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Mission Accomplished

Stephen Bohr


Stephen Bohr

President/Speaker of Secrets Unsealed



  • December 29, 2012
    3:00 PM
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to this message and see what I see two thousand twelve hundred Washington and other resources and access online at www. URC where I do not understand what happened on the day of Pentecost we first of all need to understand about the ministry of Christ because there can be no Pentecost without Christ ministry now last year I had a seminar at UIC where I show two things number one in the Old Testament you have this pattern where you have a sacrifice and then immediately after the sacrifice God shows his approval or his acceptance of the sacrifice by raining fire down from heaven to consume the sacrifice and the second symbolism that I presented last year is that in the rock episodes of the Old Testament primarily the first one which is annexed to this chapter seventeen when was it strikes the rock God showed his approval of the striking of the rock by having the rock shed water actually these two symbols are teaching the same lesson in various the sacrifice and the fire that is sent to consume the sacrifice and the water that comes forth from the rock which was stricken is teaching us that the sacrifice of Christ which is the meaning of the striking of the rock with the bond the sacrifice of Christ was accepted by the father and God showed his acceptance by the fire that was seen on the day of Pentecost kinds of fire was the announcement really that Jesus had presented himself before his father and his father had accepted his sacrifice and also water symbolizes the Holy Spirit the way in which God showed that he accepted the striking of the rock for the striking of Jesus by the judgment of God was by pouring out the water so to speak by the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost saw the fire and the water actually represent the same thing they are the evidence that got accepted the earthly work of Christ and so it is impossible for us to separate what happened on the day of Pentecost with what occurred during the ministry of Christ son of first session together we're going to discuss the earthly ministry of Jesus and the title of it is mission accomplished not if you have your Bibles I hope you do because CYC is a place where the Bible speaks I would like to invite you to open your Bibles with me to John chapter one verses one to three were many use the Bible profusely in SMS over the need to bring a Bible whether it be a hard copy or whether be electronic we need to have our Bibles John one one two three we could probably do it repeat from memory access in the beginning was the word and the Word was with God and the Word was God she was in the beginning with God and now comes the verse that I want to underline all things were made through him and without him nothing was made that was made so was the creator of everything Jesus was the Creator of everything and therefore court is responsible for our existence Jesus is responsible for our existence now he's not responsible for sin but he is responsible over the fact that we exist and this is a very important detail as we study along the ceiling this is extremely important not when Jesus created Adam and Eve originally at the beginning God had a special plan for a bullet made a solemn age versus three to five Salomé Ashley will be all the way through verse eight cell eight versus three and eight total points that I want us to notice about this passage remember that Jesus created him and Jesus was responsible for Adam 's existence success here when I consider your heavens the work of your fingers the moon and the stars which you have ordained then he asked the question what is man that you are mindful of him and the Son of Man that you visit him for you have made him a little lower than the angels and you have now comes the first concert you have crowned him not a cool whiz who wears crowns James Mark Reynolds solo events position he was created to be okay that was his office or his position such as you have crowned him with glory and honor not everything has a territory over which he rules right a realm over which that can not what was Adam 's rail of domain notice verse six you have made Internet domain and see there is the idea once again ruling or governing you have made him to have dominion over the works of your hands you have put all things under his feet this is an idiomatic expression that means you have made en route to things and that explains what those things are all sheep and oxen even the beasts of the field the birds of the air and the fish of the sea that as the bass of the sea when the Bible uses the expression these of the field birds of the air and fish of the sea means everything happens earth and water in other words Adam was placed to be ruler of everything relating to planet earth his possession whiskey and his realm of domain was the earth and everything on the years but for now she has position ST and to keep the territory that God originally gave him the Bible says that Adam would have had to render God perfect obedience because the law of God requires absolutely sinless perfection the law will not allow you to deviate even than the more minutest detail because if you do not open them insulin order for Adam to get this position asking Ed to see the territory which God gave him Adam had to render the law sinless perfection