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GYC 2012 Final Charge

John Bradshaw


John Bradshaw

President of It Is Written



  • January 1, 2013
    10:30 AM
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to this message and CYC two thousand twelve hundred Seattle Washington and other resources and sent us online at www. URC where I want everyone you have given new meaning to the wood remnants unless you are the few the proud and the chosen it's good to see you this morning and I trust that you have been at least as blessed as I have been from your time at UIC this year this is actually my first experience with you I see on so grateful I have spent years encouraging church members and then other people to come to DY C and now I will always feel the speak from experience what I tell folks that this is where they ought to be a bad want to be blessed and encouraged and lifted up before God Wednesday I want to Sigma matured knowledge be leaders of RT Y C and thank them for turning on this wonderful event this venue where God 's Spirit can work in such a powerful way over the years the leaders of Gbytes the event a remarkable job of course we seek to up the pieces but I am giving thanks rightly thinks his view and I didn't do this when I had an opportunity earlier but I wanted to thank up Elder John Friedman president of the Washington conference obviously the support of the Western Conference is being important and greatly appreciated I know not all of you ran this morning about that the 5K this morning at don't think the gradual is unfit to be represented my wife and awesome job running five to him forth and him and to Brown who is I hope that you are praying for the revolution to continue in God 's church around us will do one of these selfish but I would like you to pray for me I have us six evangelistic meetings coming up over the next year with it is written and if we voice our Spanish-language ministry has at least as many in the United States and other places well I would like to take this opportunity to encourage you to participate in revelation today taking place in Charlotte North Carolina in October of this year Trinity broadcasting and webcasting role Pentecost and UBL would be but wherever you are so perhaps this is something you would judge wants that the dissipate in or you want to do at home or in your office in your place of work in your dormitory or something another opportunity to gather people together around the Bible and he charged them into the word of God and I would ask you to be praying for this event and and and and free thing that's taking place in the name of Jesus for the upbuilding of his kingdom and the proclamation of the three Angels messages for this price if you don't mind and will pray expecting God to bless us as we open the Bible today would spring a father now gone we come to you in the name of Jesus that out of songs seated in our hand no price we bring truly to the cross we clean heavenly father is this convocation comes to a conclusion we pray him you will unleash the power of your spirit again I am not gone off that you'd be here ruled that you come into this place as sure as the sun is shining in the sky we know that you are you we know that my prayer is that you would allow for us to be here take our minds take out 's young knight à la will with your will allow our faculties to be at the sole into your purposes and with these minutes piece such as withdrawal costs into your wood and into your hot with us now please for your glory we pray in Jesus name amen it was a cool December day in the year was seventeen hundred and seventy three a group of patriots known as the Sons of liberty boarded three ships in Boston harbor and went to work unloading three hundred and forty two Christ's of the contents but Craig said being delivered by the East India tea Company and they contain some of India's finest dilemma to put it that way T this was no small matter that children have tea parties today we think that is cute the government of Great Britain did not think this was cute Britain responded decisively him him to resolve racial authority in Massachusetts Britain costly series of wolves that they believed essentially would reform dominance reform Government in the colonies the post several acts in the British Parliament five of them became known as the intolerable act for robbing really related directly to what was taking place in Massachusetts the fifth one was the Québec act for the patriots didn't like that either the Québec with the Québec act in large the province of Québec and all the way down to the Ohio River colonies didn't like that either but the floor exit really stuck in the cruel with these one was the Boston Port act in retaliation against what the patriots adumbrated Boston hobble was closed until the East India tea Company had been repaved with even been lost the patriots and like that much but Massachusetts government act brought the colony of Massachusetts directly under the control of Great Britain just like that and so the colonists and the other colonies out of fear that their autonomy would be taken when not that you could really call the autonomy they fear that Britain would act similarly against them freedom was the severe the administration of Justice act meant that loyal subjects in in in the colonies could should Britain choose being tried for crimes laid against them in Britain Robin here in the United States what was not the United States yet George Washington called this the motor act these and what this will accomplish the British can do anything at all arrest us anyway they like and don't get away with it this is intolerable he said the intolerable as they were wonderful one was the quartering act this wasn't in a elaboration upon an enlargement almanac that was already in existence placing the blood in the other onerous burden off house him caring for British soldiers on the colonies colonies didn't like that in a second on taxation without representation why should we put up with this the Royals they are treating us with school indignity British Prime Minister Lord North misjudged the cinnamon of these companies the Americans by now had little regard for any rules of the British cost delivery God made already begun organizing for war was in seventeen seventy five at the shop was five that has been described since then as the shot around the world and beyond of the American revolution developed into the Revolutionary war I'll write a decree was issued it it declared that the that the colonists were