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High Time to Wake Up

Norman McNulty


Norman McNulty

Neurologist at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System, Lawrenceburg, TN



  • November 24, 2012
    11:00 AM
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organ morning everyone and happy Sabbath I'm so glad to be here with you today here in Bermuda and it's great to have my wife and daughter with me as well were just so thankful and appreciative of the invitation to be here thank you for the warm introduction and welcome and I truly believe that God has something very special in store for us this week as we meditate a five theme a living sacrifice we are going to go through the Bible and see in various different ways how Bible characters have been living sacrifices and Halloween today need to be living sacrifices been great to be here with us as we got off the planet reminded us of living on the island of Trinidad that we we lived there until March of this year and I will say that Bermudez quite beautiful and I didn't know what it would be like compared to Trinidad I'll have to say I'm very impressed and we've enjoyed our time already before we get in shoot the message for this morning while it is in our hands and have order firm will get into the message father in heaven I just earnestly pray that you would be with us this morning throughout this week please speak through me may the messenger be lost sight of that maven message point to Jesus and may she be lifted this is my prayer in Jesus name amen our theme this week is a living sacrifice in the eye I like the manner appear on the front which has RC verse from Romans chapter twelve verses one see I would invite you to turn with me and your Bibles to Romans chapter twelve verses one and she which should be a very familiar verse two also Seventh-day Adventist Romans chapter twelve verses one and see and hear we read I beseech you therefore brethren by the mercies of God that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice holy acceptable in the God which is your reasonable service and be not conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God the apostle Paul is leading to the Christian church around he's beseeching them to present their bodies as a living sacrifice to God and not message has resounded down through time to the Christian church into God 's truth living at the end of time today God is imploring as he is pleading with us to present our bodies a living sacrifice and not only that to be holy and not only that but to be acceptable unto God and Paul says Wilson this is your reasonable service this isn't something hard that God is asking this is a reasonable request Jesus came down and died on the cross he risked all of heaven and he simply asking us to offer ourselves as a living sacrifice and immersed to lease you shall unleash that comes to God 's people when it comes to being a living sacrifice because you realize that the devil is going to try to put roadblocks in the way to prevent us from being a living sacrifice and what does the devil do you notice first the NBA not conformed to this world but each lands formed by the renewing of your mind that you made fruit of what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God the roadblock in the way to being a living sacrifice is conformity to the world we present ourselves as God 's professed children we claim the name of God we profess to be preparing for Jesus to come in the clouds of heaven yup all under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit is pleading with God 's church to not conform to the world because it is such an easy tendency an easy trap to fall into we become conformed to this world and that conformity to this world prevents us from being transformed by the renewing of our minds and I prevent this from being living sacrifices that are holy and acceptable to God you can not be renewed in your mind transformed by the grace of God if you were also living in conformity to this world and you know I like the concept of being renewed in the mind because I see a lot of people if you have problems that start from the mind and you know as a neurologist I shrieked family diseases that are caused by physical medical issues like stroke diabetes will cause a stroke or high blood pressure or maybe people have headaches but I also see a lot of people who end up having psychiatric disorders like anxiety disorder depression things like that and they have physical symptoms that go along with their anxiety disorder their depression had no come to my office in the land like numbness in their face arms and feet and I do a simple test is called hyperventilation tests and you have the person hyperventilate and they breathe in and out really fast for after three minutes and if you can reproduce their physical symptoms you shown by that says that their physical symptoms are actually coming from the mine as so as a physician I like the concept that we can present home to the world that you can be renewed in the mind that the grace of God offer something better than letting the cares of this life the way it is now so that we become weighed down with stress anxiety depression and we have trouble getting up from one Internet to the next because work worried about what's going to happen today and let me tell you something if you watch the news on the world around us if you are living for this world if you are conforming to your self to this world your to get stressed out wanting this and it's going to become very difficult for you to be transformed in your mind to be renewed in my mind because you've conformed your life she would this world you may have