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The Blessed Hope

Siegfried Roeske



  • October 21, 2006
    10:00 AM
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I hope I guess we expect to talk about the aberrant home holiday hello talk about the message pulled the skin of those who know me I is you can see I am retired by the teacher you got it for thirty years he moved on to beat our children and visiting grandchildren in this area and moment on here the kind enough to open the door for me to teach a couple Bible carcinoma in the combined passes in last year MSU did you come our bitch I enjoy out another worry about the German only administrative fine so it seems like easy compared to an old bed I had a union college wound like was mentioned tomorrow sixty two years alone God 's people were excited they were excited because I'm a stunning and since August twelve they had discovered benzene of October twenty two I think they are the great appointment and I mean that October twenty two and twenty three is still the day of the appointment not disappointment I think the prophecies were killed God 's revelation guidance was in this work eighteen forty four is the work of God human beings misapplied one little item which affected them in a great name it was really a small item the application is set up the call is coming in the earth that cloud in the Jesus movement wins and emotionally many moves in the trials just to another place in the expected everything about the promise gentleman was right on target disadvantaged charges I have someone say the only drugs that based on the premise that he is not a mistake and informed forth the word of God even as a new thirty one was not a mistake when they expected Jesus on Sunday morning development three to take the kingdom of King is coming and statement of how response what a disappointment and a name for event within this appointment so has eighty thirty one billion and have a command that is all over residing me the Messiah would deliver 's role as one is on the clock and on Sunday morning of the RenderMan the day after Harmon on the way to MAS in eighteen forty four waving his on all of our Jesus again joined install to the group through the tears explained to them no it's no mistake Jesus movement have a sanctuary in the trials of Angels to take on his last ministerial working families people synonymous they as such with them and we can celebrate it today you know that God has been good to his people because he will do nothing except he reveals his secrets through sermons so they can know what to expect and prepare for the event got overlooked that the background is so appropriate in its sole which I say enabling to be able to preach this topic on October twenty one Norman thank you for asking me all right some years back when oldest son was three years old for the van about eleven o'clock at night he was so starring out into the bedroom timeline figures the always was wide awake and he said something to me that is rather sermon it up into my face as a daddy how much longer is the night was only eleven hours ago I said that writer usually asleep I tell you what usually lies noticing then I would only need five minutes okay daddy because the size and less than five minutes and was morning but I let out his room and was spending for online daddy stronger than I and I thought about the hospital 's emergency room of some of the nursing homes in all of senior citizens all people who are the light is fading away coming to an end the fight goes out many places Somalia Iraq Afghanistan many of his round the world and mother Jeanette was a natty how much longer is the ninth good question Jesus has with his disciples on the Mount of olives if you have your Bible like to read a few verses from Matthew twenty four the signs and we like to think about this morning and share from Matthew twenty four Matthew twenty four versus three through eight and fourteen we wanted to time for the whole job about to run out of the spiritual foundation was you can meditate not invented for virtually any setup on the mount of olives I've been there I sat there this makes it real overlooking the city you can send them on the bottom of a long time admittedly upon the pleadings of his people when you look at the also we aspiring new thing on the Nordland and how do people feel so many times and how it will never give up on them and how to guide them how eventually left his people saved in the kingdom of God he said I'm on a lot of these heartless came to him privately saying tell us when shall these things be and what shall be the sign of thy coming at the end of the world is not wrong to ask how much dollars a night what shall be the sign of your coming users able to understand question just my mom coming does matter when Jesus never said that approach never tell us what's dimensional vision is the one shall be designed the company in the world and Jesus as the inside of them to heed that no man deceive you for many shall come in my name saying I'm Christ shall deceive many and usually awards rumors of wars see the communal trouble for all of these things must come to pass but the end is not yet for nation will rise against nation kingdom against kingdom that shall examine specimens are the spaces all these are the beginning of sorrows members fourteen and this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world formation of a witness unto all nations and then shall the end so here's using this I listen him on the Marlins the vendors and the time of the last time entities other than lower lip this massive gamble is that open our displays they were admiring the beauty of the sanctuary and uses as I hate to disappoint you but not one stone will remain