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The Big Question

Dave Fiedler


Dave Fiedler

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  • December 29, 2012
    3:00 PM
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to this is if you see why seemed two thousand twelve hundred Seattle Washington and other resources and access online at www. MySQL .org okay let's start off looking at the big question and the first thing to grasp but the real big question is it's not all about us were actually rather insignificant except for the fact that there is one step it depends entirely on self especially networks again it's not about us when we think when we think of the big question what is the what the deepest question that you think that you know think of it we rustled as Christian indicators and I'm a teacher by way not a creature so no S you can raise your hand or even blurt things out unceremoniously if you need to why when city permitted by excellent baby wrapped up nicely that's that's that's the question that's the one troubled everybody especially is home once on the net happens out it's easy to cut and gloss over questions like that enough I didn't have high rank tomorrow I am paralyzed from the eyebrows down and that question occurred to me now what is happening once the Lord allow the staff that we wrestle with those questions and allowed the whole chapter is chapter major profits deals with them that was especially chapter title went missing from eighty okay she comes at a beginning person and that is either other places along the way that's what we wrestle with vessel we think is the the big I but as important is that question is it's not the big question everybody else is my now website about everybody else I'm not talking about non- activists I'm not talking about non-Christians or Catholics or Buddhists and talk about nonhumans and the rest of the universe the rest of the universe has a different perspective there at their big question is more along the lines sin originated in self-seeking listener and the covering cherub desire to be first in heaven he sought to gain control of heavenly beings to draw them away from their creator to win their homage to yourself therefore he misrepresented NFL awaits word that's coming from the perspective of one loyal to God if we wanted to take me if they wanted to simply report the facts without taking a position on it we would have to say therefore he represented and not decide whether he is now not paying position is whether he was representing accurately or not she's as he misrepresented but from the Angels my video was ever represented something he was promoting a perspective of the delegates he this represented God attributing to himself the desire for self exaltation with his own evil characteristics he has whose verse ought to invest or to pay the loving Creator you see the Angels the see the same man and a couple of references already entered presentations and made a comment West inches remember right about the concept of the representation of the character of God that's the issue that is the big issue in the minds of the universe and the universe is left trying to figure this whole thing okay for the rest of the universe the original big question was discussed dance within the past is now the original big question was which government is best gods for listeners because the great controversy at its heart is a essentially a political campaign listen very effectively said I have a better plan of how I run the operation vote for me I can do a better job on the dog around here both for me ill have to the Angels did nearly half of the Incas did and then there was a big meeting in heaven right maybe registering and an award presented his suicide and about twenty percent of them came back on the right side I could drop from from almost half the drop-down with their Dean's statement was that supposedly glass of that question has been answered the question of which government is best that question was answered in an elevated out of there they're not getting that so we'll see why that is as weak as we move along us but that will get the women in the beginning of the story because beginnings are good places to start and let's go here this is not the beginning of time for the beginning of Genesis one but still the beginning do this is talking Ernie says you are on your father the devil and the desires of your father you want to do he was a murderer from the beginning does not stand in the truth because there is no truth in him when he speaks a lie he speaks from his own resources for he is a liar and the father of it what is this the beginning off he was a murderer from the beginning but that once one is at the beginning of a conversation that sin rebellion in the moment Lucifer deviated from God 's plan he accepted a principal and invented a principal which will discuss similar they invented the concept of a mold and operation that probably unbeknownst to himself made even that very moment a liar and a murderer from the beginning seat at this moment so this is the beginning of sin there are some things will always be mysterious virus called the mystery of iniquity we can't give a reason for why one created perfect in a perfect environment should become evil we can explain it I was as if we could give a reason for it would justify there is no reason for so we can justify can even understand it's a lesson list of iniquity not trying to get out okay but there are some things we can figure out about it the simplest thing is this when Lucifer said Gosplan is this but I'm going to do this he was effectively stating a couple of things he was saying bonds not taking care of me I can do a better job of taking care of myself got pre- sharp but in this detail will was another handsome it didn't happen in the time of this before the creation of our earth and I have some