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Six Risks in the Plan of Salvation

Herbert Douglass


During his 60 year ministry, Dr. Herbert Douglass has served as a college theology professor, Atlantic Union College president, vice-president of a publishing house, president of Weimar Institute, vice-president for philanthropy at Adventist Heritage Ministry, and most recently, as consultant for Amazing Facts Ministry.  Author of many books and articles, Dr. Douglass earned his doctorate in 1964 at the Pacific School of Religion, Berkeley, California.



  • October 6, 2006
    7:00 PM
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him him him him him that is what little is good him people normally were particularly notable is that where a woman going on anyway this weekend and last week and especially this young well his wife and he already residential is the work of Sacramento happens every time and he said that she could you tell them the best of Adventism and is no generic Christianity that I thought those were device so what I'm going to do tonight is a good overview of what I think is the most important thinking pattern that evidence can get into and the deeper you go the sweeter debts and after about ten thousand years we'll still be learning more about what the title this is just an overview I'm still in kindergarten for the other happy along the land that we live in how the other side anything I say tonight will be just simple questions if you ask our and ask for enough the good Lord to go even deeper as I'm talking about a subject tonight that makes all the difference in the world as to why add minutes think differently we do theology differently but the mother or more specifically developers your something before my wife tell somebody but I've never been in this situation before ever this morning I got up went out for my wife my daughter swimming pool and set down to work over my notes for this weekend and I open my only son the survival of the ones of their I lifted up in Sacramento and they went through all the normal helpers you know how to get my book down here before the more morning is no eleven living off some simple words and Proverbs three five rest in the Lord with all your heart and reliant upon your own understanding misunderstandings whatever you messed up just keep relying upon him Mister working pretty good for years for lesson well but see how it goes tomorrow specially because we all can talk about so many interesting subjects really good this newbie but I think satisfied with a lot of subjects we can talk about but is only one subject that separates Adventism from all other Christian groups and that is the great controversy no other church or philosophy has a grasp even of what I'm talking about when I say the great controversy same note about the fifth book in the conflicts known about the fact that good and evil is this is going at each other you know ever since beginning no none I want to be against the evil manager consumer advocates look at altogether differently that's what we must do theology differently I will talk about that tomorrow more specifically and I I I don't of creative questions and answers my questions in your answers because a silly way were going to stay together until we quit and want to know and as they go tonight on the grant time tonight to answer questions which were often known please have them ready because that's when here unless I wanted anybody with a doubt as to what I meant that's what all preachers and teachers do in your lungs so fascinated don't quite say what you ought to say or want to say and so you need some question somewhere before I don't did you make in any headway I want people to know the police were trying to say so let's get going and when I say six risks in the plan of salvation these are not exactly risks on the part of God but from the human standpoint of May were colossal risks that humanly we can think anyhow everyone means we have to look upon God the world to get yourself into this gem why did you put up with a giggle at all in advance why did you put up with this well humanly speaking that's the question we ought to ask his ready is anxious because the whole point of her controversy to get people asking why he did what he did not to be caught up in the sweetest things reason as to why God did what he did in the issue the great controversy is God doing his best to settle the questions that Satan has allows throughout the universe everyone is wrong as had questions about God sometimes life will for instance this tragedy over there in Lancaster County Pennsylvania this week is known to his wife that young adult that mode down these six or seven young people he said to his wife I have been a variant on ever since AAA either the child got how many years ago forever but you know the story I mean God it took our little daughter away when that may be of reason why did we did but it shows his attitude toward God was not so great and when people shout Allah along Lake a lot of our best opinion of God God is on my side as I killed these infidels and the more infidels like until the better off wrong of me hi no problem I have a great future was seventy virgins in heaven I mean this is her pictures of God I've suggested that if we had a few hours together and we handled in a logistic symposium of everyone in this room talking about what God is like to you I am sure there would be at least ten different definitions as to how you look at God I'm sure phone that's what I thought a long time ago but I wonder they get events of my life have I wanted to any good anybody else either the stock talk about God and what he needs to be and why I think that way about him and how it fits into making this whole universe nevermind this world the whole universe secure sometime in the future from anybody not being your if they can trust God and I'm telling you the church and I love as a number of problems and answering onlooker does God that I'm talking about tonight every single division of the evidence church and a single division in Christianity generally is over what people think about God I know we can argue about this is that in this Scripture that chapter overall it's how your thinking about God that will be there tomorrow so the cost of freedom that was the theme of that book you leave the doctor told you about God at risk in the subtitle that bought the kicker is the cost of freedom is a great controversy that's liberal beyond the writing stages it was a fun thing to do in fact often outright with my T-shirt on freedom is not free it reminded me what the book was all about and I'm not again secure somewhere I see this picture I get that when the life unlike the old one more thing to make sure this takes at least two hours and a few folks are starting to fall asleep after ninety minutes he is going to tell me such each session for tonight and so I'll finish it up to watch no because you have to have the whole picture if it's a complete sense because the evidence picture does not stop this halfway