not if he did not offer the law with the law requires which is sinless perfection the result would be that the law would say you have to die now when Adam Sands we have a double and first of all and could no longer offer the lot section that the Lori Kwok and because Adam could not offer the law the perfection of the law required the law says if you don't offer me perfection you must want you must die as I have had double problem number one he did not have the life that the law required and therefore the law required his death he did not have life and therefore he had to pay with their of the Bible tells yes of course that was sent and be position up Adelman and the territory that had belonged to Adam now was taken over by his conqueror legal chapter four verses five through seven chapter four verses five to seven member which is preparing for preparing ourselves to study the significance of what happened at the feast of Pentecost and what the message was at the feast of Pentecost look for verses five to seven Jesus goes to a very high mountain and I want to notice what happens there then unable taking him up on a high mountain showed him all the kingdoms that the territory right all the genomes of the world in a moment of time in the homeowners were six and the devil said to him all this what authorities you join the other end of an authority rulership has to do with authority and the kingdom has to do with the rest and so the devil is saying all the kingdoms of the world I will give you and all this authority I will give you and their glory and almost what the devil says for this has been delivered to me and I give it to whomever I wish therefore if you will worship before me all will be your now the question is whole had delivered this into the hands of the government and is seemingly become servants of the one that we choose to obey you can read that aroma six in verse sixteen we are servants of him whom we choose to obey Adam chose to disobey God and he chose to obey and so the devil says now you know I am making and he is my servant and the territory which what is now mine because he relinquished the phone and he relinquished the territory now the question is when an individual sold his inheritance or his territory and sold himself into slavery from being Lord was there any way in which what has been lost could be recovered the answer is yes go away Leviticus twenty five in verse twenty five Leviticus twenty five verse twenty five if somebody for example sold their possession or their land in Israel could that land be recovered by the original owner it could what if an individual sold himself into slavery and became a servant instead of being Lord is there a way that he could get back his freedom and the Lord over his territory again absolutely but there was a condition known as Leviticus twenty five is twenty five if one of your brother becomes for an assault some of that word some is not in the Hebrew is added by the translators actually exist and has sold out his possession semester with territory right with the patrimony that God gave you enough alone is what it says and if he is what redeeming relative that would redeem in Hebrew means to buy back by paying a price is the Hebrew word goal and which is basically the same equivalent word in the New Testament that is redeemed which means that it like the pond shop you know you put something in the pawnshop and then you can come and buy it back by paying the price and such as if he is redeeming relative comes to redeem it then he may read the what his brother Saul now who was the review were supposed to be a brother or a next of kin in oversight Wells was the same family now I'm an individual salt and not his patrimony Boreas on land already ruled that sold himself into slavery great recovery is position as large yes a good notice versus forty seven to forty nine Leviticus twenty five is now an assault of Jordan or her stranger close to you becomes rich and one of your brother who dwells by him becomes poor and sells himself to a stranger our soldiers are close to you or to a member of the strangers family after he has sold he may be what is the same word again he he may be redeemed again who could redeem the same one obvious but one of his brothers may redeem him or his uncle or his uncle 's son may redeem him or anyone who is near at hand to him and his family may redeem him and then I thought again hypothetically exist or if he is able he may redeem himself while could he reveal himself even if you reflect so could an individual recover the lost possession and recover his lordship over his territory in some way absolutely and the way was very simple on next of kin could come and pay the redemption price to get back the territory and to restore the individual to dominion over that territory of the human race faced terrible problem is the Adam lost the territory and he lost his position and unfortunately everyone who was born from him lost their territory and lost their position because the Bible tells us that within the human race there is none righteous him I send and come short of the glory of God so the human race was in a precarious condition because there was nobody within the human race there was no next of kin will get paid a price to buy back the lost possession and to bond buyback the possession because everyone was way and so the question is how could the human base raise the redeemed if there was no one in the human race to pay the price of redemption this is the