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Rediscovering Character

Wes Peppers


Wes Peppers

Pastor, Traverse City & Kalkaska, Michigan



  • December 29, 2012
    8:30 AM
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I do I see you thankful that three of you are here this morning good morning CYC is great to be here worshiping with you this morning a man right to be a Sabbath they had the nest this morning and I'm thankful to be a DY C am thankful that your fear and I'm looking forward to a very exciting weekend what could be greater than starting CYC on a Sabbath morning a man the only thing I think to be better would be starting CYC in heaven I think I might be possible next year wonderful it's so good to see he's one of you here I'm excited about what the Lord is going to do it's good to see the all of you have survived the Mayan calendar disaster and all that was the yelling the news and all these different things but I'm thankful friends that the hope that we have is not built upon superstition a man is built upon the word of God and the word of God been proven down through the ages and just so thankful today that we have a solid hold something that's a real something as pure something that's true and we can celebrate that we can worship our God morning my wife is at home she's watching online with my eight month old son and we actually I think that a picture of my son and open it and put that up but they really are there watching at home and God tell you what friends having a child will change your life for eternity and what a blessing it is little Levi is there a home I hope this weekend that we are going to leave G Y C not the same people as when we came we will be change would be filled with the Holy Spirit and we will be ready to fulfill revelation eighteen the glory of God being shown into all the world as my friend this weekend I've been praying for each one of you that God 's Word God 's Spirit would speak to your heart this him friends we want the latter reign to be poured out I'm if you want to have that experience today this weekend were to look at four different themes and a look at several things from the back some things that will make the book of acts with the day to talk about the roots of the book of acts really meant tomorrow to look at the powerline of facts the next table to look at the driving force of the book of acts and on the last day we look at what it takes and what it took to continue in the book of acts and what that means for a generation today the titles will be rediscovering character today tomorrow redefining culture the next day resurrecting the church in the last day reaching the cosmos I'm looking forward to a powerful we can yell as I was on my way out here I was on a plane and I sat on it was a blank Southwest it was open seating and as I got on the plane I there was I have to confess there was a man sitting in the seat by the window he was actually a very large man very large in fact like spilled over to the next seat I thought to myself as a guilt by sit beside this man is actually extra seating available and not what you want to sit in the middle between me and him responsible at so I said I'm a sit down I felt heavily impressed to sit by this map on on Namibia were witnesses man all the way to you I see for our flights all the people came on the stewardess said you know this to be a very full flights and so all the people came on the last guy that I walked past me and I thought that this is it on the hapless seat myself on the witnesses guides can be wonderful now suddenly get a tap on the shoulder is the guy that went past me he came back and said there's no more seats back there this guy was about six four three shoulders were about the why are you so you have the three biggest people on the plane all sitting in the same seats this brother of a very large man he likes the alone for the next season it was his brother sitting beside him and I sat like this all time I think I'm joking am totally serious and the stewardess kept like bumping into me with that with a part when I started talking the dismantlement of the dude on the antilife fell asleep I thought I was supposed with this guy the guy in the middle he started telling what he was on a certain phase these are to tell me how much he struggled with his faith is that I struggle with my faith because the picture I see all that of the character of God and the Bible says I don't understand how there could be such a loving God and he would burn people for all eternity is make a list of these things my said brother I said this is not the true picture of God and the Bible we open our Bibles together on the plan to Bible study at the end of that time Manson ma'am I think it's been renewed I'm so excited thank you for sharing this with me know what that makes me think of is that Verizon people all around the world were not even in the Adventist church want to be a part of the revolution that you're experiencing here there are young people around the world who would give anything to have to see that during the day and friends there are young people who are going to be joining this church when the Holy Spirit poured out and the question is what it is going to be coming into effect in July see what would they see in you with basic price is my prayer this week in France we will have such an experience with Jesus in the right to change our lives please bow your heads we pray him in heaven or this weekend did not waver Holy Spirit this week and we need to see Jesus this weekend we need to shun worldliness and selfishness self-seeking will need the truelove that can only come from heaven we ask that