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Is Jesus The Only? Part 2

Subodh Pandit


Subodh Pandit

Physician in North Carolina



  • October 27, 2012
    5:00 PM
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so while I'm looking for questions in which he will not come up that's a remember I was I didn't as such last lasting about twenty years so they would have been many other questions that I've been presenting you that I went through many that they had been my wallet is not leading anywhere then he realleges all the way a step-by-step approach and carried on this very vital such which to me was extremely important person so here is that I think questions we won't go through all to business critical settings to number one what's about the package and handled in a multiple author level specific on all the author living in an individual 's want to honorable parents and Buddhism I only mentioned his father was supposed in the King and his mother might have we and he was born in the mini golf a delightful grove trees of any kind and he was at no outcomes into the kingdom has the apparent from an assigned time of rejoicing in Hinduism a man of the house of Levi went and took as wife a daughter of Levi Boris Symon G saw that he was a beautiful job you begin federal stars tribe of Levi was not the biggest but was just about it wrong to begin just about the most important of the tribe of Levi was in charge of their central roles prized possession so Moses was born in Latin America sending with Islam he was also lesson of life mother and the other tropical rises on the machine the plan to try before I was not because it was not the most often not even the most powerful what was the most important because the tribe of corner I was in charge of all the placement of the answer being mostly once people as enemies to make menus so they you can now condescend on best of the five pin as of the Islamic faith high human being on hot with the highest image that is the drive that moment below it it was Cheney on his mother was neutral to Jean Joseph before they enter them that she was found with child in in a liberal societies the data much case where the fuss sensually autocross consult of Palestine was more acceptable he is the only phone there who was conceived out of when it dawned on his face where do the ministry days when he went to the team developed an attempt on this and he'll you will teach ethics and marvels we were not born of fornication thank you Andrea there was nothing great about this but that is not he was born and if you look at the genealogy in Jewish life when they come to so-and-so and so-and-so son of so-and-so when it comes to Joseph and Joseph Bigelow doing mentioned his name in one of the genealogies you know what they say so-and-so Cybele Boston son of another Chris that's enough whether or not last of all the phones when the doctor life and he is supposed to follow a religious movement by the volume of him that horrible stadium in Arlington was not only on the family and love him not in that as well they wrapped him in swaddling clothes with him in a manger many romantic lead in when you send out your cards means you on the organized and sanitized major it was not like that at all it was dirty and stinky bums of the season mosquitoes became a crying baby the halo around his head he was aware of all the owners but the unit was the last analysis will be in control is it is not not not been used for wiping the table not Rihanna Asgard not on you in on a journey and you know the deal in your life don't you think what a blog at the bottom of the ground that he legitimizes incompetency and slotted notes had one more decent use it was the when people die you wrap them in Suwanee 's so this guy whom people called the Prince of life on this fuss down was in great groups the worst length of the ministry includes many generations Buddhism as you want to know what the forty five years and is gymnasium was limited to what Diaz Islam homeland that they let the Muslims looked like a VPN point I began to question the obvious son is now aiming different and how long will it take for you to make a statement of the whole world know how long did the forty five RBIs twenty three has this team yes and actually even ask the question why just in the hop is something that diseased Bible while his list he and a half years that he because he was angry I don't founder had a full illustrious life they could look back and say while I brought a message and the people who accepted I have changed this village is to escape it my message and this man about to Willis started life the shortest period of because of the Williams story about the bed sediment it made in stages they wanted their blunders of his own his disciples with soul care every antibody was wrapped in one thousand as a monotonous but monotonous is mingling vitamin C that Tom is very famous what he finds that it seems of the immunities that the Saudis but six to eight meters yards long or not the way one minus eleven I see was known in those days of four and a half for leaving such fines so that he wouldn't take one of the siding and folded up and put in a matchbox so far and when you wrap on his body with one house and they has it means you have given that body highest on that you can medium sending this along the moment dining room on the next comment was eliminated in the correct has been on the people about it I think the mosque and enabling easy women crying flapping their testing is weeping and crying why because of the need to call an inability to show the highest form of respect that