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Stephen Bohr


Stephen Bohr

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  • December 30, 2012
    10:45 AM
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to this message and CYC two thousand twelve hundred Seattle Washington and other resources and access online at www. dicey with one I like to radio just very briefly on the chronology of the ministry of Christ from the moment of his baptism until the moment of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit as we know the ministry the earthly ministry of Christ lasted approximately three and a half years I'm very missed three and a half years Jesus developed the perfect character that is required of us in other words this is the of course including all of his life but particularly his ministry is where Jesus developed the life that God requires from us in other words in the camp you live the life that all of us should live there again happy years Jesus went to the altar of sacrifice following the sequence of the sanctuary and the altar of sacrifice Jesus died in other words he bore our sins upon himself then he moves on to the labor I don't really have time to get into all of it all of the description of the labor but the labor is called in our tightest reversed by the laver of regeneration and of course that represents the resurrection of Christ and then after Jesus resurrects he spends forty days on planet Earth and what was he doing during those forty days two things number one he was appearing to people so persuade them that he had resurrected from the dead and secondly were told and ask chapter one verse three that he taught his disciples the things pertaining to the kingdom of God basically and yes I may have misunderstood Bible prophecy and saw Jesus during those forty days explained to them the processes that have been fulfilled in him and the promises that were going to be fulfilled on the day of Pentecost in other words you couples forty days to explain to his disciples the prophecies that have been fulfilled in him that they had misunderstood and the prophecies that were going to be fulfilled with what he was gutted due under the Pentecost saw the forty days Jesus gathered with his disciples on the mount of olives and the Bible tells us that he ascended to heaven that's read about that and ask chapter one in verses nine through eleven acts chapter one verses nine through eleven it's a solid yet spoken these things while they watched he was taken up and a cloud received him out of their sight and while they looked steadfastly toward heaven as he went up behold two men stood by them in white apparel who also sent men of Galilee why do you stand gazing up into heaven this same Jesus was taken up from you into heaven will sulk him in like manner as you saw him go into as of Jesus disappeared from their site he went I haven't and were told that the disciples went back to Jerusalem they went back to the upper room and they spent ten days in the upper room preparing for what was that happened ten days a doing those ten days were told that they prayed such as they had never prayed before they study the prophecies of Scripture such as they had never studied before they ironed out all of their personal differences they were emptied of self saw that on the day of Pentecost they could be filled with the Holy Spirit that's what they did during those ten days in the upper room between the ascension of Christ and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit oh yes what was happening with Christ during those pending you know we has a focus on what the disciples were doing in the upper room the question is what is happening with Jesus from the moment of his ascension until the moment that the Holy Spirit was poured out over the medical does the Bible have anything to say about their I believe it does not let's read about who was present there in the upper room acts chapter one and verse thirteen explains who was present there in the upper room where the disciples were gathered together during those ten days it says and when they had entered they went up into the upper room where they were staying in outcomes the list number one Peter number two James number three John number for Andrew number five Philip number six Thomas number seven Bartholomew number eight Matthew number nine James the son of Alpheus number ten Simon the zealot and number eleven Judas the son of James know what's unusual about this there is one of the disciples who is missing and so now after getting a list appears stands up and asked to explain why there's only eleven and in verses eighteen and nineteen were not to read them because time is short but impersonated a nineteen B are explains what happened to apostle numbered well he tells a story about you know and when you read the Gospels in the book of acts there appears to be a contradiction between the two stories because in the Gospels it says that he went and he hung himself in the book of access as he fell headlong and is barely exploded in his innards came out it's exactly irreconcilable for those not only does it beautifully she says that Jonas was the tallest and as disciples he was involving figure and I you know there was a branch that hung over a ledge and he put them all over the over the branch and around his neck and he jumped and when he jumped the branch broke it sorry fell on long distance to the ground it would hit the ground he is I is barely explored it is in a schema and she also says that later on that day when Jesus was on the way of the cross there was a gasp from the multitude because the dogs were eating Judas is ignorance but unfortunately we don't not going to lunch quite yet but anyway PSS I got to explain why does only eleven why