traces the colonists said bring it on because there's no going back on July the fourth seventeen hundred and seventy six the united states of America will form the law school on new nation new liberties new opportunities EA fairly new responsibilities as well and all came out on a new revolution of revolution it goes when the parties involved decide that they will no longer tolerate the status quote there has to be changed of a decisive soul people saying we will no longer go along with existing conditions there has to be a change people say this is it we ought to a number note new leaf and there will be no going back you can think about some of the world gray revolutionaries the founding fathers he rose to affect but they step when the moment came and they acted decisively him so well and has never been the same sentence he rose such as Martin Luther he arose such as Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. he rose such as Don B I'm not praising his theology but you know Gandhi was a revolutionary change and it was needed J not all revolutionaries are created equal some are remembered as being infamous Maldon segments shade of our revolutionary died in Bolivia the heads of the CIA I believe that in the eleven no not a hero of mine but a revolutionary call mocks the subscribe to this point of view but a revolutionary nevertheless now sits on I don't want a revolution like that taking place on our soil but nevertheless Chairman Mao was a revolutionary people brought change people 's actions the line up with the dictionary definition of a revolution if you look in the dictionary you will discover that a revolution is listen listen because this becomes very important to us on a personal basis a revolution is that I read for you and overthrow all repudiation and the thyroid replacement of an established government or political system by the people think now brings because this has direct implications and consequences for you and me a repudiation all and all the throw off the system governing you that's the definition of revolution another definition is a sudden complete all my change in something you know where I'm going to do a sudden complete all my change in something the fuss revolutionary we read about in the both surprising revolutionary in the McGinnis elusive of unlike VRAM Satan today the Bible to uphold them a deceiver live in the father on these the accuser of the brethren but he was a revolutionary they are in heaven always perfect and always loved that was a pleasant system that was a puppet government but this revolutionary rose up against it he said we will not have a government that brings glory to God but we will have a government instead that brings glory to the creature not to create a new simplicity you know it for it is written in Isaiah fourteen the most well I will be like the most high I cannot stand the status quote there must be a change change will begin with me most of the first recorded revolutionary in the Bible you could argue with that and I hope you will because there was another revolutionary that we will talk about to the label is a book of revolutions as we've seen over the last few days antiwhite see the book of acts is where we find evidence of something truly revolutionary none of us the greatest revolutionary they were able what was Jesus and truthfully you could say that Jesus was the original revolutionary because long ago when the counsel of peace Jesus said if somebody calls if the world goes to hell I will go Jesus was the Lamb slain from before the foundation of the world he said in case that the revolution down there let me make a decision right here we will have provided for their salvation I will get them out of jail free I'll tell up I need to Jesus stood up and said here when I same week the father civil rights should that happen you will go Jesus came to a world darkened by sin and he offered salvation he came to a planet mired in tradition and he broke truth him what his spot in the universe where there was a failure in any often victory when they want to mediocrity or even what Jesus would access instead of wickedness Jesus came and he held out the hope of righteousness and for that Jesus offered life Jesus laws of all and is in a revolutionary but there's something interesting about that revolution that was conceived in heaven and then ready to be seen on the Caesars stop the revolution by content in heaven long ago alumni some revolution to a world that was dead in trespasses and sins when it came to form as a baby in Bethlehem and then we noticed that it would ultimately died on an old rugged cross but Jesus when he left this and ascended to heaven left the revolution in the hands of some interesting characters it was a misfit judge you think you see things in your judge that you don't like we had some grumble was in the church today it's true there's plenty to grumble about your religion is something like that but if the ground was what attempt to be part of the solution Robin just amplify the problem this would be not a different shot should but a different world ladies and gentlemen a different world once a numerous pictures that they just days before Jesus went to heaven the Bible says is very at the direct quote for supreme and later in match Jesus being dragged off to that kangaroo court and thinking well on the begin soon and the future of the children rests upon some yellow bellies though in my moment of need me and slid what you have taken that risk no you would not to Jesus in a circle was so corrupt that their method of solving interpersonal conflicts was to appeal to deity to send the fire from heaven to put up the people who disagreed with them and imagine that you got problems assembling a dormitory during college and you go to the Dean and Saban have a solution let's pray that God sends five down from heaven loans are up until Jesus was dealing with Judas had a devil Jesus didn't lead the future the judge within but you know that like eleven in so Judas 's influence eleven the disciples understand that Thomas doubting Thomas Philip week in faith great revolutionary had left the and he wants tossing the torch on to objects what could possibly come on this revolution open your Bible with me please sorry to take so long getting it Luke Jeff the twenty fourth Luke chapter twenty four and will pick up in both forty nine Jesus is a not sure now how this is an easy dealing with as little group of failures and he says this to them Luke twenty four forty nine and the home ice in the promise of my father upon