on this beautiful sanctuary you can read between the lines because of two things right will cross this will mean nothing and I'm sure something like that idea that so much confidence in the buildings and the physical plant and then she was telling him about the destruction of the Temple and the second coming even if the students and mercy even one of the know exactly how long it would be in mercy like a father many things at the top and I can tell you didn't want to discourage them theology is to be a practical thing not always the thing that human beings make it to help people prepare for Jesus coming Sony sabotaged northwesterly to sign of a coming to the end of the world uses a certain size in nineteen twenty four he talked about more earthquake specimens and some of these were being fulfilled right in the time of Christ and the apostles for sure and the apostles expected Jesus to come in their lifetime that's two thousand years ago pioneers of the Advent movement eighteen forty four in expecting Jesus in the lifetime Charles Fitch had a baptism in October now held in the East must've been a cold fall because it was very cold either Jill to get pneumonia and implement by October fourteen just a month than the more than a week before the drawings the images coming on October twenty two research agenda mother is that mom is in the resurrection is in the name Jesus looked on and was a daddy again I estimate that I had today but I'll be reunited can you imagine that the Angels in heaven must cry with midnight stipends to children were waiting for daddy from below Taylor Philadelphia I tease you closest to shop pushing allowed closed in on of King Jesus unless that the as you know the fields on harvested because they knew Jesus was coming on and then of course they waited one hour of our ten o'clock at night Graham doing today today in on twenty four hours anytime as well the waiting was eleven eleven thirty one I imagine and she wants your choosing there grows ever gather gossipy but a new company spring parade and look into the issues God is to come not fifteen minutes that's all the clock struck twelve payment McCain the disappointment was severe it was tremendous all night long big men small men children mothers fathers crying and wet in wet in wet and you would say that as this none passive luminous and all business you have bad deal no Joseph Bates as reflecting back on it Jane Andrews a significant back these were the sweetest days of my favorite facing the reality of Jesus it was written statement of the entire lifetime then do not consider a bad deal yes they didn't understand correctly until I met Samantha inside and saw him they have any sense right and their message explaining the disappointment of the endless government relations to understand that says saw that the role and it was very sweet in the mouse is very bit in the stomach disappointment was predicted in the final ghost action dominates most of them missed of the gospel my phone all the while you must prophesy again my stringent than in the entire world this complete message of Revelation fourteen and the men about doing it that's on sixty two years ago my question is wrong these people mistaken where they are apostles with a mistaken when the pioneers mistaken about your parents expected use them in the lifetime of a mistaken whether someone has two major portions to enterprise two basic points number one what is the meaning of science the signs of the times number two what is the nature of soon and have some fun reflecting on these two points number one in Matthew twenty four I see two sets of science and I'm just going to renew unwillingness I see the signs that talk about the end of the world verse fourteen the gospel preached in all the world then shelve and come more robust wires and is not yet there's a beginning it's moving towards the document on the world and his hair this means that now that's another sign and down your file for a likely just think about them but also a Daniel twelve for it says Michael will stand up on his own Daniel twelve for you know the tax is a familiar tax but download down to a shot of the words and seal the book even to the time of the end many shall run to and fro and knowledge shall be increased that to make the signs I see us connecting directly to the end of the world if you are not all the world is the greatest Dynamo got assigned his knowledge of the increased and then shall run to and fro Somerset the ninety percent among scientists that have lived a life tonight and this morning today for six thousand years the world has gone on about the same pace they plowed with one shared file six thousand years ago I believe that they use the arcs of an open in the vicinity it was no and they did so one of years ago not much has changed you use wax candle of candles six thousand years ago they did so a hundred years ago fifty years ago for six thousand years is gone among the same based on a set Saturday the increase of knowledge and only channel hopping this time in the fantastic inventions the sign on those who cause us to realize that reliving the time of the end every modern invention I mean every major modern invention to face in my mother 's lifetime she was born nineteen oh three I mean when you think about it it should say something think about electricity I just electricity electric stove electric iron electric razor electric refrigerators electric toothbrush the electric chair and me that might have not been amassing so the inventions and men shall not to and fro while I don't have to give you examples of accident on Thursday and get two thousand you are the most memorable running to and fro to do much summer collection I mean then running to unfold just thought I can don't