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Heaven is an Unselfish Destination

Heidi Carpenter Ken Micheff



  • December 31, 2012
    3:00 PM
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to this message and see what I see two thousand twelve hundred Seattle Washington and other resources and sent us online at www. I see where I shall know while all of you here and I last session Scottish a testimony only been talking about all different aspects God God work around you I got working you and God 's work through e-mail with my father witness when outwards and just the experience and now amenable that to share without even saying a word and now are going to end with some powerful conference looking into the future and the golem that we have and how testimony fits in with facts and so can you be sharing with us today just in case anyone's new and Donnell ten works of bait you factor in Michigan and laws was see that if I can tell you and also loved working with them but use their and I work in Southern California the stimulation ministries director I work with canvassing programs and things like that so before you begin all all the stories have been amazing to see how God can work its year on let's say that always fairly with us as we begin to learn and have initially when I think you and preview for bringing us through so many aspects of this conference already and for drawing us closer to you Lord I thank you for what you have been doing in our lives I think you that you're at work all around us and that we can tap into what you're doing Lord and we pray that you would continue to use us apart as a part of that big plan that you have for the salvation of all of humanity on father you will all be with you when having and we pray that you are discontinued to him we are testimony man be that continuation of your work in-house and that we all might truly be there nineteen altogether Lord in heaven please bless as he shares in our hearts and our minds in her ears as we listen and understand ingeniously at the thought is unlikely to him and so good to be able to have spent this last few days with you you know Jesus is coming very very soon it's true is I've been blessed by coming did you I see myself the speakers in the main auditorium there may have blessed me with God 's word and I feel like they have been people that have spent time in prayer and that have humbled their hearts before the Lord and that God used them as an instrument of liver I'm not the same person I was before I came in LA I want to be molding of my life letting God mold claims shape me every day because by nature I'm a very selfish person I shouldn't surprise you you should say so I'm not an out of I never realized that heaven was an unselfish destination when I was a child I grew well I you know when you come into the world view you don't say you know what it's three a.m. in the morning and my diapers need changing and I'm hungry but I will wait till my mother wakes because she really needs her sleep now it's half and you know my heart I knew who were were pretty selfish we come into this sinful world with that carnal nature Alderson and come short of the glory of God was I found Romans where three twenty three was the next hope that you get omens doublet six twenty three awesome I know you know the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord Romans six twenty three euros afraid of death growing up you guys I was afraid of the dark I remember that when I was young we had this basement that in this the seller we kept all of our obtaining goods down there that sell and there were cracks in the in the walls and snakes would come through in those tracks and we had an old oil from down there and are our house was heated with oil and we couldn't always affordable oil were very poor family growing up there were five kids and there were in all to parents that love the Lord and and and they believe that mom should you can send not go to work so dad made the decision that you know he would work and we would just make do with what we had they believed in the Bible in the spirit of prophecy and even though they didn't make a lot of money they believed in time so you know we grew up and for that you know we still were selfish my brother and I agree please find you notice my side are enough he crossed the line that you wish where Chad 's NASA and and and we fight and I remember going down and that adding iron on the basement cellar and my mom would say go get a can of young green beans or whatever and I wouldn't go there if I was younger than I rather anyway my brother was told to go down anything make model itself down there yeah right he'd finally get me to go down there he was bigger than me and he would get the canny run at the stare shut the door and turn the lights off and had a agonist these snakes crawling all around me because scared that and like and just in Osprey had never been to a funeral on child hood friend of mine and I and you and I didn't really know what that meant that everybody was chronic and and and and I didn't like it and I didn't exactly know what that meant other than I would just never see her again I didn't really know why so he'll drawn off you don't always so you'd you think that all this happened a place and you want to get to heaven because you don't want to go to hell and so the unlike and I it it's about forgiveness then and so when ice send a note arrogant I I I could like it but at night I'd have to say DeJesus please forgive me of my sense and I want to make sure all my sins were forgiven because if I die in my sleep I wanted to go to have been so what fueled going to happen