a profession of godliness but the things that you are most concerned about are not the soon coming of Jesus and the preparing of others to be ready for tell me about your job your school how your kindred and indeed how well they're in America what how well there to be educated and those things take precedence in your mind before you now you're conforming to the world Rita sustains you from Prophets and Kings page one seventy eight there's a reason why we have got people sometimes go down the wrong path conforming to the world this is profiting things one seventy eight the person the prevailing spirit of our time is one of infidelity and apostasy a spirit of love without illumination because I'm knowledge of truth but in reality of the blindness presumption human theories are exalted in ways where God and his law should be Satan 's attempts men and women to disobey with the promise that in disobedience they will find liberty and freedom that will make the most out of your life for saying that it says even the Garden of Eden there is seen a spirit of opposition to the plane word of God of idolatrous exaltation of human wisdom above divine revelation knife you know when we read the Old Testament stories and some of you may be reading through the revived by his work reading plan from the General conference with my family is there one chapter a day from the Bible and you read the stories that in the Old Testament of the children of Israel may start of worshiping there now when more work and offering their chairs the idols burning them as sacrifices in your sink how can people be so foolish and yet the idolatry that exists in the world today is placing human wisdom about the word of God notices and then have allowed their minds to become so darkened and confused by conformity to worldly customs and influences that they seem to have lost all power just made between light and darkness truth and error thirty one or what you can show someone from the word of God this is what the Bible says they are responsible the yeah but I think you know what we need to as God 's people get away from this mentality and say why I went into being now the people who think the Bible and if the Bible says it that's what it is Islamic we may and if we want to be transformed by the renewing of our minds we are going to go by a plane thus saith the Lord we are not going to conform to the thinking patterns of this world that exalts human wisdom above the plane word of God and then this quote finishes by saying of faith such as actuated Paul Peter and John they regard as old-fashioned mystical and unworthy of the intelligence of modern thinkers and I say to that let's have some more Paul Paul Peterson John to bring back a revival in his shoes the Christian world today and you know when we look at this message that Paul was given to the church erroneous pleading with them to make to be living sacrifices to present their bodies holy acceptable to God as a reasonable service to be transformed by the renewal income their minds then in chapter thirteen the very next chapter of her cheeks and chin use the exhortation and verse alone Romans chapter thirteen starting in verse you what and here we read and that now in the time that now it is high time to awake out of sleep now is our salvation nearer than when we believed you think it's time to wake up when is it time to wake up next year will see how Obama does in the United States arisen next German see if things start to China had for the Sunday law and made it will start to get ready after we see what Obama does in the second term eleven the Bible say now the Bible says now it is time Paul Mama Lisa's triumph Jesus it is high time to wake up out of sleep he says and notice he says knowing the time and that knowing the time was he speaking to confuse speaking to God 's people who know prophetically what time of Earth 's history we are living in Weston you know what time it is and because you know what time it is don't you think you should be awake and not sleeping why are you conformed to this world why have you let the cares of this life cause you to fall asleep and you're waiting for the coming of you now it is high time to awake out of sleep for and now is our salvation nearer than when we believe in you now none of us has a guarantee that will be here tomorrow so for living with the mentality won't get ready my feel like it your eternity could come later today or tomorrow I was astounded to brother Kevin about a seven -year-old girl that pastor arrested in the last week here here in Bermuda onion seven years old you never know now it is high time to when you sleep for now their salvation nearer than we believe what Paul says number twelve the night is far spent the day is at hand let us therefore cast off the works of darkness and let us set off the armor of light the works of darkness have no place in the Church of God brothers and sisters when we come to our church board meeting we should not have the spirit of the devil when we interact with each other Shirley it is now time to fill out the works of darkness let us put on the armor of light verse thirteen let us walk honestly as in the day not in rioting and drunkenness not in shame bringing wantonness not in strife and envying no notice first fourteenth but he on the Lord Jesus Christ and make not provision for the flash to fulfill the water thereof there's a lot in this passage first of all we see that Paul was speaking to a group of people that know when it's time to know that Jesus is coming soon so certainly we can make an application that this message is relevant to an incest who believe that Jesus is coming on the clouds of the even if the primary