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The Good News of Yom Kippur

Richard Davidson



  • October 15, 2005
    10:00 AM
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him a him and him and him him to him and him I him and him and will will and will and rolled out your old time heard the call of the children are every Friday night welcoming down every new moon methyl actually on the annual fee climaxing in the high holy days seven month though the human follow the calendar know that this last Thursday was Yom Kippur the most holy day calendar Dan or literally day of ultimate atonement you'll keep me again of liaison with the evidence believe that since eighteen forty four we have been living in the Google they are known to hear an amen and good news zero that were living in the day of atonement that here almost than men one from you through even over the Internet the I wish that the data elements had always been good news for me but somehow growing up with an advertisement on the fourth generation administered through my genes and chromosomes the judgment message was not good I shuddered when I heard sermons about the judge fearing that I would not be ready when my name would come up and so I heard preachers preach about the judgment Lord please don't let my name and no maybe later I'll so through Academy in high school college academy and college and seminary it was the same story the judgment was not good news I dreaded the judge is a young pastor I did not preach about the judge it was part of the good news for me well one one day in Flagstaff Arizona my first pass through the therapy the high country they called the pastor of Arizona Flagstaff the king of the north because we had a whole northern section including the Navajo Indian reservation and so forth and so is the king of the north I was preaching different series of sermons of an absolute boredom Presley and came across a book by CS Lewis called the reflections on the song great book on since I decided I could the basis of the study session for permanently deny prayer meeting so we began to go through the different themes of the song and there was a chapter on judgment the song is scheduled without you might expect I didn't preach or study about judgment that was not part of the good news even though the first Angels message says everlasting gospel to preach to every nation kindred tongue and people and what the first angel fear God and give glory to him for the hour 's judge would preach then decided okay last week let's is going to begin to study the verses about the judge and the an amazing lady I was shocked by what I found about David's attitude toward the judgment David long for the judgment notice for examples Psalm ninety six verses eleven to thirteen sovereignty six eleven thirteen left heavens rejoice as all the trees of the woods will rejoice before the Lord and want within an expert or he is coming he is coming to judge your music on your in Psalm eighty two and verse eight I discovered another shocking verse Psalm eighty two conversely David prays arise of God judge here David is actually waiting for God to come just will those were hard enough for me to swallow but when he started getting personal it was more than I could song seven for example in verse eight Psalm seven reversing the Lord show judge your peoples within this line just me oh Lord just kidding painted the say is praying hard bring it on I can hardly wait for the judgment and it would just bring one back if they wanted it was a slip of his fire but four times in the song to have the same way Judge Neil judgment some twenty six in verse one Psalm thirty five first twenty four some forty three verse one they also do the same thing just checked how can continue research and know this is reiterated that I get right when I ask you the judgment was good news that you hear a lot of maintenance even those text like his Ecclesiastes chapter twelve for he shall bring every work into judgment with every secret thing whether it be good and still that is visit I still hear a few less payments but I still hearing a chorus of a men's doctor 's light acid test account a teacher I'm not a preacher I like to ask questions that last night grievously please don't raise your hand for this but if the judgment is really that good for now the remarkably everlasting good news is Revelation fourteen here's the test where the rubber meets the road anybody this morning pray this prayer anybody wake up first thing you gently opened your eyes you said Josh Branagh I found too many takers when I asked that question but she told me was that his is really such good news where we pray Lord bring it on like David how can David pray such a prayer that he not understand the seriousness of his sin remember Davidson mean not only did he think to bring all the ten Commandments invisible overtly including murder and adultery he understood his rights under a different understand the seriousness of the judgment I knew instantly awesome awesome the judge found fifty one two ideas are propagated together by David as he becomes increasingly aware of his sinfulness when Nathan the prophet comes to them after he got into Bathsheba and his conscience is correct to grace starting first to wash me thoroughly from my iniquity and cleanse me from my sin for I acknowledge my transgressions and my sin is ever before me against you you only apply send and done this evil in your sight that you may be found just when you speak and blameless when you even understood that he would be also understood his sins not only external that they understood that certain I very nature was when he says in the next verse verse five behold I was brought forth in iniquity and in sin my mother and not only was eventful and accidental in nature he was sinful and low in the rephrasing the next verse behold you desire truth in the end with our and hidden part you will make me to know was yes David understood there was the law off to the roof a lot great to know what is that something that only he understands it great just great he was a great sinner but he understood that there was a great Savior and fill in the next verse he could pray Kurds need with his