reason for the incarnation of Christ the master before Jesus came to this earth before his incarnation was Jesus our next of kin know because he belonged to want he belonged to a different family he belonged to the family of the time it is enough yes he was the creator he created us but the fact that he created us does not mean that he was a member of our family he was a member of the cockpit and we were human beings Jesus read deem what had been lost unless he became a next of kin know the laws of redemption required that the Redeemer had to be a next of kin and that's the reason why we're told in John one fourteen the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us I like to imagine what it must've been like in heaven when Jesus gathered all the angels together and he said to the angels folks the moment has arrived I believe he am going to join that family down there him placed in the womb one is going to be born as a human being but then Jesus says to the heavenly host copy back in forty three years and I will be victorious so you folks better start preparing the party from now for my reception now it's interesting when you reach Scripture for example Revelation twenty two over sixty it says that Jesus is the real and offspring of David that's a strange verse how many of you have ever known an individual who is his son 's father and his son son I don't know anyone other than Jesus Jesus is the root of David and he's also the offspring of David Hunt we understand what is the root of David because he created David Escott but he is the offspring of David because Jesus became human flesh the same is true of Jesus and Abraham Jesus has before Abraham was I have but were told in Matthew chapter one that Jesus was asleep Abraham is Abraham 's father and Abraham 's son because Jesus belonged to the member of the Godhead and then he decided to become human flesh in order to redeem the lost possession in order to restore Adam to his original position of rulership now basically Jesus had a twofold mission see Jesus felt responsible for the existence of that he said I have to do something about Adam and his dissent no I yell if you really think about their people whose angle I didn't choose to be born into this world and that's true not Jesus had simply let us be born into this world and not provide a way of escape we might segment is not very nice you know were born of this world we never chose to come into this world and yet we stand and were lost but Jesus has a uncredited something you didn't choose to be born into this world but you can certainly choose how you're going to go so I'm getting you what we would of escape I am responsible for your existence and I love you and therefore I'm going to give you a way of escape if you chose not to not to take that offer them making that's not exactly my fault because I gave you a chance to accept and to escape the precarious condition that you sold yourself into another mission Jesus was twofold there many things that Jesus came to this earth to do but he came to primarily two things number one Jesus came to live the life that we should live he came to live in our place and secondly after he lived a perfect life then Jesus came to take our load of sin upon himself and died the death that we should die Jesus came to bring in our place and Jesus came to die in our place because the law says offer me a perfect life weekend losses if you don't offer me a perfect life you've got a guy and we don't have a perfect life to offer and therefore we are on death row saw Jesus because he created all of us can offer to take the place of all of us only who created all could offer to take the place of little I understand him he and and every time I say this amazes what you know Jesus did make me I was one from another this is all good and who is your motherboard from when she was born from her mother and who was her mother born from from her mother if you call the way back participants sent without any when she created many a creative input and the entire human race so he who created all could offer and live for all and he offered to come and fight for him so Jesus came for the reasons to live the perfect life that the law demands from us and died the day that the law demands from us to live and to die this is not an assigned research your sometimes week we talk about this the death of Christ increasingly he's the perfect is the Lamb that sacrifice and we forget that there's something very important before the death of only is the one we studied a sanctuary many times we would begin the study of the sanctuary in the court at the altar sacrifice that's not the place to start our study of the sanctuary we need to study the sanctuary beginning of acute because the camp is where sinners live needy sinners before Jesus die on the cross which is represented by the altar of sacrifice Jesus had to live a perfect life in advanced the word was made flesh and dwelt among us usually this sacrifice would've had no value unless first of all he had lived his perfect life is like Jesus came any camp out with us in fact John chapter one verse fourteen could be translated the word was made flesh and tabernacles in our midst the page this can interact anything I am going over the same ground that human beings will over his wound efforts and that is going to render the law perfect obedience in man's place him who is my life I would take all of this seems upon myself and to suffer the penalty with human being to suffer I'm going to