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Where are the Fireworks?

Josephine Elia



  • December 31, 2012
    3:00 PM
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to this message and see what I see two thousand twelve hundred Seattle Washington and other resources in us online at www. IC with Donald Daphne I have a life I last day I will anyway be in we ought I morning and evening I wouldn't ban on creating a culture of a missionary mindset you know in the church and my God will address how to wilt research to and I you and its part of it will also to reach out to others and fulfilling in the rate I went in when I was on the linked to salmonella I urge this court that rent one from Mahatma Gandhi in France there are people in the world were so hungry that document then except in the form of bread and beer so hungry God to them in the form of Brett we need to need to look at the needs of the world right and fulfill them in ways that are not conventionally united giving Bible studies or seminars that fulfilling their needs and ministry them all I think I did a little plaque underneath I seem to make a move flip to the community event involving all how many of you that college students are highly of you are high school students of whom it out viewer but I am not involved in this ministry called and you him area cycle the student on a secular university I can't print them right now and what this ministry is doing and have been involved within the past four and half years on a list during my guided parties is a networking organization that link up out of the students were studying at popular universities as we go any universities we desire to be not as regular students but in the method for price right on a lot out of this ability to quickly universities and losing their faith I have not coming to church anymore we want to you have to network me up with the student before him there's a temptation for many other distractions at school we need to keep the young people in the church as well as evangelizing unities universities have had about the student and eighteen to twenty two BR is what people are searching and mail it to us if we need again and we want a binder like the mission field people from all over the world people from Middle Eastern from all parts of the world know where we will never go perhaps they come to be any and in this place they know we can rub shoulders with future leaders of the world perhaps and we can share the gospel with them it can impact the world and e-mail he said the gospel spreading the world anyway so we are in the mid-Atlantic region soap treating mice from New York down to Virginia in one seven eight right now about thirty campuses in the network we meet up a few times a year the training of the Bible and his on-campus school demanded theories on the secular universe I am happening campaign about or will be mechanical and I be happy to talk to you will luck with the get connected and is rallied together for the cost of God is thanks to a little of it in case any of you that are in the area okay so will basically begin our last session on the engine had been here in the beginning I found a really great week basically directly in the last session keep in mind all anything that we've been going through right B infections are not just no one in itself you'll find the principle of the previous one for this one to so will do a little review of the previous action and envelope are the material for the session and finally conclude before we do that why not lead by I have prepare other new heaven and to continue in our journey to discover your well until being alone the following father after that he will continue to give us that hard and wants to follow want to obey on give us a teachable spirit of humility that is we cannot make it ourselves father we need you to get back to us and please knew about an hour you must of Holy Spirit you demonstrate him and so I leave you time the first section by the prerequisite which runs through all elaborate the point of knowing God will is to follow it and there's no point of going through this ordeal of discovering Bothwell if we're not going to follow it for the purity of my obedience him I said hi know why I feel anyone got that not that we pop about following the known will of God the son alone video eleven got expressed will of God in his Word and contract with our feelings that we shouldn't rely impression alone as a guide to beauty and warnings about following in making decisions based on feelings only and then it sends with the maximum principal how do you get with them that we can make a recognition out not knowing God will I not just in a kind of information out of God by knowing God himself we know that will be good we know each character we know what he liked and avenues to do that would commune with God through Bible study and taking time to reflect so you know any study that looked to student went in your student time and you and your semester or half a exam time to reflect what independent actually learning we study to gain knowledge but when reflecting with thick time to reflect out what it meant that God has taught you in our spiritual life in all kinds of experiences that developing life and in the key point here is that God can reveal his will do I thought were my black character in time for me to invite at the time for us to be like Jesus proclamation of character because the will becomes natural to visit what that town I didn't put in the last one but I am very vapor finds from the desire of ages I will be come from the heart it was hard work with price and we then he will so identify himself with our thought and aim sold Glen our hearts and minds into conformity will that when obeying him