atheist and said that there is no God but you cannot be at peace so that there is a dividing line the question is if you are crash which may would go if you are think if you want to use it on the basis where your mind will be satisfied how can we do that because it is so big we must live down sudden groundrules of England do that I think a few minutes tonight not very very long but the groundrules are extremely important number one groundrules UNI have the freedom to choose what and the Wii want to believe as the truth of the matter you and I have been feeding have the freedom to choose what we want to believe to be the truth of the matter web that is good evidence whether that is no evidence and when that is even evidence to the contrary you are free to choose and everybody uses that freedom to choose so don't be afraid of making a choice is yours you can choose when there is no evidence and can choose whether that is the confidence you'll is totally undergoes a cost of things up beneath his bust up once it is that first note we have to ask ourselves just because I believe it doesn't make it the Trueblood does not go somebody has been made something and something else exactly diametrically opposite slick timeline read that my believe is the truth so when you come to a corporate body that costs a group then we cannot say that my first know choice must hold sway I give it up and send it to a corporate such a community such an upcoming decision must be had right groundrules the ground rules that we will set for this few minutes of the Gunnison and tonight now we learn the fullest things that are have evidence that reasonable logical evidence reason logic not near opinion not the logic not absurdities that is what we set out strong foods why do we have this setting of the ground it's because the debate has been going on for decades and generations than sanctuaries it isn't it appears to be completely on ending the land inside those people always keep on saying hey that is a God and those equally as strong voice from the other side single that isn't it God am I so when there is that these two forces going on for centuries I asked why is it going on for centuries what can't become some kind of a consensus that saw the grade one metaphor reasons I found why this debate will always be inconclusive number one cash we have not yet defined the times you know that we have not yet defined what is the meaning of God the satisfaction of both the sites now we have not number two we have not decided what is the meaning of independence what is the nature of evidence for all against the side on outside nobody has settled out if you don't settle these two things your debate must go on forever and I've lost so many I been doing this landlady is now my my speeches are usually on secular university campuses ministry I had us go and speak so when I ask them can you give me the nature of the evidence that you want in the floor when you see I'd like to have an evidence for the existence of God complete silence nobody has yet as far as I know settled out what that evidence is or should be number three we are not neutral and on met either one side or the other I have yet to meet somebody with absolutely no true answer that let's look at it in a neutral way you'll always find a bus and coming at it from either one angle on the either from these and more from APs and nobody danced in the middle because there scanned the other side will win everyone including you and me do we do not want to start in the middle there made up our minds why good confirmation bias was confirmation bias the tendency to look for the evidences and to weigh the evidence is outsold that our pre-existing beliefs are settled that is confirmation bias and we all have confirmation by its nobody escapes it sorely do about confirmation highest number one acknowledge and confess their with it if you don't confess it will hold on to it if you confess you might be decidedly been at least a little bit and send him through a times why do we have confirmation bias because once again a universal observation each of us have in our minds to be attitudes when it comes to any report that comes when the unemployment any report that is about to food within symbolic tale friend with its about school and whether the bug related editing it when the report comes to you and me we have three attitudes at the dude of a believer accepted about without much noise the attitude of a skeptic who just dismisses that without thorough investigation the attitude of an Inquirer who holds on to say what you say and check it out we have on three and sometimes we don't know which one we are bringing to the table at any particular time we believe we have a balanced and very enough fair but we are all we have you should really are that I believe are all rest can take advantage of rarity and Inquirer now a believe that also inquires but he's believing in quieter so because of his confirmation bias all you will get his insight and you can be a skeptical Inquirer and you think you're all fine but your confirmation bias will take all their lives in Dragon of the site and he was remain a skeptic what we have to do is to be calm inquiring in the choir 's so for these two minutes what shall we be skeptics been but this order inquirers all right if you are going to be an Inquirer yet the characteristics day on the office that you will ever face in your life becoming an Inquirer these be toughest thing in life than the one when you look at an option that comes to never let the pros and cons of that option always make a concrete proposal and inquired makes us setting there must be a context to your search audio evaluation and seismic on the banal hypothesis and the alternative hypothesis wide web these two decided into a context a context is very important for the Inquirer whenever a report comes to him on a controversial topic like what we're doing tonight always make a counter proposal how often I am hard a person comes up to another and said County why views it as one in existence sold this guy has to know drum up on his set evidences in all his arguments but that is not the first that inquiry the first step is okay if there is a question of why I should say there's a blog they should be also a counter proposal and countywide that user there is no bargaining to get it don't start arguing on one point and inquired or always has two the proposal and the counterproposal so this is so big the second quality of the Inquirer when he has to he stands in the middle you become you get his yard it is you so we pretend to be inquirers but we really are not because to become an Inquirer you must have two options and you stand right in the middle of those two options you shall and apparent catechist tickets the toughest used time in the middle look at