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Diverging Paths

Dave Fiedler


Dave Fiedler

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  • December 31, 2012
    9:45 AM
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to this message and CYC two thousand twelve hundred Seattle Washington and other resources and sent us online at www. URC where I is like that what is that if there was another party I really like it was a nice day but anyhow it there are missing stats it have to happen that we we we they laid out and then yesterday in our third meeting we started on the address history part of things and aboard told language is likely to go on and then thank you thank you thank you thank you okay Doctor Kellogg was converted in eighteen eighty eight in Minneapolis when the drinking age on Selangor and when it was converted and it's it's not going to the bar because he had been growing apart he just started being nice to people and she started within one year 's time well look at whether you're male from the summer of eighteen ninety two eighteen ninety two three teenager he started the orphanage in Battle Creek and over five hundred and its orphans were not being cared for that in the United States alone he started orphanage in Battle Creek he started the visiting nurses program that went on to Chicago Boston those were funded by nine activists and assent think five hundred Orford orphans think around the country and we had nothing for them and may try for your raise funds they got disrupted by some property the commission and want him anonymous lady gave thirty thousand dollars and established big beautiful or finished very similar in concept to us a international service differences in women's of you really saw it again big building okay it wasn't one massive building it was invited up inside a delight was nine or ten different living areas and ended function as individual families and input all the ten -year-olds together all the seven -year-olds he is young and amenities were twenty years when the stupidest things you can do is put a whole bunch of kids the same age together and do not have immediate on the spot within twenty four inches adult supervision of it I just don't add up families are made that way missing are some fertility clinic and had twelve wants or something you have a very bad idea I would think you save always diagnosable that he is out to get younger kids and so they set up your present was they had like about nine or ten different families with about eleven to twelve kids in each family they went from the upper gene gun of the infants in a pending you delegate that Wayne Kinsey used to having somebody will Limbaugh surround us important thing learning life Psalm am a Reyes here this staff in setting up a hashish and has to be that the point of yesterday though was that in eighteen ninety two Owen said the loud cry had begun and within about two and half months later Doctor Kellogg's at the General conference and said basically if we don't have much right to expect loud crying because a loud cry is the one the and in Isaiah fifty eight all those promises you write in high places near the theater there to Jacob your father the righteous and boiler will the foyer of the righteous is about to be rumored and no all I will as always always great promises and because we haven't done that we can expect to have the loud cry was that created confusion in people 's minds the only thing we had one primary so was Kellogg contradicting online what was going on and sort it all out in my opinion and you are entirely free to have an opinion you gone which differs from mine because there've been several instances in my life are the wrong stuff feel free to form your own opinion but in my opinion was essentially right he was pointing to a very important element of the loud cry and we chose to largely ignore that collectively know us organizationally institutionally whatever you want to say when we chose chose a largely good when you continue that basic implement this place today and they say that originates to be here so let's our heads for prayer father we do ask your presence to be with us learn these are interesting stories ends I didn't cut up the story of the stories by praying help us to be able to remain calm has to think clearly intent to learn the lessons as well give us and give us grace and wisdom to know how to make application and in every one of our lives were all in different places on different skills of different opportunities and were not scum out of a cookie-cutter so just give us was asked now in Jesus name okay I know that it is diverging paths in a idea is cancer walk together while you maybe know the rest of the Bible verse right now is unless they be agreed having people you know you agree with and him but I sure writing a literate years of school administrators and everything I found out that it's not always that easy to get people want to get her things and they haven't benefited the root this happened now so here we go let's see literally have worked talking first of all with the sad fact that opposition and on until onion is health Reform work was apparently fairly widespread especially among the ministers of the church how many of these ministers which one is opposed to it now let's pretend for but that she doesn't give us a letter names and information that there are a few that I could probably survived another mother will help you but there were people just black and white hotel and breach once as you can see this pretty easily is the eighteen eighty eight itself as early as eighteen eighty those of you may be okay in addition if a bank to remember that when the Minneapolis conference rolled around George Butler was sick and he was stay home that week you can make me he will LOI to a thirty one page letter and the take-home thought of that letter was I am sick because you didn't support me in this whole conflict she described it to her daughter-in-law she said that the letter was a most curious production of accusations and charges against me well people interested in eighteen eighty have studied at A tolerance of skylight one of key documents in whole conflict issue that the things they look this thing over pretty carefully trying to figure out what's what's going on without it came as a surprise to me when I went back to look at it in a letter George Butler on it he was a whole conflict of eighteen eighty eight thirty one pages emissions AG Jones exactly wants inventions EJ Wagner three times you mentioned John Harvey Kellogg fifteen and Allen wrote back to him and said it will be seen sometimes in our brothers and sisters and not been inspired by the spirit of Christ in their manner of dealing with Doctor Kellogg is a direct response to this letter from from Butler your attitude toward him will not bear the approval of God even if he was the man would you think unity Butler had known with that thinking that the Kellogg was loved by their sought