your spirit will draw near to us today message would speak to our hearts a very powerful way we pray Lord that we would not be the same people when we leave is when we came we would be transformed with a renewed would be empowered and you would bless your people and we would know that we have been in the presence of Jesus this is our prayer we ask it in his name in order to often times will understand what lies ahead many times you have to go backward is not true in Bible prophecy we understand the book of Revelation and many of the those symbols and themes of Revelation we find repeated in the OR or first told in the Old Testament is a true every revolution has its roots every revolution had something that had to happen before the revolution could take place at the time to look at the table to look at that in the life of a very interesting character in the Bible his name is John the Baptist amid rugged John the Baptist for now what's interesting is that without John the Baptist there would be no book of acts is John the Baptist introduces Jesus onto the scene I think Jesus introduces a brings about the Holy Spirit after that John the Baptist is actually mentioned nine times in the book of acts nine times and every time you mention it's with great reverence in fact and at step one Jesus talked about John the Baptist in his closing words with the disciples for this we find our study of Scripture is actually a type of the final generation that will live upon the earth John the Baptist 's role was to prepare the world for the first coming of Jesus and the last generation is the role is to bear the world the second coming of Jesus on the notice to be true you seem to be studied this is John represent what God wants his final generation to be in the last days and that is why were going to look at John to see how the impact the decisions he made the life he lived set the stage for the book of acts it was the roots of the revolution forward and seek today to find a very powerful clear connection Jesus calls John the Baptist one of the greatest prophets that ever lived and if he's one of the greatest that ever lived he is the greatest we know they represent the last generation of the last generation will also be the greatest turn with me please in your Bibles to the book of Matthew gospel of Matthew chapter three in October to begin our study this morning some very powerful points we want to make I'm praying that I'm going to finish on time coming to pray for me I've been a little bit sick so if I cough you will forgive me but when I do not ask for is a thousand people come up to me after the meeting today and give me all kinds of different home remedies I don't need close of garlic I don't need a bunch of stuff just pray for me amen man doing all those things are ready so please don't thank you Matthew chapter three and verse one the Bible reads are you there and they are saying that a right act of Matthew chapter three in those days John the Baptist came preaching in the wilderness of today and saying repent for the kingdom of heaven him just as he was spoken of by the prophet Isaiah saying the voice of one crying in the wilderness prepare the way of the Lord make his past strains Jean John the Baptist call to preach a message to bear a message of repentance to a world who was not repentance John was called to prepare the way for Jesus to come on the scene of the state of the world we Seventh-day Adventists are called to prepare the world were not the coming of Jesus is the Savior is the coming of Jesus of the concretely a man the Bible says that John for message of repentance we asked the question what is repentance was real genuine repentance it means that I was once going this way but I've made a turn and I'm going where I'm going the opposite direction that's what a message of repentance is a message of repentance is a deep sorrow for sin that leads us to want to please choose us in every area of our lives not the areas that are comfortable year is that are convenient but in every area of our lives is through repentance I wonder how many of us today have actually experienced that type of true repentance in our lives I played it before the weekend is over every one of us will have that experience it is the Holy Spirit 's work to change our attitudes and our actions that is the repentance is not a work that you do is not a work that I do its work of the Holy Spirit does NSA nine repentance is absolutely necessary to receive the latter may or may not agree with that day necessary it's essential bearing a message of repentance is not an easy where some people actually have the wrong idea of repentance I remember once I was in charge of a certain group of people I can't tell you who were what is somebody would know I remember I was in charge of a group of young people and somebody brought me a cell phone with a video on it and on this video was one of the young people whom I was in charge of and it was a picture of them not pictured in the video on the court on the street corner standing on top of a five gallon bucket screaming at the people across the street reed dance or be burned in now and I was like I stood there for like five minutes I could not believe it when young I was in charge of friends that is not a message of repentance that's a matter that the message of annoyance are you with me what is a message of repentance what is it that John wore that we need today John's message was one of great love he called the people to children from their ways in other words this John told the people not what they wanted to hear but what they needed to hear John told the people not what they wanted to hear but what they