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Redefining Culture

Wes Peppers


Wes Peppers

Pastor, Traverse City & Kalkaska, Michigan



  • December 30, 2012
    8:30 AM
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to this message and see what I see two thousand twelve at Washington and other resources and sent us online at www. IC with one or one welcome you this morning thanks let's you are here excited that you are here I hope that you decided you would be here this morning thankfully alive we are thankful to the person next to you as a lie ahead that is God this morning are you tired yet UIC praise the Lord you know the temptation is as we go further along in CYC you get more tired than this is going to be not to come to the meetings I would challenge every morning friends wake up early Juilliard emotion spent time with Christ and then soon the meeting I'm in your ready for hot races this afternoon I praise the Lord I went selling something friends this experience of you not been on before will change your life by willing courage to go and not just didn't know what takes someone else with you make sure that their summaries on his skip out to grab them and say you're going with me to be Mallory 's partner bought has somebody behind the door today that he wants you to impact you have the opportunity this afternoon to impact someone's life for all eternity I can remember in Ukraine we had we had enough in school over Ukraine and we had thirty students and the leadership they are said you could never knock on doors in Ukraine and we said why not they said it will never work here and we said boy you must sell it sounds like you haven't negative experience with this they said what we never ask I tried but we know our people we know it won't work are you react to those students one the church members outlast lawnmowers and on about five hours I had over three hundred requests for Bible study statement we are anticipating miracles today were anticipating what do great things it was once said if you are not a missionary you are a mission field and then only ask you to pray this morning for two things pray this morning one my son is very sick at home yet been confirmed by the doctor yesterday as the flu so asking for a three p.m. and other children that are secondly three things always pray for me that God 's spirit would speak for me and through his word today and that we would be passionate about Jesus amen everything I want to pray for is for yourselves that God would in fact your hearts with the word once right before things that is the person beside you that their hearts would be impacted a man will be drawn closer to Jesus this morning when I have an experience with the living Christ about you which enables me this morning as we pray and as we begin father in heaven we think is so much today for the rich treasure that is in your word respect day for Jesus loves us more than his own life were thankful today for souls whom you are drawing to yourself even this very hour you were arranging divine appointments this afternoon even this very moment and we want to pray Lord a special way that your spirits would be poured out upon our hearts today that Jesus would be uplifting we would be passionate and excited about him about his word about his mission a modest church I asked him our hearts in a powerful way speak through us today and help us to understand you and when we happen before we pray this in Jesus name amen I remember when I first had my my first encounter with the word of God was twenty two years old I did not grow as a Christian I did not go up as a Seventh-day Adventist I didn't know much about the Bible I didn't know much about time through the course of my life I endured a lot of different things until you a very brief version of my testimony growing up I played high school football I was one of the most in the top football players in the state of Alabama I was being recruited by a number of different colleges and I was like to start my community but it my life there was something missing from my life when I was seventeen years old my parents would been married for twenty years decided to get a divorce my mother in the midst of that tried to commit suicide things on that he prevented but growing up friends I did not have the advantage of the seventh and Christian Holm and many of you have and because of the hard things I experience in my life I became an atheist I wanted nothing to do with the gaunt allow me to suffer that much not knowing how much it sucked for me as I became a hard-core atheist paper not just an atheist it says I don't believe in God but an atheist I would than in the face of any Christian cursing them and swearing at them telling them what a foolish thing that they believed in I went to a state university why study evolution I studied all these different theories of you know the stuff that they teach their evolution I know all that stuff in my mind became a disaster in my life continue spiral however until a reasonable point why was thinking about committing suicide I thought the wine was a fable my wasn't afraid to tell people so and so there I was thinking about suicide I thought if this is all the life as water I was miserable I was broken I was hurt by an experienced a lot of pain in my line I said this is what life is about why even live in so the more I thought about suicide of thought began to come to my mind and I only know now that it was in the God of heaven said once he starts that once you started the more I tried to put that thought out of my mind the more it became a got stronger as the one in one day I said you know what this is when women do on through the Bible wrong I'm going to prove that God doesn't exist the original purpose there is no real meaning to life than to commit suicide and caused great pain to my family and those around me who have hurt me so and so I started studying the Bible study Bible prophecy began