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John Bradshaw

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  • April 28, 2012
    11:00 AM
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well straight across the South Island of New Zealand Christchurch is a national path creatively cold Westlund national Park school West Linda Westland national Park because it's on the west side of the South Island of New Zealand is that God is naming thing down to an if you look at map of New Zealand you'll see that it's two main islands the one tall is cold north island night I get a new minute when preachers zero hot question respecting another Jansson on this one drink is outer aware in Loma Linda and a lot of very educated people here talk one is cold North Island bottom one of the electron electron pajamas fought or anything the bottom one what you think of my legal Connolly reviewed regularly and there's a reason for that a lot of Australian users to New Zealand we want to make it easy for them to find a way around so I set off with him and Kate makes it very easy to Wesley Netto to find a beautiful glacier Fox glacier not talking Fox glaciers another beautiful place of friends Joseph glacier with a something something quite stunning icon you need a stunning and whistling national Park the later told Lake Matheson Lake Matheson is not a teeny tiny light of evil interviews would like Michigan is one gigantic is not a little puddle or anything is it's a decent size like that has a fascinating quality about it has a remarkable ability to reflect is no what many people as a miracle of the new layout collates it really is not on phenomenon is one of on the Yosemite national Park in the valley for three full miles away from the inability to relate if you get a clear enough things Clackamas County Oregon the amount of visible light mingled mirrorlike oddly enough that's right Paramount uncle Tom Dick and Harry Milton New Zealand is a naming issues is a tongue that hairy mountain and it's a mirror like that like Matheson is the personal splendid and reflection is even better because not far from Lake Matheson is New Zealand's most northern of twelve thousand some being high and if you got a little bit to the left of the right thing on your orientation is all about the New Zealand second to listen on the Mount Tasman until you get to the right spot on the Blue Cross Lake Matheson you see the something else and these two great big beautiful toll mountains reflected gloriously beautiful Lake Matheson Mira like it's beautiful beautiful reflections is something about that we understand my thinking strictly speaking it reflection is the change of direction always in front at some sort of interface between two different media so what happens is that the way that hitting this way comes back comes back after it hits that the white front and so you get sound waves being reflected what we call that likely did you know you probably did you know that ducks quack doesn't echo or seven hundred and I read on another Israel will not make that joke by reading the docs anyway we understand it going we get that we understand that sound waves of water waves get reflected probably one that we think almost is that light waves get reflective and we are grateful for reflections we all without reflection that we know so not without reflection it would be no seismic waves in geology and when it comes directly as will be in two different assaults of reflection one is one is diffuse reflection that is the light is reflected not only image you can see here there is a light being reflected from the war but without imagery reflecting you might like to see on a white wall the green will will reflect light but it won't reflect an image you understand that of course you do and then there's another kind of reflection I told spectacular reflection in the name I think spectacular affliction that's what there is to spectacular reflection years ago to one another as people use pools all one of as there is that a few something like like polished stone to reflect that use that as they ran that they used polish dry side being told in Bible times they would use polished drops as myriads that sort of thing was less than two hundred years ago the German chemist figured out how to make a what we were calling sealed in glass there and then they went in mass production today what you see as it mirrors usually glossy glass substrate it got some kind of aluminium on the back of an aluminium is like aluminum but it's what intelligent people use aluminium is like a aluminum that is what's not an excuse menace can be a blessing or if you have a teenager in the house not so much Greek mythology taught about how fellow who was quite taken with what he saw in a new era was in the merit was a gloss Mary was a pool reflecting pool his name was Gnosticism 's very proud man to looking then they say but unfortunately glosses this no one believes he was better looking than he believe about himself somebody named nemesis interesting name a goddess realized that Narcissus was full of himself and went into a reflecting pool with narcissists set and gazed into the water and was so smitten with this reflection of himself that he refused to move and he stayed in a gazing at his own beautiful face onto the die reflections reflections and let you know there's a certain science is even a psychology about reflections you you need to know