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Pacific Union ASI Plenary Meeting, Part 1

John Bradshaw


John Bradshaw

Speaker/Director for It Is Written



  • April 26, 2012
    7:00 PM
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father in heaven thank you for bringing us this place tonight we come to you in the name of Jesus just as a friend would develop him come to me in my hands no price I bring simply to the cross I cling as a thank you father that we can be here tonight to discuss this fistful this idea this business of reflecting Christ with being blessed with beautiful music tonight we've been encouraged with stirring testimonies tonight and now we pray expecting that your Holy Spirit will do a great one speak through this faulty instrument please Lord if you would think that we from now varying places and backgrounds we had where distractions while the good things in our minds and all that rot has a special focus now please that as we consultant consider a passage of the Bible you will spirit would speak that we would take unheated area of corrections you want us to take that we would go from here somehow affected a hot outlines one with your mind and purposes blended into your purposes so that a father guiding and blessing now we pray confidently pray expecting and we pray in Jesus name we sit together and nineteen sixty just like this year was an election-year that it was clear that the presidential race was going to be a close race the Republican Party had been holding office President Dwight D Eisenhower had been the president of these United States attentions eight use that his vice President Richard Nixon who knows his middle name for you did better than I expected Richard DeMille what Nixon Eisenhower Vice President was seeking to win the presidency in this place however on the other side of the political aisle there was a dynamic young senator from the state of Massachusetts one John Fitzgerald Kennedy political campaigning with the case and it was a bonus this was a real file and this was really bad for politicians learned the fire like a fight today president Eisenhower had something to say about whom he felt was the best qualified to succeed him in the White House and the review while Eisenhower said about Richard Milhouse Nixon he said this he said Richard Nixon is an experienced miniscule a division of the critical affairs of the world for a news he has been a full participants in the deliberations that reduce the great decisions affecting our nation 's security that had us at peace he has shared more intimately in the great affairs of government than any vice president in the law history he has traveled the world studying was ten dollars and means of more than fifty nations he knows it is the leaders of those nations knowledge of measurable value to a future president by Paul on Richard Nixon is the best qualified man to be the next president of the United States really know that I hardly politically you have met in Canada's thing with some pretty impressive qualifications very impressive some years later those very qualifications would help them when he succeeded Linden what is meddling in him down asking you these questions you know those very qualifications would help them succeed Linda names Johnson and become the actual president of the United States next was a graduate of the University 's school of more he was a lieutenant to monitor the Navy during World War II he was a congressman and one of the youngest vice president in the history of the United States but these although very impressive qualifications were not enough to sway the minds of the people of the United States John F. Kennedy was elected president in the rest is history when you are my own you find several characters who come at faith with very impressive resumes we also hold was one who had a tremendously impressive credentials writing he was good friends in the city of July which is imprisoned Macedonian these decrease me in the Aegean Sea Pole was able to recite a list of very impressive credentials demonstrating that when it came to being religious being the times all the Jewish religion was eminently qualified in the Bible I like to go with me to the book of Philippians and we shall open Philippians chapter three Philippians chapter three Pennsylvania Philippians the project and I don't read from plus four that's read Philippians three and was full he says in verse three talked about these individuals such as himself who have no confidence in the flesh from leasing was blissful what he says that one might also have confidence what I say I can't see the light within you and is adorned on a no I might also have confidence in the flesh if any other man think that he has whereof he might trust in the flesh I will relentlessly to understand this will analyze this as we go Paul is saying here is that anyone who was six that he has enough this gave himself that he can his human is at his own righteousness Paul Susan anybody can do that he can do it more circumcised the night and day all this talk of Israel on tribe of Benjamin a Hebrew of Hebrews as touching the law harassing he is in Ramallah and Diane fulfilled the obligations of the Lord just when he was a little boy he was an Israelite was in the tribe of Benjamin now you might not know what you might wonder what you might have figured it out already but someone might decide what type of Benjamin Soloway Benjamin was the driver the first king of Israel came from King Saul is very good jobs this old soul was made on the console man I come from the try so as to give Israel a pretty good right any Hebrew of Hebrews as touching them all off see all the longer that little sick of people in those of a law keeping the little righteousness will be little too easily and easily this is these people these things drive me nuts these people were also talks off the dogs and Paul could say I was one of the boxes on the author don't ask concerning you feel I persecuted the church when it came to touching the righteousness which is in the law by law blameless how many Muslims say that writing is touching the righteousness that is in the Seventh-day Adventist journals blameless man I do it all food and health overhaul dress reform so fighting unit in with you soon let's will not be gathering many people today today and say that