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A Rebel, a Road, and a Revolution

Marc Coleman



  • December 30, 2012
    9:45 AM
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for this message and see what I see two thousand twelve hundred Washington and other resources and access online at www. SQL .org good morning the privilege security again today on today would be talking about boo-hoo call to mission service and you maybe little surprising conclusion we come to God always does surprising things is not yesterday we talked about why would anyone want to be a missionary resolve that one main reason that one would potentially be a missionaries because God 's number one commanded us to go number two ten the suffering in the world that God has given us the capacity through cooperation with him to bring the scene of suffering in this world to a quicker and ended it when I go back and missions history a bit and study a couple very interesting stories I think some things that you will find absolutely fascinating and the money was a wealth of God calling me to be missionary I don't know that I could really do that just going live out in the jungle in the desert with people more so different than I am if you think that might be tempted to think that after today's presentation you'll see that this one particular person could do what he did menu you can do anything you'll probably never faced anything is hard as this individual face but before we go any further let's pray father in heaven we thank you again for the privilege to consider the unmistakable mandate that you've given us to go to the very farthest ends of the world to share the gospel I pray that you bless us Lord help teaching to be clear helping to come right to our hearts help us to understand what you may be speaking to each of us individually in Jesus name we pray amen out before we get into the historical part of thought today's lesson we did some handouts other works put it yesterday but you'll find yesterdays on their math my wife to go in past amount and just some notes taken from the book of acts on the topic of missions each of the first five is on there the number six is a special one that will save effort for the last day in today's study is called a rebel of road and a revolution and the less sin the Bible lesson is taken from ask chapter nine verses one through seven and if you have your Bibles I like to turn your with me and will start them look at how God calls who look at who got calls and how he calls them who he calls and might that who be you ask nine one to seven this is a story that you know very well but we'll will start there and go through these notes fairly quickly and then get right into the meat of the lesson for today the Bible says then Saul still breathing threats and murder against the disciples of the Lord went to the high priest in Aspen Meadows from him to the synagogues in Damascus in Syria so that if he found any who were on the way whether men or women he might bring them bound to Jerusalem as he journeyed he came near Damascus and suddenly a light shone around him from heaven that he him around and heard a voice saying to him Saul Saul why are you persecuting me and he said who are you Lord then the Lord said I am Jesus whom you are persecuting it is hard for you to kick against the goals so he that is Paul trembling and astonished and said Lord what do you want me to do then the Lord said to him arise and go into the city and you will be cold what you what you must do and the men who journeyed with him stood speechless hearing a voice but seeing no one if anyone were to save before when they knew Saul that he would be the greatest missionary in the history of the church they would say no way there is no way this guy could be a mission think of the most radical extreme religious seller was not a Christian maybe one of the resistant religions of the world today was breathing hatred against Christians I was in one country when the news went out that some bin Laden had been killed in fact I have my cell phone with me my father called me from the German states to give me the news always in an area where that news would not have been received with open arms I was riding in a taxi so I mumbled into the telephone 's okay data oh two but unfortunately I get up put it back in its holster and then the news came on the radio in the taxi and I remember the taxidriver saying we're going to get that back would appear that back in the other guys in the taxi saying it's right him while I am moving around here working for these couple of weeks are weaker so among zealots if they knew what I was in a missionary fact had lost his life in that country not long before it and that most left the country of those who stayed were way undercover is even imagine someone like this Paul was someone like this who doesn't even know if I find these Christians and the thing is he thought he was doing God 's will there are many people in the world in the resistant religion to feel the very same way I feel are doing God 's will to kill an infidel that's how Paul and Jesus said I've chosen him to be a missionary for me God chooses the unlikeliest of people to be missionaries at times why is it that God would consider you or me what I think it was said so well the first day there in the big meeting God does not call the qualified he qualifies did the call as it will at once very general the call was the need the need is there some may say this morning while them I call you know the need is there a need itself is called enough but it is if that is not enough if that were not enough for you or me God gives us specific calls I want you to be a missionary to ask people but say something happens in the country where Europe to be sent as it did the Paul Saul when he became bought through his him he was beaten and places the Paul Dubois 's missionary call the zoo that's it so if something happens we have in fact missionaries now in parts of the world where we know that very soon they'll have to leave because of unrest because of war because of extremism that is taking over whole countries they will most likely have to leave the question is does the call to serve God as a missionary depend upon where I am so the call as it is at once into intensity very general and intensely specific