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The Return of the War Hero

Stephen Bohr


Stephen Bohr

President/Speaker of Secrets Unsealed



  • December 30, 2012
    9:45 AM
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to this message and see what I see two thousand twelve hundred Washington and other resources in us online at www. URC where I say let's review what we studied yesterday afternoon what was the twofold mission of Jesus when he came to this earth to live a perfect life in our place and to suffer death in our place in other words he came to live for us and he came to die for us what was the devil 's mission the devil 's mission was the opposite to try and keep Jesus from living is perfect life and to try and keep Jesus from offering his life as a sacrifice at the moment indicated in Bible prophecy knowledge for methods than the devil used to try and keep Jesus from living and from thy well first of all he tried to walk you trying to kill him on several occasions before he is our aim to give his life was the second method that he used to try to infect him with the virus of sending us if James S Sand he would be an imperfect sacrifice and saw his death would not be worth anything to us was a third method of the devil used he tried to get Jesus to gain the kingdom by following a different path remember my taking over the phone is not dying but by adopting a different method and what was the fourth method of the devil used trying to discourage you in such a way that Jesus would pick up and leave and allow human rights the parish and that's particularly clear in the Garden of Gethsemane battle because in the Garden of Gethsemane Jesus was tempted to just pick up and leave and allow the human race to parish and the thankfully none of the methods worked because when Jesus said it has finished on the cross and then he said to his father into your hands I commend my spirit Jesus had lived a perfect life and he had paint event soon in other words he had provided the benefits of the atonement as eloquent calls now as we noticed yesterday Jesus resurrected and went him resurrected also a group a multitude of individuals Elimite identifies them as martyrs martyrs who died from the beginning of human history all the way down to the guidance of Christ we can only speculate about who those were maybe able was there first martyr maybe John the Baptist was there we don't know he was a part of it died before Christ then backed Aiello might does identify them as martyrs who stood for the truth from the beginning of history kinds of Christ now I would like us to take a look now at what happened after the resurrection of Christ more specifically what happened forty days of what happened forty days after Jesus resurrected at the ascension of Christ because he spent forty days here after his resurrection and for this were going to go to Revelation chapter four so I invite you to go with me to Revelation chapter four and were going to both of this chapter verse by verse and then we will go on to chapter five and also look at this verse by verse verse one revelation for appellees things I look at behold a door standing open in heaven Elizabeth say that the door opened at some point excess of the door is standing open in heaven and access and the first voice which I heard was like a trumpet speaking with me saying here I will show you things which once must take place after this and so I wanted to visualize an open door in and it says and of course that door leads into some building because it is not just a freestanding door to door leads into a building now he goes to the door and I want to notice what he sees inside the door this is Revelation chapter four and verse two immediately John says I was in the spirit that means he was in vision and behold a frown on set up in heaven and one sat on the throne for your CMS doors open John goes through the open door in vision and inside the door he sees a phone and on the phone there is one individual seed now I'd like to ask the question where did Jesus locate himself when he ascended to have let's go back to chapter three chapter three verse twenty one let's knows where Jesus went when he ascended them it says that Revelation three twenty one immediately before chapter four to him who overcomes I will grant to sit with me on my throne as I also overcame now when did Jesus overcome and where did he overcome he overcame under right was perfect life and is FSN saw answer has as I also overcame and noticed and sat down with my father I is no so when Jesus ascended to heaven how many people were seated on the phone to God the father and Jesus according to Revelation three and verse twenty one however in Revelation chapter four we find that there's only one seat on the flow and that one person was seated on the throne as we study the context was none other than God the father and so immediately we asked the question where was Jesus in the slaying of Revelation chapter four he was not see that they are on the phone well let's pursue this and examine let's go to verse three I understand the question I'm asking is it perhaps true that Jesus has not arrived yet visit with his father and his little vesicle verse three and he was sat there was like a jasper and sardius stone Jasper and sardius unread deep red colors and correspondence surrounded by fire so this this is the idea and he was sacked there was like a jasper and a sardius stone in appearance and there was a rainbow around the flowing in appearance like an emerald so you're you're you're going to listen for you seen the film there's one seated on the throne upon the throne there's a rainbow the phone is surrounded by my ran my fire and then I want you notice in verse four then around the throne are certain individuals it says in verse four and around the throne were twenty fourth of and on the films I saw twenty four elders sitting clothed in white middle those are crowns of gold on their heads so now you can imagine the around the