why we don't have a apostle number twelve so he explained and then after he explains that he says to the people there we need to name a successor in place of Judas we need to have a possible number twelve not want like Peter Satan the multitude gathered there we need to have a possible number twelve the reason is simple the apostles now understood Bible prophecy gone with me to ask chapter one and three verse sixteen and then will reverse twenty will skip the verses in between because that tells a story of what happened to Jonas and we've already mentioned Dan Peter now understand Bible prophecy he most certainly did you can tell that there is no sporting a disease that explain prophecy to them in advance study during the ten days before the day of Pentecost because it says in verse sixteen men and brethren this Scripture have to be fulfilled which the Holy Spirit spoke before by the mouth of David concerning Judas who became a guide to those who arrested Jesus so what were their prophecies that needed to be fulfilled that were given by David about Judas yes now what were those prophecies why for it is written in the book of Psalms left is dwelling place be desolate and let no one live in the Jonas was not done regardless home is called was going to be best that Psalm sixty nine verse twenty five seven Psalm one hundred and nine seven eight which is quoted by Peter says and let another take his office so PSS falls but a prophecy tells us that Judas was not a very dangerous home is almost want to be left vacant and problems he also told her that somebody else has the biggest office and so we have to fulfill that task of naming a successor in place of Judas as I mentioned before there's a certain myth and that is that it was God 's plan that the apostle Paul the apostle number twelve but then the disciples jumped the gun and they are they did this before they were really supposed to do it and they elected Matthias instead now this not simply it does not square with the facts I'm going to give you five reasons why it was God 's plan that Mathias B apostle number twelve the first reason is not an act one and twenty two X one twenty one and twenty two knots the qualification that the successor had to have it says they are therefore of these men who have an account have accompanied us all the time that the Lord Jesus went in and out among us beginning from the baptism of John to that day when he was taken up from us one of these must become a witness with us of his resurrection what was the qualification that was necessary for the successor he had to abandon with the disciples as an eyewitness from the days of John the Baptist what right does the apostle Paul said that qualification it is not because it was converter three and half years after the death of Jesus Christ the second reason acts one twenty four and twenty six tells us that they follow the right process and it also explains that they are praying that God will show them who he has chosen this is what it says and they prayed and sent you oh Lord who know the hearts of all sure which of these two you have chosen to take part in this ministry and apostleship from which Judas by transgression fell that he might go to his own place and they cast lots and the lot fell on Matthias and he was numbered with the eleven apostles so my question is I didn't I pray for God to show whom God had chosen to replace Judas absolutely befuddled the right process behind the third-place Alan White comments on the process that they find in notice what she has to say this is an spirit of prophecy volume three page two sixty four spirit of prophecy volume three page two sixty four bit about the election of a successor she says this to a man were selected cool in the careful judgment of the believers were they careful yes in the full judgment of the believers were best qualified for the place but the disciples distrusting their ability to decide the question further refer to the one that knew all hearts they sought the Lord in prayer to ascertain which of the two men was more suitable for the important position of trust almost carefully what you sense as a pop at a position of trust as an apostle of Christ the spirit of God selected Matthias for the office four select the bed then the successor the spirit of God fourth reason is that all white makes an explicit than gone Charles Solomon parses to replace David not Jews not us in the book actually apostles page one hundred and two acts of the apostles one hundred and two she says on my easier than site and had chosen Saul to take the place of the Margaret Stephen to break and suffer for his name and to spread far and wide the tidings of salvation through his black fun otherwise Paul was the succeeds David he was not to succeed Judas now before we finish our study I'm going to give you the factories and which is the most the strongest of the five reasons I believe that there's enough evidence already but the fifth is ironclad we still need ask a question why did the disciples feel a special urgency twelve at the successor of Judas before the spirit was born on the day of Pentecost why not just wait you know I tell the Holy Spirit was poured out then they would have discernment because they would have the spirit and then I get all they would take their time and they would look at different candidates and they will looking when asked elect a successor for doing this why do they feel that it was necessary to have an election of a successor before the Holy Spirit was poured out under the evidence we know that they had to elect a successor but why the hurry I believe the answer to this question is the meaning of the number twelve now if you go to ask chapter one verse seventeen it says that Jonas was numbered with the apostles and one