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Revolution. Revelation. Transformation.

Adam Ramdin


Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA



  • December 29, 2012
    11:00 AM
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to this message and CYC two thousand twelve at Washington and other resources and access online at www. dicey with one morning I be silent to be a wiki like UIC twenty twelve CME Seattle Washington Albany would impress already today ways that discuss the Wes that if I believe gave us a strong work this morning I'm always right God published with an alkyl went when we saw the gathering class and then we became out responded that it's a privilege about that speaker at the same event we pastor with apples amongst many others as we gather together for this service ask the revolution continues is my prayer that we will have a true revolution and a half then I live this morning and throughout this conference on a thank those of you who have stopped me in the hallway are in the left sorting the Kara Dawson said product am praying for you I appreciate each and every one of those prayers right believe it's through prayer that the Holy Spirit 's power will come down upon us this morning I would like to invite to the Bayou hates the way know the wood of prey father in heaven Lord weep holes for a moment thank you for bringing each and every one of us here this point in our lives and more CPU whether we here in personal staff and around this globe we thank the Lord that life is in all money out we can praise you this Sabbath morning as we do so we ask and pray that your Holy Spirit would come into our hearts love I pray that you would speak through me at this time that he would take hold of me but the words that are spoken would be your words that your name would be uplifted and glorified under the character of Jesus our loving Savior may be seen within his name we do pray amen how many of you think it is a privately distributed at Jean Lightsey and then I believe God has raised up this moment at a department from the VA 's Mike night CYC that being two in a row the first one I went to what it all the Michigan abilities everyone seems that it is amazing to see how this movement has grown from what it was but then in the second one I think it was six or seven or eight hundred to being what is the day thousands of people on site and around the world I believe God is behind the movement of UIC and you read Leah 's local movement that began in California I was just ready for the United States of America has now blossomed and grown and is now a wall of why movements G Weiss BR I had the privilege to be that is yet I I know we had over one thousand two hundred young people from around your that the countries of Europe and the Middle East and Africa is not the countries coming together to handle blood of God brings it was encouraging to see young people going forward Brookfield and outreach taking place in the city has gone through what was preached I believe we are living in exciting times comfortably with the privilege to be a Seventh-day Adventist payment you are a member this morning on the fastest growing Protestant church in the low and the most widespread Protestant shots as well it is a privilege to be caught with embedment the privilege to be here at UIC will be possibilities in the a list this morning and coming down absolutes about what you plot of the that the generation use Christ I said yes I have so wanted it off at all it's a seven day vacation youth complements are you bottom it said knowledge the music run their own business but of the primates males astound him and say I am part of the Adventist church you may have heard of the old evangelist Billy Joel proves that one story about and where it was once said that when he would be saw one religion I year that he would sometimes it'll straighten his tie just his belt insights I don't mean the books I don't mean about when I had a Seventh-day Adventist were blessed to be part of which as well we have the writing of Mrs. Whites profits all things considered directly to our time we'll blessed to be living in a time when prophecy is fulfilled and before I get when you read the Bible and you read about Daniel and Ezekiel and John the Red Lake that you read about men being in the Bible that are taking place to hunt and hey I believe those men and women could live in another heat they would visit I want to live in the year twenty twelve will be here twenty thirteen I would like to live a time when the events I prophesied off taking place we are living in exciting times and in this day and age is given a particular message that we have to point it at the three Angels messages Revelation fourteen worked not to the demands are securely within the oven evangelist of the past those of the determined list is always the premise that five people into the Seventh-day Adventist church call the police the three angels message is a very distinctive methods that we are called to preach in this day and age is not a soft message so to speak but it points out Jesus Christ and it points out what we need the points that I first think of message fair body give glory to him for the outlaw of his judgment of what second Angels message is that Babylon have the third Angels message and if any man worship the beast and his image receipt of mocking his right hand already for it in conclusion most wobbler associate with the patient of the saints can't run a new keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus is operably today compelled to understand its cells and tangles message is I'm aware that you prefer the rainbow method pot of the quality of printing the three angels message message number two wherein said Babylon 5 form of elitism Revelation eighteen where