phone are twenty four thrones and upon those twenty four thrones are seated the twenty four elders and were told that they were cold and white robes and they had crowns of gold on their heads now let's get burst vibrant to come back diversified and that's going to verse six and will also reimburse agency because as another group of beings that are present there it says in verse six that there are four living creatures let's remember us access before the full there was a sea of glass like Crystal and in the midst of the throne and around the throne were four living creatures full of lies in front and in back of the question is who are these living creatures well verse eight will give us two characteristics that will help us identify who they are verse eight says the four living creatures each having six wings that's an important need each having six wings were full of eyes around and within and between the rest they are not insane holy holy holy Lord God Almighty who was and is and is to come Soto characteristics and six swings and racing holy holy holy now there's no doubt whatsoever that these are Sarah the numbers these are majestic agencies and how do we know what we have to go back to Isaiah chapter six verses one through three where you have the very same two characteristics Isaiah six is speaking about the call of the prophet Isaiah and it says there in chapter six in verse one in the year that King years I have died I saw the Lord sitting on a throne high and lifted up and the train of his robe filled the temple above it no motorists stood so roughly as one had six wings with until he covered his face with Tony covered his feet and with two people and one cried to another access what Hawley Hawley Hawley is the Lord of hosts the whole earth is full of his glory so that learning beings of living creatures that are there are several feeding and incidentally even though not specifically mentioned here the cherubim in Ezekiel chapter one are described in very similar to her states that the cherub you have four wings but they're full of eyes that have many of the same characteristics of the surfing half saw we not at present there is not the father of the throne around nothing on our twenty four elders in the master list on our Sarah theme and the question is when is this taking place okay it's inside a building the question is what is that building and where in the building is this event transpiring we don't have to guess that's one of her spine the verse that we skipped it says in verse five and from the floor when it proceeded like means thunder rings and voices and now listen seven lamps of fire were burning before the throne now where in the sanctuary where the seven lamps of fire they were in the holy place so this event is taking place in the holy place of the heavenly century because this is happening in heaven now it also tells us what the seven lamps represent or symbolize CONS sunlamps but it tells us what the seven lamps symbolize the first of the essay seven lamps of fire were burning before the throne which are what which are the seven spirits of God now it's oh seven spirits of God are not seven Holy Spirit 's the number seven rep as well the completeness fullness and always the fullness of the Spirit is present there is another clue that tells us where this event is taking place revelation five verse eight Revelation five is describing events that are taking place they are in the same location nonetheless Revelation chapter four and verse of chapter five excuse me and verse eight Excelsior now when he had taken the scroll this is happening before the throne the four living creatures and the twenty four elders fell down before the Lamb each having a harp and now listen carefully and golden bowls full of what full of incense which are the prayers of the saints wherewith incense offered in the sanctuary incense was offered at the altar of incense in the holy place of the sanctuary so we have to close that indicate that this scene is taking place in the holy place of the heavenly sanctuary first the seven lamps of fire which represent the fullness of the Spirit and secondly we have the altar of incense where incense is being offered along with the prayers of the saints so this scene is taking place in the holy place of the heavenly sanctuary now I want you to notice that those beings that are present the four living creatures and the twenty four elders are singing a song and the song has a central theme revelation chapter four verses nine to eleven tells us what they were singing about they were singing about it says there in verse nine whenever the living creatures give glory and honor and thanks to him who sits on the throne who lives for ever and ever the twenty four elders fall down before him who sits on the throne and worship him who lives forever and ever and cast their crowns before the throne saying now known as the theme of the so you all are worthy of to receive glory and honor and power for you created all things and by your will they existed and were created that the song is honoring God the father as the one at the creator now there's some things in Revelation four that are absent first of all there is no mention in chapter four of redemption the concept does not appear in Chapter four another thing to the knife does not appear in chapter four is the angelic hosts you find no reference to the ten thousand times ten thousand and thousands of thousands being there around the throne and in the first place there is no reference to Jesus Christ in Revelation chapter four in other words were impressed by what's there but we are also impressed by what's not there the question is where where the angelic hosts where was Jesus in chapter four and why is this song a song in honor of the creator rather than a song in honor of the Redeemer I believe the reason is as we study along with one serious the reason is that in Revelation chapter for the heavenly throne room is being prepared for the arrival of the war hero