so-called rush into to Damascus in Syria to chew on this dishonest personal business buddies got a letter from the high priest in Jerusalem and he's going to arrest these Christians and Jesus confronts him on the way have you had a confrontation as Christ confronted you he often confronts us in life with truth and one truth is the world is in need of people who will share the Gospel within reach us the truth and it's not change God could send angels to do it that Jesus said he could make those talks themselves cry out but somehow he's chosen people like you and me to share the gospel is it fair that we can sit here today and turn on the radio split on the Internet do I ever want to go to our hotel rooms will open a drawer and have access to the word of God while whole countries know nothing about the need process this morning Jesus and Paul on the road to Damascus and he said why are you persecuting me and maybe were not persecuting Christ this morning but he says to us why are you sitting on your hands and the world is dying outside I'm maybe not saying that you may be stop talking about you but sure enough it's talking to our culture so got a front hall and Paul says no an end in the version says that all this is all dots begin to connect in Paul's mind and he's beginning to understand and see the providence of God in his life he's beginning to see the prophecies that he thought didn't talk about Christ in fact he it says that he thought Christ was an imposter now all of a sudden it just a few seconds all of these things are going on in his mind and that is racist as well as studying preparing for this I didn't realize it before he actually saw Jesus the people that were with him not they they heard a voice they couldn't understand what was going on so here's the general call but when God speaks to the individual don't expect people around you even people of faith always understand I remember that song the first time I sense a call be missionary I called my mother and your first response was he thinking of her son are you sure you shall not commit people got many people may not understand what God has called you as a missionary to do so Paul sees Christ Doctor connected in his head he understands now that this Christ that is speaking to him him yes the Messiah and you know it's interesting that it is written also says that Christ identifies when he talks to Paul this is why are you persecuting me he's identifying with his persecuted people Christ when he called Moses said I've heard the suffering of my people he's identifying with his people again and when Christ calls a missionary he says I have people in Muslim lands identify with them and hurt yet heard the gospel I have people in Buddhist lands a people that can do outside people right here in North America with not yet heard the gospel of Christ identifies with his people and he comes directly to us individually as is now what are you going to do about the call is general it's there the truth confronts us but it's also intensely personal and not a stadium everyone is not called to be a foreign missionary but a whole lot more whole than article many are called all call many are called few are chosen the chosen depends less on the Lord than it does a response to the call so Paul says in response more of what you want me to do should be our prayer this morning Lord we wanted to do and the response is really interesting we'll talk about this in the next section the next hour how missionary prepares the response was from the Lord if you don't want to do what I the Lord said go into the city and someone will help you what you should do interesting I'll have more later this goes for study today so that the rebel was Paul but through him God started a revolution of missions that has not stopped until our very day David Livingstone the young missionary young while he was commissioner that he was a student just finishing his medical studies Robert Moffitt the Bible translator the great missionary was in London and he was speaking on furlough with his family someone told Livingston about it Livingston was told to still try to decide what to do with his life who got calls who was it that God calls Livingston was trying to figure out if it was he himself that God was calling to be a missionary and as he sat there listening to the reports from southern Africa where Moffat was planting the church must've said something that stuck Livingston 's mind then and galvanized for him that yes God had called him to be a missionary to the unreached markets that I've seen at times at different times the smoke of a thousand villages villagers whose people are without Christ without God and without hope in the world the question is that was over five hundred years ago is that statement true today ashamed but it's true today I myself friends have been in seeing the smoke of hundreds of villagers driven through driven for two days straight across the bush in Africa gone through city after city after city without one witness to the gospel of Jesus Christ I tell you this morning that's not there and we have the ability to change like to talk a little bit about the Moravians other this is a really interesting story all networking using Facebook is good for networking on the Automator becoming on Facebook and and I'm not too up on these things and guys can help me out right when you get on Facebook and you see this little thing it do you know these people that the Facebook yeah okay three ago LinkedIn I think that's similar things but what what what is festering to me is like wow I know most of those people I ice using years ago in an order connected to this verse is just amazing to see how this computer program can kidnap call these names and make connections for you it's a little scary in some ways but the stories that show you how God networks this is fascinating in his choice of missionaries to reach the unreached so the Moravians were this group of Christians who will rose out of the Reformation out of the ministry of John Huss in Bohemia and young hustlers of a reformer that spent a lot of time in prison for his teaching of the gospel but these Arabians were known as very godly people so in the early seventeen hundreds they were being persecuted by the Church even some Protestants I believe were starting to persecute