Kellogg and at pointing out as being designing and steaming in and night event there was human and I remember countless of color was in a unique position he was the most highly formally educated administer the world how much of a barrier to that prove to his less formally educated brother and targeting video going on you cannot be any help to him what you maintain this position but you can pursue a course that will so weaken his confidence and his brother and that they cannot help him win and where he needs to be helped and we can do that pretty easily with people now when you stop and start looking back on it maybe especially teacher principal that they knew the backing if you look at the kids allowing what impression of me can you in the audience that they are one of my best friends from former students and the changing task of thinking about it I waited at the plenary Glendale it is a community event but and know that we stay friends doesn't always have the going on same letter from Ellen Doctor Kellogg is a finite man and has his areas as well as undemanding God 's work to him and has been giving him strength he does not now feel exasperated as he once did when he has misjudged there is no reason why his presence should stand away from him and criticize and denouncing condemn them when they had no real knowledge of his work and what they are talking about this is not the Spirit of Christ was no saving influence by Doctor Kellogg if the doctor fails and doing his duty and being and overcome her at last though his brother who failed in their want of wisdom and discernment to help the man when and where he needed help will be a large measure responsible what does that statement sound a lot like those of you are a little history ever hear another statement like that Jones Lang that almost anything and him if they eventually fall away it will be largely the responsibility of those who even some of the grief they got fed up with its okay I do nothing I offer there have been nice you know who I think the Lord humankind is a lover is so overheard him with their thrusts behind his back has not Doctor Kellogg shown the greatest respect for ministers has he ever given the least evidence that he was ashamed of his brethren I hope my brother you will no longer cherish such thoughts they are unworthy of a Christian scan appointed staff director general of his president him of so what was the source of all this are probably many things Kellogg had more formal education a Muslim domination some probably felt he was showing off at once another issue was the inherent difficulty of selling people on the idea of self-control a hard sell it up and reach out the financial people should eat between meals stock is enough doubt that what you are I remember him nagging of the mysteries I remember when I might like my childhood was smoothly and was in this post I really didn't understand anything about any lack of desirability of eating three meals and Lily Academy in some kind teaches and how you know some class down the list of being female managing the classroom to irony and I remember going home on a auto of like a no break in between from can be going over weekend whatever and now my parents both worked what happens to people 's Academy has taken a shot so I will let myself everything I remember walking around the house in August and that it was invented centuries that I walk around trying twenty times in one morning I found myself in the kitchen looking up the cupboard I think this was in females and was hard that was really hard I know that was probably the first conscious occasion when I ever said I'm going to try actual place hopefully I taught her to him and it is not an easy salicylic tell I was trying to tell people as you don't change your diet into something better in a live properly synonymous with the challenge him alive they health reform issue is a particular irritant to Kellogg when people didn't accept it he knew he knew that what he was preaching was from God in that Canadian accent and ministers what I do is administered that he has rejected that which is from God how do I treat you know how do I view him now now I once said she and she wrote down I have for years fellowship with men going to be guilty when we need to slow down a little bit of writing people off doesn't mean we need to go I don't know maybe they are not doing the wrong thing that's stupid there is a great statement in notebook leaflets I'm way off track your business get statement is a young people is if you want to the church members and you see that they are at fault be thankful that God is giving you the discernment to see that and then avoid the same mistake you ever irritated analysis right means this stark raving mad I had always these well-meaning adults think when you staff often someone else means you don't have the same playing seeing cycle oh what that half watching one oh one p.m. and so was I was so relieved I rented a statement in the notebook with our fault that people are worth more quality people we don't have to be stupid with marketing judging field thou shall not judge right okay that's the executive phases might so my job the data source at whacking people okay second Reagans to get King tosses a righteous man judges all things Internet community for any given energizing us on the executives that the rational evaluation judgment for the site your brain off this book is orderly and they were not talking about the visitors the Lord has given Doctor Gallant is well with the Mrs. by Doctor John is working as a fact in our ministers are very slow to go health reform is not listening on what was learned given up on the subject this is called Doctor Kellogg was confidence in them hopefully ideally only interfering an accident he got to learn to trust people that still make mistakes interesting they are hardy working health reform has created in him a spirited criticism and his born down in an unsparing manner which the Lord is not sanctioned he has belittled debacle ministry and in his regarding ideas has placed the medical mission work above the ministry has seen in this century administers remarks of been made which have not been to the honor and glory of God okay this particular state was actually written in eighteen ninety eight one hundred twenty two chronology things on your and that's that was also illegible ten eighteen ninety eight if I were going to try and put a date on it and say when did Kellogg get fed up and turn against the ministry it's hard to be exact I would published in eighteen ninety six okay and it hardens any groovy opposition grizzlies and tightness of the ministry I was a kind of turned the corner United States and not worse thereafter Kellogg seems it is having given up on the ministry decided to go ahead and do it a lot got alarmed myself these guys are helping there was too often to true they didn't know they go on the host him his own expense the General conference session on eleven different