what's important when you look in a miracle perhaps we can christening we'll was a magnet and there is not what's important maybe you need to be aware of what other people see when they look at you and what you are a member we've been put on this earth for a reason and that's to me there is to be reflect this to be taken with our own image in a mirror that would be a self problem that will be self-centeredness but instead to be concerned with them as our theme for the weekends state reflecting Christ not one of you would begin with me this morning by turning your Bible to exit as the thirty fourth chapter Exodus chapter thirty four really you could say that all God has called us to do is to be reflective of Jesus Exodus chapter thirty four who is twenty eight hundred and twenty is about as simple as I know how today in Exodus chapter thirty four Lewis twenty eight not because it is a complex subject it is a simple subject and I think that we can start with a simple subject and make it simple to wind on something this is a thirty four and twenty one ago says this he that's Moses was able to long for the days ago 49ers he did neither Britain nor drink water which is remarkable that he wrote that's gone he wrote on the tables homeless on the continent the income monoliths Moses was on on Mount Sinai and he received the two monuments from Almighty God who is twenty nine and it came to 's when Moses came down from Mount Sinai with the two tables of testimony in Moses had when he came down from the mount that Moses did not realize that the skin of his face shone while he told within and when and all the children of Israel saw Moses behold and bless you all his face shone and they were afraid to come near and he was believing that was a brilliant as well there was something reflecting from Moses 's eye from Moses W exam but now it was reflecting perhaps what happened was that he had taken on something all the split of that great being that he had been focusing on you know that you've loaded words on a page and then you look at a blank page you may even see the woods on the webpage goes around that image is burned and what about ophthalmologist will be available at open image goes stays with you and you turn away from the work on using the picture may be losing his things you stare the image of Jesus and he will be here and is the image of Jesus Moses had been in the presence of God in the presence of God if we can understand this and internalize it then this will help us in the mission that God has laid before us Moses was in the presence of Moses and the student of English saddle wanted to get in the presence of God and he was so close to this brilliant beautiful shininess and in all that God 's glory filled in and then Sean from him will keep that in mind as we go thirty one says that Moses Golden arrow Nola rules of the congregation returned to him and Moses told with them and I would pull the children of Israel came near and he gave them income on all the woman spoken with the mount Sinai pension Moses had done speaking within a heating load of mail on his face is that something people will fail on his face such was the brightness such was the Splenda such was the glory those with whom he spoke close and it was just too much within one standard in an ugly way but it was to write that Moses Leslie County one of your prisoners but when Moses went and people want to speak with him he mailed off until he came out and he came out and spoke to the children of Israel and that which he was and children of Israel saw a place of Moses that has us feeling of Moses face shone and Moses put the veil upon his legs again and went into sleep with him something supernatural was taking place Moses was shining Moses was leaning there was something glorious England on his design and why was that you know something what we need to be in the story before we get past the beginning the story will bounce back even on the relationship to raking a couple of times we will gain revelation chapter eighteen Revelation chapter eighteen says this you want to send it a revelation chapter eighteen we have the message of the full angel who unites his cry with the message of the messages of the three angels in the closing time and seems to the welcome gone on this bill is not afraid to work on this is going on is a man and another question God 's going to get it done revelation generating was one of these things I saw another angel come down from heaven and having great and being what little I can do with his glory glory negative useful to say every time you read the word glory in the Bible is talking about character that's not true sometimes it is sometimes it is and we don't have the oversight of going to make a point here about my close is something phenomenal an angel came down from heaven and in the book of Revelation and Angel were presenting message is so here is a messenger and a heavenly message boxes he was a messenger with God 's message was great because it was in power and lots message and go on exiting the business of working with how don't hear the closing time and no one wants to something encouraging minimalists like bootlegs in the same time he says that he will lighten all glory not want to think about this here is God 's people he wants people and possessing a message down in the closing time and all .ca is the whole world is eliminated with a manifestation of the glory open character of