the Moravians so a man by the name of midweek sins and/or bought a accounting by the whole town and he invited the Moravians and other persecuted Christians to come and live in this town now if you remember Bible prophecy that the twelve hundred and sixty days and that you'll seventeen thirty seventeen forties the twelve hundred sixty days have not ended yet the church the Protestant church is still coming out of the Reformation on the outside as per the request to the Protestant church to coming out of the dark ages first not have much of the missions program there missions after reading the church was still trying to understand the Bible recover truth so was malicious programs but these Moravians in the seventeen hundreds started early seventeen hundred started to pray about missions they were way ahead of the other processing groups and so is her north was a wealthy man bought this town and what was a committed Christian let this group of people to pray about missions and they became high and years of modern machinery carry John Kerry is called the father of modern missions he was from England but you know Kerry was influenced by the radiance the greatest burden for the spread of the gospel throughout the world issued from their corporate priorities to pray together this living touch with the Lord resulted in an intense concern for sharing the gospel and to the whole world even on the first of the priorities February tenth seventeen twenty eight UCR early that is that still sixty years are seventy years before the end of the twelve hundred sixty days there was discussion concerning Turkey Ethiopia Greenland Lapland and other countries and you know even at that time Arabian 's under the leadership was injured before sending out missionaries were other going on to places like surfing out the Danish West Indies get this get this story so in Europe one day is injured North meets a slave in African slave who was a slave had been asleep in the Danish West Indies I believe Saint Thomas you know what to Arabia and so he came I'm sorry so so that they're not invited the slave to come and live with the Moravian 's out there in their town this manhole told about the need of missionaries among the slaves in the West Indies do know what to gravy and missionaries mended they decided they would go to the West Indies as missionaries but there was an older British owner he was an atheist of an island to get a whole I and two to three thousand slaves he said I'm an atheist I believe in God given up that stuff and no missionaries can get into my island to teach my slaves so these two Moravian missionaries decided they would sell themselves as slaves to this man so that they could be missionaries to the slaves while they did just that insulin is unlikely to pay anything more than I would pay for my place adult they just because you are presumably more they accepted it and they became slaves impressive they were sending missionaries to the colony of Georgia Georgia in United States who South Africa Greenland and they had a very active mission work among the Native Americans here in the United States even before the US was the US 's necessity look what one Native American the man said he said a Moravian missionary came into my cat sat down beside me and spoke nearly as follows I can do why can't you in the name of the Lord of heaven and earth these settings meeting to let you know that he will make you happy and deliver you from the misery in which you live the present to this end he became a man gave his life for ransom her man and shed his blood for him when he finishes this course listen to this he laid down upon the board the team Bernie fell down into a sound sleep this is how his radio listeners walked into his degree as its head and hands and preaches the gospel to them and then lays down both asleep what kind of man is this thought I there he lies and sleeps I might kill him and thought into the woods and went to air when regarding but this gives him no concern the abandoned the missionary touch the heart this man did never heard about the Scott in behavior look what he said I could not forget his words they constantly recurred to my mind even when I was asleep I trained on the blood which Christ shed for us I found this to be something different from what I had ever heard and interpreted Christian Henry's words to the other Indians I went and told my my other friend my friends thus through the grace of God in awakening took place before us I say therefore brethren preach Christ our Savior 's sufferings and death if you wish your words to gain entrance among the heathen is not powerful not now look who has God called to God calls into North to start this town and the Moravians started a mission movement when the White House was doing it almost but that the story doesn't end there so William Carey in the seventeen nineties region reports of the Moravians he goes to the Baptist is a Baptist in England he throws down the report is why are we doing something like this we see how .net works and the father of modern missions was fathered in missions by someone else than the Wesley brothers on a trip to Georgia in the US on a ship and you can read this and great controversy to their honor ship may have not yet learned to trust God by faith the teacher did exercise faith in the Lord they think they were following him and doing the best they could but they did not have a true faith in God this shift was filled with Moravian missionaries on the way to do the colonies to to do mission work a terrible storm came up and John and Charles were afraid the missionaries need to be afraid you saying no but every time 's visionary your right but advertisements near I have been afraid to leave and you know what fear does it sets your energy sector occurred your desire to work for the Lord so that the Lessig others are just terrible storm they were afraid and these Moravian missionaries are together singing and praising God as if they didn't have a care in the world and the lessee was flown in here so one in a conversation later with John Wesley says my brother I must first ask you wanted to questions have you witnessed within yourself you're going to be a missionary in Georgia were going to be missionaries but do you have been witnessing yourself does the spirit of God bear witness