occasions once even after she was his fellowship going to be that the batteries at a journalism major in place by way also one part of the dining hall there was a little window and if you absolutely had to have a dead animal to eat you can go over there and get one and so it used to fund him no and because the ministers would come through our biggest off is not only divine service so they'll come marching over to the cafeteria to grab those raised and in me and aiming and teleworking over and pick up a piece of chicken to throw the guy started great man is hard to blame them entirely you will need to be patient John but no part of it is going possible that the comment but when Challenger is a ministry that inevitably it starts pumping up his own pride which is not a helpful thing you may recall and he began to be resisted even online he had been very strong supporter don't like but now she started writing and selling and brother John you need to work with your ministerial brother get along on what she's writing again the instead of the thousands of these are people flesh and blood scary they're a lot like you and me have suggested that that's a dangerous partner another sore point with some of the ministry was not a talent emphasis on helping the poor the branch of work seems to have held little interest there were a great number of our ministers who frankly they can enjoy preaching him crown that was better thought out and I think I was advocating this work down the Chicago visiting nurse program Chicago city mission eventually it was helping poor people messing with and Mrs. Frank would like challenging a taking that to extremes that was unfortunately help is on my brother in America in the place of questioning and criticizing Doctor John because he is doing the class award he is not helping the poor we knew doing your God-given service you'll be heart and soul engaged in doing the same kind of work which will be of far more account in the sight of God and for some data flocking at Battle Creek when they become religious water spigot they do not do the work that is appointed by choosing it when it was needed to out okay so you get the idea here is ongoing guerrilla warfare admit it hard for Ellen why she's from Hannibal scientists generally ministers were in perfect digital television for that is surprised they were all human bull's-eyes in the battle would cherry pick anything they can find for writings that would support their position so she often at writing differently to different people its report when you read a letter from nonwhites and ministers I think how I was was was virtually a saint and I was great when you read a letter from Ellen White to Kellogg insane and at Internet sent a chance to how she should ring about the UNIDO are putting their lives are and you think wow this is must be ready to wellness a much everyone is to each participant and fighting she would generally write warnings and reproved as favorably as possible of the other people eventually though neither side was listening to her very much one final example of this comes from nineteen oh three Mrs. off all year actually about sixteen months after Doctor Callaghan finished writing the living Temple the book with the pantheism it she's talking about a published pantheist God does not endorse the efforts put forth by different ones to make the work of Doctor Kellogg as hard as possible in order to build themselves up God gave the light on health reform and those he rejected it rejected one and another who know better so they all came from Doctor Kellogg and they made war upon him said a bad influence on the doctor input on the coat of irritation in retaliation God did not want in the standardization of work Bernie does not want you to stand there some have turned away from the Battle Creek sanitary because of something that the doctors said has had said or done it did not please them this guy did not approve that reference this is a hotly meeting at the General conference session is saying this you must been challenging to live with a profit running around three yl and your father bless his heart incident and that his great-great-grandson here two days ago George Butler wrote a letter to Doctor Callaghan later years he said Doctor John and he ever been caught in a hailstorm of those chunks of ice come down and smack into this it hurts because that's all four testimonies continue you never expect and because you think you're doing the right thing and all of a sudden you open this letter is banned banned banned addresses and maintenance of the river mouth to challenge it's a challenge I don't know how we would do today if we had a living process writing this stuff to you and me and I'm sure I realized that the profit had time I'm sure there were there'd be things that could be written it would be to my benefit but I'd like to read him well okay but having said all that it would not be right to leave the impression that Doctor Kellogg was observed in angelic victim in all these attacks the victim yes but not always until it not always correct his own plans and designs more than anything else Kellogg's problem was pride in the desire to simply outdo all the ministers who was fed up with them wonderful batch of guys eat each other at one point in calling him a collection of extremely mediocre men at night I should lap average of conflicts is Kellogg's programs even after the fire is making into just had to be bigger and better and attracted more attention he was a showman which can be sanctified with the example that will that showmanship is a skill like any other skill and can be sanctified Jesus can be pretty dramatic to rebut the triumphal entry got a few people 's attention never hear about not once but twice Jason Dubois the Temple needed a pretty dramatic there's a place for the place for dramas in place for showmanship it has to be sanctified going on talent programs had those unfortunate side effect of costing a lot of money he was a really good fundraiser something and I'm not making anything that violates any and sucking up a lot of money Ellen White the whole Australian work the whole time she was over there was with was suffering from money and she kept writing letter after letter to go out and saying listen at click building buildings over there you don't need more buildings for your senators since I learned of electronic bill the senator and when I'm a die and ten calendar this nifty little thing infinitely incorporated the whole thing under some law that forbids sending money outside the state of Michigan's undersized like I really can't do that she can she invite us is thinking find a way to bring out going on this letter was written on New Year's Day nineteen hundred two Elder Olsen the general of his present is as I see that your difficulties are becoming more settlement browse because Doctor Kellogg refuses counseling chooses to do the very things about his alleged to have but the Lord God omnipotent maintenance if