we shall be back carrying out our own impulses the well refined and countrified will find its highest delight in doing his service when we know God and it are privileged to know him our lives will be a life of continual obedience is wonderful that the perfection of Christian character that would neither got one's fellow mice to align in-line with our mind of why we commune with God nor by what they want our minds to become informed incontinence he will align himself work with my father aims and when we all being gone it are in Paul's you know how I talk a lot about warning against impulse of her outfit and popular passion making the vision that the Indians in that sense on this is one of the few you both waste unit work and all in a positive theory and positive our immediate reflection immediate reaction rate that reflects think about when our impulse obedience will of God not one God want us to do reveal his will and aligned with our will and in the next section this is out of the fourth one of when God says no when we do when discouragement or answer that God revealed last is not and are expected and as we expected or not when we exactly one thing that is will him encouragement for me personally to come from the ministry of healing the forty hi Don this is helping the living our plans are not always one unique being that it is best for and pocket costs to refuse our very best intentions he did indicate of David and their then very many reasons why God they know right from time to our requests are selfish and sometimes it doesn't do any good to the world of things caught but I even even when we asked in orbit very best intention for example when David wanted to build this temple of God he love God I think there is so much to look at them if you want to build a country for God in that cave got to know because of their with a request there I think that David himself with a man a black white not the note but David did ask from his neighborhood but got the new the computer year but one thing we may be assured he will bless and use in advancement of his cause those who sincerely devote themselves at all behalf and glory if he's even not invent a desire he will counterbalance the refusal by giving them focus of his love and trust think of them another service no one got them know is not just how you again within no utility we can be assured of this that he will counterbalance our disappointment name is our best intentions and use in things but not then know your constant balance that if he is all he'll are disappointment by giving us hope in the middle of you will feel a special presence of God on special token of love that even though you can know you know what I think that you remember but when you're going through that is encouragement and support convention not in the meeting got our redemption when really we may not be following God first and primary line drive but God 's redemption is soulful and why and even though even though we deem it from his plan to redeem it I ended advice and encouragement for affairs like that the plan is advanced on Saturday when we make one simple mistake there is a visit will end in the book of education that even really really fascinating how can you have read the book of education are you able but the education and my favorite strata property book I would encourage all to read it especially students but the question is obviously doesn't exist anything about that affect my worldview as much of this one but there in the first chapter which is less than often chapter out like that when I came from the creators had been born in a physical mental and spiritual needs are a likeness filmmaker it was the purpose of God 's purpose that the long-term men live more fully he said revealed the panic more fully reflect the glory of the Creator all faculties were capable of development the capacity and vigor will continually to increase in continuing the eternal ages he would have continued to gain new treasures of knowledge frustrated that happiness and to obtain clear and yet clear conception him them power and eleven by more and more fully when he felt the object in the creation of more and more fully reflect that the creators glory and think about that right at him and Eve were made perfect notes then perfect I went by perfection in the initial initial creation in the initial plan that got there I think people there something growth and having united when we get to heaven will fill convenient about God 's plan was that the longer you live with each day than men when they he would reflect the creator more and more reflective image more and more and God created men and women in his image and they would reflective image this will be sure and to earn the longer my left eye there is if the path of continual growth and we understand of course this plan is not that is shopping right on then I would need then and they end us this whole detour of thing coming at the pretty huge and mass media report wouldn't say so got first plan that includes it was disrupting by when you find when you wait in the book of education one of the last things they are the last I think if I'm that has been in the school the subject matter is the universe and God is the teacher on top of my mindnumbing of you are like what a nerd on the meter in heaven will continue to know more and more about the universe of my but the plan of salvation by nature you know me think of fighting fires in heaven or or maybe it is the continual growth L when documenting the problem from the start from sin he will before the initial plan and we will continue to reflect his image more and more as we grow and provide plan and were going to plan B and then ending up in the initial state right by renaming power is still