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The Point of No Return

Alistair Huong


Alistair Huong

Executive Director of AudioVerse




  • November 17, 2012
    10:00 AM
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gracious holy father this morning as we gather to worship and study we pray for your Holy Spirit in the year and are we thank you for ministries like an whole house audio verse in which we can know that your word is being preached that your word is being studied this morning as we study to feed our souls we ask for the Spirit 's guidance that we might not just here your word that might make deep impact and influence in our lives that we the end may be transformed into the image of Jesus blesses that we ask in Jesus name and the point of no return what does that bring to mind and in general the point of no return is a very descriptive term you reach a certain point after which you can come back but we're talking about the spiritual realm there is a certain teaching certain doctrine search idea that usually we associate with this idea anyway I guess about it apart also have the seal of Carlson those are two things now with getting a lease you try to steal my thunder but I won't I won't I won't criticize that but the other harmless in writing that is common idea at least there was a time when every evangelistic crusade you heard about the particles and we won't do a thorough study of what that teaching is but the particles in generally speaking represents the links him away as this a lot harder therefore unpardonable you go so far that somehow even to grace mercy and influence of the Holy Spirit can no longer reach him only think about the possible sin this is also review we recognize that it is not one singular acts it is an all-in-one PC killer action it is not one files or one the display is not just one instance of the agreed upon rules and is not just one thing if I say is that words all of a sudden cloned wolves are closed and I'm done you doesn't work that the party will send is also described as creating the spirit it is a process by which our hearts that are my personal artist but even the raise of the Holy Spirit cannot penetrate anymore it's not just one instance not one decision one on one action I think where we're clear on that but when we talk about in part will send usually were describing an individual one person was made up his mind so let against God that God can reach an but it is actually possible for a group of people collectively to reach that point the point of no return in a case in point I think I think perhaps the most salient illustration with the nation of Israel because anything about it the majority of sacred history the Bible also has higher Old Testament and half of the New Testament is dealing with this idea of Israel reaching the point I will try it out right the story of Israel is basically gone personally I'll is a child of his until they won't listen anymore he can reach than any solar begin by looking but by their Isaiah chapter on is fine and we will begin meeting in verse one Isaiah chapter five and we will begin reading inverse and when you are there and say in its interstate allowing asked that and they say a man is a man and then have the competition the pages of attorney and is no more a man to be hers so sometimes I wonder maybe I should do that anymore but I do first one now while I seems my well beloved a song of my beloved touching his vineyard my level of a vineyard in a very fruitful hill and he sensitive and gathered up the stones thereof implanted with the choicest vine and built a tower in the midst of it and also made a winepress therein and in what they should bring forth grapes and brought forth wild grapes verse three and now what happens of Jerusalem and men of Judah Jutland Paris between me and my vineyard verse four what could have been done more to my manager that I have not done as the key question wherefore when I looked that it should bring forth grapes they brought forth wild grapes and now go to I will tell you what I will do to my vineyard I will take away the heads thereof initially each and break down the wall thereof initially trotted down and I would lay in waste and shall not be proved nor did but there shall prior and informed I will also command the clouds that a rain no more comment or seven what is this a symbol of his terrible what is the story all about her seven what a vineyard of the Lord of hosts is whom the house of Israel and a man of Judah in pleasant plant deliver judgment to behold oppression for righteousness but behold across the parable to describe what God has done to the nation of Israel and this is an important symbol about the vineyard and degrees I wanted to file that your mind can come back to this letter think about Israel in particular the key question is inverse for what could have done was to have been done more to my vineyard that I have not gone to question what more could I have done what to do you remember the gate Abraham that promise in who you are the long nations of Europe in less than object NEC in Isaac your specific son the one that you or any old days when your body and also Sarah 's womb is a good dad that saw the something as opposed to kill on the altar that I say that's okay so miraculous okay fine he predicts the captivity of Egypt he delivers his people out of Egypt miraculously the place the Red Sea banana for years in the wilderness pillar of autumn cloud and fire God more presents right the Shekinah glory in sanctuary when got done he has revealed himself in a physical of a form amongst his