they possibly cool and Judaism was was one hundred and twenty is already died in the Journal of Israel for Moses on the pendulum lab but these days thirty days official statement warning on laptop nobody knows your offices everything is asking why unified in office and then going to give them the highest respect and nation stopped as we do anyone to give respect admiration this man there on the night she's with who the bunch of criminals not only that he was behind the criminal is fine when was he a criminal sounded like it look at this at the ninth hour Jesus cried out with a law-abiding life God my God why have taken me that the ending of this life my friends crucified with credit those of you saying God has forsaken me how much worse can and ending be what you think the Jewish priest wanted him to be on the cross you know what actual punishment for blasphemy is that stony so what do you want that while there goes than that no visit from the political divide because in their own toner it said that anybody is on full capital punishment that will be the final out in the news that he was first of all you shall surely muddying and so that you do not defile the folkie who is is encompassed all of now you know why I've been desperately wanted in on that would be enough evidence to everyone we learn right he was look at the God he was condemned as it does that by the highest religious authority the highest civilian judicial authority in the world the highest authority in the universe of what could be worse and worse content life the shortlisting of ministry on the worst ending I would mean his worst I found three in which it was the worst questions then he strongly menu this point if he was just a cream why the century as he admits that some of the finest artists and skunk terms in the world maybe stopping says off some of his paintings and hang them all and some of the most visiting his museums of the world windowsill captivated by this criminal Wyatt Osama bin Laden mean those who set up institutions of learning sought out by naming names fusion operation look if you had a hundred million bucks and you wanted to start a university it will looking on it those men were in the central buildings nestled in the movie question and inquire and I think that will help them easier if you needed with that of the people insomuch as there is none of those called by his name address phone assist with the greatest self-sacrifice in a national calamity on disaster on that's the group that runs this isn't a question so this canola sold activating that they would do that if you has only been one who made his name dispute Western civilized history into two BC eighty every time you write a check you have to be if you don't did get executive right you have to write the date you know what that page is that they release the both of this criminal nobody is associated so naturally my question was head that has to be more there is something also my tenth question on the company nonetheless with us a glimpse skipping some might think the question was what happened after that in Hinduism it was cremation morning scattering of ashes over anything went into the lives of the four Sundays they wish of the rhetoric that is his followers and independent divided the relics and great thoughts on the seventeenth to seven box and the United in the capital cities to buzz on more involves funding another was one one that was on the others took over in Islam a book I was annexed leader and then a month of my body on another was woman died whatever inoculum of my youngest people there and the movement carried on Judaism the Moses of the blog I've been an unemployment benefit of the Melissa can but the Lord spoke to Joshua the son of man same thing was united Joshua you come up and take over when it came to Christianity hanging in there would you I really is and was an long that's something 's done I'm a physician I have looked any as a work in the emergency room seasons lights and incitements of these arguments is coming in and we all can I work it out stabilize them intrigued and by that freedom of an ascendant of the trauma hospital some ways away sometimes they one the phone and say we can't get a bus okay keep doing CBI in their game this Sunday and that Pedro Menendez and then sometimes in the common driving in and living the learning discussion IPO and examine and have developed better economy is gone gone before the game you know I have never wants ever told that he is gone now but they don't and the money comes to be walking the corridors not once then don't ask me to swallow the story and not slowly is that within two days and is a life but once again been if it was a mythological writing on the selected off the table without a candida was just it is written in the best testing ancient piece of case Oracle gain I tried out I shall not find fair I'm I should be able to show that it did not happen I cannot throw it out by Whitney it is a historical views of writing no matter how unbelievable it is I cannot throw it out like I would of thrown out and identities of writing on a mythological beast of writing and so I had no choice but to once again scrutinized I think what now the resurrection is a big thing autoload something of sincere lap and something to say what really happened last my whole life that's what I believe the resurrection the meaning of resurrection is a religious doctrinal philosophy go question about but when the resurrection of believers or not is not religious it is not philosophy go it is an historical due to take place on all my questions read the resident confused at best