harmful thing redemption so all of that after making sure our heart is pure in applying the principles of the Bible to discover God 's will after knowing what to do with his appointments are not as no they're doing and document demands from from my mistakes from sin and wickedness this last seminar which I found where the fireworks basically I just want to spend some time not as new information but an encouragement to all of us when when we are already following the one we follow that will attract nearby has revealed to us we have aligned our will with God 's will and we follow it what happened that is at the end happily ever after three hours of basketball right with it the story continues rate out what happens when you're going through and walking with God on things disguised men and higher income and it is important to keep that in mind and cannot be wavered in our assurance of God 's will because of incidences so soul one within a look at the education of the Israelites the school in the wilderness left open our Bibles the exhibition the twelfth exodus after twelve and it is a life well all through my God and inability panic in the wilderness they were naturally being led by God right there were literally three following God 's will come in our daily experiences they had a leader which was the pillar of and in Moses so let out at the twelfth this is the story at the end of the ten plagues where the Israelites were about to leave starting in verse thirty one and he called for Moses and Aaron by night and said right and get you forth from among my people will be in the children of Israel and go serve the Lord and you have set also take your flocks and your herds and have yet said be gone and bless me also and it gets infiltrated the people that they might send them out of the land indicates for these that we be on admin existence where your writing the Israelites to leave because their firstborn were dying with thirty one the people that their dog before it was eleven and ending throws being bound up in their close on their shoulders the children of Israel did according to the word of Moses and the borrowing of the Egyptians jewels jewels of silver and jewels and gold and raiment and the Lord gave the people favor in the sight of Egyptians so that they lent to them such things as they require at least what they get anything about that better life they were enslaved for hundreds of years in Egypt nation of slave because I didn't particularly like them at this point because they were experiencing all these plates because you're holding measure like that when they get out there is a light borrowing from Nathan Nathanson were really giving them away Helene Sebring got going on if you favor there is no limit to what people will give you this if you want something to the end of the academic end of the home the doctor taking half the self-cleaning day of the Lord to bring the children out of the land of Egypt by their army during the first phase of following God 's will in this particular instance when thoughtful to bring the Israelites out of Egypt there's than a needle excitement have to say last night but it is still on adrenaline rush and if you aren't commandline great for young analogous to the Christian experience the initial phase the accident known there were so excited imagine they were in flames were hundreds of years of people are born generations were born in flavoring agent in Egypt thirteen next sound just maybe one piece over at thirteen versus twenty two twenty two and date for their journey from subprime and encountering even eat them in the head of the wilderness and the Lord went before them by day in a pillar of a cloud to leave them the way and by night in a pillar of fire to give them light to go by day and night he took not away the pillar of cloud by day nor the pillar of fire by night from before the people when you follow God 's well she'll give you this way when it got caught where he will sustain you you will provide very in the eleven two welding right and what after a lot of people I gave them a physical in the long identification Herman president leading and dying by the pillar of cloud and then write in the wilderness was exporting by day the pillar of cloud would sell them about their feet when square by night it felt cool near the wilderness and really cold at night the pillar of fire keep them warm when they were having a luxurious comfortable living arrangement in the wilderness God with meeting them out of Egypt they followed God and he gave them what they needed I leave you with Mitterrand would give the manna they could say God 's mercies are new every morning you know and it's exciting all of this is good initial excitement of God leading and this is good and if the forgotten part of it there's nothing wrong with being fired when followed up well when you go to him welcome Jenny on in chapter fourteen at fourteen starting in verse one sixty four chapter fourteen the Bible says use the pillar cloud of fire with reading rate in the new wilderness and edge of the wilderness before the going verse one and the like they can do more than saying speak to the children of Israel at the trend and count or be harmed your it's a big doll and the sea over against Bossi find before a cell neat before it so he and Kemp privacy for Pharaoh will say of the children is bitter and Feingold in the land wilderness has set them in and I will harden Pharaoh 's heart and he shall follow after them LL.B. on it upon all the colors that Egyptians me know that I am the Lord FL who told me you got right and got told them it might be at this point jump hubris nine if that but the Egyptians pursued after them all the horses and chariots of arrow and his horsemen and his army and over