these two options and you tell yourself either option will be acceptable to you honestly acceptable as long as it's based on evidence reason and logic either option will be okay to you and believe me I have not yet found an incline and not even looking at the minute it is so hard nobody like to become an inquiry like to pretend that getting quieting the big don't like to think why we like the evidences in the arguments does to be on our site but believe me if you want to go to the big topics like this we really have no option but to become inquires because the paramount question I would ask you is do you want to win the argument or do you want to know the truth of the matter if you want to win an argument I'm giving to write novel and the other places of staying in you you won the argument glad when it what is the use of winning an argument on the wrong side I wouldn't and inquired the task to who wins the argument he wants to know the truth of the matter you can then write so we are all open to become inquiries tough bigger the challenge it to me a long time I realized that if I had to make an honest inquiry I had to become Inquirer it took me months to even make up my mind to become an inquiry because it is frightening you don't know which way it's going to go but like ourselves hundred president quite I'm a human have my own biases but I knew this and I have to make a deliberate choice unless you make it individualized it may not be in two minutes go home and make it this will not only being the topic for tonight the topic your whole life you want to win an argument of you will know the truth of the matter at a means to a situation my friends knew the truth of the matter you will not you will not ever regrets about not using an argument on the wrong side so if you are going to become inquired how long does a person who decides to become an Inquirer state and Inquirer because of standalone search to write is not in the clinic level foot to then go back to the role with people in in the next day how long do you think and am glad I stand and inquire up he makes up his mind to becoming inquired about what my guesses two minutes give us give or take a few seconds to none of the Jim Douglas the you cannot then inquires we are just in the will roadside so I decided this was true but even not becoming a negative big show of how much I'm glad I was going to balance when sliding down in two minutes back to my old ways so I decided to limit evenhandedly months to have an atmosphere create an atmosphere which would give you the best shots that vulgarities and just give you the best times and you need four things to create atmosphere number one humility is suddenly obtained number one if you do not accept humility as your number one foundation you cannot even start an inquiry humility is the foundation what's humility a teachable spirit we look at somebody who says something you didn't know the staff housing it are not even know it if they are men I was done at so you become because sure out there in short she is so bad it is so eight that what you know is closer to zero than what is out there for me humble number two on this be you know I'm a physician some of us I guess that magnification so we know what I'm talking about there is a condition which takes one sticky one step below young nutrition didn't be undernutrition right undernourished no that on the next biggest automation in the question of honesty we asked our amount on the disorderly people that talk to lots of laundry people in the twentieth to the search I'm talking but even those people supposed to meeting the Bears the bishops that preaches the molesting imams of priests the monks boy that dishonesty is I mean it isn't absolutely sure supply you what you going to dig around to find a little bit of honesty nobody likes to be seen as a little ignorant for the moment to ask a question this options I tell you buddy and abandonment did you really know what you're talking about and then when it's all relevant as a man at it and know it is sold much in short supply that when I found it he said that there my first question is the twentieth and introspective I was as dishonest as anybody else so I had to doubt myself men like of it is that rampant scanf and mimic not just epidemic the November something about it and what I did was make a definition of honesty that I would hold on and the definition is this honesty is the willingness to give credit to a point or an argument the meadow who brings to the table and the when it is my confession when this drive my own previous pending I will give credit so that somebody brings up a good point either I will not trust ask home if I say good that you get the point not me know if it is good it's a good business it would seem not so good I can't know while factor blame would point you made your man that's impressive how hard is it to save my friend Venuti received is impressive say you didn't become on this humility honesty these two if we don't have it's all done for number three Kong 's belief is deep within our souls nobody can touch it nobody has a keeper that the effects of you that's what you said in the beginning it's your choice just around the obvious audio emotion nobody can touch you will be without piercing your emotions and bought either we rise up and down motion is attached don't talk to me that way but a ill be just like his and something at all common in well-dressed and the little would let somebody doesn't knock you rub you the wrong way about your God and see what you we are soul ready to rise up and defend what we believe columnists should be in line with humility and honesty if you are humble you have nothing to really gripe about not learning so keep your emotions down because emotions and judgment are not compatible and then and reasoning in a menacing people so that she was choose to remain calm don't rise up and down when I say this out there mangled his university is sickening within a moderate season agnostics and secular minded than humanists in the listening that I doesn't look look I'm going to say something that will start you up don't get angry what you do is to ask I'm giving away my arguments and what you go to say is all right by hail that may breakdown your arguments by calm and Company Ted reasoning and evidence not bank that okay with us I met is in the range are you so for his respect once again they badly need in and shot supply respect the illegal Salida the new civilian thoughts for humility honesty calmness respect once again this does not relate only to the topic at hand believe me if you use these for you can tackle any controversial topic in the world and still come out friends yes I've seen it just uses for humility honesty calmness respect and you can tackle any horrible topic in the world as a modest ranch