live for them and I wouldn't die for them not us for example Exodus twelve verses five and six on this idea that Jesus had to live a perfect life first and then he had to die for sin Exodus twelve verses five and six speaking about the Passover lamb it says your land shall be want without blemish that represents the perfect life of Christ a male of the first year you may think it from the sheep or from the goals now you shall keep it until the fourteenth day of the same month now bonus suffers losses of lambs without blemish and then it says then the whole assembly of the congregation of Israel so much shall kill it at twilight two aspects about the land number one the land was to have no blemish that the perfect life of Christ and secondly the land was to be brought suddenly why because the land was bearing the sins of the people notice first Peter chapter one verses eighteen to twenty first Peter chapter one verses eighteen through twenty once again we have the same idea coming through only this is in the New Testament here Peter explains knowing that you were not redeemed there's a word redeemed to see which means to buy back by paying a price knowing that you were not redeemed with corruptible things like silver or gold from your aimless conduct received by tradition from your fathers but you were revealed with what was oppressive but there you have the death of Christ with the precious blood of Christ but what kind of lamb was he before he died as of a lamb without blemish and without spot he indeed was foreordained before the foundation of the world always fast in the last times for you so what do things that Jesus have to come to do he had to come and offer the law the perfect life that the law requires and secondly he had to bear the sins of the world and suffer the death penalty that all human beings should suffer Jesus lived in place of all and Jesus died in place of giving the devil know what the mission of Jesus was given to them on the new hole he wants go with me to my chapter one verses twenty three and twenty four by chapter one verses twenty three twenty four here Jesus is in a synagogue in Nazareth and I want you to notice what transpires that this man that's possessed by demons the Jews didn't know we was of the devil it says now there was a man in their synagogue with an unclean spirit and he cried out saying let us allow what have we to do with you Jesus of Nazareth now modest letter concerning its deed you come to want or they know what he came did you come to destroy us and then evil spirits as I know who you are the holy one of history and the general knowledge Jesus had come to live a perfect life and that he had come to offer his life as a sacrifice for sin the devil could read the sacrificial service he could see the lamb was chosen without a blemish in it and then he could see the hands being placed under that of a lamp and the sending confessed on the head of the land and in the slaying of the lamp the devil says now I know what would happen him he's going to live a perfect life and anything to suffer death for sin and so what was the devil 's mission in the mission of Jesus was sick and live a perfect life and to bear the sins of the world to pay for sale what is supposed to the devil 's mission once the devil 's mission was to keep Jesus from living has perfect life and to keep him from dying from offering his life as a sacrifice for sin and the sentiment now the family is for methods to try and get Jesus to fail in his mission of living a perfect life and his mission of pain the penalty for sin the first method that the devil uses easy is he says I'm ridiculed him before he offers his life as a sacrifice for sin is a if the double life of Jesus that would not count as a sacrifice for sin because the Bible says that the Messiah had to offer his life they could not be taken from him yet the offer is like the devil says I'm going to kill him before he is able to offer his life the devil attempt to kill Christ several times during his ministry let's read about the first time Revelation chapter twelve verses three and four Revelation chapter twelve verses three and four says he and another sign appeared in heaven behold a great fiery red dragon having seven heads and ten horns and seven items on his hands his tail drew a third of the stars of heaven and filled into the earth and the dragon stood before the woman was ready to give birth to devour her child as soon as he was born for the bill saying he's not admit this in the back I'm going to finish this problem from the time that he's born another was the first him will try and kill Christ before he can offer his life if you don't try to kill Christ and other occasions during his ministry absolutely your member and I'm only mentioned the versus your member in Matthew chapter in it whether was this horrendous storm that came when the disciples and Jesus were not vote on the Sea of Galilee and was a storm all season the fishermen were out which would've never happened if it was storm season it was a store policies and according to the spirit of prophecy who you suppose was behind that store the devil drowned him your member we have the story of when Jesus was speaking in the synagogue in Nazareth and he said some pretty unpopular politically incorrect things like you know who did God favored the days of of name and it was a Syrian and not that you he favored this with the Gentiles and man they got so furious at hand of the Lord favors digital signal he doesn't