of my fun I was elected according the first twenty six etc. he was numbered with the apostles and others something significant about the number twelve there had to be twelve and so we need to answer the question what is the special significance of the number twelve and does not have anything to do with the urgency of electing a successor before the Holy Spirit was poured out on the day of Pentecost so let's examine the meaning of the number twelve Revelation chapter twelve verse one is a key verse Revelation chapter twelve verse one is a verse that we read many times it says now great sign appeared in heaven a woman what does the woman represent one represents the church but not the church in general represents the faithful church receive animal science is now great sign appeared in a woman clawed at the sun with the moon under her feet and her hand on Garland twelve starts so what number is identified with a woman the number twelve is identified with the woman now the woman we know represents the church and usually the way that we determined this is by reading for example Ephesians five words as husbands love your wives as Christ loved the church or we quote Jeremiah six verse two are compared the daughter of Zion to a comely and beautiful woman and that's not a bad way of doing but we can we can explain what the woman represents just by going to Daniel Revelation allowing them to explain what the woman represents less person go to Daniel seven verse twenty five Daniel seven verse twenty five to give up a little horn it says he shall speak pompous words against the most high shall persecute the saints of the most time that's one detail I want us to remember shall persecute the saints of the most high shall intend to change times and laws the same so we get into us and for a time and times and avatar summarizing it says the little horn and what the Lord represent the Roman Catholic papacy the little horn was not persecuted will the Saints of the most high time times and the dividing up times are half a time now let's compare Revelation twelve and verses thirteen and fourteen Revelation twelve thirteen and fourteen with what we just rent a bag of ten percent it says not when the Dragon saw that he had been passed on the earth he persecuted the woman knows a persecutor and Danielson Bolivar was not always underline persecuting the saints shareholders the prosecutor the Dragon was a persecuting the woman now you say are you saying then that the woman represents the Saints as you compare both of the versus yes the same finish reading that verse fourteen it says that the woman was given two wings of a great eagle that you might fly into the wilderness for place where she is nourished for a time and times and half a time from the presence of Mister is at the same time as a law yet solid empirical versus Daniel seven cents a little hard persecute the saints of the most night for time kinds of dividing of time when you got Revelation twelve it says the Dragon persecutes the woman which is the same of the saints for time times and the dividing of time so the woman represents lot the saints of the most high I really and you and you determine that just from the book of Daniel and comparing the book of Revelation now we need to ask the question okay at which stage of the history of the woman is Revelation chapter twelve describing it is this that all H RSS the Old Testament church in Revelation twelve verse one this woman that has the ground it has twelve starts actually in Revelation twelve verse one and represents the Old Testament church is now you know it's very simple we're told in person so that the woman has a male child in her womb was at mealtime that mealtimes use she has not been born yet so cannot be the New Testament church in Jesus hasn't been born yet I evaluate it certainly the woman here folks the woman does not primarily represent Mary the woman represents the Old Testament church although Mary is the last in line of the Old Testament judgment from which the Messiah is born revolving the woman represents the Old Testament shirt was Jesus born from the Old Testament church was he a descendent of the household of course he wants to dance my genealogy see the genealogy of from Adam to Noah in Genesis chapter five and then you have the genealogy from no one all the way to Abraham in Genesis Chapter 11 and then in Matthew chapter one you have the genealogy from Abraham to Christ the purpose of the genealogists will not always have a holy line from which the Messiah would come so the woman represents the Old Testament to unmask a dumb question did the woman exist before the time yes of course because a child is born from the woman saw the woman in Revelation twelve verse one represents the Old Testament chart listen carefully the woman later comes to represent the New Testament church because he then flees to the wilderness for one thousand two hundred sixty years son of Aslan sanest no one represents glass shards in all ancient represents the Old Testament journeys and it represents what it represents the new testament church and revelation progress when it represents the Old Testament church after that it represents a New Testament church and what is the number that is that is linked to this woman in Scripture the number twelve enchanted probably twelve stars before the child was born yes did she have a problem with twelve starts after the child is born absolutely so the number twelve is identified with the history of God 's people in the Old Testament and the New Testament church basement what does the twelve stars represent Genesis thirty seven verses nine and ten Genesis thirty seven nine and ten mentions mold sun moon and stars nonetheless when that language comes from Genesis thirty seven verses nine