to see that God rejected these that happen in the world thousands of years and even high and hundreds even thousands of years before they ever happened I saw that Bible prophecy was being fulfilled the Navy gave me the confidence to know that the word of God was real word of God was through an and what I have that confidence I turned to the Gospels I began to read about what Jesus and never in my life that I ever read something so pure something so powerful something so life-changing and Christ changed my life twenty two years old college student on a secular State University of about twelve thousand people I gave my heart to Jesus in my college apartment room and Christ changed my life forever it was his more where is this form I don't stand for you purposes I can assure you I'll be the second person that I'm not perfect and my wife will be the first person by the grace of God every day I want to be growing more like Jesus and I was spent time in his word because his word is powerful class is living in is alive it speaks to our generation today the early church experience and revolution because of the power and error experience in the word of God I appreciate I brought about these posts on this UIC website about driving force in the book of acts he said that twenty five times in the book of acts the word of God is mentioned but you know I look at the end quotes indirect statements as most of the rat and the word of God is asked to talk about fifty times within direct and indirect it was the word of God in its pure unadulterated form that transform the lives of the apostles outwards into champions champions of price champions of the gospel champions of his cause it was that would allow them to spin artists Jane to proclaim his word to a lost generation it was the word of God and the wisdom to stand before the Pharisees unflinchingly in the face of that before a cocktail in the no longer tolerance men of character and of Christ today friends I want to be a coward when it comes to God 's word how much you help people I would be sure I want to be annoying and obnoxious I want to be angered by what he passionate about God 's word in a it was the word of God that was the driving force in the revolution of the blacks it will be also the driving force in the revolution and the last days how will get four points with you very quickly because I have some counterpoints to go along with them four points this morning about the word of God Max number one it was received it was what everyone he was received number two it was believed what was it number three was proclaimed same with me all right thank you all for white people to say that what was it the third one is playing and a fourth one it was replaying what was it everyone and reclaim were to look at those points will quickly believe that please review the book of acts chapter two chapter two to look at our very first point that it was received accepted to an verse forty one and forty two Re: they are for their sickly saying that RIS ten of you are there are you there how right acts chapter two verse forty one the Bible says that those who gladly received his word were baptized and that day about three thousand souls were added to them they continued steadfastly in the apostles documents that was the breaking of bread and in prayers I want you noticed something very interesting about this passage the simplicity of the faith of the disciples the Bible says that they received the word how everyone out of receiving a receipt deadline to think about this for just a minute there was no issue of debates or discussion about the word they had a simple faith that accepted the Bible as it was a gun and when they received it as it was it made them laugh you would be glad this morning and we want to except the Bible just as research and not allow their personal opinions to get in the land who were working in their hearts the word of God brings joy to your heart today doesn't simply interfere with your personal desires Jesus is leading you in the word and bring joy to your I remember the first author search I attended after I became some happiness it was near the University where I attended and I went electric for the first time there was about twenty people there and not all of them were over the age of sixty five yet like you have like eighty two seventy eight seventy five sixty five sixty and twenty two thousand eight kilograms I sat next to her service I was so overjoyed to be there because the word of God was being preached and it was the word of God is truly to the church not because my friends were there because there was good music but because I think there's something that would transform my life today friends we need to have this kind of experience the early church was a queue or say let me tell you what friends it was that your faith it was not acceptance the wide acceptance of the word that transformed their lives there is transforming power and the word of God today on the good things that my father-in-law grew like because watching right now there with my wife my wife's grandfather my father-in-law 's father was the grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan the entire state of Alabama when my father-in-law was growing up his father was so abusive that nighttime they would hear gunshots in there in the mother through the rear the mother scream that would run into finer father sharpshooting Bulls to the ceiling when he was sixteen his father tried to will offer to intervene he ran about a pistol and shot him this is the environment that my father-in-law grew up in will by the grace of God when he left the Navy where he when he went into the Navy was a Seventh-day Adventist there lead them to Christ I went to the truth of God 's word amen my father lost since that day has become a Seventh-day Adventist pastor he is raising three churches he has been overseas missionary in the power of God is working through his life today I'm