Almighty God now that really is something I remember reading this with those of you do you know what I remember being a brand-new Christian and and I was with some not so brand-new Christians and I was sitting in America I was hungry and elegant bag of potatoes is something I have gladly been tight as I am hungry enough deal than at Zion the government data is then just as I was putting the money now I remember the woman I can remember the look on his face when he's not sitting in the magnitude eradicated will you go solicit Lou and that is not to eat between meals he said he sounded almost self-righteous about it is maybe sound and I remember I remember thinking on anything two months before and our ability about how bad my life in the minute I want to characterize being and I want to eighty ten and I remember thinking at the time you know being what you are likely to go to malevolently hope the new and changing the way while you plan on using that kind of thing in the unit and unless you stop eating foods is doing is not at all wow and I thought to myself you know I'll probably have made and then I read something in the wind on your face is that before Jesus comes back to all season and is going to be filling up as legal as long as the people of the same like shining manifestation like something foul not look that nice it is probably denizens of the between using and I read that I thought I saw high calling how in the world could that be possible nonvisible lethal to judgment Google maybe we possibly made by me was that it had well I really would've gone with me along the Bible says that God is going to have a group of people will need to him he is such a way that it initiated the validity of fluid in all the manifestation of the glory of God is about if you want included ninety two you can take it as a challenge if you want and I don't know that it is a challenge that will bring relationship breaking and understand all is making the human family and promise before Jesus returns God go to have a group of people on those who are reflecting Christ the username now let's consider this Moses went up on the mountain anything down and these are my words you cannot be the theology of the city was regained out reflecting Christ is it okay to say that the site and he came down from the mountain reflecting Christ something very interesting that when we than we gather as we read this this is not mentioned in the Bible that Moses came down from the mountaintop saint himself to reflect Christ before these people from that segment to be cognizant of that ID is a bad idea and that you come down from the mountain safe trying on the hottest now community will try reflective like this guy look like this maybe like to take another look to the right to follow the little enjoyment Moses didn't come down from the mountains and how the world like that would likewise as a matter of fact if you understand from the Israel Moses was a lot to find out that he was reflecting Christ is King of the mountain doing this for what he was doing his thing God was doing gossiping and most reason why following up on a mountaintop not just on the day don't another Moses went up on the mountaintop and Moses and said I think Moses and King 's office and waited he is not all he had to do then was coming down from the mountain all I will see him because little is being in God 's presence there was indeed a call is calling us to reflect Christ God has promised it will that we would regret like Christ as a matter of fact we all will is at stake in this evening where we were going to Jesus or not younger than what I'm saying we don't have the sort of authority goes with these thoughts but I haven't been able to build up liberalism gone down here in the closing time God has of people and getting ready for linking the men and some of them are getting ready by submitter is a means and not on the benefit of appointed musings up misusing up taking a shot of folks but there was only one way to be ready for the return of Jesus Christ one way one way so that we can know that we were waiting for us to the wilderness Moses like Moses into God 's presence in any staying there long enough so that the brightness of the image of God County but he recently said that we have screensavers on a computer is closing we don't get a computer doesn't explain to me what happens even in the screens in what has the image is burned onto the screens in right okay because we didn't stay long on the images going onto the screens on saying it right right that's what the screensaver is on the Christian doesn't want to have a screensaver in his or her life will be just a plain old screen in the prisons and will what will happen to us is what happened to Moses we stay on in the presence is not long enough the image and automatically known onto the screen anywhere you go you will be a rough outing in the character of Jesus Christ is not as you try not want to work in hot that please the need with me I know that I know that the Christian experiences about a month I know that I noted that the denying self as Elizabeth I understand I understand the struggles will this is what we cannot will that we tell whether we can pay ourselves reflect Christ we just got to spend time in the presence of God hating globulin losing analyses a Moses came down from the mountain and he was so right and Moses please call a brightness is no viable second Corinthians