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How We Can Tell When Jesus Will Return

Herbert Douglass


During his 60 year ministry, Dr. Herbert Douglass has served as a college theology professor, Atlantic Union College president, vice-president of a publishing house, president of Weimar Institute, vice-president for philanthropy at Adventist Heritage Ministry, and most recently, as consultant for Amazing Facts Ministry.  Author of many books and articles, Dr. Douglass earned his doctorate in 1964 at the Pacific School of Religion, Berkeley, California.



  • October 7, 2006
    10:00 AM
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him very interesting times in fact unparalleled time unprecedented times in fact were living in times that were predicted many years ago and I said last night and overseeing more sensible after all we are going to go with time only and that is know what I'm talking about only Adventist old how the end will come many many people talk about the return of Jesus in fact the books above merger of Jesus on the bookshelves and in the supermarkets and everywhere a comfortable director of Jesus but not like you and I understand the return of Jesus where the only one thought about the end of the world but what do I want to know what's what and who we are the only ones who know where it will end the Sentinel will talk about how I know when Jesus will return and how Google as well and it only added in the snow how would all get sorted out when he comes I assure you no one the group of people know how it will all and with who is where those simple questions and I say again only and that is no one talking about underwear this is boldly is not on station since simple facts not because we thought about because it was given to us because we just have to read the Bible as it was meant to be read as we listen to the messages of the Lord while these pages and the messenger of the Lord of God is given to us to get us into the harbor as our harbor pilot will never find the port unless living carefully the messenger of the Lord no but people don't see this big picture they forever are oscillating back and forth between a certain measure of peace at and anxiety you doing we all do it we know what it's like the anxiety of just plain living in this crazy world where you have to pay the rent business world where tensions are not what the use of the personal and interpersonal anxiety and watched a loved one die that you haven't seen it but many people in this room and watched a loved one die someone very close to the liberal health that holding up like they thought they would you know will think that we're invulnerable that were impervious to this problem with the unit sixteen seventy the good to look back and anxiety is everywhere political anxiety from the endless are concerned but will be elected next business and every broadcast who's up who's down international crises but we haven't an interesting fellow over there Iran and I remember listening to his speech a year ago October twenty eight in the United Nations the sure yet another one this guy is good it all mom 's laboratory gift that platform possess the talk and this is what he said afterwards nothing will be said in the me he told the people that are twenty eight minutes I talked to the United Nations and the world and nobody blinked and is his crowd around him said and he had a cup of Aurora he had that the flash of light around him we sought and he said to that address I am just preparing the way for the twelfth in line who is related to will have he is alive today but bin Laden is waiting for his time he has a peace plan for this world before he comes it will be an awful time of bloodshed and horror of war that he will have the peace of the whole world looking for nice of us pretty good I felt so much like another scenario except with upside down with the police plan coming to that is going to awful time before he comes I now last month of course we heard again his we are living and vaccine kinds of no one in this room is ever seen even twenty five years ago twenty five years ago you would not have dreamed what do now I'm listening to it would not have seen even the Internet the Internet nevermind TV has brought the world together like the next-door neighbor ten years ago there is no such thing you opened a window in the work felt like we live in for interesting times as a surprise made order for him we don't have to be anxious about any of these areas are so many reasons we don't want that susceptible and this alone have the antidote for all the things I said the evidence arose on time on time to be a movement not a church every moment that arises whatever level but maybe crazy as some of them are has a message and a mission that's what defines a movement the Adventist movement has a mission and message that is absolutely when we keep on understanding what it is that is so different than the new movement but when it becomes a church would become satisfied with our records why would even have Centennial 's Wii vessel ways that we don't so much in a hundred years or so with a competitive are not just a hundred years on it I spoke to a hundred and sixty eight euros Centennial 's and I'm asking people if it is wonderful or still year I was fully sad or happy however to celebrate Centennial momentum of the story to his the Adventist movement is healthy when it remembers its twin mission to prepare a world for the return of Jesus and to prepare people to return not to live ten years longer than this get more exercise the right but we transferred that was what I was talking about a hundred years ago was the last time you heard that Oregon often was reading my books the end of this movement is healthy when it remembers its message and body at least in one encapsulated chapter of Revelation fourteen the good news that God has provided everything necessary to change your rebels into willing sons and daughters who