them and camping by the design he had your before about the one in the exact same thing right so is ungodly leading them to a particular place you know before they going on with fine being followed by financing by the water maybe I and what between verse for verse nine what happened with a distant and current to them at the Israelite would be attacked in the wilderness it encrypted them hate media ninja to go after them and he did so the Egyptians pursued there is a light privacy and verse ten the children of Israel lifted up their eyes they get since March after them and they were sore afraid and the children of Israel cried out under the Lord and he said unto Moses because there were no ratings yet have now taken it away to die in the wilderness where or when thou dealt with it what I need that see where they were led by God to count on fault like in the end right but it was gone actually brought them there so so it when we follow God there is certain things are certain situations where a name like that it went incommunicado leading unit in this situation is not where led by God to this hello and I want to do when they were when they realize that all my gosh they might actually die here they murmured against the right instead of having faith instead of remembering the deliverance of God it in the beginning they murmured against God against Moses Mister King was people fear ye not then spell and see the foundation of the Lord which he will show you today when they get sent whom you have a good day HLV them again no more forever and if the contract up our attitude when we are facing this country to follow God and that there are situations that feel like that end this one choice which is the murmur and to complete against God on the other hand the reaction and women gave should be our example which is he emphasized to me when I living as this court in Cooper Ministry of environment page but it says that you should add and pop at that your faith is invincible exercise in a child and with argument of their child is opportunities to exercise their faith and sometimes he just can't your feelings or even your your senses you need to exercise your faith and be sure in God wasn't here that are on he knew that God would not let them out of Egypt why would God destroy them now more than even gotten back to seed the founding of the Lord at this point wasn't really know what God would do yet God was going to reveal it in the ensuing but he exercised faith right he could see beyond and exercising faith and at that price you know we don't need to know everything actually even when we don't know if you have faith and believe in God after the meeting but the Lord shall fight for you and you shall hold your peace the Lord sent along this where I now I'm partly because many children of Israel that they go forward that led up to try and stretch out thine hand over the sea and divided the children of Israel shall go on dry ground that in the ascendancy September nineteen and the angel of God because Adam and their Israelites were moving moving you a path and parted the party Angel delight which went before the camera 's raw and pillar of fire for before it was mentioning that and I looked at the guy would go before them this angel the Lord which went before the camp of Israel removed and went behind them and not decline went from before their face instead behind them and it came between the camp of the Egyptians and the camp of Israel and it was a cloud and darkness to them but it gives light by night to these so that one came not near the other alternate in assassinating this out was the leader right he was leaning it was going before the Israelites every step that is life God already went before them know when this situation came anyway from pursuing them I had occasion over and above the camp of Israelite a move behind them and it became the mediator ordered that all the divider between the Israelites and the Egyptians and what's fascinating is that you gave light to the Israelite and gave darkness the Egyptians what now so when we go to follow back well we can be sure I probably did and protection some of the things that became a challenge or danger some people are the very things that are our action the good weather and got back plan well so it is only the stateless weight could be to be what God want to be it is always a favorite of an matter what happens around you even early church no matter where they went the same way that they could be with inbox well wherever the Spirit led that would be the safest place to describe cloud when became from Debbie from becoming from being the leader became a source of protection for them the children of Israel went in the myth of the seats on dry ground and the wall near the water became a while them I was penis a challenge night became the first perfection and we don't authority a defense pursued them and when they were in the middle of the ocean the water came and basically the enemies of the Israelites through the strike rate but some of the last verses of this chapter in verses twenty nine into fourteen the children of Israel walk on dry land in the midst of the sea in the water for a wall unto them I'm on the right hand and on their lap of the Lord eight eight zero nine days out of the hand of the Egyptians and Israel's law they didn't back up on the shore and Israel saw that great work with the lack get one Egyptian the people fear the Lord and believe the Lord and his servant Moses at first it seemed like God was leading them to him him about God knew what we were going to do on that see which way a barrier for them split became dry ground and got better them in a very mighty way I stopped there they were singing and dancing and celebrating of God they deliver