chapter three goes for the very same phenomenon I know that we've made the schools on this passage earlier this morning 's ongoing drive my remarks on this message breathe review minors second Corinthians chapter three men who is fourteen for that which was done away was glorious much more that which remains his glorious scene then we have such hope we use great plain is a speech and not as Moses which is one of the veil over his face that the children of Israel could not steadfastly look to be getting that which is abolished for them to be mindful for the listing remains the same dialogue taken away in the reading of the Old Testament which veil is done away with being Christ and we don't have time for that untreated but even unto this day when Moses is read a bit of dialogue in which alternative along the veil shall be taken away now the Lord is that spirit and when the Spirit of the Lord isn't nearly as living DNA he zeroes in on the cc as easy as with his own mail between us and the whole witness whether the winners of the hot hotness of the votes that his children on the stubbornness of the recalcitrance or whatever it might be but when is an agent of the images in the universe of all kinds of males and allies between us and the all kinds of buttons all kinds of all kinds of barriers between us and the public will take those berries weight processes to those eighteen but we will with open face beholding as in a new run him glory of the Lord God changed into the same image from glory to glory by the Spirit of the Lord is in that something good is it a thousand times anybody holding we become changed you know that that is true what you focus on is what you become and you read every other day about the University some women it's been a pilot taxpayers money try to figure out that young people what violent video games combined and young people will be home with his feet and then means they become hateful and mean and eight and a noble when we did we can take half of that money would we say we could save a lot of money taxpayers a lot of money if we say listen not to lessor was a long time ago beholding we become one exchange friend and I you behold the today lots you beholding God has told us is not choose my words carefully it was you misinterpret me God has told us this business about being in the frame in relationship to writing those one is pretty simple business he's looking for people who watched Jesus delete image of Jesus is blue and onto the screen by beholding we become changed from glory to glory from from one aspect of glory to another great aspect of glory becoming more and more and more and more like God by the way you are what you want to be I want you more about that but only for a short time if you did you can find exciting sporting the character weaknesses in who and what you are robbing and beating yourself up to the Lord your God I say the kindly law you have told me that the work of the gospel is the work that you do in my life out prayer is long here I am going to do you think it's pretty simple laws make myself available to you come into my life and make me what I cannot make myself an integrated Walmart and Mesa render a lot of it I really found saying at all you don't have to come in my life anyone who says you are the more and nothing is long outdated he was the guy pulling the meanies to abide by both people were being duly executed speedily thoughts people will understand it was only one thing in particular Rex Lycan and pull it upon my words and that is the fact that God will be new has become available in you and is able to perform it until the day of Jesus Christ leaning on doing his work in our lives and hearts that will look as I stood alone alone is little of everything is the Avenues is a matter of doing the yes vote no to the dental and yesterday 's is simple simple simple business models is not on the mountaintop anyhow now withdraw and by the time you're not immune to all while they looked at Moses Lake WoW and something going on in the hall will want to focus spend out on old-fashioned bridges your God was in the daily evils of television meeting was of movies and evening and they were right Roy what they would like it was of you behold the wrong thing occasionally hopping in the right thing because my beholding to become changed friend I wanted one of our greatest need is a needed other people to behold Christ so that we can reflect Christ as theologians but we don't need more theology of the seventy nine I mean no disrespect it is a lot well theology is will finally get a little bit we learned that theology not somewhat tentative and we donated was the program is running TV programs running programs programs and the judge we all programs to help us get over the hump and become more like Jesus is unnecessary and costly on all the nice people people regularly train we couldn't enforce and reinforce understanding but it's not the program that would then become like Jesus just isn't his fault will media expertise but certainly people go to become like Jesus it's as simple as an analog Moses went on to and by the time he came back he was shining for us old reason that he had spent time with God can replace it by beholding we come change someone's going to bed thing one day but we always went with open face beholding as in the glass I think I know what someone said about this release you might find find the line to review the statement