over anything the administrator is always seeing the big picture of us will happen for you are responsible if anybody's falling asleep is not my fault that your full bases this picture when I was done vice president for editorial and Pacific press we're doing a new rendering of the great controversy book and we want to cover that would be sold suggestion you look at it you ponder it is begin to see some elements here that seem to suggest something but you want to euro how they all fit together and we laid out some of these characteristics we want in the picture was not administered he was a San Francisco artist who is doing good work for us and so back came of this picture in a way and recently we think of heaven but will suggest how you can make it even more unified and more colorful in getting the big story and I suppose if you takes about fifteen minutes for everyone to look at this picture and see what the elements on how they'll together because it yourself some of them well now I have this original right by my desk I look at every so often during the day sometimes buttery fifteen minutes I can't help it sometimes also I'm struggling I'm frazzled or something I got to go get something out on time or some people are not once a difficult and difficult but it is not easy to discuss many things like it e-mails back and forth all the time I look at his face and in that face seems to suggest something to me courage my friend sometimes I feel so weary for summary also I feel like screaming because some are other people get going through hell on earth and that face changes for me it is just one of old but you can see the devil or Ryan return of Jesus to rules both people who are the closest of Jesus and why the underneath that she overhears the rest of roots than evil is nicer when plates off and so the cost of freedom and the great controversy is the basic theme of the universe some people say what will freedom really at the beginning is love love Lucy beginning of freedom no freedom is the beginning of love and so we would begin with that understanding freedom rebellion frustration freedom that's the outline of Genesis revelation if you have those four words in your mind if every teacher if every preacher in the address denomination had that on his laboratory born recruiter Heather on his computer we might notice from breath things could be made little clear this is the outline for your life is just an overview of your life we want to say too much right now but when Jesus looked at this possibility of creating this particular world he deliberately was going head-to-head with Satan that's why he made this world that the moment of greatest gift hypnotist for his creation were ever it may be whatever of the following world history wasn't worth it well is more like us than twenty minutes but not going to because I believe that that's how all this is going to turn out of course he did but if you want to have a human being that would really interchange within and have fellowship with created beings like he has with son and the Holy Spirit the heavenly trail he knew he had to give them freedom but he also knew in advance what a lot of people would do with the freedom they had that broke his heart before anybody is created slain from the foundation of the world absolutely not on Calvary that was nothing compared to what is suffering from the beginning when I begin to contemplate that my admiration for him I respect the words are strong enough my adoration for him what more you think about it Laura your willingness to say Lord what ever you wanted to just tell me and I'll do it correctly done for us when Jesus died in across he had your name on his mind your name on his mind he wasn't doing it for himself the gift of love was worth the risk of the six risks in the creation of football that will reward no turning back after committee Lucifer because after losing the beginning now gone a little better God 's response is Satan 's lies to be seen and planners living laboratory Jesus would become exhibit a proving Satan wrong faithful Christian the company buying franchises for proving Satan wrong repopulating Earth with former rebels that would be a great risk please see without you going to all that tonight because I know better you know Friday night sleeping when will the one in the afternoon just finishing up the days of the six-point he put himself at risk we decided in love with worth the risk anybody was ever had children knows that it's inherently risky and anybody will be there for a child knows this risky is that as a child was crazy world you know what I think you know what hard they can bring to your father mother will be the more you realize that kind of heartache you brought to them but learn new bands that their child at three years old who would dive leukemia with a want of show if they know that the child was seventeen which is going abroad and there is the family name and know that the child is going to have a awful life full consequences would you still have the child was Saul that the beginning you think you still one of his children think about it think about it love is inherently risky Adam and Eve discovered very quickly that I'm just a wee bit of the state just a wee bit of not being faithful to God wall the consequences of that you find others consequences and everything you say when you do when you say no to God freedom means the risk of saying both yes and no unless God made homeless no people can buy dolls that you wind about initiating one meant to say I love you daddy above your daddy love you daddy and you can do it every day you will receive enough your daddy is that really one of a genuine father wants to hear just words if God made wonderful people were always kind and generous to everybody and were always there on Sabbath just say I adore you father adore you father mobile universe like to thank you for creating us the vessels are made to do all know God could live with that is a good view will bring us freedom God gave himself up forever partake real heartache is like some fathers and mothers have forever heartaches when the two -year-old three -year-old so promising going through elementary schools will policy they work so hard other homework at all the trouble of going to be a blessing to this world about how to graduate from college you can see though never be the way no console that just headaches that Jesus has been slain from the foundation of the world is willing to say it's worse because of perfect obedience of course but loving the universe requires trust and appreciation the free expression of person say yes to each other what kind of America would be somehow one or the other the sole program that they are always doing with the other person wants that the singer to my cassette works out some families must us not love stepmom loveless people expressing rolling and you like the seal people develop over the years I know more about my wife today than I did a hundred years ago because she's just more lovable is more trusty G4 generous in spirit