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Healing the Other Deadly Wound

Skip Dodson


Skip Dodson embraced the Advent message as a 25 year old aerospace engineering graduatestudent. Over the past three decades he has served as a Bible worker, a district pastor, anadministrator, and as a college dean and religion chair. He is currently serving as a self-supporting missionary based in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. Skip has been united in ministry for25+ years with his wife Renee. The couple have two young adult children, both of whom are partners with them in mission.


  • December 1, 2012
    4:00 PM
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father in heaven we just rejoice in the privilege that we have at this convocation to consider this momentous subject medical missionary work and its connection to evangelism Lord help us this afternoon to especially focus our attention on this healing process that needs to take place between the gospel ministry and the medical missionary workers this is personal but it has implications for the work across the world help us to be ready to hear what your Holy Spirit tells us today in Jesus name amen I call this actually the other deadly wound you know we know about the deadly wound in Revelation thirteen and that that one is on the way to almost entire healing I wonder how this deadly wound this is doing you know any of the wound care specialists there okay know no one care special that's good actually because I might make a few analogies to wound care at the end so I have to worry too much about whether I hit the bull's-eye he may him him to be in the neighborhood but the it if you so you want to correct me on anything please feel free headlight that I like to have this even better on target I want to start though the by asking you a quiz question today and it were not doing anything academic today right I appreciate those testimonies earlier but the this does have something to do actually whether subject believe it or not so here's here's the question who made the first personal computer was it Tandy Apple IBM or Atari okay some of you justice formulate your answer in the mind how many are not satisfied with any of those answers okay Tim is not with them has a little bit of a manage this user this presentation before those companies would all be logical choices right they all were round right about the time the PC came out and bought would you believe that the first PC was actually made by Xerox Corporation know what's Xerox Corporation known for copiers yeah but Xerox Corporation really did have the right approach there is a picture of the alto workstation eligibility that interface you noticing some things you've got Windows up on the screen you have menus there icons there there is a mouse they did e-mail on these things but really though the interesting part about this is that the timing all this was happening in the mid- nineteen seventies how many of you had heard of him meet you were even around in the mid- nineteen seventies was that you heard of e-mail yet in the mid- nineteen seventies now there was no such thing as e-mail fact I first got into e-mail when my wife and I were according back in the mid- nineteen nineties so this was really advanced of course is Xerox unfortunately didn't take advantage of what they had created so along came a couple of boys from California maybe you know them anybody recognize these guys know they become quite famous of Bill Gates of Microsoft after he borrowed shall we say some of the ideas from the Xerox alto workstation went on to become at one time the wealth this man in the world and of course Steve the late Steve Jobs built Apple into the most envied company I think in the in the world arguably one of the most valuable as well so the question that comes to us is how big Xerox Corporation managed to fumble away what was arguably the greatest most profitable business opportunity in recent history well couple reasons the alto workstation was developed in Palo Alto California hence the name and done they had a Xerox had a research center out there and the guys that were involved at the park they called at Xerox Parc Palo Alto research Center the guys that were involved in Xerox Parc where the hippie types the MIDI early mid seventies so they had not had the all the long hair you know were saw Doctor Scharff Robert Reich they had long hair and they work on a freewheeling and freethinking end that was the very opposite of the Xerox management back east and so there was tension there you know the two groups just didn't really CII and that the management the top brass of Xerox saw Xerox as a what kind of company copier company and so they look at this alto workstation and there like yeah that's nice guys can you do something with copiers please work off your company we're not a computer company they didn't see the benefits that this invention would bring to their Corporation they can see how that would fit into their paradigm of being a copy your company and then because of those two fact there is a place earlier seem rocks lost billions upon billions of dollars in lost revenue that could of been mayors had a really marketed and develop these ideas they realize what they had not I'd like to suggest to you that this situation is not entirely unlike what we have as Seventh-day Adventists God has given us the right approach this is what this convocation is all about religious review a little history with you some of you may know this lady has and died eighteen