Doctor Keller refuses to change his methods and labor than the sure result will come as close right on she says seek the same Doctor Kellogg from itself is not heating the consolation he is not satisfied because the Lord is signified that they missionary work does not consist alone in the Islam work in oh that were thought to be the great and important thing to do is a very defective and expensive work it is absorbed and means it has deprived our poverty-stricken foreign mission field of the help God designed them to have well there's a whole lot more to the story but we will skip it and everything don't like to do all the letters he could write all the Council prayers diplomacy treaties limiting else proved ineffective in stopping this growing rift between Kellogg and ministry the candy is is an issue came up in nineteen oh two and it's funny if you read our history books today it's like you you almost get the impression that everything was fine with Kellogg until all of a sudden he became a pantheist and then out of out of respect for doctoral ready we had a tingling IR the church really not the way it was viewed at the time pantheism was never the big issue in anyone's mind back there now don't get me wrong and is and is not a small issue and if you may recall Alan 's comments about the outfit and the omega of apostasy okay Brandon and this is my guess at this point you can nearly continue to I'm inclined to think that hurt the severity of her comments on the on the pantheism issue are more prophetic than they were applicable at the time it is likely the people at the time because fascinated me all it is a big deal pantheism only became an issue of great conflict on a couple of occasions the famous occasion of the iceberg vision of humor that this fall Council nineteen oh three and in the Bering Springs meeting in the spring and a couple of when the people who were there when the intermittent wars they write about it they say simply that he is with that point was a club that both sides the rest of the world the ministerial site in the end they said insurance I can use the bank each other okay so is pantheism a big issue yet to be used by think it's a much bigger issue today the relationships today and the omega of apostasy that was actually in the off output like acorn the omega is the Oaktree the issue at the time was was simpler issues of personal respect and control the last thing was ever going to settle for was that a bunch of his impression of things stupid ministers trying to run his senator and he never settled that came to a head in nineteen oh one with the really organization a general conference and in nineteen oh three even more so calloused about a ninety oh three and he said you made passes motion ballet I will never be bound by a humorless and you he would not surrender control of the century and that was that was the issue that was smooth and procedures released about a ninety oh seven Doctor Kellogg was dropped from membership of this Arabic church wasn't much they could do about it he had had entered the church for several years that point didn't bother to go to the meeting with me at this session the drop is fellowship he said his secretary took notes so gone to physician the one only called God 's physician was lost to the cause I think we lost a great deal we threw out some baby isn't some dirty bathwater they needed to go but I think there was several babies in there that could unlock move that analogy meanwhile down in Australia well I was doing something different you may have heard to say when we talk about Avondale was to be the model school they are addressing to his senses and start a new school in a pattern after Battle Creek College of her murder and school is not a pattern after initially gunning I think what that evidence is to be the model for what she's trying to create a model ministry as well commentary is God 's purpose for there shall be a true pattern in Australia a sample of how other fields shall be worked the work should be symmetrical and a living witness for the truth notice of symmetrical thing that's really important is that what symmetry is the balance proportion of parts and thoughts you talk about which is the work needs to be symmetrical what she's saying is specifically well skinnier statement is what Willie said about it we like it has been presented in mother that Australasia is a field in which we will do I want to work a work that will show it to our friends and brother Netherlands how the events are listed where it and the medical work should be carried forward in perfect agreement in perfect harmony blended together that's the symmetry we were after okay and again to make my connection back there has to be a demonstration made a demonstration is going to be using Christ's methods alone because they alone will give true success in reaching the people that sell this let's you and I spent nine years earlier ten years on Australia nice and Australia trying to establish a model of the church that was symmetrical instead of having as Kellogg wanted this year those I was trying to open my cancer almost assassinated some rally in the growing and it wasn't contributing to the body was wrong and in the rest of the body quite a number of which were sitting around like chanting got off the right arm got off the rife that are really great I didn't hear enough okay though Alex is rheumatoid and do it semantically okay that's the OS okay how exactly are you going to get all these nice doctors and nurses to work together that can be challenged but it can be done in a light was determined to make it happen in a way they might out of your appreciation really the Lord had prepared and the than the ground given that the perfect set up to do this in early eighteen ninety three LA billionaire lessons that I was a year thinking is even before she really spent much time 's up she better not too long and in early nineteen ninety three all of a sudden the bank scratched is there anyone here that will be surprised the banks crash sometime in the next six months in this country is checking anyone there I know the pessimist I I I just meant to get a life savings in the bank I'm not giving out financial advice and is shooting my mouth off in the money out and buy something by anything now invested in God 's work preferably in Texas I didn't see him as necessary to continue but I'm not regardless the update that is isn't built in eighteen ninety three days in Australia when all yeah okay everybody was broke everything was miserable people were starving to death and the failure of banks and the financial pressure made hard times everywhere in this country it is difficult for students to gain money to greater expensive school or for our brother to building the most humble place of worship we hear of people starving to death the cities and in everyday persons come to our door begging for something to eat they are never turned away no hard times have silver linings and if you'll