suspicions that are having that son of England and other health nihilism or said that God 's plan but I'm doing this what he was saying is God is not taking care of me as well and I can take care of myself if and if the principle of self-determination basically Lucifer said I don't trust God this time it's not least is and can you see that his idea is not a good plan I have a better at least for me in the long view and thought that principle of self-determination of commitment to self service and self preservation at that moment you become a liar and murderer because of the Ghanaian media if times get tough as between language and your good if I'm working I felt the need self-determination and self dependence and self-preservation I will like you I will because my diocese is more important any times it really hard I'm sorry but I will surely answer that's that's that's the escort that I thought I can do a better job of taking care of myself and God can do every scene in the book okay I don't believe God will take our main philosophy blown is a lesson in what if I think I did a better job and finger myself and I cried and stupidity I really I supposedly nice smart and got down whatever of it if I'm trying to figure myself somewhere other than one line estimated that he is doing the wrong thing I will endeavor someone else that self-serving is better than service that I threw my influence on myself first as wanting my neighbor as myself that's stealing and under no pressure it will be murder that's the great con that is the foundational terms of all the great controversy July believe that God will take care of me even when it doesn't make sense something came up it didn't make sense to Lucifer and so they said this time to stop drinking including reserves for himself the right of self-determination as I hope you can absorb that was provided to me that is been with marvelous simplify her of theology than ever running to the bank everything hinges off of that everything in my feeble little money is Gosselin of course is totally different so as a rule of self renouncing love as the law of life the circuit of beneficence where ideal blend of the he doesn't go to the next ending is being nice rain of it in the background to make the server gets the deficit is the law of life the great law of life is our laws service to the is to have self sacrifice is the law of self-preservation him with her him and him to diametrically opposite of Lucifer 's land again in a way the last one I think I have one more those at eleven is a great self renunciation is a great law of self-preservation and self-preservation is the law of self-destruction seems counterintuitive Internet tells me that means that my intuition is all out of whack I thought maybe it et al. in the again well the conflict is in the law of life was always meant to follow it had any adverse the conflict between the law of life and the new land along the plan of self concern self interest self-determination self dependence where you want to call it I am in and say something I'm not to take the time to even give you my best biblical defense of a gang and it could be argued with if you want to buy this one hope when you think that's okay but I would argue that yelling in them was in second Thessalonians two eleven let those who receive the love of the truth and they and on his motor to July they believe a life son Lucianne they believed a lie okay that he would let any of the newer translations you'll find out what I'm told by those who know Greek I don't okay but that those who are supposed understandably think they tell me that it's actually there's a definite article there is not a lie they just some liar this flyer that liar bikini like it's Eli him Eli and I thought mail might have respected her that Eli is is Satan 's lie Satan 's lie is that God is taking care of himself and that's why we should to pick it stuff that is wonderful and luminous Isaiah fourteen ill I will be like the most high I will exalt myself alive there is the battle of his life was over saying that God does not insult himself he then all US laws he told me to worship him I live has never assaulted resulting sources if if if if if that principle works for God 's work for me to I will exalt myself and exalt himself okay that conflict is the was the first big question for the rest of the universe when losing a single dissenting Jeremy is willing to take care of myself he made it necessary for God to show that he really wants doing what was best for everyone and to show that was first planet would be an utter disaster there are things in this great controversy that cannot be resolved by pronouncement of tenure and listening to a legal campaign to get couple of politicians in there and being a lever in the first guy uses less than eight in the end I did the right study debate there is a fallacy known as poisoning the well favorite place in the welfare him I live in a safe can be lies everything he says is allied with dollars on top of well okay so now I'm can be said actually I'm not lying how do you know if you realize how you once someone has said he lies can you know can you get out of that fix by saying I don't want on and on outline light you can get out of it by proclamation okay you can get out of it by then pronounced you only get out of it is by demonstration demonstration nearly like the complaint is little danger nobody do anything I can get outside and I find limited power on the visit but not something he can know he can solve that problem with any other means of demonstration they could not save him is there any other music across their music and their relentless even when you're on the known that they are promoting the past two demonstrate that he plan of government is the best for everyone every nation every tongue confess I don't do that my worst-case scenario how the house is gone explain