I'm not in the historical questions so the question has been decided on the historical argument on legal historical scientific arguments are doing with repeatable tests he wants to you legal start why are we so interested in this because it is a game that they made the disciples solidify the greatest medical all the greatest delusion which is critical that nothing in between so when I look that said law Harry the colony as a goal how I figured out today I made some things I wanted to organize their names right on the level one after the statement by Wilbur Smith that he simply said let me know more about the details of dollars immediately before the actual death of Jesus that we know about the genie out of one man in all the ancient world we know more about the battery out of the lodges in the know of the bargain of any single character in all of ancient history we have invested it and I can look at the most will we see it was all one big hoax war on landmarks of credibility than Aristotle 's victim said that it is about to be given to the document I'm not an aggregate and manipulate why did the UN on their you can't criticize someone somebody's as many on-topic you got a fuss I will describe and treated as follows and then as you know he was given its view one must listen the claims of the document under analysis and not a suit brought Iran on the auto disqualifies himself so here's a question in the story is said to be mildly little rigidities what the current stormy bees away his authority unbelievable the governor goes my sense of reasoning is unbelievable so any correction inmate donating unbelievable story should fit in with the rest of the Sony shall not strain our sense of reasoning with me but you never thought which had an equally difficult time reasoning and redeeming reasoning soul what are the alternatives proposed what he did not die leaving his mother 's womb the severe blood loss blood pressure went down Franklin took enough of the cross within the tomb in the corporate environment within the film he was right number two he got but he did not write his disciples stole so here are the tools actually that I bought ten or eleven alternatives I boiled them into these two main ones he did not die Mister that these five points confusing and not die many cannot explain what is there not bad in one planet I marveled that he was wanting to know what happened he was crucified and then some friends of Jesus came to pilot and seventy one to twenty because we want to read it and had to stop reckless as he marveled why would I let my love art is the author is trying to twist the stories within the one thing that he it all it was just made up story now I would definitely have cause to marvel because crucifixion which was invented basically by the Romans to have the most cruel of formal and in crucifixion of lesson died of suffocation and he would hang that on foreign range to be the we have unread articles on level one full week or die so in eight hours naturally I was amazed at the soul quickly knows that I can give them twenty because of the diminution of the Roman Empire the upbeat and confident of their fellow display said summoning the sensuality he 's been dead for some time so when he found out from the Saint Julian he grunted and wanted to Joseph so I let also happens in question is us TV Guide so we know that somebody has us question because normally that I have seen it in eight hours is hot the same children going back to pilot the same as being is the story when they can did the soldiers when they came to Jesus and saw that he was already than many online we are all they did not break his names because they are restless squirming around writing and so they have to be cute and so they broke their legs to make supplication quicker and so they would die the slow server space under a blanket in the last soul shouting to him now what is not an solicitude and made sure he was there he gone the soldier may just be a one trust that is the reason it was thrust to make sure it wasn't in the most violent said he wants him to be dead before they bring him down we don't know whether he is then we go to make sure he has been and saw soldier wants trained soldier just one size analysts on those that look that said he had one night I was at the Tribune of the head of best be addressed that was one of the main all right so I was asking for it the sanction and want to make sure and jaundice the writer says this one of the soldiers guess it's time with us via immediately black water came home at something which is a clear description somebody's seeing streams coming up naturally undergo physiological reasoning yet streams that is at the convention center is one of number one is the own historical fact that a lesson on them going undergoing since the release and stress can rupture is hot must so the actual story is not the story of the cross across the human he died over Chanhassen on the Symbian is stress and if no muscle ruptures then that is an bad that the half is invalid invalid credit card then when the muscle rupture the hot little number that will come later in the Medicago 's in the pudding I guess itself has a kind of fluid and when you mix those two you can caution the clock blood in the coffin Mott will come down and deemed up up on the ledges known as the season in this piano had thrust at the junction you could have possibly drew screams blocked for a Google man has to stop circulating and it has to stop circulating for a enough time for the clotting of blood sentiments out into the possibility and to see them in using the first question that