just say yes to each other develop such an appreciation of the part of those who live together when you love a person you are giving him or her the power to hurt you anybody this will eventually divorce those are for those who has gone through every experience but everyone in this room has gone through or will go through number two what was Lucifer even though Goss saw it all in advance as soon as he created Lucifer son of the morning is no turning back he made Lucifer into his director medication it was God 's trusted PR man who was the one who can explain to everyone when I was really like because he was closer to God than any other creative being God could count on Lucifer to answer any question at all that might arise in the somewhere in the universe so much trustee put in this very wise very beautiful person you know the story model turned out but it wasn't God 's thoughtful turned out that whether something about jealousy and envy and I've written quite a bit about that my book but it risks on our country right here but we those not turning back because Lucifer to Heather 's the opportunity to say yes or no to his creator and eight thoughts rule through a able lead program whereby it would appear to the universe they did he really has some some ideas of God needed to consider anybody is trying to help one person considers the possibility that there might be another way to do things on your the one who's being upfront you know but the more people got into an confused about what he is trying to say don't worry guys and when it came out more more than this is all happening the wise angles and say what one who was called Satan Lucifer or you doing this okay will make it difficult for you to say what we heard last week these people would be sold for questions they well I got a whole chapter on this kind of thing the scapegoating and the confusion and the coercion that every evil person goes through in his home or in his office or in church it happens any kind of jealousy and envy the power of one of these have to be number one why didn't Gore help Harcourt all wise stop Lucifer 's rebellion before it went any further because I often in University who know we got also the visitors gone and what resentments are little the questions would still be there low with killing Satan and God 's problems or make them worse I mean what better watch out if you disagree with God removes at the water back directed in the world today and watch your back when I tell you that would've been really a disease of the universe because you want to severely gone to just let him know that you're on so will Google on Google that was the Pentecost God behind that watch it and also the end from the beginning no one said God permitted Satan to carry forward his work until the spirit of disaffection might even get into active revolt it was necessary for his plans to be fully developed that their true nature and tendency might be seen by all takes time to fix time we wanted no doubt of God 's fairness after the controversy is over Satan 's rebellion was be a lesson to the universe not just of this world to all coming ages for the good of the entire universe you must more fully develop his principles that his charges against the divine government might be seen in their true light like all created the suit what we're talking about here is a problem that doesn't affect only this world all the intelligences and the idle nosed Chileans of other planets are affected by the same questions that goes with the lines of people here on this planet obviously they had questions and this is what had the scene is July by all created beings and that the justice and mercy of God in the end mutability of his law by being for ever placed beyond all question now that really is a big mouthful for any theologian and a philosopher to think about huge risk number three the creation of men and women N validate both side of the controversy do so this answer to statement generated problem was to create a laboratory on this planet Wahoo God was put in the the whole controversy that he is being misunderstood and tried to portray his side and it is good that the living laboratory being his best solution is not going to stand up there and speak louder holler louder than all the evil angels he got busted up the right every night of the clouds you must love me because I create are heavy knife of them with a different message when you're being misunderstood your best tactic is not just speak louder than I didn't do that I didn't say that and other people say well it's not what I think we heard of the year what was this person seventy seven you know how it goes when you cannot do it by just talking louder than the person was accusing you of what are some of Satan 's charges that he was insinuating so successfully sold and made it so believable on the part of one third of these marvelously intellectual people of God is basically selfish from the beginning of the great controversy he has the beginning have endeavored to prove God 's principle of action to be selfish and deals in the same way with all who serve God you're in a total of this world Satan 's claim is the work of Christ and of all who bear his name your part of God 's answer to Satan 's charges is gone selfish is a severe and unforgiving of the was chief attributes his stern justice one was a severe judge in harsh and exacting creditor I tell you more Christians believe that the believe the picture above and you and I have more quick by far by far the greater percentage of Christians believe that the give you all kinds of evidence for this holy is the author of sin suffering and death how many times when you visit so many the hospital and you may be standing there with another minister maybe or was someone who comes with some flowers in private Europe the person other than as a different and must be God 's will that his rank dishonesty that is really put God in the docket only can you imagine that when people hit by a car the role even by drunk but anybody who picks up some cancer two years of age cause will is not biblical it's amazing how the whole world has her own way of defining who is the cause of suffering and death so many all women going into that love God was unfair both laws men and women could not keep the charge number four Google let you heard this before many times you hear it on every Christian broadcast every TV every radio broadcast of this country not only on Sunday mornings not only on Sunday morning from the first the great controversy of the above along God Satan has sought to prove that God was unjustified as well as faulty and that the good of the universe required to be changed Satan is going to Adams sentenced to the golf law was unjust and could not be obeyed at a good point to every sin you and I have done everything in our lifetime essay Satan into good people but most they can keep that law was something wrong with the law you're just adding to it Satan said is the truth about the law from you mess things up Albright God 's commandments are sustaining