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  • December 29, 2012
    9:45 AM
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to this message and CYC two thousand twelve hundred Seattle Washington and other resources in us online at www. dicey with one or he seemed like an SAIC is the revolution continues and will begin this morning in the one alleged the last lot the last death twenty eight then threatened her with me and if I mean and the revolution continues we want to pick up where it left off in the feeling of many the last of the pack at the panel this morning before we got the island each member of the national new revision is about the policy name and where you're from my name is Melanie Matt and I would present ID assistant to the president of DY seat and I'm from Michigan my name is harsh and ugly and I were collected from New Mexico and Michelle Lee and I service the vice president of resources in California running feet I am not clunky but I live in Michigan primaries a from Zimbabwe and out of the heightened my family wanted stuff Marcil on the vice president for evangelism I'm from the great state of Mississippi and I want to say hi to my grandma I think everyone the study was really open the door to their and think of it I pray loving father was so thankful for the gift of the Sabbath with thankful for the gift of your way anyway thank you condescend to commune with us as he did in Christ and after he left you promised us the gift of the Holy Spirit we often had to go through the study the Holy Spirit would be a teacher and he died out thoughts at all minds to understand comprehend the truth that you have for us today maybe have a revolutionary effect in our lives so that we can go forth and spread the revolution that you began the previous things in the name of Jesus Christ amen and you go before we dive into chapter twenty eight of the book of acts I just want to ask the panel what we know about the book because it was the concerts are studying the all the undecided isolation let's look at all about who really won with a written the final talk a little bit about what you know this isn't my league your Andy took place in the first century maybe where to begin where does the story began geographically ignorant let me first I think I have actually been just finished it ministry which was recorded by Doctor Luke and in the book of Luke and Manny lit him up right after the United at that fat and begins his ministry in adding at all he thinks you are the people denigrate the promise Jesus left us with the Holy Spirit recomment the north side of the announcement of the apostles you can save the arts the Holy Spirit probably been more accurately that begins with in your resume but when I finally get to chapter twenty eight where are we to reenroll my time at the end of the book with a norm so there is a progression of the book from Jerusalem and Samaria for the weeds roll that there were from now going out to twenty eight and then I probably could do anything he does look at the person and I'm off the panel for their function on each chunk so let's start with the first one and let's read up until bursting though bounty and and when to do it escape then they knew that the island was cold married and about the barbarous people she will does not beetle kindness would be tinted on file and received us that one because of the present reign and because available in windfall a bundle of sticks and laid him on the file that came on my top out of the heat and foster when he's hanging and went in the body and soul of the venomous beast angle needs hang PC among themselves no doubt this mine is a minor whom though he has escaped B.C.E. jet engines some cause not to leave and he shook off a piece into the fire and felt no half out the table when issued a house for the fallen down dead suddenly but after they had looked at Rick a while and so no harm come to him they changed their minds and say that he was God happening here in these first six verses of chapter twenty eight I think to begin this narrative here in chapter twenty eight a kind to each other it does is it doesn't just as the devil stoning of what happened for and because these is that these this is his journey to the world and so I think that you may not maybe you may be wise to just him what was happening before because we see the full pulling always reframe and I'm willing and finally to have a secret and what happens in vain is really interesting because Paul I recalled a story for one hundred savings a anyone who studies indicate when the and I think a hotness I listen us in the church events anyone who studies into church in a sense anyone who stays in a church anyone who works in the church I mean I know God on abounding faith and works in the church and movies into church and also participates in the life of the church they hobble of salvation practice of high-tech restaurant to talk him out of it but going back to where the story is heating up from IQ was saying there on the ship and the ship is about to have shipwreck and something I noted treating the previous chapter on is the role that small plays in that instant so there on the ship sits a must-have shipwreck and the captain of the ship is the constant looking to Paul for direction okay Paul what do we do not call get up and thinking I had a dream I had a vision and if we stay on the ship that would be saved nothing on the boat and afterwards no people want to jump off the blood and make no stay on the ship and let me get not to chat the twenty eighth receive this new miraculous occurrence of Paul again where there is starting a fire and end and the snake comes up and I call and yet nothing happens to him and you see again this picture of first the natives limiting up hall with the suspicion that all you must give me the bad guy you know because the state can you recommend but then after they do nothing haven't seen the sobbing while he must be a God and for this is sitting there minding the weight in the attitude to what Paul Andropov