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Two Mighty Angels of Revelation

Norman McNulty


Norman McNulty

Neurologist at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System, Lawrenceburg, TN



  • November 30, 2012
    7:00 PM
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father in heaven we thank you so much for bringing us here this evening we thank you for the Sabbath hours the holy sacred hours that we can spend where we can rest in you and we can worship you apart from the cares of this life I just pray that as we worship you this evening that you would just speak through me in a very special way as we talk about a very special movement that we are part of the year of raise that the Cyrus industry as we come to the end of this series made everything come together may it makes sense and help us to be inspired to be part of your last they work I pray in Jesus name so the message for this evening is entitled shoe mighty angels of Revelation as we look at what we've talked about throughout this week last Sabbath for church we talked about the need to wake up out of sleep and then Sabbath evening we talked about how the church is in a lukewarm condition and needs to become on fire for God after laying foundation we went through some Bible characters such seeing that there are examples of those you have led the way before us Abraham and we saw how his wife was upset any of the three Angels messages we saw you why'd you house his life with a wife of sacrifice how he fearlessly proclaimed the message for his time then we saw the sacrificing life of Jesus of the ultimate sacrifice that he made on the cross and then last message we saw the sacrificial phase of the reformers how they each carried on the spirit of what had come before from the faith that had been given through God 's people before the cross and after the cross and then send money we are going to see how the Reformation means is file conclusion the Reformation did not can with Martin Luther the Reformation since then you and the Bible prophesied of a time when a very special movement would be raised up at the end of time to prepare a people for the coming of the Lord and we're going to see that from Scripture tonight before we get too much farther I want to tell you that this movement of the Advent movement that we are going to talk about tonight is based on our understanding of the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation a lot of reading your very special quote this is from testimony the ministers page one sixteen in this quote reads those you eat the flesh and drink the blood of the son of God will bring from the books of Daniel and Revelation Sharif that is inspired by the Holy Spirit so were talking about being living sacrifices we see that Jesus was a living sacrifice and Alan Weinfeld is that those who eat the flash and drink the blood of the son of God who was that living sacrifice will bring forth each letters from the books of Daniel and Revelation that is inspired by the Holy Spirit was in the books of Daniel and Revelation aren't merely talking about beasts and more there's a lot more to your next event tonight I'll continue with this quote continuing tables start into action forces that cannot be repressed did you hear that they will start into action forces that cannot be repressed the lips of children will be open to proclaim the ministries that of been hidden from the minds of the men when you read the statement that John people will start into action forces that cannot be repressed this is talking prophesied in Revelation chapter eighteen verse one which we read and I says and after these things I saw another angel come down from heaven having great power and the earth was enlightened with his glory Revelation space of time were under the power of the Holy Spirit the entire earth will be illuminated with an glory on the character of God and brothers and sisters that do the work that we want to take Barnett when we studied the books of Daniel and Revelation we will bring forth truth that is inspired by the Holy Spirit that will star in the action forces that cannot be repressed that will climax in Revelation eighteen where a mighty angel comes down from heaven having great power and the earth is enlightened with his glory now Revelation eighteen is the grand conclusion of God 's work here on this Earth but in order to get the revelation eighteen something else has to take place for a Revelation eighteen is the second of the two mighty angel that we are going to talk about is the title of the message is too mighty angels in Revelation Revelation eighteen is the culmination is the climax of the final word here on this Earth just before Jesus comes and that work is yet future that second mighty angel of revelation has yet to take place but we are going to see that there is another mighty angel in the book of Revelation that lays the foundation for the second mind you will take place and where do you think the other mighty angel was found in the book of Revelation I would invite you to ensure and to Revelation chapter ten Revelation chapter ten and just out of curiosity how many of you done a Bible study in Revelation chapter case summary all right I think you're going to be fascinated by how revelations can connect the revelation eighteen Revelation chapter ten starting in verse one and again the title of our message is too mighty angels of revelation here we read in Revelation chapter ten verse one and I saw another mighty angel down from heaven clothed with a cloud and a rainbow was upon us and his face was as it were the son and I see as pillars of fire and he had in his hand a little book open and he said his right foot upon the sea it has left them on the here and ride with a loud voice is one Hawaiian roar it now Revelation chapter ten if you look at the description of this angel you already can tell who this angel is and what the work of this