take your thinking back is a you are here all the way to the opening lines of session number one remember when the Devil said when Lucifer said I can take better care of myself than God that really only becomes a pressing issue when resources are slim I don't have as much I'd really like to have shall I continue following the Golden rule and giving some of my food this guy just came to my door can I trust God to take care of me or do I need to start taking care of myself so that they were this is a fascinating ferret out as I run choked when I read this she's writing a willing as of yesterday it all before me that it is a very line of hospitality I've been repeatedly shown that we can unite the people with us that's when their friendship and respect and can truthfully influence over them this was unfolded before me in the first experience in this work many years back we have ever linked our interest with humanity what she's saying is I sell the service when his friend 's we can be hospitable when people are hungry feed the hungry bring the poor that are cast out to the house clothe the naked talking Isaiah fifty eight if I like Mister and all hollow yesterday it all at best qualities of being a prophet either in a fight then at wow what a great idea can you depend on God when you're poor that's what it is as unpleasant as a show of it moving on the one problem of course was at the end of this letter he better off financially than everyone else that listed their opportunity to serve other people he has done three things first their own willingness to sacrifice our beginners flooding from fellow activists in other countries and miraculous support direct from God all three were needed if the funding from the fell administered with the culture there wasn't money coming from the states because they were busy building buildings and doing things that they felt over the important work in a cramped year in this department we ought to the building over the hell away really really some some of her letters sounds living how do you do that one way artists rated NRA are for fun securing on God 's life when a beautiful opportunity only earn you are keeping their 's is like visiting letter after letter after letter is what is going on in we cannot with our Willows sway back the wave of poverty which is typical of his countrymen just as far as was provided with means we shall break every help and let the oppressed go free where those lines come from this was eighty ninety four at a time when Doctor Long's Christian help bands were making news back in the United States and those you were here Christian help and very simple thing hello Google not usually nine individuals get together and give it out one was a leader there is a beach you mothers helpers three burden bearers maybe a nurse and Africa depositions work and it would get in an organized way stealthily take on these three blocks regular Wi-Fi becoming survey of a government authority and basic care all the grandfather has a sort is like having about six weeks to find it in your school address for your heavy fire with a couple of burning their single of this little file if I very very simple stop spending on the net is a certain skill level and dressing wounds they mail them this is all happening around them not all that primarily happening right now people so there were times and he actually even arrange for charity surgeries but at the high-end the vast majority was food clothes helping out around the house helping when people are sick helping people find a job for the practical stuff actually telling started all eighteen ninety two nineteen ninety four it was long run fairly strongly that's the one element of all callous programs I never found any any reproof from online she loved the Christian help in England and Australia so obviously it's easy working to him winning this here on seven afternoon May twelve nineteen ninety four special meeting of the North Fitzroy Church was held to consider the Christian help work brother Daniel Sadie Daniels conducted the meeting and cited his years example of Christ went about doing good ministering to the suffering body as well as the sin sick soul brother Sammons a W Simmons Arthur seventeen amid falling as a financing character Brothers Simmons who has had considerable experience in this work in America told how the work is done their sister angles gave some examples of practical Christian work done in arrogant prof a wrong under President William it is in Australia and Gansu Battle Creek taken the nursing course I don't know that anything figures out he at some point entering married a girl named Emma she was also a nurse I don't know if she was Australian I know she went over with him and her they were married when the winter they get married over here I don't quite have it figured out with a multitude of the nurses they worked a Denise Simmons was actually the leader of Christian help band number one hundred with a first formally organizing in early November making a gift he was chosen as a leader Chris helping everyone and that he oversaw that working within six months yet sixteen Christian help ends going in Battle Creek gave a lot of experience very sense of time working on the Chicago city mission and then eventually end up back in Australia for these the point guy for Christian help work now in Australia again so Simmons had a lot of people watching him again the objects of the Christian help bands are one ministers and to provide for the needs read to cover the distress for to uplift the bond five to lead the cry to lead to price the unconverted this work has been entered upon heartily endorse Fitzroy between fifty and sixty persons having all their names and volunteers five bands of ten persons each including the leader have been organized and have been have commenced work already a large number of needy cases in the fountain there are calls for food clothing and bedding some of these wants have been met and others shall be promptly now here's the big question with this title or how to avoid spending every dime you've got in this particular is always going to be needs that the big challenge the challenge of the Byzantine confusing thing it's another try to draw out what it takes is common sense that this is not one of those things that you draw a list of seventeen checkpoints and a job well Katie Woo you would like some food is stretched if I look at ways little common sense is like the guy is taking advantage your system and not finding a job or maybe organs of them there is a kind of charity which is counterproductive that Alan exactly as part of callous problem in the inspection sky was admission they were feeding four hundred people a day day in day out that sucks it would be very little out of it because I'm new eventually it attracted a clientele that were happy for free food that's it they didn't do that so much down in Australia they had they had homeless shelters Dennis ran homeless shelters in Australia