story at least up until this point even though he is a prison that contains you have those wire ties with taking care of him looking to him for leadership and now you have them on the island and you fit thinking he's definitely a prison that he must be a matter and to go from thinking the guy the Metternich thinking he must be a God Novell in spite of his physical seconds after this some something in Paul become spent about ten that these people to look up to him if it's very telling you about human character is here you see you see people that want to connect a hospitable great time and then you see them go very quickly from condemning someone to do your find someone a nice and not the human issue in the game in Genesis three what happens is trying to be as God must be deified and very soon after that without him doing he's accusing her of this is all her fault to solve her problem and so CC there's this the human struggle is illustrated very much directly in the life of these people on the silent suffering that they are dependent on the other calling the murder saying off-season if you are this bad things happen to them he must be bad hopefully learn from compulsive spot by adding at the incredible you know he has an incredible opportunity to say certainly put himself low and leaves grizzlies me a lot of times I think you knowing we need to be humble means to cut yourself off put yourself down he doesn't do that he instead deflects the glory to God so his approach to humility of the Jamaicans of low is to give God the glory it's ultimately share the gospel and and show God 's phase him his life I have an opinion angle when they responded with the help in the matter unless anything you need off the boat play and that therein clearly I looked in my own life at the way I react to accusations false accusation if I is not true of Yorkshire Auckland we had this to be to get defensive young this whole group is setting up all the legally innocent and the delight of the murderer I believe in reacting to sacred thing off into the fire doesn't even react to it but how often are unlike to be immediately take up you know a little club and start fighting and ninety three cumulative his defense is everything going backwards and in pretty thin we haven't your disagreement between us and the pieces broken the spirit of Christ 's law and we see here involved by the example of the way to respond to all accusations and then how got been take care of our reputation and you know you see amendments God and he comes close to people you in any circumstance you can't say a silent epitaxial layer where Jesus whether it was crazed or it was and then check eleven about defending himself in the linking to praise you what about adding some of the device I wanted to finding a company with a pleasing him and he said that Jesus did not commit to them not and should not limit Congress for the new one with the need exactly because he knew what was in Mannheim that even went regardless of when it was praising with venture wasn't about him it wasn't about one or defend myself because what you're saying about me fall and it wasn't about all you like me OKs like it's going but if it he was so I hope you sell that appraisal and expensive ineffective and I think that we see that person out that characteristic in Paul's life in this instance integrated definitely be mentioned a few minutes ago he does and he doesn't deny that God is working in his life right reminds me of late it is less amusing to church right and you can't see up through the Nikon offers us anything would you say to praise God in a favorite I is horrible he's a great guy to give God the glory he recognized that God is working through you and you don't you don't downplay its very important to do that running and not just in an acute moments just with our lives as as a living and interacting with our friends take the opportunities that come our way to say that this God 's blessed with me I think nothing will really understood the he was and I think often times we suffer from the Philistines because we don't know who we are and God himself and seek I SQL via understanding his true identity that you once a settlement of God and any opportunity any Chauncey hot heat hikes and magnify God other than himself I don't know if John two twenty four and everything and later in the fourth I John chapter two and studies and verse twenty four Clovis Cheney three ice is now winless in Jerusalem at the hot open in the state many believed in his name when they saw the miracles which he did but Jesus did not commit himself unto them because he knew all men and needed not that any him five men were seeing you what was in man the paper thinner and recently fleshed out a little more of them are looking at hand if you listen to the day need someone else to testify off who he was on an just looked like mommy I think alien about a ninety million for the incentive to that even though he was God that he being God thought it not robbery to be equal with God make that he knew who he was an effective firm sense of his own identity even have to prove it to anybody out even have to prove that he was God in order to be God the Goodling to put aside his botanist and take upon oneself no human flesh and come in the form of a servant to die process being brought and yet you know my question is always do you know who I am you know many into the cafeteria de novo id. and Amelia nobody you know about it have to prove anything to listen to prove himself as your lesson about identity here in the first six verses Wednesday on reading and looking more and more of Paul's reaction is one while one more point we can see you doing verse three and four are dismayed by Dean and now people know we are familiar with the story of Genesis three you know we have visa is great controversy we have discussed issue of seeing you know these struggle between Christ and the devil himself I see it's almost the great controversy game may not be known but we see the whole highs of confidence in Christ no matter what happens because Christ's thinking on this mission he told him you go wrong for me but for high-speed in Christ that no matter what happens to the one this journey the crisis became so I think we can take the great lesson from these him seeing my what happens it saw as long as our allies actually and radically committed to God if God has centers nothing can happen to us even amidst the great controversy yes this chapter outlines the gospel starts off with this problem see miracles happening beneath the teachings happening and then you see some people accepting the teaching some people rejecting them and then you see all the ultimately successful despite his circumstances and of course we only had outside and degrading that could act as a rebirth of seven through seventy ten in the same quarters were possessions of the chief men of the time and his name is obvious received us and watched this three days courteously became fast with the father of obvious way sick of a fever in the buddy buddy thoughts and to whom Paul entered and prayed and laid his hands on him and healed him so when this was done others also withstand disease in the island came and were healed who also honored us with many honors and when they departed related us with much things as were necessary in the chalet at the previous pathogen in the latest bank just together what strikes me is that the people reacted to the miracle of the paper writing call and made them associate him with an eighty they think of this man must be a God and of course I did they were uneducated to the top call himself a God like aggressively befuddle them at that moment but then he went on to show in his behavior and ministering to others in in healing the people what the character gotten in the fence would like because they had associated him with deity and it was because he had not died when the piper they hence I think that today we have the and so we know how miracles happening with the often favorite I think I definitely think often over fine at the same time we do have the Viper miracle in our own life because I think that's what mommy was saying all the back of the Genesis we had an analogy of a servant and the human race and the human race is suffering from the venom of the serpent and yet the miracle of Christ is then we don't have to die even though the Viper has been through the Great Depression and that is what associate with divinity with what helps the watching world to see this person must be associated with the Viper miracle but it subsequently said that the of the key point is something that I noticed when I read when I read about all time in Malta is that he will do a really nice to him a bit it says in verse seven that Billy as he welcomed us and entertain us courteously three days and upon the island being honored us that many market respect the design is inherent in this setting field is applied is that all we needed when you think of this kind of politics honoring I think these kinds is actually reflected he can do almost and Thomas two chapters also you can always open to only two seven four twenty seven and you see there also enough verse three that pull you in confidence peace peace kindness but also I think it's helpful treated others that because well-respected himself I was also respected him for this image respect yourself can you clarify I think a person begins with what loaded we have outlined that pull understood who he was he an assembly was in society he understood he was become the commission he hot so he understood himself as a minute him when he confident that these criminals must disable web one wrong full behavior in any way but he sought out easily other opportunity to witness a practice done for Christ in a single that becomes a full-time peace situation he was a prison on Sunday to a command is not a feeding direction on how things should work so you see all understood himself and I think he found his identity in Christ as we noncustodial the end I think I defined identity also in Christ we understand what it means to respect ourselves and he does if that excitement psychedelic that is sometimes so even when you when you treat others well you don't necessarily get that reciprocate the kindness the thing that struck me in this passage was that he then can be kind to any sometimes be ascribed good qualities just old enough to be a Christian to be kind integration to give an obvious thing the one thing that you can't do that not be a Christian is the template you like it had they been lucky that has been the question is what will make the difference right anyway you can't be saved without even some people disabled out knowing that he was even thinking but Jesus hid it is the one thing that you can't do you template you can you can put on airs of selflessness without having dwelling within you but you can still do act of kindness you know you can still do good things any see these humans treating Paul with kindness courtesy even though they are not believers but to speak on reading verses eleven through sixteen is in our commission from friend home in Malta in at any rate if you are talking about on two to minimize the dilemma hostile and Jesse Penn and your money getting to this point on select the three hundred and eleven through sixteen and positive manner he never hit three-month leader in addition about the Internet which had wintered in the aisle who signed with after and pollen and landing it fair to you we carried there three days and from that suite and came to radium and after one day the housing blue and became the next day to be telling where we found Raven and were decided Terri with them seven days until we went toward Brown and from then when the brethren heard about they came to meet us as far as the Python and the three taverns whom when Paul saw he thanks God and took courage and when we came to Rome the centurion delivered the prisoners and the cat into the cabin of the guard Paula sent me to dwell himself with soldiers and kept the receipt of Paul is