notices but often we hear testimonies right a great deliverance from God on incident but I believe dramatic and even these are part of experience with my father got twelve error challenges and I will help you overcome them and we shut staying and rejoice and praise God but not all the wisdom is right right these are the beginnings and God was establishing them awakening eighth in them they could actually got a good trust them in his providence and contract an infection I'll buy you a defendant in time in the wilderness for forty forty years right honey time that the deceased was before that one is beginning and got the water up again near door of Jordan when they were close to Katie and him but you know forty forty years and sixty five days of Watergate I didn't give the manner continuously but it's not like we saw the part that the everything okay I then I Bible the numbers happening members at the name verses fifteen to twenty three continuing the journey of the Israelites in the wilderness and this pillar of cloud and was their leader him we are not the cloud cover at the Tabernacle new independent testimony and even nailing upon the tabernacle had to work the appearance of fire until the morning on Friday I though it was always the cloud covered it by day and appearance of fire by night and when the cloud was taken up from the tabernacle then asked about the children and yet it is wrong journey in the place went where the cloud abode they are the children of Israel could step to see this was embarrassing on the Spiller on with their signal on where to go when that cloud descended upon the tabernacle that is just and fair and when would look that up on Tabernacle and they wouldn't this was how they journeyed in the wilderness was eighteen at the commencement of the Lord the children of Israel journeyed and the commandment of the Lord the pitch as long as the cloud abode upon the tabernacle they arrested in intent and when the class long upon the tabernacle many days and the children of Israel kept the charge of the Lord and journeyed not and so it was when the clouds with a few days upon the tabernacle according to the commandment of the Lord be avoiding the tenth and according to the commandment of the Lord be doing in this happens again and again that the commandment of the Lord they know that the commandment of the Lord business called obedience obedience in trusting God meeting when God is moving the new movement got caught up to five it is not about if I'm not going to kid and watching on continuously you don't get that content but Hugo went by it that the reason why we want to follow that will is not really because of the rewards are what the will is now you want to be went on want to be and you want to be with God right back to being the source of following and well ended and we love until the last we want to be where he is every following as well beyond twenty one so it was when the cloud abode and even under the morning the cloud was taken up in the morning and date then again when he was banking on my night of the journey now look at this rate went when the cost it whenever the cloud rises out then the children wouldn't amended by gain from the bank business highly obese in a you you go where God you to go home when God reveals your real rebuild as well and then you go and that I believe obedience and disobedience you need to trust God 's timing and open a Wendy's custom rate was twenty two when the regular to the days or a month or a year but the clouds carried upon the tabernacle remaining there on the children of Israel aboard an attempt and any not what he was thinking of the journey at the commandment of the Lord directed independent commandment of the Lord a journey to catch the charge of the Lord of the commandment of the Lord by the hand of Moses you bitch on a light fall Robinson got every day there's some activism fun of them got every day but it wasn't just the fireworks then apply it with how the island there are some some moments some key event that will cause even rejoices greatly when we follow that will buy but they are also regular duties right that Kathy Minister of healing helping the leaving of one of the Feingold to a lot because it's you that the bulk of the Christian the hardest thing I've been having you there's nothing going on there's nothing there's nothing I'm halfway clapping killer you know we like a testimony that night this God that Nancy was dramatic funding needs immediately on how many can pacify Holly Dewey in a Hauppauge by I live in a faithful defendant regulating the bulk of the Christian life daily living day in day out obedient to the will of God I love this verse is because it reflects the Atlantic and I would guess that it like yours to not like every day we attend innovative and that's exciting these are likely while losing the regular days again not as new information I'm sure you document and encouragement sometimes get discouraged when nothing is going on when they nearly apply in our daily life remember the discouragement of an even thoughtful exchange for you remember the lessons that we learned when we contract the feeling from the word of God that we don't impressive alone as a guide for duty when we are following up on the fighting in his well normally live to your feelings the Armenian as it is what God wants me to do anymore don't let your feelings beautiful guide of your thinking may be needed as Evan Coppola for me when you discouragement sometimes it means that God is teaching you and your perseverance I'll know we've all had valuable sometimes we get so scared of committing to something long-term right from everything that I live in a two or three years on getting a five him laughing Wolf out of my life right but the