people and he has ever done well they arrived in the nation of power in the land of Canaan he result their enemies he gives in winning a winning streak that any team would die for and then he sent the prophets in the last guy and when they didn't listen he said more problems in Cleveland think it is his mercy to that gene friend judgment upon that and that he was good to his word and judgment came upon the discipline and because the Bible says many of you love the reviews that chasten cries out in love God in his love is disciplining Israel to bring her back sent out to battle in captivity for seventy years bringing them back Nehemiah rebuild the temple in the city miraculous and less invincible set of more profits they continue to reject the God of heaven and finally God sends Jesus Christ is to walk in the midst of his rebellious people and Jesus himself said my mission is for the lost sheep of Israel became primarily to save this vineyard what more could I have done the RSS I think you my son and you feel turn with me to Matthew chapter twenty three because in the time of Jesus the Sasson of the history of Israel nears its conclusion and look what Jesus says that he took twenty three will begin meeting in verse thirty seven familiar passage one of the most moving passages really whenever I think about this first thirty seven O Jerusalem Jerusalem thou that show is the prophets as stone is than when you send them to me how often would I have gathered thy children together in the head job at her chickens under her wing and you will not behold your house is left unto you desolate for same to you you shall see me henceforth till you say Blessed is he that comes in the name Jesus himself says what more can one work the most vivid picture in my mind is Jesus and the triumphal entry cresting a hill overlooking Jerusalem's western sun glistening off the Temple and the sliders in the city is resplendent golden everyone is so Matt Ryan will have a beautiful state is inundated as a goggle original and what data is a healing way he cries because he sees the prophetic vision down four years later armies Rome besieging the city not one stone left upon the other if you read about the controversy first chapter husbands and wives killing each other mothers feeding their children people sneaking out to find food only to the capture and crucify until the Valley 's sulfate with crosses you can Wong and then Jesus saw what is the throes of raising the point of no return anti-crime forgers but that's not the main point of this message this is Genesis sorry but just as great controversy page twenty two this is the first chapter of gray converse Christ's law and Jerusalem A's symbol over the world hardened in unbelief and Valley and hastening on to meet the ref attribute of the judge 's of God history will repeat and Christ saw in the press and the history and the final of Jerusalem the foreshadowing of what will happen with this with this thought in mind let's look in Revelation chapter fourteen Revelation chapter fourteen the point of no return Jerusalem is a symbol of a group of people who has reached that point a similar revelation has to say in Revelation chapter fourteen verse seventeen and another angel came out of the temple which is in heaven he also having a sharp sickle and another angel came out from the altar which had power over the fire and try to allow the right-hander had a sharp sickle saying thrusting by sharp sickle and gather the clusters of the mind of the earth in this familiar verse nineteen and the angel thrust in his sickle into the urine and gathered the vine of your and cast it into the great wine press of the wrath of God and the winepress was trodden without the city and blood came out of the winepress even under the horse 's bridle of thousand six hundred furlongs you see languages borrow from the same illustration of the wild race grades becoming right unto destruction at the end of time but let the little deeper here were looking at Gracie says in verse eighteen breast are single and gather the clusters of the vine of the earth for her grades are what fully right only write what does it mean the race to be fully rough list turned back to the minor Prophets book of Joel Joel comes shortly after Daniel Daniel Hosea Joel chapter three children the three will begin reading in verse twelve and if you want to keep your finger in Revelation were to come back there Joel is chapter three beginning in verse twelve is a little tougher to find and also give you a few more minutes Joel chapter three getting a verse twelve less tasty than the way again and call the valley of Josh that were there I will sit to judge all even roundabouts of the judgment scene on the way to even what does Joel say verse thirteen put me in the sickle for the harvest is what right does that sound familiar get you down for the press is full winepress is full of facts overflow for what very wicked and this is grades so enjoy all health is identify what is right great illustration represents the relationship report jolt explains that when one is full and raised our right in the heart that needs that this group of people have reached a certain point on weight gain access to use it to you the words that were thinking about they had reached the point of no return the grapes have reached a certain measure of wickedness that just like the case of Jerusalem God does one want to and he judged and if you look in revelations her vision Chapter fourteen and fifteen and sixteen actually we talk about we look at the seven last plagues rather than imposing all the verses