who has just done on earth peace battle with the enemy and he has overcome the enemy and all heaven in chapter four is preparing the heavenly throne room for the arrival of the war hero on his return from the battlefield now you might be wondering you say no wait a minute Pastor wasn't Jesus Christ the creator yes Jesus Christ was the Creator but Jesus executed the father 's will not did you notice here in verse eleven it says you we all things and I know well they exist and they were created in other words the father Creator through Jesus Christ the son we might say that the father was the architect and Jesus was the master builder there were both involved but revelation for verse eleven says that the father of the things were created by the father 's will in other words the father devised the plan salt when chapter four hands together separately see God the father sitting on the phone twenty four elders gathered there on the Sarah theme and by extension the cherubim are also there and the Holy Spirit in his fullness is present there before the absent the heavenly hosts Jesus Christ and any reference to redemption but that is now going to change let's go to chapter five in verse one I saw in the right and I saw in the right hand of him who sat on the throne a scroll saw what it imagine the individual sitting on the other throne but the father he has in his right hand a scroll written inside and on the back sealed with seven seals let's go on the first two then I saw strong angel proclaiming with a loud voice who is worthy to open the scroll and to lose it seems now that word where the main swings qualify in other words there are certain characteristics that qualify an individual to break the seals and to open the scroll so that the contents of this growth can be read not just anyone can unfurl the scroll break the seals and revealed the contents of the scroll there is someone who is uniquely qualified to do this and now there's a universal crisis that ensues notice verse three our good God the father break the seals can unfurl the scroll now was he in heaven at this point yes he was so assessing online enhancement of beers or leaders was able to open the scroll or to look at so John is observing this he and is no one in heaven on earth or under the earth no one in the arts was able to break the seals and to open the scroll and somehow John reacts first for so I wept much known great there's two main words for weeping one is a weaker word and one means to week but my crying out for several this work week that is used to the heat great work tribal is the one that is used to speak of Peter who after he denied Christ without any wet shirt is a slang word that's used to describe ruler of the synagogue when his daughter died says that people were way killing the early is the same word that is used out one at that describe the disciples when they mourned the death of Jesus Christ in its use also the speak about Jesus morning over Jerusalem as a defendant now Mama violence towards the Eastern gate in other words this word is a strong word John is wailing that would be a better translation is cried out is there something very important escrow is in a matter of life and death that the scroll be open and that the contents of the scroll we revealed absolutely but there's no one in heaven on earth or under the earth that can break the seals unfurl the scroll and reveal the contents of this world now yes then what were the contents of the school what the best choral habit was so important that John Wales because no one was found to break the seals and to open the scroll well there's no doubt whatsoever that what you're dealing with here is a will or a custom of irregular statement from Kenneth Strand who many years ago was my teacher at the seminary passed away in his groundbreaking book interpreting the book of Revelation page fifty five he explains scrolls such as the one that is described in Revelation chapter five he says this the central item the seven sealed scroll portrays a will or testament for that is precisely what such a seven sealed document was in Roman law enzymes the slugger they discovered ancient testaments wills from from Rome they have historical records that indicate that this is the way that Romans wrote what else they basically what they would do is they would write the will they would roll up the scroll and input seven pieces of string around the scroll and wanted to answer the string that they would put a block of wax that stuck to the two ends and to the scroll or they would put a blob of claim of wet clay it would harden and then stick to the two ends and stick to the scroll this was a way of making sure that nobody hampered with the contents of the will or the customer insight continues saying the centerline of the seven sealed scroll portrays a will or testament for this that is beside the what such a seven sealed document was in Roman law in John's day we find them that the picture we have it in the subdivision of revelation four one two eight one using courts see in which King will mark what do we all in the context of Revelation this will or testament would be a kind of the asset word to man's lost inheritance we talked about the losing of the inheritance yesterday that only Jesus can recover so basically this is this is the title deed he says to the lost possession of man he continues same as I worked on that man has lost inheritance on inheritance which has been repurchased by Christ the Lamb that's the scroll is a book of destiny the operating audit means inheritance in God 's kingdom it's remaining closed means forfeiture no wonder John wept when he thought no one could open the scroll but as you can image it can just anyone open a will or testament or is there somebody that's been specifically delegated that responsibility what does that will reveal what is a testament reading it reveals who will want hold and inherit and what they will inherit and it can only be opened by a qualified person that has been