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My Testimony

Zippora Anson



  • December 30, 2012
    12:00 PM
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to this message and see what I see two thousand twelve hundred Seattle Washington and other resources and sent us online at www. MySQL .org and women in thing on the Lacey act it is my testimony I thought two things the first life having me speak to me I think so fast sometimes have my own money monogamy translations understanding and not getting anything and I thought to myself my life isn't that interesting I mean really tonight I lastly Mister have you recently for the next forty minutes and then I said yes I'll think about it there's always something that I can share he likely Christ and the closing delight he came actually especially when it was already in the hotel I thought to myself this was such a bad idea of Verizon came in here once one is fine but if someone is but who is twenty two versus thirty three says I've pray for me and I think film window I'd like to synchronize again that's even saying you have no excuses when you have nothing to share the right ahead so before I get into a microphone I like the community will click your father in heaven I thank you for the event is inconvenient in San Fran at this together he wouldn't be me it would be in a minute more than yours alone by your name I believe that we would leave year in my company on the power of God him a friend and refuses I was born in this column of data Cincinnati said they are feeling evil people into their very own way my introduction to Christianity went through then telling me in reading the Bible stories and feeling very active in our church the church I grew up and I feel both as one of which have activities together regularly open from the part of doing things together my parents and their friends on Wednesday at each other after the fact that your service so that have some afternoon together so my idea of Christianity was based on community I know when I was hard of a bigger family my parents divorced my desk at home last night silly and I favored my mom I slowly started noticing that my mom was added this is the way that he did before it took another fourteen years Gregory secured and safe to say that I didn't learn the ins and outs of active she would always make sure that I keep forgetting to ask them and members at our local church always known that the doctors is always been my home my mom and her sister read as I went on a ten volumes of necklace children's Bible my time with Henry on the blue ten series that organize my games from the children's my my latest to die I don't Bible Bible reading was working out what is and what kind of literature anyway we didn't think there combined with what I think my reading and my very eyes and immediately recognized that him him or giving the and is often from those who come from the outside the nonbeliever is Chris Jennings on this event and this is what happened and we rejoice and I thought we don't often hear our success to modify those are operating factors in this I think making E-Verify or you can did for me to believe that if you're already inside you thanks you already say that he don't have me delivered anymore it is people and in fact in many communities so it seems to me that if I will be into my de jure my friend is Gore okay if I said I was beneath anyone out there and I never really got out oriented world I believe my buddy did not remind a different story altogether I decided it was a guy I created of all things to establish the rules that govern nature enough I really wanted this writer at the same time I felt candy from this thought of my countrymen I was not a physical I join my friends and family shoplifting when asked about the value and what I the reason I was a fiscal oftentimes just that I get out of being punished I sent you to show that you would like the wildlife but I was real hypocrite believing that it was okay to bend the rules and not get caught and as I wasn't hurting anyone though I didn't know it then I bought into the Greek philosophers no word got exists but doesn't really have anything united in this kind of mindset when you delete a document filed at any him me do anything without you paying UK depend on him to do anything for you Lieutenant Pentagon thank you for you both have to do with yourself so I life in a way that I get what I wanted my concept of God that of the legislature summer on a cloud is not a God after my heart go to new life a distinct entity I read about them a lot I could even talk about him with enthusiasm but besides asking for this my food in my sleep with a safe and this site contains and manifests as the farmer from England took a good look as young as eleven and how the term I had no idea what a friend and why don't we do that but I knew some people were going silent excited to go so they came over and can be quite amazing this is written out by the young people and they were probably between eight seventy one twenty five footer first time in my life besides disbelieving the Bible they were thieves we've asked questions that I would understand what I was reading much more I was studying the Bible and known it was so amazing to see the deeper meaning of a monotonous strength on the all along what was very astounding to me that the young people were teaching history this is really start until he started today they were my hays Dave David they were normal young people I could relate to them for the first time I realized you don't have to be at half own versus north of the person to determine I gave it a bit to do with it certainly had been convicted yet many precious him in a while we had last night most physically building together this article we'll contributed a fair and thoughtful albeit done for me I think the US could come the inside and put a first-time nonchalance which is