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  • December 31, 2012
    10:45 AM
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to this message and CYC two thousand twelve hundred Seattle Washington and other resources and access online at www. URC where I okay choosing a pastor is Phyllis God wants his people that influence is important on a personal level and this is nothing but a time you're involved with a group of people if you believe anything if you know anything that you believe to be good right proper effective successful responsibility to use your influence to try and promote that which is good right proper effective and successful against so and I don't mean to be crass about this but I have told lots of notes and teachers to come along and not knowing people with no talking on an organic teacher school at the person I the one thing his influence if you have influence in the school that you have the influence and the balance of influence on your site has no you can't do anything wrong if you have a balance of influence and gives you a school she draining right is his hope was okay so you've got to manage your personal info to God and man his influence is obvious that there is an excess bachelor administration is all about him my humble estimation so God wants us to have influence how do you get info how do you getting their last meeting we look at Ellen White's efforts in Australia to establish a model work this summer jumping ahead a bit to look at how all these I do now back to the states after her return and be in September of nineteen hundred but the historical context in my teaching license in California in September nineteen hundred and she just barely has time to get settled in and in him saving when she's on the train headed to Battle Creek for the nineteen oh one General conference session was a big deal said reorganization of the entire church structure moving Battle Creek College out of Battle Creek combating the holy flesh illuminated sprung up in Indiana the summer before what else is going on just about enough actually see it oh yeah and dealing with the deteriorating relationship between Taliban ministry okay so terribly wistful but that when they none of those things and she was trying to do is in Battle Creek and ninety one none of them were successful completely remove Battle Creek College out I was perhaps the most successful thing that was done they reorganized the church we know about nineteen months later she wrote that the outcome of the eight new member may not remember but we should remember of the effects of addition in general conversation again is what you know the aim is a lot going up and down the aisles what the Lord what rock this is a wonderful thing it's been accomplished but nineteen months later she wrote the outcome of the last two conferences that the greatest sorrow of my life because the organization was changed but the hearts were not and no one really gain the full benefit they could have from what was attempted in nineteen oh one p.m. make you feel wasn't a whole lot better sanitary breakdown of February I have always said I found going dad was being agitated all through the spring and summer review burned down I ended in December so if I don't feel is not a great year either they can also read and see eight zero three yeah they were moving the general conference and review Harold out to tackle the part right relations between Kellogg and the ministers were free will trash Battle Creek was going down any of the college was gone the review is gone the General conference is not only was left as a century and Kellogg was exerting out somewhat pernicious influence that the said James Obata Creek was going down what's going to happen to the church 's medical work do we need a medical work or that one of those little tubes are narrowed in the thread on your car and now is it to reflect too often is making a different GUI really need the medical working out yet we deal the Lord and plans and I planned the situation now if we don't do it right this time let's try something else is not nearly written the book of Judges now up and down and up and down and up then go drug prevention County so this time the plan was out in California in fact it wasn't just a new location in many ways of the Lord was calling to look like a whole new approach it actually wasn't a new approach in all it was just the right one that we had retried before okay as might be expected this new approach looked a lot like what LA had been fostering over in Australia when she was trying to establish a pattern she wrote this is because of that it would have been far in advance what it is had we inform her years been more active in the training of nurses who in addition to their acquirement of more than ordinary skill in the care the second also learned I was so winning service ethical thing it is for the training on such learners as well as for the training of physicians that the school at Loma Linda has been found in their school many workers are to be qualified with the ability of physicians to labor and other professional lines as physicians but as medical missionary evangelists the cause is in need of a hot reservoir prisoners in a practical and thorough education medical life who also prepared labor from house to house his teachers by the workers in all quarters well let's was he talking what was it called over the original name the College of medical evangelists and the rest once again being and not just that we displayed out that it was not the college of evangelistic reminded physicians in English we put our adjectives before announcing there is the College of medical evangelist training evangelists with medical skills for the places named for we were not primarily