designated to do that and so we have here is really the will or the testament of the human race that reveals the decisions that people have made in the course of human history and by the decisions they determine whether they will inherit eternal life or Wimberley were suffered and so John says if the scroll is not open not one will inherit it cannot be revealed who will inherit the loss possession allows you to read you a couple of statements from Ellen White it's amazing how Ellen White caught this nuance than sharing with you the first statement is found in manuscript releases volume nine and page seven you raise the volume nine page seven listen to how LOI describes the contents of this growth rate of escrow the whole history of the human race and the decisions that individuals have made within the course of history which one escrow is often will reveal what our inheritance will be based on their decision on the response this is what she says they are in his open hand lay the book the role of the history of God 's providence it's the prophetic history of nations and the church what does the skull and pain the prophetic history of what nations and the church but she specifies even more she says herein must contain the divine utterances gives authority his commandments his laws all symbolic Council of the Journal and the history of all ruling powers in the nation and symbolic language was contained in that role listen carefully now the influence of every nation time and people from the beginning of Earth 's history to its close in other words it is a full and complete world history that is controlled contained in escrow and the scroll reveals international decisions that were made in the course of history that will determine what the inheritance will be now has another statement from our way even more specific where Elimite is talking about a specific historical event that was written in escrow this vagueness on the price object lessons page two hundred and ninety four remember when I brought on Jesus and Barabbas and put them side-by-side and he said to the multitude will you want me to read release Jesus or Barabbas but that they say release unto us Barabbas Elizabeth White says about that specific moment in history she says that the Jewish leaders made their choice him say it was a registered that is when they made the decision right there Susan was registered in the book which John saw in the hand of him that sat upon the flow the book which no man could open it now notice what he says that she gets some very important clues here she says in all its vindictiveness this decision will appear before them before home those who make that decision right she says this decision will appear before them in the day when this book is on sale by the lion of the tribe of Judah now that several important things in the statement number one had a scrolled and opened when Ellen White wrote this in nineteen hundred no because she's as when the scroll is all it was still future in nineteen hundred and now the same as those that made the decision will see the result of their decision yes where are all those people who made that decision today they are all what there all day but in artists are decision they would have to be brought online which means that the scroll is not be unfurled when these people live again and when are they going to live again they are going to live again after the thousand years I do volunteer now I'm a range of us amazing statement from Elimite of before we get to the end where Ellen White describes the moment when the scroll is on for now let's go back to Revelation chapter five so what is contained in escrow the whole history of the human race and individual decisions that are made with what will determine whether an individual is what Sandor lofts what their inheritance will be based on their decision within the course of human history so there's this crisis nobody can open the will or testament to the will or testament is an open nobody will inherit most verse five but one of the elders said to me do not wait you'll know why the number tribe of Judah the root of David Mister penses has remained that were prevailed unfortunately it's translated differently Revelation five and revelation in other places Revelation light Revolution three twenty one really is the same word overcome same great work so I can be translated the root of David has overcome where did he overcome he overcame it across and what is that given the right to do it since has overcome and how this is future to what to open the scroll and to loose its seven seals what is it that gives Jesus Christ the right to break the seals and to open the scroll and reveal its contents the fact that he went the fact that he overcame now notice verse six and I look at the hole in the midst of the throne and of the four living creatures and in the stove the owners stood a Lamb now with the lambda chapter four no worries there in chapter five where this land just come from must be from Earth is allowed to live in the same yeah but what characteristics does eleven half at assess and as the handyman what this point and landline this is a landslide yes select the death and resurrection of Christ they can place yes insulin says as the immensely now comes a very importantly don't don't miss this point the Engadget Revelation chapter report said that the seven spirits were before the phone right now want to knows that there's a change it says having seven horns and seven eyes which are the seven spirits of God what sent out into all the earth sun chapter for the fullness of the Spirit is there but in chapter five when the land presents himself what happens the spirit is sent to the earth what historical moment is being described here what happened on the day of Pentecost when the Holy Spirit was sent to leaders that was present there before Jesus arrived in chapter four now in case you're wondering whether Jesus actually came there not as in Revelation chapter five and verse