with my desire to go out at was my selfishness and one not wanting to go down and so as you know I I shared with you some of my testimony and you can understand a little bit of now why you know I I did what I did it and then I found you and and and now I no longer want to go to heaven because I don't want to go to hell and back young idle focused too much on wanting to go to Hawaii to open your Bibles to a first end John chapter seventeen and getting groups of four to five and circle around and read that verse for a minute John's him team verse three yeah I'm here in the same groundswell yes times seventeen verse three and in your buyer yourself you're not in a growth and in your last then it in your three or last you're still not in a group called Rick Rhodes Jeff four five four five informative okay her retirement to give you just a few minutes to read that murders and discuss that verse with me playing okay now I want you to go to Hebrews I would like for you to go to the second chapter and I would like for you to focus on the ninth verse but if you would like to if you would you could read eight and nine but focus on the ninth verse form that they highly would you take a minute around and high watt I want you to nominate somebody in your group that you think while that they had a really good answer on nominating them because they probably won't nominate Zell tags understand right so who would like to nominate somebody in there girl tell me the relationship between John seventeen three and Hebrews two nine Manson pointing fingers and writing is to go ahead and otherwise are him him like they were not ever hear is not a hairy group has to how someone I want there to be while this was a good answer I do this this blasphemy I had every group I'm not expecting every group and certain officer of any nomination in who will individually affiliate is good to know God which is never very personal and intimate relationship with him is when and in Nuits the did shake hands they had a baby and so that God wants to have the kind of relationship with us a very personal creating a relationship until the twenty will live eternally with them editing attorneys into Hebrews because of Hebrews it's telling us about the character of God and his willingness to come down into tasted death for us if we tasted the second death for ourselves that would be all she wrote for the taste of the second death for us and you can come back again because he's the agreed in his life itself and so he's a God who wants is to share that eternal life with him to put on incorruption or immortality with enough so I'll share thank you so much anyone else nominated and I even nominated on these I think this first both of them are very profound for me I'm sure I've read them before but you know sometimes when you read you don't really read Stouffer John seventeen verse three wow we Godwin sat knowing Jesus is in itself eternal life and it's not about heaven or hell but that relationship you have with Jesus is a little bit of heaven on ever and then in Hebrews also very powerful verse you typed about death and being afraid of dying and I think that covers what what motivated me to come to know the Lord would want to go to hell I don't want all my kids to come either you but this says that because Jesus has already died for us we don't have to and so we don't have to be afraid of death he already took that for us so they were both very profound for me thank you for sharing these first yes or no heaven a selfish destination is absolutely no self centeredness and have can you see now why churches become very self-centered and selfish and indifferent and because if the goal is getting to heaven are right we've got to work our way to get there we've got to keep the Commandments yes we keep the Commandments because we love Jesus John chapter fourteen verse fifteen if you love me he says keep my commandments you can't love Jesus and you don't know it you can't know Jesus if you don't spend time with and if you spent time with Jesus your focus is an enemy all I've got to get to heaven now I don't care about all you I got to get to heaven once I get there once I'm assured of that then I'll try to help you you see Jesus says in John Chapter seventeen verse three this is why you turn all him him like one of the life eternal equals what is this so when I wake up in the morning what is my focus God can I get that manner calculated to know you and is is the time you spend with Jesus quality are is a just informative getting knowledge and reading the word and being toward the motion that sounds like homework has your time with God become a homework because your homework is going to lead to it ask artists do and had and you know it you die you should be hit back hard on for bentonite you know what was your devotional life why you know I never have liked homework that I was assigned that I had to do that didn't interest me are there things subjects that I really enjoy studying and I love that end and it's not a burden it doesn't feel like homework I'm interested in that and and and when we look at Hebrews chapter two users making himself a little lower than the angels for the suffering of death crowned with glory and honor and he by the grace of God might taste death for everyone if you want to taste it yourself you can taste it yourself that's true but I'm not freaking out every day now about whether or not I'm never going to have I'm not focusing on who want to try to get that I wake up in the morning you see Jesus will help me to get to know you and you give me the desire because that is the Christ of God you don't wake up in the morning with desire also