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A Major Breakthrough in the World of Health

John Scharffenberg


Prof Scharffenberg has been assitant secretary of the General Conference Health Ministries Department and is still listed as a Professor of Nutrition at Loma Linda's School of Public Health at 88 years of age. He has been on the Loma Linda faculty for over 55 years and started 7 new courses at the School of Public Health, including one on Adventist Philosophy on Nutrition, presenting Spirit of Prophecy counsels on diet. He has been involved as director of or consultant to numerous entities including the Inter-departmental Committee on Nutrition of National Defense (National Institue of Health) and California State Dept of Health and Center of Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia. He is a graduate from the Loma Linda University Medical School when it was called the College of Medical Evangelists. He is also a graduate of Harvard University's School of Public Health with a major in nutrition where he was honoured by inclusion in the Delta Omega Society. 


  • December 2, 2012
    11:00 AM
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I is for you that is that the batteries is first your guide to Ernie and I realize in Australia and the more longer than most people except for Hong Kong Iceland Japan okay but you're still trying to your guidance early and I want to give you the right to endanger right to an oral health now you know your history you held off after and the germ theory right now is a major breakthrough you heard about wanting about results on the major break the not however give you a another major breakthrough we now know you can lower your heart attack risk by eighty percent we now know either lower your risk of stroke eighty percent we now know you lower your risk of getting type two diabetes by eighty percent we all pay our gondola primordial prevention not secondary prevention is when the doctor treats a patient whose heterosexually doesn't get the second primary prevention is when he treats the patient for high blood pressure high cholesterol so he doesn't get the perfect fit no primordial prevention is one step back you treat the local population so they never get the respect is inversely busy start for a life-threatening 's children kids little children in fact they even talk about during pregnancy thirty three minus okay but a lot of them are going to miss this training and so this will have to do the job now this primordial prevention they were so view us hire Association in meeting worked on this and they haven't twenty twenty goal and his mother say they are saying that right now we have less than five percent of US population heart healthy and living up these risk factors the provisions back but the goal is by the year twenty twenty twenty percent of the population will be living in that state however in fact number one cigarette smoking now you your country your doll only nineteen percent of smoking US eighty percent California lesson sixteen percent in those very well but that's not true all over the world all over the world one out of five thirteen to fifty -year-olds is smoking the estimate is by the year twenty twenty ten as if people will die every year because of tobacco smoke is ridiculous it's a big deal so that's the first respect secular out all our calls risk factor increases risk of rectal cancer liver cirrhosis breast cancer within the people alcohol syndrome all kinds of problems with alcohol Malone car accidents divorce always problems with alcohol SSI who respected out what is the official stance on alcohol the official stance is if you never ever started to drink don't ever begin in the yard ready by state officials snacks the third risk factor in him pretty these evaporator and the skeleton at the computer at seventy five five million people are dying every year worldwide because of inactivity design I want to give you one assigned to back that points out the importance of exercise this is if you have a man whose physically fit these exercise buddy smoke but he has high cholesterol but he has high blood pressure he will outlive the person who doesn't smoke who doesn't have a high blood pressure who don't have high cholesterol was enacted to get the importance of exercise cavity is important for crystal clear overweight overweight how do you know your way step on the scale if the needle goes also I worry he just easier the only between the that you have a hurricane more than two centimeters you're too fat no civil way liable for Boulevard between your chest or stomach of a golden tortoise on YouTube that now we getting wasted in doing this scientific methods okay call BMI body mass index K not that simple you know how to do with Victor kilo grams in weight the vibe on your height in meters and take that number divided by height in meters a second meters we're okay but numbers in the over twenty five I do should be up to twenty five Jindal be available twenty four MS twenty five you do that normally take emissary you are obese MS forty your class three or beasts candidate for surgery okay now that's good for population statistics but more important and that is way circuit 's game night uses tell people that are there circumference with a tape measure around the belly button and then I found him walking around life within all of us he went on air dry don't do that anymore but take measures yellow around halfway between they had the vendor around their and see what it is okay now I have it on cardiologists send them his cardiologist Serbian strong muscles he's a mountain climber is excellent he is a specialist to discuss ultrasound business you know and before you bid me just found a woman that morning with the kind Caucasus northern Serbia which I didn't think they had a romantic but his BMI was a little high twenty seven I felt that was because it is also yet they must so you put the tape measure around here are interest to Vegas on because of muscle okay now we want your Augustana and mentor so what would you do something very right here now we want y'all should check yourself see where you are we need to know what we are we know we didn't know where this is okay so just so they at the bottom and one one Mister your mentor off the list and each other to see where you are okay and in the eleven number thirty okay now alongside about that tape adheres animated as I did I can give you both went okay I know resonated for you men aged get about one hundred and twelve and is not evil or your warned not to get any bigger you are not getting bigger now for wetland if eighty eight centimeters no wire that but if you're eighty euro war not getting a bigger bang so we don't do something about this weight problem were getting normal overweight people in the United States today two thirds of the adult compilation are overweight above them are obese probably to you folks in Australia but getting close to us you're getting close to us you're trying to catch up with this ill so we got herself all the way problem now that the fourth risk factor is the way problem that address bar of factor S factor we need a better diet than that and it's exciting how the business talking about it there is a more fruits and vegetables now you mean I'm sociable state whether all until the something more and make