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Josephine Elia



  • December 30, 2012
    10:45 AM
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to this message and CYC two thousand twelve hundred and ten Washington and other resources and is in us online at www. I see when I probably father and relied wireless opportunity to talk to buy what you want our life on it I bet you have our desire to actually do that and have been the art experience reflect my time in the next hour Dalits and your teacher evening we pray amen okay so you may question of why Wright is very relevant to feel or to a few Guild LA Holland you feel like you're playing my reading game from the night is sitting here today on a table they probably will and leaving that he wanted to do okay I have something for you guess what it an e-book is endless that event that got been no accident I have been provided and we can do nothing until we find the right answer some holiday it has been my feeling out of my reasoning all these things and then we think that this is the way to go on one thing that we know before we even unified incongruent Willard we need to know it of his character in that we haven't bought long revealed and worldwide admitted the first thing that we can remember right I never wanted to be confused forever and I want to be confused people confuse children of God if you have that if I meet have been obedient why wouldn't I want to be milky the one he showed his the of God we can thought I will once get help what he think anyone have to reflect FMX and so we are not here trying to find out well I am aloof from that were not apply he is not far from the loop from T1 and equals and be in the office so I the biblical principles when God said and contacting with how I feel and in the previous seminar imagine about how God 's word reveal principal guidelines to live our life their principal there are things we should avoid out here the Commandments and the boundaries of fanfare on my life they said we should wait and there may be questions why do I need to go at nag were going to live rain rain go back to school whom to marry I went to Iran at that I thought I'd be huge things out there not formula there is not any film formula or less in the Bible they can see okay this is where you go so how do we approach or try to answer these questions I like the meant that when we need him to win them and will be talking that amount of this power about them if they aren't then makes you make the right decision in the first in product eight eleven to twelve I'm upset when them better than movies and all the things one may desire cannot be compared with her I went them all with prudent and find out knowledge and discretion what is the window in this main menu to know how to describe this thing that is a combination of prudence of knowledge and discretion it is not will you make the right person will empower between the main on the Bible compromised when them as something that is very a very precious right here how it will be when them this thing is high-level it is so much more precious than rubies and gold or silver and if there's anything that you want to meet you can think with them one of them when them and then just obeying a budget right when you don't get it when you don't know all the information what makes you to send things what makes you make breakfast the story in first things happen be perfect into twenty eleven anyone recall why biblical history who would be an following the Wideman in the authority that perhaps a lot of us are familiar with going from childhood for example and perhaps even in the case birthdays affect the verses sixteen to twenty eight as authority that reveal with them first in chapter thirty verses sixteen to twenty eight meeting of the kingdom version this is inflation then came there two women that were hardly into the King and Stephanie for him and the one woman said oh my Lord I ended woman dwell in one house and I was delivered of a child with her in the house and it came to pass that they affect I know that I will deliver the woman delivered also and we work together it was no stay here with us in the house feed we new house and will have died in the night as he overlaid it as you wrote then midnight and my son from defining what time had handmade black and later in the them and later deck out in my bosom and when I brought up in the morning to give my child back behold it was that but when I had considered it in the morning behold it was not my fund which I did bear in the underling that name but the living son is my indictment and they said no but an event fun fun and the living is my friend the eighth bake before the king and their situation and became King Almighty they would fill many different situations everything on the this particular one is quite complicated to the women were hardly elect together in a house and since the filament one of them gave birth to a top and often leading to give birth the other woman often deeper than others failure to name a few women in the house one night one of them was on her own baby and the baby died and he exchange the baby was the other woman for that but her baby would be alive I don't know why she would do that and the other woman was devastated when she woke up because you find that the beanie I wouldn't lie next to her was that my one further nominations you find out that the baby was not really a mother would know her only child but she knew he knew a child this is not mine and that that baby the other woman set at the real the real the real fun so there you have been waiting to be through witnesses in the making one and all that himself and on land with faith in this situation and I've been on the lawn alive that is written or the kingdom at the time probably didn't happen specific written guidelines on my house how to resolve fuel mileage eliminated were fighting for one living baby and you have conflicting money right not it is not written in the laws of Israel and a gazillion other situations which don't have any written manual had been in our lives there are so many different situations and we just don't have a manual and we need to verify with them and so we read on in verse twenty three then picking the one that visits my son that Linda and thy son is the dead a fact that in my president and I think that any younger like that name by like that in my point of the living making apricot almond recounting the fact that one woman is saying my friend in the live person and that the island pretty much exactly the same thing with twenty four and the king said bring me a sort can be brought to court before the king they think that divide the living child into and get how do one and half to the other thing the womanhood living child was under the king for following hearing upon her son she said oh my Lord give her the living child and in no wife later maybe but be honest that but indeed neither mine nor Levine a divided and the king answered and said different living child I know I'm late she is the mother there are and all Israel heard of the judgment which the king had died I will let you all know when the moment God what an hand judgment for one and when the new when these the situation before you and diamondback and then they then make make them an e-mail of that commandment is one thing if one is going to reveal the truth right he responded to a woman and infant mind if you can jump in the Solomon had the time you thinking I'm going to do it is one thing which is to call our store and going to initiate the effort this baby this is not that he was cool and he met until the baby but then the vision that he made a good reason to reveal the truth about these two women when he decided he knew that inhibit with the ring therefore what happened it really clear the real mother did not want to talk to die all they knew a mother 's love this is the principle of love that he wants to break out of the situation in the real mother that don't kill the baby I am one of the babies alive and I have the baby the other woman to care for equity negative one ill equal treatment for it for everyone in my County that her talk to me that you and let a child it didn't be my question in the first let it die and reveal all men interview with them we feel that we kneel the truth of the situation the light we need basically with them in a way to examine situations and to decipher any position to make the right decision how do we get with them I will not follow land on the oil and went with them well and women in Bible is creating verses that I was reading everything for writing seminar and got had with them on three nineteen into the low-lying by Wyndham on the earth by understanding he was having him down my pen and fifty one B versus RPMI similar but it is worth that effort in the first one that he has made the earth by his power yet is probably the world I have led them and assess out to heavens at his discretion the second birth this work discussion is replaced with understanding the women in couple it includes discretion understanding and in the fascinating thing right even gone by when them created the heaven and earth nothing in and bought this thing when he was about to leave have entered without manual the created heaven and earth and how the system would work you'll leave the creation and maintenance of right I'm an engineer I really appreciate WinZip in fact well with each other and can develop a training God when he started creation is a blank business there is nothing and that the baby first light and dark on an anti- MoveOn need creative that the five aren't created the land and water and then he would fill the width animal and with our celestial body then the latter part of creation you need and meet women creation is so complex and it showed got originality him he gone I went in and are it was not manual it was a candidate or immunology and individuality in his work felt like when Solomon and acquisition with the sort and originality and individuality in this wisdom that he had nothing to my creation different things that we can marvel at how creation works I ended three grown any harassment question in three rows is a marvelous and black line of Mac and he created it by women he made a phonetic applied rather than dive into the proper mantra every bit of creation and the ministry in its own in any leave every animal has a ministry administers under your things increase God was the one who thought of that in his window the Bible also talked to make even having with them this is in Luke chapter two verse forty and the child grew and became strong in spirit filled with wisdom and grace of God was upon him even at the top when going in with them and how plants and the adult or older people don't have a monopoly on wisdom right thing could be wise to end this adaptation between wisdom and knowledge here you don't need to know everything opening the wine and there's there is an element that you know that Linda actually is a function when you don't know everything you're at all the information but you are still able to meet white vision to be white even ethics how was the wine ended when them if that is in the will you accumulate enough why when we talk to I doubt that our parents were held in the case we gain from their wisdom and David Goldberg from experience Mark chapter six verse two when I was come he began to teach in the Pentagon and ideas and many hearing him West five they went this man get these things in one win them and this was given to him but such mighty works are performed by hand if we don't convict them of this statement they are marble this that you have no much for them to get even gold was willing back when I was at the time to be a teacher or a rapine the Pentagon and he defend time here in the carpenter 's shop on eBay look through the schooling for them but they were amazed that he'd taught with such wisdom and equanimity that had you learn directly from God and this is a key point is that when them in the learning with them can be received from God so in James the one verse five is a famous verse is the good news for a BK as a legal twilight kind of come and gone well that was dumb than the rest make the right decision we can pray that the get into one of five effect if any of you lack wisdom let him ask of God who gives to all liberally and without reproach and it will be given first thing about with them we can receive it and this is a gift from God why do they matter your age in the matter and from the window and a paintball got on the glass actually we can claim uneconomic and we have to again apply no women in mind just not just to make the right decision right in the school day we used yesterday when we make that big decision in life when actually the alignment