excited what friends it doesn't matter what background we come from the word of God has transforming power money to believe that today if you change your life but unfortunately today friends we have entered a trend where on biblical culture is attempting to drown out our commitments and our stance on the word interacts the word defined the function of the church the culture did not define the church and then when this happened there is no question when the church was driven by the word was no questions about cultural issues like music like dress might worship styles like gender like gender confusion gender distinction these issues are clearly defined the word and if they are not guided by the word in our lives in the culture around us will surely guide us we should never be steered by un- biblical culture matter which one all culture must come under the authority of Scripture today the word will transform us but culture will come four months there are cultures today that are seeking to invade our church cultures from the world cultures from Babylon filters of self we are called to call people out of Babylon recipe him you must pick one first out of my harness we think they were calling people to Babylon today but that one needs to be kicked out of our hearts the only way to keep on biblical culture from invading our churches take a firm stand up on the word of God upon the spirit of prophecy today this is what the early church did and this is what allowed them to grow this is what allowed them to do we driven forward as a movement of God is the same thing that must drive us in the last days the word of God and not filter many times even our own happiness culture has become a hindrance many times we love the positive good things about Seventh-day Adventist culture we love our regulators we love our MorningStar drillers love all these different things and there's nothing wrong with those things but dear friends that were adapted to seventh Avenue sculpture but we have not surrendered market price is a great problem with that today many times we love the seventh avenues felt to be good but we hate the spirit of the three Angels messages because it calls for a full surrender of our lives and we are unwilling to do it it's on biblical culture never requires a surrender to anything but my own selfish desires and indulgences because the early church was led by the word they were able to redefine the culture not just of the church of the world the world they made an impact world culture was reached at in the New Testament church because there are driven by the word in our culture today what stamped you want to leave you want to just leave some happiness Mark effectively you want to just improve people 's diets so that they can become healthy centers all these him us and not the things we must do that only the novelty Don is not a little market culture but we need to see people transform other were thought in a week people transform by the truth we must be a people of the word we must people who spend time in God 's word how much time you spent in God 's Word today versus Facebook video games time with your friends is God 's word into your life today the second thing we find that the word was believed it was what everyone was believe first it was received that it was believed please cover with me to accept before you look at verse four Bible says however many of those who heard the word believed at the number of men came to be about how many five thousandth what do you notice in the second one is that the word of God was not only a simple faith of them but it was authoritative in the life sequence is one thing to hear the word of God and know the word of God it's another thing to form the word of God and God today is not condescended to hear and to know what to and what the apostles were willing to hack upon the word of God something to find happen cells began to be one to Jesus Christ amen where the root word believe it comes from the word be live if you realize that the word believe comes from the word the lid another words were not called to just know the word but were called to be the work were called to be like Jesus were called to live by the word that is action visit Mark Finley my favorite features is him having the word of God in your hand to defend the truth and having the word of God in your heart to live the truth these of Bonn Hopper said if you believe that you will do and if you do it is because you believe please take notice something very interesting friends the Bible says that when the disciples believed they really and joyfully accepted the word somehow I lost my notes here only the Mac Martha says that when they believe the number of them came to be about five thousand I want to take note of this there is a direct link between the people of acts losing the word and growing in numbers are you listening is a direct link between the people of God being faithful to God 's word and then seeing the church grow they added two thousand from the three thousand that had been arty they are no cigarettes because someone will make the arguments I will look at the atmospherics we're going by three thousand a day it was mentioned yesterday they can without a mention that learning should explain something with deep breaths they grew by thousands in a day and they were twelve men we are going by three thousand day and we are twenty million was that say about our belief in the word friends when we begin to the word God will move powerfully ministry of healing page five fourteen the mirror hearing of servants out of Addis Ababa reading the Bible through and through when the explanation of a verse by verse not benefit us or those who hear us unless we bring the truth of the Bible into our individual experience him understanding the will be effective must be yielded to the control of the word of God is the work of the Holy Spirit the precepts of the world will become the principles of the