needed to hear John the Baptist love the souls of the people he was preaching to Morton their opinions of the party with me their souls more than what they thought about him we don't have that same experience with a we come to the place where we want to entertain people and set up Iraqis and four seven we found the place we went to package them on the back and say follow your heart and do whatever makes you happy whatever pleases you send them on their way down the road of destruction because were too afraid of what people think about him will talk about the people say scientists talk about the knowing or not this talk about loving people enough to tell them what is right to tell them what God would have been to do this is the message that John wore it was more interested in their salvation he was directing this is a lot of friends that can only come from heaven this is the type of love is the type of power this type of experience that the disciples had in the book of acts this is what enabled Peter to stand up before the pen across proud and say repay you e-mail Jesus to the cross we had this type of repentance in our lives that we we value the favoring the approval of God more than those around us when our family when our friends more than anyone else in our lives today Seventh-day Adventists are called they been raised to call a world out of spiritual and eternal darkness were weakened called we can raise in these last days to lead people to bear a message of repentance and holiness this word holiness is a word that is often taboo modern Adventism today many times people will criticize me they'll laugh to develop a make fun of you the site is not something that can be obtained and what plans the New Testament Bible to the works of the Bible New Testament all call for reselling the acts of holiness a life of holiness and holiness can only come when we have experienced repentance verse me give you a perfect layman 's version of holiness so I have people in our search we have administered that claim to know the truth and we know the truth do not but actually they take the ten Commandments and then take it like a spiritual two by four of him not somebody overhead when a person calls down they come over and they start beating them to talk about some of your victims of that I'm a victim of the victim of that some people think we preaching the truth is the opposite end of the other end of the stick is the opposite end of the dish that is lovingkindness and some people take that to an extreme and we take back to an extreme turn a blind eye to sin in people 's lives and were unwilling to tell them what is right but let me say what friends are true repentance bearing a message of repentance is having the perfect blend of both it is achieving Christ likeness is achieving be not just more like Jesus but just like Jesus but in order to become just like Jesus we have become more like him every single day what his Holiness is the pursuit of Christ likeness until we die or until Jesus comes and we must have this France we must have or will not fall by the wayside uniform to Babylon this is what John called the people to holiness Christ likeness being like Jesus it was the standard throughout the book of acts a perfect blend of both the law and lovingkindness mercy and truth primitive godliness and apostolic love that is the experience we must ask if we are to be a part of that revolution if we are to be a part of what about you today France the opinions of your friends more than the opinion of the UW opinion of your him or your girlfriend more than the opinion of God we can Wimbledon you love the opinion of your wife or your husband about the approval of God men of the book of acts were men who love the approval of God more than their very life and they were willing if necessary to lay down their lives that God 's name might be glorified on earth I fair to say friends I just ramble to think how many of us in this room for that same description we must be faithful to heavens call holiness is nothing more than loving God and loving others like Jesus this that's as simple as that when we love God the way Jesus did when we love others the way Jesus did we will be ready to go to heaven we will be ready as faster cameras of last year to figure that we will be ready to stand in the presence of God you have that experience at UIC this week in France anyone have experience acts chapter three verse nineteen Peter says repentance must look at a row quickly accepted three verse nineteen accept three and verse nineteen Peter says repent therefore be converted but yours seems maybe blotted out and at times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord and that he may send Jesus Christ who was preached to you before whom heaven must receive until the times of restoration of all things which God has spoken by the mouth of all his holy prophets since the world began healing back in the book of acts of deep longing of their soul friends was that Jesus would come but the longing of the soul is that the world we turn to Christ so that it can be fitted in writing lesson coming King is Doctor Paul today are you today I back that for many of us it is not received lines I've heard all kinds of things for coming to you I see I've heard people actually dare to say UIC is becoming repetitious we've heard the same messages time and time again that getting recycled I've heard it all before what a joke when I think about the young man on the plane would give anything to be here I think how dare we say something like this someone said that I would rather comment just pay two thousand dollars to come at you I see so I can network with people