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Is The Bible Truly Unique Literature?

Subodh Pandit


Subodh Pandit

Physician in North Carolina



  • October 27, 2012
    10:00 AM
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I am supportive under the position and the internist licensed both an environment of born and brought up in India man of tremendous diverse and many things I learned I went on a search for twenty years to awesome questions that I thought I wanted Onset for myself and I everything just a little bit we did some last night and when the shed some movement now in the and the longest Othman from four o'clock that's something I learned if you want to speak to somebody I immediately give them a message to the last requirement is that you know the language of doctors we women got another one like this we have our charm means nothing somebody outside the given example the him talking to us in another bid to judge them hey thought to wash of garments in the blood of the land land I party wash off blood Nana vasa found in food he is a fountain filled with love and a stuff Neil Gaiman 's lone blue clean my environments as I'm regarding the violence on the night is coming soon all within the enough time for me to go when you are not easy coming in the clouds of heaven coupons you see how far we are from talk I'm not talking about Spanish or German I'm talking about English language that you use every jargon which normally doesn't understand except if you are Christian and you know Seventh-day Adventist Christian who is higher than that lasts a Seventh-day Adventist Christians is time we if you really want to help others prepare for eternity the language first is no use going to New Guinea with his big big and English in stock your normal talk so what they did last night was trying to get us to think the layout section online things and address the same questions that he or she and I have sold that's what the lender this morning we're not going to talk about this mentorship called by both with a single word of God that means nothing to somebody has not said that with the young word of God I don't even believe his apartment in existence so we got to think like them and first Oscar with a you and I are actually an armored with what's that is a fascinating not a good morning and then twenty minutes of the project it's not say hi to have gotten to the word of God first in this video as ordinary nutrition in the field of nutrition doesn't have something that will grip you must let me go and look at today often I have done this a nice search I had questioned myself cannot rational mind and accept the concept of the supernatural admitted that last evening we found that if you really honestly follow science reason and logic it is a nonnegotiable issue that is the all-natural something known as the supernatural and logic and order principles of science will tell us that if there is something there has to be a and B you know there has to be a personality out there and that personality most probably is also omniscient omnipresent and omnipotent this is without looking at any of us in the Bible without looking at anything in the Koran on in the moment you audit of them up one of the business share science logic and reason now let's think of that point the question really is has that being broken through the barriers between the supernatural and the natural and told us anything there are games and more than one game so my first question was okay what's the game and is that Pinkerton models over it only a is more than one thing about gay from the supernatural love to us and from that supernatural love it came with absolute truth resides there not here so from there I tell you good the question is that new adventure can be classified so that it would give me some hope in some and deleting my own heart so the question was how do you classify that literature Asian literature classified into four basic full failed open or legend Mick to start one of these was the folktale is not tempt the state of real true story the main intent is to be interesting and bring out the lesson or a more enough its spinoff is not true the sun is finding the wind 's mystery the buzz about them is going to get a big committee meeting they know is not true just they are in a unpleasant remark when it comes to election probably based on the real true story but changes have crept in over a period of time and those changes on exaggeration so that you come from the natural to the supernatural and look at the time do they make a true legend and require centuries because the changes must spot off to the next generation when there are no eyewitnesses left to challenge your change that either legend and myth is so far back in history that generally accepted somebody's imagination the story is probably not true but that it is a problem with dishes and send in the time period is usually sent user even millennia historical debt then is the state that story as it is no significant additions no course changes what do we use the web no core changes because MV ancient literature has changes you cannot escape the question is whether the changes are change the story not a paper for a little bit over that you have a favorite in every story has every incentive to jazz but there was a core changes in the chamber cannot the run of the story the closer leave and the greater the credibility so when this item that I do the claims out there making the game about this game the Islamic game in the Judea Christian game Jews and Christians in this instance at the Pentagon listened in Hinduism that bad either I just followed by the next evening at the next and then followed by an anthology which is called openly shuns and then the FA car a lot story a Montana and then the baby of them is somehow hot at the mise big part of the story big story images that will let you go into the Cardinal Law in the pot these accepted today look at these words not crucial but would give it to the sun got some hundreds of millions of years ago that is too far back for me to lunch so it's not just me it's all in the Scotland as well Krishna was not a incarnate of the god Vishnu according to Hindu mythology see the Web mythology because everyone accepting the literature to be mythological stool far back you cannot go and check it out I will visit and I'm going to mention for statements which are chronological order and Buddhism in the four statements the humanity of the book is expensive at that amount that means a Theravada monk was one who was contented when I was in my bonnet whom Beatty do not compete existence at cocina was