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Opening Address

Errol Thrift


  • November 30, 2012
    7:30 PM
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him I very highly welcome to the beginning of this conference is particularly to guess from either say is assistant Dobson John chaffing the underestimate the hell very appreciative of your coming by this distance and to share with us what to apply to the attribute to and on it and all aware that she is according to organize this I've been assisted by Nate when Stella and numerous others through the .com mentioned I guess I must forget to did you put in family trusts and private this will be a very rewarding experience this weekend little presumptuous of me to talk a bit about my men because I may come across and about two or three years ago when I heard an interview is how long the satellite programs not look well with that described on the very appreciative of the initiatives that are being tycoon cause them deeply impressed with the acronym to that so come back to that in just a moment but little bit about what diamond stands for you can download material and will be talking more about this of course either the weekend on its mission to money by trying on a quick Adventist professional and life people its vision is to begin my life and become effective medical evangelists and that doesn't motivate how society can get over this from the website and that object the objectives develop national conferences which includes inspirational messages him as workshops system tools networking opportunities and mission opportunities to and of course you have is a journalist and brought out have some copies of the one that's just been published and regional chapters well this is a historic advertising first China the first one that felt the feelings try to to mentor Adventist medical dental students and others and to actively troll Adventist church incident at supporting ministration to promote and foster medical evangelism just very briefly what I mean stay in school and I think it's very appropriate at this time in this history the phase qualities should be emphasized Chris started quite some time ago that Mister Dick I think I now meant orange lime soda though if it was a relative of was at nine this has very meaningful for us and is try to me that a hundred years ago I may started working this tied up in the upper yardage Valley and him him to this been carried on ever since it was succeeded by Doctor Tom Sherilyn and you'll be hearing more about the Tom and his wife shortly what I was impressed with what I meant was that it started from people having personal convictions that I would be doing something that's very much a grassroots movement and I received ready support from my family to a list with him on the ground floor from online of same and it's then that him us him astray from his father were to be a trusted friend for cooperation in an ongoing dices the type size noted the comprehensive limit the travel ignited just a word about the word time in years it frequently these of every dime out of Irish songs and operating a preacher will come out for the point that he wants to Mike manual site of the great if I don't respond already and all the people said I'm in the juice for emphasis in the Bible today for instance in John three the story of Nicodemus you will find its they infiltrate times the truth is the translators have been translated in different flies verily verily truly all they the condensed version mice assuredly I signed here but in the original meantime and Raymond Heineman to give emphasis to what is signed but in the New Testament are stumbled across this just the other night in one passage that's referred to as one of God 's nine there is one passage in the Old Testament trigger nozzle sixty five but in the New Testament will recognize this this because it's the message to the last church race nine does the Imai and patroon FIFO witness truth is important I remember going through the mine entrance of the bowl alma mater up in Brisbane whenever that was these words greatest him on the above whole thing the free time to message messages the truth of this Thomas 's local wife in the confusing things that are happening all around us look to things that are internal to the certainly important sympathizes by fullness to let you know you can present truth and Radha or even a judge mental wife and sometimes we need to prime it with the wrong lids and in the rock manner and calling the triage and you'll see there's another angel another message comes along for chapters like a connect the Mike's right impression the outlet was illuminated with his glory now what was the glory that is talked about Sia Rigas my social of larger would soon discover that it's God 's character as to limit nine dollars God 's character of love some time ago I collected this little document was written by Roy Williams back in nineteen ninety one and the Adventist health ministry so entitled how loving is your healthcare supervisor works on which I apparently because Corinthians fifteen though I speak with the authority of a healthcare worker taking healthful living and have not loved I am become as sounding brass and thinking simple because of this I love you suffers long the faults of kind workers and is calling does not envy the position or achievements about this book does not rub people at the wrong line second prize this Monday is another's is not easily provide etc. does not rejoice enable Solomon guys that served some of your interest with infected computers and loving as your healthcare 9/11 cost object lessons five four one five there's excitement the last message of mercy to a dying world is the revelation of God 's character we need to do in the cooperative why rich in different fields summary ministry similar medical practice summer and dental health and other health professionals some have an interest in just helping people by the wide-eyed with the crisis in conflict I thought this this is all necessary if we do it spirit of love the spirit that God would have us so that his nine can be a Leviathan design men and his character revealed in this sizing dies of its history or culture some Internet just love a guy very familiar with the wild lost as I picture that timeslot started to try and you'll see a man with a tray of loss and