some poor kid whose starved to death ensued on the age of eighteen months that was the best thing that happened after you I explained God will do that and it will be seen back in every single detail God has been the way has been perfect for every single individual is pretty impressive stuff batting one thousand four six thousand years okay I haven't but that's part of what makes this the right arm is amazing is no death every individual for you and I believe that I was a ringtone every news about retiring confess Justin through other ways Lord God Almighty no one will have a chance to say you didn't do the best thing for me by demonstration training guessing what will be seen when all is seeing clearly is a guide to the best merit I cannot explain you you're raising the question that I trust me I'd like to raise my head around on for a while to let him is an excellent demonstration is about the sky to the questions voting is one route around let's go here to add seems like an all a weird place to start and the seventy disciples in his comeback from the missionary tour tour and name the first missionary tour and a second document is subject to us in your name is like totally bizarre thing the first thing is interesting here is that was I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven then he said rejoice not in the game and decided to you but that you need to remember what him makes sense and if I don't get the Hanover casting out demons will some I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven okay where do we normally without losing what was is not what my historical episode is probably talk about okay I heard two answers that's good ordered all of the one hundred most of the same basic dynamic Bible passage Jim and is going to want to want to demonstrate better relations well okay so there we go to call this stage one using a moment and war broke out in my closing is not with the dragonriders they did not prevail no place no limit have any liners of the great dragon was cast out that's original all the devil and Satan deceive the world staff that the Earth is a look at all but I think calling what enigmatic what was that part of me national immigration air vent now noticed when we make this connection right here were actually talking organic linking to phrases right here and says Satan was cast out back and John was at the young back in John ten Jesus said I saw Satan fall from any claim in this cast out with the fall of Satan okay I think that in mind for leaving the okay noises stage one is organizing element as we go along please no estimate of the references in Revelation twelve seven zero nine if those numbers and now we move on to stage two a couple of months after the last I send this now is the judgment as well now the role of this world will be cast out and grammarians in the crowd here in twenty years teaching English and history and Bible sciences and what is this will be of the event is yet future as you speaking here okay now that's present now as well now I will this will will be at that huge like that between now and the will be probably a short time it sounds kind of cause and effect pretty short-term to think what he was talking about what we usually apply this to the cross okay this is business I patiently carburetors shortly before the cross event now the will of this world will be cast down because of the plot thickens little bit here this was just before the game but recovered them as MoveOn and noticed is the worst cast out Satan or so use Revelation twelve Gastown interesting it seems being cast out in this verse is the same thing as being cast out revelation twelve and we could ask ourselves and saves Revelation twelve really talking across interesting to thought it is some funny things the way inspiration uses this passage Christ bowed his head and died but he held fast to his feet and is submission to God and I reliably say never now is on salvation and strengthen the in the power was nice to meet his brother has cast down was which accused them before our God day and night now this white horses are amazing to see if there will clean after I die that they cross was the merciless Wells relations well when you look at seventy nine Susanna and chocolate across the amusing well actually minor detail we have attached out one place and a cast down and the other right thing in using authority after the crucifixion site design he had older reached himself Satan side of the sky as far away the character he tried to pass on crisis Path uninstall it was and yet he had the second time fallen from heaven allow the second fallen from heaven at the cross actually only sometimes make the linkage even stronger God looked upon the victim expiring on the cross and said it is finished the human race shall have another trial the redemption price was paid and they fell like lightning from heaven at the cross trading stages one and two one six three then I heard a loud voice saying in heaven now salvation is a thinking redundant arthritis of companies is a member of the men who choose them before our God day and night is been cast out of the overcame him by the blood of the by the way they did not love their lives and therefore rejoice O heavens and he would let you dwell in them will have a field in the season the devil has come down to you having great wrath because he knows that he has a short time mother is also later we just look at verse ten a minute ago and back with us to discuss the particulars of this the accuser of the brethren has been cast down there is a group of people who have beaten the devil placing their lives at great risk in the process and because they overcame a fort there or means right therefore based evening because of my because that broke overcame the heavens and everyone who lives there can rejoice that these events are bad news for all the people in the wrong places