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Counting the Cost

Heidi Carpenter Ken Micheff



  • December 30, 2012
    10:45 AM
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to this message and see what I see two thousand twelve hundred Seattle Washington and other resources in us online at www. MySQL .org we a lot scarier I want to get started this in a trust God to minister in our hearts did we do while leave this seminar having having not been with God so I want you to open up your Bibles with me to Matthew chapter ten forty pray that God would give us understanding as we study the Scriptures together and as we talk a little bit about the sacrifice the common counting the cost must pray father in heaven I want to ask for your Holy Spirit to be with us as we want you to guide into all truth Lord we believe the word of God has the power over Satan over self over anything power prints at Bally over everything and we know that if you will give us understanding that we can believe and accept it and that power can be applied in our lives Lord we've come from all kinds of backgrounds various places but we want to go back change in your life building Holtman the kingdom of God so I pray your Holy Spirit to be with us now in Jesus name while you know when you give your life to Jesus when you surrender your heart to him here you do it unconditional like we said in minutes it's okay God of all serve you but I am not Jesus out of the last thing you can't say that but negates everything before it right tell your wife that someday honey all this meal is so good but what you did what did you get your hair in all minutes of sort of ruins and bought it ruins it several wipes out it negates everything that you said you when you give your life to Jesus you give it to them unconditionally okay got new amenities to satisfy less I remember when I went to church someone asked me to delete song service for Sabbath school I I I I hadn't had any music appreciation at all but I love the Lord and I would sing and I love the praise and I'd sing out loud and asked me to get upfront laded and so I just noticed that people would do this with their hands and I thought they were just filled with the Spirit I didn't know that there was a timing in music I I I hadn't taken that course I didn't know about for poor timing or three for timing I didn't know about that I just thought they were excited about praise the Lord and so I would get up and I would say hello and I get the church of our guys but soon you know finally one sister came up to me it was the organist of the church is canned she says please would you let with you what were you doing with your hand as his longest praise the Lord I see other people doing that and understood more solidly doing can act as a manager the praise God for her people that are critical dining out you know a music of someone that appreciates music someone that has perfect catch you know how things could irritate them it seems like one day she just had to talk to me because what if I would've said okay got not leave music again because you know I didn't do it right our eye I didn't know what I was doing I made a fool out of myself in front of everybody not doing that again I'm like okay we teach me and she sat down and she's okay with the beat windows down this time he or four times I make sense I was looking stupid what yet you are but we love you we know you love Jesus those of you that are older in this room are you mentoring people you're only some your all over some are you mentoring people that are younger than you are you younger people and mentoring people that are older we made it give you an example is younger in your area how do I use this I've got a smart phone of any cash but man when I get around you you must shoot you got access auto are not normally shouting okay here's what you do this only thing is that you young people know that I don't we need to team up in the church older people you know instead of a bulletin network killing trees that bulletin figure figure out how to do it on PowerPoint smart phones and get it out there get the information teach us how to work our work in old school guys we need you you that have houses open up your houses and say hey guys on the weekend I really don't know how to talk to young people I don't really know how I know your language but I want to I will you guys think I don't know how you guys act but here's limited there I'm an open of my house on Friday night and I'm that have haystacks and you can you can just hang out in great guitars you can sleep on the floor we can have a Bible study but my home home is good behold open on Friday night and all day Sabbath Friday night and Saturday afternoon and anybody can hang out guys I need you to come to my house on Wednesday and start a prayer meeting my house is open for you to have a prayer group guys you that have resources make them available to the make them available here houses and a burn anyway what if they break and throw away what they bring to a base that was bought in Hungary and because you have a bunch of money or even a day when Jesus comes I like to create us I this day I will someday yeah right to his altar to burn would at least know something on your carpet with carpet cleaner you know that was the place where that person 's building they felt so bad I mitigate that there because I love you I want that to remind me that they are more important than my current you see in Matthew chapter ten Jesus sends out some disciples it says in verse five twelve Jesus sent out commanded them saying not going to the ways of the Gentiles and do not enter a city of the Samaritans you know I said that you