and so when that I said one of the reasons with this unit of this debate has been going on is because we don't become neutral when and not neutral you will have only two columns of argument minute and yours and by lap evidence on my site and shoot yours down so that only two columns of argument when you are not neutral if you are neutral and in an quieter I develop what I call the patent process and is going across than American games and American outlines that is also since you've been so boldly those one-liners did the football and Sutter 's Mill you separate the Monday and from the valuable pending and also the first to get enough my family name on the so and process debacles as it was for columns of argument because you have two options Citigroup role is unconscionable in other words what you know when you have two options and you are honest and quieter you fight for full and you also find games Paul I would make then you have done yourself unconvinced is out and invalid reason that your inquirer so here is the process one of the arguments for he is atheism tool will be arguments against the believer number three would be arguments for the believer who said visible in existence and about forward the arguments against a witches atheism on one unrelated to the Apache process already knew about the process at least lived that life seventy at inquirers and we wanted to begin once I can see the faces you see what happened if it is we can come to the middle and end up just as the state list they go half a minute break and the limits of this one the process one arguments for atheism that no arguments for atheism in a way to this statement in the negative a negative statement is valid only when every possibility has been exhausted only then can you make a negative statement in this simple example suppose that ten thousand lakes in the United States and I say that is all unique by the name child global Goldmine child involved on one of them Gamal hominy Nick should I know all right even nine thousand nine hundred ninety nine one two H on Google Goldman Taliban Tubman and the monkeys in real name Olivia Lake Sonoma Massachusetts indeed it's in the Native American language one of the tribes and says I fish on my side than they can you'll fish in your send nobody fishes in between is the longest name in the United States by destroying for trivia that the one who deceived them another big booming voice anyway the point is just that principal lesson is nobody in this in this hall by the name Mister Brown Holly mentioned I know every name only then can I make a negative statement I'm saying that there's an old buddy by the name of Mister Brown here big one one attribute of God if there is a God in existence is going to be somewhere even exist somewhere in every corner of the town which is about the County state country continent world being the moon dockside of them simple to setup up is that I'm ninety three million miles away County sons of that in the Milky Way galaxy they guess two hundred billion Beta any of them how many galaxies astronomers have guesstimated to hundred eighty that is within our telescopic sight duel hundred billion galaxies of all hundred to two hundred billion stars each and you haven't been even do that how then did you live what is not rationed now that you can say there's nobody in existence one number two is if I can walk is gone also can block survivor looking for him in the living room he could have gone through the dining room right business so simple if I went looking for him and shine a grab on to Canada so for me to me on the recently standard there is no God I must not have a look and kind in the entire universe and I must know every note in corner at the same moment in time one of those characteristics called knowing everything at the same time omniscience and Omni presents those of the attributes on gone so to prove that that is no bond you must have the attributes of God will become about yourself and then you consider yourself on GNU C that are no arguments on the Scotland and you know you would have never come to this conclusion if you hadn't done that then process only if you do that then goes escaped him staring at you hate that is not because atheism is not saying anything about itself it is saying theism is wrong that's all insane that somebody said is that a six foot to use down and say no it is not six foot to what I does anybody us out nothing you all decided that diagnostics would do see the point okay one has no arguments two now if it isn't has to win its only hope is to go across the line and look at the claims so some I'm sure those arguments down then again maybe the guys that can mean only without that a floor below note that the lack of time tonight we started neat and you haven't ongoing salute got some things out okay will look everyone the big one it is number three right and suffering evil pain and suffering that's a huge one on the FSF suffered the office I can so friends who you are asking that question who has a question and feedlot and one has to question and no young American uncertainty about the economy of Bloglines of that question no human can honestly completely unsaid that question however we can use a little bit of reasoning so let us see there's a contradiction in that the problem you are saying God is Almighty and loving and there is evil pain and suffering loving unlike the evil patent these delectable far apart as a such a singular contradiction my conclusion it is no bottom existence but the argument that right because it's a bad contradiction reasoning and being able to be calm not in the Gwinnett said reasoning with the less that a contradiction is not a basis for saying it's nonexistent a contradiction is only a contradiction what you garden was settled upon in addition don't try this end of the whole thing is nonexistent visible as this guy I'm the police officer and this fellow says hey Mister a storm I wanted and Mister B says Mister death was to be a decent age overload is a beast all the while admiring the result is that Davis had a contradiction here nobody's told anyone involved know when there's a contradiction you solved the contradiction you don't it is nothing that goal is number one number two is if you look at the question of pain and even suffering as nobody here would deny that it is there and it's in good measure it's a terrible measure their now the question really is pain-and-suffering the only thing in our lives what's on the opposite spectrum joint right so that event and remember visiting missing in the middle and requires if the argument is really a strong that being and suffering points to the nonexistence of God then joys and pleasures should point to the existence of God be set does not make a one-sided judgment and so that'll cancel out in fact