from the wonderful multiples will be dressed in profits if you got rid of a lot of the Google you might like to read the glory reflected in the Calvins Moses illustrates the blessings we receive my thoughts keeping people through the mediation of Christ he testifies that closer communion with God and clear out knowledge of his requirements the whole book we shall we be informed to the divine image and more readily do we become hot potatoes of the divine nature is a close communion with God now she had something else is going to clear out knowledge of his requirements so slow growing with one or leaving the outdoor sitting in going around in circles to all communion with all the articles on this day LOL I see of this interest law who you may want to do now alive I want to say something you can call me arrogant of your life but when it comes to his daughter and this is vital in understanding and teaching ladies and gentlemen we hear from right right back please went on to write you my that's just the truth if you don't agree I'm sorry show is my opinion but I think it violently we arrive but far too many of us and feel free to win the category of you got along to being right has made us ride to the old will same time your villagers in the right availability lately and witnessing what you think like that and he leaned in the landmark legal arriving into anything that these of me I trust someone who judges you know and what you do what do you do what do you do when someone does not stone you out of this illegitimate my friend T he will go and all had a what everything is in you is in two weeks ago you did well and we were in Boston we came in and will and Haley was dressed like this and that dealing in the church certainly don't you know that you shouldn't come to church dressed like that and say well that's what she feels a little disappointed lately been going on having apologized and really enough it is working in the back man I wonder I pray I hope that's an enormous breach to get across no we were right no question she was enough reaching that it is illegal the dogs Shannon Wallace preaching Cushing seen what was inside note what everybody should you see that it only takes one bad apple to spoil the whole bunch down here because the time finally sent that way find that apples and be weeded out your pretty easy to believe the truth in the United States parties are not someone that I be with you I know depending on who you family might imagine that is pretty easy it is pretty easy to do ministry in the United States I know that some people will listen to some people like to stop I want like that kind of the engine they want they does not have anything to do that but generally this is this is where people are free to do anything but one day is not to be so easy that one day the only reason we'll be talking about projects will be make intelligent programs will be preaching the only reason the only reason will be Jesus because Jesus will be we have really excited Jesus to be whole we have now gone to have a people who are reflecting who are reflecting the reflecting Christ not because it's popular not because it brings with it because visiting glory of man but because Jesus means everything because they've been on the mountaintop they spend time in the presence of God to the extent of the image of God is blown onto the screen they can't do anything about it they can't not reflect Jesus because they so connected to him he shines out all the life in a way that nobody nobody nobody can deny with the spirit of the Lord is there is liberty there is freedom but we we we looking at Philip just like looking in a mirror and was being changed from glory to glory with growing when growing and growing becoming more like Christ and more like Christ and more like Christ in the woods and all of him he must increase but I must decrease there's less of self is more Visalia until when Jesus comes back at you Donna so it's as though he's looking at an Iraqi citizens this was my world I see myself reflected in the people that call themselves followers of Kabbalah always a great day coming regenerative medicine introduce you to fully rightly when we second Corinthians chapter four and was gone he is going to have people who are reflecting Christ previously gloriously how big will have second Corinthians chapter four colleges Windows six the slide for we preach not ourselves but Christ Jesus the Lord and ourselves your servants of Christ 's sake Inc. and we are losing full bottle with no one to shine out of darkness being the beginning there was nothing there was nothing until someone is delusional gone gone amazing what and when you're sitting at a light what will they couldn't know what calls itself to shine the light introduces self dog it is a big was that he is in and we would understand the art was no some guards and out of the God became light out of nothing thinking something gospel of God without he was six the light to shine out of darkness hath shined in our hearts I know God will end on a street vendor though lots is that God is going to shine in our hearts we called the lights to come on and according to what polls is you he is the one who causes all items to come on LIS to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ using gone on in this world on my friend here you are willing to give you are available he will say yes to what God wants to do with your life you don't