with you that you are a child of God John Wesley was dumb he didn't know what to say you know Jesus Christ as Spanish speaking bird I don't replied Wesley that he is the Savior of the world do you know pursue Spangenberg pressing the question further home and he has saved you later on Wesley wrote when he returned back I went to America him and he wrote bitterly but all who shall convert me I have a fair summer religion I can talk well they and I don't believe myself when I talk Wendell danger is near what left me in the face and my spirit is in trouble nor can I say to die is gain Michael that too often has been my experience but do you see what one person in Germany did invited these Moravians to come and live in his town started omissions movement and already listened the father of modern missions carry start submission movement in the Protestant church has gone to the ends of the earth that continues to this day then John and Charles Wesley are affected these founders of the Methodist Church they start omissions movement all because one man felt call to help and help others be missionaries is God calling you at Hiram Johnson I find to be a fascinating story and I'm Justin was the first American missionary at he was born in seventeen eighty eight so it just right yet the beginning of the formation of this country and he learned to read he is a bright child learn to read by the age of three new one child like this one little boy like this I've seen to system prodigy 's father was a minister father came home from a trip one day and he was pleased to see that his son had my room was reading the Bible to him his mother had taught him spent a lot of time to my wife sold his father was admiring is going to be on mission I know I'm not some sorry a pastor I know God called him to be a pastor so you learn to read by the time he was three and he just please there's going when these kids may be that when the students at no not the never hard national students like that are you like that not the party just breeze right through school he graduated from college in eighteen oh seven Providence College which is now brown diversity and you finish college early I decided right away to found the little school not to be gotten a lot of praise all of his life because he was just an excellent student and he was ambitious I mean the day wasn't thinking mean thoughts I mean you know I ever thought he wanted to conquer the world but he didn't want to be a pastor that his father wanted him to be remember the call to be a missionary has to be the circle servant of God as it is a general call the need confronts us but has to be personal he had not yet heard God call him in fact when he was in school he decided to know what I'm than a goal see the world he fallen in with a friend of his whose name was while several books call him or James Earl was something but with this he you gotten this friending EN and he was a DST didn't believe that God intervened in the lives of people and Johnson without his parents knowing it almost became an atheist and believe God cared for God care about the world or his life but God had plans for this young manual God cares less about our backgrounds than what he can do with us once were in his hands and I see that a man in we've been so done although things do affect us yes but once a person surrenders to God we cannot imagine what God will do with that individual event so I decided me the little school and academy he worked there for one year but he had itchy feet he wanted to see the world in your hurts my colleague Arnold brokers say yesterday travel is not a good reason decidedly missionary you want to see the world are a lot easier funner ways to do it but not being a missionary below to see the world he wasn't taking anything religious in fact he told his parents Monday on leave and I want to New York I'm a writer on the right place on the Lizzie Broglie on the do everything I want to see the real-life 's father scolded him but you know and Hiram said I'm smarter than my father I can reason better than him is that I can handle his scolding the school and his mother cried he said I had no argument against my mother 's tears he sizzles with but he went on to live his life in New York into this tool type future told his grandson leaving on the New York and a long list of New York got a two feet again is that you know what I want to go west on literacy less of the countries that time the West was Ohio and Indiana and that was the West for me there was the way West but even Ohio was considered the West and he decided he was going to go west so he had left somewhere up north was in upstate New York or somewhere else he left his horse at his uncle 's house we went to go pick up the horse got confronts us with truth he goes to pick up his horse at his uncle 's house he finds his uncle not there but he is a will is ministers went to church someone else was preaching instead of his uncle that date and the sermon touched are but you know I was a stubborn soul just like many of us today and he didn't pay too much attention you know it troubled them a little bit but he went on his way and so on this trip February second eighteen oh eight he stops in the motel and in amphibian was full and the key precipitate what I I don't have any rooms left but this is limited to forty is one room but there is a young man that's really really sick in the room next door he may die so can you handle that and I said all massive problem for me I can sit on the afraid that just give me the room I think I worry more about them he told himself you know that's no big deal of sleep through the night so he lays down in the room next door there is this person in the roles of death this person screaming and crying and people are coming in to try to help them and in his written out and I was laying there in bed is like well I wonder who this person is adhesive I wonder what his condition is and you could tell by the cries this person had no hope that he was coming to be end-of-life with no hope in the Savior and this guy was just in fact so now this brave adenoviral miss meeting in bed shuttering gods confronting his thinking if I were to die when I have hope that we begin to think and he began to think you said you know what this is too much we made it through the night 's