and thing in the next twenty eighth birthday this is popping when the children of Israel were gathering the material and the people to build the factory the twenty eighth birthday all you need to all who are gifted artisans whom I have filled with the spirit of win them but they make me think that they may make Aaron 's garments to consecrate him that he may minister in the pre- in these the second is thirty one thirty five and thirty six you read through them God is actually bank more than I'm giving it back up with them to argument for the women who made the garment I everyone were doing work for by the grand jury so then when them is not just to you when we went to fit athletes on and off when we're just trying to figure where do I let out which school do I go to visit on a day-to-day basis can do the work everyone began to unit with them and the fact that he can do your work well is God 's gift God gave up the logon had with them when he created heaven and earth we saw that you had with them and he will win with them when you're living on earth is like one is a irrelevant especially like talking about the early church and how the Holy Spirit with filling the church with I guess if you have one fifteenth eighteen and I will have to unemployment very bad when therefore I now know that I heard of your faith even in your love for all the thing do not believe to get things for you making mention of you in my prayers that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ the father of glory may get to you it's very aware of them and revelation in the knowledge of him that the eyes of your understanding being enlightened that you may know when the whole of his calling what are the riches of the glory of his inheritance in the things of entrance into the milk I can write it that Paul is praying for the even to have the bank am with them and revelation in the knowledge of God knowledge of him that the eyes of your understanding being enlightened again with no understanding discretion always coupled together that you may know what is the blend of war that you may know what is the whole of his calling is not only talking about minor wisdom to know God calling and an image of the glory of his inheritance Colossians one ninety five similar theme on writing to the closet and check and clomping for the three that we also think the day we heard it is not easy to pray for you and to ask that you may be filled with the knowledge of his well in all wisdom and spatial understanding the Québec knowledge of it will win them an understanding that you may walk worthy of the Lord without the monetary of heartbreak and knowledge of God will is no then you can walk where the unit will be leaving him being fruitful in every work and increasing in the knowledge of God is with them why not go well and truly love each other in fact there's a birth out the need an attorney for reforming going to do I'm how the Holy Spirit give you wisdom no W Barrett is not going to in that event that one single chemo right Lord Lamb I can do now and would read with birth you have and that he sometimes but not no way another major way of him transforming after being why is the work in the inert in the inner self in fact here on the court from that of opting article from again Harold the work of the Holy Spirit is immeasurably great in it from the floor that the power and efficiency come to worker forgot remember the movements of an accident in the Holy Spirit and make you become efficient and efficient worker forgot the way you do things the Holy Spirit 's work also and avoid the comforter the personal presence of Christ missile the Holy Spirit is the agent by which our character in Pakistan form to be like and so the way that he can be Neil Bothwell was if the law in their information in a character that when we become more like Christ we can know Bothwell had naturally eaten five fifteen to seventeen CNN and he walked at the Acme not at all by NY redeeming the time in the days are evil therefore do not be unwise but understand what the will of God is noted that the right event don't be a NY by meeting that him him or me why you think when and how they went being why means understanding the will of God this was done and we need so desperately is the ability to understand the will of God not in my canales form is not a list in which I look like and I do understand it in there and what is the will of God that we can make the right decision when the next is basically a couple of point couple of categories things that will help practically what it means or how to gain the wisdom in iDVD it is because I like to be a happening practical and tangible evidence all get away with those business basically not that in the current anatomist talking about a on your phrase your are your you your mirror on the formula to answer the question that you may happen your mind right now is a way of thinking this is how do I save my mind so that it can become one the will of God that I can understand and know in it and ended I feel that become clearer as we go to go how do we get this with them the Bible talks about McDonald's sources how do we make recognition and how to gain the wisdom the first one is knowing God when we talk about knowing the will the most important thing is that we know God himself were not trying to know God get closer to not get the answer out of him you know there's no monstrosities in prayer that he can tell you what the will of God is the key point of actually knowing him part in person himself not just you know what his will for my life you want to know all of God I draw near and I drop both because he wants an answer from him knowing God believing completely right it is almost the answer to all questions that we combine the study prayer communion with God you get to spend time with God can know who he is now bigger than generic but I want to focus on what the government why do we need to do these things on so that we can when we know God why what are we doing Bible people awaiting their on their authority when I prepared for weather seminar in a neat nick to separate any separated membranes a friend of mine and when I was preparing the client regulates the baby out a few little biographies right of each of the figure a little details are a little brother that YM yarn and Amy and then draft because in that face in the booklet of blank of thousands event