life I've been somebody I say a man has a remember a story little boy was with his grandfather is a grandpa Holcombe every time she reads the Bible she we should she cry 's every morning this woman would read Matthew chapter twenty seven the story of Jesus being crucified on the cross exhibit a grandpa she reads the same story and she cries why does she cry the grandfather looked at as little grandson simply said this because she believes the week but the word of God this the week the third one and bring out is that he was proclaimed we got to move quickly because I want to get into something else before it's time to close accept for verse thirty one please accept the four verse thirty one the Bible says and when they had for a the place where they were assembled together was while everyone it was shaken the Bible says and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and they spoke the word of God with meekness they spoke the word of God with modesty at the word of God as they fell inclined will pay spoken with boldness the Bible says boldness can only come when we spend time in the presence of our God and Cindy you cannot have boldness without price the Bible says that the room when they were at were shaken right today friends are not only will be shaken to talk with Shekhar R us and we preach the word of boldness when was the last time friends you played all night Russell was the last time that you pray all night over some Bible passage that you wanted to understand and you are asking and pleading with God to reveal the truth to you when was the last time you did that the cycles dedicated friends I remember that when I first became a Christian it was so exciting I would spend hours and hours and hours in the word of God I could not get enough I was a college student going to classes three to four hours a day had no job is living off student loan that are literarily regretted that would study the Bible all several hours into the night into the early mornings I remember friends that they were times when I would as I would read the word and I was as I would fray I could sense God 's very presence in the room some people say I pray my study but I don't get anything out of it let me tell you will get out of it what you put into its if you are not having an experience with God get on your knees and do not get up until you do some recess how long should I pray I want to spend time in God 's word you should spend the amount of time it takes to know you had an experience within we need to be a people that come back to the word the fourth thing I want to notice is that it really claimed those that were lobster to the book of acts chapter six verse seven then the word of God spread and the number of the disciples multiplied greatly in Jerusalem and a great many of the priests were obedient to the faith it was so powerful in the lives of the disciples that are transformed even the leaders of the Jewish church and I him what only can be baptizing ministers of other places other faiths and then I remember studying with a man who was a minister in the face and we heard the word of God he was baptized I want to notice friends when was the word of God when the word of God was boldly proclaimed they were multiply today we are simply adding to the church in the book of acts God was multiply in on I'm really think that we need to have a multiplication factor today in acts the word of God was received it was believed it was proclaimed and it reclaimed it Fred then it led them to a Senate and a sporadic and then if we were to have that experience today we would see miracles taking place we would see miracles taking place today in Adventism we want to see those miracles of three five thousand added to the church not just the world church but the local church but unfortunately there are many things that are preventing us from happening experience like the early church I will highlight a few of those with you in your Bibles second Peter second Peter chapter three second Peter chapter three received something very significant to us today I got a move rapidly second Peter chapter three you begin a verse three in the stomach got to the point here the Bible says Peter via the great apostle the great acts revolutionary says this about the last days he predicts a time when people would begin to be part from the word of God accept our on-site second Peter three verse three Bible says knowing this verse that scoffers will come in the last days when him where we thank you walking according to their own lusts and saying where's the promise of his coming reserves the fathers purposely all things continue as they wear from the beginning of creation that sound like what some people sent you here today maybe today but at some point they say all women here and for years that Jesus got to come out was in college they said don't go to college diseases coming don't get married don't have kids but Jesus still hasn't come originally say that notice this verse five for this they willfully forget that by the word of God the heavens were of old and the earth standing out of water and in the water by which the world that was then existed perished being flooded by water but the heavens and the earth which are now preserved by the same word I reserved for fire until the day of judgment Peter tells us that in the last days people would forget that the word of God has created power not people that were outside of the church but people that are inside the church because the same where's the promise of his coming one has to question does that sound like an issue that we had dealt with in recent times albeit that our schools some of them are teaching evolution today forgetting that the by the word of God the heavens were created Peter is speaking about our generation today right here in his book we have left the word of God we have forgotten that the word of God as creative power and that is being taught he sees friends if you