the Bible says Babylon has fallen come out of the economic built up region call people out the problem Babylon means confusion representing religious confusion in the reason we call people out is because it will not give them the correct picture of the cat went off on and therefore call them out so they can see the carrots on what really is not always an easy message to preach to be the places where was invited to go and reasonably campaign is now delivering with seven people before and I won't name the place look on fuel wherever this we don't mind up regional campaign but please don't preach on the mark of the beast please don't preach on and whites but everything else except that I said would you respect limit the message God has given us the bed I will call to call people out off Babylon out of religious confusion when I questioned your testimony is what do we call them into calling them out only half of the commission we must call them into something on the web in Revelation chapter twelve it says that we are to the Dragon was rough with a woman him with the remnant of the season and the second Adventist judgment we are the remnant shards amen but I'm also aware that we rewind in revelation a few chapters before that you come to Revelation chapter three what we are not the judge of Simona but sheds of science Ira we unlock the check this will be on the check of Philadelphia we all did shots all the show just think about not removing we call people from Babylon befallen me into the Odysseus we call people from confusion into messaging phone back on Saturday hope to see you unless of course a little consternation in the mind it almost seems like a contradiction of terms and it follows if I asked Seventh-day Adventist also know many dynamics yes we circled me by Bob on payment and I believe we can continue preaching a distinctive method continue to call bebop we should continue to do all of us however while we are doing that we are calling the shots what you that is in a little decision condition some of you in your proud to be a energy by CNN with some of you here at you I think you know the judge in the latest edition some of us here I feel that we can't even invite our friends to our home judge ambulance will be about about about my dress on that at the present time to see if I can why someone assembled a whole can't get who none in an amount you don't talk about his endorsement of Ruby on the charts that sometimes we can't even invite a friend or family member with this to the judge we don't do I want to every Sabbath because the site is not good enough when Mike into the Gandhiji was the eminent it'll happen in the within the chat the picture of the character of God unfortunately has been distorted somewhat we are neither cold nor hot but we all walk believe one of the science albeit all in the automatic reaction of many of us in the audience this morning when I say that we are neither cold nor hot moment won't recite what I'm a cold I was on the lukewarm in so many but that went through cold lukewarm a contiguously and take eight hundred dollars to get it on top of that I still return my faithful type of offerings and I give my support to my local church I keep the Sabbath I would never think of doing anything like going to a restaurant on the Sabbath day I don't listen to any music was syncopation I talked him him again I have about the Taco Bell and that they got the cheese on the sour cream and guacamole I glued Seventh-day Adventist human and we ultimately cold lukewarm but I believe that if one decides that we are actually woke I believe the church we need help I'm leaving the General conference offensive Greg to go the General conference I did a whole will just gotten together and you get a report in South America and Alito replaces little honey that ties the lease on the things I think currently developed a general carbon herald the stories of the well-adjusted and how it's growing on you all are precut statistics W driving three thousand people a day but if you check the population growth in the wild there were three hundred eighty five thousand people born every day hundred and fifty six thousand people die every day that's two hundred and twenty thousand Grove okay so while the world population is growing like to want from thirty thousand foot day of the church we are growing like three thousand a day to see how we conduct losing pace with the rest of the world all of a sudden opt paltry three thousand doesn't seem so good after all is something that we need to do I am reminded of the quotation and great controversy page four sixty four where it says before the final visitation of God 's judgment upon the that will be a revival of primitive godliness not been seen since apostolic times him a him fully and will be one has not been missing since apostolic times somehow want it in the early apostolic to want the truth why in the apostolic church able to chat with other people that could richly say I saw Jesus and the Joshua people could say I read you made on the hill by Galilee and just what people could say I saw the miracles are divas in fact I today unveiled because Jesus healed me the judge of eyewitnesses in with a chance to see in the love of Christ in full leave them right before their eyes people could say I've seen the Son of Man risen I saw him after his crucifixion I believe in the resurrection of the church where people could say are selling ascended up to heaven when you want to be the judge it was adjudged as well with the wood of blood within foundation it was adjudged that the one of blood was their foundation it was join the apostolic triumph area church of the sixty six books we have in the Bible were the ones that will kind of childhood the apostolic church not only had seen Jesus Christ Madame Wright