and ten speaking about a dream to Joseph added says many dreams still another dream and told his brothers and sent look I've dreamed another dream and this time the sun the moon and eleven Scott are spouting out to me nice I say that doesn't not related as of eleven start financing with a twelve be the foster would be Joseph and Sonali sits in eleven starts about them down to me and his brothers understood what he was saying so he told his father and his brothers and his father rebuked him and said to him what is this dream that you have dreamed show your mother and I and your brother is indeed come to bow down to the earth before you so you have the father and your mother and you have the twelve sons in other words in the Old Testament the number twelve is and when the twelve sons of Jacob which later became the twelfth crimes of Israel go with me to Genesis forty nine verse twenty eight it will see the Genesis forty nine and verse twenty eight after Jacob mentions all of his sons and that the characteristics that his sons have and that they will pass on to their posterity it says in Genesis forty nine verse twenty eight all leaves on the big dimension individually all these are the twelve tribes of Israel and this is what their father spoke to them and he blessed them he blessed each one according to his own blessing so how many were the founders of the Old Testament church the founders of the Old Testament church the representatives of the Old Testament George were the twelve sons of Jacob but listened the twelve sons of Jacob were twelve individuals that found in the Old Testament church but then they multiplied and formed a great nation now many were the founders of the New Testament church giving Jesus just said Melanie C damages a number of disciples and women choose sound and perfect I like that number seven one for universality now let down by three for the Trinity no one I think I choose to be Jesus purposely choose well you better believe eighty because the twelve founders of the New Testament church they would preach the gospel and they would multiply and also become a great worldwide nation now Mark three versus fourteen through nineteen Mike three versus fourteen through nineteen speaks about Jesus appointing twelve it says then he appointed twelve that they might be with him that he might send them how to preach and level power to real sicknesses and to cast out demons Simon to whom he gave the name Peter James the son of seventy and John the brother of James to whom he gave the name one answers the means Sons of thunder Andrew Philip Bartholomew Matthew Thomas James is some of the healthiest fattiest Simon the Canaanite Angeles Iscariot who also betrayed so how many disciples which is a point twelve founders of the New Testament church just like they had been twelve founders of the Old Testament jerk you might be wondering if or on the right track so let's see what the little old lady had to say about cheating others think of our critical of Elimite people that are two kinds of people that criticize only the first kind of person is people never reader and a second person is a bus will revert with the intention of criticizing enough and if you if you think any of these two categories you're not than to get a blessing outside of the more I read this paragraph to the more amazed I am at the light that this woman is young people say all she wasn't a theologian so you're saying the Holy Spirit is not a theologian she was inspired by the Holy Spirit I may now take her out take her any day over any seminary professor now we need seminary professors don't get me wrong I had many of the excellent seminary professors but they're not comparison to the Holy Spirit nonetheless what else might have a Xanax of the apostles page ninety asking the Old Testament the twelve patriarchs stood as representatives of Israel saw the twelve apostles doing as representatives of the gospel church is very mercifully and saw what we find is the number twelve is a number that represents God 's people in all ages not testament church its twelve founders that they multiply into a great nation and the New Testament church which begins with twelve individual founders and then they preach and people believed our message and her church multiplies and becomes so speak a great nation reason we have an answer the question why do they have to elect a successor before the diabetic of what we need and all of his background in order to understand the real reason we talk just a little bit about what happened during those ten days between the ascension of Christ and when the Holy Spirit was poured out on the day of Pentecost music do we have any biblical description about what happened to Jesus through most of it we know what happened to those who were gathered in the upper room what do we have information about what happened to Jesus what must take place with him in heaven yes we do go with me the Leviticus chapter eight Leviticus chapter eight and were going to read verses six through twelve here you have the symbolism here you have the you have bought the type if you please of the antitank that will be fulfilled with Christ this is speaking about something that was done before the tabernacle services were begun now you remember than a cat tabernacle was built in the wilderness and and then on Aaron was set aside as high priest and he began serving in the sanctuary now before Erin began serving of the sanctuary something of the big place nonetheless Leviticus eight versus six to twelve then Moses brought Aaron and his sons and wash them with water and now notice what Moses is going to do with Arun at April the twentieth on hand to the flow with the role and put the Athlon on him and a cardigan with the intricately woven band of the and