you but tarry in the city of Jerusalem until you being viewed with power from on high Jesus looked at them and he realized that it was salient they were frail they had mold and foibles this was a broken bunch PETA denied him like he did I mean Jesus is looking at this group anything you are not done a get it done on your own but was never God 's intention that it should get it done on itself Jesus had made provision for nefarious and so that they can be raging successes in prosecuting the gospel commission and he said that in a way until you be endued with power from on high and then goes fifty three says they responded positively they were continually in the temple praising and blessing God and they look like a man and we all want to say a neighbor that Jesus left behind and when we were founded in the Temple what were they doing worshiping praising praying that while waiting they were pricing close to the hot dog we know you've got something big we got here and we already what happened as a result the book of acts happened as a result for some reason the book of acts is called the acts of the apostles it should really be called the act of the Holy Spirit because when you look at the book of acts the disciples did nothing other provide themselves as vessels through which the Holy Spirit work God was going to get a welcome the disciples would be tools in the hands of Almighty God we read about this him and when I read about this think and act the book will be after the apostles the book of the Bible will is what I discovered I called viewpoints together is what the disciples knew when Pentecost the place is what the disciples knew when a person close to the heart of God is what they need they knew that they had a representative in heaven and advocate of the throne of God you know that today in solemn all day out in prayer repeating the assurance whatsoever ye shall ask of God and on my name he will give it to you they believed what God had said revolutionary as the disciples waited for the fulfillment of the promise they fumbled their hearts and true repentance and confessed their unbelief but they were comforted by the thought that they were forgiven and they determined that so far as possible they would atone for their unbelief by greatly confessing and before the world but we stopped there and editorialized as the unfortunately there are some people struggle with the idea that they are forgiven God really forgive me up what I have done does God really have a place for me in his work when you stop and consider how simple I have been an act where I am now could thought you somebody like me I want to tell you something it's time to take your eyes off yourself and put your eyes are locked on a mediator in heaven sanctuary when you look at you the odds will always be defeated when you look at Jesus the author will always be victory can God use you yes you can send for you yes again let's not talk any law about the sinfulness that's our self problem we like to find issues with self by saying well you know I really want a hamburger but I do pray and I just won't run on by McDonald's and I got victory over self all right that's that's that's that qualifies but in the big Regina jail is this another victory in itself you're given us the victory of the self-doubt that you have a self-condemnation selfishness name that's all it is that self-centeredness look beyond your self and look to Jesus in heaven 's sanctuary and say this though I might be broken though I failed the light be my hope is in Christ Whitehall is in heaven I had a mediator at the right hand of God in the most holy place of the heavenly sanctuary Jesus the Bible tells you the book of Hebrews the way to heaven for us please thought you not against you the disciples believe that they look to did admit that the leukemia failures and they should wait it's not about how felt failures it's about Jesus and his great victory what are three the disciples prayed with intense earnestness with intense status Mister of fitness to nickname and in the daily integrals to speak words that would lead to Mister Christ this is what they pray for God to putting away all differences all disciple the supremacy they can close together in Christian fellowship three if you just sent back a few pages before the St. Cloud with Mike about who would be the greatest now that was gone these days of preparation with days of detox it the disciples felt this virtual knees and cry to the Lord for the holy unction that was to take them for the work of soul saving bits out one that we don't pray and believe for the Holy Spirit to fill us every day and every night maybe you do but if you don't you missing out on something this is what the disciples prayed for they did not offer a blessing for themselves merely they were wasted with the burden of salvation of souls they realize that the gospel was to be carried to the world and they claimed the power that Christ had problems in obedience to the word of the Savior the disciples offer this applications for this gift Jesus did prefer the gift and so they did and in heaven I love this in heaven Christ added his indecision isn't that something you're on your knees praying in Jesus then adding his praise your Geodon yet appealing to God to do some great think and Jesus as they haven't adding his intercession deal pleadings all praise the Lord for such a great Savior he claimed the gift of the Spirit do not allow this Jesus claimed the gift of the Holy Spirit so that he might forward upon his people what was about to take place Jesus said this will be a revolution descent of the disciples you are going to lead the way yes you are but in all of the unit the successful revolutionaries there's something about a name they didn't have to get together and plot and strategize as to without going to get weapons they knew the weapon would come from above made it need to go off to a training camp in the middle of the desert and an practice guerrilla warfare they knew that the water they were involved in the be carried out under the function under the aegis of the great Holy Spirit of Almighty God they knew that Jesus pledged to provide the Holy Spirit so that the revolution could go for the likes I threw the stop the entire book of acts is the story of how the revolution was pressed for Pentecost Spirit of God was called out to preach the powerful seven the people look for and a half men and brethren what shall we do in three thousand baptized the day and the next chapter John went to pray they met a lame man on the way to