visit what I usually just the other night and some of you going to go another quote again if it is a beautiful quote is an absolute always a way that will begin to listen to this we can say now if we do what he was consuming means allowed me something like that means whatever the Britons you are right dedicated to these guys and we can say he will so identify out send Ames with his people so in our hearts and minds indicative lady to his will get ready to know your socks off that way oh and we shall be carrying out our own impulses as always always only that it is thousands right on but I will be visiting the backseat of that is getting sneered at by the same telling me that some of us aware that realizing how tiny men and anything mess it up I was waiting to see if we allow you also identifiable delays with his opening our hearts and minds individually to his will we shall be carried out that when they should be returned at around impulses but will run fine in a sanctified will find its highest delight in doing God 's is him hello hello him to win we threw at appreciation of the character of Christ through communion within sin will become hateful to us that something out of that it's not like going to the spiritual gym and working out it's like coming to Jesus 's fittings on the presence is coming to Christ and focusing on Christ is coming to the Lord sometimes even for a long more I can't go on like this I can't be broken I can't be so so so so so wrong when I copy will you go to do your will in my life music business is about reflecting Christ is a wonderful thought it's a promise God 's people are going to be reflecting Christ when we speak timeless reasons when we take time to go off when we say yes to Jesus he will fill us with himself we know because it says in Philippians two of us that demonizing this was every opportunity I get is on the will and you will you will have to do for his good pleasure of God had had an agenda and is revealed to the world what he's really like to show the world Jesus is really like God has an agenda and he's just look at book willing to say a hero and do your thing and maybe it's that simple you take a week is the most broken it was the biggest and who we would consider the better it doesn't matter an appeal is either also on rules and welcome under the light to shine out of darkness people Jesus came to you there was nothing but darkness people in your life and he spoke adhesive layer and the like and you want to say because God was doing something right your life is what you are doing all you had was a yes and Jesus yes I say no to anyone even when you say that at that nose is lifelong and the strength to live know is given to you by God is holy to the lives didn't we have this treasure in both invisibles the old we then we can be proud of who we are we talking about our last victory we just clay pots that old we are the excellency of the power is all gone that it is not about us is willing to do grade grade grade great things in our lives until we bring is very contemporary suiting up in Revelation chapter fourteen the relationship of fourteen what happened with Moses is happening with the people of God 's relationship to fourteen and most one I will Revelation fourteen one and volatile and stood on Mount Zion and within a hundred and forty four thousand having his father 's name and being there for years there were these the fathers if I was a bit disappointed that it is reflecting Jesus and his wife is so filled with the Holy Spirit and look upon it when you say I see in that one character of Almighty God using this as this is called as you move of the relationship everything you see what's going on we spend time in the presence of God we had been on the melding with God that now remotely connecting once in the usual I see his glory friend is when you call get together and spend time together when you make your hot available to God 's will that doesn't matter to me whether you are a rich and other meta- name when you are dysfunctional I mean and that has been gotten out of me when he awoke in a million Little pieces in you somehow arrange on Wednesday reach callout from that organization is constantly seem to offer a and Pokémon like to shine out of darkness will shine in your life this is a great thought we just need to aid in the early promises to do in the life of any individual who is willing to say I need you and I want to them my life we shall reflect Christ you know an interesting little controversy brewed recently unless you which judge this was one of your lobster is in your demand a patriarchal one helpful whatever he was an item I just don't know I'm sorry he was in a photograph on the website signing something and it was noticed that he happens to be wearing a thirty thousand dollar watch and exhibits on good silly Photoshop out the watch this leave was no longer how to select a wonderful thing of your living room dominantly anything on the befuddled me obvious that he was a is younger and better looking as problem laws when they when they Photoshop out the watch he was sitting in unloading the table the footage about the reflection of the wireless cable together with the way and is replicated bedroom like an attributable to know a lot about a lot of the life of another year to come down eventually you know some years ago they found in a bond between you and you know hold and some of the women that's not that's not