in a paragraph of my leaving between describing my biography she knows me pretty well and then probably later I sent in my own man I didn't know that Amy had been by me and and he saw that and he e-mailed me right away basically including it was essentially identical felt like that it is amazing because not the details but the ordering of things were pretty much and so we the same with radio we had a lot of private but the point is that you know being closed and most of us have this I been allied with someone we know him a lot and knowing someone very well it might be annoying in the weekend the details of their life all he went to school with this act this the highlight of her life when she was born or like a favorite color her favorite color what the implement it without him I am the intimate and we want to get from God we want to have with God is an intimacy that you just don't know the details about even know what they would do in that situation you know that the lines of thought you know what their inclinations are you know what they would do in this situation not the duration Amy that it doesn't know the details of my life the school I went to one I like doing my free time even new not perhaps we both are constantly how I would even write my own bio and visit the level of knowing God and we want to get an appointment copy of knowing that well right you know a friend if he would react then when I listen way or he would react in Fenway they think that situation and the elegant and get away in no lots of our life and we know God himself we know his character and we know how he what he likes and what he doesn't like anything clarifies Willis in general and for my life that we would know how you like need to respond defensively and your time reading the Bible and read on this point shaping a wealthy was talking about changing our minds so that our minds can be in conformity to Buffalo I read a lot about from a huge bookworm and sometimes nothing over only humane what is the length or what books you read and there is little younger if applicable are left to try general principles on putting in the open in meeting why we should read especially if I went back in is not an e-book that we read everything that we put our mind changed the way we think and this is done consciously but we need to be really careful what went and we confirm my right every block and leave sermon wasn't having these and not just in terms of lease and I'm talking about things in the world at one of information everywhere on when you are exposed to things that information or the handbook under them he's the book is not about him going to change you one way or the other and unless you have a strong worldview it can be influenced by the thought that if netbook business may be reading a story any reading fiction innovation isn't just for fun there's an underlying worldview that come from the author to you is why we need to be aware we need to be careful when you meet certain literature is just a worldview and changes the way you think when we actually ourselves with the Bible and read a copy the wealthier than me will get is the biblical worldview and you will notice this if you have when you are taken with the principal and use the other thing you notice the change the notice on this statement seemed to be right even though you may not know you may not have faith that before you can have the discernment and it was great how you are you have the framework engage with their standings are in accordance to God will and so this is important when we hike you know God when we are one five when I found with the Michaela and he finds it right I think it all went their pop-up in the Bible on the materials you shape your mind not to annihilate owing on the island written that way it changes the way you think a believing of education for example why am I going to school especially if you're like me going to the regular University learning anything and how does that fit into my worldview when I get sitting in their accepting everything underway to begin me if I need to reflect upon those who see whether they are in accordance the bot will currently felt that when we are learning through the Bible as their property and asked if I undermine the link on that I like doing it with the death of me to the concept in your plot with God during the abortion on how many of you when you read the Bible and you find that the effective automatic either at the leader or if this evening on the twenty first century mind I read the Bible of London England don't seem to be in full alignment with how we would do it do exactly I decided one time that I would thought every time I had a problem with with the Bible and I was reading the book of accident and it was immediate basically because I have is mine the twenty first century my I have for survival I came through me know the story of the midwife and the Egyptian time that how they were it seemed like they were lying I got a warning them and even if at all questions that come up and get I don't know the full context I decided to stop at every instant of those and it fit me very a very very long him five to four p.m. mine to see the content of your pop and got hot and can conform in that direction when you read anyone and it's time to think about what you meeting I actually agree with the Bible not to say that the Bible is wrong but then you know how to change that you can conform to what looked like the Bible is saying the mind with Baja Baja higher than I thought immediately to defend and desire to be evident in most cases the knowing God we want to know God personally who he is whether they like when you get the source of of knowing not alone becoming why in our lives as I was mentioning before in godly counsel an example without one communications community and I'll say this because I'm sure many of you scan it to be an effective environment one thing I notice is that especially for young people and young generation it can be very easy to live in in a life that is you only hang out with people of the thing each eliminating hardware people that you like we share same interest and is group I had with young people all the time and and what the result of that and even if one of course if you share the same interests but that the consequence of not something you get a narrow perspective of life you don't know outside of your eighties