ask them forget the basics silver and gold have I none such as I have Dubai be in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth do I tell me know right up when walking human walking and leaping and praising God Peter preached with Powell the spirit convicted thoughts thousands believe a great company of the priests were begins to the faith the spirit of God when father and lozenges the actions of the apostles but the spirit of God went down and dealt the motives of the apostles Peter went on a rooftop array of the cavity plate is gone once you print the microtubule and onto the July pedal it up in a prey and as he was up on the rooftop wasn't looking at the gate someone to come to call and down that Cornelius 's house Peter Ritchie division a break she admits that the full cost filled up on unclean creatures descending to the God said rise Peter Gill and eaten Pete is not unloading that that's unclean gone eventually got through the year and told him that what he was front to communicate with them was that now even though his theology was right his heart was wrong get over there the Gentiles meant don't be a racist that was the message and accepting the enough of your racism you got the message and yielded anyway he said I write I perceive that God is no respect of persons that was a revolution taking place in the heart of the then there was a prophet activist Bill Phillips for gold as he prophesied Philip went out in the wilderness why because he withdrew led by the Holy Spirit to meet with the Ethiopian and when he was on the spirit of God called him away to come to another place this was what happened about power of the Holy Spirit of God at Antioch there was certain prophets and teachers as Barnabas and Cimino that was goldeneye him us useless Irena Monday being brought up with care the jet dropped and soul aren't you glad for that because when they fostered and Friday and and and appealed to God the Holy Spirit spoke out and said separate up to me Barnabas and Saul and the spirit of God said to him on their way it says those very words in the Bible friend of this will be a revolution the Revolution will take place when we and the Holy Spirit are connected that's what it will take place all is he got to empower the revolutionaries over there in the Middle East there are revolutionaries and their terrorist states inviting his phone at what he had supplied him with armament took just to provide the power to push the revolution forward spirit of God is easy to provide the power to push the revolution phone that was little failure in the book of acts when the apostles the disciples attached himself to the Holy Spirit of God that was transformation within and without that was how I remember without the Catholic teenager about fourteen years old I started to kick around without a Baptist youth group some kids in my high school you know when we did on a whiskey south and integrated living room down with the two rivers come together the Althouse and these these youth group leaders would come in own week I do know what we would do it remember too well I remember one thing they did that they be singing and someone would pray that the games and games of a lot of games but it does just what was but then there was a little stool looms about this file was made out of wood and a few unlucky maybe if you got the question wrong when you came aloft the middle competition it was your sentence they don't sit on the stool that was just an inconspicuous looking wooden stool that's all it will him when you thought there was nobody told you found out the somewhere that it was a switch and when the youth group leader flip the switch suddenly suddenly you've got moving there was electricity connected to the stove and when the switch was flipped you didn't see the electricity but you should've felt the electricity and then electricity got out of his seat well it got into the sequencing on me and through the individual and you got movement you couldn't help but will you didn't have to do anything but sit down and wait for the power to arrive and when the power arrived you could not remain the same people try but it could not be done for and if you would just sit there and allow God to do what God wants to do you can not be the same you might not see it happen but you'll see its effect you'll see its results when the Spirit of God gets a hold of you there will be a lot real power will be a revolution when God sends us of the person of the Holy Spirit there is no way and God 's revolutionaries simply let the Holy Spirit heavyweight batsman is a powerful revolution Holy Spirit said that the remember though to Cornelius 's house was defeated he just went he didn't have to go keep in mind Peter didn't have to go to you could easily as it are not me you have the wrong guy of the Gentiles over there and I hate them because they're a different race than I been right to hate them and to take them in the end that we use this purchase to justify hitting it off I will not go and if I go my credibility with the judge for the phone but Peter didn't say that God said go before him at sixty oh six when a bomb threat Phrygia and the region of Galicia they will form you can buy the holy ghost to preach the word in Asia often they would come to my cf. they assayed to go to Bithynia but the spirit and not allow them now I simply could visit we had this this this this morning feeling we believe God doesn't want us to go with it going to go anyway you know what that's like last night undoubtedly summing all that the call of the wild New Year's Eve come on now don't tell me you cannot sit around and a little hotel room about Anna some prayer room although the flesh began to call sink in place and agent somewhere new you perhaps edited this is the way walking in and you know how it can be when temptation comes on calls us to you these guys were told to go there I didn't know they could have but they didn't go a vision a beautiful woman like this to the man of Macedonia and pregnancy come over to Macedonia and help us that's where pulled went to see full might of had his own agenda but he didn't he simply made himself available to the agenda of the Holy Spirit and when you get back there was no obstruction the work of God the work of God went for now because the disciples we said let's do your thing not everybody was called by God indeed what brought us to go to Jonah Jonah went in the opposite direction you know what Peter did all I know in no way conviction was selling the Davida confessed Jesus but beautiful at all I