engine was designed to accomplish the description of this Angela fact that he is clothed with the cloud studies come down from heaven the rainbow was upon us and that his face was like the sun and his fears for the fire that is no accident that the annual described in such a manner first of all who is this angel how we proved from Scripture who this evangelist for the first thing we see is is that this angel has come down from heaven this is a heavenly messenger not only that this angel is closed with a I will rainbow upon a set his face is like the sun and his feet are like pillars of fire now I'm going to tell you very quickly who it is Angela 's Athena Revelation chapter one verses twelve through fifteen you will see the answer to this question Revelation one versus Walter fifteen and I turned to see the voice that spake with me and being sure and I saw seven golden candlesticks and him unnoticed than the seven candlesticks one like unto the Son of Man who is not this is Jesus and what is Jesus described as looking like he is clothed with a garment down to the floor and are about the past of the Golden girl his head in his hairs were white like wool as white as snow and his eyes were as a flame of fire and his feet like in the fine brass as if they burned in a furnace and his voice as the sound of many waters just as Jesus has seen better on fire in Revelation chapter one his theater as pillars of fire in Revelation chapter ten this mighty angels in Revelation chapter ten is none other than Jesus and I can show you more proof these clothes with a cloud just as in Exodus thirteen the pre- incarnate Christ was in the pillar of cloud that love the children of Israel so he has seen white flyer as Revelation chapter one and when you come to exit his chapter thirteen specifically when you were at verses twenty one and twenty two notice this and the Lord your the Lord went before them by day in a pillar of a cloud believed in the way and by night in a pillar of fire to give them why did go by day and night teacher where the pillar of the cloud by day nor the pillar of fire by night from before the people so just as the Lord the pre- incarnate Christ what will the weather allowed to leave the children of Israel and Revelation chapter ten he has also closed when the class and noticed a rainbow was above his had one of the rainbow signified God gave the rainbow when he made a covenant with you now what am Revelation chapter four verse five we see a rainbow above the throne of God so what was the description of Jesus as the mighty angels hallows will number one piece close with a cloud and just as he was in a pillar of cloud to leading a movement of people from Egypt to Canaan Jesus is now coming down from heaven prophetically closed when McLeod ranch arrays of a new movement of people to lean them from this marriage later the spiritual can and he's doing so would Lorraine Loeb on this test which signifies this movement will follow the common specifically the new covenant word God writes his law into our hearts and minds and because he is bringing a remembrance of the company and other lofty is showing us that he is going to raise up a group of people who keep all the commandments including the fourth commandment and not only that this phase of the sinus theater for the fire she is the one who leaves the way and then inverse to we see where the message that will leave this movement its round burst your revelations and where we see Jesus happiness had a little blood open and he said is right for the policy has left upon your lesson Jesus has a book open and has had now Jesus has opened the book is about a book that you would want to read now how do we know which I know Jesus is saying there is a book that is open that will point you to the fact that I am raising up a new movement based on the common base on the fact that I just apply what Israel from Egypt to Canaan I'm leading a new movement from spiritual age of the spiritual kingdom and just as I went literal Israel from Egypt to Canaan and gave them a greater understanding of my character through the sanctuary because the pillar of cloud was above the mercy seat I am slow with a cloud again above the sanctuary in heaven and other words the message that is driving this movement is Christ that the leader the cloud upon the sanctuary based on the law of God based on a little blood that has been open at this time of resistor now if you study Revelation carefully Revelation chapter ten is in between the sixth and the seventh through one hundred get lost in the weeds of the trumpet of flight and happen to let me just tell you this seven churches seven seals seven trumpets the seven churches and with a lukewarm church but then the seven the seven seals and with a hundred and forty four thousand coming out of God 's last pictures and then after the sales you come to the trumpet and you see that God raises up a movement that prepares the hundred and forty four thousand now when you study the trumpet specifically you will find that the sixth trumpet ended on August eleven eighteen forty emanating in okay one or two people great controversy page three thirty four confirms that the time prophecy of the sixth trumpet ended on August the love eighteen forty two revelations happened which means that right is that prophecy was fulfilled according to the word of the Lord Jesus comes down from heaven of the prophecy has been fulfilled this confirms the principles of prophetic interpretation that point you might see a comment and I am here coming down from heaven to raise up a new movement based on movement that will understand the sanctuary that will understand the law of God and the covenant and that will be raised up to go from this Earth to the spiritual Canaan and the blood that was open during this time a person is none other than the book of Daniel where there was a time prophecy in Daniel chapter eight verse fourteen which the other