internationally lately born here right here in Iran second statement so not the last bastion of the master change began to creep in DC that the beginning of the Christian and Randolph five hundred euros have gone by the transcendental nature of them will not make anymore in Malvern and then in one of the most important reason the high online that could shed them high and that is the major Buddhist individual does not seven hundred one thousand years later there's not much of the man left in the multi- has non- exalted being president of conversations in the past and will continue to live for ever sold from the monk who was his content who said hey he is in lasagna and he died he had seven hundred one thousand years later not even born here yet a previous life and he died hearing the newspaper ever that is a mention Judaism that thirty nine books many different office from the band vastly different views of time some writings of PEI mythological others are accurately historical I could not classify the Old Testament there are just too many so if anybody here want to try our hand at classifying what you would classify that you can help me out Islam and the Koran was put together in writing by six fifty two CE common interest in his eighty with hoodia is a delightful moments life on assumptions and decks are accepted by scholars and being extremely generous here but actually by the time that the caliphate came around and often my mother with caliphs four of them one after the other the plug was with mine during his reign I leave the fourth was committed to become the fourth caliph said they were corruptions on exact figure of eleven different variations of the Koran and in the countryside so mine felt it was his duty to settle the issue we together a committee boxcars goals with Elizabeth in the land and get what is the orange balloon learned some and so they didn't brought together the Koran we have today God bless at fingers that will run on all the other manuscripts destroyed so today ask Allah can not really going checking those their pending Jarvis but against its historical and one cents which had billions message but they want to pay for a deep original manuscripts within twenty to fifty of the life of Jesus Sylvan Lake was a Jewish scholar was doing some excavations and came across to us never to let some coins coins are big and forty one eighty and prior on the tools are written the words Jesus is Lord Jesus ascended one cc when the story unfolds that's less than the event itself and then the community thinks that story and makes it into an oral tradition it is the oral tradition that is a new drug written down as a manuscript if you have these got very close you get more credibility here you have a close list of any literature in the world that is no time gap between the actual event and the traditional story that was set by the community within ten years which is no time same generation they were saying that this lesson we consider all I meet me be considered so strongly that the right to an on the best way we believe Allstate must rest in using the old desk really between the actual event and the story that was long the original manuscripts are within twenty and fifty as of the life of Jesus in a witch of the earliest ministers of the New Testament we think of the Gospels write but no minute 's applause I remember he came into the movement on the disciples to the movement had already set the story by the time this man came along the top and then wrote his epistles some of those episodes are within fifteen years of the life of Jesus no time to start a legend no time to complete the legend and there's no way you can collect mythological we can already say emphatically that there are no longer any solid basis for needing any book of the New Testament after eighty eighty so we can all write is one of the three greatest archaeologists in the word Nelson got together on this and what he says it may be stated categorically that no oculus in the discovery and consulate of the biblical reference to the Jew how about the LeAnn Rimes Sicilian reference is another of the three greatest archaeologists new Oaks history is also passed in respect of trustworthiness this also should be placed along with the very greatest historians not religious historians of historians and then almond eyes and biblical scholar in Luke in all new names thirty two countries the people sitting in nine islands without ever you do not find this level of credibility in any other ancient writing in a world so what I did was okay looks looks historical and legal happiness with what everybody knows to be historical of the same and I looked at to try to get one is a gap between the story and the oral tradition in oral tradition and the flustered manuscript between the first minute but man is good and honest manuscript we have any of these gaps and go very very large the credibility goes down if they are close that credibility goes up so here are the key that I looked at seasons generate wars within hundred BC and on this manuscript we had a nine hundred eighty gap of one thousand years and was for fouling yet you have no idea whether anybody deleted as I don't want to find any of it's the same with had a notice history four hundred BC was when it was written but is not as good as nine hundred eighty a gap of one thousand three hundred years after the finals one thousand years about the New Testament look at the gap twenty two fifty and if you look at so then exclaims and that tool in which it was clearly written that uses log on then the gap is ten years that's all with the defending one thousand years and ten years review and add a whole secular work and acceptance swallows will be one house and yes why are you gagging at ten years is not fair and I guess I last night to ask if you are and Inquirer if you really want to know the truth of the matter he is facing is clearly staying in the face the best things of literature has known dad you can't say that there was some stories put into it now the point of credibility with the stories are how many manuscripts back the story in that instance handful of alumni who could have gone to all of them and change them nobody would know that they changed them enough the next but event on lots of them spread out one here and one in but one in Maryland and the other one in London then blame it on the hot than corrupting whole text I would think yes to them that are just a few manuscripts you could corrupt it was a question that would be graphics of the large number of manuscripts is difficult to go through all of them connect all corrupt all of season is getting waters is