but they called them a working man's home for the helping hand Mission out that was their main title in and only get four different places in Brisbane Sydney Melbourne and where is out West and something I direct oh my Austin job is now at three hundred and then forget it wasn't all the help animation and they would think they didn't so much as the morning is all the resources they could do that didn't have a no it were very very very fine margin for the banks and crashed it was not much available so what they did in reason one place and a helping hand woodlot and so here's some guy and yes he's probably coming down off of misreading the engine is very drunk but he needs a place to spend the night we split a quarter when tomorrow yes I will be spending sometimes escape that landscaping would awaken back I don't think is what you would know okay no one thing that is in place for common sense and fairness in this work okay Jesus was a pretty commonsense gun and sometimes they get the impression that he was not disputed that but a committee was appointed soliciting contributions is another key element is the approximate square when were helping the world we have the right to ask the world for help and access you with manna and we don't have to do brain DNS coffers entirely to do this particular kind weren't so a committee was appointed to solicit contributions and encouraging offers of help had been received including a donation in these what this will never destroy city Council so not this was a school we can open up we look for good results within five acclimation brother Simmons and told you about him CM is a fascinating guy he was listed these the point guy he was the point man for this whole thing and the people were looking for a good result so they were watching salmon spring closely again is that article about him some five months ago the Christian help work was started under the leadership of Brother 's summons and advanced in this particular location were organized the locality around the echo office is the echo publishing company I was the address of the Nelson Austin the locality around the office for some business is divided into districts and one band to eat cheese district had to lady visitors whose duty it was to make investigation and determine what help should be given to the destitute cases reported through this means me the poor and needy have had their wants relieved of the gospel preached to them during the past six months there has been a greater interest manifested in this church in the missionary meetings every year 's best lieutenants has been increasing has been increased for full guy that Simmons was doing all right the person was like no Arthur and his wife show up and they love them they're doing a good job everybody's happy we should be just down everything should be just great yet hardly ever happens you know that we are talking about people be honest everybody brings their baggage okay is but it was good okay but before we get to the toilet was good hits of his he has that his will is description of it he says I am or what him until the horror list is endeavoring to learn are in harmony with apostolic methods we've been very much encouragement to growth in wisdom and inefficiency of the young men who are working with him and we are much pleased with the results of their labors there is now such a demand for Bible readings on the part of people to whom we have been distributing the printed sermons that we shall arrange to release brother submenus and pollens from the work of distribution they may spend their entire energies in holding Bible readings for a saying at this combined medical ministerial evangelistic approach is working so well that these guys have been doing I know these a combination of things are going to be released Natalie discover the Bible 's Ashley Bible readings and so much more efficient I don't know why we can't do this I don't have the skill maybe it's impossible but a Bible reading in those days Caesar had like ten or twelve people it wasn't you going to sit down with with a wonderful lady and rocking chair have a Bible study they know all the president is done in these intelligent people dislike more for your buck how do you feel okay so I was only good that yeah there's always something going on as it turns out the bread illustrating the family work in paradise if you can so here's a letter from Willy this was written to forget is to fail as a more confidential letter shall we say from Willie White he says for some months they ate of the summons and his wife Emma and laboring in Sydney and its suburbs he combines the work of a call or evangelistic missionary nurse in his labors are very effective writing on himself him becoming one of my borders we have and I think he is being much benefited by the course of instruction in how to get Bible readings he is receiving from okay so the identity myself remember the Sabbath was a nurse at the know your human element was was an Agnes minister from the state to Donovan Australia and started to work over there and Corliss had started off doing truly evangelistic work again as he would describe it said the way he was not suited as is worth as you probably can't handle some new web flyers to get people at the Getty present Daniel to increase John's Daniel something missing etc. presented with the start of prophecies basically you're your whole goal your whole methodology is to impress them with the processes and the accuracy of the Bible and hope that that convicts and they need to listen wrestlers by licensing and then after you got them hooked on the accuracy of the Bible then to get the Sabbath state again this coming elect the Sabbath this is that the second coming in the preserver of seven anything that is done is a short simple analysis that was how the house that was evangelism and especially so that's what I was taught and here astray were with a different approach and he was of course this does happen definitely got there and Alex are writing the cordless segment was indeed changed because we need use the right are if there's still enough of that is okay until okay so Saturday's as a nurse found himself working with Corliss him cool thing is that Corliss was losing seven hundred Bible readings but when I covered everything but Corliss after years of this went back home and said married I can't hold medical thing is that this nurse was bringing to our our work so he went back on the estimate to Toronto was an final Montréal I forget they'll can someplace be at work with some of the cities and he started trying to generate a medical missionary evangelism of his own up there and it was a great spring since he gives to write up what is going so this is now the other letter from only white women taught by the example of Christ by the testimonies that have been repeatedly given to our brethren in the ministry and the physicians and as the database manager and health retreat that the work of the gospel