pilot had he been big for some time and that's how the Saint Julian and the baby has physicians that they had a wife and for something you will not get of partying all those Google is unless it is still it is not as though you never separate out only when it is still as in conjunction with another fluid would separate out like this so he was there for some time according to the industry the next is if you need and he caught up how did he get he was bound like this so what does the mechanism of nihilism online himself no onset how do you find out the door of the tools in the darkness of the no upset home and he identified the ceiling which was on the outside and bring it while on the inside how did he roll away the storm though the tombstone when his amazement he has he might have been able to do with his shoulder pushing and in his seat with a but he's free also that is there was no way be good at this point we just don't believe that the Denmark there is a storm that requires multiple people to push in and he alone dehydrated fainting because MV I just isolated the spirit of this time and missing them this giant of a guy was moving that still doesn't make much sense and then when he and he did it without making a single song so that I hope the guardsmen went and looked at him and he stepped over at hullabaloo religion at all in using hollow cornmeal this story will be the first point is how many people on Wednesday but I live in a short system chart in the soldier belonging means on Jesus one of his own faith his old friends think many was that he had twenty one and your hubby now I know the blood in Iraq and bombing the TV nobody and bombs on the net is because and mounting the TV and windshield if you are a liar so the friends of Jesus party was okay the enemies of Jesus taught he was then everything he was not so taking all my consideration he was as far as vision goes while publicly one evening stolen that identify clients the disciples came at night is still with him only when we select this was the story that God 's game and stick to understand the record that this is their report that this was game that night and stole him away while the extent that sentence itself is as follows why because you cannot be awake and asleep in the same you if you are asleep statement the disciples and if you would await why did you let them stew because you have that for that specific purpose so that sentence it's as big as that is in time and being inconsistent you cannot claim the truth of the matter while you are asleep so that's number one two well the story describes that in the game some of the closer wounded again in his right so we went immune Canada teams forming its so they can get a house and they want a state of diamond ring and that's all that goes on on the phone of the throne and other phone scenarios themes known for notes they control that has out there and then looking for their practice elected as reasonable as an inquirer being the one for clothes the scene of my past is not quality it is this orderliness of work pointers in the problem goes inside their menu and I'm honestly confused that those disciples caddied only a morning that was walked these genuine cannulae your beloved master look like in Hawaii and using this to the pictures of you hanging across and around his head right and what's around his middle align the underlying plot is only six edition those who were crucified in the days of the Roman Empire were crucified why because the person was such a violent criminal that game is going to team the way in the last list the job dignity stripped him keeping naked hanging up there never again will not have any movies that hints in public chain of English as a and then you what they mean that his beloved disciples came and seeing him again by unwrapping the Bank of England but he knows there's a psychological hurdle to cross the five minus three no on be ones that you were going to Steve begin to send out on the financing that it does not make sense is not just a question of illness this is Kristin Devon England sends if you and I really called upon the posting will manage with just the right for you and all the fourth one is how shall be explained in this type was getting individual with good mix they obviously are out the same problem all the disciples have got in the steam the money it's on reasonable and is the last time the disciples had no more info stinging on only can say all you need neutron they would say that he was visiting being the ability that story indicating that story than you think any of them would have run away from Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane though you'd think they would have denied when the main legitimacy you love the Jesus every alien that had lashed the window this is the other picture would have been far more realistic retinas made again to be say hello to win the sky she would have called to say that I have carved that is the startup on be slacked off tonight we do Sunday morning Sunnis right know I would run away and then I saw none of these five points stick slipping or five-point consideration of money was not stolen so if they had no multiplicity the knowledge of the other side in the story is true what evidence can be like as it has been historically limited as okay what evidence do we have that three effect eyewitnesses and nine at based on the compaction effect change in the disciples and the fact that Mister just changing the disciples have the consummation of the disciples of Jesus is the greatest evidence of all of the resurrection of the defeat of college scouting inoperable