because the devil is running out of time he's really remember the so that went up on the screen to step back twenty feet square a little bit like that we talked about what that picture where you see that there is a myth future thermometer said yes to questions are your exact rights but what timeframe what will possess a legitimate was a group of people where they were we call them underfoot in the literature and and hopefully now not long from now hopefully the revelation twelve painted picture the end of time as well as a picture of the day will create as well as a picture of the cross and the apostle John heard envision a loud voice and expanding the Cavaliers of the artisan of the season it was already under arrest because he knows that he hath but a short time relation twelve twelve versus red spherical others seemed was call for this it was the rather see increases that is timeless or newsworthy decedent destruction will reach its culmination in the time of trouble I'm forty four thousand time and trouble in the time at the picture overlooking so represents well I'm not three different time zones times episode layers of okay let's see this big W Satan is an accuser of the brethren in his accusing powers employed against those who work righteousness the Lord desires to his people to answer Satanist charges by showing the result of obedience to write principles what is this talking about we use the term before what is this talking demonstration the Lord desires to show through his people dependent on the way to know the press some visitor something so here Fido sit and read the dog and try to show up dog tricks ever happened yet it doesn't always work so well and sometimes I get the feeling that God is trying to show off some dog drinks and the dogs are not learning the Lord desires to show through you are the safest charges by obedience to write present by showing the results would be different as originally thought demonstration something something something remains to be demonstrated here Mel I want to give it another this is the statement and the upper screeners at floaters okay and they do not directly in our chain of thought so it is that you have let this wool around in a little bit this is the one that all I should say that I will give an option and when victory bail on him it is a great statement and soft as Mosley that the complainant as a person to accurately change money and will help her sprays constantly from it in the atmosphere this was his old information to save her life life it was sometimes we look at forever thousands they all their birthday what does that mean while it means that they and you may find this so easily in society nice to do it so take a guy with a grain of salt leaving you there are great that means that they may only the non- NSG vegan links or something else we can focus our attention of perfection on a lot of really small stuff sometimes will all see all the software that I'm not ridiculing carefulness and I have no meaning that all the desktop process that's not the completeness of Christian character and how to get help out anyone is stupid piece of eleven o'clock at night one way or stick the next day no as a reason to wonder why are there is a reason of so all of those things a little thing I learned okay but there completely sufficient the completeness of Christian character that they can't help myself cause liver north of the workforce like the report should put that in your mail and other displays content from nice bracelet that's okay okay well it's one we covered stages one to three ago to stage four oddly enough we looked right back to where we started off the seventy disciples just come back to the missionary tour and she does just made his comments I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven and then we get this light the apostles the seven interstate supernatural endowments as a seal of their mission when their work was completed the return to draw a thing like that and all of a sudden I blessed my name is answered I be held Satan as lightning fall from heaven Tatian goes on the scene is of the past and the future were presented to the mind of Jesus this is the next sentence I am discontinuing application that I saw Satan fall like lightning lit the scene look at the future were presented to the mind of June him he was first cast out from the heavenly places he saw that right there is talking of the seventy disciples he loves forward to seeing you in any way before all the world of the carriage of the deceiver should be unveiled he heard the cry is finished announcing the redemption of lost racist murder made certain that heaven was majorly secure against the accusations the deceptions and pretensions that Satan would institute instigate stage two across now possible with furtive and Sandra should be unveiled as a legal share this chapter her infestations aggravated great statement a government based on right-hand side six forty something and he might be entered where light after your after the death of Christ she says that only says that Tom that Satan was sealed to the rest of the universe as a murder is disguise list for the way she says that same page and again is that the last link of sympathy with every universes broke want to get it take the cross for Satan to be revealed as a murderer any crop up a little bit and in people 's minds when Cain killed Abel coming from a murderers of the bentonite two thousand some on years in any of those murders count said that's my conclusion is him thinking he was at least correct and eventually anyone else since then is for Susan EarthLink all NASA was Delaney guidelines as they happened I you want to quibble over the station between lethal injection hanging could be guarded and all you want but they have to die so Jesus had said it was the first innocent Hassan he is was and will always be the only innocent