rather than hear the messages I've read them all before friends we think it was something that were not we rather be at the booth than in the prayer room we rather go to a restaurant and go to outreach we rather text in the meeting because we've heard it all before you try for the non- address for the weak brother sitting beside us but his heart might be thought that her arm I be touched we rather chat with others friends about nonsense about what we bought downtown that the share of the testimony what Jesus done our lives well yes friends were really ready for Jesus to come our way were really an army of young people I wonder if Jesus were to come today how many woody taken this route within your lukewarm we're lukewarm at the most spiritual conference on the earth you hear that not one spiritual conference in Adventism the most spiritual conference on earth and we're lukewarm by the first mercy thank God for his compassion thing God presentations because what we see today will not always be got to be victorious and many of us are loudly the world too much query person you first on September sixteen do not love the world or the things in the world if anyone loves the world the love the father is not in him for all that is in the world the lust of flesh lust of the eyes and the pride of life is not of the father but of the world and the world is passing away and the last of it but he who does the will of God applies how long do I see how long forever forever twenty one friends in our church we are loving the world waits much in the way that we love Johnson's do not want to work the way that we love the world less is by letting Jesus more we don't love Jesus more by loving the world less we love Jesus make sure I get this right we love the world less by loving Jesus more too often we think we have to make this brick house stand against the world we have to double up our fist and tighten our belts they understand right here I will not be moved anymore but how may times are we moved is because were trying to make a stand against the world without making a stand for Jesus were not called to stand against the world were still called to stand for Christ and instead for Christ it's a natural stance against the world you understand this Mrs. this variance that we need to hack today it seems like worldliness is done him our church to tell you something it will not have the final word God will remove worldliness out of the church one way or the other would you know what friends you know what God 's deepest desire is today notice deepest passion is is not that you would just simply perjured to even stand up but you would give your affections totally Jesus you see when we look to Jesus and he fills our hearts with love it squeezes the love of the world out there by day moment by moment and tell there remains no more love for the world to Harkness love for Jesus to have a heart of celebrities today and that's what we need friends that's what we need if were going to carry a message of repentance friends we must first experiences we must first experience this is what separated John from this generation this is what makes the people in the book of acts different from us we need to have an experience of repentance we need to have an experience with forgiveness statement we need to rise the holiness the second point I want to make you is that John had influence with them you have everyone get influenced please let me back in Matthew chapter three and verse four Bible says not John himself was clothed in camel 's hair with a leather belt around his waist and his food was locusts and wild honey I want to think about this for just a minute which think about your John was the kind of person that like really stood out in a crowd the Army like he was not your ordinary dude did you I see he would have liked probably while fairies wearing this camel suits and for breakfast instead of eating oatmeal bananas is over there eating like locusts and wild I find I was stand out in any crowd even a crowd like a bunch of hippies weirdos you would stand out not the John was aware of not saying that but he was good friends are you with me he was difference is Seventh-day Adventist friends we back up John the Baptist was a peculiar person as Seventh-day Adventists we are called to be peculiar we are called to eat differently than the world we're called to dress differently from the world we are called to talk differently than the world we are called to be different to be particularly her people but today we become ashamed of that and we say to ourselves how the world can I influence other people if I'm different than then and so the temptation has been for many of us to compromise what we know his rights in order to gain influence over people and let me ask you a quick question friends house that worked out for you how has that worked out for you I can't think of a single instance ever in the Bible are in real liar and in modern times when that's ever worked for anybody ever we are not called the compromise we are called to stand how can I witnessed somebody whom I'm not like and so we compromise we get moved in the direction that we don't ever want to John never compromise that want to look at his friends John was a peculiar person he had a simple lifestyle yet everything in his life was simple and he lived his life to glorify God I know what friends yet some of those powerful influence in the history of the I will watch this guy is eating locusts and honey and he's wearing a suit of camel hair and notice what happens in verse five then Jerusalem all today and all the region around Jordan went out to him and were baptized by him in the