favor all these undesirables of society and so they started pushing him outside the city and there were beautiful them over a cliff and we desire pages and white says that there were demons disguised as men in that crowd wanting to push Jesus over the precipice what is supposedly wanted to do that he wanted to kill Jesus whether several occasions during the ministry of Christ when stones were picked up the stone Christ absolutely but the Bible says that Jesus walks through their midst and they were not able to see so the devil says the way that I solve this problem of him living a perfect life and offering his life for sin is ongoing to the devil was not able to do in fact several times in the gospel of John and you find statement such as this may kind away fans on hand because it's time you noticed there was a time got has no time for him to offer his life as a ransom for many and another Carlyle the devil to give you before we reach that point the devil failed in his first mother first method of trying to guilt and the second method but the devil used was trying to try to infect him with Microsoft's analysis and I can't kill him but I can in June with sin then he's going to be my servant and is not going to recover anything and so the devil constantly was after Christ to try and get Jesus to send me just read several texts from Scripture that point this out the devil came to Jesus three times of the Mount of temptation and they were almost overmastering delusions that the devil offered Christ and Jesus answered each time it is big in Hebrews chapter for impersonating a mention these quickly Hebrews four verse fifteen it says we do not have a high Priest who cannot sympathize with our weaknesses but was in all points tempted as we are yet without sin the devil could not advocate Hebrews seven verse twenty six is another one levels versus the points of perfect sinless life of Christ it says therefore such a high priest was fitting for us who is holy harmless undefiled separate from sinners and has become higher than the heavens notice the expression wholly undefiled separate from sinners and has become higher than the heavens the devil could not infect him with the virus of sin if he had then Jesus would be in the same predicament as we are him first forty six Jesus while the question to those who were listening group of Josie Seth went on to convince me on sample of course that's a rhetorical question because the answer supposed to be not nobody noticed first John checked in verse five first John chapter three verse five is our all verses that speak about the perfect sinless life of Christ it says they are in first John three five and you know that he was manifested to take away our sins and in him there is no one or in their many more in the New Testament first Peter chapter two verses twenty one and twenty two first Peter chapter access for two forms of this you were called because Christ also suffered for us leaving us an example that you should follow his steps who committed no sin that was the seed found in his mouth successful in the second method currently infected with the virus of scent no he was unsuccessful first method trying to kill Jesus before the time came for him to offer his life not the devil uses the method and the warehouse to get Jesus to adopt a different plan of getting the kingdom back in was distract them from going to the cross and recovering the phone and the dominions would benefit now let's noticed several examples of Matthew four versus eighty nine Matthew chapter four verses eighty nine this is the third temptation of Christ and it says again the devil took him up on a hot exceedingly high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world flooring to better thank you on the field when sought after four versus eight and nine were told that the devils of Jesus upon a high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory and is that they have all these things I will give you if you will fall down and worship me with the devil trying to offer Jesus an easier road forgetting the kingdom back to know why amplify she says the dental setting did you know you have to go to Jerusalem to mistreat you kill you you can suffer is known for their analysis if you just fall down and worship me just for an instant to talk to you free of you trying to distract him from the path of truly recovering that which had been lost this fit the Jewish people at the time of Christ constantly try to arrest Jesus to make him a temporal king this is one example John six verse fifteen after Jesus fed the five thousand John chapter six in verse fifteen and Elimite emphasizes that Jonas was a leader in this because Jonas wanted a temporal ruler he wanted Jesus to take over the throne in Jerusalem it says Aaron Johnson expressed fifteen therefore when Jesus perceived that they were about to come and take him by force to make him want to make him king he departed again to the mountain by himself alone you remember that part you will price actually six months approximately nor Jesus died he was in Caesarea Philippi and asked his disciples on warm and saying that I am well some say that your Jeremiah Tower your lives are one of the prophets and so Jesus says but who do you say that I and Peter will appear to be the spokesman for the disciples sometimes seems like he is talking a fourth year before putting his brain in first gear he says you use the side of the living God the word Christ means the Messiah your domicile he didn't