backed by ten manuscripts worldwide had a notice history eight thousand ambassadors are most like twenty you could possibly do something with them the champion of Greek literature 's home was in year homers Iliad is backed by six hundred and fourteen three manuscript somebody said while right hey that's exactly what you said last night you are honest and if some some information comes to you that impresses you should say while still while the wall it was at ending August RX us of what I told you that the New Testament was backed by six hundred and sixty four manuscript would use it while it's back by five thousand six hundred and eight five thousand six hundred and sixty four B command and if you okay two the automaker I think in all of them together you know how many manuscripts fool and part by the New Testament when people files and nine hundred there is no shop 's than honest inquirer squalor can ever call this piece of literature called the New Testament as anything near mythological or legendary and real jobs estimate of using the best adaptation writing and publishing nominal document time span between leaders of the document and the variety of documents available to assist in a contradicted that is nothing an ancient manuscript evidence to match such textual availability and integrity no other nation book has anything like that early incredible testimony to its text and no unbiased would deny the things that have come down to us is substantially sound in the variety and fullness of evidence on which it rests the text of the New Testament stand absolutely on the approach of the alone among ancient prose writings this is not among ancient religious writings this is almost all other ancient writings it is not the Samaritans in the mild the Babylonians Egyptians another Chinese and Indian and reading and the Romans put them all on the table this one being a little book called the New Testament stands out as the most credible being subagent of its jet in the world I'm not saying it's God 's Word friends I'm just saying it's fascinating and it's fascinating way activated would you bus to be skeptical of an accident that resulted the that will allow on the greatest good in obscurity for no document of the engine I was manifested bibliographic as the New Testament supplement in young minds because you cannot speak to somebody else unless you are convinced us that is where my second me I spoke I I speak on my ministry takes me to secular university campuses and five continents now on in the patient buys groups of students who want to know what this guy is talking about and every time I bring this up they would be at least one in the audience will walk down the aisle and diving volume settlement for me I does not need was settling it for them entered the information that is so that Veronica estimates are definitely start the mission of the New Testament having the highest credibility and integrity ethics boy time is running along and be just one more this is the first question I asked what kind of literature isn't the second one is this documented should allow me to test it for credibility believing that a reasonable question yet the Langley that you came from the supernatural unconnected to is a thing insight that you have written that allows me to test Australia swallowing the handles may have accepted that it is otherwise no point in trying to understand the bug with you guys the gallant Christian Buddhism genuine realization of emptiness of the phenomenon was a direct intuition of the highest accident to his unconditional on the dominant and beyond talking about some of the handles on the Muslim Seo cannot best to swallow it I spend about no divesting is no internationally reinvested to use in your life and real experience my question is like an expedient that the reason for expediency or experience in Islam nativist previous one chapter comparable to call upon you I does do is give you what you say is true but if you failed and he was sure to fail another was physical run view something like it was fair enough best so I said okay that may get to it and see if there is any way we can do with this check from the best one out the moment I started I was smashing my four things it does not say what aspect of vehicle today gloated in prose and poetry fiction theology philosophy idea to the same was a method of comparison would be objective numbers are just making it doesn't say how we will make the comparison number three excluding the judge who was saying that one backdrop is better I was in the Koran would be unwilling and one of the mosques messages alluded to be a neutral committee appointed by the United Nations the something they don't say in the floor what language the author docs supposed him consent is only one language as the language of divine communication that's iambic I have in my life beauty a English translation of the Koran and orthodox Muslim will never consider that the Koran Koran is the Koran only in Arabic language and so I had a fast do they take up this challenge I have to write it out in court and in Atlantic I know hundreds of my friends of Muslims who don't know one line of imagery and erotic there goes the universal character of this challenge it is not universal it has thrown me out of its love you and therefore a challenge that is not clear whose nebulous and applies to all illegals in the one language is not a challenge a challenge must be one that is my kind in the sweep of the whole of humanity it was not there so I can the Judeo-Christian scriptures and understand this challenge I'd like to go back to the eighteenth century to a scientist atheistic scientist is nameless and long Lapidus invite some of his sign statements are even known to be in the world of science he was the Isaac Newton of francs and is what he said about a certain concept but he which had called scientific determinism we made it all depends date of the bus of the effect of its last and the cause of its future fair enough and suddenly he goes on to an idea and intellect and intellect which at a certain moment would know all the forces that set negative emotion and all position of all items of which nation is composed in this intellect would also last enough to submit this data for analysis it would embrace in a single forming on the movements of the greatest bodies of the invisibles of the tiniest atom for such an intellect nothing would be uncertain and the future just like a pot would be present before its eyes scientific determinism says that if there is a mind and intellect that knows every particle in the universe knows every feature of the I will knows every law