know why he and Daniel Egan he said is anybody know that twenty three hundred a prophecy this seventy week prophecy is a him him a seventy week prophecy when and when not at Stevens the stoning of Stephen and an insult to the probation of Israel hasn't Jesus is telling them go and tell them that the kingdom of God is in time and the slaves in the Messiah one hundred prophesied by Daniel is now before you all how he wants it now it is before you all and tell people the kingdom of God is an lot of people read that excitement is coming and hasn't happened is not even work lately work love are you kidding me you not understand that they can as so many things that I do understand that I'm starting I'm studying Daniel eleven right now and I'm poring over nine been over for years and years and years because I wanted crafts guys we need to start studying the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation together because there is a message for Seventh-day Adventist and given this end time and God wants you to use it he doesn't want across to be battling with the things of the world turn off movies turn off sports turn off all of that stuff guys I was evidence that was missed messages for me you know what is distracting us what is keeping us from hungering and thirsting there something that Satan is wanting to know he's wanting to keep office from being hungry for the word of God the latest in message of Revelation chapter three tells us that were lukewarm we have need of not saying we have everything don't realize that were miserable poor blind and naked guys x-rays this month if I would've more mice women soon and and flip-flops no shirt you guys would know that I had there was a problem with me right and stand out yet we go to church as Laodicean naked before God don't even know now is study and these guys and spent time with Jesus and he says now go go and share share with my people don't go to the Samaritan yet Paul's going to get there or you'll get there eventually you don't realize that you're going to be crucified upside down I know you're here it has struggles you have trials but just taking this step for me today and so you read this time gives them power it's as though rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel and as you go preach saying the kingdom of heaven is at hand healed the sick cleanse the lepers raise the dead cast out demons freely you have received freely give out many of you freely received from the grace of Jesus that if you're not giving it it's kind of guy you're bearing yet like the talent and it will serve you no good in the butt you can multiply that talent you can multiply that gift just share it's going to be awkward like a last minute against last hour session it is Satan wants that stomp it out he wants to keep you from witnessing from sharing because he knows that the very words in which you refresh someone else with is going refresh you do you Heidi and I are getting it more of a blessing out of this than you unite our churches are dying on the vine you guys and your allowing it to happen you hear you're sitting there and sitting back and allowing it to happen and not saying hey I'd like that of volunteer what when they get themselves off the floor so you teach me how to do this I wanted to we have young people in the world that are making hundred thousand dollars million-dollar decisions and in the church they're not making a ten dollar decision the highest form of government in the church is what anybody but that the highest form of government in the local church the board voted the business meeting of the church the business meeting of the church is the highest form of government in the church the board that the business meeting a lax every year or two years they have to give an account to all of the members of what they do how many of you remember how many of your baptized raise your hand okay now lower your hands how many of you have never been to a business meeting why every single member of the church is a member of the business the elders and deacons in the deaconesses are supposed to give an account of how what are you doing with the money what are you doing to win souls what are we doing as a church to be effective in our community how I hope you are how can we reach our community and elders will freak out if you start asking for an accountability because you know what elders have had have digress still in the administered in many cases not all there's some godly elders out there that love Jesus and are working according to the Bible button many of the elders just do the announcements and rambled for fifteen or twenty minutes before the storm about who knows what and and and and gauges just open the church and clean the church and ending do things that you know I'm inert and take care of things that are in a burn Jesus has a love for his church and prophecy he sends his disciples out any citizens how the children of his that the kingdom of God is held down I'm going to dive the seventieth week is here in the middle of that week I'm good to be caught off and in the end of that week probation is closed judgment is determined on my people they crucified Jesus this peoples didn't even can't yet they were saying the kingdom of God is as if you read this chapter you'll see the struggles and through Chapter fifteen but look at you are met with Jesus 's Dennis send them in September sixty ten and I'm in Matthew chapter ten verse sixteen behold I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves therefore be wise as serpents and what harmless is gone don't get not just Christians but beware of men for they will deliver you up to councils and scored you in their