a better I will be less of you getting on sugar the value he didn't know that the world Cancer research fund London with their twenty one stifles around the world on Hong Kong one of them will have sex on the lead but they have reviewed seven thousand studies week regarding the eating of food music and intestinal cancer and then come to the conclusion don't ever eat process of the Bible is a WSs very very liberal on this there are heart Association Kansas society they all say zero to two servings a week but wanted the world Cancer research fund says slowly not if you're using it off and never start again now I have a heart time finding a definition for processed meat what is it with him I looked around the world I found a little place called after a New Zealand standard poodle they had the definition salted cured chemicals added sodium nitrate is the head and I have been here in the back of what he says about it it is interesting smoke and they listen they listened and handed bacon pastrami at Bologna court beef salami hot dogs progress if you use an stop the gay now when I wonder they say then about the red needs you know that's for me the lab in the developed before you cook it is red it's ready when they say they're saying no more than five hundred grams a week the bag quickly but the cumulative average should be no more than three hundred and house what's with that five hundred grams are particularly averaged to be no more than three hundred with unexpected enough smart people in the community who know enough not to eat any developer the average that is exciting they say five hundred grams are loud but no more than three hundred for the opportunity but what about the way basically learns about three and a check on the finish well it was in New Zealand Doctor may hurt you Gary Frazier stated in the study which showed that when these causes much intestinal cancer as I may need to pay then these are the five behavior factors they have two others high blood pressure high cholesterol okay now two major dietary factors on the cholesterol you are saturated fat and cholesterol a knowledge to guys cholesterol you see the kind your body strong but with your cholesterol is difficult to reduce atherosclerosis in monkeys it takes the right cholesterol not he like figuring that out to you how you can get it without any afterlife but you are the barn you get under the towel and you get it straight before Smith was the you fresh look at him to do so I've used it for you if you like this yet cholesterol cholesterol and blood to high mostly because the way we eat now if you live up to these five basic behavioral factors in less like I'm not like that from the slaughter have high blood pressure okay Al I say this is a major rate it even came to see top medical people sit around saying I think we should help people eat more that's it now I can as Internet if there's some new gas hedge technology or something I could see them doing it but I can't seem to do but they they sat around said keys are the major risk factors we got it it was on the amount of better breakthrough this has me willing to talk about something so simple it's a simple in concept very simple concept difficult concept to implement okay now how successful are they going to be in this thing your program and twenty percent of US population doing this already the status station stations are saying you never make it to make this partnership immediately good but you heard how successful within getting people exercise pretend that they are thirty years the United States no change oh well anyway and then at how successful are we have been very successful now you heard him I think we're going to be in a shallow as seventh tennis that a candida and who are always going to show it's not working I think that is what I think this would be great if everybody looks to those people very well why are we able to I think we have it here we have the chance to Shaw difference in our methods and benefits okay I'm really excited about this simple concept now if you want to go out and do health education you don't have to do it only for us versus them but you could tell my here with the world the same thread where the data is very quick they want everybody I'm amazed at the medical literature New England Journal of Medicine said you know the practice doctors don't shake the beginning of morning they bring their stuff together we had twenty one patients seceded a this one has a week now how are you each department here go to helping that they should that's what has a problem of inactivity are your help each one everybody in your staff supposed to know what can they do in their area to help the patient I see this in the New England Journal of Medicine in heaven they used the way they're talking about the simple things that we've been talking about four hundred fifty but even if we just give the science is not working we got a given law we think right now that we have a chance that at this to show that the method working with the Lord works in the regular method is not going to work I have described to you this video will have twenty percent US population living like that in the year twenty twenty three a question that it I had lots of fun giving this lecture all over Slovakia everywhere will a book on Slovakia 's shift I'm excited about it there are many places the wherewith they don't even know that smoking is bad for you I was surprised to find that the people who neither know no now the scientists know that all I need is a good point in light of the company but will someone telling some of it on the store I don't think any they like what they're doing themselves again back with a new site they would know how to do the other way anyway we haven't been around them to tell how do we need to get out there to show him how to do it we chose a shot they want to do this was the nominal and questions but I think this is something that you use as a starter with a lot of people it's just not as interested this is what the scientists of the world say the evidence is strong the evidence is there and these are nominal US special World Health Organization this is a European heart Association golf this is a straight goals money you started this big national 's survey program of broken in twenty eleven first report came out October twenty ninth to the news media report was just on the acute phase will do all we can smoke anything like that that report comes out in March and excitable with ability than taking blood to check vitamin D levels aired in Australia is amazing it establishes standards last night repeat with I think are pretty good high enough to prevent osteoporosis that is not interested what they're doing here in Australia it it's interesting how we in Australia for a fight are we thanks with fully decade ago when the government in two thousand nine service at the link to the rings it's very interesting how we were way ahead of them but I believe this these worldwide goals I think I'm going to be enough to get up to what they wanted to try and we can finish you ones shown the way is not a thing as a a this media was brought audio errors a website dedicated to spreading God 's word to three seven audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain it is www. audio tours .org


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