is I guess the conviction of the Holy Spirit sold since there are plenty of examples in the Bible of people who knew better they attempted to prophesy against God 's people because of God God 's people knowing that I thought you had to talk to bail them to get them straightened out I hope that you are getting a picture of what fueled the revolution not certainly the Holy Spirit the Spirit of God was the power really was the fuel that's true but the disciples yielding their will to God enabled the revolution to go forward Fred when you leave the something 's going to happen you are going to be confronted with a decision is life going to be business as usual bowl will ball Holy Spirit have control of your life God is go to speak to you and call you when you have been confronted with a decision and the decision isn't to do the decision is due you will I let God have his way in my life fascinating what God will do I remember being a student literature evangelist felt canvassing in Sinhala 's in the South and I had a good day I was driving back home and as I as I drove last a couple of homes on the side I can still see it like it was yesterday was an elderly couple sitting on a porch and over he was a mom and a dad and two kids playing in the front yard playing with a bowl of a drug positive and came to the T flipped on the indicator was turning left and got to go back and I said no need for that I've had a good direct on driving God did not give up got to go back and you know if you see two families elderly and young human to go to the authentic is that why at least by the kids will connect at ladies you don't want to cook surely him a message book and I want to raise their kids in the theater that reasonable note on not going back if I was a bad thought I would go back to the young people but I'm not going back on driving down the road let's try to pontificate John and the elderly couple I didn't hear a voice of cause I didn't hear a voice that was a strong and overwhelming impression I pulled into a driveway I stopped in the driveway I said out loud loan I think I'm fooling myself you but just in case this is you all go back and see what happens I went back to the driveway be elderly couple my back of my shoulder got out of the car walked up a little rise leading to forced and unnatural the woman I don't remember which once it what's that you've got for us today I started canvassing on handing books out into the lady the lady was the decision-maker the husband was a nuisance Jesus was asking questions and then I pulled out three full books as if you look through these like Tokyo life Kent was the wife of April one oh two of everything I had I went on my way praising the Lord that truth had been left behind in the so that will blanket so that what they would like kids I felt a lot of things in my time in the children that Levine books for the kids looks like grandchildren think for themselves I think all when I just listened to you you'll do something right you might think this was a small illustration for you maybe because God tells you to go and raise that people were back in the was donated on sailboats deluding people and what I did as a young Brooks L eight and the money is being handled and thanking God Mall souls than for the money I think this is huge while you are doing God is going to something great going to listen to the voice of God that sold one wants us to do also when we herein anything you do him a message of the gospel is the message of healing to our God who wants to do something writing a life you are slipping you want capable of greatness is capable of greatness you don't want to tell me that I'm too weak because I'd read in the Bible that God is my strength is made back in the God is looking for the week and begin to God 's throne and say what I believe I'm weak parts is all right now you got permanent it was ability this note was it was lost he wasn't lost in Paris we held evangelistic series in Paris if you want people to pray for you to hold the meeting in Africa you want people just in the youth to hold a meeting in Paris and Paris having a large baptism hundreds of people being baptized praise the Lord and the baptism this is just taking place I don't have a role in that I'm standing back and join what's going on and they run to mean that grab me and they say to me that's the we need your help with something suitable for executive media I said how can I hope you are just as it is an ideal does not want to do but that management will we want me to do a winter development change your mind now that's what I do I change the Levine God complexes lady a moment just bring me do about with my magic blizzard sister what's the problem she's looking through translations that I don't get baptized I know that why not she's in ICU ZyXEL fail I said you will should listen you just demonstrated to me that you are ready to be baptized him I said if you are confident that you will get out of the water and then walk on what you want me you recognize that your week Microsoft is streaming down her face I see that I will fall nicely do not have to worry about that you give your life to Jesus he will live his life when you ensure you will you know I went we have an advocate with the father Jesus Christ the righteous system set up and don't get baptized God will take care of you when you get out of the water she recognized the witness we must recognize that weakness because once you think your templates will implement you don't even need the Holy Spirit animal when you awake that God can make you strong God says he'll let you yield the Holy Spirit will do what the Holy Spirit will do and of the Holy Spirit calls you to go and sleep off the wall and not a fellowship hall of the check you sleep better also Jesus and the Baptist original judge will the level but they plotting a judgment noticing all I'm so impressed what kind of people have such a form of worship within the floor like that than of God calls you to breach the stadium full of people and Soviet God calls you to be a missionary in Mongolia the blog called you to be a missionary in Manhattan don't and that if God calls you to do missionary at school or at home that's what you wanted me daunting goal is to be to handle the table to handle the equal of all of us to take part in the great work that he's doing let God use you use it's all right when God uses you all great the Holy Spirit wants to Holy Spirit cannot cannot can't cannot put anything in your head him will close the Paul wrote Romans in Romans six and sixteen he