now leaving not say anything for a league and something that struck me when I read this passage connected to your thoughts on this is that language is not fairly forget for a second use of the because he's intricate so courteously and he was a central figure in the father but now he realized that he on and on a ship and if the print anything taken somewhere by someone else when you would evening it's happening I think you delightful for because we know he wasn't he wants to roll you want to be judging wrong and he had desired to boot 's role but he could not look at and to find himself going to roll as a prison it's just shows you how somehow sometimes how God works that even in someone's suffering God maybe I'm him when you see the fall here and he's going to run you think you can change the Iraqis I divided up three if you and you look at Romans fifteen to go to the Romans fifteen versus twenty Romans sixteen twenty yes private right twenty four twenty four if you read from our twenty four you can not complaining just that I'm not complaining for his eighth Basilica I think my journey into Spain so he appalled the to Spain but going to Spain he wanted to get some some funds from wrong and he's unable to put the woman so he writes them typical rule of Romans he writes in the book of Romans is fine for Oxford he eventually went to rule as a prisoner he just testifies this student to the workings of God that even meeting I can be suffering but God may be accomplishing a great work so it goes to be to test whether bioassays that all things truly walk out for the good for those who believe in God so as long as my life anyone's life is truly committed to God whom I what can happen to me I know that in the end God is in charge and you can see here which the Roman empire he receives dual us to pull for the prison any other system consists of going off of that in the incomes of all things working together for good in a fifteen father sixteen when we came to relevant and delivered the prisoners to the captain of the God Paul is in contrast to how the other prisoners are treated that but Paul was nothing to dwell by himself with a folder that this special treatment that Paul received and reading in acts of the apostles where on a commentary on this and he sent how he read previous chapters when he stands before Estes and agreed and then chapter twenty seven and in that holds any and that the impression that the centurion had on him that they had such a good report to give up all agreed by himself that if it was up to me I would have beneath the sky I find no fault in him as a by the time he gets to Rome do such a good report of him that he gets the special treatment that he's allowed to live in this interview special quarters with one soldier attached to him so that God even in the interactions that Paul was having all the way until he gets to Rome it was a set up so that when he gets it wrong he had the house when he can entertain people and priests the gospel to them in relative freedom for being a prison is just another angle on that Michelle did you read through the book of acts and easy he studied the life of Paul and his missionary journeys not like that he made many references to wanting to go to Rome you want to go around with those a place music after he told them at his last features that affect the interest of have to go around talking to get around the prisoners Ethan seemed like all had a dream of going to Rome and then he finds himself in chain is being led into the city and like really like mommy say in one way all things work together for good back from a very human standpoint activated pointing thing but I have dreamed some years upcoming and evangelizing in the city of Rome and looked anti- to thought and I can't go anywhere the way I want I can go to history I can't reject people and yet you see to you see that I get to see his human side thank you all for coming they've never found the three coming to become down looking for him and when they find them and they're rejoicing inside the hall thank God and to encourage you see that the human side of leaders that they are not God you called earlier in the chapter they need encouragement they and when they receive that love and that encouragement you bless their hearts any takers and brings it down to earth to bring Paul down to earth they and our minds also pleaded an integral leaders in one capacity or another to keep in real life we're not we don't want to be in the God no no it's an interesting also to see the pioneering spirit of poor because I'm a woman seeking it wasn't fixed rate six four was going to Rome because he was running out of territory was running out of places to preach anything I want to go to places where no man has been and I think that's really encouraging that actually got into thinking him to places no one has ever been pulled him out of the prison to finish finish reading this chapter what area of twenty two and then we can read the rest that chapter after a short portion on Seco Canyon region seventeen to twenty two Sharon from a seventeen and it came to pass that after thirty days Paul called the chief of the Jews together and when they were come together he said unto them men and brethren though I have committed nothing against the people or customs of all fathers yet with my delivered prison from Jerusalem into the hands of the Roman school when they had examined me and let me go because there was no cause of death in me but when they do speak against it I was constrained to appeal unto Caesar not that I had opportunities my nation on for this cause therefore have I called for you to see you and to speak with you the hope of Israel I am bound with this chain and they said unto him we need a receiver that's about of Judea concerning the event any of the brethren that came showed or spake any comment be but we decided to hear and see what's out thinkers for Atkinson in this fact we know that everywhere it is spoken again upon the ground but he's really talking to you the Jews in Rome and