even know it was a big Jesus says hey well said Peter flesh and blood has not revealed this to you but my father who is in heaven and then the Bible says that Jesus began to tell his disciples that he must go to Jerusalem he must suffer many things and die and resurrect the third day with the Peter comes to Jesus come on the NIST scientists at the Messiah since I left home don't be pessimistic about this about you going to Jerusalem and software and I know that this is a bilingual society only the Peter he says Gebauer it fell behind me Satan what the devil was trying to do is offer Jesus a different way to take from instead time to recover and even when they went up to the amount of transfiguration Moses and Elijah appeared that talking to Christ at that time Jesus and the disciples were on their way to Jerusalem that the disciples were quite depressed before that because Jesus had stated I'm going to Jerusalem to die and then they began their journey six days later that the modern Transfiguration moving south this I say don't always moving to Jerusalem this was a good adhesive and administrative management and I signed XML to the mouth to encourage the at least three of them and that it says there that Jesus was glorified like you look when he comes the second time and the disciples really impressed because Moses and Elijah come to talk to Jesus and really talking about juice his departure offers access the word Exodus in the loop nine verse thirty one and he was going to do in Jerusalem that seems to be the Passover lamb I get the access and cancel after this episode Peter says to Jesus nor is good that we stayed here last day free Tabernacles last year but go to Jerusalem your men at the very end of the ministry of Christ some Greeks came to Christ actually asked for an interview in my Jesus who preach the gospel increase to do his works of healing increase and Jesus said the time has come for the Son of Man to be called this is not trying to increase decrease the gospel and then he says if agreeably does not fall into years and die it remains unknown but if it falls into the earth and dies it will bear much fruit now my role is and if I die don't be a lot of fruit degrees in due time it was really a temptation of Satan for Jesus to delay his mission of dying on the cross and will preach the gospel increase according to what Willow might has to say to us in the very very end of life of Christ when Judas betrayed Christ foretold in the Bible that the devil got into Judas do you really think that it was the intention of Judas to deliver Jesus killed Jesus was pension enjoyments be no happiness when it didn't happen still if if Jesus was televangelist that was the impact of Judas Judas was a wonderful but when he saw his purpose was that Jesus would be put between a rock and a hard place and he would deliver himself and proclaim his authority over his pressures but when it didn't happen the Bible says that Judas threw the money money meant nothing to them anymore and the Bible says that he went and he committed suicide the devil uses Josephus could try to detract Jesus from going to the cross and to assert his authority to take over the phone so the devil constantly trying to get Jesus to follow a different path than the private dining establishments was to live a perfect life and to offer his life as a sacrifice for sin the devil could not kill him the devil could not in fact and the devil did not detract you but there was a fourth method and this was the worst of all the devil trying to discourage Jesus to such a point they would pick up and leave the human race to be the jewel of Jesus at any moment could've decided to leave and go back to heaven and allow the human race parish he could've done in fact as we see the final events of the life of Christ from the time that he's in Gethsemane to the time that he dies on the cross the devil is doing everything in his power to discourage Jesus from fulfilling his mission this is the last straw it's the last resort the devil says I was not able to Jill and I was not able to affect him I was then unable to detract him not to make it in some trouble you will send you some doing this is not and will not happen no longer human race the parish known as Matthew twenty six verse thirty eight Matthew twenty six verse thirty eight your Jesus begins his sufferings in the Garden of Gethsemane as Jesus states this then he said to them my soul is exceedingly sorrowful even today stay here and watch with me he owns for the support of his disciples and the prayers of his disciples he says stay here and watch I'm sorrowful I'm filled with pain and then Jesus begins to that prayer was father Matthew twenty six verse thirty nine three times he enters this prayer it says in verse thirty nine he went a little further and found space and prayed saying old my father if it is let this cup pass from me nevertheless not as I will but as you and then in verse forty two again a second time he went away and pray same old life for it this cop cannot cast away from me unless I drink and your will be done and then in verse forty four were told so he left then went away again and prayed the third time saying the same words he screams there is this cup can pass for me and asking what the cup contain games in the top were told in John eighteen verse eleven that his father gave him do you know what the cup had come at the wrath of God that each one of us should drink because of our sins you know the workout that uses the same