sleep though like he promised the innkeeper a good afternoon Lori went to I told her how I will work on that room that was right next door became silent silly me they now exist to the innkeeper of bodily that was next to me what happened to innkeeper cities is passed by a narrow part that alarm signal I just wonder who it is the innkeeper said it was a young man who went this went to Providence College and his name was the very friend that had led just send to become faithless had died right next to it he didn't even know hopeless needless to say God confronted this level on the just and went back and right back home gave his heart to the Lord is a God has spoken to me amen got it plans for Jensen Jensen decided to enroll in Andover seminary and he was saying about what to do and he read a sermon one day is it was a very well-written sermon but it touched my heart by Pastor Buchanan it was about foreign missions suddenly everything kind of congealed form in his mind and he knew what God called to do to be a missionary to save the lost to the unreached parts of the world so that Erin Johnson playing with some other friends formed a mission side because the problem there were no real mission societies in America at that time there were very few in England how would they get support to be machine was at once stunts called you to do something you don't sit on your hands and wait for God to do everything for you when you have a call you believe I called you use all your energy in Goldfarb and alarm designed you know what will start a mission society they were Congregationalist the Congregationalist denomination they talk and talk and as a result the talking to leadership of the church omission society was formed amen couple years later he set sail with his new wife for India now listen God calls us God networks and influences other people remember the Moravians and remember Kerry read about the Moravians where you think admiring Justin wanted to go he wanted to go join Kerry in India that was his plan but first he had business to take care before left and that was to get away now you guys you man I'm sure you were married I'm sure you didn't ask your wife's father like Johnson asked his father-in-law for the web look at this I don't ask you something to Andy's father whether you can visit the park with your daughter early to see you hurting the war in this world well putting it on most guys would give us a wonderful window click whether you can consent to her departure and her sudden subjection to the hardships and sufferings of missionary life whether you can consent their exposure to the dangers of the ocean to the fatal influence of the southern climate of any and every kind of want and distressed the degradation insult persecution and perhaps all I wow what a proposal on me can you consent all this for the sake of him who left his heavenly home and I for her and for you for the sake of perishing immortal soul in the British arm him the glory of God can you consent to all this in whole and silly meeting your daughter in the world glory while still not here she's gone and I see you're in heaven when you get there the town of the crown of righteousness lightning with the acclamations of praise shall redound to her Savior from even saved through her means from internal wall in despair okay man could you do it to the letter though that your daughter will it be hard and father said yes and in February two thousand twelve they sailed for India now friends this is where the fun starts because once we go we become targets of the enemy that's why yesterday so important we need to have the Holy Spirit so they fail and while the member that is the Congregational the shirt sent them but this is a plan that's true to his conscience justice truly as he was in the world to know he was that much he was sold to the world now he's sold out for God as we go to follow all the way so now he's reading on his way to join Kerry in India he's reading writing and he's like all men all the conversations don't baptize you know and he showed his wife but the Bible says that we should baptize by immersion as I told he becomes a Baptist he gets to India and Kerry baptizes he and his wife as Baptist that's a problem he supported by the Congregationalist church their support in the so he's just left with his new wife at least given this well I will will follow while the sufferings are not and has no means of support and are baptized but they were able to write letters to the Baptist churches in England is the best church in America was still very small and they were supported they were thrown out of India that the East India Company which kind of random which is a training company which ran that part of southern India did not want American missionaries in the country could tolerate a British missionary that in one American missionaries in the country they didn't want in them to have anything to do that would disrupt their trade they threw them out of the country while he struggled for six months tried to find ways to stay but they literally ran from the country hopped onto a rickety old bull bound for Burma and Kerry told him don't go there I for this one of the worst places in the world don't call but we were talking I was talking with someone yesterday if a missionary is chased on one country of God 's given him a call to be a missionary does that service and their they went to Burma and on that voyage his wife felt sick about Susan and I know that God will work and they get to this place and he is dirty it is while the pigs and the dogs are fighting for food is just being on their imagination and his wife has to be carried off of the boat and he wrote a letter later on to some friends and he certainly got there that the only soulless we had was that we would die quickly from disease or some other form that because it was back but got it called got a call he is what we arrived there and for six years they struggle tolerable for some readers are struggling to learn the language and actually after many many years of hard work and narrow became this really expert linguist but anyone is protracted eighteen sixteen he built up the heart that looked like a kind of the Buddhist pagoda and he would sit there anyone call out the people on their walking bonds treated by concomitant very