seven it says then he whacked all became thoughtful you must not have been there before he approaches the one who was on the ballot then each and took the scroll out of the right hand of him who sent on the phone is only Jesus takes thanks to the scroll in the hand of the one who is seated on the throne now you have a song of praise but it's a song of praise about creation now it's a song of praise about the Redeemer and has been signed by the living creatures and in the twenty four elders noticed revelation chapter five in verses eight to ten it says now when he had taken the scroll the four living creatures and twenty four elders fell down before the Lamb each having a harp and golden bowls full of incense which are the prayers of the as you cite no song saying and by the way there's a translation problem here and I'll try and touch upon this in our sessions tomorrow I get on the King James and the new King James version are good good versions of the Bible but they are not perfect translations I don't know if you're aware that I believe that the Texas reset this is the best manuscript trail but even the Texas precept this is not perfect however I don't believe the big game James translation is always the best translation there's nothing wrong with checking out more modern versions when there's no problem with the manuscript trail items that he might say now there's a mistranslation licking dance because it gives the impression that the twenty four elders are actually they were redeemed from the earth and of the Mediterranean upon the earth but with the exception of the King James of the new King James every single other person is a matter which one you check says that the twenty four elders and the four living creatures are not the redeemed they are singing about 3-D so I'm going to make a little change here in the new King James E at the way that all modern versions read and by the way it is the correct reading because Elimite identifies the twenty fourth artist you know if you give me your e-mail you can get my full notes this about this about forty pages on the twenty four elders very meticulously Ellen White identifies a twenty four elders as the highest of angels that have been placed to represent the worlds that never see saw that twenty four elders are the representatives of the worlds it never sent that were invited to the members of the heavenly council that were invited to be present there when Jesus ascended to heaven now if Anaheim Angels then they cannot be redeemed and they will not rain upon the earth following this might be different than what you've heard before I started out metric you listening and I think as you read the material and make sense and so it says in verse in verse eight once again not what you think of the scroll the four living creatures and the twenty four elders fell down before the Lamb each having a harp and golden bowls full of incense which are the prayers of the saints in the sandal song saying you are worth notice you are qualified in other words to take the scroll and to all seals far that means they contract for you all were slain what qualifies Jesus did he pay the redemption price but becoming one of us is if your next of kin it is the perfect life we should live you believe the island that we should not just so that Jesus had the right to repurchase the last possession so it says you are worthy to take the scroll and to open its seals for that is because you were slain and have regained and this is the way it reads in almost all modern versions and have redeemed people to God by your blood out of every tribe and time and people and nation and have made you kings and priests wore dark and they shall reign upon beer to check me out you'll see that every single person with the exception of the King James translates this as the elders and living creature singing about the redeemed they are not the reading and incidentally here the elders and the living creatures are singing this song what other living creatures Serafini with the Seraphim be singing you reading us and we shall reign upon the earth absolutely not that's another clue that there's a translation problem that we have here now suddenly appear potentially costs now tempered by Jean SSO is already in this song in honor of the Redeemer but mounted angelic also I'll sometimes spent thousands and thousands of thousands not a furnace in verses eleven and twelve then I looked and heard the voice of many angels around the throne the living creatures and the elders and the number of them was ten thousand times ten thousand and thousands of thousands saying with a loud voice was also the song of redemption where any of the Lamb who was slain to receive power and riches and wisdom and strength and honor and glory and blessing and then verse thirteen cents in every creature which is in heaven and on the earth and under the earth and such as are in the sea and all that are in them I heard say blessing and honor and glory and power be to him who sits on the throne and to the Lamb forever and ever Somaliland has arrived he takes the scroll is a song by every creature in the universe that singing the victory of Jesus Christ now I want to put everything together by reading a passage that was written by Ellen you might be wondering well in all of this seems to fit together but isn't the correct interpretation of the passage well I'm thankful to God that the he has given us in the writings of Ellen White the last three pages of the book the desire of the better take me a while to read this but immediately you're going to see Revelation four and five clearly comment commented upon this is desire pages eight thirty three to eight thirty five a.m. it's interesting as we read this passage Ellen White never uses the symbolism of Revelation four and five she never speaks for example four living creatures she never speaks of twenty four elders she never thought she never asked and refers to the Lamb as though it had been slain what she does is she