what other people are experiencing does the fact that we are in a case community makes us actually more white him all my will be blundering ignorance their children are teenagers you know young adult older people the owner Karen grandparent can understand is that community in this way don't know them down I think your life is saying with your own group of people doing and saying things we got the week I demanded of their life been learned from them learn from people like some of that toys been known to mankind actors can share our PD after meeting ninety C BC history more than we have taken hundreds of them and we learned that life is not just you know being been beautiful we have a lot of energy we can do all kind of things to get a broader perspective and understanding that is not just limited to each big event religious communities he sometimes funky footwear in a people get anywhere the baby they're decorative and the way they make provision that are not as well with thinking and not at long-term thinking you know when we interact with older people talk to our parent out how many of us but their life like may mean that what I was thinking I like our parent for example I'm the only plenty I know my parents and caring for about twenty years but before they had made that had on my life infinitely before what do they do my parents moved away sorry from scratch maybe find a business lots of scoring they are reluctant with them to be gained from other people think it that they demanded that the beach we do get to know people get to know their stories and learn or a formula rate even gathering data typically on their many way that people can live life connected and you understand that you gather all the information you can engage more properly how does that thank you Dolly Donnelly consult it is very very important in making huge light in addition to surround herself with multiplicity of concept we want runners on the godly people in our life know what it means to know God personally can read the Bible who are fearful who would love to commune with God why because it is a given accountability there's anything that we in the middle situation which is blind to begin either because of invoices either pressure we don't think that the only place of the relationship right how many of you have seen people like this line because varying emotions it happened a lot went when you are in the situation is very easy to be blind and something that is very evident to a third party name may be unclear to you they very important to have these people that impact in your life who can give you consult in the other perspective in an eight this type of the statement and me you like a kind to in a lot better in math classes this has been called the necessary and sufficient condition for ungodly consult there's a bit of the benefits with him not very we need to have them in our life but is not sufficient in this way you cannot rely on your percent on death accounts of other people you know what to do with your life I will very not consistent they are very consult from the window remember that first one I went going to before we need to get consult from God verse informal the godly consult with the protection and confirmation also help us to think rightly but we need we need to get an answer back and there's no compromise that I working the warehouse of certification from people opinion sometime you want me visiting and it is dry you you would probably not stirred it wasn't anything are not what you do and you help your friend and baby saved fine you know maybe I can do it I mean everyone thinks everyone wrongly think that I am this be aware that we do they even get into into this mode of thinking some education because everyone is saying applied it looks fine to me the fact that perhaps nobody named or perhaps already clear to you that you shouldn't do ascending readers want to do it for you speaking felt that the begins and reminded people so this is that that the twists right you need to have godly counsel people and give you advice in your life by you need to measure it and waited in the proper context and that it is subject or it is inferior or is presently in subject to whatever and not revealing to you that they will think or if you live in the Univision is asking the right questions was talking about in life you know we had determined a motive thinking copyright as an important not to answer I'm a commission on the Dragon event in engineering flattening the bulk of my time doing research to let what an amazing academic negative effect in employing tools of basis Oregon or arena where you don't even know what the problem paint eagerness you want to do something that has never been done before in the guidelines in the formula is not like Tom you know that I'm beginning and then you get you get past that and said that the right answer you know you need to get into my home with the Lord but you need to apply about that any trying to move into our move forward but the field further and in the guidelines and there's no way how some time which way is right it was when I'm not until needed for the future and for the person that I have will determine where I'm going to go when we ask big questions like this is the person I'm going to marry one of Anthony expecting not to say it's a yes or no question right then it's a question that you have frames of mind and I think Francis am not the type of trying to tell you something else when you do not have to question your mind is not ready for me being that answer on he was like that going to ask a yes or no question bring down the price I requested like that am I going to miss school or that in Dublin and I gave breakdown what we go to Harvard as opposed to going out in August the location nearest features environment in cabinet ministry am how I you get being applied in different situations were different locations may not know that the questions to answerable question it's all it needs about how material the answer that you're expecting it either Harvard Oriental but in reviewing with position to make each of those have associated other details as he ought to bring down the question on to be able to answer for example is there a church nearby and I'm going to be to have a support group I bear on how to how is that going to impact my life and when we are going to all these new questions it is one of the