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Giving Like God

Adrian Zahid



  • December 15, 2012
    10:00 AM
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Amy loves this is the Christmas season I thought we would look at five different ways that God gives this is the season of giving give a lot to the poor we give to the needy we give to our friends nowadays we even get ourselves from the online rain forest and or treasury and online and in the stores and malls we give a lot and just thinking about what God has given us so we can look at up-to-date and as we look at the CeBIT thing about God is that no man has seen the Godfather moment has seen and so the only way that we can know all of him and the only way that he can communicate to us a little bit about him is to show us from our experience what he is what he's like a soul with a look at some examples of how God is and how that affects us and based on how it affects us we can then say this is what God is like not to say that God is radiation but I was watching a documentary yesterday on radiation and how they discovered radiation and the different steps they took to discover but one of the things that they discovered was this this thing where if you weren't in the presence of a radioactive substance and what happens over time you start experience some kind of sickness right now God is where the presence of God now in our present state we would probably be vaporized but in the state that he once restore us to where we can communicate with him in that state will build to converse freely by his really tough to understand who God is and the best way to begin to the best definitions I believe are found in in God 's word and as you read it will be able to see something so is look at the Chapter 11 eleven through thirteen Chapter 11 eleven through thirteen it says if a son shall ask bread of any of you that is a father will he give him a stone or if he asks a fish will he give him a certain assortment or or Shelley ask an egg and he offer him a scorpion if ye then being evil know how to give good gifts to your children how much more shall your heavenly father give the Holy Spirit to them that ask so here you have a picture of God being father now I know that in society not all of us have had the blessing of having a good father our human fathers are human the frail and they make mistakes even the best of them the mistakes but God defines himself and that in the context of the father and he says look if you are a father and you being a human being a frail human being sinful human being give good gifts want to give good gifts to your dear son which your children how much more with the heavenly father want to get something good to history as every have the first definition of one of the mother definitions of how God is and how he gives he gives us the Holy Spirit know what is the Holy Spirit the Holy Spirit is yet another acidosis of God he's another part of the Godhead but he is someone who acts as our conscience and the interest of the Holy Spirit is that when we want to do something that is clearly wrong against ourselves or get somebody else there is this little voice that says in our head wanted to reconsider and while we may not want to reconsider and we decided going to do it anyway that voice is still there saying you made a mistake one adjuster forgives and a lot of people society takes that and they say while religion versus guilt on you and this is why I don't want to be part of religion in this type of thing but in reality God 's gift is he's offering in the Holy Spirit in such a way that it can remove the guilt you feel you can take away the guilt and it can restore your relationship with human beings when you have active restless composer so God gives us gifts and he defines himself and in giving us just as sometimes we may not truly appreciate for ourselves our member as a kid I wanted very much certain things but my father was an intensely practical math intensely practical and it didn't matter style over substance he wanted substance always XO is the first day of school and you can see here I could picture of a picture you see here I'm a little bit of not induce Moscow and I was excited about school I was excited to go to school I had been kept back one year and I was seven years old now everyone else and wants the wondrous thing since I was seven years old I was going to school and bearing the uniform and putting on the black shoes and knee socks and ready to go except that learned earlier on in the week before I was going to go to school we went shopping back-to-school shopping as it is our first sensible shopping and I wanted a bag to carry my books and I wanted a backpack just like everybody else but my father felt that the backpacks that were being offered were weak in the Strasser week as he came up with a better solution using my sister 's marriage is looking at the unit arises when you are at the bag and that you know the conflict inside me knowing this was a step fashion disaster but my father it was intensely practical and would last me many many years and unfortunately despite letters to destroy it lasted me at least three four years so the fathers grandfathers I like that they know what you really need and they give it to you even though you may not appreciate it at the time and a lot of times we we think that our father still love us because we don't like the gift we wanted something else but in reality God gives us these gifts because he knows that he knows what is best for us as a father he wants to do what is best for his children another aspect of godless look at Matthew chapter five verse forty five mentioned fibers forty five says remember that the last half of the Texas is forty