interprets the symbols with matter-of-fact language so if you are if you if you wanted to find out what LOI had to say about living creatures and the twenty four elders you could try and sort genuine find anything until you say only doesn't have anything to say about revelation for function does but she doesn't use the symbols she explains the symbols and matter-of-fact language and asked him to come through clearly visible when she says this vague about the ascension of Christ all heaven was waiting to welcome the Savior to the celestial courts was all have in their about the father the Holy Spirit the chariot surfing the representatives of the worlds of never seeing absolutely she says all heaven was waiting to welcome the Savior to the celestial courts now listen carefully as he ascended feeling the way and the multitude of copied set free at his resurrection followed and also resurrected with Jesus being the twenty fourth of why not because they were already there before Jesus arrives in chapter five of his ascension those resurrected with Christ did not go to heaven before he did and so that's another clue that shows that that the traditional interpretation that the that the twenty four elders are those who resurrected with Jesus it just doesn't fit with the disruption revolution formed by such as asking a sanity led the way of the multitude of gap be set free in his resurrected body the heavenly is where the Angels weren't they the even evangelicals were not there because he said the angelic host with shouts and acclamations of praise and celestial song attended the joyous spring so where and also Revelation four they came to pick up Jesus now with the mess as they drew near the city of God challenges given by the escorting Angels lift up your heads oh ye gates be at the everlasting doors and the King of glory shall come in joyfully the Sentinel the waiting sentinels respond who is this King of glory this they say not because they know not who he is but because they would hear the answer exalted praise the Lord strong and mighty the Lord mighty in battle why would he be called the Lord mighty in the biggest seat going back to the battlefield lift up your heads oh ye gates in and let them up the everlasting doors and the King of glory shall come in again as are the challenge is this King of glory for the Angels never weary of hearing his name exalted the escorting Angels make revival house he is the King of glory than the particles of the city of collateral then why in the angelic throng is on the whole something of the angelic throne so is through the gains amid a burst of rapturous music you listen to live here comes the key paragraph there is a thorough as long revelation for yes there is the throne and around the rainbow promise was a rainbow promise there if there were there aren't cherubim and several feet who would those be in the symbolism of Revelation four five the four living creatures she says there are charity and surfing and then she goes on to say she was as three phrases to describe the same group she says the commanders of the angel hosts the sons of God the representatives of the unfallen worlds are assembled will be twenty four elders Michigan to say the heavenly council be more which Lucifer have accused God and his son the representatives of Olson 's realms of which Satan had thought to establish his dominion all are there to welcome the reading from God the father yes I Jeremy Mazer premier on the twenty four elders and representatives of morals there is they are not notice how the how the plot thickens they are going to celebrate his triumph and to glorify their key body waves back not yet he cannot not receive the coronet of glory and the Royal role he enters into the presence of his member says that he came and took the scroll out of the hand of the one who was season don't it says he enters into the presence of his father was how he enters he points to his wounded head is pierced side the marked feet how is Jesus presented in so Ellen White does not say on M fetus she describes Jesus the wounds on his by she is interpreting what the Lamb as Lloyd had been slain we are you listening so it's asking points was wounded at the Pierce signed the minor leagues hands bearing the print company he points to the tokens of his triumph he presents to God the way the seagulls raised with him as representatives of that great multitude who shall come forth from the grave at his second coming saw are also resurrected with use of twenty four hours now cameos to many that the many inconsistencies but by all traditions die hard have you lost face is that we haven't had a search on my share one with you in our next session the idea that that you know God was God 's plan that Saul of consciousness be the successor of Judas you know you find that repeated again and again in the publications you but but the disciples and be rushed to do something completely and so the elected interesting tradition but that's exactly what it is a tradition and doesn't square with that now you can you say he brought listen carefully to prevent low-wage eagles raise with them as representatives of a great multitude shall come forth from the grave of his second coming he approaches the father seeks it says he comes in Revelation five percent he approaches a father with ordinary start over one sinner that repent rejoices over one would sing before the foundations of the earth were laid the father and the son had united in a common to redeem man if he should be overcome by Saint Saint is Jesus the one who is able to take the scroll and to reveal who is going to inherit with him based on his purchasing the lost possession yes now mostly to continuously they had clasped their hands in a solemn pledge that Christ should become the surety for the human race this class plans Christ has fulfilled when upon the cross he cried out in his fifties he addressed the father the compact has been fully carried out now he declares what is a testament revealed was