don't believe in creation you cannot be in Venice because the advent mullah believes that the same power are the word of God which created the world is the same power that can re-create your heart today so it is steadfast bond says creating imagery hearts we have to believe by faith in Ohio if we lose our grip on creation we lose our grip on salvation lose our grip on salvation lose our grip on the second coming and it has led to the ship rest of many in the faith and in the church and friends this is an issue that we are dealing with today friends the book log on once your review quote here great controversy page five ninety five it says but God will have a people upon the Europe to maintain the Bible and the Bible only as the standard of all doctrines and the basis of all reforms the opinions of learned men the deductions of science creates the decisions of ecclesiastical councils as numerous and this court has other churches which they represent the voice of the majority not one or all of these should be regarded as evidence for or against any point of religious faith before accepting any doctrine or precept we should demand a plane bus sales the Lord for its supports we have drifted away from the pure simple faith of the word of God now friends is easy here in CYC to say point the finger at those who have gone astray is an so easy Jesus said for you take the speck out of your brother 's eye take the plank out of your own I do not in my years as a layperson working in an and also working in ministry as an evangelist is a pastor 's administrator teacher ever else I begun to CH ran that is increasing and absences some a very troubling trends and it exists even here in CYC I see a trend that's causing spiritual erosion amongst young people today are many given to you in three parts are you ready are you sure you are ready it's going to be strong and I don't say it in anger I say than passion and love urgency are you with me firstly we have had a loss of simplicity remember we said that the book of acts that the disciples had simplest of a simple belief in the word they accepted it as it is it was red yes Adventism 's failure to make the same impact on the world of the early church did is because our relation to the word of God today as Adventist we are always looking for some new deep truths that tickle our ears but not to change our hearts we love the simplicity of this rate message we do not want it anymore we want something that'll tickle our ears something that will wow lots and this has become like an addiction this signaling has been in addiction and we are not satisfied with anything less God wants us to follow the simple truth of the word eight nine and God is not wanting to give us anything new until we follow what he is already getting but today we have learned the basics we want something deep something read something true but we want to avoid the simple truth like loving our brother we left the simple truth the church doesn't need the latest and greatest sermon that I packed some truth until it lives and believes the truth that God has Arnie layouts we start living in a house second Corinthians eleven verse three but I fear lest somehow as the serpent deceived by his craftiness so your minds may be corrupted from the simplicity that is and who that is in Christ that is number one we must listen let the simple fake number two we have become a celebrity house I heard some resale of that was for me or for you we have become a celebrity house we have begun to focus on I'm been a reasonableness to the women sure I get right we have begun to focus more on the one that brings the word than the word itself with elevated speakers to a level that ought not to be done when we have a conference coming like CYC or some regional GUI see and praise God for GUI CNN Rice can't replace we can come and experience reliable and started aware to learn more about Jesus and his last a message thank God for the GUI sees everywhere but a trend that is the gun is when there is a GUI see a youth conference that is put on the first thing we ask is what everybody you tell me you started not me I'm off to hunt is getting we always say speaking and we think that such a such a speaker isn't there that we can get a blessing I want to name names for some of us consider preacher a preacher be our preachers seek to be the man of the hour and when we attended those as a speaker at present we will not only will hang on every word that they speak and then went back creature is done we will leave and go hang out with our friends the song were looking for our next hit our next fix of our favorite speaker preacher and while we ignore everything else this is an addiction and an unhealthy one and a nonbiblical one should it matter who is speaking friends if the speaker has poured his heart out before God to prepare a message to deliver to the people of God who are we to say I can get a blessing from it who are we to say all he's boring because you know what friends we have come to the point where we are more interested in theatrics but in truth we rather see the preacher dance across the state and deliver a true strength statements bethink popular speakers are all the rot has freaking talents the men and women who pour out their hearts and if they had surrendered their hearts the word of God prepared a message of Christ speaks through them just as much a does anyone else we have elevated the speaker about the word we become what many times we often have more endearing things to say about speakers and we do about Jesus yes I said it would become a real a real American nor I'm going we become a real advances idols show is a writer no like their speakers and line them off we have our favorites this one is better than that one but Paul addressed this issue in his day I like to turn your Bibles with me please in first Corinthians first Corinthians chapter one verses twelve and thirteen first Corinthians chapter one the