things claim that the law is unjust and cannot be obeyed must say second the deceptions of the great adversary and cast dishonor upon God I tell you I have good shelves and shelves of theological books I got my doctorate alongside of Catholics and Buddhists and many other Protestant denominations that listen for years to their best answers to the problems of that we could because discussing tonight and I was so glad that was one place in the universe that I could go to get a reason answer to all these problems that will write is available in I've been there I have been there he knew how to get to the true flattery too lies of course Buster O'Flannery and is no self esteem is is is kind of a subtle probably the most subtle kind of temptation we have because we all kind of enjoy a little self-esteem but God want you to have no self-awareness what reality is not self-esteem you are not number one shouldn't even think that you want to be number one fellow God rest his integrity on a living laboratory to the answer all these allegations are many more that we could say it wasn't no longer be added to give the talk of the universe because it were otherwise intelligences around the universe watching what God was doing on this planet is calling the earth and he wants how the first day of the second and third day is just how we treated our work and rule of the six-day look at this man stupid than us is going on here see and before Sabbath came he found a vacant for Adam I've given to wedding homilies this past month and I have developed this kind of thought that was a while what about the island there are more than heavenly father is only the first time like many men see their wives the note that that wedding day is really something special women just look really special and that would ignite the muscles at your note but ever had a goal like this while thank you Mark but I'll go on to explain that some of the time is in the water seems principal and God 's principles would be works out side-by-side all have took a deep and joyful interest in the creation of the world and of man human beings were a new and distinct order that some of you may see that for the first time in goal tonight think about it think about all the tomorrow I will where we a new and distinct order so that what happens on this earth was not happening anywhere else in the universe they were made in the image of God and it was the Creator designed that they should populate the earth they were to live in close communion with God with heaven receiving power from the source of all power is upheld by God they were convinced and with lines no as part of the laboratory and so when God fashioned Adam and after Adam felt awfully low enough Friday after he saw all these birds building their nests and they saw the Linus is playing with the Liana and name them all in these the if for any money for me and my children one would automate caucus I just want to get the whole point because I'm not just going to view late I'm going to solving that is the other side of what it looks like in the elegant God you just have one half of the picture of ongoing create a partner for you and on and on you like developed as if the special real special I just know that the longer mandolin the more holy you should reveal this image by those in your and other million years the longer he lives we feel this is the more fully reflect the glory of the Creator throughout internal pages they would have continued to gain no treasures of knowledge to discover fresh springs of happiness by causing your five million years stupid he knew fresh springs for happiness and to obtain clearer and yet clearer conceptions of the wisdom of power and love of God that some laboratory just think I want an opportunity still reading more and more fully what he had fulfilled the object of his creation for more fully reflect the creators glory or characters in thing and so that was on ahead of him never get through learning more springs of happiness and a good understanding of God and pressure ways and further God planted in the development of the human race pool this is strong we would put our power through cooperating with him to bring a list scene of misery to an end the misery of the whole universe was going through is in our power to bring a scene of misery to an end how long do you think God would have to wait for this seem to come to an end thousand years four thousand years six thousand years in your bids in our power to cooperate with him to bring it to an end that's one of the essential purposes of the Adventist church okay so little indistinct here responsibility appropriation and we can talk about this for a good hour responsibilities that every parent has the begins anyhow I will most parents will not return love these children are they brought the world and you love them especially when they disobey your genuine father mother not just the biological parent how my parents love their children and then wait for them to accept it I think that so clearly the children are messing things up and they are feeling very guilty and they hide in the corner the come home from school related like of the room in only feel guilty about this is not because the populace as well if you ask me transsexual my mother will be glad to forgive him that's the way most him on a single dad is gone that way somehow we make a deal with God is going to show how much you love them only after we make a deal is we confess wickedness now when we shall forgive us know no parent the right elbow ever looks at a child that way will sometimes occur in old the child is born as only way that he doesn't let the child get away with it to lazily waiting for the child to come to his senses but he's so he doesn't stop supper he just stopped loving a child package was a little more closer to just let the tunnel bore will hug the child is more guilty every time gets bigger husband father mother no real child with genuine parents ever has to wonder if that parent as loving he does not make a deal most Christian of understandable that way how long would it take in this lab for God 's purpose of this little order to work out well if yes no by yourself what could please Satan want to have Jesus on his own turf in our get into number four I didn't come even in the form of an angel for Satan because they know those what happened he revealed us until you know if he and he knew all the facts and even just where Satan was going on his is going to be born but as a weak human being with all of humanity Siebel don't these and wasn't quite so sure but that could work out if I found a great list for everybody and he was going on with for the soul when you give me Jesus really face-to-face the camera as a glorious angel that Jesus couldn't remember only through the Angels have been telling him about his preexistence and an segment of very very possible that he was on the illusions while the Angels going on a helper is not tough time goes mainly reasonable as they want to help them but Jason is accepted genetically when