go any further in Nebraska I didn't know about the management thought I'd may guess distance my mouth not by time you know ten miles you will be less than ten minutes ten miles could be fifteen minutes on could be couple hours you never know but many running to and fro and knowledge of the English and when you think about them I do not hold back the enormous mistakes on years you know why because most inventions are cursed electricity and your eyes makes his family tonight to health you go on automotive jet engines problem you will need to be thrown through the air five hundred miles an hour the body is not made for that Jedi all these things shifting the population China sends one city within the city by crisscrossing and that's not healthy the nightlife in San Bernardino Riverside shaft to electricity some passing on the sun in the nineteen instead of mostly inventions out of Paris the man in general however that blessing to the work of God to help finish the work of God I believe the only reason at all to ask allowing men to have all these inventions is now finish his work the Pentagon from the all the world and it's fantastic how that's taking place all a major portion I like to spend in emergency funding about the gospel nonwork humans and missionaries some of you you don't presume that the other farmers group I think and do something because twice and I will tell you with experience Pentecost some as Pentecost is happening all around the world met eleven students having meetings and then the other is now Ronnie Allison and the whale we have forty groups on the final Sabbath over five thousand people were baptized one day Alvarado had almost three thousand people in a trans- and inspirational power the Holy Spirit just met your soul and there for days and days it was in my mind to see how continues to work anyone should work through this human instruments they say that every day and after discharge almost three thousand people about this and they faintly someone something to be exact everything however in America their comments in own oblivious to all to myself what is happening around the world then comes a bustling when I came back from Africa I was surprised that in America people are not into that kind of a power of the Holy Spirit working in saving souls around the world so from that perspective social perspectives tell me that yes the end of the world can belong off but that's not my major point this morning I believe that with all my heart that my major point is even more drastic and stronger than them the first one and that has to do with our personal and more frustration pestilences have always existed I heard some one nine metadata is a notice right now mommy suggested outside and on the maiden demo for people at a meeting on a line change label twenty five percent of the population items as well more to the five percentage map is more of a sense interesting earthquakes Tommy said all well have always been earthquakes because the net seismographs so when we got seismograph already discovered was worrying that I will knows how many years the government told by scientists the last four years and Seymour Mister Mason Manas one thousand years combined earthquakes all what do these undecided precedents is of course diseases some incurable diseases cancers is wiping so many people don't even recognize them in midstream so many of they in our incurable diseases why are these assigned to have always existed on my abs SS God is interested in the salvation of all the people understand not only the last generation and he has given signs that people thought all history help them remember that I am trying to select and that's the way it has always been kind of forty million people some estimate however other statistics about eighty billion I like the higher figure it doesn't matter too much avoiding that have enough talent on this planet busting seven billion dollars today the signs tell us that time is short for all generations no one is long been a lifetime and lifetime sure is intriguing is like the rest of this section seven says the Angels of God and the messages representing time as very short this happens prospective eternity looks down and sees time is very short and that is a statement of facts it has always been presented to me was how perspective of time is it oh well it could be another who knows how long was it it may be to be shortness of life and the sadness of death signs such as wars space accidents are Satan 's special tools to smash his eyes on prepared bringing to an end the world for individuals don't have has found one in four hundred million people the only world that you and I have is our world our perspective sometimes I find interesting immigrants his brains no army one of your perspective this in a lot of business brains and I might be licensed using with you I is not possible but nevertheless we have a whole world of the only world we live in is our world I'm in a person dies the world is coming to an end in Asia synonymy 's houses lost lives earthquakes all over the place China was reading some years back one of the greatest destructive earthquake asses on the highway every day do not automatically that has something most people don't do a lot of planning for dollars him from the hospital is about a woman's apartment and Elizabeth CNN tomorrow for men at night one of McCain six Collison from town on the way to a wedding of Walla Walla who fall into a wonderful wedding friend Wallace John Gibson was again married his lover 's wife died of cancer he married the sister may exciting nothing is out of the tragedy do something very nice these girls driving all night was Canadian Thanksgiving things October twenty four became around Pascoe denied black ice Coughlan