let the typing a fun on him then he put the brass plate on him and he put the ERM and funding in the breastplate and he put the turban on his head also on the turban on its front it with the golden plate the holy crown as the Lord had commanded Moses what is Moses doing with Erin here piece by piece he is clothing him to be high priest cracked but that's not all events nonathletic continues saying in verse ten also Moses took the anointing oil and anoint the tabernacle and all that was in it and consecrated them is unnecessary to annoy the whole tabernacle because Aaron has been asserted absolutely for us eleven he sprinkled some of it on the altar seven times and anointed the altar and all its utensils and the labor and its base to consecrate them so what is he going these is sanctifying the signs right because Erin the high priest was within clout is to serve as high priest and assigned to every but there's more noise verse twelve and he poured some of the anointing oil on errands and an anointed him to act annoyed if you do consequently for free things are happening here in this passage number one Moses with all the pieces of the garments of the high priest then he set aside and sanctify the sanctuary were areas that assert and him why this is with a bottle upon himself to set aside now there's a sound that describes the ceremony of the anointing of their Psalm one hundred and thirty three if you go with me Psalm one hundred and thirty three this is very interesting I call it the Pentecostal immediate eagerness to the relationship between the asylum and what happened on the day of Pentecost here we are told behold how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity what comes to mind when you read that for brethren to dwell in unity when the day of Pentecost had fully come they were all of one accord so you don't miss is talking about Canticle this is the type notice it's the Old Testament symbolism that will be fulfilled on a greater scale with Christ when he is inaugurated as a high priest nonetheless what else we have to it says the whole album and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity it is like the precious oil upon the head not Mrs. Duffy a little drop of oil vote this is not liable this is the fullness of oil is now legal it's a visit it is like precious oil upon the hand running down the beard appeared on Aaron I got the same event the Leviticus eight absolutely the beard on there now noticed this is so abundant in not only covers his head it runs down his beard but it's a access running down on the edge of his garments this is an abundance of Ohio to a travel oil on the hair down the beer him understand that it doesn't even and at the bottom of his garments because it is like the deal of harm and descending upon the mountains of Zion for they are the Lord commanded the blessing life for evermore the oil is so abundant then he goes on to his hand down his beard down his garments and it's yet so abundant that its drops even fall on the mountains of Zion where God has commanded the blessing of always gathered in the mountains of Zion on the day of Pentecost the disciples were gathered there do you know that what happened on earth was really not the significant event on the day of panic what happened on the day of Pentecost on earth was simply an announcement of what had taken place in heaven God the father had closed Jesus as high priest and Jesus had the father had given Jesus the promise of the Spirit because it was for him before us he was anointed according to Peter in his sermon on the day of Pentecost he is Christ and Lord the Lord Christ made the fire he was reminded on the day of Pentecost because he received the Holy Spirit of promise in its fullness at a part upon the disciples in what the disciples we received was simply with a little droplets they were gathered in the mountains of Zion I've only that the reason why in Hebrews chapter eight verses one and two the apostle Paul my believe is behind the writing of the book of Hebrews now this is the main point of the things we are saying we have such a high priest who is seated at the right hand of the phone of the Majesty in the heavens a Minister of the sanctuary and the true tabernacle which the Lord you may so I was happening during those ten days that Jesus was in heaven well we spot a part of it in our first study this morning and that is Jesus ascended you know he was received into the holy place Gmail with this father you want to make sure that his sacrifice was sufficient and that or told that his father did not if you look at the type 's father closed in piece by piece with the garments of the high priest and then gave him the promise of the Spirit which is the oil they all represent the Holy Spirit and when he came on the promise droplets of the problems fell upon the disciples in the upper room and the kinds of fire and the mighty rushing wind and then speaking in languages that they had not learned before wasn't evidence that Jesus had received the promise of the Spirit and that he had pointed out upon the disciples were gathered in the upper room under the important event was not on earth the important event was in heaven and the earthly event was simply an announcement of what it taken place and have we still have an answer the question why did they have to be like the apostle number twelve before the Holy Spirit was poured out on the day of Pentecost the answer is found once again in the type in the Old Testament the axis twenty eight it will be verse twenty one and then will visit read verses twenty nine and thirty Exodus twenty eight verse twenty one versus twenty nine thirty four there is nothing in the Bible that is not important every little detail is vital don't skip all right thing anything