to be with him right who's going to inherit normal as the compacted and fully carried out now he declares father it is finished I have done I will only go I have completed the work of redemption no don't argue about whether the work of redemption was completed across Ellen White has statement for success that that the work of redemption was completed across this is one of the is what Jesus did on the cross that is not completed yet the individual application on the life and death of Christ to repentant confessing centers are you with me and this is where the Christian world is all messed up because all across the cross government to respond to the cross where Jesus takes his life in his neck and places them to your account and then God looks upon you and give you never said they are on Mondays I stand amazed unable to evidence meetings in and I asked the question I know I did Jesus forgive our sins at the cross it raises yes Jesus is not forgive our sins of the cross team April send to forgive our sins based on what he did on the cross because my Bible tells me weaken our sins he is faithful and just to forgive our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteous and the apostle Peter sent under the Pentagon's rate and be baptized for the forgiveness of sins and this is long this is several days after the crops the New Testament is clear that forgiveness comes when we individually claim through repentance and confession and faith in Jesus when Jesus through his life and who is that this clear else he could do you say if I justice is satisfied Jesus speaking to his father I will that they also whom thou hast given me be with me where I was the passion of Christ he wants his own to be with you is that what the will or testament reveals absolutely now listen here here reaches the climax the voice of God is heard proclaiming that justice is satisfied Satan is vanquished Christ toiling struggling ones on earth are accepted in the beloved before the heavenly angels and the representatives of the world of the all worlds they are declared justified where he says there is charge shall be at what the will or testament review season company mercy and truth are met together righteousness and peace and get each other was apparently the father 's arms encircling his son and the word is given let all the angels of God worship him and now surprise surprise when is good Revelation five twelve and thirteen with joy venerable rulers and principalities and powers our knowledge the supremacy of the Prince of life angel holds prostrate themselves before him while the glad shout fills all the parts of heaven early as the Lamb that was slain to receive power and riches and wisdom and strength and honor and glory and blessing revelation five verse twelve songs of triumph mingle with the music from Angel heart still haven't seems to overflow with joy and praise love has conquered the loss is heaven rings with voices and lofty strains proclaiming blessing and honor and glory and power be unto him that sitting up on the phone to the Lamb forever and ever Revelation five verse thirteen isn't an magnificent interpretation of revelation four five Jamaica so simple she doesn't use the symbolism but she interprets the symbolism though let us know that this is happening at the moment of the ascension of Jesus Christ now let's talk just for a few brief moments we have about five minutes however we do another passage that describes the final Hurley of the scroll you know that's cruel or is not to be opened after the millennium because also hold participated in saying release unto us Barabbas that's the time when they're going to be a life right now listen your credit limit amount blanket really this song what contain it what is contained in the scroll is really the whole history of the of the world we read that whole history of the nations in the church now and great controversy Ellen White describes you can find the page here great controversy six six six two six six nine Jim never forget Mercy comments about the scroll six six six as coincidence listen carefully about lacrosse about methadone is revealed across and like a panoramic view I might say in high gear listen carefully a peer this seems up Adam 's temptation and fall and the successive steps in the great plan of redemption what is being shown above the city in panoramic view the whole history of war that's the unfurling of the scroll ceased to talk about the scroll but she interprets when the school 's computer and when asked she can do you say the Savior 's lowly birth his early life in simplicity and obedience his baptism in the Jordan the faster temptation in the wilderness his public ministry I'm fully convinced Manhattan's most precious blessings today's crowded with deeds of love and mercy the Knights of prayer and watching in the solitude of the mountains the plotting something we hate and malice which repaid his benefits the awful mysterious agony in Gethsemane beneath the crushing weight of the sins of the whole world is betrayal into the hands of the murder smile the fearful events of that night of horror the unresisting prisoner forsaken by his best-loved disciples Rue in the streets of Jerusalem that the Salamat exalting leave us plenty of our analysts arraigned in the high priest palace in the judgment hall of eyelid before the cowardly and cruel Herod mocked and insulted tortured and condemned to die all are mentally portraying so what is this world revealing the scroll is a symbolic scroll Borrelia represents a reenactment of the whole history of the world know what kind of technology must go on her to register or to record the whole history of the world with all the decisions that were made in the course of human history is a technology that has not been discovered yet she can do you say that now before the slaying multitude I reveal the final scenes the patient suffered treading the path to Calgary the Prince of heaven hanging upon the cross the haughty priests and the jeering