and judgment they don't get laid by my incidents like all these different find an event happening think all of those into account is in general you don't think the big new door conclude right away and and take everything into account we've improperly knit enclave and I think I got an unbiased gather data linking properly and him and trust that God will reveal to you in a way that he can understand so you don't forget about it if you know someone who's done this time things to discover what God 's will for your life am it going but he may not weaken in any medium or maybe got up to him or her that way I don't need that that that will work for you I like for example I tend to be the logical person to find on emotion I defined in the think of anything although even in those things happen it doesn't do anything to mean not a lot in that mindset am gone and he will reveal it to you in the way that you will know an end business is an easy evening prayer and God want you to understand his will and mind and then put the answer somewhere in another where it is in fact it accessible to you the top and online through question given that you have a purity of heart and obedience and humility you know everything that we talk about before applies here as well want to know if the talking about knowing your natural inclinations what are you like knowing us on the very important and that applies to all different questions they were talking about should I pursue education ministry or my working and going to school we should he attached yourself for the rest of your life if unfamiliar with cover your abilities interests and gets these are not random God has given you about certain ways of thinking were all wired differently and we like and we don't like the things that are on the quality of their distinct from others discover what these are for you and this will help you determine where you can go on with situations that your situation what I bought Robin and you want to do certain things but in the door is an open ban is does not open rate watch what God is doing which doors are which we I was how do you provide for you which way it is easy to read and feel calm the things that happen in your life and cannot and will not end up watching the cable nothing happened and when the news I mean this is my mind everything up and in that gathering of data that you consider everything okay and you bring built into prayer and have a conversation with God one where God is leading life when God is doing your life when we do nothing at all if you take action and and he was referred to the limits is sometime the people at pray and pray and pray and pray and never meet the vision some things will never be clear unless you move forward the action engaged in service especially in the knowing yourself space when you are quiet and when you engage yourself in communities and ensures an servant interact with others your campaign you reveal needed you know you rock characters with other people if they've been convicted of these conflicts you learn from others and reveal certain things from you to disappoint in neo- Christianity by the effluent is not giving up or something if they give up their salt and you and you will find your real self lose your life and you will save it something that you have not given away will be revealed to talk to him by pointing out any and it is social situations for example the conductivity of this quote if you're trying to be original in time for others to like you you actually locking means that that's not going to happen when you lose yourself when you forget what you know we still focus limited to focus on one baklava meaning a meaning which I will invest no wondering whether anything that you do an errand that time and time to get out your room means there is a limit to hopping and clear within the premise of your own bedroom right and didn't ferment in front with others and this will reveal the fate of your character abilities and gifts and interest I realized immediately that I like it or not they are not crazy about them anymore you know even if you explain your covenant and Experian discover anything mentioned before the attack there is no one and refine interactions with others when we are in indicators for example if the conflict that argument beneath you I have been agreement this is a cancer I love to act as either have the character of Christ it's easy sometimes to be Christian we need to fire itself no one bothering me I'm a good Christian when you know no one thinking angry maybe it is not a rules on last year they visit the reason being that you don't know whether you have about temperament collective faith with this information to get out engage in service somebody will not be there to be defined or admitted for ultimate curiosity never city of experience on and in many ways exist to new mayonnaise no rebar Weber and engage in different community service are different products than in the area of future Klonopin ministries is a very bad when you do something funny to reveal to you this is going to be your life work for the rest of the why buy there a end there will and you can explore a few different things actually where young people like I we don't know honestly think that we need to know what we are going to the rest of my life and find her passion a briber would guide sometimes you get out and you and will forward your past will find you a you never know don't be close minded experience developing if you can experience different culture if you widen your horizon widening perspective they can meet up against I didn't get on another the books I really like the book and a lot of different interests to have enough I said things and I really interested in the thing practical to gain with them if you miss one payment in the event you want to take away our one-day wonder remember when one practical thing from this seminar is the consummate habit of inflection last night in their emotions whether this needs us to number our days and we may gain a heart of wisdom given a habit that will make you why they're guaranteed take time to reflect the time to think about what happened to you by midday but the money but be here never leave an event never leave an event like this do I see without reflection going to go home and goes to work are seeking studying everything we're doing without thinking what is that God has taught me