sixty three she had a vision that outline the health reform message it was only three years later that this building was purchased in Battle Creek and became the Western health Reform Institute either way eighteen sixty three is also a notable date not been as history for what other reason first organization took place Michigan conference of Seventh-day Adventists that's right so the year the church was organized as the same year that Ellen White was given the light on health reform and in a broad way then a little bit later some of another influential individual comes onto the scene anybody know this youngster yeah that's Doctor Kellogg when he was twenty four years old and became the medical superintendent of the Battle Creek sanitarium at the ripe old age of twenty four any twenty four -year-olds here electronic three sorry twenty seven okay say he's a little younger than your year-to-year you really need to get with the program him to step it up sister okay are you twenty four okay can you imagine taking over as medical director of the Battle Creek sanitarium at twenty four that you know and this was the right approach God showed us it was the right approach we get we been given like that of the Elimite told us it was the right approach here's a religious run through some statements from councils on health with you just look at some of this stuff it's amazing she says our physicians are to unite with the work of the ministers of the gospel barrister of their labors souls are to be saved that the name of God may be magnified but that's a beautiful statement isn't that the method nicely to keep on your phone or somewhere just this is a reminder right and then she also says the life of Christ in his ministry is to the afflicted are inseparably connected from the light that has been given me I know that an intimate relationship should ever exist between the medical missionary work in the gospel ministry they are bound together in sacred union as one work and are never to be divorced now I want to ask you just looking at that statement what kind of language is she using their marriage that's right it's saturated with marital language from the word Internet relationship to bound together in sacred union never to be divorced a mean this is absolutely covenantal marriage language you think God wanted ministers and physicians nurses to work together I think so absolutely but it is one she says it is the Lord 's plan that physicians well versed and Bible truth shall unite with ministers laboring in the cities and aid in giving as a whole the harmonious message of warning that should be given to the world wow what a privilege this would be had the privilege before of doing this kind of work out with her but I first ran back in Pennsylvania when I pastor back there in a week we did some things right we did somethings wrong and if I were to go back and do that over again I would change some things but just had that experience of working side-by-side with a health professional proclaiming that the gospel in the health message together that experience was absolutely seminal in my ministry and this is what God is calling us to do all of us to get involved in this kind of work she says again the physician and the minister should realize that they are engaged in what the same work they should labor in perfect harmony they should counsel together by their unity they will bear witness that God has sent his only begotten son into the world to save all who will believe in him as their personal savior noticed some of the language here too they are engaged in the same work now I wasn't taught that in seminary and that's not any indictments okay I'm just stating a fact I wasn't taught in seminary where you thought that medical school no if the special joint the secular medical school I would expect that but this is this is God 's plan that we be about the same thing now what does that mean will I think it means at least this it doesn't just mean that the doctor is supposed to come over where I am and be about what I'm about and that's it it also means that I need to go over where he's at and be about what he's about as well that doesn't mean no practice medicine Madonna licensed that were not good nobody better go there but it does mean that ministers should be trained talking about education here and him and assure little bit more about this tomorrow when we talk about a vision forward for Australia but ministerial training must begin to involve an understanding of the human system simple treatments for common ailments it must be we have to know how to do this and the training of physicians must involve a training in how to visit people how to get decisions how to do personally evangelism and give Bible studies and then to present the truth from the first session standpoint in public settings all that stuff in our training a lot of our training I would love if a lot of our training would crossover it all that but that's still in the future again from councils on health five forty three the work unit assisted Daniel Kress by the way how many of you know who Daniel Chris was Doctor Daniel Cressey was at this time medical director of the Washington Senate in the US she says the work you have been doing in the cities is meeting heaven 's approval okay put your hand up brothers and sisters if you would like to have that stated of you I thrive on the spirit of God to say why what what is what was he doing well let's read on what you have done demonstrates that are if our physicians and men in our