rubble deriving his expiring agony the supernatural darkness that seeming of the earth the rent rocks the marking the moment when the world Redeemer yielded up his life the awful spectacle appears just asking what Satan and his angels and his subjects have no power to turn from the picture of their own work each recalls the part which he performed Karen member those who crucified him it's one parent who's the innocent children of Bethlehem that he might destroy the king of Israel the basic Herodias upon whose guilty sole risk the blood of John the Baptist the wait time serving pilot the mocking soldiers the priests and rulers and the map and follow pride his blood be on us and on our children all behold the enormity of their game they vainly seek to hide from the divine majesty of his countenance outshining the glory of the sun all the redeemed cast their crowns at the Savior 's feet explaining TV Guide for me that she describes early church history she was from Christ early church history says Amanda ransomed throng of the apostles of Christ the heavenly Paul Bernard and Peter the loved and loving John and our true hearted brethren and within the vast host of minors while outside the walls with every violent abominable thing I'm most likely they were persecuted imprisoned in slaying there is narrow that monster of cruelty advice beholding the joy and exultation of those whom he once tortured and in whose extremist anguish he felt sickening his mother is there to witness the result of her work to see how the evil stamper character transmitted to her son the past is encouraged and developed by her influence and example have born fruit in crimes that cost the world to shutter and then she moves on the twelve hundred sixty years there are papist priests and prelates who claim to be Christ's ambassadors didn't find the rack the dungeon and the state to control the consciences of his people there are the proud positives were exalted themselves about God and presumed to change the law the multi- multitenant fathers of the church have an account to render to God for which they would fain be excuse to lay the Army to say that the omission one is jealous of his law and anyone nowise clear the guilty they learn now Christ identifies he's interest without obvious suffering people and they feel the force of his own words and it's not as you have done it unto one of these the least my brethren you have done it unto me shall awaken in contrast of the righteous and why the righteous are in the summary and then she says the whole weekend Worldspan arrange at the bar of God on the charge of high treason against the government of heaven may have known to plead their cause they are without excuse and the sentence of eternal death is pronounced yes based on what is contained in the school course escrow also contains the words of the righteous and that is examined for you that's examined in heaven by the heavenly beings but it's finally comes on for it is finally open for the wicked not enough books then very soon there's going to be a greater celebration even then when Jesus ascended once again got the father will be in heaven sitting on his long illness one of the other ideas we had people say when Jesus his father 's coming with Donald Bible says he will send forth Jesus and accept her thirties the second time father will be on itself cherubim and surfing will be there the representatives on the world will be invited to be present the Holy Spirit will be present down because his work has been finished under and then the father will send forth Jesus with all of the holes of Angels to come and pick up the rest of the Ricci dolls were alive and remain and those who have died in Christ Jesus about the earth will resurrect the dead in Christ and the linen righteous along with them we caught up in the clouds to meet Jesus in the air and then Jesus will begin his ascension to heaven and all is retained and as he nears the holy city Psalm twenty four will be sung again all the days and the King of glory will come in but not only buy and sell blessed are those who keep his commands that they might have the right to the tree of life and invisibility gates into the city bus people along with you as well and I'm only sitting amidst all I see no explosive praise on the part of all of the heavenly beings God 's people will be welcomed terrible lawsuit illustrates this too is a think of the parable is being enough somebody goes astray from the church the pastor somebody needs to will the church 's application that has a greater obligation in accordance with our privacy the ninety nine represents that Rosen yes the representative s'mores over twenty four elders the one sheet that went astray represents this world that balances the act of the second link is in the ninety ninth in college will swell to rescue she represents Christ leaving heaven to come rescue the one where and when the screen in question but the story doesn't end there the Bible says that when he rescues receipt when Chris rescues the world she brings it back upon his shoulders the heavenly throne room and he said to all of his relatives and his friends it is the party will together and celebrate with me she has been don't miss there's nothing in this world it's worth hanging onto and missing the party and living forever and he currently with Jesus Christ and so we know very clearly what happened after Jesus ascended to heaven our next session really take five minutes liberal not everyone is a little bit more fully what happened to Jesus when I is a sound one in place when Jesus arrived and is not described specifically Revelation quarterback let's take five minutes instead of eleven and I will begin by two eleven love Medes and Persians in this message in the morning I found to be in the UNC supporting Seventh-day Adventist seems in and I and Christ centered Christian downloaders urges other resources visit I remember a number as a true and I


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