synagogues and you will be brought before governors and kings for my sake as a testimony to them and to the Gentiles when they deliver you up do not worry about how our what you should speak for it will be given to you in that hour what you should speak to be faithful to the word sameness to God when he asked you to do something I don't care what it is admitted leaving a song and you don't know how to keep time asked somebody to tell you how to do it I don't care what it is saying yes to Jesus verse twenty two you will be hated by all for my namesake but he who endures to be and will be what look at verse thirty two and verse thirty three he says after he tells them they're worth you can read this chapter verse thirty two and thirty three says therefore whoever confesses me before men him I will confess before my father who is in heaven but whoever denies me before men him I will also deny before my father was an inverse thirty seven it says he loves father or mother more than me is not worthy of me he loves a son or daughter more than me is not worthy for he would does not take his cross and follow after me is not worthy of me he finds his life will lose it any hero loses his life for my sake will find break up into groups and and and break up what that particular verse means verse thirty nine just talk about that for a few minutes he who finds his life will lose it and heal loses his life for my sake will find it unpacked that among each other getting groups of three and four if you're by yourself getting a grip some of your really slow at this I okay with you guys open up your Bibles now and to Hebrews chapter seven twenty five and read that in your group Hebrews chapter seven verse twenty five and read that in your group Hebrews chapter seven verse twenty five please read that in your group together Chapter seven verse twenty five what relationship now does seven five the Hebrews have with the last verse that you read what relationship now does it have with that share that among yourselves please hasn't had time to read that in process that these are the kinds of things that you can do when you're in groups when you're around friend if Jesus is in a part of the conversation you guys are pretty pretty soon he'll rarely be a part of the conversation but it's it's great to get together and get people 's ideas and say yes what would you think about Hebrews seven twenty five that Jesus can save the other amateur you saved my life will lose it but Jesus can save to the Honorable you know you mightily ashamed of Jesus to find the leaders you find the leadership ability and you to be able to initiate to be able to start using Jesus as the creator and he wants to live in your life that means that you will have the power to create situations that will draw people close to him he will work in you to open doors that were never possible before you know you are just giving people information you were knocking on doors you were handed people the steps to Christ and my dad thinks this is really good I wanted it to you I haven't read it but here have this ganache cakes my mom really loves the desire of ages I never read it either and I probably won't for a while but here and this is really good or even trouble your sister have this I never experienced it myself but I'm sure it will help you you see when we get in the word and we get basement of problems you are mine it opens up doors John begins to create things and now you're like a list about this house is impressed you and now I'm immediately able to see a side of the verse that I would've never seen had I not corresponded with you try not have this relationship with you and so now Jesus is the center of my friends Jesus is not like I'm a online hangout with my friends over here on Jesus I love you I'll be back on Sabbath you stay right there on the back I want to see really I do I want to blessing how I get that feeling but I will lose it this week because I believe these friends really a party and and were in the doors of the fact you probably wouldn't well we're talking about a few now and get it on about girls and an electric smoking youngsters in an okay Jesus it starts again I do what I wish I was over there but I will go to her it's okay recently fallen in love with Jesus and were going to a church building but were not in love with them and are singing of the film 's wheat we know it's fake are our study of the lesson is just information regurgitated you see we've got to let Jesus be a part of Jesus middle of a terrible life but when you come with me I want to want you to hang out with my friend is there something you don't want us to do that I'm not good because you're the way you the truth in your life you can save to the net here's what I want you to do these are my two helpers and illustrations now I want you guys to turn around and face away from because I want to give them some instructions and so turn around and face them and don't look okay now if this site would you stand up all of you just stand up where you are okay you're getting it to watch this I now you have a view turn this away and look at this group of guys not hiding is what I want you to do is I want you to pick a leader one leader in this group and now every one of you have to do everything that the leader does the leader you just won't be able to speak words you can do anything that everybody has to follow you Heidi when you pick up at one leader because in a minute I minute turn I'm in a turn you guys around and you try to find out who the leader is not you don't know the leader it but here to find out Heidi did you pick one yet okay I now do everything that the leader dies you guys can turn and you