ministers can work together in the presentation of the proved truth to the people more can be reached then could be influenced by the minister laboring alone I trust that your example in this respect may be followed by other physicians grass was one who took Ellen White's counsel and said okay I know this is good to be simple or convenient binder to do this and his laborers were less because he did he teamed up with the GB star who was also should be known here in Australia because he spent some time here and are they in the Northeast held evangelistic meetings together Chris and star and Ellen White says this is God 's plan this is meeting heavens approval I want that to be said of the work force here in Australia I wanted to be said for the workforce in the US I want to be said about you and I personally know what were doing in the cities is meeting heaven 's approval speaking specifically of the Battle Creek experience she says for a long time there were connected with the sanitarium men there were men connected with the Senate FEMA should say whose work it was the whole Bible readings with the patient's as the way open not this this is different to the role of a hospital chaplain no hospital chaplains roles very important because he's in a sense of rich person but this is more specific this is a like a Bible worker position somebody who takes people who are have a definite interest in the present truth and says look if you'd like to study the Bible I would be open we can do it this time this time whatever and they gave Bible studies the patients they didn't push it on people notice the words the last words of the sentence as the way open I look at the next part Doctor Kellogg fully accorded with this praise the Lord he was on board you know God was working in his heart he was right on on the same page with the spirit of prophecy and the work was moving forward a note this is also meeting God 's approval clearly she says after the meeting at Minneapolis got Doctor Kellogg was a converted man and we all knew it I went on and I'll ask you if you've thought about how they knew it every think about the how do you know when somebody is a converted man while you number one he was wanting to follow counsel in doesn't that make sense right he was wanting to do what God said that's an evidence of conversion he was also very adamant that work should be done for the disadvantaged for the poor and he started a lot of good things for the poor and you orphans home and end stuff in Chicago did get a little out of control just later did but the concept was right and at this time well not in nineteen oh three but Ellen White's looking back she's looking back and reviewing the history and saying look we knew that the doctor was converted we could see she says the converting power of God working in his heart and life while Maisie but unfortunately whenever God 's people get serious about the right approach someone else gets out his guns and trains them upon the situation and so the enemy dead with all those affirmations like we just read floating around out there we would think that God 's people and especially the ministers would come on board with God 's plan unfortunate but unfortunately that's what the large degree so this is these are some of the things that Doctor Kellogg and I'm sure other physicians endured during this time these are specifically wrote about Kellogg she says that he was criticized from the commencement of his work now I want you to remember how old was Doctor Kellogg when he commenced his work twenty four years old criticize from the commencement of his work he was green with a lack of sympathy in Ohio this really pains my heart because I have spent a lot of time in over the last four years with physicians and I have come away with a really a new understanding of what it means to be a physician I want to say any ministers if you're any ministers here before you look at what he drives her she drives before you look at where they live I want you to think about the kind of schedule and difficult times that they've passed through in the kind of you know the kind of demands on their time that they injure I wish there were more ministers here that you hear what I'm saying I'm sure someone here it by means of the audio beast people need our sympathy they need our encouragement many times they are operating on a low level of sleep energy reserves are depleted and yet we don't often see the rigors of the training we do see the end result and we look at that and we say in our but is a lot to it and physicians dentists nurses need to the VMware of the ministering brethren she also says side writing to Butler that he got no help from his brethren areas he's trying to move medical work forward it wasn't getting any help to do it that had to be disparaging that you think so he was greeted with suspicion lack of confidence and no compassion they also accused him of gathering up all the young men he could get it out Doctor Kellogg like many health professionals was a pretty aggressive recruiter and he loved to go to attend meetings he was often featured to speak you can't meetings though by this time they were giving him the five o'clock in the morning at six o'clock in the morning meeting something that he really didn't care for I mean it not that he am sure he got up plenty early but they were con of marginalizing him that he would go to camp meetings and he would take this in a single lot young people and say you know you need to get involved in the medical missionary work that's really