application with the church around the application to God lastly people who know the time prophetically certainly not message applies to us certainly our salvation is nearer than when we first believed she certainly the night is far spent youth out of a series on the sanctuary Jesus entered into the most holy place on October twenty two eighteen forty four we are one hundred and sixty eight years after the night is far spent the day is at hand therefore what are the works of darkness let us put on the armor of light and Artie talked about that verse thirteen let us walk honestly that the marginal reading for the word honestly actually means decently as in the day now you know what this means right walked indecently as in the day statistically speaking what we spent all day maybe hard to imagine unfortunately actually in the city of San Francisco rather actually having to make a law that will ban public nudity in the daytime have mercy why do you need a law to tell people how to dress in the day Paul is saying is ordinarily most common sense thinking people more clothed themselves appropriately during the daytime although as I've gotten older I've become less at least when we come to church I praise God that people are clothed appropriately but what Paul is saying let us walk decently as in the day in other words let us live our lives the way people with common sense to rest during the day because at night time you know what than the ladies of the night and even how they dress that's not how we should live our lives and this is a spiritual application we do not be want to ensure walk around as in the day of that we are like the ladies of the night before Paula Sanger let us walk decently as in the day not in rioting and drunkenness now I don't think rioting and drunkenness literally speaking of the problem in God 's church but think about how you can apply that spiritually been out on investment a moment on this not in shame burning and wantonness no one does it mean to shoot at the King James language that's not an chamber and what's Paul talking about I went somewhere and sheets and shame for him not as they was ever a chamber with a place so weighed down our own hard to wind down like a couch and here's what Paula sang with them people don't you think it's high time to wake up you may not be like those who are rioting and who are drawn but you you should just be like those people who all Lane view all the time is lay around on the couch and watch TV all the time they don't get out they don't go out to help people they don't know not God nor they don't get Bible studies they're not trying to reach the lost they're just sitting around like couch potatoes as we call them in America all the night here as well they're like couch potatoes sitting around listening the good life just trying absolutely then why the way and maybe one of these days Jesus woke up and Paul is saying hey it is high time wake up get off the couch why are you lying around when you should know the time that it is high time for Jesus become in the clouds of them why are you conforming yourself to the world so that the things that you gain the most enjoyment on in this life is not thinking about heavenly things and of Jesus Kingman Batasuna but it's about your favorite TV programs your favorite sports team your favorite music and all of these things that really are helping you to be prepared for Jesus get off the couch wake up now when we think about sleep what's the main reason that we fall asleep because you're tired and when you fall asleep when humans hi I will say this my wife and daughter and I were very grateful to go to sleep plus we got up very early yesterday to travel here and were glad that we made them great we were tired last and when you lay down in the bed to go to sleep it feels good it is so nice someone laid out and just relax and go to sleep it feels good and when someone finds and tries to wake you up your natural send and see if you want to stay in the bad is it not all I want to sleep a few minutes longer my wife my wife can affirm that about me I wanted to sleep a little bit longer it feels so good I'm enjoying this so much and unfortunately somehow God last date shirt is being exhorted to wake up from a condition where we just feel like all of us feel so good I'm not really doing a whole lot that icon the church so that's okay and maybe Jesus will come Sunday and maybe one of these days I'll start doing more for the Lord and yet Paul is saying it is high time wake up why are you conformed to this world we have God 's people should be offering ourselves as living sacrifices holy life been transformed so that when the world sees us they say those people have been connected to God they are in charge with Jesus and I want what they have they are on fire for the Lord is high time to wake up out of her sleep my wipers working but that ye on the Lord Jesus Christ here the keep if you on the Lord Jesus Christ that means you're checking on his righteousness and I'm talking about righteousness by faith you are taking on the garment of Christ righteousness now here's the key connection to take on the garments of Christ's righteousness means that you need a way to you can be sleeping away and experiences his righteousness think the devil and want to point to be made was tried again the Scripture says and what ye on the Lord Jesus Christ in this same thought with waiting out of sleep so another worthless hate on the righteousness of Christ is a way out of a spiritual sleep that we that we need Jesus we need to take on his righteousness we need to take on his wife to wake up from our spiritual condition of sleeping so that we can be transformed