two thousand three hundred days then shall the sanctuary as either sanctuary language in verses one here in Revelation ten and Jesus is announcing that blood in the Old Testament that if one of you two thousand three hundred years into the future that time is now it's time to open up the book of Daniel just studying the prophecies and to understand what is going to happen at the end of the two thousand three hundred days solicited in Jesus opened up the book of Daniel don't tell me when you stop letting now more than ever is the time to study the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation and when you study the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation you will find that those prophecies point to movement specifically raised up by God himself and it was so important that he sent his son Jesus and the mighty Angel to come down to the surface she went now that this movement was here on this Earth to be part of the finishing of God 's word drums are and he had in his hand a little book open now if you study the history of the era we talked about a little the last Sabbath God used a humble farmer by the name of William Miller and by the way the pastor and I went to the ABC on Wednesday and they happened like the midnight cry by Francis D miracle if you want to get history on the Millerite movement it's in your ABC right here in Hamilton I would encourage you to get William Miller he was a humble farmer he came from a Christian family he became a genius and he is someone who believes that God created the world but he set the world in the Martian and he just step back and let things take their natural course so William Miller didn't really have much regard for God he was sure the church just for the sake of his family that God was a big part of his life and then he would come sometime that he wouldn't count one time his mother asked him William why are you coming to church more often he's like oh I have to listen to the elder reader printed sermon he cannot read it very well and his mother got an idea hey if you don't like listening to the sermons we can get you to read the sermon because he was a good reader he can study and you can read as so seeing agreed okay I'll read the sermon for church and one Sunday because he didn't have a lot on the Sabbath one Sunday he was reading a sermon based on Isaiah fifty three in the sufferings of Christ and William Miller as he is up there reading becomes convicted that Jesus is the Messiah the son of God and she becomes so overwhelmed by what reading MS sermon that he begins weeping from the folder and he couldn't even finish the sermon and the congregation started weeding with him because this always happen they saw that God was reaching a start in others nothing better there's nothing more special than when a sinner comes to crime and William Miller J and that experience and from that time he went to a study of the Scripture and he says and has personal memoirs that as you study the Bible he found in Jesus a true and dear for the only known volume however the one who discovered twenty three hundred a prophecy in all these different prophecies but that was all part of a framework that was how the foundation word says foundation was that Jesus was his best and dearest friend and the spirit of God led them to a study in the prophecies where he came to an accurate understanding of many prophecies in Scripture and William Miller study on his own and several years before he started preaching he came to the understanding that the twenty three hundred a prophecy of Daniel eight fourteen would conclude about the year eighteen forty three and I believe it was twenty something years before the time and he said he just got this very happy feeling while my best friend my Savior will be returning to this earth in about twenty five years and yet he was a farmer he didn't consider himself a preacher and so he didn't really go around and share the Iraqi people that Hannah Sammy and William Melanie 's been starting to think that Jesus is going to come around eighteen forty three but interesting on how you get without I guess he studied mostly useless and you know what you did in the intervening years while he didn't preach she thought of all the different possible objections to his conclusions and he works through all the objections and after he worked Raleigh and he found that his conclusions were more solid than ever so that when he finally went out and preached when people raise any objections he already worked through the and so she didn't have any plans on becoming a preacher becoming a minister and finally one day he felt this conviction go and tell it to the world and he said all I can do this I'm a farmer no one is going to wasn't a rough farmer how did you call me to be a preacher when I'm not even trained to do that and he made a deal with God be careful when you make deals with God which by the way which is a server in which he living sacrifices the William Miller to thought he was making a deal that he wouldn't have to keep and he told God God if someone invites me to preach I will go and start preaching little did he know that his nephew was already on the way from the town over inviting him to preach for the next day he didn't know that God had already set the deal love so that Willie Miller thought it wouldn't happen and already have the answer for answer just a few minutes later after he made the deal with God his nephew not the majority any consonants as uncle William our family would like you to come to church tomorrow and share what you've been spreading about the prophecies one and the second coming of Jesus and William Miller 's stormed out of a thousand angry with God God how did you do this to me I don't want to do this I don't want to be a preacher and he went out to the Maple Grove behind his house and he wrestled with God for about half an hour and when he came out of that growth unit cancer of