all of these for that you see on the screen all four will cancel out every one of them you can find something on the other side so we've gone through two comments escrowed and one now they got that much arguments for the existence of God for next to win quickly disagreed to topic principal and logical analysis after boss was anthropic principal answer buses for human factors that contribute existing human life on the planet for example big expansion rate of the universe we just find into one button a trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion that is physically change one part in either direction Austin is no speak would not have a universe that would begin supporting life know what that means you have these suitcases with this combination locks combination numbers needed at the right to go to have all the right uploaded one open suppose you had a combination of all these dreams and you got only one chance you go to get all these treaty and correct the fuss 's best anemia that statement somehow of all the possible ways on the reefs of expansion there was only one mate that will allow us to have life on this there was only one roommate out of these trading entry entry of Julian Julian Juliet in fact was a vacant expanded because mentioned one of the oneness rabbit even I have no time readable to it I disagree reading to immune MS had not been made of the most exacting precision we could never have come into existence over the past video social scientists have discovered just about everything about the basic structure of the universe is I thought of as and for life thing the seemingly miraculous on currents of the numerical values must remain the most compelling evidence book on the time that is something going on behind all the impression of design is global roaming under the impression of design is overwhelming than the impression that a design that is around is equally overwhelming what do logical analysis while escorting them this was mentioned out nicely any change requires a scientific cause if something was motionless and suddenly began to move they are gone for good reason what started moving if it was morning what is known and began to go very far to one final one that the whole light of science David was going up and then began to come down and hang what the change about any change requires a cause the biggest change is from nothing to something innovative begins this is no new candidate way back and not been thrown up yet the universe had a beginning whatever begins has to have a cause therefore the new is has to have a cause than the two and seeing what bad and cosmological argument because Muslims is a mix mix any DS onto an easy time and space no if that causes it sells you never say that the point of is the cause of the pointer you do not say the laptop is the cause of the top no effect explains itself a positive because all in this problem the effect off from at any time lead the cause of this point it is distinct from the pointer it is a person who did this mixup on was is completely natural and everybody acknowledges therefore the cause of that is completely natural has to be non- supernatural analysis logical and I was number three on the principle of signs again size is orderly it's been addicted with reliable notice a sudden order to enhance one order all causes produce effects if it does not predict producing a Pentagon audit across all effects have a cause the cause piece seems the effect of the order you can't have any effect that that precedes the cause the cause that receive the effect the first cause dental preceded the universe cosmos the last body and logical analysis of a specific rosary on daughter principle is the law that one caused an immediate effect of noise that can be quantitatively greater quantities do its cause in other words if I have to lift up ten pounds I must have the strength in my muscle at least often pounds of Sprint the cause must be at least equal to what it produces Anthony that the statement admits that all the principle of science so let us look at what that is a member if we have a cause if we have any effect the cause must be at least equal to the effect so what we have in the universe may have life with thinking that manager Dan the picture so cluttered with all the principle of science if we had this much of life in my life that God has more like the name to give me I knew after the animals and the available of nature so the cause must come good supply of life if I can think and have an intellect and he end out back to me when he must not cause must be pretty draining day because he given all of us right about matter and energy Madrid Buffalo to replace a plan on energy and will universe time and space had to coordinate on the laws of time and statement everywhere and getting it to the cause must have an abundance of life delay to supply all that must have a tremendous father son and he was in control of our space indent Hamas almost everywhere this is what Albert Einstein sent me talked about being to make she says his feelings take a formal matches amazement of the Omni of natural law which reviewed intelligence of such superiority that comes bad with it all the systematic thinking and acting of human being is an utterly insignificant reflection so we have need by the order principle of science that the cause probably is on caused any distinct from the nature it preceded the universe and possibly was omniscient omnipresent omnipotent makes good sense reasonable sense by the order principle of science not by what is it not by what I said about what the Bible says not what my than admit us and not by what the Koran says by simply the auto principal signs on which you have used for logic and reason now none before left Alaska arguments against atheism in an and we have a famous okay that was all with undergrowth at least two of them will go through example was stocked with numbness upon nothing you see God didn't create them the game automated was nothing I'm not saying this look in their own words soul from nothing on universe begins the way to the laws of nature come from they came from nothing and avoid out of which the unit was spontaneously arose that the best things in his book blog of the failed hypothesis Bill Bryson was a shock distributed everything about Quentin Smith you score throughout the book these of atheism in the Big Bang cosmology and look at his all encompassing statement the only reasonable belief is that we came from nothing by nothing and for now this is the stunts this is the claim we got an authentic hero going to be respectful so let's break down the argument rather laughing at it little for ways in which an organic number one this physical can you stop with nothing and getting physically less try to build a CS dollar Chicago to stop I'm not