the race had been weakened by four thousand years of sin like every child of Adam the extent of the results sorted by the plaintiff a child of Adam he accepted the result of the working of the great love with you I really get into some very simple believable noncontroversial theology if you just read the Scripture Hebrews two four five that will delight in knowing what was you know we just got this phone and I don't quite know and shut that off no I think I went into this text to what these results were shown in the history of his earthly ancestors those if you are know what kind of data that you have you don't necessarily have to another expert working on the code just look at your grandmother grandmother start with your father mother only the and I have been shut this off I really don't know what to do this like they know please is fulfilling Doctor Doctor Jerry Eagles with ability to know what these results were shown in the history of his earthly ancestors make sense of the world I'm sure you've heard some sermons just like going to the genealogy of masculine role and using one of our lawyer got bombers doing background became a section C to share our sorrows and invitations and to give us the example of a sinless life with such heredity as you'll see in his genealogical backup in Matthew and Luke in the world were safe to claim dominion cost per minute 's son to come by helplessly subject to the weakness of humanity this is what risk of unaided come down like a health apprentice with round-the-clock nurses the best pediatricians and the softest bed of the world he permitted him to meet life 's peril in common with everybody in this room to fight the battle of every child in the event you must fight it the risk of failure and internal law that the path of life might be make sure for our little ones this takes a good two or three hours his reading page forty nine had to think into your head certainly has done that for me except I'm still reading it except the limitations of liability on not still reading anointed and oppression the exceptions and limitations of liabilities of the genetic code that came through his human bloodline Matthew one oh three it came to share by actual experience our sorrows and invitations some of you may know exactly what I'm getting no exemptions not vicariously you know these of the new buzzwords of divided as the church since nineteen fifty seven to talk about them we have a little book Buster Kirkpatrick will pass up everybody leaves tonight and talks about this specifically makes twenty four came to give us an honest example of how to live burn with the weakness of humanity I think it was a teenager who know all the struggles and temptations that any boy at eighteen would have any girl would have an eighteen V Galapagos think it through and what he asked the Holy Spirit for help in thinking through what doing the right thing is my and then give me exactly what the Holy Spirit gave to him going to the same conclusion of the ones with big deal that's why Jesus is my high grades to do for me what Holy Spirit did for him in that nice parallels any one of us must with no special advantages for four thousand years the race had been decreasing physical strength and mental power and immoral war that Christ took upon him the infirmities of degenerate humanity and only thus could he rescue man from the lowest depths of his degradation this is something our Savior of humanity with all its liabilities I could really go on a lot more about you getting the idea and he had to suffer physically under great pressure he was frazzled many times he knows what it is the frazzled and this be misunderstood and pushed around and still hold his peace and be generous in spirit they tend to shut things mouth regarding whether God and ask too much from created intelligences how to do it he proved that every person since adding a little loyal overcoming life 's same powers available to him he became our benchmark and we happen to have the book that came out in nineteen seventy seventy seven school is available that the system is the book was Jesus the benchmark of humanity you have to believe me but sounds aware that will you book was burned on the steps of Georgians in Australia and boiled Pierson president of conference and others and saps the apartment really got us our fiery on asbestos from Australia and other areas like still the truth is still the truth does anybody here have a surveyor background is a bigger bitterness earlier knowing is not well where surveyor begins his work in laying out a road or even your property in the benchmark is difficult where he could trust that point where you can mark off in such a way that will allow some of the thumbnails property in and give you a deed that was well could not be overturned by I remember the time in North when the Badlands I came across how don't know when it would seem like it was made of silver and something else I supposed alone plaque underground and out of was all this written document the language of the surveyor and was at zero is deposited about seventy five years old because from that was they figured out where North Dakota and South Dakota and the others they all began at that one spot you don't move benchmarks benchmarks that is really a legal and Jesus as our benchmark forever he is the place where you get your how to find out where everything is right this was possible failure of internal loss we only went that this risk is doubled of course now because opponents always say the improvement so able to shut the mouth but still my instruction just think about it through all eternity I tell you were going to study with him what it meant what it took why it was necessary to think about him coming to earth in that way of Jesus with the liabilities such as all boys and girls face of birth defaced envious wall this is the watch my language with the peers that guy that one of Satan wanted Jesus cut down the size of heaven and on the cross he was the one who's trying to kill him forever and I'll see Jesus face them at every turn hour my line to God no face-to-face universes champion liar he came to have a public showdown with the master of defeat adducing any on his own first time ever the universe saw the principles of God 's side of the great controversy up against Satan side his principles and great conversation so what did Jesus want approval going over this again that God was not the kind of person that Satan and made them up-to-date but that is not something the world today understands except in just a few places where Jesus one as far as the Angels are concerned that something of this world has caught on to the acceptance with God is not dependent on some kind of a deal we can make with God such as penance or confession or climbing steps in Rome are going to Mecca or hiding in some cave somewhere on monastery or making sure that we read the Bible through every year make sure we had all the questions and seven school that's not going to ask you the way you get gone to love you feed so many people just