have one opportunity to find out who the leader of the group as a reliever you're already working that you guys can turn and look at this group and I want you to find the leader just go around yet this group right here and find the leader I'm getting a new twenty seconds you better hurry I argued the leader now my later who will come are you the leader now how did you know with that he was doing everything first so how did you know what when you know to look for a case he uses focusing in on the personality of what you guys the standoff that I want you guys that stand out even today down now you two lovely ladies you have the same opportunity I highly please pick another leader not while they got they gotten that was cool they got this I mean yet you are you need to pick your later are you guys face the bad phase the back gate everybody knows who the leader is is that clear and I wait a minute girls know what leader raise your hand I start leading leader start leaving okay girls the final twenty seconds how are you later now all gay guns without my walk around her a find out leader in yet all I ate where you leave there I you guys masses of the question here why why didn't all of you point out the leader was who said that but who gave them the rules that you couldn't help them finally I you wouldn't want to help them find later you see our culture sets us up for all kinds of our culture sets us up for a look at the competition that's in our culture this was now way again and and if you found a leader you and actually when we don't want you to win because we want to use it and then enter somebody's really looking no fine believe your your friends because if you are looking to your friend as the leader watch how you begin to address watch how you begin to cut your hair watch what kind of music you start to enjoy what what kind of things you start to enjoy because who you look to is your leader you see how Jesus says now I can say to the outermost and how come you can't save every how come he can't save every because let's face it you can say Satan and if if if Satan he knows that he knows the rules and the controversy there was I manage patient and Haiti have been on the island how many of them and then on the island and a spaniel and Dominican and and and Republican Haitian country okay well this one Manny has this house he loves another man loves it too when he comes and knocks on the door is held by your house is not camp I I I I love this thing you can buy my own really I want by your house he came every day and is obnoxious twenty one days okay I'll say my house under one condition with that he says I'm going to put one male in the center of my house on this doorway Google that's my meal all cellular house except for that name because is he getting me okay signs the papers makes it legal this guy moves and he enjoys the scenery he fixes it up even better than Amanda for the travelers the man couldn't find another placing one no better than the one he had and he came back one day and said how allows back and I can't knows that I'm going back every day I'm not about you like a bug me I don't care you can it doesn't matter I know that tactic I like the house I fixed it up even better than you had is okay next day he comes back in the carcass of the dead dog he says he said that now you see this letter that is ninety and he went on the carcass of a dead dog on the says as many maggots this can be flies and when that's done I would come back in a moment put another one now the authorities know that this is my now and that had better stay up I'll check on it everyday after a while can you imagine the man said listen you can have the house back stop he sees Satan knows that if you give ninety nine percent of your efforts to God and the work in his church and mission of his church and going and telling people that the kingdom of God is at hand but he's got one little way and he can say listen if you can save this man right here if you can save this man right here you can save this woman right here and they're doing what they're doing then you have to save me does that make sense Satan says in the judgment lesson this person is not surrendered a hundred percent to Christ he has left this little thing and you believe it you know as well as I do that there's something and our allies from time to time as we grow in grace that God says please I don't want you to listen to this music and without God know how I want to listen to it we give we give the devil and he and Satan will say if you save that person then you have to save me otherwise it's not fair I'll give you most of my life but not all the devil believes with fear and trembling but it doesn't save him are you following me so when you struggle with things when I first came into the church you guys man I was listening to Led Zeppelin and rock 'n roll music and ran I was like well this is not what you listen to I came into the church and listening to these hounds I was like four ten yeah there's no energy in this music I came to love Jesus you guys and nothing was going to turn me away later this year wasn't an attorney away and so I said okay God if you really want me to listen the country and Western music I was living in Texas at the time I says okay I guess I'll listen the country and Western music I hated I started wearing cowboy boots cowboy hat wasn't in the country-western music in one day God says demand I'm reading my Bible and reading my spirit probably listening to country-western music out of our roof work at the drive to work every day aces can list the words of swapping wives their drinking whiskey there is the words that music do when they get together and