where things are happening ill come and work with me at the sanitary model train you only can you imagine is young person when that be attractive to be trained by Doctor Kellogg mean wow he was what he was world renowned at this point but some of the ministers didn't really appreciate that because they said Kellogg's taking all the good people you see what's going on here friends competition has no place in God 's work we should allow God to call those whom he calls and if he calls some to the medical work and some to the ministering mystery work let's let God be God right but the men this is got a little uneasy overlap LMI says that he was the subject of constant prejudice and also not the least is this last one he became overworked why because the leadership did not support him how would you feel you know we often castigate Doctor Kellogg for being a workaholic and you know granted he did overwork he makes him personal choices that were not the best in this regard but I want you to think about it on the other side of things they can about how you would feel if you were him hear you got Ellen White's voice ringing in your ears about how this medical work is supposed to carry the third Angels message forward what would you do about that would you just sit back put your feet up and sale well I guess at the rock and is supported on I'm I'm done of course you wouldn't you would do everything you could to push this work forward and I think in part that's what motivated him I there were other motivations to will get to those later but it least in part he wanted to see this work succeed well if you know anything about Doctor Kellogg he was not to take things like this sitting down it would have been difficult for any of us I think to endure what he had to deal with he put on his Ellen White put it the code of irritation and retaliation so here are some of the accusations that he in return level against the ministers first of all he accused them of being antagonistic to health reform and if I'll get is present in nation you have those references you look up the letters but he said these guys don't give a hoot about what Ellen White says about diet and exercise and so on I wish that I could say with confidence that this was unfounded unfortunately I think we all know better it was true in fact Ellen White said it was true she said herself that the ministers were as as a whole were not very receptive to the health message and fact they use their influence often times not just the nude not just to be blasé or neutral about it but they were actively undercutting a lot of the things that should've been proclaimed Kellogg got entered into some actually some tit-for-tat with the ministers at camp meetings oftentimes the ministers would would set up refreshments tables up at the Cannes meetings and you can guess what to do the biggest selling items might available stables come on you guys can guess right we think if you're if you're in a cell son the narrative might want Bible to be while meat and cheese and the the doctor didn't really care for that too much so what he would often do is he would go and he would buy out the whole lot and get rid of it in fact one time he bought a whole Bali bought all the cheese they had on the table and he threw the river one of the ministers found it cleaned up brought it back sold so you see the kinds of little power plays that were going on here really negative stuff off childish almost but it is his concern over the ministers withdrew heating always take the best approach in in the way he dealt with it in fact in eighteen ninety three is slow a lot not the notes but I got to give you the sole low bit of extra here in eighteen ninety three he gave some messages at the General conference and somehow mysteriously that because the people that publish the General conference bulletin were so very perfectly astute they left even though these these messages were given early in the General conference session they were able to project that they would not have enough funds to publish everything that was good to be in the general conference of the left Kellogg stocks out might have something to do with the scathing things that he said in eighteen ninety one American Arrigo Steve you can do the research and find it but they began to kind of backhanded least censure him because of some of the things that he was saying that were true about you also accuse them of green and misuse of funds said they used too much money for personal travel and so on whether this was really true or not hard to say on a personal level he got a got personal with them he said that the ministers were of generally inferior intelligence and work ethic the first is I'm sure a distortion no it really okay him he am sure he am sure he was three my been true in some cases see about you not using everything EQ is really important is not and Kellogg actually in this situation though his IQ I'm sure was extremely high his EQ was down in the pits but I wish I could say that the second part of that was unfounded but you know I know I spent enough time in the ministry and I've known enough ministers to know that there are some in the ministry who look at the ministry as a comfortable occupation to get into that's fairly and rear job is fairly secure and you can get i.e. if you keep your if you stay married to the same woman and I don't raise Cain you can you can generally get through the system and the know have a reasonable life story I got a penny the story this is when I was younger a young pastor and