the farmer but he came out as a preacher and from that day forward he went around preaching from place to place and he became one of the greatest preachers John elaborating the anyhow what God needs more men more people like William Miller who would be willing to be used by God before going to use my gosh we need a study we can't just assume that we know our messenger for not opening our Bibles young William Miller's guide to the Scripture and he died in a Dodge and he got it into deep depression truth that when the prophecies of the hour and we are God one day people will be an even clearer understanding of our message now we should be studying like William Miller to we have no excuses and he became a great preacher and after that he started going around preaching from town account that was finally around the year eighteen forty but in a another preacher in the study involved by the name of Joshua Hines Joshua must basically became his manager and instead of having Wally Miller is preaching any given small church here and there Josh Levine 's government and the big churches in the big city they started publishing in newspapers the midnight cry and other other newspapers and before too long America became aware that a group of people believe that Jesus was common around the rating for this was prophesied Jesus came down from heaven to raise out this new and he used a humble farm William Miller to proclaim this work now when you look at what happens of course you see that there was a disappointment in verse eight of Revelation chapter chances in the voice which I heard from heaven spake and me against it go and take the little book which is open in the hand of the angel which status upon the scene upon Europe this is the book of Daniel is being told to take and I went to the England Senate and give me the will you set in the meantime take and even beneficial the only better the initial BMI mouth sweet as honey and I think the little book out of the angel 's hand and ate it up and I was in my mouth sweet as honey and as soon as I read my belly was better here's what happened they believe in Ashley Jesus is gone a comment by the spring of eighteen forty four by March of eighteen forty four Jesus didn't come that was the early disappointment then in August of eighteen forty four Samuel snout he came to an understanding that what according to the prophecies when Jesus came and died on the server for the spring festival there's also the false apostles Jesus died at the Passover lamb in the spring Festival on the very day the sanctuary to be close at the end of the twenty three hundred is not in the fall Festival and the very day of the damage and eighteen forty four is October twenty two so Samuel Snow preaches this message in front of several thousand at early and unbelievers in a town called Exeter New Hampshire and he comes and actually Joseph Graves one of the most planners was preaching a message and was pretty drive people are likely for this before but is not helping us understand what's going on Daniels now comes and he sits on the front row next to his sister who was seated on the front of the shoulder I have his sister stands up with a brother base it down my brother has non- blogger nobody's going to be up to me and I and and brother babysat down Samuel Snow came up she told them based on my study Jesus is coming October twenty two gigabits on August twelfth it was two months and ten days before the day and they really believe that Jesus was going to come and when they got to that Jay and Jesus didn't come when it is of one dinner in the belly had been so sweet in the mouth and listen on what that Samara Ainu one hundred percent again when I find setting up selling one hundred and seven but was a safer illustration say if I knew one hundred percent that she is my best and dearest friend is coming back tomorrow and tomorrow done and will be back up if I know is coming tomorrow today is the happiest day of my life because I can't wait to see Jesus and when tomorrow comes and he doesn't count that would be the most excruciating disappointment and that is what they went through but you know there was more that needed to happen but they didn't understand and more letters that needs to happen is described actually in Revelation chapters and verses six and seven when you see it will start verse five speaking of the stains on the angel which I saw stand up on the seat and upon the earth lifted up his hand to heaven and swear by him that limits for ever and ever who created heaven and the things that therein are and the earth and the things that they are not in the city and the things which are therein that there should be time no longer this is speaking of no more prophetic time after the end of the two thousand three hundred a prophecy in connection with God as Creator which connects us to the first Angels message and the judgment hour there will be no more prophetic time and number seven but in the days of the voice of the seventh angel when he shall begin to sound the mystery of God should be vanished as he hath declared to his servants the prophets what John the regulators been told that when the seventh angel was the seventh trumpet begins the sound the ministry of God will be finished in this movement that Jesus himself has raised the no to question when the seventh trumpet begins and what the mystery of God is the question that I because the minimum piñatas race that they only element of Daniel is based on the sanctuary message the covenant is based on the twenty three hundred days being unsealed and were told that when this happens the seventh trumpet will sound and the ministry of God will be finished with question is one of the seventh trumpet begins in the answer that question is found in Revelation eleven versus fifteen and nine Revelation eleven verse fifteen notice what it says in the seventh angel sounded and what scared down a verse nineteen so the Son of