there are dancing in their inhibitions are gone can I never told you to listen to rock 'n roll music art and just hit me oh God I have to listen Barbara is not your music I'm being honest you guys I have someone guiding me at this point I had lived away from God for so long I couldn't even hear his voice I hear his voice and I'm saying okay your voice but now here's here's what I think you need is what I think I need to do ice I said that I cannot listen I just listen the music classical music okay I'll try to listen the eye started to like regardless in in-kind this you get notified at one eight one it was it was over meeting I was welding for this rancher was doing this job and become up the maze is a one half of the six hundred pound ball I said sure and he said that okay so I bought half of the six hundred pound ball and I was six and all this in the spirit of lords and I was praying God how can I get to know you better he says is that your body the temple of God is in your basis in anything dad be buried so but you made me but the spirit of prophecy is clear that the message for Laodicea and the last state church is that it is not going to be safe to eat flesh food and the things that man due to meet in the last days was not done for man when I was the message for Israel was their message that the Israelites and the disciples which was to preach the kingdom of God is at hand guys what our message we have a healthy message so people will criticize you for wearing jewelry and yet they wear jewelry in fact around her waist and whenever they want soon about a potluck season and all kinds of stuff Pete maiden burgers and I load up and out of the base of the all you can eat and just the selfishness is around her waist as I learned this message I learned that I'm growing gray guys I only embraced the help message about eight months I had to come to grips with that I could not I could not preach about the three angels message and not allow my body to be God 's one hundred percent now I'm just eating plant -based I'm not vegan and I'm not aware what all infants veganism even healthy vegan just means you don't eat meat you don't need animal products you can eat vegan skinny towns of fried food in fats and sugars at an end as me and think their holy because there be in autonomy there anything healthy about veganism and an consciousness can here's what I want you to do if man has anything to do with a twenty percent or less of an read labels if it's if there's high fructose corn syrup in there that's modified to stay away from just start reading labels and sank it if God wants you is what's can happen you guys because we go to church where all our members are full and heaven except the help message and there are about to see like a couple of you here in this room in a user started nosing your blood sugar goes up and then it goes down because when I'm in a meeting I'm in the executive committee of the Michigan Gompers and I got ADD and I can't just sit there all asleep all stand up and for all wrongful people sort of scratching when you want to go to flight how you're going to sleep and charge stand up and get them back don't let the devil rob you guys start within you young people to take hold of this help message and with that with the right arm of the gospel the health message can have its power like nothing else can waves large church there's power in the word guys I was up I was confronted with with this I started to realize what you turned me to know Hebrews chapter nine twenty two people Hebrews chapter nine twenty two twenty four through twenty four and according to law almost all things are purged with blood and without the shedding of blood there is no remission therefore it was necessary that the copies of the things of heaven should be purified with these but the heavenly things themselves with better sacrifices than these for Christ is not enter the holy places made with hands which are copies of the truth but into heaven itself now to appear in the presence of God for our message brings people into the sanctuary and have been where Jesus is the Seventh-day Adventist message tells people that fear God and give glory to Alex for the hour of his judgment to come and our salvation wasn't purchased with silver or gold but with the very lot of Christ and Jesus who takes films slough as a sacrifice into the most holy place now when you write your prayers are ascending and going all over the arc of the common with the law of God is in Jesus is saying my blog my blog his father he presents himself the only EU where you are and help you to grow and as you experience growth in the experience changed your testimony you guys that you that I have that I begin with is not the same testimony that I would give you I had experiences on the plane come in here I can tell you about the health method that I'm just learning all the man how I feel so much better like Enron I can play I get I can get around where before I could I got sixpence in my heart you I almost died on the doctors told me all you just you got coronary artery disease is nothing you can do you can try to exercise the pretty soon you have a heart attack it appears and tells her some madness guys I I started following God 's plan I went to my Doctor Nissen eight Illinois denied I went off plan I is is really nice I'm doing this we test my blood because I'm following this plan that God has given Seventh-day Adventist Church is that I'm finding out about it here you know you know there's a lot of times I didn't want to know about health message because I like all-you-can-eat pizza let's face I like I like and when it was all-you-can-eat boy it was all-you-can-eat as just