Jordan confessing their sins think about that John stood for what he knew was right he would not compromise and God gave him such influence that the whole region came out to hear him preach what about you is your hometown here you preach maybe if we spent more for the principles of bottom allies God would bring us into positions of honor that we could be able to be witnessed somebody else a man John was unwilling to compromise uncompromising faithfulness is what God is looking for today I'm not saying that we should all go out and bicameral suits and camel skirts I'm not saying we should serve locusts and wild honey into icy breakfasts I probably fast that morning but at the same time we know the principles that God is laid upon our hearts as a people as a people the last days and we are called to live by them friends not out of obligation not out of duty but out of dedication and devotion to our Savior Jesus amen owner to you very quickly it says in the book desire of ages Jesus himself never purchased these by compromise his heart overflowed with love for the whole human race but he was never indulgent to their sense he was too much their friends remain silent while they were pursuing a course that would ruin their souls the sulci are purchased with his own blood he labored that man should be true to himself what was higher at eternal interests the servants of Christ are called to do the same work and they should be aware less than seeking to prevent discord they surrender the truth they are to file at the things which make for peace but real peace can never be secured by compromising principle and no man could be sure to principle about at siding opposition a Christianity that is spiritual be opposed by the children of disobedience but Jesus made his disciples fear not them which kill the body but are not able to kill the soul those who are true to God need not fear the power of negative energy of Satan and Christ to return alike to secure their only fear should be less a surrender the truth and thus betrayed the trust which with God has honored them what is your only fear today France dishonoring your God or dishonoring your friends John's example of the book the example we find the book of acts is uncompromising faithfulness to everything in the word of God while young people ask about different issues one of them is jewelry young people say is it okay to wear jewelry amine is it really that bad is it really that bad will the Bibles acted pretty clear about that ability 's up in the beginning to test for symmetry to verse eight nine first figure three verse one and four but the real question is this frenzy looked he stacks up an elastic question for you the real question is this why do you need it why do you need what good does it do to you whenever I ask somebody that question I've never received a solid answer most answers I guess because it makes me feel good or righteous because I like it would ask you this when somebody compliments your jewelry on the complementing you to mentoring the metal lets on you it's a false sense of security the question is best friends jewelry or whatever it is that issue your life in that vein give you anything that Jesus cannot give you a master question again I would expect an answer from you do I see in that vein whatever it is give you anything in your life that Jesus cannot give you yes or no no Ephesians one verse six it says that we are accepted in the beloved Jesus create us exactly the way we are and we don't need anything to add to it a nine if you look at the pattern the Bible when God 's people can look its racist part of the Old Testament when God 's people stray away from them note they would do they were put on jewelry and every time God 's people he called them back to himself known he told them to do take it all why is that the case because when we leave the presence of God when we break our relationship our covenant relationship with him our self-worth take supplements and we need something that the world says is valuable to replace that and the world says cold is valuable pearls are not able to what we do is we put that stuff on trying to replace what we lost in our relationship with Christ young people today you don't need it you don't need any thing but Christ he will fulfill you uncompromising faithfulness Bible says second review six verse sixteen and what agreements as the temple of God with idols for you wanted to the living God as God has said well and then walk among them I will be their God and they shall be my people can't want so desperately for us to be his people he wants to dwell inside of us that is the mystery of the gospel the hope of glory last when we make you very quickly time is running out Matthew chapter three verses seven through nine Matthew chapter three verses seven through nine but when he saw many of the Pharisees and Sadducees coming to his baptism he said to them brood of vipers who warned you to flee from the wrath to come therefore bear fruits worthy of repentance that is not exactly something I'd want to say to my baptismal candidates you dirty little snakes in the grass why did you come here today to wrap around violence and that he repents I wouldn't say that as a young man here today who was baptized at my church two weeks ago after a I didn't say that they had but John the Baptist knew their hearts and he knew what was there on repentance unwillingness to turn to Christ this is what he says verse nine and do not think to save your selves we have Abraham as our father for I say to you that God is able to raise up children to Abraham from these notes there is a huge lesson for us right here these people thought that