being delivered I asked why a lot of folks able good manners he was in town incident La Cienega with red production it wasn't sent across the last wave of sympathy was separated from the heavenly being that is not passivity like all for Lucifer effect this evening okay SLI I think I sympathize with this position there is the effectiveness of the training grooming sanitization okay so we've got were located stage for now and receive the best Eugene R Baldwin heaven right before the cross signals on beyond the cross of Calvary with its agony of shame Jesus looks forward to the great final day when the prince of the power of the air will meet his destruction in the result long marred by his bank Jesus nailed the work of evil forever ended and the peace of God till heaven and earth ones that the two thousand years of data millennium resurrection of the wicked this was in the ILS are okay did you looking for this alive on stage for we went stage one stage Julie jumped on stage for astronauts back stage three is not quite as clearly presented here henceforth Christ followers were to look upon same as a conquered foe upon the cross Jesus was again addictive for them that victory he desired them to accept as their own forty four thousand who will finally figure out how to do that and you completely set my stage three vomiting with us for quantum jumps but again with the United States for many is stage four is this one statement in painful for the nationally again so the believers accepting and ends appropriating to himself his victories that are important without again that enough specificity stage for is that the variant of time then I will see the common denominator in this again does anyone recognize this this passage by the way I do read this before any diaries time desire arranges for my freshman Bible class I will hear a song that I blew me away when I finally had I was talking about here you need to fight Anderson was stuffing hearings we overnight despite for Stephen and Alex any chemistry oregano quantum thing with the chemistry business okay him controversy goes forward and stamps one e-mail and climbing they held everything is cool though the watch is a quick recap six years ago the members of the Godhead is one of the arguments and rejecting them how many members under .net but everybody else they can't seem to Lucifer was the smartest guy out there start of the body he was subtle how subtle you have to be when you're going up against angelic intelligence I'm nothing without major Sunil okay as is as is Mister Mrs. Ms. is this is out of my league type of subtle but that would but then I had the members indicted were the only ones who can see through the end result of that simple principle of self centered self determination contract with me to make a sense two thousand years ago Angels in the world understood Satan 's plan is arduous and rejected what was that across in rejecting the divers were killed in an person Christ the son of God is Angel and Emily Angel walking on said he do that need to the postgame show Angel make you him that twenty percent of segment that night in the first in the that the primary election there were twenty percent of the Angels they were going down that path some of the word prevailed to bring that please will you still thirty three percent voted for state and they were on his side that's when people does he in your future hopefully a hundred forty four thousand one status is an argument will reject them you and leave made one really really bad choice they may chose the knowledge of good and evil and to toss out a thought I don't have invested worth a visit feel free to counsel this blatantly but I just have a hunch that when we chose the knowledge of evil God basically saying you know I wish you had chosen that but since you did you'd understand all there is nobody who references skates that was what the reference that Dan within Jason will make a way of escape and to thank you again for blank and that will promise right the wrongs I promise I may say things that promise they say that he is the Congress is going and will not still doing that for us and thirteen I don't think the controversy is going to will body is still pulling things punches because making a demonstration of update in effectiveness the evil of Satan is forgot as long as you stand there and correct the errors is he just may also remind him being an alarming some tells me that our environment out there that have experience with the full depth of evil nasty nasty with you more why tomorrow when he has to but there never go through the very bottom of the slew of the spot okay you go through a angry evil and miserable thing that those the loser has to throw at them in a cool thing is that I see through it and reject one thousand years later on the legend will understand Satan 's plans and arguments and will reject what is I happen what is it that persuades them recant what stops them big big panorama the whole great controversy and layout for them and they watched all all I said they are casting anyone here know what kind of fast-forward dining venues is no big rush maybe I'm usually building at no toys that will be present because the Holy Spirit is present in a lifetime all in one universe is my opinion my understanding you yeah the chances of a human being going to level himself yeah now I snowballed in blast furnaces as you have okay at the millennium that we excel at creating being who is ever lived will see savings plans and arguments and contrast that with God 's plan of government indignation about every time Princess Justin Gillette I would learn bottom in the book of Job is a great portrayal of the member story this was out wandering around in heaven God says when you come from the wandering to and fro on your bike miters esses a statement I don't have a human is a statement that says that Wednesday was an enemy