fallen health method by docking is why he lost thirty five pounds with one try this with you try this with you can go off Plavix will try him again to give blood nor want you guys got it just so powerful please do save to the uttermost interceding for you and for me hesitate when you realize what Jesus has done for you when you go back to your churches is getting people that are in a sale I your your hot now but pretty soon you'll be like us pull cold water you go to the throne of grace every day where Jesus told the woman at the well listen it's not that you won't be thirsty again but you'll never need to go anyplace else the waters right here satisfying as I was I went to work at and construction we well that we build things on were out of a job or we can go with the company and travel time not a union worker I now don't believe in the union and a new Christian and I don't believe in the engine union rep comes up drives me around and Lincoln gotten out on me to join the NES and I don't think so I think I'm a understand my own so that means that every time I go to a welding test I have to do I have to test again I don't carry a union card so I go to a job and then you go through tests the test on one of the welding job that I had it was working for Brown and root I was working for lone Star steel in Texas and I wanted and at least I wanted to work there I called up and I've been out of a job and I said hey I understand your need welders and sister are places I want you to know before I come out in even ten from the seventh and MN I don't work on Saturday she says no more work in seven twelve two seven days a week twelve hours a day but were really needed welders if you test out I I I don't think it will be a problem I think we can work around I told her I solicit all make over time I'll work my twelve hour shift in the week so I'll work my my Sabbath seven twelve all were all put that in the week and I'll worked those hours because they were working twenty four hours to seven twelve shifts and I am so here I am i.e. I go into this room and that is what they do is they take you through this room the Bosch UN it's a huge thousands of acres and a bus you and you you go through your medical examination and then once you passed your physical then you go and you take this seventeen and a half hour test your welding and you're welding your welding vertical your welding overs I overhead your welding horizontal they cut the weld and two they look inside it they asked Reyes you got to be up to weld anywhere on the place and it doesn't take seventeen a half hours of constant welding you have to prepare and you have to do all that but it's a long test and so now I'm here in the circle and I'm in a circle of people there's all kinds of people wanting a job and now the Spirit awards this can tell them about your Sabbath again I said what I told them about my sad and and she said it didn't think she's it can to you need to make sure what all these people I mean this is really awkward this lady 's desk is here in all of these people and if I go up and houses get a happen can you trust me what I really want this job this is more money than I've ever made and I can give you more money I can get to church more money I get I was paying with eyes and offerings now and and and and Lord I can give you more money can you know that's not what I want your faith on the any guys I remember my past share with you my past so I said if God 's telling me to do this I don't care what everybody in the room thanks I walk up and I see that lady and I tried not to you know just holler and how you know you're still being self-conscious inside sources ma'am I said that you know you and I talked him and I'm a Seventh-day Adventist and you didn't think it would be a problem is that still didn't be the case can I can I get that you don't have my Sabbath saw she's all you and I will be asked this job superintendent she called him on the phone says hate and now she's talking and everybody in the room is now as you feel like everybody's on you you feel like you're not a ballroom and you're the only one wearing polkadots in on Adam reaping is on you and she says a new house yes this guy am sorry we got this guy 's names can mention a few Seventh-day Adventists need is a work on Saturdays but he's a welder needs is getting ready to take his task can have a Saturdays off this is no I'm I'm no where work and seven twelve share he wants the job Tony's got to work on Saturdays she says I'm sorry sir he said that you have to work on Saturdays if you want this job as he or I am as you think that if you follow Jesus that life is this can be a charm we were that is really hard time God wants to know you love them what do you love him enough depth to believe for him you love him enough to sacrifice you love him enough to take up your cross and follow him you love him enough to deny yourself I had a struggle of Satan the same take the job you need the job finally I said man I said them would you mind if I talk to him here with their exact words okay but it won't be any good she calls him up on the phone is that all assert my name is Ken Mitchelson and I am a seventh and I said down in all the rooms hearing I said I I want to I want to be able to work on Saturdays he's as well is is on the preacher a part-time preacher Baptist preacher he says you know were more work were down here we've got to work hard and I don't even go to church I'm having to work necessary I respect your choice pieces I said I I really love the Lord and I really believe he wants he is he doesn't want me to work on is that I won't do that but I'd sooner I'll do this home I'll be honest I'll be faithful I'll