they were excluded they thought that they were above what John was offering when John was preaching because they were the sons of Abraham but he called them to the fruit of repentance and today my friends as Seventh-day Adventists as will warm Seventh-day Adventist church we somehow think that we are robbed of what we are calling the rest of the world to follow we attended all of the Adventist academies we attended all of the Adventist colleges we've been to all the G Y seats we think that was something that were not Paul says that a man thinks many something better than he is brought has a lesson for him we become comfortable in our wonderful happiness lifestyle eating our veggie legs and watching a freebie and on satellite we love through the Internet some people think they are sailed from church what's three again so gathering thoughts people were comfortable we are lukewarm just like in the days of John there was a lot of people there on that day that were convinced that they were not converted rather than the people who the revival of the book of acts we have become the Academy of Laodicea 's were so comfortable with my parts just as we say words evil I see like it's some kind of good old boy club we thought Barchester we say we do more outreach than anybody else we had the coolest boots have all vegan meals were really something we have arrived for the draw we think that were like the savior of the church what about heaven sits on his throne as hard as writing he's got tears in his eyes and saying yes you have all those things but these things you should've done without leaving the others undone your blade of my spirits we have vegan meals and everyone is a breakfast of the prayer room is empty him to play for missionaries to go but very few volunteers I wonder how many of us would be here if these devotions before breakfast what will it take to wake us up UIC the jury controversy page forty eight the apostle Paul declares that all will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer what persecution why is it then that persecution seems in a great degree for some work today the only reason is that the church has conformed to the world standard and therefore awakens no opposition the religion which is correct in our day is not of the pure and holy character that marked the early church the book of acts is only because of the spirit of compromise with sin because of the breakthroughs of the word of God are so indifferently regarded because there is so little vital godliness in the church that Christianity is apparently so popular with the world let there be a revival of faith and power of the early church and the spirit of persecution be revived and the fires of reapers and you should will be continued what will it take UIC what will it take out there we claim to be a continuation of the book of acts we really know what little we know little of what it really means to suffer for Jesus know what friends the last generation we're told will be Laodicea they will know what they will be billed the generation of the least about what it means to suffer for Christ by the time they go through the little time of trouble they will be the generation that knows what it means to suffer the most for Jesus Ivanhoe by two but if the persecution that it takes to wake me up but by the grace of God let them bring its because where there is person for God allows persecution Don also brings mercy and brings change and he brings transformation we don't really want true godliness rents because were afraid of what it might cost us we are afraid of what the penalty not the penalty but but with the consequence may be were too comfortable and we like it and we want to say there but God is to loving God is too merciful the Lee was there out of your thankful for that today God will do what it takes God 's calling us back to our first love France the solution is the holy spirits and where the Spirit is little thought of little will be given God will give us isn't this spirit in the same measure that we are serious about receiving its under your serious today I would take you to very quickly our clothes if you'll turn with me I have ten minutes worth the same two minutes so please turn with me the book of John John chapter one John chapter one with its four looked at a very very powerful principle can apply to us today want to see this John chapter one quickly quickly are you there there say that John chapter one verse nineteen the Bible says now this is the testimony of John when the Jews sent priests and Levites from Jerusalem to ask him who are you to confess and did not deny but confessed I am not who I am not the Christ they gave him a certain law are you in person John says that I am not the Christ which means that John knew that that's exactly what they were thinking you with me desire pages tells us if you can look it up as our greatest ally says that if John were to call for an army to throw out the Romans all of Israel would've followed him they all thought that he was the one and he comes to them and he says I make on him he says I am not the Christ I want you to take note of this this was one of the most crucial times in the life of John the Baptist why because he was when he was tempted to take what solely belong to Christ and claim it's as his own are you with me he could've been the one but they all look to that had to be the biggest temptation he ever experience that had to be huge in his life yet he live by a principle that all of heaven is looking for God 's people the day turnover with me to John chapter three verse thirty we all know this verse the Bible says John said he must live increase but I must decrease