his will is always was one of his personal love for me was so real to me that iPhone hypertension it was at it I decided to take my devotional life more personally more seriously the year after about two months before my seventeenth birthday I officially gave my license is applicable authority hereby do waive has nothing to do a much percent from about seven to ten years older you think I am at ninety seven and so when you talk about my law degree I'm untwisted I took long enough to finish the rest I I based on without incident and then I will but I wasn't failing to meet behind iPhone buying equipment to keep the rest of the Commandments also but after asking not mine anymore and I'm trying to be that a personal issue is that forgiveness for always doing that we didn't elect you but it was really missing the spirit thereof I think about being the third of my time of my idea my money and pediatrician was more than refraining from being means other actively caring about more than I care about my own interests and in the selflessness shown by not one but my neighbor as myself baby still very much guilty of the same segmenting its out in the next story in one year of birth missing property law and during that year and blank him in the first week liking him and you likely feel when he was an offensive I knew would inevitably to the same principles so we decided to eagled eleven nothing is open to religion may be the time to get to know Jesus Millikin together after after he didn't I think closely until anything might be his friend just friends was still the label we use and I find myself organizing the library must have named that might defend it doesn't make sense of the story for the event and I'm done to see if they're all here and listening if you have the greatest thing in life partner who is your number one priority what were they say Jesus yes okay that you hear I know not God you have a partner what do you most likely to answer the same question yet you I don't think it's true for most people I do what you call something that they can think of God right so if you believe in the First Amendment isn't it we love God will not have other gods before him and a second is anyone admit I don't even think it was not my way to make the Second Amendment of the meeting by something I don't and I was helping him make the first unbecoming his idol and notice I didn't really take the time to think about it but I didn't think about it I can change me it was even discarded that replaces the site and I am very despite my rebellion and is good but still put into my spirit so one like our friend 's house committee that is so magnificent they are an him him doing all this time and am asking up please help me to be always decide what to do with this until I liked in the authority of this is hard to sell anything feeling safe Wi-Fi I tried sometimes I say I need you help me to make the decisions and still walking and entrée and then all of a sudden it with my turkey to say is a moron you can conceive it asked me about this with you all you know my answer some additional feedlot and we met at the short conversation and ended our kind of relationship is the sad part is something the humans after easily winning it was fascinating I easily be open to religion and nothing was not I don't know how much of that was my doing it what high sodium of Christianity was that unappealing but I do know that it had not been so busy trying to please myself and my feelings that I would have more time to show him the one of the love of Christ I know now that my actions and decent people not just my word show what I believe some of the values I configured to it my life is short I believe the expendables are to buy when anyone doesn't know God would even want to try them so young people need to feel a carefully forming attachments even if you come out okay you know what you don't together for us another may even have an idea concern specific human she'd been sick for a couple of days and missed school because of it and she'd already been to the doctor they took her blood native status if he him I mean yeah we went waiting for the results my classes were identified they can hang out with only her and and I think that semester I just recently learned that in your blood in fact we need why there beneath to eat healthy food and you need to move allowed to your money can make new fresh healthy blood in my system and then as he had a headache and felt anyone could think of them and she didn't have them is whether the known wineries including individually is what the movie sitting on the class is completing its intergalactic to have definitely had an athletic something that you budget for complaining about and yes I think some of their something drank it and again on the day that he finally they looking to get something like that and ask her if she got to the floor she was fine says that she set her feet known him to carry her son picking it up I think it's uniting in my nursing school so I didn't only thing I need to Helena and on which he she and her voice is now my fears as you want to the doctor so she called he came home and he had a meeting on the class I went to class and quinoa here now and you'll be fine but then when I got back home one of my hobbies with economy in the house by saying saying for Pegasus and enough stuff in school was in a hospital goal now is fast as you can and I knew that by the way that she was saying that there was a ten him him alive so I call my physical host with whom he violated her to come back I said to my computer to my e-mails in a seamless envy judgment and it is unedited because another then it as helping them last week or three years ago and all anyone would recommend that three years ago some of them I then completed theses that God save my specified is a difficult moment and my aunt T and Ann Margaret she ends she needs us and when we go