do my best how make up for the time that I miss on Sabbath departs everybody in the room here he says okay if is show up and take a test show up Monday morning will give you try hangs up the lady I said over the site is that I can test that I could come to work on Monday if I pass the test site well okay you must get off her back but it was just like why James 's mind she just told me it wouldn't do any good because him job I lead more people praise God could Jesus than I am or could have had I kept that job I don't think I could allow anyone to let let anyone to Christ people guys would make fun of me at first and they would laugh and reimbursement and I will never forget you guys the boss that hired me after I told Lanier is not killed on the job just three months from retirement we had just bought him his retirement get any gets killed on the job and now a new box comes and he is all business and these all company now I had developed a relationship with everybody for a couple of years on Friday one hour before sundown the foreman would come and pick me up no matter where I was that I would have my tools ready and he would truck me out to the gate I would get in my car and I would drive an hour to my house I would keep Sabbath and I was not at a restaurant I wasn't partying I was reading my Bible and I was going to church and I was witnessing and sharing my faith because Jesus is able to help us when were in trouble these are able to save to the uttermost but if we can be a Daniel if we can be a Shadrach Ms. Jackson Abednego how is Jesus ever got to be able to leaders in the fire if were not there we've got to face the fire and so on talk about Jesus I can hope so known informant came new Saddam Superintendent becomes all week long this is going to be at lowering maybe when you want me to go but I'm chemically Sabbath anyway now is working on job near the office and there was this job superintendent shack in all the forms of those supervisors and everything stood there is our time about not noncable me finish this off and will go right I going to guide shipped on Friday night because one hour before they take me home I come back one hour after Sabbath on Sunday and I work all night long now I'm wondering okay what's can happen and I'm like on me I get rates I get my wants Phil I roll my tools up all my guys all the guys that are working for me and that I'm working with they all know I going the guard shack and I'll never forget this was my house is struggling here and I open the door in my lunch fails in my hand and I got to get the foreman to take me in the truck out and so I look at performances all you can and will probably get radio and the job superintendent he's looking at blueprints and he looks at me and I'll never forget his face he looks at races what you don't because you guys when we get ready to leave after seven twelves we get really believe were getting on the bus to go out of the guard shack they'll tell several us on the shoulder and says we need we need to stay will have to work extra and and and makes long days and I'm sorry says what are you doing week we've got the shutdown going on we got to finish this job and my before I am the website will surround Seventh-day Adventist my foreman stands between me and him is a candidate to visit Seventh-day Adventist and he keeps Saturday as his Sabbath and he's got an agreement to do that to my general stealth him you will know why well what I would keep the Sabbath no Monday on probably under Saturday night when I come back I'm probably getting inspired I don't know what you have been the guys you know what the Sabbath meant to me when I went to church the EDU lacking a pleasure going to church do you lack energy going to church is it because you're not allowing God to work in your life think about offering is like a bridge and I is the mighty sand and one sincere the same things that he has done and can slice and all of our statement and he has done just as extraordinary things praise the Lord I think is that the costs of following Jesus in the versa comes to mind is Revelation twelve and in verse ten eleven speaking of the accuser of the brother and the one here is trying to cause us to sale founding cast unto the heirs and the response of God 's people out to him in verse eleven it says in the over came him that the blood of the Lamb and by the front of their testimony and they did not love their lives to the revelation chapter twelve in verse eleven it's all tied up you know the experience of Jesus the testimony we had with him causes us to be able to not let our lives to the desk to let anything come than far more we love you have some more more anything anything can go our experience is a continue to listen to his Spirit in our hearts and minds father in heaven largely one of tray in the Holy Spirit when turning and continues to guide the testimony that you are weaving and developing our him is not only the first salon experience and knows how moments I would be a part of our testimony went to bed at that we would have experiences that have really shown the accounting of the cost that we wear should not only be willing to to live for you but also to die for you Lord I pray that you lead if you have not already that you would test our experience and are run by trial and sacrifice are a mighty Wichita how to Cindy Wellington Infiniti McGough thank you four growing up in assessing them as a a this message was regarded as a USB do I see supporting Seventh-day Adventist by a young and vibrant and Christ centered Christian downloader does other resources visit us online on Wednesday when a a a a and I


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