at the crucial point of his life friends at a moment when everything was on the line imagine if John would've made the wrong decision and said yes on the Christ's raise an army to go out and conquer the Romans out of Rome I deliver we think that that's not a huge temptation for John but how many times in our own personal life when somebody gives us a compliment we take the credit for ourselves everybody's looking to you your the man you're the man of the hour everybody's been saying to me about preaching today are your them out of the hour Jesus the Manny our there is an most crucial time in John's life he had to decide who is going to sit on the throne of his arts and that decision on that decision views the entire future of the book of acts that makes sense UIC if John would've chosen to live for himself in the moments we might not have a book of acts today I got asked your question today is one choice could have altered the whole course of Christianity and what if your decision today at UIC the decision you make this weekend either for or against Christ what if that decision could change the future of Christianity and have an impact on the world and in Jesus coming soon don't miss this friends got to do great things through you if you will choose the day to let him sit unreservedly on the throne of your hearts he could do powerful things greater than the book of acts greater than John the Baptist what John displayed his character before Pentecost is what the disciples did not figure out until after the cross and after Pentecost you understand what Jesus was trying to get the disciples to figure out in the life was exactly what John the Baptist was somebody completely and utterly surrender to the will of God I listen to this don't miss this if John is a type of the last generation than his life before Pentecost is living proof that we can live fully for Jesus Christ before the latter rain did you hear that Sean 's life was pure and holy totally committed to Jesus before the early rain fell at Pentecost and he is a type of the final generation UNR but it is evidence that you and I can live full of the Holy Spirit even before the latter rain in fact we must is crucial few years ago three years ago to be exact I was diagnosed with cancer to cancer survivor by the grace and glory of God I was in the hospital on my deathbed for forty days at my forty dates over this experience many of you prayed for me and God worked a miracle my life I'm standing here before you today free of cancer and when I was on that day I began to realize what things are really important began to realize that all the stuff that we fight over all the stuff that we we just think it's so precious is all good amounts in the eyes of eternity and what's most important today is the character of the crisis developing in you what's most important person next to you whom you lead to Jesus the world deserves to see a people call me your best fully reflect the character of Christ in our life the world deserves that young man I talked to on the playing he deserves it how else is going to do it unless he does it through you the once important for you today France where you living your lives for and you want to be a part of the revolution that continues to have an experience of repentance you have an experience of uncompromising faithfulness to God we need to be a people that reflect his image to the world you value the opinions of your friends more than a opinion of God God is calling you today to be something greater than this world can ever have to offer you God is calling you today to be a part of something bigger than you could even imagine where you have to day him and make an appeal this morning a number in a close in Romans chapter eight it says that creation is groaning very quickly Romans chapter eight verse nineteen it says the earnest expectation of the creation eagerly waits for the right feeling of the sons of God God is waiting for generations not waiting for more earthquakes is not were waiting for the pro- is not waiting for any other thing is waiting for his church to wake up was an advocate for you wake up today France what are you living for today I'm calling you today in this moment to live for Jesus I'm calling you to leave behind the opinions of your friends are going to leave behind the opinions of Facebook opinions of whatever it is that's driving you today I'm calling you to live for the approval of the God of heaven maybe there's somebody today that says him us I will no longer live the opinions of others VPNs of God and I want to be among that number God lives in today and God forces spirit out today but also these prepared in a day by day to be filled with a laddering power affects you today friends believe that those issues behind you I look forward to Jesus and asked him to stammer you are not making a general appeal but if there's an individual today was a Jesus use me fill me let me be the one you will live your life through when you stand praise God UIC never forgets the mystery of the gospel Jesus living in you that's his deepest passion that's everything that lives for don't throw it away and I'm a spray father in heaven or today we want to be a people who are fully and utterly surrendered to you we don't want to be just another GUI see come and gone but we want this to be the last UIC we want to be an habit next year or some BS of ourselves and fill us with your self empty us of sin and those of your spirit be our hearts and our minds Florida do not let us compromise the world let us rise above the world and lead others are software we ask you to Jesus in a


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