I'm like okay got you help me get to bed early enough would you help me to to be alert you and I want to eat pizza and have bad dreams and not feel terrible and was the administration many of the members the church their drinking cost me to get their day started why United think about this relationship with Jesus Christ and in how it gets better and better every day you know my wife and I we've been married since nineteen eighty February second nineteen eighty and we love each other we love spending time with each other we go everywhere we travel together mean we'd have fun together I know when I was younger I mean I have a lot of energy when I was younger guy and sometimes I I come home I tried in the clause in and she'd come in the bedroom I don't know him and scare happened that Steve got even with me once he did that with me once and is likely to convey that she waited who girls are practical she waited and then she got me good I like to have a heart attack and I'm like wow you got a new wedding cowgirl is at least one together we talk we share yes we fight were okay with babies in the family we ask me we do not agree that we are very sad day to know what we have a love for each other as for each other in the older we get the better marriages I'm here to tell you the only intended to put Jesus is the center of your better everything and you know that the way it is with Jesus though the more you get to know what you think you get to know him and had at least given your in his life for you and you accept that you're on fire the fire doesn't have to go out to get you can spend time with Jesus more and more here is what he is he gives us exercise its call witness its call sharing what you share your give you back anymore in the more power you want in your life the more frail you should have in your life is the more you are given of God 's grace and the more you share that the more he turned in the back and you can't out give God I was welding and I given my heart to the Lord and I started putting literature in my lunchbox and now I I I put desire of ages now I I wouldn't give away any literature that I have Marty read I would I I I started reading my Bible and I started reading the desire of ages I read the whole conflict of the ages series and I I encourage you if you have not read that series read it it's like five years worth of college in Bible curriculum it is amazing start out with page Ryerson prof that profits and came all amazing box you know there is theirs I there is a desire of ages and acts of the apostles and then there's the great controversy that's the conflict of the ages series goes I will haul as you read those books I would get so excited I say well I read my Bible I don't know how many times I get back and I'm like wow how I and the stories I'd love story when they started to stick in my mind and try like my share this page is about David and surveys like at work what do you know David King date hurry to talk about the Bible man what you mean you've never read about King David all men look at what he had he had adultery with a woman he killed this guy this girls husband and I forget even because look how we repented what an amazing guy if you've done anything that needs repenting I sure have we can go to Jesus when we mess up save you know Jesus you don't stay away from communion and when you have communion in your church you notice how many people are there I have excuses to be other places why because they feel unworthy they felt guilty if they partake of communion that had an end they still live the life that they live we had a laugh when you last saw don't you go to your parents argue run from it depends on the relationship that you I meant when I make a mistake Jesus Artie knows it's all a talk to them about going to help your because I'm really liking I know I'm like I keep doing it so would you change my DNA would you change my desire him not say what if you offered me a beer right now it it wouldn't even it wouldn't even answer some you to write of what I let what color signals that in each one of your lives what is it is a shopping spree you know is that is it a bigger music and spend more time in music is it money for toys so you're developing this year to hear God 's voice and he's been working in your life in your same guys I share this with people I'm reading the desire of ages in my wants are we have a half an hour were working in our private work in a couple hundred feet off of the ground holding a power plant tag and so your work in its lunch time he got half an hour to eat you scarf your food down and and and and and I would sleep I would yell you work on the hours that we would dare you try to get at least a ten minute powered and and so I would I would lay down and sleep that's his right I know that about earlier whatever you know and and and so then I said okay so I'd start reading literature and I was reading the desire of ages is one of my helpers came up to his thirty two years old he was older than I was in was married and had three kids and he came up to me and he says what you read I sit on the desired and he said rolling he said them what's that about us and you never read the desire of ages is not only if you read your Bible on a remote I say bring the desire of ages I'm ashamed of it don't look at me yes I read the Bible to come I will have to be in notches we shouldn't be ashamed of who we are as Howard and Anna reading the word of God and so I'm reading the jazz ironies and started telling about what every telling stories nice one here every day and he comes to me he says it all Kenny says my life is falling apart this is really a city I said