going to give any material I'm not going to be a builder I'm not going to give anytime not going to give any space I'm not even going to give you your self and if you are getting upset at it anyone who may one thing to me then I would tell you that even I'm nonexistent so now let's wonder the fussiness power lo and behold it's their without anything physically absolute nothingness to the people in practical how my philosophy in the middle of an absolute nothingness cannot be imagined why because imagination requires a mind and if you want to imagine absolute nothingness you will have to also imagine that your mind is not in existence and you cannot do that when you're using it therefore you cannot imagine absolute nothingness that which cannot be imagined cannot be proposed philosophy than absolute nothingness of an impossibility scientifically schedule a visit quantum mechanical fluctuations in vacuum created the universe by the laws of physics nothingness is unstable and we know that the go the next day from that nature was vacuum unlistenable you have document is unstable nature wants to knock it off past two the question really is I'll be talking about need a vacuum or are we talking about the void that was dead before human nature was born those are two entirely different things because of this what creates the instability on vacuum in nature the most of us think it is that emptiness of space that causes instability Nelson know now it is the molecules of an outside that is causing the instability furthermore you cannot have an vacuum in space without a physical bad I would be only if you have a physical battery again you have that you so yeah the flask a glass flask under blog all day and from that and it is now vacuum inside that very unstable began ruled that the government local hole in the about us what happened right as unstable woodwind with the energy that caused the instability come from it came from the molecules of an outside and from the actual strength of B blasts can be proved that most simply take this flask and put it into another flask which is bigger than this flask and now take out the air from both now we have vacuum in the smaller flask and vacuum in the bigger flask now let's hope a hole in the small flask and see what happens when you think about the day why because there was no energy surrounding methods of Lasky but still vacuum around a vacuum surrounded by vacuum is absolutely stable only a vacuum surrounded by something is unstable vacuum surrounded by vacuum is what they said was absolutely nothingness no void that was before the world was created was vacuum skyrocketed by vacuum surrounded by jungle surrounded by vacuum it was said in the company least able in other words stocked with nothing and don't do anything about the mapping and end up with nothing is absolute nothingness is scientifically untenable and that's what they're going to see right now and left some day they faced a proposal nothing did nothing about nothing and produced everything the theistic proposal says something did something about the nothing and produced the limits and Andrew says this about science it may be represented as common sense wrapped in mathematics another was you use a statement and try to make it into a mathematical equation because mathematical mathematics numbers on the hard disk science we know are right so let's take these two statements they atheistic and that these didn't make it into an mathematical equation he has what the equation is atheism says zero zero pussy as he grew a hundred nothing did nothing about nothing and produced hundreds the theistic proposal is something did something about that nothing and got the hundred which proposal has shots if you put some numbers to ask NYU how much I suck getting zero zero zero accident nothingness is mathematically worse than absurdity so I said nothing is physically impractical philosophy impossible scientifically untenable and mathematically with an absurdity show the difficulties in these many great absurdities of unbelief a great daughter you have to pick your choice yes is difficult to believe but if you don't have the answer so your choice of Alaska statistical analysis very specific jobs this objective we did everything is also a mathematical concept which is known as probability the formulae are not probability anybody who does synovitis arsenals that go to happier probability that your side advantages makes sense if there is no probability studies in order such is not up to any par in day-to-day life this is just throwing out a number and the part of it is a hundred million if an event we say in day-to-day life will occur a hundred million times and has only one chance off not according then recalled that even if even it if it will clearly wants and has a hundred million Johnson not according with AA when it comes to scientific evaluation the number goes up to about fifteen one quadrillion one quadrillion is where the scientists say that we will have to have all principles calculated to whenever we want to use that principle in making anything that has to do with life or limb when editing your back leg suspension bridges like the things the principles that are used in those have to be calculated to the point off to the bar of fifteen all carbs is only one chanson nonoccurrence and it become the scientific principle that they can simply use when it comes to a lost scientific law then the number was up to and the biography be that is one followed by a fish sees evil big number right back to going over our heads and on a lot of numbers like that here's an example of what might be like suppose I am testing the law of gravity once the second drop this point of the laptop once the second hoping for that one chance when it will not come down and just do their awfully I'm looking for that one shots one split-second to do it ended up out of eighteenth I will take me fifteen billion years to do it just enter the bar of Twinkie times would take me one five trillion years my bachelors in Dominion because at the age of the universe said to do it just enter the part of twenty times would be one hundred times the age of the unit was doing in one split-second waiting for that one signs a new stand out totally what have been described and described that they are a fish he is a huge number that okay with us can do about it is a huge number that's why they got a dumb law if you have settled that the ones that that the things about the pizza law dented the power of fifty all currents through one nonoccurrence it's all one Alcaraz depend the part of fifty one is absent you'd be statistically in possible that plate needs Denton from New Zealand was one of the first to challenge Charles Darwin by statistics he want to know what the chances led off one hundred proteins addicting to