you say all this is just the kind of fill out the picture were seen all important details are not was finance on the high priest it says in chapter twenty eight and verse twenty one and the stones there were twelve thousand households of the presently possess and the strong showing of what the names of the sons of Israel but that but the sons of Israel represented what they were the representatives of all of Israel right so and the stones showing the names of the sons of Israel twelve according to the name 's like the engravings of a segment each one with its own name they shall be according to the twelve high is the twelve individuals and then imagines twelve what dimensions twelve tribes because the twelve tribes the Old Testament drink comes from the original twelve apostles so the breastplate how many stones in twelve stones and what do the twelve stones represent in the Old Testament they represented the twelve sons of Jacob and by extension the twelve tribes of Israel not using Jesus as a breastplate in Jesus is starting us high priest giving Jesus breastplate Garcia is impressed with how they start to think the breastplate hats I want to get an idea if any of the Old Testament is the type they must be the Jesus as a breastplate tobacco lights on the description of the governments of grace we know that he did have a briskly and the breastplate must have what must have twelve still eligible verses twenty nine and thirty and then were going to come to the conclusion of this matter it says so Aaron shall listen carefully shall bear the name of the sons of Israel on the breastplate of judgment over his heart when Eagle the holy place as a memorial before the Lord continually and you shall put in the breastplate of judgment the URL and the foaming and they shall be over Aaron 's heart when he goes in before the Lord and I'll don't miss this point saw Aron shall bear whacked shall bear the judgment of who the judgment of the children of Israel all his heart before the Lord continually what is the high priest bear continually he bears the judgment or the condemnation of God 's people upon his wife upon his heart not only the twelve founders but all laws whom they represent are you with me about what we do Isaiah fifty three versus one five this is a beautiful picture you know what when we when we sin we can't come to the father and say I send forgive me know what you have to do we have to receive Jesus as our substitute replicon we have to repent and confess our sin and in faith and trust cited Jesus Jesus you know I deserve death because I don't like that over the long appropriate like the below requirements that I trust that you lived your perfect life and I trust that you that you bore my sins on the cross and therefore I trust that you can take your life and you can take your death and you can place them to my account so that I'm looked upon as if I never said so and Jesus both before spiders and father I informed the judgment to pass divorce judgment of him me and the Bible says were accepted and beyond Ellen White says that God looks upon us as if we had never soon for Smith but the fact that Jesus wears the judge about the breastplate of judgment our judgment no as Isaiah fifty three Ford by a beautiful messianic prophecy it says surely he has borne that were born as a identical word shall bear the judgment surely he has borne what concretes and carried our sorrows does Jesus Baerga upon it upon his heart absolutely yet we esteemed him stricken step by going but he was wounded for what for our transgressions he was missing there are judgment on his part yes but he was wounded for our transgressions he was bruised for our iniquities the chastisement of our peace was upon him and by his stripes we are healed always we like sheep have gone astray we have turned every one to his long way and the Lord has laid on him the iniquity of us all Jesus bears our judgment before his father when we come to him in faith we come to repentance and confessing our unworthy Isaiah still unanswered the question why did I have to elect apostle number twelve on earth before the Holy Spirit to be part of the day of Pentecost is the reason Jesus in heaven was closed as the high priest which means that Jesus had the breastplate and how many stones did the breastplate had dropped but the problem is that on earth there were only eleven founders however he got only eleven apostles but the twelve stones represent the twelve apostles the founders of the gospel charge as I said before Jesus Gallardo breastplate with the twelve stones we have to elect a possible bid have to happen before the medical report Jesus began his work is high praise yes so assault charges the one that should've been possible but well known Jesus when it had only eleven stones in his breastplate for three and half years but Jesus was clothed with the full breastplate with twelve stones because the twelfth apostle had been elected under the one more point before we bring this to an end when we finally reach the new Jerusalem you know that all of God 's people are going to be represented there from the Old Testament church if of the New Testament church let's read about it and took closing facts Revelation twenty two and verse twelve Revelation chapter twenty two and verse twelve speaking about the gates of the city it says also she had a great and high wall with twelve gates twelve angels at the gates and names written on them which are the names of the twelve tribes of the children of Israel is the ultimate church represented there absolutely how about the New Testament church revelation twenty one verse fourteen just two versus further down it says now the wall of the city had twelve foundations and on them with the names of the twelve apostles of the letter