to the hospital and to getting through a narcissist at through the lighting CM she was repair which is really frequently consider that place is healthy the complexion is much darker than mine she was onto her second and much needed that blood transfusion to get to gain strength again and my mom was explained to us that when she got into the hospital that day her hammock will pay for what when seven in a healthy person is between seven and ten he explained I can get an harassment of nonmedical people in your room she can get you seven thousand and ten thousand five service two seven is one of dangerous and that she was a micromini the miracle in itself we pray got it to save my sister my sister still here today and I need very informational means that there is nothing that I can't trust the house boating holidays with him I think Microsoft has only really like the more interesting when I was at the share price will be saved by baptism I've even been intensifying my phraseology invented on his friend 's mother Priscilla was instrumental in the use explained the reason for my faith in the Bible for encouraging people already knew Dubai was through with very easy but I realized that I could do with the bacon they were spit on the fact that they worshipers understand that and truthfully never gotten anywhere I really got them to learn what my defense on death on Skype and you will is there to the one he would not like the TV for a week and then he would see what the effects would be on onion is Mike about at the end of time he was one of my few spiritual friends so anything he did or thought was worth considering as I thought about it maybe I should try out I design I have been a TV junkie honestly I don't know how I got a sizable because I would come home from school around four p.m. so what's in my something is particularly difficult when they start to schedule a good nice one refers would be on the once an old band out in twenty ten opening facing time I would actually go between the two that I can keep up with all it was very uncultivated so then after that series I was happy that I would have family living to do because the young newlywed so much and it's interesting thing for instantly and so I had to wake up and a half him back what's not associated until and unless there is anger that I think the fact that my sister and I would usually young I don't see when we would rent movies and movie marathon what's the movies over and over and over again so not easy and it was an eye-opener soloist my husband didn't want to do it myself I know it is actually quite enjoyed the time to be with all the information so I could call out for a good while I think the conclusion that I could no longer enjoy the type of entertainment and celebrate and promote all endorses just like everything accuses that the savings from when I thought about me TV and Hollywood dictated the majority of my thoughts I started going close to my Savior contains the sources that could have been put on my thinking he was an immigrant focusing and printing easier for me I just remember trying to pray and see some movies is coming into my head it's hard to focus on our anymore through my devotional times I was less need for relationship know when you watch Hollywood loves those over time a limiting oneself this heartwarming was wrong working on it maybe just me but Anthony consented my singleness I was becoming more interesting is very good things and I was now his son hungry for learning more discovery on your network is missing should I listen to sermons on getting the vocational University going back to university going shopping all the time I was at home before practical Bible -based messaging sonographers him why where he remained that households with low thermal space at the meeting I attended in two thousand and seven gifted me over and I knew Don was not going to mission training out in the middle of my back physically involved and challenged me to molecularly University process I wanted to have an answer when they ask anything I wanted a bigger impact however taking out a year and then when they get messy I know hereafter which would allow me in a timesaver not only did with me because letting the dentist as I had said anything about five thousand euros but Helena do with these the island that has led to six and a half and then he left the five thousand euros and the money but I know my heart is provided in the lineage of and he would have to make it happen so I sent my application and everything making the next about a month before arrival that afternoon I know it's time for you for you to your face and has to enhance the three thousand euros I was missing but then you may we were active and would like a planning meeting for Dakotans would have maybe two to three weeks later and this young woman who was engaged in London as anything she's driving us home she she's driving I see them even working there is nothing before the Lamb Caitlin and I thrive in the him know you the money at home Jeff and I know you think okay why is able to help you out while she wasn't getting to explain there is those people finally found me I didn't know that for them I am friends make him look for me they introduced themselves and become enough sponsoring me the remaining three thousand euros that's telling me that money is an issue you spend him and maybe other people give their money for the gospel in Michigan in September two thousand and eight by nothing this allows almost to meet immediate needs x-ray eloquent harangue I kind of had this idea that they would for some but this will be another crazy stupid vandalizing of that they can do that is that they are a silly importance of my personal relationship with God and there is no need for me to drink the theme of that statement are ever got was new for me and I can be most useful to him he seen us by making sure that Harris got more