said this he said no you not but to whom you yield yourselves servants to obey his Simmons you want to you about what our sin indeed under the more obedience on the righteousness posted one seven if someone give a seminar on either a similar of obedience and you get the shoes of the seminar is and that's with me on a bit late getting this look with me and in fact chapter nine showing a revolution here the flaw that was a revolution it was a revolutionary analog loophole to be a revolutionary they had to be a revolution that took place in his life the Holy Spirit inspired and moved and executed revolution want you to notice what it says and this one and soul gift breathing out threatening moves and single against the disciples of the Lord how about that Windows was aggressive breathing out threatenings and slaughter went to the high priest is a gimme some letters I go to the synagogues in Damascus author 's interest in on his way God confronted Saul why you persecuting me any ounce by saying Lord you he trembled in the presence of God as he might but Eos a question he said in those six one do you want me to do God told arise and go into the city and it we told you that what you have been in other words what you wanted to I'm not telling you but if you notice any you'll find out she came into now profitable you no and I'm not interested this was God single soul on disability salt when you exercise faith saw when you learn faith right away your cruising in a graduation is an automotive conflict that make yourself available to not even a million things you do happen one thing that you shall yet write about the arts in their soul was breathing ups what was it for things and silver out of the city doubts of you there gets down to the city before he got there the Lord spoke Ananias and he said knowledge economy and rendezvous with somebody Ananias was petrified lording facility are good by many of his men this man has a reputation how much evil he has done to your saints at Jerusalem God said you go it's going to be okay I have called Ananias went for seventeen golden brown assault just that phrase alone knocks me out the scales fell from his eyes and what you read Saul was strengthened he hung out in Damascus for a while and way he preached Christ in the synagogues that Christ was the son of God and the people were and made us do not this he destroyed them which called on this name in Jerusalem they were amazed we know what is like this brother has changed I want to challenge you young person whatever age you are maybe young people ages at UNC does from here and amazed somebody not by going back to the church and topping up and about how they'll be enthusiastic like you know you can do that to not like going back to the check at end and him but your lifestyle own performance that led to but on East people by letting them look at you and say wait a minute this is the man who used to be like this button look at it now this is the young woman who used to act a certain way but look at that now some things going on that is revolutionary friend of mine got invited the church so we went when he was a judge the preacher challenged over the husband go home and don't complain about anything you like with two weeks pseudo- friend of his wife on the seven minutes are cranks that's unreasonable even I'm even complain about anything for two weeks why fully gone mad by the end of two weeks she said Otto what they did you would a judge on come along this week to find out then now parents in Israel about family that are administered the revolution began in the yielding to the power of God the revolution was seen Saul was revolutionary because a revolution began in his life friend when you go home from CYC be the revolution you want to see VA revolution if you cannot stop one the one that's revolution enough let the revolution begin if you you get confused that you your bonus boosted notably have you chosen to serve the will all of you high another but you have praise the Lord can't guarantee a bunch you have and it would be a tragedy there got home from the same as when you arrive tragic with our flashlights will ever house some of them with we really need to change the batteries because if it was some sort power outage I know what happened run to the flashlight at first about it being a pallet and I would be sank how silly of me I have the flashlight and I know where the power is but I neglected to put the two together it could be a matter of life and death why would we not healed to the power and let the revolution begin and costs why would we not as powerfully as God works in events like these I don't want you to think that G Y C is the revolution its revolutionary but a revolution doesn't take place within four walls over four days to make but you've got to take the revolution back to where you came from your home don't judge your workplace school wherever you want a revolution is not about from here and become a reality out at one of those definitions of revolution we discussed earlier out of the dictionary and overthrow repudiation and the far replacement of an established government or political system by the people God before you come to Jesus you're being governed by the enemy of souls there must be a revolution of frogs that form of government off its it's it's it's a it's a tyrannical form him a sudden and complete all my change in something if Jesus isn't the rule of your life you are governed by self less just say this like it's the devil leaving you around by the by the nose moving there be a revolution in your life where self will is swallowed up in Christ will that's a revolution a sudden complete will mock change in something that's conversion isn't it that's when a child of the enemy becomes a child of God that's when the Holy Spirit took cowardly Peter which had changed with the bolt to use it we will obey God rather than men you will be a lot of fire in your church until God is lit a fire in you you can't go anybody out of Babylon at the thought is taken that one out you can talk about the Mark of the beast until you're blue in the face but at this if you are at least all of your woods onto the mean much in the final analysis things we got a message to share I thank God for the message God has given us to give in his church I thank God I know there are times that it feels like you get blown this way and that I know that I know that that doesn't mean that Jesus is not image the disciples were in the boat back to what couple of segments we perish Jesus was right in a footnote appears