said that was based on the wood of gaunt solely when the commission was given to the early church to go into all the world and preach the gospel they did not trust questions asking how much will I get paid in my life in danger when I go know the commission that drove them came from the word of God yet the limit in their lives the early apostolic judge what at the Sabbath as they would believe but in the spirit of prophecy they understood the health message on the understood the possible commission and in the anti-Christian shot I believe the theme of this conflict the revolution continues for the struts using the word revolution come from a lasting love will heal his revolution without me and a revolution from his work in formats remains in around playmates turnarounds turnarounds we use it to refer to the massive turnaround low changes that take place in a relatively short period of time unfortunately it seems in recent years the usage of the word revolution has been somewhat hijacked by what some may think negative events so when you think of the French Revolution it doesn't bring you all warm fuzzy feelings right when you think of the Russian Revolution minimum make you feel good right we think of say the Cuban revolution it doesn't make you feel all happy right when you think of the American Revolution how did that make you feel a funny kind of ironic that they have to someone from England to preach in America on the theme of revolution maybe you guys need to learn how to do it properly I don't know what a lot of revolutionists as to a significant share as you want to make the call you only trust what they went from being a judge that the drug was twelve the manager with all venues in about a few months in revolution yet one of the revolution was a dramatic change in a very very short period of time very short on the book of acts on the revolution was based on the wood about setting a Bible that he will have the full review but is quickly acceptable and boastful inextricable and blissful you see that the revolution in the early Christian shot with the revolution was based on the want of money meant an acceptable and boastful what does the Bible say here asked for an bus for it says howbeit many of them which heard the word believe on a number of them was how many five thousand but the best thirty one and fifty one is that when they had prayed the place was shaken where they assemble together unable to do with the Holy Ghost and they spake but one of going with boldness accept the fix in the seventh a few pages over the Bible says on the world of God increased and asked up to eight and vote for just the next page over the Bible says therefore they that were scattered abroad went everywhere preaching the word talking recently about twenty one that the different methods throughout the book of acts where it says over and over again the word of blog word of God word of God the world of going it was a revolution that was not based doesn't carefully on the uniqueness of Jewish old Greek culture of the revolution was based on the word of God the blood of one with the foundation all this revolution what was based on Revelation and bus it produces transformation you see the picture of God is seen through is what I meant the file the methods that a the finished portrait the picture of God is seeing through his love when you read the Bible as the Scripture readings that we got hold a mirror the glory of God which changed into the same image from glory to glory why because as we read the Bible to does something to us a change of Allah hops now that's a very generic and could like the word of God reveals Jesus will know that is not really critical to close up please really good teachings of the Bible or you could even say on it with them in some circles is considered a judge he would but you could say the doctrines of the Bible reveal the character of God how do we know that God is love and trust that we look at different teachings and doctrines in the Bible we are looking at both rebuilding check online for a pet shop on the character of God in the early apostolic church I would say then to dislike you have an accurate picture of what the carrots all blog like but unfortunately was lost this twenty nine the Bible says we ought to obey God rather than men unfortunately the first century went into the second century which went into the fifth century this picture off blog was lost asked when he was twenty eight and that the Bible says that Wolf would come into the church in sheep 's clothing and men would arise control disciples away after themselves as a distant place in the second and third and fourth century when men would fall people after themselves unlock the word of God and so what happened to the picture although that is painted through the Scriptures was this the him off it was fated the Sabbath became Sunday Grace became license and so on so long and so for personality was corrupted the picture of God was distorted and the well was plunged into the abyss known at the DOC agents topic is not what was read not because the little bit I want to read for the pulpits so I'll may call you within a garden with me a blog with hot antibody was unloving for the picture at the disability under the need for the reclamation to arrive the Reformation flow right to redraw Reese get the picture of God Martin Luther rose up and he rediscovered that was saved by grace through faith consummate a single while we smashed the era of poetry indulgences sacraments and for once again the weeks of a loving God behind the practice came along and they rediscover the true about baptism that thought is interested not just in Outlook the when he's interested in a complete whole the book and one by one different teachings were rediscovered the revolution was underway MN it