by the renewing of our minds in the last verse fourteen and make not provision for the flash to fulfill the loss thereof both in the future Jesus Christ you take on his righteousness Scripture is teaching us that were not going to be making provision to plan on sending everyone while me feel like we give you an example there is a boy named Johnny Cooper walk from school are from his house to school every day and there was on on the way to school I like to guess one cannot fool the problem as his mother told Johnny Johnny you can swim in the full-year massacre school was in that all have to watch them please don't go swimming on you cannot do that without your parents being with you you might drown we don't want you swimming by yourself you know what Johnny did keep his swimming trunks in his backpack and one day when he walked by the pond she said all that water looks so good I think I'll go in today and he changed into a swimming traffic and went swimming myself and his mother found out she said Johnny why did you have your swimming trunks in your backpack when I told you not to swim in the first place what I is responsible while I was transforming in case I missed and you know what we as God 's people do that too often you know the weaknesses that the devil gives you you know what your specific weaknesses when your specific Senate it may be a certain television program that goes the wrong direction hypotheses to take your mind where you know you never should have taken or it may be certain and MSI 's that take you to places you know you never should get out and yet you many times were like Johnny were like well sometimes when I go to those places nothing that happened but in case I'm sent to us feel pretty good so I'll just go there every so often I'll see what happened and yet Paul is saying under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit when we wake up when we realize that it is high time to what we will do on the Word Jesus Christ and we're not going to be making provision and favorite scented so that we can have a good time using the Bible that so what we've seen so far Paul is saying I beseech you I plead with you to present your bodies a living sacrifice to be holy to be transformed by the renewing of your mind and because you know that's all that it is high time to wake up from your sleep fled on the Lord Jesus Christ take on his right and stop living your life where your making provision to fall into temptation don't even go there that on the Lord Jesus Christ and he'll take you another way now is there another place in Scripture that talks about a group of people who are preparing for the coming of the Lord who are sleeping and actually very clearly in Matthew chapter twenty five the parable of the ten virgins and working a look at that right now Matthew chapter twenty five most like at these verses starting in verse one Matthew chapter twenty five starting in verse one then shall the kingdom of heaven be enlightened than the ten virgins which checked their lamps and went forth to meet the brighter analysis pretty straightforward the kingdom of heaven is like ten virgins and of Virgin represents eight zero one and a woman represents the church this represents teachers sure sure they have one water lamps services word is a lamp in the mighty in Hawaii and do my past of these people this church this is your church has been shrewd of the word of God and they are going forth in the bridegroom specifically they are expecting Jesus to come back they on the teaching of the Word of God you have up here church based on their knowledge of Scripture who knows that Jesus is coming back and they are planning on going to me when he and members to five of them were wise and five were falling so you have five wise virgins five full version who are waiting for Jesus to come who are going forth in the notice also have to laugh all you have the word of God all I describe as virgins but only five arise fiber foolish and they that were foolish took their lamps and should know while women what this was all representing the Scripture the Holy Spirit when based on Zechariah chapter four three or you have five foolish virgins without the Holy Spirit they have the word of God but they don't have the Holy Spirit so why their laugh so that when they share the word of God the power of the Spirit of God shines forth through their lives have you met people who can preach the truth they don't have a lot of uses a point of talking about you have the truth of the word of God but you haven't been changed by you don't represent Jesus the others but the wise tinfoil on their vessels with their lamps and this is the amazing thing verse five while the bridegroom 's harried they all all slobbered again slapped out of this you have five wise virgins and five foolish virgins and if I never read this passage before what I would expect is that yes you told me hey some of the versions are in a fall asleep with a only on the fullest ones that actually all ten versions fell asleep and who is this church representing a pure church who have the word of God who is expecting Jesus to come back in the clouds of heaven brothers and sisters this can be none other than God what a church age your church who is proclaiming the coming of Jesus in the clouds of heaven based on the word of God and yet Jesus in his own words describing God lastly people says they all publicly so when you read this verse don't table down her brother or sister so-and-so soundlessly I mean look at how they are living on his son thankful that I'm not like that list the Bible says all of us are sleeping and let me make this Realty we all see all yes Jesus is coming soon I