that governs every particle in the universe then go back in the late nothing would be uncertain the past the present the future would be one of a test for someone you cannot tested by what they let as you why because my mind is only a few billion cells in the nanometer facts out there I only can hope that I know where the eleventh one is true or not there's no way I can test this might it is doing fine high up for me is not he knows too much I cannot test it I got the estimate that what he's letting me is the truth if he spared me anything except at one point if he tells me something that will happen you are on before it happens and if it comes to pass I might have been able to identify that intellect a litany it's called today to prophecy before it happens that's exactly the best that is in this Judeo-Christian scriptures present out there says a lot that ungrateful official is what will happen because Westminster gone so I think that I've gone the other after that we may know that you are God 's because I am God I will tell you what happened off as I am not a delay document it's I have scientific determinism nobody is sorely what happened there listed in the saving glut predictive prophecy when we collect predictive prophecy because it could him the fulfillment of completely separate except by the fulfillment and I hope and and and in fulfilling so that he has had to vote or have invaded or it was just a guess that is all anything that me know I've been meaning of human thinking then that would be something addresses right and then just show you one Jeremiah was a prophet who wrote these words that is undergoing a heat without an inhabitant I will make a Springs Drive Italy's was when Babylon was at his Senate it was the greatest strongest fortified city in the world the war missile rabbit which artist would run side-by-side on a cross around in time and meet this rule would be about twenty feet forty three to how high the laws of management one hundred seventy five two hundred feet so who was going to bring down those big high walls belonging they cannot the city that size is in the siege to the city don't anybody come in and out the gate the good food is on the outside asked where the farms in all our don't let any forget inside there than to come up with a white flag-waving why would Babylon that anybody would want to be a siege to the maximum you can really see if it are revealed rich in general our preaching is about three years in the dispute is listening on than just being there for doing nothing so if you are being animation okay three years Babylon Woodlock anonymity one PAC because in the storehouses in Babylon there was enough food for all the inhabitants were appeared of twenty years now hold no in your brain now they seems to but this man was a prophet of God says it will be out in was not the slightest simulation game he had his favorite horse and this is a traditional story that is ideal for this is what Walter Donovan went on one site cannot be other when Hayden went on his forays trying to fight and figure out how he would get back to the good that was standing in the way between his aspirations of becoming whenever and when he landed to you for it is his horse I ever he got mad with another that him was what killed his favorite horse because in general is instead I want to trim a dry and somatic and so the entire villages on me they dug from eighty to three hundred twin ducts that are leading them in the field phase and train them in the dry note the demo was dry inside I saw his way into the city on the development and by the veteran one night I will make a Springs Drive would like to be he was evil as many images of ancient decadence billion prophetic doom as is not yet active is fifty miles south of God is flat heart was his will is that the word the prophet said that there would be no inhabitants yes without an inhabitant two thousand five hundred years in the Udall be open the letter on on the neighbor dysfluency I believe your eyes it is still uninhabited that they does prophecy came true now was I am a prophet and wetlands if I was standing in my state mental health but I can't view it of Scandinavian descent apparently everybody's fair skinned blonde hair blue eyes everybody but I'm a profit so I come to the farm is a hey you are going to have a son with currently black hair and a failure for is going to didn't read all of Shakespeare's works at age of twelve he is going to graduate from university with a professional degree at the age of twenty he is going to represent the United States the butterfly stroke in the Olympics and win the gold medal at the age of thirty who have gone into astrophysics at that time and Stockholm would have called in for the Nobel prize five A prediction if all of them came true what would you think of me not only that he would choose me all of them to be up to find out what my next addiction with the woods yet I would man anything is Andrew and is undefined some of them can how much higher with my credibility love with rigid no Christian scriptures are dominant the scholar Stephanie that are six hundred nine five nine three hundred and twenty two and a foot to a single individual and twenty five of them came to pass in one weekend not five over all the number of years twenty five in one weekend you can check it out there is something in this book that it is the only book that is so you'd be solidly historical in nature you cannot count that as a mythological story or a legendary story it is also the only literature in the world that has ever thrown out a challenge to the whole world test leniency this is a test no other measure have the guts to give us that challenge this one big take your pick come back at four o'clock Google talk about the person whom this book talks about is this guy that has characteristics in his games that to my attention past eleven so close now friends the company requires the language of the bus and dad don't stop talking about the blood of the first video will start talking about the sanctuary service for eleven and say and only sang to the island one centuries and the I saw this I know is what Toronto February and the love to do on the tennis courts and don't start talking like young annihilating the human will come down to their level God is calling us back because once your foundation is strong in these letters had given him and on and in this media was brought audio nurse the website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about how humorous you like this is more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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