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  • December 31, 2012
    9:45 AM
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to this message and see what I see two thousand twelve hundred and ten Washington and other resources and sent us online at www. IC with one or J will even begin with as I feel better now that you know somebody in the feel-good moment to listen that you guys move up a little bad don't be afraid that way people that come in here church lights they really put that the Holy Spirit is brought them to church but they don't want to come and feel worthy they don't feel appropriate they don't that are not used to wearing a tie maybe it are not used to wearing it so and so they feel really I were to come in here charge of all of the members fill the back row I have to walk ask you to come to the front how many people are to do that zero I wouldn't want to come to your church you think about what it's like to be in the world under conviction by telling you go to church and the devil spelling you know you don't want to be there also mix it up no citizen don't be predictable yet I can let in the congregation and hence also since there every time someone visits there every time mix it up and if you're like me and your ADD cannot sit on the front row I seriously I sit in the back man I'm so distracted I'm just one of the economy not so anyway were to start referring argument began in Heidi 's gena and start our first session father in heaven you're so amazing what you're so fond to be with you created all of the wonderful things in nature that all of your testimony of power and an alloy that the Majesty in heaven what you've created things like courses restaurant and when I want to gallop I just get a thrill out of that I love speed Lord ha ha you you said it were to mount up with wings as eagles were to be able to fly what an amazing God you are Lord we ask that you would be with us here now not only that we ask that you empty seats itself and speak through us and that you would direct us this morning in Jesus name amen is interactive and powder Surfrider and every analysis phase about how is your filth from the front row every time I fell actually happen I will have a third-round lycopene every other the other day I decided to add to open house at a concept of what is our day and after the first time doing that your first time here and I think we went hiking on testimony and how to share our personal testimony on the back of our testimony and were going into the testimony of our witness without words are sometimes is not what we say I thought we don't say that means a lot and just this hair and illustration I view from many people that made an impact in my life without words and it's miserable to see how that impacts him has he has even when I do or why I do it and maybe you can think of someone in your life who has been extremely at CU even without saying a word I don't know who pop into your mind first a lot of the time to share however layer one hand this morning I think you okay so and I in my life and I feel like really witnessing and without paying him I have to say that I've been slaving all names by Craig had enough anyone knows her by using the life of the publishing director in central California and I worked with her family for about four years and I you know she's in South Africa and to the very reserved kind sweet lady I too often say but her life and her example is so powerful and being around her I remember some of the first time that I was around her all behind and should be highly talented of tripping over and I saw a little on closer laws because it is alive in our and yet wanting more I watch and listen not to know her the more I thought Jesus in her parents car flyer member one day I was a writer how can she would invite me over sometimes you are just for needy elders something vignettes and other family and I remember she had two old daughters they misbehave somehow in the middle of lunch and I was looking at her from watching to see how we should respond to her little daughter you know making found in outing in front of accompanying a Latino and that she just said that waking up to her she said whispering in her ears and it's about and she went and got down in and we didn't have any other problems the rest of the meal you know and that an alternate course next two years away she felt her witness without words on parenting has changed my view of how to parent now and it's powerful just to see that over and over a few years when I feel words and he seemed than a influence in my life him there are many people that end on the same for you and I also believe I only have some of the most beautiful examples in Scripture as people who were a witness without wearing three thousand and thirty zero one zero through the first and will and action and think about what it is that really makes a witness a witness if there are no words connected with it John chapter seven and Lilith universe thirty two thousand and thirty two and should adhere to that end of the contact and says that there is heard the crowd murmuring these things concerning him and the first ignorance of peace officer is nothing in the thirty first forty five then the officer came to the chief priests and Pharisees after their parents whose sons and why he brought him the officers answered no man adverse folk like this man is only when the testing that they were supposed to be dragging you think I'm taking him back by what was the biggest reason for having a woman bring him the ways of Christ it has been handling the respondent lacked wings were heard anyone like that and the question really is though what are you having it was that gave Christ words impacts what a video of the game Christ's words impacts Allen house without any County can go unclassified and that is easier you can take a paper also break off into group says if you can afford four five and after asking a read through this actually went him how sorry they are in this one however reason a frightful fashion and I I let's talk about it in our smaller groups and see what his beliefs are on being a witness are attached to our office that everyone had a paper you don't you need on Palin I only need a couple of verse year off and he lamented about helping the religion pop like this in the first section of the book how can they living and if you have entered Iraq and I getting it every part of the book as you will and in a fight is really thrilling chapter and find out one paragraph that you highlight it in line with company learning and