anything useful to record this could have a method of recording what are your life and they all laughing over time I began on another great way to do it I very only person in the block I use that tool undelete you can do in his loan able to note that on the mental right and you move for any walk with Christ over time is teaching you different things that have been on normally do I mean without reflecting what any of the agreement got my knee is doing not as a pertaining to the big life questions that you're asking that this got well for me but in general I can be a better Christian media better on album by one another God is teaching me and you and you require that an over time and you look back and we are one year you can see where our the past when God had let you and it will give you perspective and how to move our understanding seem to deviate or not and got deleted another direction they didn't give the prospective rank like you especially your personal journey is different than the person next to you know all about them and haven't been going to UNC eating the same thing where similar clothes when your spiritual journey is different and unbelieving meeting each of our life in very rare to think when the one meet you you are the Christian and the seven thousand and eight currently we don't require that we are not intentional we don't know and we go through life and where the retirement age and still wondering what you got one for me was like late right I mean me with the lifetime so don't lose opportunities to reflect again on the event originally meant to be going to retreat revival on Bergman I reflect what happened on here how do you grow the hair regularly your reminder New Year's found selling in the event on abdomen and pelvis I went on and let you and then you see that the empty patterns how to formulate I collect a lot of different online event want development we can see that a bigger picture of your laptop got a fairly good meeting or random acts of the possible if the blood is not love in word the possible right but in deed and in truth the completeness of Christian character is a pain when the end all the help and left other things constantly from within it at that and left running the thought the believer in making a favor like the life and enable God bless the work when the need to do what it was it have anything to do with Bothwell incident at Fenway Park the impulse to help and bless others with whom Bothwell to write when I am in Buffalo does it make on your face is then baked things in our particular line but got you all think with being a good patient being kind and loving your neighbor that the will to unite obedience in the things that God had shown you our unique act of nineteen but that they want to highlight from this escort him back there is time when God commands when bought well and become so internalized that you buy impulse all about well read more than one setting is that the completeness of you are a few in your end I want home if one of the golden we want to and Paul Peter Bothwell and their friends to help them under his come to you naturally and constantly in and of the laughing and we just don't want well not by external information midweek me know immediately nobody we know it because we are happy and warm as a basis of infection when the backend and being able to understand Bothwell on not just not now quite sent but also enacted a innermost knife man being obedient time for him to be in accordance with possible your time is okay unless and in and will and one more following eleven rest and the fear of the Lord in the beginning of wisdom a good understanding have all those who do it going back to that immediate heart is that a good understanding have all those who do his commandments if you obey God you will have a better understanding progress for more than seven win them and the principal thing therefore get wisdom in all your getting get understanding we need to be thinking this thing but I I don't work in my spirit I don't see a lot of talk about no young people being why getting getting with them so I think this is important and sometimes missing him we have young people have to be intentional in getting with them and got up this is a beautiful plumbing Job the twenty while we all turned their lives will be laughing for most I very very poetic and revealed that this area affect them up with them on a printed I'm righted anytime and talking to made me nicely to win the next thing that makes you make the right decision the twenty eighth versus twelve to twenty is that but where shall wisdom be found where the place of understanding when you get this manual is not the prime Toronto neither in and found in the land of the living example that it is not in the defeat that it is not with me it cannot be gotten from either October be wait for the Primera it cannot be valued with the gold over or the precious onyx or that the fire the goal and the Crystal cannot equally an exchange of it sometime before you'll than fine gold no mention shall be made of world of Perl for the price of wind and an above movie the government in Ethiopia equally neither shall he be valued with pure gold when that comes with them where the place of understanding seeing it it came from the eyes of all living and kept both from the file all of the air destruction and that they would have heard of the fame thereof with our ears gone and the way they are you know if the plate Berra when he looks at the end of the earth and speed under the four to make the wait for the wind you waved the water by measure when you need a decree for the rain and await for the lightning of the funder then the easy it and declare you prepared in game effects rack for it and commanded that people the fear of the Lord Linda at the department evil is understanding finally father we come to a knowledge thing and we are on why people and we definitely need your wisdom father to be a faithful account of yours and alternate positions in our life that we can to live for and realize you're not unless I really are and even though half the women in our life cleanup and mother program we live in an and this is what is in my seeing you my seat supporting Seventh-day Adventist seems to him and I and I said as I downloaded versus other resources visit us online at UNC when and where a and I


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