word is used in revelations sixty four speaks about pulling out the bowls of God 's wrath unfortunately translates bowls that really is the same word is Jesus trying but how on God 's wrath without mixture of mercy do know that Jesus would've died before one finger was laid on him do you know when he was praying according to the spirit of prophecy he fell to the ground drawn as dieting and Jimmy in fact if an angel had not come to strengthen him he would die in the garden not of his wounds but because of the weight of sin that was crushing his soul but when the devil telling him that it was telling younger disciples care a lot about you there sleeping one of your disciples betrayed you another one of his disciples the night you the rest of the disciples ran away leaving the same you actually think that what you're doing is going to produce any positive results the people you get to say they're all screaming finance if you stay and you follow through with this they're going to be launched and you're going to be lost and you will never see your father space ever again in Hebrews chapter five verse seven we have a description of the agony of Christ this is speaking about his agony that so many lives described in the book of Hebrews it says here when the days of his flesh when he had offered up listen to this prayers and supplication this is the ceiling I and cheers that amplifies the idea of what Jesus went through and examining most prayers supplications be seen in cries and tears to him who was able to save him from death and was heard because of his godly fear in fact were told in the twenty two verse forty four that is agony was so great that he sweated as great drops of blood how much anguish must you have to sweat blood instead select what was going on this average is seven fifty three listen to this quotation desire measures seven fifty three Satan with his fierce temptations while the heart of Jesus the Savior could not see through the portals of the two Hall did not present at him he is coming forth from the great conqueror or tell him of the father 's acceptance of the sacrifice is a carefully he feared that sin was so offensive to God that their separation was to be eternal Christ felt the anguish which the center will feel when mercy shall no longer played for the guilty race it was the sense of sin bringing the father 's rifle on him as man's substitute that made the cop he drank so bitter and broke the heart of the son of God in fact in that same chapter Gethsemane Ellen White says that the devil tortured Jesus with his temptations and said if you go through this with with this the separation between you and your father will be eternal you will never see your father 's face ever they may ask you did the devil while Jesus was on the cross attempt to entice him come down from the cross and die to see what the devil is updated up to hear him into the last malaise is not doing it happened I just come down and beat up on the people who are doing this to you exert your authority and your power that Jesus had done that he would assess because I would've been selfishness of awareness in Matthew twenty seven versus forty one to forty three where they said let them calm down now from across and we will believe in him it all during his ministry Jesus felt the presence of his father in fact in John eight twenty nine we find these words of Jesus he says and he who sent me is with me the father has not left me alone so when he found across the way the father has not left me alone for I always do the things that please him so Jesus has during his minister father is not involved he was always conscious conscious of the presence of his father and yet now in Gethsemane he sprinklers five other if it's slow remove this cup from me as his hand across the cries out to the one that he always felt that my God my God hast thou forsaken me because of sin in Olson 's overcome sin is not overcome by looking at the law sin is overcome by looking at what it costs Jesus is a way when I visit Jesus and once as an hour a day when I visit Jesus in Gethsemane and I hear I see in sweating drops of blood crying out with vehement cries what age in the garden if it hadn't been for the angel that him his father 's bank when a cop is as is hanging on the cross and say my God my God why have you forsaken me I asked Jesus why this happened to you and Jesus and because of the movies that you watch makes a person because of the music that you listen to Jesus parables thanks you better believe it that was our sessions that led Jesus to hang on the cross when I see what send it to Jesus if I love Jesus I will not want anything more to do with it because it hurts Jesus so centers overcome bike by spending time at the foot of the cross is not by comparing my life of a lusting heart and I measure up today now it's seeing what sin class Jesus and so Jesus says my God my God why have you forsaken me and then the Bible tells us that his last words of Christ where it is finished those words ever written notice in our seminar tomorrow were spoken to his father he's saying to his father father I finished the work that you sent me to do debate in the evidence judge whether whether the father was finished at the cross the fact is that salvation was guaranteed at the cross what happens after the cross is simply the individual personal application of the effects of the life and death of Christ to individuals who come repented and confessing to Jesus and what happens after the crossing