carry this over with so many people can use confession was repentance I think this wasn't how may times have you watched people in your church or your family one way to avoid out they like me I confessed all repentance things haven't changed it once said even in the Adventist church Satan pictured God as a selfish dictator who would never find himself to rules that he imposed on his own creative intelligence is not God but Jay Leno gone is one willing to submit voluntarily to the principles himself ordained from the foundation of the world completely on course of every patient with our smallness to learn signatures going to be unfair and asking obedience from his creative intelligence is such a demand he said with a knife and their freedom you can't have freedom if you're forever thank you we can't live this new cat of that never trusting God but when God says you should do it there are consequences if you do a him we are proven wrong pilot expressed the response of all his contemporaries I find no fault in him at all even Satan found no fault in Jesus and Satan and his course is that the battle was not over thinking charge regardless basically selfish oddities is that the only Canseco that if I worked this out with young people just want to die you wonder if God is really selfish and he does all this just because you just join the adoration of the singing of the universe he loves the people worship him got it all wrong Jesus showed us what it was like to be gone as I am across God could a suffering investing more undeserving Gethsemane and Calgary but the final seal on Satan 's lying tongue regarding how selfish God was at risk number five when Jesus returned to heaven he left go outside of the controversy in the hands of men and women her goggles again what he knows trying to get to the edge of really blowing the whole thing greatest world the laboratory is somehow chilled the universe what love is all about that was some risk for Jesus to come down just as we are that's a risk but now when Jesus is gone his best exhibit a is the one more proof that will set look throughout the universe I'm going to use God 's people referring to the roof no failure when he went away and said nothing just when well you have power but I want to go back to Jerusalem these people that the subordinate and with people who vilified you start there and then work out to all corners of the world Jesus was exhibit a the main Congress centerpiece and letters laboratory but his followers will become divine franchises of the truth about God 's method of men and women as you have sent me into the world I also sent them into the world what you gave me to do as your part of the plan of salvation I send you and then another world to do it the same way I did it it's up to them now that was really a major league risk of challenges Congress on this another Ephesians gone down even then to be holy and without blame before him in love to the praise of the glory of his grace it was Paul talking to the Jews who never want to go out this way before and he worked his way through Jewish synagogue that the cities of Gentiles and somehow his understanding of God 's picture of God was making sense the people that we who first trusted in Christ should be to the praise of his glory that's still quoting Paul exhorted the Corinthians that as Christians we haven't made a spectacle to world Baldwin with Jesus died not only questions of the great controversy or settlement even in the minds of unfallen angels created beings another wonderful world I know that most Christians today most preachers to me that is also across what more could be done they don't realize that Satan could easily say any as say why all all right I can see why I kept my happen people that off but it was God vital that why God can keep his old commander thoughtful clear being slightly where the ones who want us a little more for you in this universe and find some other way about the choices he is the how we could beat you enjoy life and be happy always wanted with God 's way of so precious personal legalism God invented Satan Moss but the issue with the great covers was not whether God could give his own laws whether created the interest could keep those lost to live in freedom Satan could always say that Jesus was still going consultant many women today say the same thing you are that's why Ellen White said the wife of writ of babies play five times until I saw it that's across the last link of sympathy between say in the heavenly world was broken but it will stop there she continues the Angels and not even then understand all that was involved in the great controversy wall in the unfallen world did not fully understand it wasn't all and when we say it was all over the cross the way didn't Jesus come back in the first century that it is all over why do we keep on living in this miserable world is more to this great controversy the principle of the state were to be more fully revealed still reading and for the sake of man for the sake of man Satan 's existence must be continued man as well as Angels must see the contrast between the Prince of life and the Prince of darkness in excess mythologies is left it all in the hands of bumbling men and women because he had confidence that there will be some who would catch on Boston message when you see those golden arches everywhere you go in this river world there are golden arches anywhere Beijing Russia I in between the golden arch well if the franchises that would talk about franchises but I want to know how this franchise really work and so I dug around and found a the contract between the headquarters and the local printer your friend is by doing us on company and you pay for some companies and one half among cleaning business you might put fifty thousand dollars computer franchise for your area there was a time in nineteen seventy four was carried in Silver Spring one of my buddies who had warmly knighted he was buying up MacDonald franchises in her come along with me and you can have one for fifty thousand dollars was exactly what I want to buy into Medicaid something if I have they are now worth millions those franchises but Holiday Inn in the seventies early eighties were not pulling all that we used to be no a four-star hotel the Marriott and some of the others weren't even in the LinkedIn many people not many but a number of people lost their Holiday Inn franchise of all the money they put into it because had office keep going around they still do today checking up on the bathroom simply they are strict about the laundry washed the people mingle with our guests and they didn't measure up the Holiday Inn was really sinking and people were showing their votes but not going to Holiday Inn so they turned around quality in today's pretty good for middle-class compared to pull the trigger whatever but isn't it something you can count on it's a good hotel because a franchise knows better this is what they commit themselves to look at this are franchising system is built on the premise that the corporation