and I shall be clean you know what has appears that plan it still grows out of a wall of the Western Wall you see on the evening news they had to the worshipers there for the Western Wall the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem he feels Greenblatt that one is still growing on the wall and they take up branches of his and dip it in the blood of the Passover lamb first pass is how to properly be able to soak up the lip and soaked up the blood and then they would be sprinkled the blood on the door posts and lintels of the house and when the destroying Angel Angel came over at midnight you remember the story everyone inside was covered by the any Angel Haskell no one was David was in essence praying Lord Re: line of the guy will is David understood that Billy was a great sooner God was greater to hear that he could be covered by the blood of the Lamb of God in fact David understood away was covered by the blood he was acquitted he was in fact handed me because when you're covered by the blood and declared by God not guilty as acquitted in the judgment the tables are turned and no longer argue the defendant charge I calling for vindication against the false charges of sleep remember that story and Zechariah chapter three where Satan comes in the great accuser he tells only half the story is look at Josh high priest is a great singer is true we forget until the second part of the one who is righteous until that part of the judgment is God 's opportunity to review to the universe those who are come on the world Christ and David could call for the invitation to the fly some of the modern translations of those poor passages on sulfate judge me oh Lord give a modern translation more than likely it says vindicate me the idea niche in the church I like what will my right volume two of the selected messages page thirty two and thirty three in the one God and Christ think of us but about what God thinks of Christ our something what does God think of Christ our substitute is the accepted and on-site death and if we are in Christ then we are accepted that it is our share with you why I find you for the day of atonement message first reason is one of gesture because I have a substitute Jesus Christ has died in my place my favorite text from the spirit of prophecy is that the Christ page sixty two that statement if we give ourselves to him such as our Savior and sinful as our life may have been for his sake we'll count I Christ's character stands in place of our character and we are accepted before God just as we had never had any loss that that's not good enough news is not only our substitute is our lawyer in court are at Hebrews chapter seven verse twenty five for he ever lives to make intercession for us first John chapter two verse one any man sin he hasn't advocates a liar no thirst when I grew up there were some old books that I think contributed toward my fear of the judgment and I still have some of the books in my basement because they have who were low value or as beneficiary but it is actually the pictures enough so misleading in fact I have I hope the dozens of the riverbed but I have ripped out the pictures and I burn those pictures when my kids were growing up I didn't want to get the wrong picture of the judgment like I have those pictures describe the heavenly courtroom scene during the time of investigative judgment and as the as the name of about person comes up in the judgment my faith is pictured as is appearing there in the judgment of righteous sinner saved by grace someone who was covered by the blood is there is one of God 's children here's the father presiding over the trial there is the Angels on following universes universes worlds as the jury witnesses accept all of that parish here in the center of the court is this saved by grace he's standing all alone picture of a heavenly court when you are stand alone with his arm around us our liar who is taking our case on it he never lost a pet has been committed if you go into a law court and you know you got a lawyer that never lost the case is guaranteed he never loses with the court will be fearful anymore because you case design and Jesus is our liar stands there meeting are you one of father and mother were eventually good another misconception in my young mind although it might this is a pastor for me I pictured it as is Jesus down on his knees before the father you will say of God will plot I know you really don't want to forget them but please for my sake and all you see the blood please forgive them even though you only want to set the picture how personal five the father is the one who so love that he gave his only begotten son member John three sixteen the father was experiencing the same anguish of his size on the class is the entity between father and son was broken up by our status our sins when I got again the time of know Jesus doesn't have to twist the fathers are to forget the Lord please is a legal term is what lawyers still do today when they go under the courtroom they clean the case that means they present the evidence of the case so are longer presents the snow line covers simple is good news we're not alone time for the name of the funds around presenting our case before the but if that's not good enough news for you he's not only our substitute he's not only our liar and has never lost a case he is also the star with Cornwell wrote Revelation chapter three describes that faithful and true when and what is it that he witnesses Helen White described in great controversy as you point back to Isaiah chapter forty nine and her sixteen to forty nine sixteen Jesus in the courtroom with his arm around us lift his hand before the universe and he says I have engraved that Davidson and put your name there upon the palms of my knee she is my is Jesus declares that before the universe were covered by the line with such diseases as our Savior and that we are in Christ the whole universe shout with joy to get a sermon last week about the joy in the courtroom on your core there is hallelujah and closing giver say hosanna and we haven't songs and when Jesus came as King the whole crowd of Israel was shouting hosanna I hear hosannas and Pentecostal churches