believe it yes Jesus is coming soon because the Son of Man as if you don't say anything helpful your intellect like about and that in your heart of hearts was just paint a scenario here and by the way I am not I'm setting I'm not predicting anything I am just saying less perch Ray S scenario here once just say that when we wake up tomorrow morning or Monday morning the world have lines say ten when our earthquake hits Los Angeles tsunami destroys half the city and then the next day the Pope and President Obama and the leaders of Christian America think we've got to come together to solve this I all of a sudden the people of the United States are making a public outcry things we've got to get back to God need to have a day of rest and we see before our very eyes what we've been told would happen in Revelation thirteen and another great conversation what all of my wow it's really happening now seriously if this happened next week you really would've been set oh yeah I knew that was coming this week on no way and you know why no because of the way we are living our lives we are living our lives doing our jobs going to were going through our routines as if she is carrying and we fallen asleep and were not sure when he's going to come and there is going to be an awakening that is going to come that is been awake this church at Shea this church and some of us are going to be ready for that time and some of us are not going to be ready and the difference is based on the list you have the whale and those you have the oil will hear the cry of Romans thirteen eleven where it says knowing the time that it is high time show way out of sleep because all of us are sleeping we can't say the word fully awake and aware as if Jesus is coming in the clouds were all sort of sleeping a lot waiting until whatever happens is going to happen but you know that's not enough on a good thing that's why we have weeks of revival to become spiritually awakened so that we can realize listen this is serious Jesus may timeout out of the most holy Place in full operation sooner than we may have realized and if we haven't ordered our lives in accordance with the Scriptures now more than ever is the time you notice something specifically ways of God 's church and astronomers six because now we can talk about okay what can happen how are we can wake up what what the Bible does speak for itself what is it that wakes up Gotham last day church where the Bible say what is Jesus it is the words of Jesus by the way what does Jesus say is going to wake up his last day church verse six midnight there was a rhyme may be holed up bridegroom Joe Z out to me had I won the message is going to sell where it is so loud that everyone will wake up is not going to be a little later revival here they are that a few people hear about this is going to be a message that stirs the world this is not other than Revelation eighteen one where an angel come down from heaven having great power and the earth is lightened with his glory and when that message this is the loud cry of the third Angels under the power of the latter rain that is going to wake up God 's sleeping church the latter rain or no and one of the latter rain representative of the Holy Spirit the latter range is poured out upon those you have the way of the Holy Spirit you see that listen if you are living a spirit with why and the only spirit that really shows that most of the time is the wrong spirit don't think that we will not try it were actually what we call the loud cry the Commons for the all of a sudden your mean-spirited evil tempered nature is all of a sudden change in your guy go from being a unnamed devil to yourself to being a loving spouse that might happen God is not going to take a group of answers that are mean crappy mean-spirited backbiting and you name it and suddenly given the ladder rank and logo allow someone the world that Jesus is coming now now now when the latter rain is poured out that message that will wake up a sleeping church the people who will go forth to meet the bridegroom are those you have the whale in their land the oil yield of the Holy Spirit they had been transformed by the renewing of their minds so that even while they are waiting for carrying bridegroom they are demonstrating the power of the Spirit in their life today we have been transformed already solicited if we want to be ready for the midnight cry in the parable if we want to be ready for the loud cry of Revelation eighteen the way to be ready is to receive a power in the Holy Spirit in our hearts and lives today it simply a living sacrifice to be transformed by the renewing of our minds so that when people say us see if they say Jesus was crucified on the cross and they are crucified with Christ they are living sacrifice and when and what were talking about the early rain experience of receiving the spirit on a daily basis of surrendering your life to God every day in the week so that when the latter rain comes you have not well in your lap to go along with the word of God I read if you statements from sister why this is review and Herald August nineteen eighteen nine and she has some very important things to say about the parable of writer knows what she says is a starting in paragraph three of review and Herald August nineteen eighty nine when the third Angels message is preached as it should be how work sends its proclamation and becomes an abiding and flow were talking about theory here were talking about the preaching of the message becomes an abiding influence as far as our practical wiser concern it must be attended with the line power or will accomplish nothing no notices on I am often referred to the parable of