and in a few days cognitive transformed into company that goal was to using the site of the explained something happen I don't blame to face arrest imprisonment beating them not one of them began of his mutant crack at risk think of the psychological absurdity of attempting to attribute his dramatic changes nothing more convincing than a miserable application in the kind of foist upon the world that simply wouldn't make sense why wouldn't it make sense consider yourself as one of the disciples let's say we and let's say I am your leader and saying friends Jesus Bank Olmos that it is gone we invited him and because backyard that you and I know what a formula they let out at all of them that he actually moves upon the name of unity okay okay okay much of the day Yahoo got available that he rose up on that day by these their management and if you say feudalism than what will be new to you what will then go to all of us not anger this afternoon that's all it indeed you leave is accused of utilizing the evils of related name then with Lynn to build them in jail torture you in the list of utilizing it wasn't from there just keep on saying that then what will happen in the end of care units all in soul what's in it for us what's in it for us if we keep on saying that he will look from the day nothing for you just when I am on office twelve of us hold our hands together and new goodies that we say we may rest down the whole world one of the program you may want to die in infancy it does not it is so hard to say the blessing was dying for just about in other words gain new land that bought me was that read and because backyard and distancing suite as you know Jerusalem and all that and a throbbing flesh broken bones as the Prince of life to be housing hard nosed Jews from their lifelong belief and solid phase throw it aside and decided for this man explained you cannot explain you can't sell alive so strong in its sole this came the disciples how to present the procedures you know when Judas had gone away they would inevitably wonder the twelfth of the muscular growth we also need twelve so we need to chose the twelve and these other criteria than they had as well therefore all these mid-level companies all the time of the Lord Jesus went in and out among us beginning from the baptism of John the name and he was taken up from us wannabes must become the witness us all with us on his resurrection that was which will gripe to you via the bus and went going to change the visual displays would have to have been with us all the time criteria number one criteria number two that bus and should be a witness of his resurrection don't tell me about his limits don't tell me about his teachings don't tell me about what he was like you should be able to witness his resurrection you should have seen him before you have seen him die you should have seen it often was resurrected Daniel joined this if you want to talk about species on the related if you wanted to join this you going to have to correct you each of these with us all the time number two you should be able to witness with your life on his resurrection Christianized film follows the true the resurrection was a visibility event is for the elimination of significance on the basis of the judgment is a historical phenomenon yes it is it has been in existence of the Christian just you are you cannot take it back unless you recognize something between the seventh day of the first day of the weekend you will never be Mexican immigration judge the second point is eyewitnesses here's another video decided to the regarding the writings of the New Testament in the auditing should write this is the only religious right in which I suspect there is no other religious right thing in no more every other is writing as once somebody's this is the only writing resumes and I saw it for myself nobody saw vulnerable to being enlightened on the Haifa Street at night nobody ever saw Mohammed on multiunit and his revelations from the Angel Gabriel Dennis was I witnessed those who lived from the beginning were eyewitnesses I is of his Majesty USC has testified that if you have heard which we have seen the rise which we have no bottle and I will not talk about him being to talk about an imaginary him all of a sudden I saw I said I saw in anyone who knew me of any kind of evidence that one signs and even psychologists are so insistent upon the dividend the reality of any object under consideration in the kind of evidence we have presented to us in the Gospels regarding the resident in the non-Jews namely the thing that has seen with the human eye Hannon who are not human here this is what they call an article in the next one one of anyone why it is written by people who saw not one of the highest forms of evidence today in a court of law even eyewitnesses won't happen in visiting the next is that the actions why I than a fashion statement in the CV is in a court of law that was when he reached the end and really facing the spectrum there you should believe in town the name of a hardened criminal is unknown the soft eleven breakdown in Tokyo can tell you it was unlearned I so let's say one of them the event is going to die and mingle without any inside say a committee as a number you women have been and he says okay I'm the guy that he finally can you Mister Bronstein he opened the drawer all the money was in a white envelope he took it so Mister Brown will end in administrative is gone that was a bit differently even digital quarto volume I can say I'm going to session here is it will be strong evidence but it would be needless trauma in this