I don't know what I'm doing or not my wife and I are going to get a divorce or not will reason why we stay together is because we have three kids three girls and he says in a semi- Wyse falsies runaround on your views are going to bars at night she's being another man was not her fault he few years back I did it first I started first anyhow Shia she forgave me and then got understand some of you to do I want you to know how it feels now my life is just a mess I must say I would think about what Jesus take a look and see if he can fix timing you take your car to a mechanic when it is in the best place to take a broken soul is Jesus assassinate said I'll give you this book and start reading it would you make a commitment to start reading as we need to ask we need to not be in ought not be afraid to ask people you know the people around you you know how it is with their soul you care I want to ask you this are you praying for specific people has godly burden on your heart and your prank when I found out the interest in that young man my first meeting I began to start away my sins God would you please give me the words I can't fix a soul I can do this but Lord you can and I know I'm an instrument and you can use me you'll fill my cup Lord I'm not sure common plants this thirsting of my soul and so you know I I would begin to pray and God found out that I would let him work through me when he started to do that in this man he would come back any safe I said open here you need to come to church I said you even if you are okay but I'm busy so I don't go to church on Sunday and he says what is I I I go to church on some Sabbath with our wealth in the Bible it's the fourth commandment the elaborate fourth commandment either at the NEA said no of his boss and and and we had a great relationship lasted in the choice is between welcome everybody else is a doing that I will ever but I will follow the Bible how about you and you know what he said look out how come come to church when you try that next week came in the sun Monday morning when I messed up by he had some excuse and say now Elton one your soul thinks him fix this mess I'm masked on the one that started this he started going back and how he and she knows what how she's cheap and now I'm this this is promising Satan wants you to think about the problem I will spend time thinking about the problem I think about the solution you're why I want to talk about all that stuff you know we spend so much time talking about the problem Jesus ate I'm not a soul fixer but Jesus was praying right now he sent me you believe this is a limitation that God can save me he can save everything and if you don't believe that your affairs I'm looking at you guys if you think that your sins are as bad as anybody else as everyone else then your attitude around somebody that smokes I was just in the elevator right now the guided smoke a joint I you know I think I was better than him I wasn't like this stupid law in Washington hello were all sinners and we need to introduce people to Jesus he is the Savior so forget that help me he dressed up the best he could he got into nice jeans and a white shirt and white socks and black shoes and know what I was as good as you need to get because he dressed up for just thought that was what it was and that was exactly what was because that was from his he came to church in Mannheim for the first time for the firm I started to listen to the service in a different way I never had anybody come to church that I'm invited to church before us like a light I hope that person doesn't say this I hope that person does something that all will shake our will and you try to steer around enough the dreaded navigating the ship playing in the other discourages this to peoples in the church to gather people 's fillers in the stringers to people that will drain the life people that will fill you with hope because they spent on the case to guns being win-win center Laodiceans that don't have the gold tried in the fire how are the icing is to and so and I am navigating them through the essence and I taken to my house for for lunch and we have a Bible study and he tells Holman and not in IEEE does that a couple of times when he comes to work after a couple of after a couple weeks ago on the church he says Manny says can you talk to my wife things are going really bad now I don't what's going on I see what you mean well she thinks I'm messing around on again she does not believe I'm going to church she thinks what is going on with her and with him because she says why are you so nice what's wrong with you what is happening a few you know he was starting to fall in love with Jesus as you know actual wallet she is falling in love with a long and she says that women are aware of this in any analyses like now you are going to church don't even give me that and him him drag out fights you are not going to church yes the guy that what I said I work the welder at work he's taken you charges on Saturday no one goes to church on Saturday on you I like that decision to bail me out you go to come and talk to my wife I'm not going to bring in future dinner show her what were doing she won't calm pastor if you come at the last you said I become back the next day she's she then later that she's gone now and I see things that all yeah I've got you on calling you I'm going with you you're taking me to that church on Saturday right so here they come I said honey Mrs. Manley should we have people over and envy he's got three girls there come into and so we restarted in which we have apology we have people over innovation we have over now we look big let's just have it with us