is an application of the offense of Christ life in Christ and to individuals who meet the conditions but as far as the proficient distance zero centimeters based he was a good father I have finally similar that will make it possible for my people to come back home know those were not the last words last words were into your hands I commend my villages is really saying Italy we think of the spirit as being just a breath the breath of life and the spirit is certainly the breath of life but it's more than the breath of life is in heaven God keeps a record an exact record of core Wheelock who we were in life inside and out I thought our feelings are worth our emotions are imported everything God has another not in person but perhaps in electronic form say that there now is a electronic and little bit of speculation but God does have done us have a record that is something Scripture makes it clear so much and I would Jesus resurrect me is you only can it going to give me the breath of life or is he going to give me me back he's going to get me the breath of life along with my friend and all of a sudden set up in a race in the cleansing of the sanctuary I know God is Jesus is going to return to me when I was cool I was during my life along with the breath he's got a return to me the record of my spirits a package deal it's the breath with a self identity of the individual elements that the spirit of man is this character just a clear quotation on that point so when Jesus and his father him in my spirit Jesus is saying nice because you have promised that he was faithful on the third day he will call me and so Jesus dies in hope it sounds like you first and is is is that in your hands I commend my spirit so you guys and hope very early the first day of the week two angels came down from heaven one of the Angels remote the stall and by the way the soldiers all draw like they were dead if you wanted to you Jesus and the doom you think a little pedal engages in the Somali guy stations as items that located I elected and I but if I can keep you millionaire dad still there's no salvation very early to angels descend one rolls away the style of when stands before the two and with a commanding voice it's something earth says all sign of God by father C suddenly out of the two comes Jesus minus all of the trappings that he had because he'll carefully folded those he comes out and he says I am the resurrection and I when Jesus came out the devil that he was to invent now there was perfect provision in the life of Christ in place of our sinful and that Jesus offered in place are him that anyone who would come to Jesus to claim the benefits of his life and death we eventually be saved and Satan knew that his kingdom was lost so Jesus was successful in his mission one final point when Jesus resurrected he did not resurrect by himself let's read our last passage don't miss the next exciting episode tomorrow this is only going to get better tomorrow talk about the return of the war he wrote heaven abrasive thirty three years I'll be back tomorrow when he went back the Bible is a lot to say I believe it or not about what happened when Jesus arrived Matthew twenty seven fifty one to fifty three then behold available temple was torn in two from top to bottom and you're right and the rocks were split and grazing Robin and many bodies of the saints will follow the state were raised in homeowners and coming out of the graves after his resurrection they went into the holy city and appeared to me the reasons why this group resurrected number one so that they could witness give witness to Christ's resurrection and secondly because they were going to be firstfruits from the dead that Jesus would present before his father upon his ascension forty days after his resurrection of life and by mentioning that the traditional view that has been held is that the twenty four elders are those who resurrected with Christ and were taken to heaven as the first fruits from among the different granola set our study tomorrow that that this is a tradition it does not square with what is taught in the Bible or in the spirit of prophecy there's something much more profound here that takes place upon the ascension of Christ and tomorrow we will study Lord willing about the ascension of Christ the presentation of the first fruits and the bullet is played by the twenty four elders the four living creatures as well as the seven spirits were before the throne so I hope to see all of you tomorrow Lord willing is for prayer find an enemy thank you for being willing to send your precious son to this world to suffer to agonize to be wounded and to have those wounds upon his body will start upon his body not for a season but forever is a reminder of your great love for us thank you for being willing to send Jesus to live the life that we should live to die the death that we should suffer help us Lord each day to appreciate more and more what Jesus has done help us to come to the foot of the cross repented and confessing their sins knowing that when we do so there is little and other farming benefits a person we has all of the activities this device is a wonderful occasion thank you father hearing on Jesus he may in this message was reported as a USC device you are supporting Seventh-day Adventist seems high I quit don't you him I will send you that I downloaded versus other resources visit us online and you will see when you have a true and I


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