considered that the next best thing was to be the ruler of the earth I think our planners rather special actually I think is a case of relief it is the next best thing is that after sinking overhead it was a rule leader house needs its ethnic a.m. so if you haven't any said this is my servant Job one one solitary individual have you considered my servant Job now if it even if we been arguing that humans are the basis saves responsible events and what I like I got three million or whatever the population was male I'm Jillian and I want to outline apparently that's not the rules 's games being played out on this is a winner take all one hundred percent guarantee both sides because the presence of one or the less surely God was a big problem for Satan anemia is a yellow Dahlia and I can plan ahead around him that's go back today I'll protect you a but the thing and in and whispered to the challenge and he says take away the hands when he had impregnated to see the large music you bought them on amazing thing is that Nazism is he reaching out heaven once they come in with an insolent obnoxious in-your-face accusation in charge and I doesn't say was for your father is going to say that because this whole thing is played out with what is the word emphasizes bargains that is a Visio but don't touch it three days later it was now in all I think that is the jewel is a great illustration for us Gino is going on in front for the him you will understand everything is going on around them even as hard and fast I again well for stages in which as if that's a number drivers and Susan asses big panoramic or renewed vows anything everyone even the zipper possesses just enjoy airways which is as you are is not changed he stands out and filled with rage and fury he tries to let the crowd if I really says there is not one believes no one should pressure is having the entire universe know that you're wrong that's industrial-strength and learning created inside of the Merced you know are wrong and if you are all on the news recently when he will you everywhere I debated a rabbit ears he will thought about it since we donated van why don't they just made a video you get a blank okay everybody is playing the blame rests in Firefox by the cleanup because an demonstration has been made a look at this list is what group of people that haven't not have a specific events that demonstrates for them can you spot at their Seattle what's the one category of people him I and I and inductive logic no addition back to the right and anywhere on that list no denying the validity Canada but we'll see them tomorrow okay now take-home thoughts out of this number one please catch the simplicity bowl and started working as a verse that I can do a better job and take care muscle all it takes to be the first time somebody was talking earlier I was in the Western and able to either find confusing things I do that talk about radical commitment to talk about radical trust in Megan McArdle with my entire something that I don't make a lot of commitments to people I don't trust the great controversy is over radical trust do I believe that God is smart enough what loving enough and powerful enough to take care of me those three attributes wisdom power love think of those things if you will however no love your world are at his guy could do it smart to give you can set you anyway the wisdom and the power go out and that the wisdom and alone but no power you got nothing on nothing on magazine can't do it anyhow reminiscent if it got back to back pay the love and the power but not with them then he got by doing powerful things in a dumb why are you oh three if you enter us in the wisdom power and love regardless of what happens in that it if you can trust in God 's wisdom and power and love regardless of what happens you can make it through the time and trouble that's pretty cool actually it makes it sort of simple in my mind like Jesus loves me this I know you keep singing that song in responding correctly to his level course about your choice in how you respond if you can trust the and follow through on that try sending a play I think I trust that this is the best plan but I'm going to settle for second best just because I'm stupid whatever you and you can trust him and follow through with it you know it's really very simple in construction of Iraq there's other ways of looking at an end of their own palette to probably but there's something beautifully simple by recognizing what Lucifer 's first big issue was seen the goggles if this is like damage control one oh one remedy MBAs are ready and you know when you're a corporate record is attacked with guys like was it is recently added however some some product that had some poisoning issue or something the new guys are doing I got E. coli and seventeen million tons a hamburger at what you and you know when you're in his lazy in relations after now having control damage control Rosenberg created a public relations disaster for the and a very methodically set about step-by-step rather patiently waiting for thousand years hair two thousand years there is a lush moving anything or I rather do a quick but step-by-step guides proving his plans right the circuit of beneficence is the law of life take to give away okay I figure things out maybe test question was found by review thank you thank you for your wisdom and your power and your love that they are perfectly employed and deployed in our behalf were thankful that you are patient with our foolishness in our language refrigerators fire us with a radical and nothing might shake our commitments and a business is reporting I found to be in my seat to my seat supporting Seventh-day Adventist seams with him and I and Christ centered Christian I downloaded purchase other resources visit us online he Wednesday when the a a a and I


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