Jesus is with us in this judge is easy to get the goods of Adventism of the other side Helen Saul made landfall it had multi- hit the gravel the little chunk of the book in that select select by the time with the other side Soviet but hang on to Jesus hang onto the great truth these committed to this judge had gone we've got a message to share and we got a message of the land him and talk about revolution and that's good dog once you have be a revolution if you already having enough experience with your eating the right amount of almonds and drinking a glass of water a day and spending time in prayer God bless you but if you now 's the time to enlist in the revolution a revolution like no other way God works to turn you inside out and put you right side up I've known scoundrels being used by God in a mighty way I spoke to a fellow who used to be that principle about of an Academy in New Mexico all many years ago he told me about some of the things that the Academy students were doing then the boys and don't you think is bad today it was at this he told me some of these guys a conference presidents now I said to be one tell me I baptize a witch doctor earlier this year that one anything I done I just I just did the baptism visiting the people who work with him and he led them to Jesus you wait and see God will use a witch doctor for his glory I admit someone here in our house this individual did you watch the dealing of pasta so-and-so has these great ideas but the last conversation I had with pasta salad so was when he said to me John I like to fight I like to go out to advise and get drunk and find the biggest guy and taken outside and beat them up he gets lots of decisions the baptism these days I wonder that's the last session I had with him now he is a soul winner winning souls left and right inspiring young people inspiring older people and the last time I spoke with him face-to-face he said I want to go out and find someone right now not exhibit this is the guy that's going to cause a revolution well that's all Dana had if God can get hold of act and revolutionize a corner of the world and know you have no excuse on a form again was the Sabbath school and drunks for drunks boosted on Jewish boards inform alive delete Pathfinders and former drug use is the Bible work is now doing great work for God because the revolution started how did they say to himself and I fixed myself no they didn't they said I need Jesus to do with me what I can't do myself and when she will Jesus do it what is the only door for somebody else he doesn't begin the Bible says in Philippians doing those that think it is God who works in you both to will and to do for his good pleasure it is God 's good pleasure to straighten you out with you up and use you and some great way for his glory that's what God will do all had it figured out but Christ lives in me he wrote to the Colossians he told them the mystery of the gospel was Christ in you the hope of glory that Arvind once breaking my own playing rugby and they took me to do that to the emergency room and and they needed to anesthetize my arm and had mom back then that the doctor put a needle somewhere you myopic and as he started injecting anesthetic it felt like I should I never felt that before old mile and instead I said wow the body is an amazing think through your body just like that him Holy Spirit and Christ in you the hope of glory it's going to be a family on the lower right of learning in your heartstrings you know I fairly young revolution opinions and you and it has to flow out it has the flow no issue with you a secret that shouldn't be a secret validity a secret I read this in the book the desired pages if you haven't read it lately read simulated through the great controversy this time around go back to the desire they just listen to this listen to this and be blown away if this doesn't blow you away check for a pulse is amazing listen to this on Anita redevelopment a reason case I forget and screwed up page six hundred and sixty eight if we consent was at work if we do what has to be another word that means what you got it allow like that if we can send so we can we can send we do okay okay is a consenting okay seventy five dollars okay that's consenting right all right if we can send he will so identify himself without Bolton paints so blamed our hearts and minds into conformity to his will okay I'm going to fuss this week instead he will so identify himself about alternate he will celebrate in our hearts and minds into conformity to his will that when obeying him and obviously it's these shall be carrying out impulses but well defined and sanctified will find its highest Eli in cheering for the Seattle Seahawks most somehow that's not the highest delight him find if I still like doing is a win we know God as it is our privilege to know him and now lives will be allies of continual obedience through an appreciation of the character of Christ through communion within sin will become hateful to you that's what God will do if you let if you can send friend who let the revolution begin you don't need to be spiritually destitute man died the other day in Wyoming homeless man froze to death under a bridge hypothermia unless Paula had nothing been realized that if I had died and left in nineteen million dollars to guide a rich man the richest man living under a bridge in the United States than I wanted today if you want to be always with Jesus if you can yield vessel exhaust you do is you you stand up with me would you stand up please is on watching the clock don't freak out I'll take care that listens I wonder I wonder if you can make a decision CEO to Jesus today I'm not asking to do anything in but you promised on anything God doesn't want you to promise anything he wants you to believe his promises to you will wonder if you can do that today Lord it's time for me to you and give you my life can you do that I a lot of time to build this thing up on anything Kitty iPhone skins it's the energy wisely listen if you've yielded to Jesus hi I'm awesome that just they way I been praying that it's decision time for you I must get you moving make a decision comedown you joy what we don't have much time can you yield to Jesus today is a type you say Lord he is my heart here it is that's it on your line your specs it will do badly with dinner and imaging and bring it to Jesus today that you thought was to keep coming a you don't like on a promise that don't tell but I got to go from here and you change listen loss to Connecticut from you with an