highlight every paragraph J lipid benefits of their high glimpse far more powerful than the argument of words in the quiet consistent life of a church or Christian weatherman and have more influence than what he said the officers were sensitive keypad with a report that never spoke as he spoke the reason for this was never a man when he lived his life than other wise is not broken antigang his words born with a convincing power because they came from the heart pure and holy full of love and sympathy benevolence and you on geocities and seventy groups of China find a group prejudice with two people in any but let's at least give some four five if we can add reasons for the next and think about this concept him hell and you can dry out and they aren't being awareness of how words what will we gain from unified unveiling its outward you write down or paper we have Vancouver disagree on is a key desk that is not only the first paragraph may I certainly enjoy your weekend and I discussed the whole thing is so lame and they'll give you more insight and then discuss the whole thing the eye Associates principal reason job in the whole page him a him a him a him both you can't often how to be a witness without words and likely as not being perfect and comprehending on it saying an abstract principle thing is coming him him and him I will have my eye on him him him him he is the last song is as I think the modeling and when I think this is when you went outward in the Yugoslav awakenings were not even saying a word to someone one is listening on learning a him I think Sandman can go around with this drowning my what are some of the principal of the year were able to extract in this document I mean away as a witness when outward by the holdings you that there's anything that we learn and in principle they rarely come up with a check from event off as many questions as I discussed me down starts to learn that a lot of our location identified and now that's sure to a cellulite is a really big really big thing that I've seen it interactions with other people OSA whether principles of the guys that are here on the site we according to the recorded in the name now something is United Way he promises by in my community now we know it has to wear on the expensive medicine with patience and you know we have to have our God only wants us to be as and without sensing opportunities and with patience and I basically said we don't need to wear something a something I might preemptively to the presentation is not a I will press on home plate is that which reveals the number of all my and often this is that the awesome people consultation with their original location Christianity is the means by and I hear but a is that revealed in open and night to Christianity County whereas I like I close the case comes in having a heart attack okay I leave to go home on meeting people that cleaned the accretions did not and how we can not on share with them what Christ did for us in the sense that home we we deal to develop on that genuine relationship first with Christ and then the whole family and then also when somebody asks us why we are killing me how it do things we do we share with with his creature you know everything is for God 's glory and how Christ's life consists of so much that we want to deal reflectors her to error or asking or what I will share and as I was thinking about that when you say that the the bus drivers on the outreach are handmade that a lot of buses were singing the people that take care of our hotel rooms and in the bathrooms here asked him if you've got the fares are anything him they just trash the bathroom and you know this is the paper on the evil in any of our bathrooms like this precluding night and we we don't understand really how many veterans are watching answer and then when we don't say all I want some really need to be aware that people are watching me when we say hey I want to be aware that Jesus is watching you are in I'm just looking here the second paragraph it says in order to convince others of the power of Christ's grace we must know its power in our own hearts and minds the gospel we present for the saving of souls must be the gospel by which our own souls are saved and he and I just think that a lot of the times or sometimes when you know we try and minister to other people through words and we don't always live up to that because we've all fallen short of the glory of God and I'm just reminded of a couple who used to live on the campus where I work and sometimes people would talk down about them because the state were very strict with their diet and you know they didn't do this and I think people thought it you know that they were just kind of critter whatever but sit to meet you really spoke to me because they didn't just say that they actually lived it and it I can't remember where the car was that Ellen White says that when you know we share something with people who were not living at ourselves in our lives it waters down our message that we presented people and so on that's another reason why sometimes you know doing it without words is way more powerful there are moms this is been instances of officers was him for this commencement is the reason for this was meant amendment as he lived and I was just saying what the music that's on Monday even tonight is because he grew up in the Catholic schooling he grew up in am trying to get Jesus and that but all the people you got to move the piece of splitting the vote the philosophy priest and approximately preached and became like to believe this idea that all Christians he thought that we just priestesses missed but full of the last one of them are and that it's nicer than what some call a one-woman excess marchers and enforcement and assessments since she's also a required person but every single Friday night she goes out on the streets of Jenna Donaldson and she feeds the homeless every single qualified and not that she misses far in the things thousands of feet in width like Kerry Eggers it is a cup of soup and get you before that she goes up its use in products it's gotten so close each had one of him and like that in the owner 's been awful to me to be sitting that from the economic while I reviewed the first few times the youth and no relief no solution is also something of an limited to do something the undersigned his escape speaks with letting her being so loving to intimidate this people and only one of the several conversations into a nicked another cheesecake is help me to be a more natural person around him and realizes