get in one cell at the same time by themselves what are the chances a combined probably be of one incident of the five thousand and identify fifty is a humongous number and thinking about a fifty one is ten times bigger than the part of fifty so whenever God bent about two thousand we told you so made up all of the assets in the living cell unless is unable on next also if you look at their the structure you can have a right-sided link on this left-sided link as many of you would ask right-handed we need ten thousand and nine acids for this proteins in the cell is also the nucleus and that is a chromosome chromosomes are made up of nucleotides we need one hundred thousand nucleotides is the minimum number for a living so ten thousand and an acid and me one of those ten thousand should be on a left-handed and anyone of the right kind of nucleus that you don't get I've had a nuclear tax you can't have any of them inside their other than that and I message all right and if so what are the chances that we could get ten thousand and since all and a hundred thousand nucleotides all right-handed together at one point at the same time to get that first cell the jobs identified up one thousand one hundred and thirteen nine thirty two thousand and seven is a big number even on the exponential part had her own moral lips decided he's going to the same definition of the hotel or whatever you thought was the questions of the stem cell membrane cell wall cytoplasm nucleus mitochondria about I happen and we think you know it is nonetheless one listed in the bottom one hundred eighty nine of your honest about what I said there on the future while yeah I know it would impress the moment as well okay enough I don't want to hire you being and not really an act that got find any he said for all of you and this is just stupid putting them together we still go to does each one what to do and then often than what Google go to somehow inject life and then did I tell them exactly how to do it so advanced that into all the pots and ally not even one good for yourself and then become complex and more complex and each form getting better and better until we find some complex organisms Homo sapiens who not only underlying that they have such qualities as carnage appreciation of beauty love generosity hey if the list is endless what were the chances I have some logic to the numbers if you have only two options and we have only two options that are gone they do so yes I know that's only two options if there is possible so is the is game becomes a improbable bead becomes probably if a becomes in possible be it becomes fairly when that are only two options and one of them is right then if it is possible so is the if it becomes an improbable being becomes probably if David comes in possible be because I facilitate us now with a faithful hey how about a mathematical quiz is very easy but not confident to ask you of the nonanswer is a question I'm going to give you the whole damn many unanswered what is the square root of twenty five Donna blended individual options only one of them is right the first option is thirty three the second option I won't even tell you which one you choose the first of the second half when him because the first is impossible last square root is always less than the number and the nicest credit of twenty five to thirty feet that make it completely possible what I have demonstrated in what begins to be having means is that you don't have to see that option it is fun even if you never set eyes on the go the other is impossible so in that first set it was impossible statistically in possible for the competence of the placenta come together we have the only other option somebody supervised we do have no option because Sherlock Holmes 's megawatts and how often I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible whatever remains however improbable must be the difficulties of belief may be great absurdities of unbelief upgrade so the summary one zero points in the local weather one was for it is called on to id. fifty because the that was some argument but they are not to be so good remember that question of pain and suffering but there was also good even joys and pleasures to so fifty number three seventy five because there are some good ones on the logic remember the logical thing the logic got sick on the principle of science by that you can point to and being there that is omniscient and on on on on the present and following for arguments against atheism statistical as well as the idea of coming from nothing I give that eighties no new look at that if you add up the columns aligned with fifty close to invoice and five eighty five as a hundred and fifty five rebate but if you really look at what atheism is it's called in one and a and four are for atheism if you if one minus four which is the which are the arguments against it the with atheism at minus eighty Glasgow theism you gave the columns doggedness flaw and the arguments against mandatory that I mean I'm being very generous on both sides and if you look at one is on the negative ones on the positive the difference is more than a hundred Ivan you can put any numbers you want but what ever numbers you up with my friend if you're honest you will have to land up with that negative on this site because the arguments for atheism unseal so you will have to have a negative on the site it will come to a positive on the other side so with that conclusion reads based on science and evidence reasonable logical rational thinking the existence of the supernatural is valid inevitable inescapable and therefore nonnegotiable with that will close in of any questions that no questions maybe I'm wrong is that this is a bit dubious Andrew so as this is that you say what you think not so yeah yes buildings will okay your question was this sounds very logical and reasonable so did you write it up in a book and was it could be ever good question why would you like it could be you want to scrutinize it and make it more objective so this is not objective enough at the point number two is remembered they started out I said a person can choose what you want to believe aspects of the matter went there is good evidence where there is no evidence whether there is evidence to the contrary so our JG is not dependent on somebody else for the simple that he chose his own is where you have to choose based on what we are faced with a number one number two of the other part of this question is as if we look to critiquing then we have to follow the principles of science and the principle of science Bates that no matter how logical or reasonable something is you can question it so I will ask expect to me to question this but remember what they said at an Inquirer the moment somebody questions it don't only argue the question