but Revelation chapter sixteen when you meet in place which actually occur before the harvest the place illustrating visionary point the place and people are burned they hassle words are being punished for being chastised and over and over again is an independent loss to get in glory and a blaspheme his name get more and they repented not so gone reaches a certain point in his patience and long-suffering and heedless of his group of people just like he wept over Jerusalem I believe wind shear he said continue down harvest these wild race because their wickedness has reached the point of no return boy some of you must be thinking this is a fire and brimstone doom and gloom but even in the midst of all of this there is there is good news why or what is the good news that God does not trust in the circle until the grapes are right that make sense God does not allow final harvest it until he had exhausted all his auction just like Jerusalem how many years the ways at why doesn't God is forty more years until age seventy at the time when Christ was when we first see and show those same tears below is raising the point of no return these that one what kind there is enough in one person she wanted he can do something that you are he will go to the cross for you how I know that because you Jesus Christ is long-suffering to us not willing that they apparently not all should come to repentance second Peter three verse nine the novel 's because I know sometimes we get this and he's feeling over what it would environment and particles and I have convicted about is the always I feel like no care anymore maybe I read away the Holy Spirit while this is remember what he did with his there was hope for Israel for all two thousand years there is no hope for you there's more good news what is so back to relationship fourteen for all of you a student students of the Bible and of revelation you will realize that when we read about the harvest we only read half the story there are actually two parts what is the first harvest we read about the second best read about the first verse fourteen and I looked and behold a white cloud upon the cloud and one sat like unto the son of man having on his head a golden crown and in his hand a sharp sickle resisting and another angel came out of the temple crying with a loud voice to him that sat on the cloud thrust in thy single and read for the time is come for the jury for the harvest of the earth Israel and he that sat on the cloud thrust in his single in Europe and the earth was read the first harvest was reading to the kingdom of God West second harvest was reserved for destruction to harvest for art 's harvest and the right is the second harvest of the harvest of the wicked some of you probably know where I'm headed with this legend whiskey bar study going here so what does this mean the harvest of the earth is right we understood no one to grace our right the winepress is full of vast overflow their wickedness is great in the first harvest the grapes grapes there is a harvest of grain it appears what does that mean less chapter four Mark chapter four verse twenty six Marquette before beginning in verse twenty six a parable that Jesus shares and he said so is the kingdom of God as a man should cast seed into the ground at his sleep and rise night and day and the seed should spring and grew up he knows not how the earth bring forth fruit of herself first the blade then the year after that for point in the year but when the fruit is brought forth immediately put it in a single because the harvest is so Jesus Christ is the process by which the harvest right hence the Pleistocene the blade then the ear than a full point in the year and when is brought forth the harvest is ripe so two points here that I will mention just as we observed that Israel will not fall into the definable sin in one fell swoop the same way righteousness in the rises harvest rather the right righteous harvest is not developed in one fell swoop process of growth and development together but verse twenty nine is the key here when the fruit is brought forth and the harvest is ripe so how do you know when the fruit is brought how do you determine when the fruit is right for his is that it depends on the seed and the pendulum planted you can know whether something is right unless you know what we plan you will know when the fruit is brought forth unless you know the seed is planted so let's look at what diseases in John chapter twelve John Chapter twelve verse twenty three John Chapter twelve verse beginning in verse twenty three will also reverse twenty four and Jesus answered them saying to our income that the Son of Man should be or thought and speaking of his coming death twenty four verily verily I think you accept the corn of wheat fall into the ground and die to live alone but instead the it brings forth what much fruits Jesus is the seed so Christ character is the fruit when the character of Christ or rather when the harvest is right is when the character of Christ is manifested in his people how I know that well through the Bible study if you want to confirmation Michelle you can't often left this page sixty nine when the fruit is brought forth immediately included in a single because the heart of the top ally quoting directly out of Mark chapter four and as she sounds Christ is waiting with longing desire for the manifestation of himself in his church when the character of Christ shall be perfectly reproduced in his people then he will come to claim that as his own so easy to write harvests in Revelation fourteen on one hand we have the grades