apostle Paul speaks here with all biblical authority he says now I say this that each of you says I am of Paul or I am of Apollo 's rime of Cephas or I am of Christ is Christ divided was Paul crucified for you or were you baptized in the name of Paul we are not all brothers and sisters to say I am of this creature on the creature this preacher does it for me for that creature doesn't do it for me if they are preaching the word of God it should be the word of God doing in your hearts to chapter three please chapter three blog it's a little bit more bold please keep in mind that I'm not trying to step on your toes but the Holy Spirit is I'm only the messenger don't throw tomatoes at me talk to the author of the book for verse three Paul says for you are still carnal if we had this mindset for where there was in the strife and divisions among you are you not carnal and behaving like mere men for when one says I am of Paul and I and another item of Apollo 's are you not carnal who then is Paul and was opposed but ministers ministers through whom you believe as the Lord gave each one look over in verse twenty one therefore let no one posting for all things are yours whether Paul or apostles received this on the world the life or death or things present of things to come all are yours and you are Christ and Christ is God 's we are not called to follow speakers we are called to follow the word I praise God for godly speakers I'm not condemning them I'm not putting them down we need godly speakers a man but we cannot idolize them they let on there pants the same way that you do in the morning we have follow us ladies put on their skirts however they put them on the belt or pensée I don't know anything about it my wife value we can take sometimes their word for everything and we often depend more upon the speaker than on the Holy Spirit to guide our own personal study of the Bible it's like traveling back to the dark ages brothers and sisters were the people were dependent upon the priests to tell them what to do we have replaced our own personal devotional life with downloaded sermons of popular speakers and books about the Bible we have neglected the Bible the spirit of prophecy and we had been receiving many of us the word second animosity can wallow new but as a result we become spiritually weak we think that we don't have the time to invest in God 's word and on weekdays something friends that they if you think you don't have the time disciplining God 's word then you are busier and have never intended to debate every day you must spend time in the word of God there is nothing wrong with respect to these men but in acts chapter ten verse twenty six chlorine is constant files before Peter and Peter Suman he says sand dry myself and I'm also mad speakers are just men are capable while not looking too many people have looked in men and idolize them and when that man falls to create a disaster of their faith we must look to Christ we must look at his word know what Brent the devil can preach a good sermon call our speakers no University and was understanding my point is is just because somebody can dance across the state and obtain you and even predicted sermon doesn't mean always a hill of beans what matters is the character of the life the character of the life we become a generation who heard instead of a generation of the word we are hearing the words spoken through others today but RCV hearing Jesus speak to us personally from his word when you come back to a personal experiences were Jesus and the Pharisees he says to us that they you search the Scriptures because in them you think there is eternal life but they are those which testify of me you must have your own experience with the word of God don't people you must have we must come back to a personal experience of the word I'm not saying it's wrong to listen to sermons I'm not saying it's wrong to read other books but those things were only meant to supplement our own study of the word not to replace it never to replace I encourage you to use audio verse I encourage you to read other books by bike good speakers but do not let them replace your own account your own experience we think that we've heard it all before but let me ask you something friends we think we've heard it all before but have you applied it to your own lives today remember the power why the book of acts was not simply that they heard the word not simply that they knew the word but that they acted on the word amen you are acting on the word today I'm going to advance at least one hundred UIC receiver has those of you watching you can raise your answer in your living rooms you've been to at least like UI seems I'm if you've been to all that UIC 's on the open to some camp meetings or some other type of youth meetings somewhere we've all been there and we all seem to just be falling into the right to becoming seminar junkies and this word is not taking root in our lives and we know this because we are not up on what we're hearing not speaking to all but many of you but let me ask you something here's something a bit more practice is a acting taking action in your life when was the last time to memorize the Bible promise when was the last time that you shared with somebody what you learned in your devotional life today maybe you didn't share with them what you would you didn't learn that even asked him that question as you were afraid that they would ask you the same question back anyone have anything to say when was the last time you lead a person to Christ and the Baptist or how about the rumbles finished for three ABN Miller stressing out Robles finished on a view I got to say this fun if you could come up on the stage right now do not razor hands with it may call you up to do it you could come up on the stage right now and get a federal discourse on the twenty three hundred a prophecy coming you could come up on the stage right now and explain what and why Jesus