attitude like that and all other but if you can save on the go from here I just need to talk up the band uniform knowledge of everything to you under one of the molecular if you are okay just identifying out of it's time for you to make this decision a decision you may never be the night before you got it I know what you think on it to be a revolution in my life I don't know what that means the United Nations mission service I do not think it doesn't take them into getting a GED maybe that's what I do not look at you to come in come from the back we got time for the scum got to come up right today this is the last call with you I said I is not a cold due to the cold and the cold silhouettes on to what God wants to do a when did you last get on your knees in sick on here I had to do in my life what you want to do is I am gone I'm sick of fighting St. Paul was almost what I want to talk to you to kick against the pricks I'm juggling your conscience I can speak to be writing me off talking me out of judging of all so I don't do that just year because I've got a plan for your life what's God 's plan for your life you might not even know not even sure God had a plan for your life or thank you kindly God is calling to you to allow her to work a revolution in your life by the way for somebody new you should and I know it will read about it on the website will go with you is not to get a certificate for coming on the Internet you may end up with a crown of gold that you will act upon the decision instead of setting up missing a good idea act because when you go home tonight in a safe you know what I acted upon a decision for Jesus this wasn't a mind trip I was on I accurately went the way to labor their others coming you must be other still have you made the decision to just heal all year I have hereby had gone with you no account people back in eighteen forty look at this world by movement taken the everlasting Gospel to every nation in the and thought once you to take the gospel to somebody on once you get me the gospel and somewhat exotic understand what I mean the good news the revelation of the character of Jesus if you've been trying and failing a you need to come down here right now and right now because one two five five would like to think on the supposed unity for me right now to save you no more trying and now you been a yielding a minute let me be his success in your life that you need to let me bring the victory to you that you want that's what God wants to do it is good on who works in you both to will and him thought I can see why see last year lobbying the judge twice since all some of her unit of the UIC Saints sign your to go to church twice next year and next year you want them to see what he does you feel like a hypocrite and you wonder the judge only are often and what's that no instead disable him him him him in a very good go of this I need you to do what you can do I need you to looking me both to will and to do for your good pleasure if you don't need to come staying when you are entering but you need to come all for the don't just stay where you are come to Christ and I don't know you made a decision of knowing you made a decision for him to play a moment announcing that it will look with much the same get back would like to have a word with you in fact you to follow someone this way but I don't just disappear don't you just disappear back into the craft to help anybody not help you listen free bonus you tightly to be a revolution a select baby to consent to say God unless you do something I'm been a crushing boom lady all over again I'm not asking you to come here today and promise God any sort of anything in to come to God and disabled without you like and do nothing but I believe as the disciples believe that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me to say a prayer I would invite you still deduct you say that if you hear hedges just come dislike just a little bitter because I don't I don't want people to be coming up I'll see could be right than he with us him among friends to its New Year's Day and if you will allow blogs with looking and this will be the right to say of your life and in the coolest boss on to bring into your life how of the Holy Spirit there can not fail of being a revolution when disregard gets hold of you cannot fall off the loss of data now two days from now come on now I'm not asking be presumptuous and take all 's slack and swapping but you read the Bible God is not due to the code just because you begin a even in the distorted problems on their own time the Bible God Randy ran toward the center of any signed the death warrant Jesus God what happened in the God of the word not the canal but to bring in the missing friends you understand that God is love you love you with a passion her rules you think you want God work in your life he's just waiting to write the father and of God what you have done in the lives of biblical revolutionaries is remarkable it turned around soul you name all a he turned around the next mailing child of God a turnaround in Sons of thunder one of them in his old age wrote the book of Revelation it turned around callously Peter becomes bold as a lion I will very soon their world upside down because they allowed you to live in them so here we are what a great group we got doctors and lawyers here inspectors and scientists you got some preaches and teaches you I see experts here about people getting along in their field powerfully mold we are all in need of Jesus we are all equal at the foot of the cross we all need you so we healed now Mel wanted more can we even you take out hots for we cannot give them they are your property and keep them few of because we cannot keep him out for you save us in spite of ourselves else week on Christlike cells mold us session us raise us into a pure and holy atmosphere the rich currant of your love can flow through our souls we here if you could see a multitude with five loaves and two fish you can do something with us if you could change one tell why you can change jobs if you could make an iron ax head can then you can take our eye and a half 's and make Nintendo with the love of Jesus yours he we go there to what you want to do lists in the revolution him and we pray in Jesus name please say with me amen amen and amen maria was reported as you are a delight supporting them it seems by I put numbers on Iran and Christ centered Christian downloader does other resources visit us online at UNC when a a root and I


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