righteous but the whole old box is checked on this man was all right Susan Mann the way we measure righteousness human beings touching the righteousness all the more he said blameless blameless but in the recent next but one things were gain to be those I counted who loss for Christ 's next something loss for Christ is the only items I is with yourself and I'm from the South you know North Carolina I mean my wife is from North Carolina and that experts can hope for us as an analyst oxymoronic using Jewishness was beyond question this is a use is strictly less his commitment is is a righteousness and he's doing this was wanting this was the nice old El Dorado should take some of the offering Grigsby Moses God bless you happy Saturday him us him he's all modern-day enough for me in the church energy would be not a reading elderly living French language the apostle is awaiting ahead of the building committee convened during visitation everything Paul had all his righteousness at something shocking though decent what things were gain to me so I counted loss for Christ loss egos on this again doubtless and I count all things but loss for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord for the life of the loss of all things and to help him but will benefit with Christ in Greenwood Verdun is an ugly word some translations in the the would refuse in the English-language same idea isn't this whole committee 's Alice religious now would we opt for green men in every way say as the things that that other people would consider growing credentials within the righteousness made little nothing to him how can that be have you been fishing was the one the whole string and note that I'll never been a great fisherman is interesting it's interesting what you learned a lot when used when you have two children my son and I don't know why but my son has decided he was going to be the great fisherman and how was he like six years old and he just decided he was efficient and now and fishing was everything and never like fishing I consider fishing trip and then displayed a waste of perfectly good day you could be doing something but instead instead you're just sitting holding a fishing pole as I understand why alcohol was invented alcohol was invented to give a human something to do alcohol was invented and brought nowadays terrible things I mean removing under regular light of facility management is like an icon slim drive the boat while in the audience but my son decided that fishing and so one of the new life that she got a life fishing now and if it's with my boy I do like watching paint dry it would be with my boy and I mean that sincerely so if it's thinking with my son I download now love and we would we would do this thing with this is living with vision you know you can get a disadvantage in that existed in the same slide is what they refresh the same they even use a cricket and the delicate bluegill with Monica and cropping whatever the case might be enough when we travel constantly all I can like it we don't want like crickets crickets Muslim would take a strike again I like to put Romo also been implemented while the cricket on the one of those is a DOS Linux it was vital to does one put it outside another that anybody is poisonous pools minutes Spina which will contemplate a efficient government worlds and crickets and all the one aficionado who sorry when fishing and just hoped he wouldn't do it once the time just all those fish in the world is known about this and well baffled looks doing it is another one that will exalt without a really isn't going to get the job done cannot will not hold realize that even though we had an impressive list of credentials it was just like going fishing with a note because even though we had a list of credentials impressive looking credentials the credentials actually were good enough for any works when good enough for anything now I I I find using a weedeater therapeutic backup North Carolina we had a large yacht and it was designed to keep the men busy and there was a lot of weeding Genuity was something wonderful about taking that we went during a hand on them safety goggles and you see stuff Dan Long Grasse ages and I just loved it I loved it and every morning I never had one of the real real good ones every now and then on to win when the weeds on the net because that little corner and cut all that had replaced itself the favor and read sounds good feels great and looks to you from a distance you'd think I was Joe the God but as long as that little piece of court isn't out you can look as good as you want to sound as good as you want and feel is losing what you want to go to get the job done and will realize that's how it was with his own righteousness people will even soundly tonight always good at all the profession it should be finally good man but whenever something other than what he can conjure up his righteousness and his goodness and his qualifications and his credentials were good for the one you want to be cutting wood with an ax on doing laundry with a washing machine that didn't submit close probably hold came to realize that that's essentially wary walrus is stunning conclusion was that in spite of his credentials that he had perfected over the use was useless woefully inadequate for getting a job of Christianity God you could say for helping him to reflect Christ his goodness is righteousness of his pedigree his family tree using tribe his background his self-control with the intention is to believe is a greater commitment is valid couldn't make an unrighteous person into a righteousness that's when he discovered was astonishing discovery really is is also one of credentials you seen you seen these military folks with ribbons and will mean something some of them don't really mean much medicine in any respect and disrespect you have wanted to find in the Army and I've actually been here five years another unseasonably hating he is now so they don't hold me I single-handedly one of I don't mean any disrespect but the longer it goes and stays in the military and the more impressive things that he or she doesn't do different place if it wasn't lessened in Iraq I served in Korea and overseas for two years I have been distinguished service medal I die Purple Heart and and when a military guy on American military lady walks in the