minister and the physician should be combined with the minister should have a care for the physical prosperity of his flock the physician should be a true minister of Christ laboring for the health of the soul as well of as of as well as for the body with this instruction and have felt that our brother and made a grave mistake when they put a check upon our ministers from teaching out the form and called her specialist to do that work learned better the specialist had been employed to teach the ministers of their work with it would've been more effective I don't know what he's talking about I suspect it may be what he's referring to here is the formation of the international medical missionary and benevolent Association which was done in eighteen ninety three to say near Kellogg gave his servants and they are doing that the organization that whole thing wasn't in the general conference bullet either is supposed to be in extra number to remember those you are here and we had an extra number one I've never seen exit number two I don't know if it was ever printed I don't know as snow while the history but that's where that meeting is reported as the organization of the international medical missionary benevolent Association and became largely a separate entity from the General conference and I think Willie may be pointing to them I don't know it's just some thing else yet in the study out but I like his idea in our Asian ministers every as special tenant each analysis of the masses can be effective going on I felt that it was just as graven error for Doctor Kellogg to make everything in the house work and belittle the evangelist they were getting virtually does by magnifying the one so far above the other I have felt that his criticisms were largely out of place regarding the work of brother sentences during the past two years because the intriguing to matter as those sevens was not fulfilling his mission while dividing his time between evangelical and nursing work he catalogued virtually says that person Street announcement must make that their exclusive business and thus he does just what the general conference did in putting asunder that which God has joined together fascinating well not only that that I was taught at half Simmons is doing but a fabulous natural liberty that a letter from willing you may be familiar with the circumstances circumstance developed in SF amp which attentively coming back to Australia brother and sister Simmons and with the fact that they have always look forward to the time when they should be principally engaged caring for the sick I was it was natural that the job okay right of owners and I'm not I don't really do the door to door handing out evangelism flyer thingy I'm a nurse they may notice on the nurse will him under our site under the desert of why am I doing Bible Satan the nurse years of scientific training why am I wasting Doctor Kellogg is never been able to understand why our conferences in Australia should not employ them the Simmons is to work in the interests of the sick and suffering and instructor people and the press was also living the same as many workers training Center MR employed by the American conferences is been very much dissatisfied the Simmons was so largely employed in the evangelistic work we had been anxious to make a beginning in some line of work that would be largely self-supporting line where they anxious to start a self-supporting work in Australia there broke and hip-hop we do have a work that requires a lot of money but alas for thirty minutes at home has wanted to win something that is until one is financial so we've been trying to do that so that and that would provide an opportunity for the sick less than rational treatment got sick church members why don't we do something medically in our health lights work and that would also open the way for the training of Christian health workers from our experience of the health work in health institutions in America and for the testimonies at the managers and physicians at the sanitarium is doing the last twenty five years our brethren Australia came the men as opinion that it was right and essential to the highest success of the health work that our health institutions should be sustained and directed by the body acting to properly appointed committees and that all physicians and nurses should be has fully under the supervision of the general body as are the ministers of Bible workers is the recognition of these principles that has led to the rapid growth of our health institutions and our medical mission work in its various branches in Australia New Zealand during the last seven here's what you seem like small potatoes I envision this now little difference of emphasis dog wants his nurses is doing restorative effect one of these offensives on impeachment actually gives this is really big as we saw in our last meeting is the difference between a United Medical evangelistic work and what no one calls the worst evil that's a big thing and no way was once tell you that when the gospel ministers in the medical missionary workers are not united there is place on our church is the worst evil again replaced there are medical measures ought to be it is the workman officer competent but not interested in the others it's going this is that these economists at a series of meetings by Doctor Edward Carroll he was kind of heading up health work in Austria is eventually suffered in considering the work begun in Australia we seem to divorce a great destiny while talking with a story recently about this matter she made the following remark votes the medical work in Australia is destined to do more in this field and it has done even in America is it possible that we shall have such gigantic institutions and Highlands abilities as they half ago even though this is not the best way to carry to carry it forward the remark was also made is a systemwide in that conversation the medical work in Australia to be an example of what the work should be in what respect I ask evidentially in a harmonious relations existing between the medical work in the other branches of the thirty 's message in Newcastle we had tried the experiment of uniting our advances in medical missionary work and now brothers what is the result has been successful or otherwise elders are says splendid the people themselves are unwilling or there should be a separation of the two aspects the work I have never seen the community which are peculiar views and beautifully presented where there has was less prejudice existing this is as God would and what is not to create that is not disarming we want nurses who are Bible workers and we want Bible workers and canvassers who are nurses centimeters notes in a canister can be something else both absolutely want yesterday unlike panic as well one of the nice things about this was a note you and Emma came around this is nineteen oh nine now somewhat later the visiting artists demonstrating he says our first word