I rarely hear a hosanna in Adventist church should be filled with hosanna during the time of judgment was hosanna in the Aramaic word simply means saying now great seeing now is the perfect word that if the heavenly courtroom speaks Aramaic which I will review the word they would use when Jesus declares I have the clerk I have engraved you on the palms of my all shouts out good we just pretend with the courtroom for the minute I know you're not Pentecostal but when the local Christians that are more joyful can we just get a little idea what might sound like a family courtroom just a powerful three fold hosanna is that okay can information the General conference the data are right that Harry God is at half because I wondered what it would think of the millions of people there gathered for the judgment of the what I chorus of hallelujahs of that is going forth as God declares his child reading level is but that's not good enough news for you is not only ourselves is paid for he's not only by that is that is never lost the case and present evidence before the court is not only the star witness witnesses that we are green on this one is also the John five twenty two the father has committed all judgment into the hands of the sun I know the father resides in the trial grand final courtroom scene Daniel seven is clear on that agent of the day sitting but he gives the actual judgment proclamation to this the son who is our best friend the father is her best friend to sign proclaims this is my child now I know Johnny I internally lie what reason for rejoicing of some of you may say it is out right away after the same person be all of those things in a trial that is Western trial protocol they may not fit Western trial protocol that most of the Israel the world in biblical times was the White House the place the agent trial system is closer to God legal system in our Western one at the city gates in Israel time the same elders would need to do all those functions they would sometimes pay the price for the guilty person they would argue the case they would present the evidence of the witness and then they would be the judges altogether that was not unusual in biblical jurisprudence and neither is the unusual God tell me you got all of those things going how the new mother can be you can reject this you can turn away from all of those things that he's offered and given in his son should turn away don't need to be afraid I think you said that the reason I ultimately think that why I was afraid of the judgment well done one statement that a Bible teacher talking Academy Christ page one fifty five were only says we should never say I say that they are and I thought that mean that I could never have assurances that I was accepted into the if I'd only read two sentences later in the same paragraph element like clarified which he said we may go I know that he accept Ellen White was clear on the shore she wasn't counteracting the false reality of what they always say that you can just take you this is your say related to everyone forget about it and even every loss is not biblical but Christian assurance of salvation they live day is the very heart of the gospel and I'm so sorry that I didn't learn it sooner I took a course at the seminary taught by our leading expositor of righteousness by faith he wrote the Sabbath school lessons a couple years ago on righteousness by faith is an awesome class I learned all the theory I don't blame him for my problem in a class somehow my head was they couldn't get into my brain and so I studied all the details of righteousness by faith I learned all the Latin terms and the names in the debate between the Protestants and Catholics are the time of the Reformation in the counter Reformation the Council of Trent pack in my brain all the details all the data was there I studied harder for them finally then that I never studied Ray final exam of my life I had never experienced this with the preaching for six years as a pastor like the sermons about Jesus but never giving anyone assurance Jesus before finally one of my pastoral buddies I started reading these wonderful promises from the Bible John six forty seven he that believes in me has everlasting life first John five thirteen I write this unto you that believe in the name of the son of God that you may not know that you have eternal life and he would ask that you read you believe in Jesus you have eternal life I think so that you need to read it again it's not a matter of think so read it again maybe reality the hundredth time before I threw the ball say I got I is you exhibit him removes the public to suggest that I have about six or seven more minutes to preach for similar reasons it would give you what judgment is good news I don't want to mix up those two for the dispatch just reach out and take eternal life with God is with you my spelling and with me if this is your prayer pray along with me Lord the great singer you know that mature greater Savior thank you the good news of the judge paid the price for accepted Jesus to reach out and take that you just now marketing and claim your acceptance and I believe it's true not because I feel it because you said so I trust you thank you again unspeakable gift of eternal life Jesus is just as just as I said everything we're saying on the basis of what Jesus has done for additional receiving veteran who's the man in the judgment doesn't John does one illegals wallowing in a sense he also wants to clean up her know how many of you have dried that the route that I tried for so many years of getting my life my act together and clean by working harder I try harder and sucking just concentrate harder to ascend possibly like a pulldown of one in the novel that tells another place and another one pops up and pulled them down the path that you don't have enough the hand holding down even if you could pull down all the appearances you know about those movies inside that you can never change seen on a stick my favorite is x-ray now the Old Testament is Ezekiel chapter thirty six Ezekiel thirty six were not now talking about the ways of salvation fruit of salvation the roof is justification the fruit is now what God wants us to