making the life of this for me it still needed they were normal people to donate an great recent success in their relationship with Christ and that's what they make the company might license suspended having been having been brought up and exerts I nearly have twenty eight fundamentals but is not limited to exactly how to get all my documents are centered on Christ and I realize anybody are fundamentals are I guess you are hereby financing mental people refer to them enough I very much more in a separate trust funds that it was inclusive and the fact that there is anything that adventure or three morning view from the well never recall more evidence like that of time but are important to have a correct understanding of now I don't need to once they become more inquisitive to do more research my thinking is that I became more balance more genuinely excited and enhances congealing a magnificent beauty makes more sense when healing yourself and integration with Christ understanding back to Christ I also infinite value and then think I'm doorknocking and moving to an collective it saddens me know if you can explain why you an excellent afterlife we had averaged only three of four times a week and so when I came home in the Netherlands I kind this is something that I can have it a few times and then announcement came and I plan to go out large items at different segments I'm so everyone who comes to mind I will as witness of you I never had easier to week my phone died life had to be picked up like about it they are essentially the needed services something that and I think I know my son would know something that's only part concerning again to collect money people just kept coming and even though sometimes I struggle to bring up the subject of gauntlet when I finally find the correct to do so I have meaningful conversations with each and every one of them to complete with sometimes him I know it's a perfect time to do so sometimes I would recommend myself and others that whenever I find I must have positive experiences like how excited she is on acting on sale last year New Jersey's and after that he comes in and says okay so we use them for a happy if I covered shorts don't ask don't you go to church in the housing development is now conversation before this is going to be awkward because all I think is second to none definitive even when they've worked on projects on you decided talking Alma in addition disappeared in the conversation is that if she's interested in knowing more about the issues really happy with that to Christ by a significant and other areas I had recently with enough outlining the lady standing outside access doors and countries our next necessary temperatures are and you are interested in this particular day I was understanding and I felt myself twelve months so when Isaiah announces Linda Condon she said she did and I found out that she walked past the church often times achieving a favorable name she needed someone to program today she consists out of school and by our unified entertainment and cheese one of the more thankful and members at that meeting at citizen insurgency not listening now she's acting classes reading her Bible it's really really encouraging the United in a disingenuous him all I want to know my first is fine if we are silent of Christ within you always immediately if you have anything and we can't even exhibiting not even make them living it's a lifestyle cannot use us as we make ourselves available to him the only thought if this disappear because the record I hate you said you just as much as the next person I'm talking to someone everything within a game I think I'm a Mac person is not something I enjoy even but the more corporate crime scene immediately than once in a while he allows me significant on my labor and if you had an inventory to my heart when your life is change the person free from the Second Life my work as a part of the vacuum underneath them has made me a more pleasant person remember the person actually beginning I think for the advice they feel not not convert I think that well that's in direct line from our commander-in-chief you have the question to do something besides Mister existing the argument that because of my friend in the mechanism I'm doing something when I think doing something I stop doing nothing and I find that out and say something and I would believe me as I tried my best life yes that sees solid work with increase my faith in him if you have beyond week of prayer with inserts and you probably already heard that so you him into the meeting of trial monumental for say enough of the mind I mechanism that had come to like your unemployed heart and mind for him in fact to fill the seat about ten dollars nothing to do find time for gossiping tell Barry backbiting and mischiefmaking nothing to do with evil testimony against event and defense into the church of Christ Jesus says it again economically scattered about so doing evangelism prevented from finding into the double stress doing invented will make enough that I think it's nonsense it will prevent you from becoming a double slave again and we just repeat the same either way it has helped me gather that actively working against patrons of those I'd like to sell you something that demonstrates my experience many recognizing to come with me to access up to one event in excess of the one we see nuking one that had none of Joseph Kaminski fears that he will become a serious threat so we decide to oppress and enslave them in verse nine it says anything of these people that if the Arab speaking behold the people of the children of Israel are more and my feet and we monitored the wife and with them as they multiplied and come to pass that when there falls out anymore they join us also-ran in the fight against some depression across my mind him I think they are people and my fear more in number than you are doing