can visit will therefore franchises by franchisees are successful first weeks and we believe in a partnering relationship with our owner operators suppliers and employees success for McDonald's Corporation flows from the success of his business partner it'll would you think of this led away this is no mom-and-pop shop this is not something just kind of coming up this is one of the wisest was the successful corporations in the world every CGE you know that that is not that franchise model it means exactly what you don't know what to name what was nice assignment when he said frankly about my work with something you know I've glorified you on the earth and the glory would you gave me on I have given them the glory the job of reflecting the character of God is living I have manifested your name with talk about that moreover this work was to answer Satan 's haunting challenge that perhaps Jesus being all I could keep his own commandments of men and women could still be free and joyful the horizontal work business franchise concept work the role of the Holy Spirit something that the evidence church has done a very much with you beyond saying and writing books the way other churches have written a good book that will about the Holy Spirit not understanding that the Holy Spirit for most responsibility is to help human beings reflect hometown top office reflection of what the Gospels alone when the Holy Spirit comes his work was to be as a regenerating agent and without this the sacrifice of Christ would have been a movement is no charge no denominational group on this planet is undecided like that Howard didn't do something very very simple to understand because the outfits of delivery controversy it is a spirit that makes effectual what is the rock of other worlds Redeemer through the Spirit the believer becomes a partaker of the divine nature Christ has given his spirit as a divine power to overcome all hereditary and cultivated tendencies and evil and to press his own character upon his church that is a mouthful but that is solid theology that's enough for you to think about before you go to sleep tonight I'm still reading a particular for great controversy of all this Mister Jesus said he shall glorify me the Savior came to glorify the father mother demonstration of his love so the spirit was to glorify Christ by revealing his repairs to the world known for music seventy one the very image of God is to be reproduced in dramatically only done now is a work of the Holy Spirit the honor of God the honor of Christ which is what the great controversies on file golf honors at stake is whether the controversy is involving the protection of the character of his people don't get all wound up on the word perfection all that means is that you are letting the Holy Spirit pictorial of the time you have to live in this world goes for years or ninety four years and what ever you were already that plan he put in you when you first confess Jesus that plant is growing the plant cannot role in the tour overnight takes time is a perfect plant of the kids going for the wealthy day when you get what the throat that does come sooner or later but as the work of the Holy Spirit the second reason of risk five God needed faithful loyalist not going to settle the question she loves the universe but also to make the claims of Jesus believable men and women throughout the world Vincent is a twin assignment really he wanted the principles of of God to be so reflected that nobody else would ever question what God is trying to say for thousands of years but he also needed these people to get that message across you on the that's one of the purposes of the district of course believable witness can only speak what they have personally seen of her how do you have ever been in a court trial woman witnesses we would prefer someone who you know what it's like you don't want for yourself on a standard own lawyer defense lawyer what you want us to have mistaken him really be sure that you go unanswered questions just right because the witness can turn that during and after your eyes to believable well one of the prosecutor has a better chance was a prosecutor to what you have the best witnesses to nail that matter woman looking for people then they are sought for themselves they can speak with first-class awareness of the truth and the best example I threefold is this guy who spent many of his young years her persecuting and harassing and killing the early Christians on the way to Damascus he saw a light and then he could confidently after several years of the process all this what with all this mean it finally got to the place where he is not ashamed of the gospel of Christ for it is the power the Greek word is with you Google News dynamite of God to salvation for everyone who believes the lesson here every time you see in your English Bible the word believe beliefs it's not a good translation every time you see it put in faith has faith faith is far more than the lady does not possess the word here in the Greek for those who have faith who understand what it is to be fully committed to God who appreciate what will the trust of the word who is glad to respond whatever God wants them to do all this wrapped up in the English word faith but not the poor edit is the likeness of God revealed his knowledge that with the right word here face to face a make it into that tomorrow is the big picture Peter could see also that the success of God 's plan to convince men and women of his side of the controversy dependent on the transparent faithfulness of his loyalists not how much they could speak I give lectures anybody can finally figure out that the sun is ninety three million miles away from our way that you don't have faith in the just believe but have enough faith in somebody so that you just leave them delivered to trust your life with that person before you get married for the time may come when that trust is somewhat confused than the Google is broken the glass falls in order to put the pieces together get because trust is gone Peter and I love this second-biggest rate therefore since all these things of the dissolved matter a person ought you to be in holy conduct involving us you know what I was waiting for Jesus to return needs a person 's legitimate and holy conduct in God is looking for an assistant brink of instances of the proper translation hastening the coming of them got as you don't hasten your delay anybody who does not hasten the return of the Lord is delaying his return eleven looking forward to these things be diligent to be found by him and please without spotted playing with milk is no money and nobody who will be reading who could say I have been spotless I have never made a mistake is not forsake Jesus came not to judge our sins but the judge of how much how willing we were to obey what is to follow his light the judges place in Albany whatever we say is not interested in your past interested in five minutes ago he's only interested in what you're doing in the future if you're worried about your past