the ten virgins five of whom were wise and five foolish this terrible day and will be fulfilled she was a very letter for a house a special application to this time and Mike the third Angels message has been fulfilled and will continue to be present truth until the clothes I noticed this thing here it has been and will be fulfilled to the very letter Nina which is talking about here maybe you've heard of the Millerite movement are right the Miller right movement if you are a Seventh-day Adventist become familiar with the Millerite movement and the best place to go and Ashley were given the great commerce you read about in the great but there's other great sources that talk about is about by adding a Google the midnight riders another but better powerful talk about the millwright made the Miller right movement was the other fulfillment of the parable of the bridegroom how I know this because he represented a pure him reach the coming of Jesus they went forth and meet Jesus they thought he was coming on October twenty two and then what was initially they thought he was coming up taking forty three he didn't so they entered into aides Harriet and wait some time and the making of the understanding that way according to our understanding of prophecy the twenty three hundred days will be fulfilled on October twenty two they cannot understand just Schumann before October twenty two -year-old that since Schumacher for October twenty two all of a sudden the Miller writer sang while Jesus is coming into month we need to get ready to me and that the midnight cry phase of the novel and inspiration cells in industry the historical account that the midnight cry phase of the Millerite movement ship America like a tornado that swept across the way people got their wives in order wrong for writing debts were paid often by the way if you hear preachers out there think Jesus is coming soon don't worry about just mortgage your house go deep in the death all your money in the lower courts that's not how the Millerite flip they cater to thought before Jesus came than those people if Jesus had come there was a group of there was no right to if Jesus really had October twenty two they wanted and ready and of course we see to the faithful were when the disappointment came so that's when the parable will fulfill to the very letter at that point yet appear church five five were wise fiber for the midnight cry was given in the new sophistry were the wise you are the foolish and then we entered into the assembly on this movement with a fuller understanding of our message and how I say that that parable although it has been fulfilled in the very letter it will be again and when it's fulfilled again the midnight cry will be allowed for a revelation eighteen now as I read a few other statements from this article this is getting him down a and the parable of the virgins five are represented as wise and five as full as the name full of versions represents the character notices that character of those you have not been genuine hard work wrought by the spirit of God in other words they are not converted the coming of Christ does not change the foolish virgins until wise ones when Christ comes the balances of heaven will way the character and decide whether it is pure sanctified and holy or whether it is unclean and unfit for the kingdom of heaven those you have despised the divine grace that is at their command that would've qualified in the media inhabitants of heaven will be the fullest version and she goes on the paragraph eleven halfhearted Christians obscure the glory of God this insurer for Heidi and cause men to receive false ideas as to what constitutes a lot of godliness noticed this others think that they also can be Christians and yet consult their own case and make provision for the flash we rather from thirteen and when I put on the Lord Jesus Christ don't make provision for the flesh yet halfhearted Christians for a very artesian the world hate you can be a Christian you can be a Seventh-day Adventist waiting for Jesus to come and do whatever you want and how to live however you please and still be ready for Jesus the con she goes on to say if so when you read this again others think that they also can be Christians and their consult their own taste to make provision for the flesh if these false hearted professors conduce there are many professed Christians in Babylon it was written you can serve God and please self you can serve God and man they profess to be wise virgins by not having the oil race in their vessels with their lamps they shed forth now why to the glory of God for the salvation of the full versions who are they they are those who press us to be Christians yet have troubleshoot a way of living that they know what the truth is that they believe that they can follow their own desires and inclinations whenever they feel like it and so they make provision for the flash to do whatever they want which means they happen often on the Lord 's Christ those who are ready when Jesus comes have on Jesus they have his rights as those you have not been on Jesus they are forced for this is one last thing I want to subscribe thought it wasn't for eleven which is a very fascinating statement 's represented by the foolish virgins are not hypocrites they have a reading guard for the charade they had advocated the truth they are attracted to those who believe the truth but they have not yielded themselves to the Holy Spirit is working they have not fallen upon the rock Christ Jesus and permitted their old nature to be broken the foolish virgins they a lot of it sure is for the ominous message they lobby here that Jesus is coming soon they like to