Man who are the seven trumpet sounds easy what happens when the seventh trumpet sound notice verse nineteen and the sentence of God was opened in heaven and there was seeing this sample the archivists has been where is that in the sanctuary that's the most holy place and what points us to the most holy place prophetically speaking the twenty three hundred a prophecy and we just saw but that's October twenty two eighteen forty four so revelation ten sentences when the seventh trumpet again the sound on October twenty two eighteen forty four from that point forward a very special work is going to take place and it is this the mystery of God should be found now what's the mystery of God I heard someone in the outlook for the Bible Colossians chapter one verses twenty six and twenty seven we will see that there is a very special work that needs to be finished in the Avenue actually was Colossians one twenty five whereby men administer according to the dispensation of God which is given the need for you to fulfill the word of God even the mystery which hath been hid from ages and from generations but now is made manifest to us I think he's an okay on the unwind of selling what this mystery is in heaven what this mastery verse twenty seven J Herman God when making now what is the riches of the glory of this ministry among the Gentiles which is Christ in you the hope of glory you see that what the mystery of God the mystery of God is Christ in you notice is not Christ outside of you is not just price covering it it's all about yes that is Christ in you the hope of glory which connects us to Galatians two twenty which says I am crucified with Christ nevertheless I live yet not I but who lives in me for my stuff the mystery of God and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of Jesus that the third Angels message noticed this the mystery of God is Christ in you meaning that you have been crucified with Christ you have been a living sacrifice with Christ therefore Christ lives in you and he exercises his space through you and you then become a demonstration of the third Angels message and here's the thing when Christ lives in you that helps Christ to accomplish the work of cleansing sin out of our lives so when the seventh trumpet began to sound on October twenty two eighteen forty four that synonymous with the judgment again in heaven that's synonymous with the sanctuary beginning to be cleansed in the most holy what is synonymous with Christ beginning a word in the hearts and lives of the believers where he clearly was us from sin as we become true supply with that is what Jesus came down from heaven to raise up with it another way the second and their movement is a heaven initiated Christ initiated ordained movement of job ways off at the end of the world to flash the great controversy where God raises up a group of people through whom he can have his son Jesus Christ dwelling in our hearts by faith as we are crucified with them and as we are crucified with Christ we become a demonstration of his character to the world and he can win the sanctuary and happen if I don't like this there must be in one think of the sanctuary and the stolen in the heart of the life of God 's people here upon the earth in harmony with Christ's cleansing of the sanctuary in heaven he will have a plan sanctuary if you have them and when people team raised the second and that movement is the line the movement of the Reformation that brings people back to the Bible and the Bible alone which points us to having an experience of living the life of Jesus Christ here on this earth and that is the third Angels message and that's why the Miller writes they didn't completely understanding of the first and the second Angels message but they didn't get the third Angels message and that's why the angel says in revelations numbers eleven thou must prophesy again before nations kings sons and people that means you need to preach the yes not only were the first and the second handle message but when the third Angels message as a complete unit and that's what God raised up the Seventh-day Adventist church to accomplish we are here to accomplish the work of the third angel now this message as you can see is entitled to mighty angels of revelation that you realize that one day the second monumental that we talked about at the beginning of the message will come down from heaven I am looking for that day when Revelation eighteen one becomes a reality and we see an angel come down from heaven having great power the earth is aligned with Lori the whole world sees the character of God and the character of God filled the lives of the believers they cried mightily with a strong voice saying Babylon the great is fallen is fallen and has become a habitation of devils listen when we become filled with the power the Holy Spirit we are going to cost them by its right name and the rest of the world is not going to be happy to be identified as being aligned with Satan but when will Revelation eighteen become a reality will be reviewed a very interesting quote from review and Herald April twenty one eighteen ninety one and actually ties all this together the latter reign as the fall upon the people of God a mighty angel is to come down from heaven and the whole earth is to be applied in with the glory for all my identifies the angel of Revelation eighteen as a mighty angel and by the way of the mighty Angela Revelation eighteen is a repetition of the three angels but with greater power from mighty angels to come down from heaven and the whole worldview widened with the scoring and noticed that she asks some questions are we ready to take part in the glorious work of the third annual are vessels ready to receive the heavenly view have we defiled the handset on the heart and noticed this so she's asked the questions and now notice what she says yes so what is the land assault simple notice that the Columban of the sanctuary