he is he's only concerned about what you are doing from now on well is at ninety minutes going to going the field I will the second reason for God to risk putting his side of the controversy into the hands of week sinful human themes is that no one else in the universe could really put the whole controversy and the three dimension living color I'll end with this because I I think that's what you get no sleeping I'll finish it off to work no one will be take too long go check out where you personally aren't all in the following one Amy had anybody is just asking whether you fit into this is God 's purpose to manifest rule his people the principles of his kingdom that in life and character they may reveal these principles the laboratory right he desires to separate them from the customs and habits and practices of the world everybody has a life story everybody say is constantly urging them to accept his principles he is an accuser of the brethren and is accusing power is constantly using against those who work righteousness the Lord desires to his people to answer Satanist charges by showing the result of obedience to write principles not my brother the dentist and he spent his lifetime trying to get people to obey him how to take care to tease you don't really tell you you could have terrible consequences and he doesn't win all the time these patients keep coming back because they're going to it their way we all live out the principles that we chose everybody has consequences good or bad you don't brush your teeth properly if you don't eat the right kind of food is going to have trouble please and that goes for most anything else but nobody needs to be a diabetic diabetics unfortunately visible to Google understand this terrible way to end your life I know many people just lost in Angkor Wat the leg unnecessarily because of diabetes or blind and all they needed to change their diet with more exercise this is simple their consequences but we should show the world what is right once but what the consequences are of like principles everybody has a story all the light of the past all the light would shine the present and wages forth into the future as revealed in the word of God is for every soul who will receive a everybody has enough light to make a good decision with you in Mongolia or in Harlem or set of Africa where there is not that much opportunity living door for today but everybody there has some light to make good decisions and they keep following up like the movie in heaven is the only way that God can answer that faithfulness the glory of this like I'm still reading which is the very glory of the character of Christ as a Gloria's is remain manifested in the individual Christian and the family the church in the ministry of the word and in every institution established by God 's people 's sold many Christian institutions so many Christian families though really reveal much of this light this race this glory that God is waiting for a waste for people for no one of Christian names on the wrist the delusions it takes more than name is always the Lord desires Shelby symbols franchises of what can be done for the world they are to be types of the saving power of the truth of the gospel they are a conceivable doublet of God 's great purpose for the human race still reading they are to become channels or franchises for which divine instrumentalities communicate to the world the tide of God 's love still reading by beholding the goodness of mercy the justice and the love of God revealed in the church the world was to have a presentation I know most people say representation but I can look at words it really is that they said we presentation of his character was always driven for this everyone is a franchise for God everyone must needs to have somebody from headquarters to come down and help us get those funds one just right make sure we take care people of the Neptune at this picture of it everything about us as clean as it is something people want to come back to Eddie there I was overwhelmed the same two headquarters were in common sense of it all there for a week and is the help you put this together I just ate lions buffet in Chattanooga don't have Ryan's on here the hometown buffet which is why but Ryan's is a couple of cuts higher but even hope faith we got a good donor and I have noticed you go invisible drug policy that there were one or two men who one oh two people came to the drink and watch the second time I came the manager is about one lashes questions I've been observing what's going on here in trouble with management on your here because things are not up to speed right now don't forget they need your help right this doesn't the Holy Spirit is here to do for you they're not up to speed yet he can bring you up to speed the Holy Spirit 's job is to reproduce in you as a franchisee what it's like for head office one had office with dog that had offices everywhere is not Jesus is the one place the only works in franchises in your it and always first job is to help you become what headquarters functions of the online we can talk about the end went along God is thus exemplified in the life even the world will recognize the superiority of those who love and fear and served on about every of the people of New York another guys something if the world all honest people everywhere in the world couldn't get enough of this reflected light through the franchises the Lord will come years ago this is withholding the return of Jesus back into that tomorrow was specifically it is is your statement is something you look at page nine eleven twelve and thirteen it is his purpose at those who practice is holy precepts shall be a distinguished people not of this world only book of the universe are we to make manifest the principles of his kingdom the laboratory one oh one two oh one three oh one everyone of us should be thinking through and let the Holy Spirit tell us every day for twenty one help me gloss franchises are his Tory loyalists that's a whole thread throughout the Bible and Ellen White another talk about this more ontological because I was like Friday night we can consciously but very faithful 's heavenly father you are so good to us everybody in this room tonight and think of so many ways that you went into the lead you have touched our lives spotless around at times opened our minds in ways that we just never saw it coming help this with tough times the death of real ones but we had a bigger picture Lord within Sorrell as others level we want to know more about Boardwalk debate on the edge of our seat putting more about what God calls reality of the seventh day hope was to have a good night sleep because of that Walmart is so much more that you want to help us think through measure delivery service bless each family with her children with her spouses or even those who really go home at art by themselves the Navy very lonely bored you tell them that your layer is a precious companion for we pray in Jesus name and


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