is doing in the heavenly sanctuary you could stage right now and explain why this summer than this church is God 's last day remnant Church of Bible prophecy I'm not saying you have to know everything to share something don't misunderstand but listen brothers and sisters for many of us this word has not taken affect in our lives because we had not acted on its wheel simply for and we have simply known but we have not done to make an appeal this morning the Bible brings purpose power for life 's and it carries us into the presence of God when you study the Bible to get inside the mind of God what a blessing amen Hebrews chapter four verse twelve says that it pierces our very soul is it piercing your soul today Psalm one nineteen verse eleven says by word I have hidden in my watch and my heart that I might not sin against you but make them in a something very clear who is the word Jesus if we have not hidden the Word in our hearts then we have not hidden Christ in our hearts and if Christ is not in our hearts because the word is not there but how can he possibly be doing the work of your eternal redemption in your life today we must be a people who come back to work we must be a people who has a simple faith who takes it and reads it and takes as a sense we must be a people who believe that the word of God 's authoritative in our lives we must both see you also must act on it we must say it and we must write a this was why the early church was so powerful my human 's desk this morning three parts number one made me today your devotional life 's things maybe today Yukon and UIC and you have not touched your Bible in two months three months six months a year by the spoken to your heart today is convicted by his spirit by the power of his word the day you say God criminal Honda duets to give back and you were young people do whatever it takes result willing to do whatever it takes in the secular world to accomplish will stay up all night to study biology tests will stay up all night preparing that math test but when it comes to the word of God one read one chapter say I can get anything out of do what it takes find a book that teaches you how to study the Bible one estimate is positive but something to say this but get yourselves back in the word and you will experience our human spirit 's price on the challenge of the day to get back word secondly I don't want to make it easy for you I don't want to go home and memorize a Bible promise I want to go home and memorize an entire book my an entire book of the Bible and memorize that will never write another book why can't you do it young people we can memorize the songs of the words of popular songs secular songs to three minutes long we know the words of a song that's three minutes long five minutes long weekend memorize a Bible verse it takes is ten minutes and seconds to recite why can't you member the Bible why did you memorize the book of Daniel and Revelation the book of Hebrews and that was a drinker why can't it when young people are bright intelligent young people who are being led by the Spirit of God is ultimately easy thing over the hard thing is my second appeal thirdly I want to format were unchallenging every single one of you to lead somebody to Christ two thousand thirteen lead somebody to Christ but that were taken action in your life readings memorizing the names and act upon this is my guilty today I'm not to be fancy environment and tell some story will invite everyone understand wherever you are to stand where you are to give you an invitation this morning to respond to act on this appeal if you want to restore your devotional life and I know you can all come at the same time may be coming from different reasons but if you want renew your devotional experience renew your devotional life like to slip on your seat and come down here to the front is a God I don't know how many do I I don't know but you know somebody here today needs to get themselves back to the word of God I'd like you to come down here to the front secondly there may be somebody says I don't accept easy challenge under except the heart sounds I'm not memorized just a vital promising start with that parameter memorize an entire month I'm a type a hard thing I certainly do maybe somebody here today this is I want to lead somebody to Christ I want that word of God to become real and let me tell you something from somebody to Christ is the greatest joy you will have is a spiritual only have intended young people today do not settle for anything less than God 's best for you do not settle for anything less than a bus saith the Lord for the foundation of your life today be renewed we empower by the word of God Word of God we must be the thing that drives are moving all the way until Jesus that your desire this morning not just had as you have the word of God in your hearts knowing that you price your hearts as well as enter designs invites where you want to fray by your heads with me for a fun having you see the young people to come maybe others in their seats need to come I pray Lord that you will prepare hearts will not allow them to arrest this week and until they surrender to you Lord and how rest by your spirit empowers byword but your Word dwell richly and us and let our lives be transformed and let us change the world by your grace and strength I pray for each one here that whatever they're need yesterday whatever reason they think more that you will minister to their hearts you will minister their minds and make them close and theory of a special way and then you would use them in press forward this summer they had been a uttermost parts of the globe and see Jesus suffering that Jesus in this message was regarding I found in my seat the lysine are supporting Seventh-day Adventist seems by a young and him I sent you about a hundred other resources visit us online you will see when you have a in a


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