was not a revolution based on Western European culture it was not a revolution based on Anglo-Saxon French Swiss or Germanic cultures it was a revolution that was based wholly on societal changes of the church was adapting to whatever the revenue at one hundred percent on a revelation and thus in the heart of Christianity it began to produce a transformation with the revolution good night all many hundreds of thousands of people died for the face they that were not dying for their log off a country that was not dying to protect anything other than the woods of God on their love for Jesus Christ to the reformers John Wickliffe is one little one the McCoy going seven about my controversy page eighty eight and giving the Bible to his countrymen he did more delivering the minds of those in his country was obtained by the most brilliant victories on the field of battle John Haas was asked one time while in prison to retract what he had said anything proved to me from the holy Scriptures I come in the truck and I will retract they could not prove them and so we went to a mop is that costs you may have read about him in great controversy he said these words he said is the job of the preacher he sold his vision or dream we saw that the picture of Christ I said it's the job of the printer to pay in the minds of the listeners that the image of Christ which has never been any mom is in the image of Christ and understand from now until eternity William Tyndale was asked how can we distinguish between right and wrong and he said nothing other than the world on the theme of the avoiding mentioning month in lieu of the was before the diet in loans I love the famous quotation when he was asked will you all will you not retract any outfit I will read Asus is your most serene Majesty on high my TDF the require from me a clear simple and precise concept I will give you want to do this I cannot submit my faith even the Pope on the councils because it is clear that they frequently contradicted each other unless therefore I am convinced by the testimony of Scripture all are the clearest reasoning unless I am persuaded by means of the passage I quoted anonymously does render my conscience bound to the word of God I cannot and will not retract for it unsafe for a Christian to speak I think is going to the Iceman I can do no other may God help these were men who stood in place that lives on the word of God John monks when standing before Queen Mary he said that you interpret the Bible this way and that he interpreted that way I believe in he said believe all he said the Scriptures never contradict each other except for those who obstinately remain ignorant the holy Scriptures he said the Holy Spirit through the Scriptures will explain himself and so Martin Luther rediscovered grace through faith John and child wetting the founders of the Methodist Church they discover the importance of daily Bible study prayer and witnessing in the Christian experience at all he sat in the row rediscovering some element of the picture of the face I thought it was all good but not complete in problems for the safety the Bible says with the Sunnyside Avenue rights unto the perfect day the truth was beginning to shine in the world and it was coming by bit step-by-step one two eight five it was all good but it was not complete the picture have not been fully repainted because the greatest movement yet have yet to arrive William Miller from New York studying your Bible we stumbled the posted across the truth of the twenty three hundred days second coming he put them all together and so it grew this movement called the great adventure movements almost voice out hundreds of thousands of people in it and it will also group and eventually gave to the seventh day Adventist juts into the activists that came along and completed the job on the face of God as a church we rediscovered what you can find in Revelation chapter one seven Estes seven pillars of the adventitia the belief that the Scriptures are the foundation all all all beliefs laymen festivities will sixties and rules group is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine for approval correction for instruction in righteousness I just rediscovered a correct and complete view of the plan of salvation once saved always saved the forensic justification but a correct view of justification sanctification and glorification cells the love the must see the grace and justice all gone all rolled up into one of the church we discovered rediscovered the teaching of the second coming not one with both dates before and not one stepping times not one with plenty time prophecy around it no but one that will have a hot applaud your loans to be reunited with his people again we rediscover the Sabbath in his beauty and meant the sensory message so now the salvation of man began on the cross and continues in the heavenly sanctuary for us as blood lives to make intercession voice people the state of the dead despair of probably all of these well-founded by artist pioneers and they made and build public shots you see the watchers was founded in America we are and it says that I is gone through over two hundred countries around the world and the reason why is gone for the two hundred countries around the world sorry to let you know is not because the will wants to be American MN is not the uniqueness on American culture that is trim and how much I was founded in America is the will of God that will not just propelled around a while you don't have been deserved it is in the blood the late eighteen hundreds it was a group of Christians of different denominations became together on the sense of the Adventist church there is a Methodist and so on they said that the longest to date we can't define what kind of the whole while all your eggs in the