event by Azinger and Durand became this is only that you want to reveal to you that you may not realize it may not learn all that God wants to teach you if you only short while if you only come into my you want in the bigger picture and patients can calm during the regular days colleges sent to accept a five accent that I we we come across the story of an identifier verse one into but a certain man named Ananias with a five wife sold a possession in the back part of the price also be imputed to it and bought a certain point and related and endangers times I wanted anything from time for all of Apple is the one who will more than an sophomore than God himself don't covet the luncheon got nothing more than got be open to let go we don't go to cling onto God 's blessing from God he worth more than a white our commitment should be God himself because we love him and we probably will enter the Genesis chapter fifteen verse one you would accept the five versus one into the unit this double story basically get there in this chapter fifteen verse one gone with begin to Abram at this time is that these beings the word of the Lord I have been paying they are not a random eye I feel and thy exceeding great reward later on God reveals to him that he would have a fun through belief there the promise on but here the meat of his and got if they I am your shield and I and your exceeding great reward the reward of following God is not having her some material material but things the reward is God himself and anyone trying to communicate don't cling onto the blessing of God a very great reward one of either 9/11 Ellen it got that I am your exceeding great reward be aware of and be awesome sometimes we would follow up well and you know nothing good happening or is you regular days is like comparing your calling the family out of calling home perhaps not it is not anything new but just be aware of this fight that tendency to compare your calling with someone over calling your child is decided by God for you alone and when Bunyan Leslie again then according to mercy according to your needs remember the parable you know that the master spent the day wages wages through different people in a more working all day working the third hour the six hour they love the power workers every one of them got a decent wage is because each of them need it back easily when a family unit is not about a metabolic comparing he do or how good you are the next person God gets according to the next aggrandizement according to what you need I how you are from canvassing to summarize my number came before that time the Taliban competitive I'm not how it is beyond the stillbirth I really will not really noncompetitive life I do well what else is in the night I went everything I realize only did I know I actually would compare myself to all what the other person know how much the baby today on the books that they fell out compare myself to them no end of this I am in every Ya but everything is fine you know it must be me praying whatever and I didn't feel badly but in my heart it reveals to me that I know I I compare myself with others and I have this envy you comparing comparing myself to others and when they donned me that is not about your ability or few or even your faithfulness that God will reward how many books are the highest money will get a acting among the people went accounting program in some of them needs a scholarship to go to school some of them will do different financial situations God will give each student according to what the right is not about who is the better cabinets and the other got questions and blessings according to the so be aware of these things I'm sure there are others but it was aware that these things could happen to be prepared no then we can ask is that our faith when we come across them and letting the floor tiles are opportunities for face this is a powerful quote from that same top a ministry of healing to the forty exam God never leaves his children why they wouldn't use the new head you big baby at the beginning and then the glory of the purpose which they are fulfilling coworkers with mathematical statement it's saying that if we know what God knows if we could see I got the God who can feed and from the beginning right if we can see what he sees we want exactly what happened was biblical God wants to happen to them exactly what we want in fact who actually choose that Ativan that anything made that you need to make it we meet when we are okay how when we've gone through the trials but they live in a a mentor this statement is a bad harder when we're actually in the middle child right up a little story I when I get my first year and I did study that your two thousand nine it was the end of the spring semester my dad had a heart problem so I got a phone call you know earlier in the year is something wrong with his heart have to go through surgery open surgery to begin otherwise evening according to the consult of Doctor if you didn't go through this experience and he would have need of a year year to live him worthless so went to get the surgery Malaysia lives in Indonesia and in a round may be more sure if no meeting February he had the surgery open-heart surgery to replace the vial it is not functioning properly you know I was out there and in Princeton New Jersey going over that experience was super scary rate began hi all I think our and I like my dad sibling figuring out no I'm a big happen I'm here numeric if they very scary so the surgery went well seemingly there that day but if you later in our body is already gone home recovering up while he would wet handling talk I looked like everything was going well he was recovering from surgery in one day and at the end of March on this article