rolled several times killed all six for the library in Canada and that I'm into the cemetery and took a picture of the tombstones on the same tombstones Kathy James Gorney June nineteen fifty three October twenty four nineteen seventy one death and the valve bore in May nineteen by October twenty four seventy one Roy Eugene Thompson died calling Kennedy died October two thousand one on the road encircling a wonderful exciting wedding and also sassy at sixteen seventeen eighteen years of age is time short course time not spent even if you want the this evening I became like a thief in the night that from ready but even if you live a full life threescore and ten in a way that's getting scary after three long years ago in November my birthday when I talk to you about the shortness of life it has sure a HR eighty my mother was a Ridgeline is unlawfully within the long times on time is very short just yesterday I was using a scary thing about it was yesterday that I think about my own life it was yesterday I was into my children I can't believe the oldest son 's forty minute to them in a series of accessories because I'm thirty one seconds shellacking this in the thirties I'll have to say my son is in the cities of my age two house that were not maybe wasn't yesterday or day before I was seventy five back in the union college that was yesterday of seventy five John F. Kennedy once examined maybe forty forty five no more than anything that was just a few days ago talk about not being short time in short short the entire time is very shorter than how much time you need on a simple plan developing on the seven does anybody want on the twenty eight is enough to be saved by John five sixteen of him doesn't really matter when I'm Jesus as my Savior because all that matters is my salvation and eternity begins when exit Jesus addresses asleep well the passing of time in order for the process time is measured by events the space between events is called time so you think that's what stops the person dies and then stop the concept the person in the world stops for that person it does not go on now a few words and in the darkroom in a given night no windows no fossil reference point to the government of the night you start was constantly cussing except twenty minutes this hour 's sleep it might be a thousand years you would not know that his only reason music is also an issue in federal Angelina now know it can be two thousand years olsalazine is again gone again it must be a lesbian night because you're making it's an interesting thing when people die time stops when the wake-up time begins this will space between the moment of death and resurrection this time they've always got them all that there is randomly arranged again no in-between I like that philosophy therefore everyone is also reads only one I is called its name everyone receives the same length of time in the grave on one of them receives only one night my father had six boys for girls to die during the war of the two of us are gone also anyhow he was jealous children be ready Jesus is coming soon the signs of erectile questions comes with an boom he was going he died at fifty one years of age that XHTML is a resurrection are like that kind of enforcing my dad out and have fun with my dad the great study the resurrection is becoming about as I told him those Jesus is coming soon my him I successfully set the date to date him or you can run telling his survivalist I don't visit at his dad does not have any of them I like you realize you need no longer hold back the know the cost the auspices is the time in between the exciting and this is how it will be for all the people evil Nazi approach of another system about the only been the last sixty years its unwillingness to stop it's cool it's wet the mother to be out of the use of them even though it was two centimeters appointed his organization all I will finalize the wind no one is going to sleep for the whole of this coming being alive is going to be disappointed I live in Jesus comes the harness at all I is Jesus he was the all be there and that all of your life this way is good and evil on people Jesus said behold I come quickly knowledge when you listen to Jesus on unfaithful servants were not admitted for sass my North delay of his coming who said that the unfaithful servant what does Jesus say I have read that I have been a revelation twenty two I want to recommend the University as they and I believe those words Chapter twenty two verse seven versus four seven behold I come quickly the words of Jesus unread in my mouth I don't have underlined that easy to find breasts haven't behold I come quickly as insulting as it you have some cellular drag on in the main I think he means it was wrong and behold I come late again my reward is with me on the altar and the Omega the seventeenth and just burn the guys take calm that hand the USA and then burst twenty he was tested by these things is surely I come quickly Jesus as he's done correctly nonfrivolous arms as he is like him in which we are given on your attitude you know what determines our concept of attitude of the silliness is my love and my faith Jacob worked for Rachel seven long years and then his uncle taught him what it feels like to be cheated out of something that needed movies and even the wrong one in the morning he woke up I don't know how to come on by not having one he woke up and he said I'm going you are a fix is anything yes where my then again I'm no mention send them you got within one years it was a marvelous as always as she is always hard time find that I have for Rachel and I were lounging this and that is a dynamic one again while talking on his coming as soon they will be sending an SMS and yes they would have