hanging from the branches of the ten Commandments is the central place is not denial and want the depth of this little bit doctors from the raunchy consume long-sought victory to look at lives this across one little fun now across the central this is the laden is the full the sum of the ordinances of the church either here but Christ is central that's the cross crucified showing his love toward us and I'm sure that we can no size I made them into integers as to Kevin Christ is the head of the health ministries departments of the sentence of the division is unmatched in its attitude available income açai save this weekend was seeking your blessing on their lives with my allies feel blessed referrals as well we also drove a soul was a great part in this program we thank you for the organizes we thank you for the procedures we thank you for each other we can learn the share and grow as we associate together this is our prayer nine this is the champion on the group is that this is the one that can say name with real conviction and we looking forward to this time together you know either the years has been some amazing health he arrives I think God is looking down upon us tonight and can see in this room people who are classified as healthier lives I was amazed when I visited America and I went to Battle Creek once the most outstanding thing about Battle Creek the building you go through that out of America's most country towns buildings month range tools free stories makes you drive into Battle Creek and you just go on what has gone wrong that we know changed hands and things with boys the same but they are waiting when we put into practice knowledge plan eating cell free and significant people who traveled the left last night and I justify my wife said what's wrong that I said I'm just going back and look at this again just this huge cemetery in their and that now has that influences mounting skepticism on the cross the Ward loses of where you have the energy moved in America from the East the middle West Toronto to the West Coast and after work moved like that as well that didn't stop in California just kept on going than that until tonight we can be part of that health workers well on the medicine but I'm blessed as a minister who worked in hospitals and health work for a long long time nineteen seventy one I was too little time to get the strut my stuff is out of ministry in nineteen seventy one and a layman it worked in the row lies in Sydney put his arm around me and said Kevin on the teacher have to run stop smoking programs nodding seventy one yet he was in express he used to smoke cigarettes he used to slide the city of thieves dislike us apart upon them it was a truly dedicated smartphone will be becoming a Christian he became an Adventist Christian and he spent the rest of these guys and maybe why as a lineman Texas nine some of you might know him as Jackson and he spent these guys helping us keep up cigarettes and tobacco that's where my ministry and health ministry started way back then later on I was blessed to work at Sydney Adventist hospital for some twenty years and we had a health program running van and society I know God an administrator I join the dots with metal we have dog to do we need you will have him really to my getting packed across communities we have held heroes in this room one of them one of my healthy roses about Johnson that he had the impact across Australia New Zealand and the Pacific were delighted to be meeting here in Victoria with a conference president I dug in seventh for us in a minute and we thank him for his interest in health and the support of the health ministries in this conference just fabulous Joan Chasse you've got to be one of God 's healthy arise they lay ministry for so many years and such significant ministry to provide New York it'll coded by night as I know you won't play your part in very significant wise in my bag they eventually got some read books ministry of healing councils on thoughts influence medical ministry we are not short on apostle only we had called the package but with cost to just keep this package out there working it needs to be a win-win situation is that it needs to the we have got this message now let's share it and I'm delighted with the motto playing on a group the most particularly the lot of the small print about helping the health department regular prenatal helping get very good on the ground we are biking a big impact across the Pacific at the moment will share that with it with you by tomorrow afternoon potentially relevant dilemmas must you copy that the inherent intranet than the copies about the fact there are that this lady when I was young my father used to be the champion of the city Adventist hospital back in the fifties so my memory goes back to some of these outstanding people and this is a the story of my dream to Freeman the first Adventist lady doctor one of the first lady doctors in Australia probably the first Adventist what a fascinating story and focus stories been written up recently and on photocopies of I can't give them to you because of us you to make a donation and I'm going to do that on Sabbath not that goes to a women's refuge in the poor thicknesses of the fabulous story and if you read the small print newbie tightly blog away by the proposal fascia married the husband to shut fifteen dollars is set in with there is a donation of fifteen dollars but a great story is what he riveted you also fabulous story of how this lighting whenever Melinda and potentially get excited when the proposal comes as to how they get married the husband wants to doctors sure wouldn't Freeman our member making the most very small and another prison of my lawn runs back to does anybody remember every call you want a healthier this man is a just a little wisdom that he suddenly was smiling up the back of your putting their hands up you you have a healthy arose of the future value of the Eric Collins supposedly a moderator for humans in the film showings and that this is your conference and we certainly want you to tour in the maximum and you can soak in our inside out and occasionally the media was brought by audio their website is renting God 's word reading sermon audio and much more to know more about our universe was more assertive in www. on .org


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