they just people to go it doesn't just as much as I said I was just a firefight has our after-hours in Alaska that they are better than such an inspiration to me already but he is out of touch last time I have actually been a witness of outward Willie Dixon repent I am come from one eastern euro him and people have questions and give fill her Protestants leaning them learn and look down upon the procedure did and it was powerful testimony when I was sent staying in high school and no one was says Dean and was wondering can you please send me somebody to be a leader to be a comforter for me and people many people involved me on Wednesday they went to a girl who comes to me and she saw she see I see you two things differently and you are so different what makes it different than I told her you non- SDA and she said all my credit markets and as the and she started seeing in front of other people that where Orthodox she started praising SDP portion of his first film nice such nice people you can believe in all the people where so shocked why why would she say that the questions about the day but she was cellular plans by her grandmother and other people as she saw that she was no she probably wants to kill it dead enough is a powerful testimony built for me the program flowers how God can use no one as deep people to share Christ and will in our anyway Sheriff when I was newly married my neighbor was an STA and I was not coming to say away from her all costs him this is very strange that she would come down and bring them and Islamist nothing much and she would act Christmas should bring a tract on Jesus and then my son had eczema really badly and he was very very time-consuming and difficult David Hyde and scratching signs bleeding and when she realized that she would come by she said may I take and seven school she's an oddity two hours every morning of a break and every Saturday she picked him up and took her as well it's a fascinating artists as in the first line where it talks about consistency they has an reality you can be a witness without words and I is the one moment that you think I'm on consistently some as iron fun of anyone's experience on the floor by I believe that one of them the most keys powers to try file for the fact that he was consistent in this auditorium is constantly showing the same character you know always the same character and people can tell over over that period of time of consistency they said wow there is nothing more powerful than the life of consistency of character and making those choices about how we can live a life actually does witness without words I know I sometimes it's hard students a witness to those around us who maybe don't believe the same way that we do now I've taken time to think about that this morning there's this lots of illustrations and experiences I'm sure we have all had maybe found families are workplace people that we talked him realizing I do now if you want to say something so bad by using it may not be the case and that they were also sent that and in some ways they perform I know I grew up with his family and friends at the oldest daughter in the family and they handed up coming into the administration when all of the kids were teenagers and the moms decisions at times the church and she wanted Oliver Kinsley baptized the now and the husband was not interested in joining administered at all I was definitely in the mother 's choice she wanted to do a all the kids they were dissing a younger and they decided the about type they started going to the church and yet all of the changes were were really hard to make in outgrowing out with with one way and then all of a sudden it's like doing a one eighty I was one of the hardest things and I remember seeing these singular value in that those kids lies against this change but I just happen and analyze and the mommy she was just trying young trying to share I know that she meant well but she was not a witness without words she was a witness with words and that you know you shouldn't say I necessarily a bad way you know Kurtz was fine all of the things were fine it was just her hard the hearts of her children weren't open to receive and she she was trying to figure out why they know nothing was working as he and I I I still don't know if she knows why and yeah I know a lot of people come into this type of situation I think they are charging me thinks France and USA e-mail what Waynedale Natalie will understand and relate with them I is that approval that I was thinking of a bioethical principles only got to think about I wanted to give you principle I have versus frolicking them and talk about because I think that we should get our pencils and the Bible so I have lots of experience as I can stand that Friday just share a few hours as they watch we learn from this authority was in the area is little in the link is actually in first Peter Diane first Peter chapter three averages went to this is confusing then comes my mind when it comes to being a witness to go into I guess you can define a class and of those who do not believe why I think you understand what I mean what to do and in the course of the contact as if in a very specific application contracts but indispensable that we can gain this passage for all of our experiences in life and in first Peter chapter three verses one to first Peter chapter three verse one Q is sad but why do likewise these benefits your husband that even if some do not obey the word anywhere without a word maybe one by the conduct of their lives one man there your chief conduct accompanied by fear as interesting GMB being submissive knowing down a little bit farther it talks about how the holy women who trusted in God the worst of message to their own husbands and eight is in this whole context here it's just it's just a contact at something that can be winning right as of the day without a word might be one by the conduct of their wives him how I feel that we can be winning simply by what we do at London's her sister here and purple and what she said I'm not over then you will soon as I believe that God wants to do that with all of his another one I think I do anything with chapter five Lancaster five and were looking at verse thirty six chapter five is thirty six these are different one I wanted to talk about with your group but these of these principles this principle has has hit home a lot after years I work at all high-end people and during the summer hangout kind of cute again people more than all people right now I love it great night of old people you know what