room with a chest full of medals and ribbons you will ask just impressive Paul had been middles pulled the ribbons he had the five CNN certificates on the war but he looked at the many see you soon don't really mean much when it comes to righteousness you can read there when it comes to reflecting Christ that in the module and so we refill the unknown reverse nine polesitter Lewis a socially account all these things but loss him and individual site I count them but dung that I may win Christ so we read on that I may win Christ and be found in the notice voice is not having my own righteousness which is a little but instead that which is through the faith of Christ the righteousness which is all God by faith not hold a old old old desire is the stated theme of alcohol location this weekend wanted to replace Jesus that's what he wanted he wanted to possess the righteousness which he is involved on not one of you would you stop and think about that kind of righteousness and some pretty serious righteousness and doesn't get a more impressive than that pulled out of the life of good living in his life is good in the same Julia 's own righteousness anything why is not that God 's righteousness using the truth is the Bible makes it clear that in Orleans the life before the righteous north of the self-righteous but for those who have God 's righteousness apparently according to a poll tells us to only those who have Christ's righteousness who will be safe and truthfully you are not reflecting Christ unless you possess Christ's righteousness is a reason to get necessary foothold have this discussion at all in the Jane God created he created a very pleasant to any place to very living people in the midst of a very perfect God but before that is being created something terrible would happen in heaven it was rebellion Lucifer for some reason the library we don't know why exactly he rebelled what we know he was I know he wanted to call twice we can't understand the covering cherub actually came to be this demon this disaster this this this playing spotless times when it is possible that explains the same problem happened affiliations when Lucifer is what you understand the store and tell me what you already know in fact in fact I hope that everything I tell you tonight is something that you will be know that I hope it was rebellion against God motivated by jealousy Lucifer rebuilt Polo 's Angels with him gone brought it on himself I say that in a sound sound like a young unraveling with sacrilege probably what immunity anyhow when I think on one of himself I mean this I say this without apology God created the angels of heaven with freedom to choose and he knew that there was the potential that giving that gift of free choice cost gone at all for Lot God gave freedom but freedom isn't free God gave freedom freedom would be eventually come at an infinite cost to God himself under the reading something from Douglas Road of the second world war by it all and the right stories and facts and figures and historical anecdotes about old World War II these are during World War II eleven thousand men of the first US Marine division landed in a lot of now I have in nineteen forty two always got involved and then in a real battle the average age of these men was nineteen Christine Beatty spoke about to go into anything too young to be getting married water nineteen is old enough to go to Guadalcanal and fight for the freedom of the world seems so young now doesn't it was expected the engagement would last five or six days maybe two weeks but for these eleven thousand women dragged on for six months faithful without proper is for without most of the heavy weapons even without adequate food they were up against a well entrenched Tommy these Marines would retrieve even though they knew victory was far from assured they knew that they lost ground on Guadalcanal in the or the entire South Pacific might be lost as well and it would be good this takes Ohio's of these meetings out that they would fight to the days when the Japanese foldout early nineteen forty three hundred twelve thousand of their original forty thousand men with the lines just think about that the United States suffered terrible losses six six thousand casualties sixteen hundred and eighty the baby that were fighting for freedom they knew that as AVI seven nineteen forty one they could be know in the safe victory so therefore all-knowing that freedom isn't free could only come at a very high price because God gave the gift of freedom to the heavenly host Jesus would end up dying as a result of the sins of the human family the great controversy would play out syndicate edit any felt like Delhi and I want you to consider what God did notice how God handled a planet and rebelling when Adam and Eve made that forbidden fruit God came in looking for the how did he come I remember my brother eating some forbidden further notes on the story about fruit was Sunday morning singles is a must of been a Sunday morning booking was at school I think we need to mass we must be the mass had to had to be nestled as a Saturday morning radio seven in which case we had been a mess I know we looked out of the kitchen window to see next door what brought about fourteen years old at the time riding up and down the neighbor 's driveway with enabling same age on this little motorcyclist dissolute teeny tiny mini motorbike and we said while the weakest of the negativity goes up a little mini motorcycle riding up and down don't you know that we lived on the main road on the main road it would've been a freeway but when they deliver related to freeways and roads we lived on the main road in his my brother writing a single motorcycle of the nominators driveway on the main road it got interesting when the police arrived sorry cannot later on the night before they gone for war and they won't go into the Deering 's house the gearing family lived a quarter of a mile away and they won't form of a mile and are the motorcycle and brought it home and then rode up and down the driveway of the house a quarter of a mile away on the main road Douglas Feith the invalidity and when it was discovered they had done wrong someone came looking for their and was someone dressed in blue and my brother got in trouble someone came looking because he had done wrong that you know when I'm