if say the Anglicans we take the unimpressed with their insight Asia on the Ottomans if you take care and so want this divine the will document the Adventist church is a very common sense approach and you would think it would make sense the adventitious to know when the only on only a few thousand members we have a message unique from the pen of inspiration in the book of Revelation that must go through the whole world and sorry we like your idea but when you go on our own and other adventitious win out that most widespread Protestant denomination that there is not just was founded on the mountain all evidence of the Scriptures it was not founded on a smoking gun amen it was not just one six zero one takes that long things take an out of the all the context that it was written on with the doctors will form and based on a mountain of evidence in the word all gone it is interesting when you read Revelation chapter three and you read about the Laodicean church which we all remember the fantasy ever see any praise just on the no price doesn't receive a rebuke yes I know see all review but when you read the rebukes related to see you as you read through the rebuke and does not receive any doctrinal rebuke judge if you said you have the doctorate of an acquaintance by the judge visit your hunt adopted all they lament they not all that shocking if it says you have the synagogue of Satan will use some of I will check them out at the mention any of those things the way to feel why because he would like to see it is not one message a message to appeal to complete and has redrawn the picked up on the place although if the condition aloha that needs to be changed that's why in Christ object lessons page sixty nine the music is quote Christ object lessons page sixty nine L White writes and figured we would all messages morning she writes when the character of Christ shall be reflected in this people then the end will want you see we have redrawn the picture on the image above on Facebook you give me the most touristy places where they have opposite will be debugging and I was in Rome once a number then looking around the Coliseum before a month on all the places in the city of Rome amazing city to go to another place that are wrong for the Spanish specs of analytical and Spanish steps but that's what it was the opposite assessment that it ought unlike the majority 's advocate for the euros of the noted is that if a file with a ten is up at the other thing twenty five I eventually got down to about eighteen usually just picture of me it was a lot of caricatures would be cheap to knows a lot of stuff it was the normal joint that was just the pencil drawer there was no paint on the page no paint on the page it's almost as a church we have all of the I hope the face of all on paper with a pencil but we have yet to apply the praise to the page the paint on the pay is not a new doctrine the paint on the page and as we read when the cows are quite different if reflected in his people then the Lord will come when the drawing comes to life through the live of you one time living a victorious life then it will happen however I believe there is something than a blocking us from something that was stopping the something is preventing this from becoming a reality some of these are collected on some of these are possible some of these we see on a daily or weekly or Sabbath bassist we can weed out among stocks it to the monks are people among stop all congregations unfortunately the results aloft I'll ask all genuine brotherly love there is a lack of Christian cut the feet amongst us as a people is that when we talk on theological issues when we discuss righteousness by faith righteousness by what we discuss these subjects are sometimes the law spots for high discussing the righteousness of Christ how ironic that anything else witnessed someone who disagrees with you how do you treat them how do you is being them in your mind what is your view of their heretic an apostate who is putting objectify often we willing to shed Christian demeanor some online slut on the up or down up brother and sisters another thing I believe they are in an object in affecting and preventing the character about being reflected in his people if something affects us from the local to the department just bought conference committee union constituents division General conference conference work Southpointe work supporting work whatever you want to call it unless this good in our church of politics Who's Who my agenda human politics are always based on human passions and human passions are selfish how many young people family people in general have been turned off from involvement in short or even attend and still judged by the behavior of those with more experience than themselves was sometimes we seek on the religious activity is stripped away and people can sometimes see the charts for what it can be a political animal found at Sarnoff is a fast track nothing to do with it I'm a pastor at the pump will be blood nominating committee they hibernate is no ibis is after Adam Golding Omaha the nominating committee opted yours in the polls the silence autonomic and grid did I know wondering if you're willing to seven exposition something they say yes something they said no what often happens out of David you need to my kids if I don't like being an assist I really don't want to talk about them maybe for various reasons I often saw my believe the reason why they say is this line of the leadership on the church what I don't want to be there I want to see that I will might you want should be clouded by what takes place in the inner chambers even energy wisely am sort of politics going on behind-the-scenes drama loving the effects of the jugular motivation for service also often at the church we have