an old Methuselah LeBlanc now with their logo is developed by by some of the things that I've run into with these young people live in working life is just realizing how are all at different stages in our Christian experience and enough actually witness of an anti- not just be that person I think undo that undo that undo that undo that undo that vision I can be a real turnoff I admit anyone ever do to you but Helen the diamonds in the drying oven kids actually want to change one actually did the work and I have nothing through the love I can tell you one of the hardest thing was doing what I knew was right because I want my parents say I told you so now is the one thing holding them back at it and only him I give anyone a reason for that are we to live I have terrified versus thirty sixteen thirty nine and ask yourself what principles we extract universes in the context of witnessing and sharing with others so I seventy seven the chapter five verse thirty six activity currently taking time to share if anyone has set a price object lessons comments on this it will make life over the aviation authorities and is not an immediate threat to Sarah and fingerprinting out a but if you could explain that happens and how college of the principles of sharing with other people and why sometimes the boy likes all of color soliciting and whether people accept it so easily while Wagner needs into witness without words with some people whereas other people are so respected and one of the differences out what would it be to come up with any I think they'll ever need sometimes on the time he gets his legs rest of the year to consider maybe coming from them to see into their eyes because if I expect the year bring understanding just like I expect you to then you know I will be disappointed doesn't personally offended so I think it comes it that you were seeing earlier the spirit of love there needs you know if you have spirit of love it makes us consider it filters over his actions or reactions and I think that's what it is really that helps people become receptive this love is beautiful you received there are about a backpack as well as the construction of the disintegrates as it has now interesting discussion my first thought was this the right chapter really and just being honest Carly is starting to think the supplier you talked about one twenty two the message for the first time at enough I find the words you are we giving them just a structure a set of rules set of ideals that we think we should follow her or are we living a life that are reliving a life that actually renews their hearts the baby girl the new vessel into that he wanted without leaving a new message or another love of Christ into that because it is their hearts are hardened if there brittle from their experience in the world enemy the message is not it's easy to them is not like the renewing message of Christ our model can burst again is a bad experience as we had a way to live if we've been transformed and live that before them their heart is renewed and then they're really ready for that possible I have six legions all of these other sex from things that we that self is really playing you come to that having started with what is referring here that I never understand this parable are the analogy for years that we read about the new bottles and coworkers ex-boyfriend works in winery and him barrels for each wine simply press and liberals of what they can never put new wine into it because everyone thickens the want decade that originally locked in a barrow stands with the wounded it makes a particular flavor so once they're done with that they cannot do this to get rid of it goes off to whatever they destroy and have to make new ones because the real and the new grapes if they try to reuse the barrel where and when you ask how does that work with us at me I identify you class all the time like I cannot particularly with words comfort now I have Christian friends because the density and today I participated in with them there so needs to make an impact in their life as I progress of my faith it has to be a silent one happy with the vacancy is not really it may be experienced in vision because it is not failed us today we did this together like a happy day I felt worse I can't use letters with them and I see they are also comes up especially with friends and family welfare how is your life is going to be more of an accident do what you say to them the things you like family friends or users of the friends of your young announcement for you do your parents are looking so to make an impact with the phone if you truly turn electric riser has to be something they can see visually and in and at anything and I and why or why can't I know I gave the award to say both of you and I and from there and I've seen a lot I was friends like the wine while we all progress our God the more more will see him now progression and other people 's lives as well and said that they manifest the bottom line is if someone does have a new heart I cannot say please don't do that it's very hard to say oh don't do that you really really don't do that it's not good for you even if you say it with love because they're harder than renewing us to receive no one there is really anything that people say is even if you know you can take anything as your heart is Neil therefore and again I remind them just the first step of an experience of Jesus is not always do that there really isn't if experiencing a love relationship with Jesus because I love permanently I very nearly half of the veil in our wheel we will literally do anything he asked the studio because a lot and that the experience that we need to pray for our friends and family half minutes those who don't really maybe have the same strength in our life not as I desired you in enclosing scope to share one or two things can come up our witness to the world we talked about the individual witnessed her family and friends who thought around us all in all the world that just people that randomly see a and I thought it needed a day that I saw thrones you guys and living ladylike and had I not think that saving living in such a way that people can now simply by looking at my life without words is held by looking at my life that Jesus is coming soon if they just looked at it if they want in life and no words never came through when they know that Jesus him and really excelling the whole world that Jesus is coming soon on and tell people what I say that another witness words concepts to think about as well as I think it coupled