gone I will forever believe he didn't come to to apprehend them and prosecute this isn't just a remarkable thing they had taken the gift of righteousness all salvation of everlasting life and use relevant that in God 's face now I was gone you'll would be in trouble Obama brings you something about the love gone for sinful human beings I still find it very difficult to wrap my head around I accept it I believe in Voight 's three hundred six exists huge thing going again in pursuit of Adam and Eve he was stealing them in the garden of Eden you know that I cannot renominate blissfully wrote the poem the hound of heaven what was his name Francis Thompson enabling ultimately uttered eight August the the hound of heaven he came he pursued activities into the garden of Eden he went in and call out to our original grandparenting Mason Adams is where you is not something he wasn't holding and illegal handcuffs he was coming with good news and bad news for him good museum as well because the humans everywhere have another child gone over this you relentlessly why because he wanted to give Adam a chance in the something that they could never themselves something they could never recover on their own something that would never does than something they could never go on came when we fail so that he might do freely without price without cost and I think that you can be different to us no price involve no cost involved this was going to be free and easy poll had something usually had something really had nothing and then he had to so how is something that's really something Robin just had the something that's really nothing he realized that he would probably get it one way he could only get it from one place and it would be only one transaction would make it possible it would cost him money gone would be even our righteousness of God absolutely free he needed something he could never produce the needed something you would never possess the gospel story is about God doing for human beings at which human beings can do for themselves it's about God doing in human beings which we could never do well still gone as soon our original grandparents so he did and the very thing that all realized he needed as well as a parable that Jesus endured tour shows us almost envision you know it's the story of the prodigal son to read about an objective fifteen headstrong youth approaches his dad and responsible requests rather callously actually been that even his inheritance a third of the fun of it were two brothers that we know about the older brother were the two foods visited a double portion of the younger brother would've dad another would let out what you'd like give me what I want now Dan did he do the DVD you want your freedom I want to stop you from being free so I will give you your freedom this inpatient boy to all wanted to be free and wanted to be free from the restraints of his father in pose not realizing that his father had soon as I know them I think toward Fulton piece about an evil to give you a second again for another translation like to give you hope in the future we know understand and thought we had hoped in God we have a fugitive thoughts is even that I will give you and the future Renaissance the Bible tells us that in God 's presence there is fullness of joy that is gloved right hand there are pleasures for an example being gone that it can't I can't possess is deserving me on candidate in God Jesus said in a alternate holding that labor and are related and I will what you do you harass nobody in the Bible nobody were either donated and obtained God and ended up worse off it just doesn't happen that way God only wants to bless the young man we know the story squandered everything am amazing what happens if you lose all that money is flowing his written Irish community was in the Eagles and the beginnings was worth six million dollars had been with six billion bucks to be wow should've invested that money ministry when possible plan the nine hundred and ten million dollars of the fifteen hundred and ten million bankrupt bankrupt has nothing nothing at all the prodigal son went off the deep end and live the high life but before long this money was gone he realizes only hope was throwing himself on the mercy of the father when he was going to go back and say that I'll be your slave the Bible politely uses the woods of the body so that I can be your slave you know how it turns out the voice not only even before it gets real close down the meaning is a was close enough dad sold him and ran towards he gave a speech I don't deserve anything but if you have any I'll work as a slave is interesting that when dad ran towards the boy he didn't know what he was coming back he knew he was mad you know why the money today is definitely usable and he probably had heard about how son was in Vegas disgracing the family name once the really living like a fool probably another problem he would get around you might want to one what does that offer more money wouldn't wouldn't you know why the board was back in the managers ran for the new computer then on to the boy said that he gave his speech and that's not enough he will vacuum back and I know what you deserve you know what you deserve you deserve to be treated as a slave he is one limited with an angel of that half of the signet ring on your finger bringing cloak and put it on your men went on to view window if you do everything effect is a little obscure the sculpture out of awards of the return of the prodigal son is tells the story of their sculpture the boy came back and didn't deserve the same but he came back willing and able gone to cancel boy and equitably written in the commitment is a never appropriate in any other way she needed righteousness it was not something that was not available at Walmart because involving the given to him you know it's interesting some of the words that are used in the story of the prodigal son my boy was lost but now he's found the Dead Sea he was in but now he's alive in others really unable to things he can do the people bury the more raise that's about all most the people buried or disposed off guided the arena did we raise the Dean which brings us to the poll had just said that he wanted to receive the righteousness which is of God by faith those cases that I may know him and the power of his resurrection