Mesa sunrise on the evil and the good and send the rain on the just and the unjust so here's an attribute of God and also some of these gifts he gives life equally to everyone he allows the sun to rise equally and everyone whether you like him or not elicit rain rain on you and water your cross grow your business allow you to work all that whether you like them or not when you acknowledge his existence or not he gives you that ability he gives you all these these things equally God gives it equally there is no special favors us look at another tax year that defines accepted ten verse thirty four says after years and years of believing that God do special favors Peter was was constrained to say of truth to that receive that God is no respecter of persons God does not have favorites how many wars have started in the name of God how we people have said I'm on God 's side and you are not and therefore this is how things are going to be but in reality God has no favorites all of us are his children whether we believe in him or not whether we acknowledge his existence or not God treats us equally there is someone at the start of Civil War I think it was some secretary seaward he said to Abraham Lincoln he said God is on our side Abraham Lincoln is said to have replied back I'm not so much concerned that God is on our side I'm more concerned about whether we are on God 's as more important to be on God 's side a lot of times we got to our site in the clinical debate session social debates and things that got me try to take the higher ground by force but in reality God is no respecter of emperors the next attention to look at is Johnson a three verse sixteen but gave his son to the world and maybe this weekend it might make a little bit more sense to us of what it means for God to give his son unfortunately this this text has been taken many different ways and goes for some of them but this is for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believes in him will not perish but have everlasting life what we have taken it to believe what was it had to say is I believe in God and therefore have eternal life it's almost like a formula is becoming a form is becoming a science is becoming a catchphrase you see John three sixteen noisy three sixteen on T-shirts and on in the others always is one diet that at the football games raising assigned John three sixteen for the cameras to catch and use even players acknowledge God on the field and an things like that I read an article that that was talking about gone in sports is a injury article it said it is possible to sponsor who just knocked on his opponent without system ahead and then he said I like to thank God for my victory since when the writers asking since when did God join sports but we have taken this to mean a lot of different things but really what it really means is that for God so loved the world if you think of the most crass thing that I can think of Vegas where it seems crass as you think of a casino table and someone putting all his chips and then his son is same asked him and he says in a working mom would put myself on this project apparently this world and he said I'm been to put everything in all of heaven all of when I and my son just to give you and me the chance to accept him and want to live with him forever that's what it means so God is as durable gifts he does is gives that we don't want he is no respect of persons he treats everyone equally but also she gives sacrificially orgasm began we give from the little that we have the seven mistress took in two nine billion dollars last in two thousand ten entire and offerings so if you think about hi this is the officer negligible but that about five inches ten percent of our earnings according to the exact number the seven demonstrations to hold me how much money thirty billion dollars right is ten percent would be much when the above three three billion and thirty dollars and ten percent would be my right yes so out of thirty million dollars he gave up two nine billion right approximately but GCS he estimates the people that giving is low and the Tigers variable so the actual estimates of how much did you see thinks people are giving his interchanges from from person-to-person but I'm been a nailed on the person who actually knows or West thinks they know what's what the number is officially not from the church but I believe the number fluctuates between thirty percent to forty five percent of people at the top so if you think about it if it was thirty percent and you multiplied by three to make it almost thirty three percent listening and multiplied by three committee ninety nine percent we would make approximately a hundred million dollars so the church should be getting in ten billion dollars and should make a big difference but despite the fact that God gives unreservedly a lot of times the little bit that he asked us back is harvested and it's always money but it's also it's also another things we halfheartedly give back when we are interacting with people were not living there when someone is telling us that problems were not there when they're sharing with us and agrees were not dared mentally and you know in person or not were not clued into the fact that this person needs something that we may field provided because we're just accustomed to giving us a little bit until he gives us a little bit to every little thing we say yes to all these things are no matter some of the things that do matter unfortunately what is tied up with all the stuff on the site but got under their hand when he gave he gave everything and to realize what that meant is this he took a breath that Jesus would come to this Earth he would live as a baby not knowing that he was God once or is