with ten a look at my life and know that I love Jesus e-mail and really look at your life and nothing you say that you may know without a shadow I doubt if they were talking and writing to someone else if I don't offer someone sees her I didn't know they love Jesus and I know that they believe that he is coming soon because of the leader they live in our what election knowing this do we have the testimony that we share is sometimes a wordless testimony and incessantly about working can be seen in your life I just believe with showing the love to other people like Chen enclosed by keep things in mind take newspapers with you think about that by mascot needed consistent life of a loving lovable Christian and the experiences that I've shared with you in the last few sessions and then beat when I was a welder and I was a church member and it it wasn't until you know I I grew into becoming a teacher and I was pastor and the reason why sure those is because you know a lot of times you eat wheat we give the label all your pastors posted and so I know what it was like not being a Christian and then giving my heart to Jesus and then going to church and going to work every day and being a Christian one of the best compliments I think that I got him work I was when someone came up to me and said what's with you and I said what he means he says the IEEE don't you don't party he says I been watching you don't swear you don't smoke or drink I mean you're not chasing wild women how do you have any fun and yet you're happy with what is with you and you and I can honestly know that he was even watching and so that prayer time that I had every morning I get up an hour before I went to work and I would spend that hour with Jesus and house like Jesus thank you that they could see you and me because all lead someone to hell if people looks to you will to help I look to you and me you you your dad looked at a priest and and he's on the path to hell your prayers are to change that now where Satan comes and says listen on this guy has said no to the Holy Spirit and Ann leave them alone he said no he's been burn them out I'm not be here on behalf of anybody but his son he's been crying get out of my way intercessory prayer is powerful but saying neither testimony another silent witness that we need to be aware of think about your body language to when you're around other people for instance you come into church argue coming did you see and do you put your Bible to the left of you on this see that somebody could take but now they can't take it because they look at my solution him as your books there is not we say by that is we want our space this is my space so somebody has to come along and says a man missing they taken that there's a person all you know and and and and somebody that that is new to your church is an integer that you're saving that seek that are are you don't want anybody sitting by you that's just too close for you what we need to either figure out a way to move that cotton take a chainsaw and cut our pews and in and space them out more are we need to put our things underneath our city so that we can say I'm safe I took a shower this morning I use deodorant I'm okay now I'm safe that another silent witness that I I I I I I moved next to a man that was living with a woman and he was this a very successful businessman he was a builder and his house was gorgeous and my house was just is irresistible rants nothing nothing to speak of it I kept my yard clean I kept my yard neat isn't that a silent witness you guys to have trash in your yard geek geek do you keep your rooms clean do you are you organized with Angels enjoy being in your room because it says the Angels love organization and cleanliness because heaven is operated by those principles in the children him they set up camp they knew their place they knew how to tear down their camp and Linda Lehman how to leave and I couldn't speak to my neighbor I don't know why I tried to and I I I try to talk to him and he just he had no use for me whatsoever I was just Fran and and and I'm reading my Bible you know about my neighbor to love your neighbor as yourself and I'm proud and secure God please I kid I I I've tried to go to his house I tried to witness to I'm not saying for weeks now I I prayed about it and one day ask him at home from prayer meeting and his girlfriend and his live-in you know she was ahead of me and there was a tremendous snowstorm in Harbor Springs Michigan and it would it would snow eighteen inches that night and it was wild and when it's coming down that fast those of you that live up north and know what I'm talking about you've got to get home quick because you're you won't even be over get into your driveway I have a snowplow and I know my neighbor Jack has gone for the weekend on business and she is home alone and my wife and I are there and and Isaac God would you please help her get stuck would you please help her get sure enough she and drive in my driveway 's first and she's create the log and she tries to turn and end this now she's in a van and she goes off the road and she started she can't move I was end of my I just turned my lower reliant K Dodge you know and I just submitted my driveway and I go get my snowblower and I blow out to her and get her out of her car blow it all the way to her house her groceries got a lower stop an exploding ring to fire yard third tried driving which is a whole lot more than I was I mean mine and it was a couple hours and I was dying finally Jack and I became best he helped me build an addition on my house he he I I didn't have to say anything I was able to give him the great controversy and it wasn't a paperback book I went to the store and I bought the best great controversy the hardbound and I gave him that Jeff and I'm sharing my progress and we became friends your witness doesn't have to be in words let's pray you take a break to Jesus we thank you so much for the way you are able to live in our lives the way you're able to minister to other people through us when when we realized that the old is not worth keeping all we want to guide a self right now amen everyone and we want to create us a clean heart and are and what we wanted just in case you give us the power to we want to give you this insidious a this message was reported as you are seeing UIC are supporting him a seven man seems to inspire better than the island where and why send resume downloaders other resources and visit us online on Wednesday Wednesday when a a true and I


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