and the fellowship of his stuff this e-mail is for what was this look at this pulsating one another Christ said he wanted to know the how of his resurrection what happens to the person you got either variable raisin and wholesale ideals of being raised I believe in the power of his resurrection pull describe the Ephesians of having been as having data in transit passes incisions but he says that God 's able to make him alive together with Christ even antiracism that the life they experienced the power of his resurrection using the very listenable will the thousand times over we will and interest possible sins God could've seen it I've done he could sit at a sorry and started over again effective for me he reported he would write a lot of the same stuff that's not how God works in the days of Noah the Tower of Babel the crucifixion of Christ God could happen would be justified in any time it is washing his hands of the will and leaving us to our own devices everyone was as it was transgressed false for the wages of sin is death gone and I read now who is rich in mercy for his great love wherewith he loved us even when we would did in sins has made us alive together with Christ that has raised us up together and made us sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus God is so good that instead of costing us all feel that Jesus to come divisive on a mission Christ's mission was to reconcile gone of the human family the infinite and the finite his plan contemplated a complete recovery from the power of Satan we might begin him God will make us alive it is true that the respective way when being and why are we being who we through the power of God we might reflect Christ but only through the power of God and not through the power of house poll was qualified to write this to the Philippines he knew something about the power of God this was a man who raised the ghetto brought it up through him this was a man healed the sick this was a man who preached this was a man who sold people come to faith in God he knew he knew that Jesus was a young man I say to the arise of the some of the wood of natives stood up in you he knew it was a resurrection power in Jesus and so he was able to save my own righteousness is not good enough I need to another righteousness he said I mean the righteousness all gone and so he says to us if you will come to go all and receive the righteousness of God God will bring you back from that duty he will he will rated written generators the one who was DeGeneres he will live the one who is in I mean look around this room crowd of people you could be here or at the General conference session of the General conference office or you could be a new Mother Teresa is not a real try to think of the place we you expect righteous people to be and know that is not a single righteous person among any of them except as we found in Christ I love the theme for this weekend reflecting Christ because it's the story of the gospel it's the story of the work that God does for the human family loses us out of the mist of sin to himself free upon our rock fills us with his presence it is God who works in you both to will and should do for his good pleasure it's the story of the Bible and Jesus there is righteousness being Jesus there is hope in Jesus there is a way out in Jesus we can be complete we need not trust to our feeds and output doing all very important no get me wrong but we recognize they are the fruit of knowing Jesus and not the root of knowing Jesus we recognize that what happens in our life doesn't happen because Windward but because we are connected to the moon one who is good we can recognize today that when we read in the Bible when a little more about this revelation eighteen in verse one says that ultimately the roof will be lit up with the glory of God will analyze that north would go across the weekend I read Revelation eighteen when I see the whole filled with God 's glory that of the person of Jesus is revealed in the person of the Saints I say wow how can that be I know what I made off qualities I know what you made of two and when I come in your life and bring my righteousness in my power and my goodness in my everything the light of the gospel is to shine out of you and when that happens that's going to give up our annual life in our churches in our ministry him what was theology but nobody can argue with a reflection of the character of Christ and God can produce them in us through the indwelling Holy Spirit through the person of Jesus is nothing I can do but if I say yes to Jesus it's something he can do we can reflect Christ it's the story of the Bible God can bring the dead back to life on and bring something out of nothing in conclusion let me tell you a story that might illustrate that some of you have heard this before this was in a city in Japan city with a funny name actually considering the story the name of the city is someone and the interesting thing about that will become evident in the missing so what I had a problem and that walls they couldn't quite figure out what to do with them I hate to say this with the human waste etc. problem someone has to deal with you usually don't let somebody does what they've been doing is making paying someone a company get rid of it for the taking away transport away just begun but someone hit upon an idea basically disables a lot of money if we got rid ourselves if we just incinerated it and so they did on another process a lot of really want to think about you too closely but that's what they did they started incinerating the sewage and that's when they discovered something they discovered when it came to get rid of the ash the was glittering and will ask specs of something in the hash see he is what we discovered so what is do not know not alone mineral Springs inlet means that springs of water that contain minerals in one of the minerals in the water very small amounts was gone gone to know what happened to get knowledge that you would you know what happens also there was a ministries around town that used gold in the manufacturing persons suing the human waste and got routed and incinerated they discovered that they were finding two hundred thousand dollars worth of gold in the ashes ingredient minimizing God was bringing called out of


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