class has Mister so-and-so was also that and you run to him he is also on his day and music can you tell us what happened when he isn't home and down okay twenty yes I get my trap shut now I'm about time we can Mister Brown can you walk over the drummer voted open the little white envelope in which all the money must get heat of the money and to do that that invitations will seem if you have three that is not in jewelry and more jobs in the world that will over time three day bed confessions we had about three five Beta was crucified upside down gentlest dog that he was going to do so again by James the sons that he was killed by the salt that has the structure with Avril Bartolomé was crucified who was present by Philip was present by Simon Atlas was that Thomas was killed with the spirit bottle was beheaded and not a single one turned around and said I needed to lead his money and evil the children once they were good Muslims this guy and than three months later not by my unit and that I you have the opportunity will read think your staff I am going to build a suitable one I was glad as an editing one of them stopped to we will slap you heroes with you while evils will torture you pay I saw him before and I saw him he holds with so you okay even assuming the change landlord class saw and I have a patent with him but before you give in you recommend I can see spirits on the Internet named these sometimes later when you think about how you have given me your conscience mind quality it will but are at night and do something about that when this is the most please go the man called Jesus he and I'll give you and you and you you and I will delete anything I know I want a single one of them how easy my friends think how easy it wasn't really all walks don't tell them what they don't show me I attended and then we go home my family and soon awaiting their enduring taking all the evidence together it is not too much to say that there is no historic is better or more business for the resurrection of Jesus by all rules of evidence not philosophy not imagination rules of evidence is not in a connection off from the grid and energize the best of all ancient history on the greatest on me and not merely I still have faith in its favor is living so that emphasis on local whelming evidence positive and negative flatulence of them stopped so that no independent jewelry in the world event to bring in a verdict that the resurrection story is so cool sandals women's one Linda Chief Justice of our nation when you think you know something about the weight of evidence when he says that because it will block me and us thousands and tens of all sizes and onto a piece might be as carefully as a main judge summing up the most important keys I myself learned many times over not listening on another side by myself and I know no one in the history of mankind is improved by better for evidence of increased salt of understanding Inquirer then Christ died and rose again from the date on Toynbee wrote a large jump in the history he devoted his pages to anyone who was on CDR savior of the nationstate of the community Savior himself and save your sanity your gorgeous drinking on writing he studied you is what he said at the end of the study when we set out on this question on us of moving the midst of Almighty modules and outlasted them all on one will say that human and divine has dwindled to a single company among the laws of the final wording of the union of these would-be synagogue had to the type of the best by talking into the ice unit of meaning by the United interrupted and all at this time he has been eyes fixed upon the father sure meaning what happened out there a single finger rises from the front and straightway filled the whole horizon Dan is the same bones of Abraham in Homeland and Confucius and Lao sons of Alaska Australia and on Jesus to present the company to anybody to prove that life has hope and meaning love is stronger than their goodness and power are ultimately allies and enemies life and not death wins in the end God has left us in right field maybe our defeat in our last community we are not cosmic orphans somebody I want to England as will Gillett ten of the summary of what I usually present when I will send us some in the conclusion the New Testament is the best documented agent describing the world it is solidly historical in nature the topic you're writing is beyond human capability we can see that number to the field in the wireless challenge is open and clear photos its own challenge impressive images the prophecy number four Jesus had to make the highest annual son of God uses do not just bring the truth about electing laws we can see this as one of the diet subsections number six uses is the only one whom the unity of teaching was not the actual practice in life and therefore the only one with the right this is following me as you shop us that have yet have the greatest impact only on the debunking is the only founded by the shape of the condemned criminal in the economic the only one to believe the domain of debt the most feared in any of humankind and the combat as unconquerable workday and solid coins that you can check even with out and therefore my final conclusion is that the Bible and Jesus on matchless in the games that have the highest credibility and therefore they provide the the media was run audio is a website dedicated to spreading God 's word to me and audio and much more we would like to know more about our universe if you like the more so than please visit www. done on universal .org


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