regularly we wanted to get to know now meant an end so why she came to church that week and I'll tell you what she had a single this she had a gun in one hand it all I mean theoretically you know I'm talking hypothetically I mean she wished she had her jobs that she was very skeptical they got answers at all how are you married so nice to meet you here's my wife Tammy and and and and she's just like you to start me up him resell as a table they sat through a sermon that I don't know if they got blessing out of it or not I didn't even hear much of the sermon I'm so freaking out here and on site and I am so freaking out unlike and you can't leave these are all I'm praying you Kevin offers sealingly teary during Thursday night let's just suppose now that him and I could switch bodies crazy idea hypothetical but we could switch bodies good we switch bodies you go back to South Africa in my body who's going to meet you at the airport I think I recognize you you have time to recognize number and whether what I'm aware you get to do in my body when you see them would you would you give her a hug your mom when you can purchase when you get slapped him live him as his character changed all he is who he is when you give your life to Jesus Scott's character change Jesus is who he is looking for the woman at the well he's looking for Sackets I have to tell my wife when I opened our hotel room I look a lot different here but I want to tell you first of all we are married in February nineteen eighty eight in height at the teller a lot before I get in that room I guarantee you if we switch bodies thank you he beginning to understand you see when we let Jesus come into our lives and he transforms as he changes us he is Jesus and it's no longer I also but it's Christ that lives in me Jesus the holy glory you know why you feel that I that I love Jesus don't you think that there are times when I I get ready to go on the pulpit you guys and the devil flashes off lot back in my head from when I was limited in an and why did that at all and and and I could identify unlike a man can you or someone were these should be up there because I am who I am you'll see me wear a tie very much I I don't think that makes you holy I'm not against it if you want aware that but to me a tie is not a lot different than jewelry him the whole purpose now you know I want Jesus in my life I want to care for soul I wanted to transforms changed and when Mary got out of that sermon she came over to our house and she know while you guys that is it meets not less than four thousand yes it but it's not it's not fake soybean is reinstalling is not noticed fake silly me this is real soybean site really is always good now days but I see a lot of dead cow I use need a lot of all the other animals I said man is in the beginning to answer she was blown away and visit scheme back the next week came back the next started Bible studies guys had my first Bible and then it came the day when I asked Elton I said hey you know you been studying her long been accepted in the truth interested in no have you really committed your life to Jesus Christ please change my life I believe in us but if you given me tell you about what baptism means its entrance into his church it's the beginning of a rebirth experience I started to talk to them about that guys I'm a welder and I'm telling you well their stories and when I was in the secular world because I started being a pastor the moment I gave my life to Jesus you are all pastors called the Shepherd people around are you trying for souls are you allowing God to save people through you are is it a date and you say Jesus enough you can come into my heart I know Revelation twenty three twenty says a Jesus standing at the heart start noggin you can come into my living room but you can't go under my bed you would like to go going to my friends either I'll fix you some veggie stuff can you are couple to argue she wouldn't have that I know what the spirit of prophecy says but I don't agree with that and so I minute drink my coffee guys know me tell you something follow the spot Bible and the spirit of prophecy you don't need that stuff in your your your your bodies the temple of God Jesus will drink coffee if he's limiting your life is not getting eaten me today if he's limiting your life I don't care don't like for me for saying it is the truth Jesus is not in any endeavor when he comes in your life he's just good old work he's getting began to show you things worse things that I'm doing right now that I shouldn't be doing but I don't know yet and tomorrow got to tell me about them are today are the next couple seconds and I donated choice that you say okay Lord you can be Lord of my life I know the power of Jesus to shame Smoltz guys if it's about heaven and hell but have been a selfish destination because you don't want to him about that because help heaven is an unselfish destination never forget that day you guys when Alvin Merry 's three daughters went into that watery graves and they were baptized I was like me in church took on a whole new meaning I was sharing my faith everywhere you didn't you wouldn't want to gas your car up next to my car if you want here before you know I tell you I know what Jesus can do don't tell me you're messed up an analog to messed up I can't do this I think it will but Jesus came fiction he do such show I just want you guys to know that we have an amazing thing last thing I wanted to tell you the story that I was raised at my dad was a Cole Porter for ten years when I was a little kid and he was on his way home from coal Porter rally and he was with the publishing director and another