you know in Pennsylvania we had peace wooden platforms for tents and they were big in there heavy now so for this guy 's year were carrying these platform stack in a mock me know and we were doing this all day now just pushing it to get done and there was a guy that was in Pennsylvania at that time and he said the never forget this he said you know I love work I could watch it all day and you know what is I never forgot that because I said to myself you know if that's really his attitude I would want him as my pastor you wouldn't want him in your conference okay so his work ethic something that ministers could pay some attention to yes some could definitely he also Kellogg also accused ministers of being controlling he felt like they were always trying to call the shots and control what he was doing that's interesting because you know that this was something that clearly they were not necessarily in harmony with and yet they were trying to make decisions for him and that really rankled Kellogg and he hated the fact that guys that eight organa try to tell him how to run the sanitary I just bothered him but we honestly something interesting here this what's this is what makes this situation so complicated three at least three out of the four things that Doctor Kellogg was pointing the finger at the ministers for he himself also struggle with my right he was also intemperate knotting eating reheated he was a very you know conscious and of his diet but he definitely overworked there's no question about that I mean he would he had I forget how many salmon eat how many secretaries the Kellogg have these guys that would follow him around almost night and day and I take notes that he would dictate for his next book he would sit in a bath of ice cold water to stay awake and dictate his next book to his secretary knows I mean he was just absolutely burning the candle at both ends constantly alarm I cautioned him about it so even though he was not interpreted eating he was definitely intemperate in the way he worked and his lack of a proper rest oh and this whole business of the money that was also interesting to because he himself had struggles with that and what about the control issue you know it was Scott of a was a major power struggle you know who was trying to control who at that point Ellen White cautioned him about some things she said he was overly ambitious for expansion and Mrs. this relates the whole money issue he was tried at all the fun city good into his expansion projects and she also said that he didn't pay his workers enough and that's instead I just found that days before this meeting you know she wrote cautious she said you know I know that this is not your specific point of oversight but your responsible so you need to check this out and probably everybody across the board needs up a race wow amazing she also said that his propensity to overwork caused others to do the same thing his influence and then she cautioned him and the other physicians about seeking for the highest positions and wages she wrote this to him well unless with ADL which I think that's actually just a personal indictment to Kellogg because she says here in manuscript releases volume one page one ninety eight she says there are many who are practicing physicians who do not work with an I singled to the glory of God but for the sake of gain to themselves the exact exorbitant prices on those require their services they feel that they are not amenable to anyone and are not to be advised or counsel but will follow their impulses in a large degree they work from selfish motives in their medical practice they are not missionaries their unreasonable charges are recorded in the books by the true witness he says I know thy works the money physicians generally take from rich and poor is in many cases too large for the services rendered and is reckoned no more or less than dishonest gain by the God of heaven yet they demand his exorbitant prices for their professional age simply because they can do it for one suffering people must have felt the principles of truth are not brought into the soul to have a sanctifying important influence on their life and character unless men are doers of the words of Christ so these are some cautions that Ellen White wrote to the physicians and of course Kellogg and some others began to see the gospel ministry as sort of a hindrance though there plans to develop medical missionary work into an empire yell when I was first in ministerial training there was one word that I associated with Kellogg I didn't really know anything about all this when I was still in my seminary training what would he think the one word I was I associated with Kellogg pantheism right that's all I knew about Kellogg pantheism friends is a lot more to this story than pantheism there was wrong on both sides but I want you to read this solemn statement with me you read it silently and read out loud she wrote this to the general conference president Butler in eighteen eighty eight she says if the doctor fails in doing his duty and being an over comer alas those brethren who have failed in their want of wisdom and discernment to help the man when and where he needed their help will be in a large measure responsible one of Bernard there you are just thinking of I'm thinking of Doctor Kellogg and am looking at this picture of him he was in his mid- thirties that he had been medical director for about twelve years when he started as I said he was twenty four my son will be twenty four and eleven years and I think