can be trusted to keep on being willing for the rest of their lives as time goes on and on the dental settlement for the truth that their habit patterns will never again say no to God possessor of heaven you have had with everyday habits are wonderful things I don't ever think every time I'm brushing my teeth and put the same way every day to three times a day I put my feet in length tells as one put it I don't think about this when I'm working my computer thank God for habits I don't think again where all the AMD agencies are so wonderful if they so send it to your grooves in your neural pathways that's good news cause we often can develop bad habits in their justice grew at a once I can say is that the end of all of our asses thinking is that rebels will not stand on the sea of glass is just that simple if you keep that in your thanks but not on a ninja behind my finger levels will not stand on the sea of glass that will help you every day with all your decisions what kind of like I am trying to the time to make me this out there all help kind of like other than next week while not old enough for that I am not ready yet and all that like those blue dogs are developing and you can't get rid of your futon just better get more possible to overcome them the early Christian church wool mistake the race the early Christian movement knew just about what all talking about it remained healthy just as long as a gardener respected the Lords messengers with other from Genesis to Malachi on the new messengers in the earliest years Paul James Peter but when you forsake you begin to question or you kind of have other ways to look at the absolutes in life if you still want with an absolute something because I happen to have the said earlier in this message is at its healthiest when it remembers respects and listens carefully to the Lord 's messenger sent to this church as the harbor pilot Elizabeth Port that we call forever were not at our healthiest will listen carefully now that this preamble is because at this think differently about theology believe me maybe some of you in it too much theology is really into the medical area of life but you think you should be thinking differently about theology we do not build up of the theology of a great leader the Lutherans Wilson the Presbyterian reformed church health although they had a better start the Wesley is built upon Wesley of Albany so-called reformers it was the sharpest it was the clearest and yet God had to have a movement developed that would undo or rectify our clear up what even the greatest theologians have been trying to say for many years that's our job to bring back the everlasting Gospel let your assignment in Revelation fourteen the everlasting gospel not the gospel of the Reformation began with our cold that we are to be respecting the Reformation yes but we have Reformation theology that's what is central to one which one should I be responding to join this Bluetooth of Calvin was vaguely whistling I go right down the list to be going every which way to try to follow a Reformation theologian God had to have a cleanup day it's someday a movable rise and bring back last enough network cleans up the picture the end of time no ad this build of the God that is unfolded in the great controversies seem of course Calvin and Luther Wesley and all the rest of his wonderful man ravens they were but every one of them develop of theology on the basis of their picture of God your picture of God is giving you a way of looking at the universe and as I said last night many add-ins have a very limited view of God they have kind of a mixed up Calvin was written on most of the systematic theology that I know I studied in seminary and hundreds and hundreds of administrators were were Calvinistic theology is the we didn't know that at any special significance because we didn't really know what that time that that systematic theologian was looking at a God who is so limited compared with the God that we known to be there because of the Adventist way of looking at him not even his was he talking about and it takes a weekend in itself is to talk about what kind of thought is running the universe except you do have a pretty good picture and this forces us to think differently about every different Bible subject we would think because were at Venice because women are everlasting gospel we talk about race differently than other denominations we talk about faith verbally I'm can bring kindergarten Michelle but that one word faith just faith has provided Christianity into hundreds and hundred hundreds of different groups at work were invented if you start to get that right then you'd be getting to see the wall maybe my understanding of faith is not correct every single Protestant church in the world including our own has great divisions in understanding what gracious enough we had time news is what's what's he talking about it just fun to look at while Grace is the greatest word that we could never put our mind into it he got the big picture but you don't understand race unless you understand the great controversies to which I would until less than somewhat and we got another fifteen twenty minutes the staff to know remember I thought maybe your significant longer party night so we stopped it and I will continue with the PowerPoint for clock I'll say this much until you understand race to be what ever you need if you're looking for forgiveness he had the grace to forgive if you look for personal ability and power capacity to overcome what you keep asking forgiveness for your power to know what God wants to do that's grace Hebrews four sixteen whatever you need in the time that of trouble Grace 's power will grace or goodness symbolism in the life the whole Christian church music open open something so simple be so confusing Satan is very good Windows he has had so much practice of written several books of his love talking about the gets interesting to see all