legitimate and interesting verse twenty season these route I'm bound with these chain he didn't seek out to point fingers note to blame others for his misfortune but rather he took it as an opportunity I'm suffering these logistical Christ and I think what a great privilege it could be for all of us that whenever misfortune comes while we could say it's because of the gospel and I'm suffering peace and it's amazing polls attitudes it did you do it even suffering limitless for a second though what was Paul's point in talking to think you wanted to witness the demise well do it you wanted to to to to medium as you can see I'm not in the indignity devices he stays up all of the Bible states couple started almost explaining the passages from Genesis telling them telling them from the profits from drug above from the more this he told them about Christ about the scope that is not exactly what you wanted to witness to them we invite them to him but embrace what he had accepted as well have issues heard of them before and they had not heard official negative reports about and no very Christianity was not popular how do we know that because I had a call about the effect it had him him they openly love all over but it came time we want to know with you what do you think anything we haven't received anything typically about you and they are open to like humans the bank I think to see them depend upon the way that he addresses them as what's happening this accent talking to the leaders of the Jews and on the other thing he didn't go on and on about the abuses that he had something to think because it up at a lot of abuses but if I could give one way to describe this portion of called speech it would be taxed the exercise tact and that hat into the place where they said hey you know what we don't know a lot about the Christianity thing we know people don't like you guys but you seem like a decent bloke I is an and only curious why you would be interesting when you seem like a nice guy for the way that Paul addressed them instead of accusing the Jewish people in and going on by all y'all you know that you get to meet you set things in a way that made them curious to know how come you believe that stuff and he set himself up a batch of it all both respecting authority even when he doesn't agree with that and it is really important to note is a Christian and he is respecting these chief Jews suit to get together and really could put its case before them and then and in the way he interacts with them and gives them a contrast with we heard this about the sex figure with finale seeing you and we have worked without a heads yet just as I know I think like the comment you that haven't attacked in the late policy interacting with these used to disagree with an endowment comment although in the beginning about the ship and not not something outside of the ship which can be a representation of the church they did the book of acts can fall so much of our interactions at the church and we do everything him I think I've especially young people you know who are passionate for ministry eighties that is imperative that we respect our church leaders look without church leaders because even oldies what we've been to church you know because we do still since we've been to church in the chapter it were whereupon Captain salami versus twenty three through thirty and when they had appointed him a day that came many to him into his lodging to whom he expounded and testify the kingdom of God must wedding them concerning Jesus blood out of the law of Moses and out of the profits from morning to evening and some believed the things which were spoken and some believe not and when they upgrade not among themselves they departed off for outspoken one way will space the Holy Ghost by Isaiah the prophet unto our fathers saying go on to the people and say again you shall he and shall not understand and seeing ye shall see and not perceive for the hearts of these people these walks growth and it is our dog of hearing and deaf eyes have been crossed that they should see with their eyes and hear what we do is and understand with their heart and should be combusted and I should heal them being be it known their father unto you that the salvation of God he sent unto the Gentiles and and that they will hear it and when did I say these words pictures the pocket and inadequate reasoning among themselves and pull the two whole years in his non- house and receive all that came up to him etc. etc. hi Kate and so we see that maybe Paul Hackett actually what enables them to preach the gospel to the students about how important it is an instructor what would I think it is when you have the opportunity all day from morning to night leaving the page seats in the Scripture distributed mainly familiar with the writing starting from the writings of Moses and they had tremendous respect for and begins to show them it's kind all the way from the beginning of the work that some of them agree with him and don't agree with them and hang it make it talking amongst themselves and I think will eat if you go over with verse twenty five and as bullies expounding to dim the Scriptures and you realized that you see that the hot the soul stealer they didn't believe it's really need is as responsive those were left with them he quotes Isaiah rates which is fascinating because he's quoting is quoting a passage that Jesus quoted as well very similar circumstances of this presidency is a three times in the Bible yes absolutely it's in Matthew thirteen of the defendant of the studio that is what's going on in the story that Justin speaking with and parables and the disciples were wondering why are you doing this money keep doing this is the straight and numbers thirteen sweat starts is answered his disciples he says therefore speak I to them in parables because they seeing see not and hearing hear not neither do they understand in them is fulfilled the prophecies of Isaiah was sent by hearing is on here salmon understand and seeing you shall see