Wednesday with God 's people from all ages in that city represented by the twelve names of the founders of the Old Testament church in the twelve names of the founders of the New Testament church all of God 's people gathered there for ever know before Jesus went to heaven I was in the upper room he said to his disciples let not your heart be trouble as her heart was troubled because in the previous chapter Jesus as I'm leaving and apostles and in the peters is where you going gets as well I'm gone you can't follow me now but you follow me later because I will call later on in the love his master and so after Jesus said that they were go to be in the following than they really trouble and so it began in chapter fourteen Jesus says to them let not your heart be troubled you believe in God believe also in me in my father 's house there will be many mansions so what sense it was any other Jesus went down at the bale houses were not more than is already there when Jesus spoke yes Jesus does not need two thousand years to build houses Jesus and my father asked him are many mansions they were there when he spoke if they were not slow to places I go to prepare a place for you you know I think we've misunderstood what is really meeting in a week meet yet generally understand it as Jesus going up to heaven and planting trees and working as a contractor he went to prepare a place for us I'm not saying that is not going to prepare a nice place for but when you study the book of Hebrews and study the book of Revelation you discovered as always Jesus prepares a place for us is the work that he performs in the sanctuary at school his address sorry Mark and to work on judgment really only will our here is that Jesus prepares the way for his people venting endlessly I go to prepare a place for you so we need to understand Hebrews and invaluable voice and understand what is mentally preparing the place open many times my thing and if I go and prepare a place for you I will come again in August and receive you to myself that where I fear you may be mouse heaven is about being with Jesus if there were none of those fringe benefits like street of gold I treated Bruce's trial manner approved water that really taste like water changed up her all foundations of precious dollars in interest talking to my great heroes of faith all that's nice but if only Jesus was there it would be worth it were human beings noise all these things emphasized that point it is great high priestly prayer Jesus says I want those you have given me to be with me when I isn't that great resurrection resurrection passage of the apostle Paul represents the Lord will be sent up in heaven with a shout with the voice of an occasionally but the dead in Christ will rise first then we were alive and remain shall decline up with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the sometimes you forget and thus we shall always be with you know the heavenly things called the new Jerusalem Ezekiel forty I says that the name of the city is going to be the Lord is there and if you read Revelation chapter twenty two if that happened lack God is with me and he will dwell with them folks just having seizures there makes it worth so so let's not get attached to this amount we got so much stuff that the Lord confess all the world 's most powerful crane of the universe but while we haven't watched on a bar and saw instead of saving for a rainy day we should be investing for when the time comes and you notice many of you have heard me say that you know in all honesty no invested everything had in the art the rest were saving for a rainy day eleven when ranking the hospital somehow the time and where we should consecrate our lives to the Lord in general to him for the finishing of the work because I'll tell you the way the world is going it's going downhill and is going fast and soon people will be willing to listen people want explanations for what's happening now people are perplexed and I've been involved in evangelism a priest in different places people are perplexed that date their hearts are filled with fear I don't know where things are going well we have about the great controversy we know what's happening we know what's what happened we'll have to get ready and what was if we don't want tell people they were too embarrassed to tell people because you know if I just preaching the gospel like the angelic what will the print that Jesus is our site here that Jesus is a disaster I don't want on what is happening now in Bible prophecy is true and not simply you know what everybody else is bridging because the churches do not have present truth and I don't see this arrogantly announcing crews will want to us if we don't go out and tell people what's really happening we can use the tracks me how much work is at the canonical track on this can be doing something to share God 's mission message and tell people how much Jesus loves how close he has symptoms let's pray father then we thank you for being willing to send Jesus most precious gift that could ever begin not given for season but given to us forever to be ever a tremendous privilege what a privilege it will be for the capital of the universe to be transferred to planet Earth the headquarters in your reading people living in the very presence of you and your son Jesus father we don't want to miss out on that we want to be there for repairs in our reach as many souls as fast as humanities as if there was no one else thank you for having then when the Jesus a Sunni Muslim morning I found you and you are seeing to my seat supporting Seventh-day Adventist seems inadequate junkie and I are you about a hundred other resources visit us online you and when you have a true I


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