just any old job they said that is a eroded down yeah Kimberly 's numbers on nineteen fifty one sixty six in a move object thus someone might recognize that I'd I would be recognized some important or trivial some asymmetry of some eight thousand dollars which is coming depending on what is sitting on it's not trivial might be a huge summit was trivial really because this was a nineteen fifty Ferrari it was the very moment made Ferrari famous and they sold at auction for a million dollars and one one million dollars an eccentric British author died his name was Doctor Harold funny enough and he did not I I I think I'm right in saying he didn't have a wife or children might be right either way but I relatively got to get reside in the Minnesota stuff and they went through his garage and they found they found fifteen hundred B Stallings W 's eccentric they found mountains of medical equipment they found a World War II spy drone without a nineteen thirty seven Bugatti another cosmogony I was startled about Bugatti 's they sold it to play eight million dollars and you like to find that sitting in a garage somewhere now living to sell cable ties before they sold in those content to be restored and so they were and when they were restored that was bottling in gleaming and belittle gorgeous glorious writing remain to by reading the Bible when I read that in the end gone to heaven people who are reflecting crisis filled up with this character you know that he was still is a little different to the topic of this entry at the old Italian replace in files and painted up the ups and engine used on all topics O Donnell with a lot of money when it comes to you and me went all time thought doesn't simply beat out the gains brought to new painting takes the car blows the whole thing up to these thousand in the trash makes a brand-new car she thought it's it's not renovation God doesn't love to read creation about their friend you look at the Bible look at the vibrancy that what God wants what God will have is a group of people reflecting his character down the closest time not people who are better anybody else not people who necessarily noble than anybody else not people it struggled and strained and worked in try again you know what I mean by that but a group of people just sitting here and I just like this if you can use this to you can take me do one thing I love about Desmond Doss story is that Desmond Dawson was as ordinary as to that I mean no disrespect by that I think you know what I mean he was just an ordinary man ordinary and extraordinary in the sense that he was made of stern stuff in here but maybe maybe no more than anybody else maybe he was stubborn enough to hang on and on and believe that God would do what God city would you can be an ordinary man an old married woman and if you just hang on the gone claimant 's promises and tell them that you believe that he's an annuity CEO who he will do in your life as a promise frame twenty one B in this world national president I want to be a past want to be a surgeon I want to know so many missionary that's great we really want to Muslim I want to reflect Jesus it's really what I want it's really what I want and that's a will that God will do in your life you make yourself available to have human myeloid use me unwilling to sit up here on the top of God in the boot into the screen so that when I feel like you someone develop you like they did with the apostles and take notice of me that I have been with Jesus export facility this is the will of God came to me you cannot even really call while our rights and yield to surrender to the will of God and when you say Lord I already am ready to give up on my own selfish agenda and let you do you'll think he will fill you up to overflowing and you can see your self in that picture Revelation eighteen Lewis one he would never say it out loud but you can believe in your heart gone I see myself I understand that you Jesus come back soon individual will be one of those people and doing whatever it is you want me to do filled with your presence revealing to the will of the character of Jesus Christ et al. biggest job right now is to tell the world of theology sure I'm sure that sure is a transit oriented but you can't separate the two in whatever we do we need revealed Jesus and what it would gone wishes that we would reflect Jesus and when made available to blog on we will do that will be a new life with us pray the father and outgoing we are thankful today that you place to do it us the impossible that you can manage to being in Oslo we cannot be that huge wage to speak to the dot is an awesome site related to I believe all of that for God 's sake they will be liked father use us please use us use out telling us what without plans and maybe you'll plans harness our energies oh yes Lord please do all of that but father above all things would you give us the grace to reflect you in our homes before our children how much it will place it out ministry on the stream word we give us grace to reflect you we cannot do this except you come into our lives and philosophy of prisons anyway you don't want to thank you for doing it Jesus Ingram a man will a media with Iran audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more we would like to know more about how humorous you like the more certain that please visit www. .com universe .org


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