to begin in the Australasian Bible school located in Saint Victoria nearly endlessly varied experiences later we labored intents work and by Morgan Stanley in the direction Gail Corliss doing much work among the sick we did not then understand why we cannot enter upon surfing medical work we know now got restraining us that we should not be one-sided workers have an all round experience okay one other way to measure things is the somewhat crass worldly comment follow the money you want to know what equipment videos see what's going on with money and some examples of this paying the bills here again this is Aji Daniels now is actually speaking at the nineteen oh one General conference session after you come back from Australia is telling a story he says this is our medical work in Australasia stands in the same relationship evangelical work in organizations of all the rest the word does we have no separate medical organization that is a part of our evangelical work and a leading physician or physicians are members of our Union conference committee and they will license to preach the gospel only curries them to be ministers of as Christ as well as physicians we foster the medical work the same as we do anything else well okay so that raised a question in someone's mind and someone from the audience and another was lazy and offender José do any of the medical workers receive any support from the times of the Daniel 's response desperately needed when we first started out the first medicated with his brother it are the sevens are nursing graduate of the Battle Creek Senate during when he came out there I did not know what to do to get them started in the medical work somewhere Britain had a little more like they said regular preacher at a medical order combined lettuce had him work in the churches until the present of the gospel of health and what a self-supporting from the ties of the conference so we gave other seven some money for the ties and said as I've is living now and we wanted to teach the principles of health intemperance of the gospel in all its branches doing what he can educate people in all these things and so we went right along like all our conference labors making a report is received I guess it's his expense account right in the conference page of what they ought to pay him to make a fair living and money for nurse faculty what may Daniel Sagan used fun fun away but we don't know anything the only medicine to them but here's an example from a letter that she did write to him she said I send you a letter written for a marathon she was in Australia the sinuses of this letter was written before felt summative I sent a letter written for America which will show you how I regard the type money being used for other purposes this is the Lord special revenue fund for a special purpose I have never so fully understood this matter as I now understand that's a fascinating thought to me you know what human patient your option learned SQL life have I never saw fully understood this matter as I now understand it having ten questions directed here to need to answer I have had special instruction of the Lord that the tide is for a special purpose consecrated to God sustain those who minister in the sacred works as the Lord 's chosen to do his work not only in sermonizing but administering patient and understand all this company if you want to be really help him obnoxious to me one reason question of misappropriation type I think it right there says that the biggest as nothing but preach sermons even reserving as I said but noxious or not I want to preaching that it ain't no big way at but they should understand all that this comprehends do we understand what appropriate I don't think I do that well in ninety oh one one kilometers comments of the General conference session four days after element after Daniel spoke in a way had this to say in the night season I am laboring earnestly with persons who do not seem to understand that in the providence of God the medical missionary work is to be at the right hand of the body some are utterly failed to realize the importance of missionaries being also medical missionaries Gospel minister will be twice as successful as were to be understand how to treat disease continually decreasing life has been given me on this update some who do not see the advantage of educating youth repositions both the mind and of the body said that Tyson uses by medical missionaries to devote their time to you are responsible for statements as means I am instructed to say the mind must not become some narrow down they cannot take in a truly situation a Minnesota Gospel is also a medical missionary with the price and your physical ailments as well as ministering spirit of faith is a maximal and wander though I cannot now just he works as a minister the gospel his work as a minister the gospel is much more complete for many years I have been gathering rain of divine light on the subject let those who are being educated for the ministry receive an education in medical missionary lines it is a great advantage to minister the gospel of board feels that he should have a knowledge of surgery that I had a layoff the Zimbabwe as a missionary initiate unusable surgery at least I think you should say okay have a knowledge inserted in cases of necessity will know how to handle it it was this knowledge will open doors for the position of the truth to the higher classes as well as to the most lowly I wish to tell you that soon there will be no work done in ministerial lines but medical missionary work the work of a master as there are ministers to work on the gospel plan administrating where you find the gospel plan in the Gospels who is talking about Jay's eyes letting me know spent more time healing the breach stunning staff had you I love this and she said the site if he'd actually done okay Pat you can do a report in the lines and was not intended you do have you done medical mission work trying to heal soul and body losing hundreds and thousands of the for maybe not clear enough should one or things that you will never be ministers after the gospel order to use show a decided interest in medical missionary work the gospel of healing and blessing and strengthening Eleanor Delorme against the mighty powers of darkness that it be not set you Christine Mayor office Tristan Billy happens thereof because they came not the help of the Lord 's lessor will stop wondering about the fate of the hundreds and thousands who would've coming to the faith and pondering what it will take for us ministers and layman to become ministers after the gospel order as we should but I thank you and pray that this is an not a source of distress a source see how hard we will in this message was reported as you are seeing to my seat supporting Seventh-day Adventist seems in and in and I said as I downloaded urges other resources visit us online at UNC when a a a a and I


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