call from my mom that my dad was in a coma at the hospital and that me and my siblings would have to go home immediately so we get that we left our classes I went to go home the day before I left I realized that I may be going home to say goodbye a couple days after that we left that we we arrived in Indonesia I got going it was it was a Friday night may not trust away I stayed in Indonesia for a couple weeks but that night before I left when I realized many Donna and me that God is doing this it may be gone well that that he would not suffer anymore and that he would sleep and my knees almost all night to pray right and this this quote came to my mind and my need was filed in all of that refusing to go until God gave me something in this something you know an understanding and answer something I didn't want to get up in this file into my mind it is the children of God could see the end from the beginning they would choose him God will transform all when I train you know the feelings they wanted and why do we have to go through to the mind and the other thing I actually believe this in means that if I can feel above me I would want this if it is actually but my gut tonight went back to sleep at this time if I could see in the end I still find that the ungodly hour want the exact same thing to happen not really like that in the midst of trial but the same cannot have faith enough in opportunity for free and I of course know that troublesome for writing and I remain in pair until I change until I could receive and finally I find grace are finding that there is safe to say Lord I want what you want in the middle of trial would mean it is phase that Klingon got him stay in prayer believe the work coming to choose the truth of this quote is passed and when we're going to trial to be able to say God knows what is best for me and I want one on one I got a note I can do for them I got in Iran but I somehow I feel that he would be but apparently not that not the way on the lifetime for you his children would choose God Emily officially underway and he would choose to be led if they could see the end from the beginning and defend the glory of the purpose was never filling as coworkers with him is a quote from the same chapter you can see how do I angle back ASAP why are you all upon to endure a trial telling that the Lord is even founding pastor which he desires to develop if he thought nothing whereby he might not like I didn't mean he would not spend time in refining he does not half worthless going into the furnace is malleable or that he refined the blacksmith put the iron and steel into the fire that he may know what manner of metal they are the Lord all of his children went to be placed in the furnace of affliction to prove what they are off and whether they can be flashing orange work unhindered trial when you look at how to reminisce up to something faster than you that he wants to refine the message about protection on these two verses are promised that in Klingon to when we are following up well we can be assured of his perfection that I have to why does the Lord will be to her he was going aloft by a roundabout and I will be the glory in the midst of them got it going to be the wall of protection around you Zechariah two eight four that and the Lord of hosts an employee had sent me his messengers the nations who plundered you for he who touches you Apple and Google and if I am enclosing a found this quote and we talk about hauling Bothwell listening sending invoice this is an encouragement improvement in all Ubuntu that all who are under training of God need the quiet hour for communion with that one heart with nature and with God in them is to be revealed a life that is not harmony with a while actresses and the need to have a personal experience in obtaining a knowledge of the will of God we must individually hearing and speaking to the heart when every other boys in class and I we week before him the silence of the filmmakers want to think the voice of God the bit that be still and know that I am God we need to have met individual personal experience in knowing why we went through all of this appeared in our communion with God is essential you have godly consoles around you on ninety there not a substitute to praying and listening to God we have encouragement when God says no bottom he was our pair he never leave us alone he can be the less I mistake and you can be with us in our in these irregularities when we need is a walk with God spatial modeling climbing no third and urine testing talk about last night fixing our eyes on God and not other people on bays to the call that God has try and one day when they'd have been well have met ultimate hindsight to twenty twenty one to all of our questions will be answered but closed with a worker friendly father went through quite a bit of a journey in talking about how we can discover your will at the core of the father we want to come to you to say that we desire to follow your will and we acknowledge fully that that statement is sometimes pure motive but have mixed motives and agendas but we ask father that you will a properly far south that he can make us perfect on that he can cover us with your righteousness and I pray sincerely for an individual in this room and in this conference and we may be those children will be in perfect obedience obedience perfect there is no longer even in a simulation when want something in the thing name of anyone like me I only like the one you are in a business suit he was reported as you are seeing to my seat supporting Seventh-day Adventist seems in and in and I said as I downloaded urges other resources visit us online at UNC when a a a a and I


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