gone do not know that you live his life on earth and God gave how many years to Jesus thirty three years is a long time if you ever had the privilege of going to see the president United States he will give you at most ten minutes before the next group is the comment to talk to God who gave thirty three years of his time personal time to saving people in those first thirty years were spent in obscurity even talk to anyone in terms of ministry and that everything he's lived a life he showed what life can be and it was unremarkable in that there is no record that exists in what he did is that it totally normal life in the last three years of his last three and a half years he lived in such a way that the world still remembers and to this day of how he lived those years and always has a combination of the last thirty years of his life as well but he gave unreservedly sacrificial completely is going to one more test today and privileged chapter twenty one one two four this is so John he's describing a revelation that he got from Jesus and as he's looking at this is seen here you can only define heaven but what exists on earth because in verse twenty is ever to resign since I hasn't seen either ear has heard what Goddess repaired for those who love cigars appearing a place for us to simply preparing visitors to go to is on an ethereal mystical place is a real place with real concrete things and things to do instead enjoy but we cannot even imagine what he is repaired for us because our world is so far removed from those realities and so the only way to even describe the job in describing seeing is in the context of our consumers look at it he says I saw a new heaven and a new earth for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away there's no more sea and I saw it and I John saw the holy city the new Jerusalem coming down from God out of heaven prepared as a bride adorned for her husband and a great voice out of heaven saying behold the tabernacle of God is with men and he will dwell with them and they shall be his people and got in social be with them and be their God and God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes and there shall be no more death neither sorrow nor crying neither shall there be any pain for the former things are passed away the only way that you would define heaven was in the context of earth and all the things that trouble us he's he realized that in heaven those things would never existed and so when you look at what is what God is and how he is he's like a father who gives gifts maybe some bozos guess we don't appreciate he's someone who is equal to everyone regardless of their faith or creed national origin whatever it is whether they acknowledge them or not he's equally responsive to everyone he also does not give anyone special favors is the dear Christian just because your Seventh-day Adventist in God 's eyes are equal to everybody he loves everyone the site and he gave his son to the world so they may get to know him more actually send it to know God himself and he gave in such a way sacrificially and without reserve I member when I left home fifteen fourteen years ago not fifteen years ago and for me was that it was a great adventure I ensure effective in the picture by picture in the picture of the night last foot to my parents before I left for the airport at the airport my parents are there to hug kiss me and I was gone though that I realize I will see them again for fourteen years I just thought I would be you know I will be back there whether it be here to see need for my graduation in two years so this is a two-year trip turned out to be fourteen years and when I finally saw them in all I'd heard I had heard them on the phone talking the phone meeting to Skype Reagan chatting an e-mail that I think is unsatisfied person but we we are we chatted on the phone and that type of thing and that it was interesting when I went to LAX that I dreamed about the state for fourteen years on the list of the father funded and recognizing consultancy and changed as a ID at home I had a full head of hair and I was fit I was president and I had a picture on Facebook Mena which I always set my friends my friends and we put of this Facebook picture of an eighteen -year-old essay by beholding the country him and so had a CJD can't look in the pages that use on his days away a lot of famous and high kids who are you so but we we read you are the interesting thing is it when we see God face to face in front of me the first for him he is seen but it hasn't been as when we do see him face-to-face if we have been faithful if we follow the principles that he is lay down not because he's arbitrary but because he lays on his principles if you look at the print the principles there than the basis of sound human relationships what makes human relationships work I just wish there no loss there is no law against something that says do not steal if you don't steal there's not a single computer that can convict you against property theft and the other laws that he has and when you if you have live the life that he wanted to live through this power when you asked to meet him face-to-face it'll be like you've known him forever and so that's that is what I'm looking forward to his meeting face-to-face and hope that you so may God bless you as you consider giving and as you give of yourselves to each other and certainly in the church as well and causes May God bless you as you do that and more than anything else her major is is is is is will is in this media was provided by audio nurse or a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe is like the more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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