they are more they are my fear is that these are the people of the most high God how do you make a bow down to your command the Canadian unity wasn't the only one within a dose of what I think if I wanted to thank or maybe aware of their history and Web platforms this literature anywhere the doctrine or the some of them fulfill the connection the living God of heaven and earth and I feel the personal got interested in their lobbying was just too far from their minds could be that they were many going through the motions heading into them and so when the will told that they would have to be fixed to it they believe that instead of putting up a fight and win of one feet out when this church that means that I grew up in a summative environment where the love of knowledge but just having that to secure my salvation for a long time impersonal and intellectually I knew that he loved me and experience that can fill his mouth was moving me I like according to Mister when I finally had my always visiting which was greatly because the group of young people decided that trying to meet that he's really care if you want to say to me if only I will listen when and if you have agency with him I finally decided to allow them to bill you later welfare by nuclear and his freedom was we do want to share it are you making me feel so nice if I need to I allow myself to be made by worldly ideas like the Greek philosophy version of God and won't intervene and didn't even realize that until glossy new from I now know that God does care about me it's not that easy just click on the actually so much in the writing life came down for this are imaging like Satan not even my link directly to his work today cannot make you believe in his life but at the end of the unit I found because lisinopril for God you find yourself I'm not far from each and every one viewing at seventeen and is anybody in my work you are truly my disciples into the center free seven thirty now if you blanket insurance by birth or baptism or both and you recognize that you allowed this will save you again and you are less than the one you said you are giving it away should be putting up a fight we are trying and that you want a life with him I life and in his service than determining a market maker Lacie McCarthy priority in the clothing and within you can't really be sure with taking orders from the government out of work until you are you are being when people don't know when they are and consequently with other purpose they are indeed suitable when they don't know who they are it will slowly but surely is a underworld my ideas in his scissors and airline and him through this in my lifetime I is designed to make life a priority in the psychoanalytic legacy within the human freedom blaming Emily make an honest effort to figure out seven and his meat and wine is in our collective desire to visit José significant learning and genuine feeling pretty sure we can pretty much also yes that they were specific enough we can help you ask to see that you're serving everything together they put their personal time money and energy into each other they are investing in southern eighty one hundred permission redesigned investing in seven runs in each other as we go on double insulated forever but we go to church we talk about a lot of things to get to ask inquired to find out healthy for you if it was that if you understand what influences and commitment in a reverent on behalf like resolution get your pen and paper out your phone at seven twenty one and write it down on and I found amazing of people you'll be sharing your devotional experiences with think of ways that you can strengthen your family 's assessment if you're in a small group of the regular season make it visually or that the same concept even after do I think the evil diseases doesn't even on the small group think of someone and you can systematically strengthen I say your in a I reading that in prayer road by the Reformation devotion everyday and I enjoy than I am sentenced to life I might even invite my friend everyone out with my full marketing Internet but you deny Senator McCain then when they learned something visited the enemy can talk about and rescind the buyer an easy way strengthen the you can choose to be with Condit to be as no reason you to fill that the reason for us to settle for a small kind when he once revealed reveal so much more of himself I've been in my life that when I'm serious about God and I see how serious he is about me honoring Christ the serious thing and once these are doing it seriously we see much opportunities to go and share you think the metaphor thinking that the money that's enough and Fred and Ethel Monroe motivated to you right for your needs yet the already write-down we going to be something in common to get NFL and pepper if him a big thank you for who you are not a God who can't imagine we are not interested to see how we are doing whose meaning is able to strengthen us to care for us finding me on the recognized that the only way that we need you to survive we need you to have this revolution and even talking about we need you to remind us that every morning the time of you and we need to get to know you are not more intimate level and we needed to go out to our friends and Sharon and encourage them and we need to for anything to be with you business life the father asked me going to the program infinity would help us remember those names have a vote on this now help us to indeed try our best to address an error thank you when encouraging and anchoring everything in moderation him for your vending machine on you in this message was reported as you and you are seeing devices supporting Seventh-day Adventist seems a bit young and vibrant Bible and Christ centered Christian I downloaded urges other resources visit us online even when a a a and I


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