the replications of how you go wrong in a single right and appropriate size less like God at risk as the Solana visited so that is the heart of the Adventist message but what is the ad the main places because if every systematic theology begins with Victor God is our picture of God just a simple my own Google get going to see him develop integrate controversy thing God is not the person that Satan has made about the big that takes quite a while to discuss that you can begin with Shintoism in Japan reporters and then most of the eastern countries are the God of Martin Luther the God of John Calvin the God of who it's fascinating Justin have a collection to buy the book of what God is like that so many people but our God is fair compassionate just an endless love you can't make it stop loving you feels one thought in his mind that controls all of the salts this universe will be secure only when all created into what were the universe billions of planets wherever hauling angels these two thirds of the Angels will operate about one third to fourth okay will be convinced sometime in the future that God was right thing was wrong it's just a simple and God is waiting as we said last night going through six risks and making us all come about because men and women on this planet are proof that his principles are exactly what even trying to say before soon began you can trust in God like that these their he doesn't ask you to do anything that can't be done and how do you know that Jesus came to prove it with the same liability you and I have that's not good enough to go over the last time you saw Jesus with the less than your fridge busily has given to the church 's franchises over last night you buy into the local franchise and you are could do it home office but the picture of Jesus given this is the way you run your business your franchise looking for many franchises to just multiply that good work that Jesus did in short God 's gift of freedom is seen throughout the universe as the best reason for trusting him that because these more powerful not because he's wiser but because you can trust what he says that to me is a simple understanding of God and I worked as well get my doctorate it was in this area with him beside me and I will write up posted representatives and and some from Buddhism and we were talking about these things for years going to adverse aspects so glad that I had an understanding of God that none of them have felt try to Sheridan somewhere my Google story about that later on our systematic theology is like the trees growing up in the same fertile ground of freedom and one tree is developing how God 's principles are being developed that branches here and there which had time to do that is to show how these branches are showing more and more of this kind of a gone the other trade with bitter roots are just showing how to outthink God over here and come up with new ways of course charged that he doesn't understand what it is doing it's nice but it doesn't really work this is what works over here at all the bitter consequences of following these particular lines of argument each one trying to offset what God is saying but I like another way of making the street to a core the ugly truth about God and is developing into a sapling and we find that the sampling is making his way until something called sins of the world and because of this when one branch just want here gone is his way of dealing with sin Satan is anthropology of his solitary object of eschatology are always offsetting what God is going in every single pitch that Satan has over here every what are you working that is what kind of personality would beginning he had is offsetting how God said this where you really begin you didn't begin as soon he began as Jesus began to gather with a free opportunity to look at life and her mother daddy will try to explain it for you you become a center for centers that at the Calvinistic blanket to put on everybody the way you are say well there's all kinds of ways that the pagans nevermind the Christians who are less developed will try to build a single here pay that do anything to please call just place the Lord don't overlook me look what I've just given to the church look what I done here I spent the whole summer in a monastery trying to think about you the world is full of those mistakes overhear but the street keeps developing on the side with all the larger pictures of how God was about making people ready to live forever you can judge every man or woman and how many degrees he has after his name on what he thinks about eschatology that is the end of things how this world in how Jesus comes and when and for whom if you want to figure out what man is heading as you listen to a sermon listen to a few seconds you can tell it is going down the wrong will will think some of the underworld for example for those of you who know your geology crowbars written massive of systematic theology at it we would wait decade after decade as he finished up these good insights in a way it really had the person of Jesus Christ very good but were waiting for how he finishes up with a whimper these men and women who do not have an exit strategy every controversy has to have an exit strategy if you don't only and we call in eschatology but what credibility do we have revealed you said check and check it for yourself find out how a person is really looking at the world now how does this all work to do it determines that major work what little classroom there is for instance this is the one part off for young person can understand this just in his high school years shall we say over the grade school buddy could understand it said the Lord 's prayer our father which art in heaven who then he is not in me is not where the new agers say or the new spiritualists say there is that is there nothing who frazzled wagers these are people running most of the Protestant churches today not fifteen years ago but