and shall not receive for this people 's heart is waxed gross and their ears are volunteering in their eyes they have closed lest at any time should see with their eyes and hear with their ears as it understands heart converted and I should heal them and I listen this is this incredible just as the blessed are your eyes for they see in your ears for the here rarely I sent you that many prophets and righteous men desired to see those things Jesus says eighty he makes a statement implies a question Isaiah said the eyes ears and energy go to your heart and it just turns the disciples he says less your eyes blessed are your ears with the implied question what about your heart right after that he gives the parable of the sewer which is a parable about other exotic so closing this something that was as a means were for us to have eyes in years but affirmative part I think it we see that Julie in tint of the hot is always comes always before the content it out you don't get hot you know that debuted how hot is it does my heart really want to know the truth it's actually my hot want to know the truth got deleted or not and we can be seven any sweetheart for the day the prophecies we know the Bible from Genesis to Revelation but still all hots up close so I think it's great it is crucial that our hearts be open otherwise we can see we can hear but I will do nothing effective is his eyes years are only family give you the ability to make a choice which then affects your heart and and and so the eyes and ears of the way we perceive things with our mind that they may have to make a choice with them and that's going to do something in Hartford for good or for bad as is possible to have all this information deposited in your and your eyes and ears in whatever the tenure finance actually receive information and to be transformed by an and I was heading to recently pray in the beginning when I pray even we ask for the police fairly often asked of the Lord giveth obedient to the hearing yesterday the heart were concerned one thing that young people can like my generation because we grow up with so much information we drop hearing the property and we drove Jesus is coming soon and we got all the information but like you said in Matthew is like nothing profit angry men have wanted to know the things you know and any kind of an unlucky think about that we go with so much information information that the rest the role assigned for it had gotten down into our hearts hadn't really change just like I just talked about last night have we settled in the decisive point I can't know all that and because I know Daniel thinking surely obviously a damper game enough said Gion is the youngest because I know the properties that promote revelation surely it's been a while Nepal is not including this is my chance on the Scripture is quoting this because his whole goal is not is not words then it's not miracles to cart the and he says that where as in verse twenty seven and understand with their heart should be converted and I should heal them you need the important seasons quoting Isaiah hearsay the whole point to change the heart and I thought of how calls him being his ministry what about the heart if it's possible to find security and loving all this information and but his condition that he itself is we believe we had it all but we don't have to have a high conversion that were running time so I want to talk about the last verse here need of any significant is that the very last verse you are one of the law never thinking on in my immigration than the history and you could reinvent on policymaking the kingdom of God and teaching concerning the Lord Jesus Christ without openness unhindered and you want to know what other words you have been set up under a different version monsters no man forbidding him which is really interesting syntheses the prisoner something that's what my virginal something so what kind of possible for you to be a prison of younger age whatever whatever all understand medicine as eyes and ears that it's hard to put them in a situation where circumstances can not hinder him it's impossible so we had notes in nine even in the link to this taking us that he laterally talked about preaching the kingdom of God teaching concerning the Lord Jesus that the active verbs is always active about their preaching and teaching it and that these activities go on untended in spite all Paul's physical circumstances that the preaching of the teaching of the gospel continues and is almost as if Paul is not in the preaching and teaching of the gospel is not restricted or limited by Paul's circumstance the gospel to go to move forward regardless this being the last with regardless of what happens upon after this question Mark if all we had with the book of acts begot this but awfully cynical ploy with easy end up dying to you later but whatever happens after this we know for sure that the gospel will go for it contending I also find it interesting you don't do the choice of woods we use a recent review of so much about ourselves and so it's interesting that who chooses these particular word to end the him us so if you think everything that happened in the book of acts in Nepal ends with these words I mean look and it is what I'm looking at nothing really could seem to progress a rise in the progress of the creatures and even today it continues because it is truly unhindered continue to connect up at work on a attention because I'm in as the revolution continues how to connect all about it in the revolution continues least a lesion in the continuation of something and I but it looked like the word revolution itself is that one of the revolution in their revolution if I can ask a question that I was thinking about that that this concept of revolution and on revolution comes from the root would been involved and put it to be a revolution you need to be revolting against something and usually diffusing a political context you have two political system the two ideologies and Revolution if you're vaulting