about how I would feel as a father if I were to watch as year after year my son 's faith were to be eroded away by unjust criticism and faultfinding it would devastate me when I look at some of you some of you that I mean all of your precious in God site for you young young people and I think it what would you have done how would you responded in that situation it breaks my heart to think that you would of been treated probably the same way we have got to heal the wound that has been made this breach that has been formed by this back and forth wrestling for control for money and just the right to do you like please we have got to get rid of them mentality so how are we going to heal this wound what's going to make a difference so that those of you who are coming out of training now will not face or be tempted to react in the same way that Doctor Kellogg reacted and the end endured let me suggest a few things from wound care number one we needed this in fact our ranks from professional pride let me use an illustration how many of you know how to solve a set of partial differential equations using a numerical solution procedure if you got a strike is your engineer okay good so we have a mathematician here one other guy in the room does that does the fact that he and I have done that before and know how to do it does that make us any smarter than the rest of you are writing here you sorry no of course it doesn't just because a minister knows Greek and Hebrew does that make any payment any smarter anymore how wise of theologian then you if you don't know just because a physician understands anatomy and physiology and knows how to reduce the successful surgery does that make him any smarter than someone who doesn't know how to do that now everyone God has given gifts to do different things right and it it we should not allow it regardless of how the world looks at us we should look at one another as fellow soldiers in Jesus Army with a specific role will him perform and none of us are any better or more important than any other we just have argued our orders I totally got it disinfect ourselves from professional arrogance that has no place in God 's work number two we need to suture with self-control I don't have the right to live is like please because I'm getting influence you if I do and if I influenced you in the wrong direction guess what I'm partially responsible for the choices you make ministers are under solemn covenant responsibility with God to set an example for the people of God let's all say amen physicians and nurses and dentists are also under the same covenant responsibility are they not the set on an example for the people of God River Elimite says when we work together it will be evidence that Jesus has come to save the world you know enemy evidence of arc true conversion if where able to work together harmoniously so that means that the choices that I make in my life are not just my choices they affect you and your choices and what you choose to do the way you choose to live right down to what time you choose to go to bed at night is can impact me immediately realize the extent of the ripple effect of the way we live it's so important so we need to suture the world with self-control we also need to apply the balm of that means even though I may not have liked everything in common with some of you guess what I'm still a brother and you're still a brother assist right it's about you this idea of brotherhood this is this is more of an attitude that we carry with us where you know yeah we may have thought we may have some minor disagreements with someone on particular things but were brothers were to work together in the end Jesus and settle all the issues that need to be settled as we work together right and then you know when you have a wound that needs healing what's the most important thing fresh blood supply right now to take away the stuff that needs to be taken away the better bring in the stuff the spinner promote healing so sit to have that it's my simple mind says exercise okay working together in soul winning efforts is going to revolutionize the relationship between ministers and health professionals if we in uniting you know this is true if you have somebody that either you don't know very well or somebody that you've had issues with if you say to them hey so-and-so I know you need some help on that on this project that your house would you mind if I came up and helped you and you work together with somebody it creates a whole new level of relationship doesn't and I think one of the amine major ways that ministers and physicians and health professionals need to heal this breach is by intentionally not just saying Lola just sit back and let it happen because guess what if you sit back and let it happen is it going to happen though is not good just magically come together but if we intentionally say call up your pastor or a pastor that you know that you are that will work with you and say hey I would you like to hold meetings with me next year I mean what with that what kind of a store would that cause here in Australia if physicians would call up their pastor and say I'd like to hold meetings with you next year who Matt I would love to be around to see that and I believe we will see when they close by on a positive note okay you got an idea for assessment amen high-rise elevator I'll repeat that for the audio recording Justin says that the shot of trust in God otherwise CL Locke John paralysis can set it that's great allow me to put that in the day 's