experience every day as a result in him having with our heart is broken by looking at the cross here's what he promises us this again is in the context is the last chapters of Ezekiel in the context of the day of atonement Ezekiel says here in verse twenty five and I will sprinkle clean water on you and you shall be clean I will cleanse you from all your filthiness and from all your idols I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you will take the hardest stone let him give you a heart of flesh in verse twenty seven of my very favorite nurse who put my Spirit within you and cause you to walk in life that's the verse I've been living for all my life I've been trying to do it myself and God as you know you don't have to take responsibility for this your responsibility is to get the new heart every day and you can't even do that so every morning is that every morning as I wake up I imagine myself lying on operating table and I'm far away from Loma Linda evaporating tables a lot closer than I do with physicians in contrast but I imagine there being on an operating table and I figured God those are but I like you the great physician is a hard transport give me a heart of putting my themes the Holy Spirit spiritual nourishment going through my lord promised to call me want in your claimant and I get and God has done the miracle again for that day and he gives the power to walk the Christian life is a puzzle fall when I fall he doesn't cast the deciding and healthy to walk and gives me the strength that I need that's the beauty and the good news of the judgment God during this time of the judgment is wanting to the last lithosphere wanting to fill fulfill the gospel of the new devices law not in order that they say but because we're already saying that is the root of salvation that is the foundation will probably focus on Jesus died for his life and had radar and causes us as the cleansing work is not bad news is not a matter navelgazing that in my good enough to fit face the judgment today is the whole point our only focuses on Jesus on our labels on our actions not on our activities God department is to change our lives our department to get but not good enough to worry there's one more the best visible found here in Ezekiel thirty six also verse twenty two therefore say to the house of Israel says the Lord God I do not do this for your own your single house visible but for my holy name sake which you have profaned among the nations wherever you went in verse twenty three the revised standard version captures the original that he very nicely when it says I will vindicate his holiness of my rate and which has been profaned among the nations which you have feigned ignorance nations shall know that I'm the Lord says the Lord God when I am vindicated in you or there are the last days God writes his law on our heart the whole universe will see that God is not a liar when he is asked his people to keep that God has our to bring to completion the work of righteousness and that he has on Scripture and he will be able to reveal the holy stuff for our class who we are and we will have a small part in an and the reputation of God before them is ultimately the good news is not about ethanol is the news about God that he is that I want here's a good line in Iran Israel on Yom Kippur went to the synagogue that they we saw our Hebrew brothers and sisters pray earnestly for before God I never expected to learn from I gave the brothers and sisters anything about it you know we know about eighteen forty four Reno the theology of the judgment we know Jesus how can I learn from a Hebrew brothers but that day and that synagogue I saw people many of whom and not the Messiah but no but served God with all their heart living like they know my father asked me today that I long for our here in the synagogue were these wonderful prayers of repentance they were just Lord forgive me for this forgive me forgive me they were Lord forgive with corporate prayers and I think you'll have to have readministered church on the Sabbath during the editable day of atonement of found out about someone who would send in the congregation instead of saying Lord shame on them with a Lord we ask in prayer by Daniel that it is great for you I than I thought that for the end of the service there were there was a man down here they got up and went over to the on the way over here and went to the other side of the Pentagon and reasonable synagogue without going to see different people like the girls gone highly I looked in their eyes and cares in energy they were hugging one another they were making reconciliation for something and remember during the year that they had not made right you are intimately every congregation during the atonement backbiting on finding all the rest would go to brother and sister and then we went to the Western Wall for sunset and Erika Western Wall is an old rabbi who held the initial sun was just about fit I thought of my Hebrew teacher that we can talk about the meaning of the shofar he was a Jew she was a Christian she taught me how the shofar is curved downward just like weird event downward evening repent everything will go and how the film are still in for that RAM on mount Mariah and with call in my porn and then Abraham offered the RAM instead of his son Isaac the RAM died so that I can guide you with my human future occasionally the gospel of the substitutionary lives in the misuse of the shofar blows everything here to call us to the great home efficiently prisoners and relevant was going through my mind as the old rabbi was holding or just right it will this morning as I think about how to best imprints in your mind the meaning of the atonement so they'll never forget you may forget the words I said here today but I think maybe the best way that you you will we are going to the corner of the until Jesus comes before you hear what I heard that law so it is our prayer this morning this will be our closing prayer here is the call of the shofar calling to repent to assure G in and around the Lamb of God and to the advantage will assume company jubilantly please respond in your own way him him


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