against a particular ideology and spiritually speaking on it in Matthew chapter twelve for instance a Jesus talk about these two kingdoms any accusing him of casting out demons by Gilbert is okay if I cast out demons by builder Bob it would make sense breaking them to be divided against itself they felt we should represent two different kingdoms here I represent the kingdom of God and is another kingdom that's is in domination on this I that is not my kingdom millennium as being anything like you know if when you send before private is this even if my kingdom with an ethnic kingdom then would my disciples I put my kingdom is not an ethic and their different principles by which my kingdom is dumping until Christ represents this revolves against Satan 's kingdom on tonight connected to attack the fourteen fourteen and another reading from various twelve end and we know the detainees it didn't be consummately studies how are all fallen from heaven O Lucifer son of the morning how about cutdown to the ground we still weakened the nation and if it was valid but without that in thine heart I will ascend to heaven I will exalt my throne above the stars and thought I will sit also upon the mount of accommodation in the side of the knot I listened about a pot about the height of the clouds I will be like the most high and contrasting that with cheese that in Philippians chapter two when he comes down down down down down it's not about me it doesn't matter what what my position is being gone back and letting today that aside for the sake of others it's all about others other of his others I live and love that can that be the principle of God 's kingdom that went into Satan 's kingdom is all about me so that the Christian revolution is embodied in that idea out it's not about me letting go out South and even if he seen the life of Paul but it's about other colonists in the Gospels I want others to see Jesus one of his life to be changed to Jesus himself was exemplified the revolution Jesus Jesus is the essence of the revolutionary default all doesn't seem so for starting a revolution he sees himself as continuing revolution and it will continue beyond them know and I think it's what that was before seeing this morning you don't do a biblical times was always to the Gospels you know with him everyone addicted to send in the foundation of this revolution is Christ because the entire book of acts testifies of the work of Christ and so the work of Christ is truly unbeaten and can never and will never be again secondly you're saying on the inside that really look at the book of acts it's not a revolution begins in acts right because I think when I first thanked him like ask the revolution continues apace it is a revolution in acts and were continuing revolution but we actually realize that act itself is a continuation of the revolution commission from the price of the less than its interest in Chapter twelve talk about users is not for himself but for others he lived and thought and prayed because from our spent with God he came forth morning by morning to bring the light of heaven to men daily he received daily Jesus received a fresh baptism of the Holy Spirit nothing about the book of acts as Jeff was a right at the beginning that act of the Holy Spirit we see an outpouring of the Holy Spirit right at the beginning not because an infant that outpouring of the Holy Spirit just like in Christ's life on a day-to-day basis he received an outpouring of the Holy Ghost which empowered him to be the revolution that he was an you see that continued into the check in at any grill with an expand yeses as a continuation between Jesus 's life and in the book it's not that the thirties of the completely new Michelle the boat and the kingdom of God that's why you are unhindered because when you meet obstacle it only gives you the opportunity to go lower than yesterday and submit to Christ to be other entities that have me when you need oriented and you hit an obstacle as a major problem with your other oriented and you hit an obstacle CD to get you winded you cannot be named Jesus and Jesus came and the selfish world and taught and illustrated with sacrifice exceeds thinking that the two definition of the re- pollution and when you look at the life of Christ he was selfless and not other religious leader had ever done such a thing and if it's because of that that Christianity continues on because Christ truly leave what is a revolution in the highest revolutionary life and we cannot revolutionize all life I just and hire a great other school session this morning by reading a quote from from the elements writing it in letters to South Africa and she writes the Lord Jesus has given man and example in his own life as you are talking about for this office writer things he gives the new heart of love he changes the heart and produces an entire revolution in the soul he brings light out of darkness love out of enmity and holiness out of impurity that those who believe in Christ we represent Christ life and character to the world of living of the revolution I think of a complete turnaround and sixty degrees and we saw that Christ did in his own life he went against everything that was in the world and for us as well we can we cannot navigate another listening on life to the Congress on the panel think you for your education had liked Jeff to to pray to close and then after that will have a special music Joy Barnett dear God we want our life to be unhindered when nothing in her life to hinder you from having your way with us help us to be this the sacrificial person that you call the to God we will recognize and believe that accumulate in the second world on anything that is you willing to affect the world around you is a this message was regarding I found my singer do I see the supporting Seventh-day Adventist seems by a young and vibrant Bible and Christ centered Christian downloader does other resources visit us online he Wednesday when a and I


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