gotten out the plot is applied by the love and faith in Jesus this was good and keep it going another tumors in children and it goes something like this now and a monument to talk this way why are you in all concerns has led to his him years to use and called my parents out it was coming and then you know that's an cool of you is and when it is on the judge is always anybody waited years not ahead SMS nominated two thousand years how long is anybody when it is related lifetime items one benefit is on the lifetime young people mostly young from the church I'm not waiting for Jesus and the city and that is why not want to find a girlfriend get married first it argues is a want to be ready to get married first can you blame them all I had the privilege rush and they okay but want to get married astronomy guess what whenever they decide to and enabling another one and then they wanted to know after he and you know I discovered by the time all the charitable Romeos is already at one hundred of them out of the event five years I know in the union fifty and sixty while many people die so this'll nettle two thousand years is a myth of essay you know have to wait another five years before you discuss either theologian I was in this and this present many centenary words it may be another thousand years I like to ask blessedness how many users you have the latest on years and would he'll be here in the centimeters estimated values in all SMS nobody makes a solid years you mainly a lot of years and is pretty sure many of us warning made fifty years many of us won't even have twenty years five some of all human shares and some Muslim enough five years ago to run the gray hairs on the nowhere is young or old who were coming home from a soccer game in Germany my friends in the same activities as cool as we took off to you guys joining us again Egypt fell into digit integument Wednesday and even brings one hundred and fourteen agent determines in the world tomorrow is not promised to anyone only happens to me today and wants the great lesson a lot of us the great lesson is immediately ready today today not tomorrow but today have a commitment to Jesus well that doesn't hope they were talking about today ask of God 's people encouraged and strengthens all the ages Adam and Eve are looking forward to it they saw the first Sunday in the Messiah what a disappointment to me Abraham Noah all the patriarchs and prophets of ages have been encouraged I was in on the great Danes on the eastern sky there processes same thing they were looking forward to the sign in the sky and then back out the size of a man's hand yes someday there will be in the eastern sky it might be just an ordinary day for many people God 's people will be isolated places in the company pray and waiting in London was in the sign of the coming of the Son of Man is that it uses got anywhere processed granite and are becoming gross income and Brian and Jesus will finally get him will you know the one big breath and get that from him and was allowed a one hundred and because Jesus will make sure it's on his hands independently I see that sweet nonetheless I am mighty earthquake and the cemeteries were open out and by my best and finest of them as brothers and sisters children grandparents and the quasi- immortal glory and they will be reunited by the Angels and will be a tremendously over union and the most touching probably when the Angels will come and take the babies in and then find the minor and some are allergic over the years a lot of in his anguish of knowing Jesus the procession was not the Messiah Jesus will not pass the earth and as the savings all come together to meet Jesus what a reunion is going to be they are told it will be a moment of silence the angel must stop a song the trumpet of God every voice will be silenced and every item will be riveted upon the king in his glory the Lord Jesus Christ and the landlords and King of kings sitting on his golden throne and honest vendor and Norway just maybe is that I'm not going to get away the sin of the world that I have a tribe of Judah the mitochondria the Rose of Sharon February out of Avenue the bright and morning sun was setting our friend I rather have is the same struggle as it was upon his beautiful face and easy to themselves who is worthy him on this one from them alone just voice of Jesus righteousness I is present for this mascot is my grace is sufficient for you home and do nothing about father and how the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation a little while and the Angels site in the dancing again and the same as we shall already married I really am currently working in the land that was slain to receive the honor and glory and power singleness than three hundred and this is the moment have been waiting for them to be missed Jesus because of the theme in the clouds to make and run for cover and call for the Watson mounted from the views of a learning phase I ESA that's going to be to meet Jesus face to face for whom we have waited so long to go home with him the dimensions of the blast door service Christ arraigned within the meaning of nandrolone and then to tennis praise is to inform and world regarding the mystery of how a recent auto loan even so come not achieve a loving father in heaven to thank people the sacred Sabbath morning hours notably thank you for the word of God we thank you for the guidance automation with thankful Calvary was thankfully Jesus says and for the beautiful picture masculinist they soon return to help out attitude to be among the silliness because I'm on the faith and I'm loving the things soon coming Savior maybe I'll be there together when he comes in Jesus name amen


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