their wickedness is great on the other hand if I is my own term there arises that is raised meeting bullet like Jesus the people of like the antithesis of I found this passage in the book desire of ages that I believe illustrates to us at many make it clear the character of Jesus I believe that they saw with Atlanta and I think about it if we were to fully learn everything there is no love Christ and his matchless charms than we would be gone throughout eternity will be investigating the science of salvation which is integrally connected with Christ character so I'm not claiming here to do an exhaustive treatment of this is one factor okay one facet of the character of private I believe all fit right in with our discussion today down the desire of ages page six hundred and sixty eight this is all true obedience comes from the heart it was hard work with Christ and if we can set he will so identify himself with our thoughts and aims so blended our hearts and minds into conformity to his will that when old baby can read it shall be but here is how our own pace well refined and sanctified will find his highest delight in doing his service when we know what we know God is it is our privilege to know him our life will be a life of continual obedience through an appreciation of the character of Christ through union with God sin will become hateful to us anyway here's the key point I actually are underlined in my notes three key points number one that it is possible when we are united with Jesus that when obeying him we are carrying our own impulse our natural impulses now is for the people and said that it is possible integrate of Jesus for the natural tendency to be more righteousness is not like MS and other point is when when we know God is our privilege to know in our life and in my continual obedience not as intermittent obedience and finally we appreciate the character of Jesus and have communion with God 's will become a full to us here's the punchline just library the point of no return in opposition to go there is a point of no return and loyal she should go in Revelation chapter fourteen we seek to harness on one side we have people that God is there winking that is so great is nothing more I can do no on the other hand he says looking these the people below them just like Jesus and they have so that the lines to me that there is nothing that don't tend to turn them against to harness to point 's of no return and if I can just drop his hands in your ear we talk about Christian perfection Christian perfection is in a simple way reaching that point of no return for Jesus when we're fiddling in evaluating with the little things here and there were missing the point the point is our annual meeting that will train our youth so come continue matter what there is an eight -year-old away have you reached that point of no return is the question and for another little tidbit to throw out for you to study out if you look in Revelation chapter fourteen this is about the hundred and forty four thousand Israel as the first fruits undergone into the land where the firstfruits they are the first fruits of some of that tell you about hundred and forty four pounds so I hope that you will forgive me for the doom and gloom beginnings there is good news is the gospel is not simply telling us what to run away from the gospel is about what we ought to run to and sometimes we fear the particles we fear that we agree to wait a Holy Spirit that comprises our religion I have I done all the things right so that I'm avoiding the potholes in claim when I'm running a way that a stream of particles and that point of no return we are to be running to the other point of no return of faithfulness and love did Jesus that's our focus just like the Bible says looking plenty looking to Jesus the author and finisher of our here is the patient of the day here they think you guys have a of Jesus so as we wind down in summary when Jesus returns it will only be two groups of people in both groups of people have reached the point of no return one who has reached the point of no return and rebellion against God to the point that their hearts are so hardened in God declare there's nothing more I can other group has been so completely sold out to Jesus that God declares the faith nothing more you can to take these people out of my end just like Israel but have poured this point of no return in wickedness against God does not happen in one day when one moment but in a series of events such train of decision and just like that on the other end of the extremes to become like Jesus to come to the point of whole surrender is not a work of the day or moment are of a lifetime continual submission to Jesus the decisions that we make affect which way we won't go and also God will not rust in the sick until the harvest is God 's long-suffering towards us is not willing that any should perish but that all should come to eternal life and repentance she's waiting for is waiting for me so today are you holding back the Lord has some claim on your life that you are not getting is there something in your soul days you are trying to hide from Jesus nobody knows what it is a you and you think that he can keep his to yourself which end of the spectrum are are you running away from the feral Canadian particles and are you going to faithfulness to Jesus wears her heart and saw a really huge load is you are as a this media was brought by bodybuilders the website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain it is www. audio tours .org


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