make a counter proposal in other words if you want to question this give me another proposer and is dissenting with your proposal as we did this I would think yes so yes it would be creepy sure anybody can critique it but once you could dig something is not said that just could take it give me your option I'm sure that the other option is bit envious then it would be a good inquiry of course the reason why they're saying this is because movement needs is gold to the color here humans will never be able to reach the ideal we are limited in capacity the highest reconnecting may be described as our best not the ultimate truth and the I supposed to blog best because if we don't do our best we would do our second so the choice for UN means not the ideal voices what we have the choice between euphoria when needed when am I doing the best automating the second best the other hand up another other question is what about the agnosticism agnostic who says neither here nor there they good question because open announced and then let's apply to all of ourselves when there is a clear-cut question to which there are only two options to the question is that I bought in existence there are only two I'm says yes and no saying I don't know is not a hard onset it is a confession regarding the two alliances and all right with me give you as an example and these two are mutually exclusive is like two jurisdictions United States India where I come from if you're living in the United States are not living in the unit meaning they are not immunized so that mutually exclusive in Indiana we drive on the left side in the United States who drive on the right side what happens if I say I don't know which country I'm in does that give me the new bloody drive on the median what the essay is that is no such country as I don't know then what you would do is to decide whether you think you are in India and drive on the left side of the road I think that you live in the nice things and drive on the right side of the road you cannot drive in the middle atheism is D most honest confession that anything can make but it is the most in and out was an agnostic does not condemn like an agnostic the agnostic at any given particular time names like NAP is not like a fetus he never inhaled can't you like an agnostic I guess it is not an option is not another country gone I don't know you are that are in India or in the United States United appeased or an atheist and agnostic community is the most honest answer and I'm sure twenty NZ one in this room is actually an agnostic and didn't even have to used is an and lost a close chosen to believe that there is a blog in existence because of whatever reason he wants to give I'm an atheist and agnostic was chosen to believe that he does not want about to be in the page at all for whatever reason he gets the letter saying we are all diagnostics identifying a good reason to make a choice but beyond all agnostics than a single of us who was born in beaver one hundred and is not a single one of us in the cool going down the Austrian mathematician he described in nineteen thirty four what is known as the incompleteness to you in any jurisdiction you can make a single Karen that means only one option only if you know everything in that jurisdiction only then can you make one pair meaning no other option meaning that the truth of the matter as long as we don't know everything is always the question you may be wrong so not you can't do anything about the true you can start and I had the holding but if there is no God that is just a lot here you can't do anything about it in Baghdad against the wall but you can't change the truth of the matter our job as human beings is to get the best possible information has used the most honest steps of logic and reasoning and come to the pendulum swing the weight of evidence in the weight of evidence is on one side Leon Jewell debunked in that is the judicial process that God has been in our brains is not given us all the information he has has given us the weight of evidence that's where the SB meeting you might think and who is my favorite just and adjust the minimum and all hated the answer is also limit his faith baby names the question is which relief with big comeback of evidence and if you look at what they just said and she used the belief is based on much bigger evidence that the atheistic belief questions with yes one if you are yes I have written a book entitled the available tomorrow evening after the set some of the stuff that I put on the screen him are in the book tomorrow morning when we are meeting at the end of the nozzle amphitheater there will be one session from nine to ten which is the Sunday school thing and then from ten to eleven I will speak again because at that time I will describe something else once we understand that could possibly be the supernatural existence then we should do deals that the supernatural has a personality because I have a question on the principle of site imams that the cause be at least equal to the effect certifying you hapless that he has a patent pending is not a power if it is a personality if that's a plus ID then how do we think we might go about that must be the most recent information somewhere one of the claims is that he has given us information in writing so they going to look at whether the writing have some some uniqueness to it there are all the sacred writings you need to judge is the Bible unique friendship and the word of God it is either deleted it but if it is unique in that switch at the reelect scratch that has as a haven as you need to look and see if it could possibly be the information that they in the evening afternoon four to six we will talk about the founder the book with designated agenda the founder did he make unique games that he could sustain that both housing is a new test we could look at the screen this had been a good sense all that's in the book and to be available off the the last session I think that was one handout that you in a is a you and your city right leg but like I said to them but you memo usability agnostic contract at all yet that describes whom you in the US the point so we must find their most of the zero one eleven of the hands it know you're not playing the devils advocate if you're asking a tremendous question in fact he shouldn't have said devils advocate so you're asking we don't know much so they can look at this question of the Bible and administrative evidences I hear how can we place emphasis on that rather than pay the money something that will come up right which will not call outlines a way very good question what should we do about it we shall become inquiry we shall say this if we do not want the Bible what shall be one and is not subpoenaed in this what are the characteristics of the other the