what is clinical salt samples and prepare for the showers of the latter rain in other words when the sanctuary is clamped over see the A continuing the refreshing from the presence of the Lord will never come to Hartsfield with impurity and what is this May God help us to die to sell their rice the hope of glory may be formed aware that no notice what we've just seen here when Christ is the hope of glory just formed with and that means the mystery of God is finished that means the sanctuary in heaven as he went and that means our hearts are ready to receive the outpouring of the latter rain so that the second angel of Revelation eighteen can come down from heaven having great power so here's the thing the first mighty angel that mighty angel was Jesus himself who raised up a movement of people the second Advent movement through for the mystery of God to be finished but when the second angel the second mighty angel of Revelation eighteen comes down this will you be so much more powerful because rather than just being Jesus by himself he is going to be an entire world of people who are just like Jesus Coogan June the work of Jesus through his power through his grace to help us a Jesus who are living the third Angels message and when the world sees them they see a demonstration of the character of Jesus on this earth and when that time comes great power will be seen here on this Earth that's why online doesn't write about it wasn't a sixty nine when the character of Christ shall be perfectly reproduced in the people then he will come between them the issue is this Jesus raised on to have eighty one people who demonstrate his character in order for us to be one percent in order for Christ to be formed within the love of glory Galatians two twenty says I am crucified with Christ when we become crucified with Christ Christ comes an end soon goes out and ask for items in an sin goes out our lives become clear is that sin and we become demonstrations of the character of God to the world and I'm telling you this job is still waiting for that day to come we have been waiting since eighteen forty four for the mystery of God to the finish and John is doing everything he can chew way his people to help us to understand that by his grace we need to surrender our lives to Jesus every day and as we see his matchless charms on the cross as he's made salvation available to each one of us we say Jesus we welcome you and we give our lives and when God other people who will respond to such a failure in who will allow him to come and do our heart and into our minds and into our lives in the mommy law when the Angel of Revelation eighteen will come down from heaven and that's solely and completely God 's word we simply make the choice to let them and what were going to see tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon our more specific elements to the message that occurs in fact were going to see that God sent a message in eighteen eighty eight to prepare his people to have this experience and then tomorrow afternoon were going to see the final elements of going altogether do you know what I truly believe that very seeing the mystery of God is going to be fetched I'd surely believed that very soon the sanctuary in heaven is going to be clan I truly believe that very soon the latter rain is going to be poured out upon God last date people and Jesus is going to stand up in the most holy place of the heavenly sanctuary and he is going to say it is he that is unjust let him be unjust still see those filthy let him be filthy still he that is righteous let him be righteous though he that is holy let him be holy still and I pray with all my heart that I and that you will be among those that will be the righteous and holy and that we will be among those who are part of the word where that earth is lighting with the glory of God 's care if you want to be part of a special word if you want Stanford special prayer of commitment and consecration asking for God to plan the whatever some may remain on our life asking for him to empower us with a wider range so that we can go forward it is worth I would invite you to stand with me at the father in heaven we thank you that you had a final maintenance of the Reformation movement that Jesus himself came down from heaven to raise up amendment of the mystery of God which is Christ in us that it will not move would have Christ in us the wise will be cloudless said that we would receive the power the latter ran the Holy Spirit that we were enlightened eras with your glory to your power and through your grace are we asked for forgiveness of ourselves when we have fallen short of your glory we thank you that you are a merciful and forgiving God that you will cleanse us and forgive us of all of our sons and what I just pray that from this week of meetings that we have been experiencing that you would help us to see just the work that you have given us to do here on this Earth in order for us to be prepared for you to come and for us to do your work to prepare people for your we thank you for the message in Daniel and Revelation that identifies our movement and we ask for forgiveness for being in such a new form Laodiceans they help us to wake up to see your matchless charms to surrender our life to you and to go forward allowing Christ to be formed within our hearts this is my prayer in Jesus name so you thought you more messages tomorrow morning eighteen eighty eight the eighteen eighty message in the cross of Christ in them tomorrow afternoon the last generation in the cross of Christ are one of the year for the last messages that are Andrew and I will learn not mainly to a of this media was brought audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through free seminar audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe is like this is more so than please visit www. on universe .org


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