be around people who preach about the coming of Jesus but at the end of the day they have not yielded their life to Jesus Christ they have not fallen upon the rock Christ Jesus they have not made themselves a living sacrifice now we're talking about all week is becoming a living sacrifice for NSC this evening the condition of the Laodicean church which connects to the fullest versions of them organized go step-by-step and see how well this is a wholly early plausible way of life for God lastly people because there are people all through the history of Scripture who have lived this way Abraham Elijah Jesus and then after that the reformers and then the Scripture talks about a group of people living at the end of time who are going to wake up out of their sleep and who will be a demonstration of the world of what it means to be a living sacrifice and I saw just told you were going for the whole week and you want me here because if you want be part of that special group of people the wise virgins who when the latter ran of the Holy Spirit is poured out and pick Fry is made by the bridegroom is coming Jesus is coming he has coming in the clouds for his saints the main level we want at the moment in our life is to be among those who are ready when Jesus comes who will be among those who partake in the proclamation of the wild fry of Revelation eighteen what a tragedy it would be for that one out Friday combat address the way out of our site and relied only I'm not ready I haven't given my heart and life to Jesus Christ every day as you know what there is hope for us today because you may be saying your mind I'm like that old version I'm just coming to church because I view it out of reach he'd been in my heart I have all this bitterness towards my brother or sister in this church I'm in the world things aren't going well my wife I'm snapping on my spells all the time I'm not demonstrating the wattages and anyone around me I need help I need you and you know what being here today is just where God wants you to there is hope for because Scripture says that through the power and grace of Jesus he can make all things new that through his grace and through his power that we can become transformed that we can have renewed my that we can have the mind of Christ and be a demonstration of the love of God in the world so that when the midnight cry in the parable is sounded and we all wake up out of this waiting time we will be among those you are red and you know God needs more people to have a sense of urgency Jesus really is we need to wake up now don't wait for the love credits they always have been no wake up now do everything in your life now to get the message at a certain sound to wake up sleeping church all around us so that when Jesus comes we will be among those who are giving the message a certain someone each review that statement again from review and Herald August nineteen eighty ninety when the third Angels message is preached as it should be how I'd send this proclamation and it becomes a binding in front with this church here we want to be on the island of Bermuda that sure with all the other churches where we get the message with such power that people all around the state this is the message this is what we need this is what we want we want to be part of a church that is getting the message to prepare people for the coming of the Lord stood by the grace of God we will be living sacrifices truth the five Christ living lives that are holy acceptable to God through his power which is our reasonable service we will not be conformed to this world like the fullest burden but we will be transformed by the renewing of our minds having the mind of Christ so that we won't let all the good and acceptable and perfect will of God if you want to say today by the grace of God I will surrender my life to Jesus Christ in the women's soccer that is your desire I would invite you to stand with us we have a special prayer of consecration for this message that we are just samples was standing those you want to be a living sacrifice say my wife will be holy acceptable unto God that I will live a wife that is a reasonable service but once pray father in heaven we thank you that in Scripture you give us how that even if we may be sleeping you are constantly knocking on the door of our hearts to wake us up out of our sleep so that we will give a trap at a certain sound that we will fill on the Lord Jesus Christ so that we will be a demonstration of his righteousness of the world so that when the latter reign as for now we will be among those who received that extra power the Holy Spirit to go forth to the world to give a message that will prepare people for the coming of our Lord I pray for each one of us here's standing today you know that we want to be among the wise virgins forgive us for so often living a life that is more like a full which version help us to wake up from that condition and to give our lives fully completely leave so that we will represent you that we will have the truth of your work and the power of your spirit that will represent your life and be with a through the remainder of this week a prayer and we're just getting started Maine this week of prayer this week in revival really awakened in each one of us the power of your spirit so that we won't go out so may remember around who can carry on your man how I is a this media was brought as the iPod is a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through free sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about half universe will feel like this is more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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