today while you are sociable Oracle with center Y prayer the silence in Houston goes with a natural single word is a word don't let any of us thought connect especially don't try to get a Bible text reciting just what is going on over the book truth matters for some of you are going to try to analyze what went on in the present world and God who art in heaven a person has to be thy name will talk about that later by name thy kingdom come exit strategy is an end to all this is not going to be sort of into some kind of a mushy future but I will be done Lord your will be done in my life because I chosen not just as anxious upon it under the phase about just as eager to do my will your women make today as Angels are in heaven and we are will a simple prayers coming God which are willing to be as eager to honor him in your life today is that he is on please Lord I I need your help today mentally physically emotionally spiritually whatever I need thank you for supplying this forgiveness Lord don't let me hold a grudge against I don't want to think ill of anybody no matter what they're doing or saying to me God give me your way of looking at life they may not have temptation but when they go there Lord I've been there before I got have a sort of thinking will who will board you will forgive me from doing deliver me from evil I want to be overcome or more unaware live this kind of life that I've sort of messed up deliver me from anything deep inside paper that I even know today deliver me from evil we pray that our everyday that is the great controversy is a simple prayer just like when you can't sleep start going through the prayer in such a way that your adding to it personally when it needs to put you back I have a deal with the Lord my wife Moses if I'm not going back to sleep at his home outline because I tell them Lord don't let me go back to sleep until I understand what I'm talking about right now you you make it clear to me the menu but it was late as the deal works were the number of checks and just also all the time with it now we talk about Halloween his name there is a chapter in the Bible that talks about his name be written in your four head chapter seven Revelation chapter fourteen Chapter twenty two the only people who are going to stand with the Angels are those who have his name written on there for us woe for how to go about doing that will Revelation seven talks about Angels were holding back the seven last plagues not ready at the Laredo comes out will roll why what a mess is where was the Nokia reply but people suffered enough we haven't yet been able to seal above people to represent gone yet hold iPad Westwind nuclear disaster like Northwind some kind of easy and blue hold back Salzman Madden visits everywhere we go people and economy of God people are not yet understanding what their mission is they forgot it they never got the message nevermind the mission when God 's people are ready to receive the seal after when God has enough people not that he needs numbers of these has to have a significant separation between those who have the seal of Satan or the seal of God or otherwise the name of God the characters of Satan just like that's what Jesus will return when God feels that he has the last person who's willing to accept him as the Lord forever there's nothing more to wait for Satan is yours now I had my chance and I want to feel like it I write okay all of all of them brought everywhere and let's see who has more faith in more strengths and more more abilities whatever the sort one of the circumstances of any one of the place you prove what you can do it and helpful what I can go even during the place because you assume people will never save will describe her version fourteen is a big love of all not because I have been ruled out for four years and years and years is because it finally rolling off supplies that I made a list of developing in perfect plants but not yet big enough to hold a green tomato but it's a perfect plan and finally as a red tomato is absolutely juicy and ready to be the product of good C good nourishment of people like that but it can be saved ready to be read to say yes to God forever the name of folklore that the delays are unsuccessful but remember when someone remember in nineteen eighty two when Tylenol was killing people and that was real historical situation Johnson & Johnson will didn't wait for court cases they were waiting to they would like to work just like that within days they call that thirty two million bottles powerful and within a week or two QuickTime they sent out Tylenol again but now is that that kind of a cap you need a screwdriver wrench to open at all the medication yet today has a some kind of a seal on it you can heart and with because Johnson & Johnson was going to keep its name is number one health ministry and attempted how about navigator for navigators and partial daughter remember that will of the was so I will let you euros but the article in Newsweek the name job number one in Ford was excusing itself on fire so what was waiting for it back and forth so many millions of dollars some people get killed because of whatever was happening with that tire for with configuration of the car but the name they have never recovered never recovered they also name God has had his name hijacked for a long time he's ensnared by Satan and he doesn't fight back by talking louder is an obvious showing what kind of person I am my name will be cleared Jesus did not declare God 's name but as we read last night nobody on earth really know that he had done it they went back we don't hear many more who suddenly people in this world that will reproduce who will reflect the present what I was trying to the wilds here and they will declare my name my name will finally be cleared because it is to be found to be trustworthy and fair and the kind of thing that you like to worship


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