proposal medicine this remember it's on it's on the screen the highest week and that they can be described as Oliver best bets on CNN at ten million facts out simple out there and I know it will be fine in our use flight glad twenty five to make up my mind in the sixth one comes and knocks on these five the number of the sixth until the sixth one comes out of the five armed option that my best and lay stated another woods when you look at anything today we had the look for the best possible information and evidence we are fully aware that if something else comes and knocks it off we had any for that as well until such time give me the liberty to follow this goodness on the best and when you look carefully at the prospects it would be extremely difficult no matter how many other things you find to go back in history and find anything that will match these game that we were looking tomorrow and you extremely difficult if we are honest inquirer 's there was some of the hands and yes we live as God is in an and Holy Spirit shows you as I this is that the word of God and that's all I is usually that is because of what is and will probably run in so this is a I believe in God 's word is see all my stuff is the comment here was that this would be a roundabout way a strong way would be to stop with the Bible because the Bible describes an established itself and from there you look at science and sees how science will will establish the biblical truth of no no argument and on about that that's the way you think and will give you all the respect and even the agreement but that is one way of looking at it but you will not stand for a minute if you go to a second later the listings it is woods for the simple reason that it becomes circular reasoning if you say that the Bible explains the truth of the matter is in the handle was a betting man explains the truth of the matter and the Muslim will say that the Koran explained the truth of the matter and people business ever but I explained the truth of the matter be we will have to give that same reasoning to anybody as if we are a fan in quiet times if we Christians agreed if we are Christians remember me but no handle sitting here from my countrymen have read what you said and possible no Muslim sitting here we haven't agreed what you said because he was saying those are the first one use the word Scripture and Word of God himself who said the Bible 's description one of God it is the Koran is the word of God therefore the stock with the Bible is so cute of reasoning and the Bible itself says no set in a way if we read carefully Romans one twenty eight says the in invisible attributes of God are understood by the things which he made not by reading the Bible G on this novel it's very clear the update invisible attributes of God not understood by the things that are made not by the words in the Bible my brother was living there the knot in the words of the Koran not in that wasn't the public by the youth you go to the yield drove scientific information that in nature fall says fax mail understanding attributes of God now when you note at the detailed attributes of God you have to go to a victim source because our minds are not able to put what's in the shed into the steps of doctrinal tenets of the name we cannot build we need some written source the biblical source is not the onset of regarding the written source the written source says best friend of limited source is there not here is the strength of what we as Christians must speak that our strength comes from the truth of the matter not from one book when the truth of the mother applies to the bulk angry pickup a book if we don't do this then we would be able to pick up any book in the world on what basis is a is a is an sure you hear his first year as a behest and it is on the line yes and I guess you shall see yes is there is an versus online yet to see him in such a masculine question is masculine aggression he may ask a question leadership in the beginning then be set up the premise so when we set up the premise for our discussion you would hear and you agreed to be a seeker do you agree with all of us that we were going to have this as the basis of the discussion tonight with you here at that point then how can you say these words how can you stand is less than the agreed to become this all you can really call I still contend that they are not like I said in the beginning if you don't agree the premises then the AP is on the pianist cattiness of the people but exactly what we right now if you listening as well as to add a handle your not talking optimal monologues not a dialogue you you are you I'm actually quite right but remember the early Christian church was pretty strong they didn't go around pending what Jesus did for them you know what this transfer and he was the strategy was the Old Testament they were able that three champions of the old and the new availability check ball Stephen Paulus their main approach to anyone that spoke in this book many of the Jews first was not to say we have tanning usefulness and they said what do you will believe you believe in the Old Testament so do I know next look at the Old Testament and Siva Jesus stands in regards to what you and I agreed it would have tried to get that first you must come to a place that you and I and V only then can they had to be a dialogue on the way to be among the locals one is going on but start off first the cult of women the point that if we don't come to a list that we are agreed on the premise or on basis of our discussion it will have a discussion and then yeah that is why we must come to the basis that this is one of the base this is one of the bases but skulls of Christ God our heavenly father the two of all true teaches how to be humble and honest and calm and respectful for that is how you deal with anyone when you give us information DHS father teaching me how to do with information that you keep sending in different ways so that our lives will be strong we will be sure in our minds that what we are speaking makes good sense because you are so sensible of having a father it will make good reason to our hearts because you also reasonable heavenly father and beyond the reasons and the good sense you have a heart of love that is so deep that it it it looks at each of our minds and it makes an approach that set those off so be just to be septal that our destinies will be really settled with you and you alone thank you for the Senate for the day that automatically brings to just how only none of you are just all has motion designers are to deal with Iran audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more he would like to know more about our universe the more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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