presentation RI so the New Testament church did use the right approach we all agreed on that I knew you yes okay get they sent people out to buy two often in companies one of Paul's constant traveling companions was a guy named Luke who was a physician and there is an illustrative passage on the concept the blended ministry that comes from their experience while shipwrecked on this little island of Malta so acts twenty eight versus seven through nine in that region there wasn't a state of the leading citizen of the island whose name was probably as Sue received us and entertain us courteously for three days and it happened that the father of probably us lay sick of the fever and dysentery Paul went in to him and prayed and he laid his hands on him and healed him so Windows on the island and that diseases also and were healed now there is an important pronoun in this verse verse eight I wonder if you can guess it anybody knows what a pronoun is of course it's the third person singular English pronoun right there Dennis who said referring to its referring to Paul very good I want you to think about what happened here this this man who was the leading citizen of the island his father had evidently a gastrointestinal infection of some sort and it was when it became known to Luke and Paul they went they made a visit and who laid the healing hands on Paul in the presence of Luke the physician was the one who did the healing don't you find that interesting I mean it we don't read that Luke ever said to Paul look Paul you ministers need to stick to the preaching let us see the patient's urine in a get us all assume all that never went when that sound out of place in the New Testament but I have another little fact that you may not be aware of I want to ask you who wrote more words in the New Testament also spotless but this way who wrote the most words in the New Testament if you said Paul you are wrong Luke gave Luke the physician wrote more words of the New Testament then Paul the minister when such Hollis the ministry in the New Testament church was absolutely thoroughly blended stir the point where Paul did not feel like he was infringing on Luke's professional territory or turf when he went in to heal this man and Luke did not feel like he was infringing on Paul's professional turf to write the majority of the New Testament in fact if you want to hear another startling tidbit we share this with you from manuscript release Doctor Scharf American here it is again there's all kinds of stuff in these manuscript releases manuscript release number twenty it's page three forty five talking about Paul who was making tents for the support of his group she says those toilet toil worn hands as he presented them before the people bore testimony that he was not chargeable to any man for his support he worked day and night to avoid being chargeable to his brethren and at times he also supported his fellow workers himself suffering from hunger in order to relieve the necessities of others he shared his earnings with guest to come on guess it Luke is exactly what she says and helped Timothy to obtain the necessary equipment Brewster do you think that we have some reordering of things to do and are in the way we do stuff it out we have ministers to heal physicians who preach and write books of the New Testament and you have ministers will give donations to help physicians in their daily needs as quite an odd situation to us is not I think we have some things to learn and something still another and I'm not saying that it still looked all exactly just as it looks here in the New Testament we do live in a different day however the principles we must be careful to find and apply to go back to that last slide and I wanted to say one thing by way of conclusion Tim and I made the point last night gospel medical evangelism was the plan for ministry under the early rain would you say amen to that guy I think that's very clear and I would like to suggest to you that it is to be carried out even more earnestly and even more extensively under the latter rain and I think I speak for all present in expressing my hopefulness that from this convocation this berry convocation right here there could start healing process across this division are healing from assessment will grow in its influence to usher in a day where we will see the New Testament model of ministry being restored with us with health professionals and gospel ministers working side-by-side to win souls for Christ hastening his return I have an appeal question for you this afternoon its count of the threefold question what do you need to do I mean I believe you're committed to this vision or you wouldn't have bothered to come this weekend so with that assumption I meant ask you what do you personally need to do in the Cisco requires some heart searching in prayer I'm not looking for some immediate response from you but I want you to ask yourself what decisions do you need to make what decisions do I need to make him ask myself this question what OI need to do what you need to do this week this month and this year to move this vision forward for Australia I want you to really wrestle with God and I believe he will give us all but race her move on the connection is anything or make a promise or a media was brought by audio errors in website dedicated to spreading God 's word two three seven audio and much more I would like to know more about hothouse in his life is more certain is www. .net verse .org


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