it if I only could be said of if we are seen by others serving for the appraisal the accolades on the servant because he was scared of failure I don't want to fail that's why once if the charges ask them instead of playing yet they would have done nothing but yet inexorable going priest a place we've never been before will present a playful we don't know the language but he will still go because our commission drives us some of us get is that Australia some of us unfortunately our even schedule success what I succeed what would I do that I believe we deserve gone anyhow some of you will either go back to local churches annual plan and evangelism training seminar scheduled for twenty thirty hours into the preparation for your seminar that it's a newbie all item and an annual fund and on the Monday night on the Sabbath even when everyone supposed to come only two people most a lot as apartments due to training anyhow some of you you think this is what if twenty thousand students assigned of the phenomena by a study in this room and it's time I know got an error in the room window Bible study and only for life students do the Bible study anyhow some of you will deliver and is experiencing a home to what it may be fifty thousand non- Adventist in the city I know stand up on opening night on the load detection non- Adventist suites your hearts out anyhow on that win apiece graduate the mountains looming the annuity of a campaign a small town when it was a few people that will not been fixed I'm talking them on opening night to how to go either well we had the member of the old mommy came my mom with them about with their there was one of the president and it was two members from the community which is only five people acid preaching for January by the end of the campaign at five oh six decisions about the maintenance group we need a revolution that is based on the revelation of Jesus Christ the revolution that is founded on Revelation on a revolution for juiciest transformation cleaning hot to be transformed when I has to be changed and this revolution must be founded on the revelation of Jesus and is what is auditory to reduce the transformation of character that it needs to happen unfortunately all too often or not this revolution is taking place though not based on Revelation also in fragmentation we should have revolution based on Revelation when the Bible is clear as crystal the hot and be transformed in the church can be transformed and changed from top to bottom inside outlets that a revolution can change is personally that it can be a complete turnaround a complete change in the Scripture reading to read a second radio three is what HP was a sleeper hold in America or a glass the glory of God we are changed into the same image from glory to glory the whole Christ is what we see is currently revealed to the teachings and the stories in the doctrines of the Bible as we see that ha ha I change into the same image we need to like the ring to be poured out upon us to put away the things of a blocking us politics desire for success the secret things that hold us back on the pencil drawer he needs to become a full painted picture of Christ in us the character of God needs to be reflected in us and then the Lord can come to portray needs to be finished in your life and my life as legality of a GUI sleep I pray that your lives may be trained not just another youth Congress not just a place to get more phone numbers and network with different people but a place where we experience true revival of the issue that we need revival on they transcend culture and geography the fruits of the spirit God was the poor opponents revolution must be based on a revelation of Jesus Christ to produce the transformation of character that we need Jesus wants to pour out his Spirit just like an office once the Pena page some of us this morning as we come to church because the Sabbath we seek the issue that we may be struggling with the hot but we know that needs to be cleansed up yes we know the document yes we know why we're simply admitted yes we know some of these things will maybe you don't but you should and you see all these things you know I will live our lives sometimes seems up on Ford to stop it from what we see on paper and both of a lot of bring this principle like in the life of my church I want my people to be ready that I can come home and leave you today what a revelation of Jesus in your life and if they want a revolution in your personal life a view that I want to say I want a picture of the image of Christ to be redrawn and painted in my life that Christ can be seen in me that you want to lay it all on the altar table and a half to be changed to interview science to be change when the character of Christ is reflected in his people then the end will come within a half to be searched as the company end of our service today with a hot to be changed we are hostile to be refined we did a half to be sure if I we need Christ to come and dwell in us but the picture can be redrawn in alliance what is I have that you want Christ character to be redrawn in your day-to-day life to be seen in what you do whatever it is you struggle to sell or put away on up looking away when striving for success at whatever Adventists mean you dream off what is your hatred for the brother-in-law checks are also stuck a letter something you just hold on swing and going nowhere and you can't will reveal the Key West he previously is the judge and you still can't let go you want similar things my heart today and in this message was regarding the UIC supporting Seventh-day Adventist seeds and quit them and I verified in Christ and Christian download or purchase other resources visit us online he Wednesday when a a a and I


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