few people came in for six years he labored not one convert six years is the average call of what we call a career missionary in many places would he have been a failure if he came home after six years with not one convert no he wouldn't have been but you know what he he hung in there and he worked anyone anywhere and here's a couple of integration there is a great work to be done in the Masters vineyard to a Caucasus work God calls for men to whom he has given ability for service he gave caring ability for service he gave his injured off ability for service he gave the Leslie 's ability for service and he gave Judson ability for service he gives you and me the ability for service and so does it is is there in the Miramar Burma very few white men and never been there he was I have some notes here yet I I I wouldn't be able to remember all the sites I noticed some things now I want to listen to this his experience of Berman just a little he was married to and fourteen years they have three children the burial he she she became so will know at one time that you get them in the planes at that time is no way to evacuate so my wife was attacked by the monkey and the doctor told us one day after about a week intervention was getting really bad doctors and there's nothing more we can do for your wife prayed to God 's Muslim doctors pray to God get her on a plane today we had cleaned me up flights and praise God and his front commissions was on the spot got her to the hospital and it was a long and grueling journey for her the girls and I stayed behind God or after twenty some hours of flights to a hospital in Dallas where she had surgery after surgery and months of a physical therapy of but we were able to get her out and in less than twenty four hours when the dot after the doctor said it but what about back then what they did back then as is well big people way to get them better is to get them out of this environment in the thing to do is put them on a long seaboard slip put on a boat she was gone for two years she went back to the state is gone for two years he was without his wife he was married to her for fourteen years in that time he begun to translate the Bible gotten the language and to translate the Bible and the key was accused of being a spy that though the Burmese were at war with the British and with other countries and because he was a foreigner was accused of being us a spot he was thrown in prison as a missionary he could've gone home any time he wanted he was out of prison as a spy his legs were shackled together and every night they run up big piece of the big book Bob McCulloch Brancheau beanstalk bamboo through the prisoners that were manacled together and then lifted for every night in this wall in dirty dirt floor stinking prison with no windows he would have to sleep with only his head touching the ground for two years to seventeen months he was mistreated being that actually Monday the government got a little afraid that the British were doing a little closer transfer all the prisoners to another prison and a maybes prisoners shackled as they were bloody feet walk barefooted across hot sand for miles and dirt roads and rocky roads cut up shredded feet chained to each other running and hobbling along now one of his main concerns when he was in prison was the Bible manuscript here's the Bible for the Burmese people before transferring so he's got this manuscript and when he was taken to prison his wife and stayed behind she was just pregnant again she stayed behind in the Houston and the ruffians from the government were coming by every day in an and robbing her she would have to bribe them so they wouldn't take everything precious in or of anybody that they own she was worried about this manuscript but what she do with it so what she did issue got an old grimy pillow she took that Burmese Bible manuscripts sold it into the pillow when she went to the prison bribed the regard he was called Mister spotted face by the guard in sick and get this polyester so he slept every day is meant that wasn't the end then one day Mister spotted face-saving lie like that I want to give me came and took it now he's worried about the Bible manuscript that he may burn on for years it's not yet done well make a long story sure him I think the result now is sick she's sick but you could do what it happened she went and got another beautiful pillows so it took examined today what I'll trade you this nice pool for that and so she got the viewable Senate backed her husband he kept them there was a lion there in at the prison cage line line was there to eat prisoners who died or oriented to attack the ones that were ready of it were just about of time attacked on ones that were ready to die on the new prison guard a plan to to get these prisoners will the line die of starvation the prisoners held in July and and cleaned out the cage and asked if they would send her husband back able for seventeen months in prison he gets out of prison but after seventeen months a few months later his wife dies that there in their child dies cheek she had a baby while he was imprisoned so then the fact that you don't you have a baby sometime before the day was growing up all he was imprisoned on heat some years later he he married another lady of they had eight children three after eleven years of of marriage she got sick and so they decided to sail on a voyage again so that she could get well and by the Cape Cape of Good Hope Southern Africa she died he married again his third wife by telling all this you know Johnson said if I believe in the providence of God God 's call on my life I would not have been able to indoor all the sufferings that I did as a missionary but he knew that God had called him and he stuck with an today today there are many Christians in the land of me and as a result of his service who does God call could God be calling you know God sees this network is when a has a place in with you because I consider coming out of humor humans over time God bless you the next session will be talking about how to for in this message was reported as you are seeing to my seat supporting Seventh-day Adventist seats by a number you and I and I said as I downloaded urges other resources visit us online at UNC when a


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