man are never on their way home and all of a sudden my dad just felt this impression in this voice said stop any yell things in the back seat and he said stop the car in her life for he doubt what was out and we need to go to the house right there why yes I don't I just don't compelled God is just impressed me that I got a knock on the door he laughed and I said yeah come on we got to go home no seriously stop at that door with a turnaround the driveway my dad starts tonight no one comes to the door and he looks and this is all negative in the area him making fun and he's not messing models go to Sedona some reason finally the door just personal and here's this lady and she says what you want and my dad says I'm a servant of the most high God he said and I was impressed to stop by this house and share this book with you because I feel God has a message for you she says come in if you want to my dad came and her her house was deplorable it was empty it was lonely was dark there was plastic covering the bathroom are out of the kitchen and she went and got her kids when she opened that door gas came out she says just a few minutes ago I was in there with my kids I got shared with her about Jesus and his love for and she says a few minutes ago I was in there with my kids you see last night my husband came home and run around on me and he left with another woman with all his stuff and he says I'm not paying you and I he says I'm leaving you he called her no good trash and there she was with her kids and she says I said life wasn't worth living I don't have any money I'm broke and I was intent to kill myself I taped off the kitchen and she turned the gas and my dad shared the love of Christ with her and gave her a set of books I was a lot of money back then he says listen existing you don't have any money I understand if you ever get to the point where you do have money and you want to help someone else out there but here these are your him yes five months later she my dad called Porter doesn't make a lot of money gets a letter and here's is an envelope with some money in their other books she said I'm so grateful that you stop by not only have I given my life to the Lord and to become a Seventh-day Adventist Christian but now there are five families that I've been able to share Jesus with them they're all coming teacher God has changed my life he has found a way for us to be financially taken care he has helped my attitude and and and here's my dad my dad now is eighty one he lives next door to me and I asked him if I could share that store guys Jesus is coming very very soon but we don't have to fear hell when Jesus is in our lives eternal life begins when according to John seventeen three run and just a hair lay but Heidi 's go to share something that we have a burden that we need you to write down and so she's going to close with prayer but thank you guys so much for the time it would minimalist share together today and this week and now I just pray that because of your testimony that there will be many people and have thank you much for before we pray we house and paper and pencil he would pass out and we'd like to take just a moment of silence to think of you know may be that the reach of five to ten people in our lives that we must serve for any year two thousand thirteen and to minister to maybe it's someone that you see all the time and you always run into them and you always talk to them and ate it could be someone they don't really know and clean since I could be a family member that you want to see come into a closer relationship with God and diets as we pray for the love of Jesus to pour into our hearts and sit into our our minds for these people praying for them who will will also increase our love for them seriously the more and more I prayed for people the more I experience genuine love in my heart for them and having became an unselfish destination and stayed to go to heaven and to bring as many people with means possible so as soon as you get a piece of paper just pray in your mind and your heart think about those names someone that your your wanting Chad to see in heaven with you and you want to hear their testimony of how they came to know Jesus you want to be a part of that testimony on right those names down and then we'll take some time to pray as we go if anyone needs a friend as well David has attended a few people that need on we'll just take a minute or two to think about the things I pray father that is where you see every name on every paper in this room and I know you know everything you've done so much already torquing them I you are far more than a week ago unfortunately hardly very claiming Romans five five that even poor through your Holy Spirit that you would plan love into our father that we would surely love like you do and then as we are asked where the people on this list as we pray for them and intercede for them but our hearts would be filled with the same kind of love that you have read that made you willing to leave your comfort in having to come down here to our and to give you that Phyllis was humble servant hearts hearts of the soul winner Lord may our testimony become and not just use saving us but you using us to save others father repeating you how are testimony to reach out and touch touch more than just a father running my own gender and virus are going in to share that I am failing as in this message was regarded as an icing device supporting Seventh-day Adventist seems like and by the Bible and Christ centered Christian and downloaded urges other resources visit us online at UNC when a a a a I


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