originally intended to be training physicians with evangelistic meetings so for that well if it had been in administration you say let's start a new program and it often means you better find somebody new do it again you need a new kind coming in the saddle latest Cisco works that way okay fortunately LOI had been I is already on site in Southern California in nineteen oh four to spend a couple years in Australia as Elena little anecdote illustrated him to turn Australia hand one day the mail came in from the United States and there were two passages one rating wires practice of male was addressed to this guy of somewhat more modest package of mail much smaller was addressed to the I suspect the conference president and know exactly but when the other workers when eleven in Australia well this guy was not much of anybody so why should he get the big agents of the essentialism even a often obvious that somebody put the wrong address under the wrong name on it so the big one dollars of this guy in a little one goes to you in the open of the packages and all no no no no actuator with the big back of your think your what was his big package and mail to this guy in Australia nineteen oh two zero three it was telling him about the need to develop medical missionary work in Southern California is in Australia was all about what needed to be done in Southern California the Lord was there laying out the way things in place this guy was this guy John Burton if you're familiar with the story of the purchase of Loma Linda you may also know that he's a guy that bought Paradise Valley and he also bought Glendale but all I kept saying there's another place out there you need to find it were not ignored Allison great story could never read the story of the person Loma Linda go go find some place because it's very a a faith affirming story I like to do now John Burton was that they purchased Loma Linda is a Southern California and the big question becomes learned with this place Burgess was nice but where do I think I know I wrote this it will take some time to get a right understanding of the matter but just as soon as we began to work in the line of true reform the Holy Spirit will lead us and guide us if we are willing to be guided much good can be done by those who do not hold diplomas as fully accredited physicians some ardent prayer to work as competent physicians many working under the direction of such lines can do acceptable work without spending so long a time to study as it has been thought necessary in the past was talking about here but turns out she's roughly a hundred years ahead of yourself who are these people that don't have the diplomas that work under the physician when we call them today a appear a physician 's assistant RNA nurse practitioner and so now she's only a hundred years ahead of society phase out what can be done says let's do this only she was talking about something along the line of any evangelistic physician 's assistant or a Bible worker nurse practitioner why not what a cool idea well so why not basically boiled down to so much more fun to have fancy letters after your name I say that with respect to respect those letters but my question here is what is the best balance of trained personnel for the evangelistic work of the church with me with their Michael is not to make the most out of myself my goal see the most main heart of God so what can I do and what balance should we strike to make the most for God 's car was he going on this is how John Burton summed it up as a letter to the General conference executive committee he was yelling is linking off five or six or something and then executive 's exclamation may have financial seasoning I even says oh two one oh three minus Australia LLC this guy always information unless you say one thing about John Berg is my hero he received I think I think the book and I think he is the of the six or seven passing went and did a full count on this video is a sixth or seventh highest number of letters Miller light that he received eighty three letters from Illinois that they have record of at least and not once was he reproved that says something to me because I read some of the letters the other guys most of them never made it past the first paragraph should consist the audit has a lot of letters were about to us was correcting problems okay eighty three ladders of the pain reproved he was counseled he was awarded advancement of burden you need to be careful of this is not to do that but it was never said brother burn you have done is wrong baby here are the mind-boggling this is the crazy guy who did what he was told against and so so so burning your writings in a general conference executive committee his life like this is as it seems clear from the foregoing testament that there are at least three glasses of workers to be educated medical lines first many well-trained nurses to work as evangelists second a large number of persons qualified with the ability of physicians to labor as evangelists there a few fully accredited physicians with recognition to stand at the head of the work on this is a new concept is not the prevailing concepts anytime you come up with something new is going to 's it's good at face 's confusion trying to fight its way through the know all the other things right now like skillful she knew that she started going to bat for this thing she said things like this our people are now being tested is whether they will obtain their wisdom from the greatest each of the world ever knew or seek to the God of Accra let us determine it we shall not be defined by so much as a thread the educational policies of those you do not discern the voice of God it will not hearken to his commandments is not a background I was becoming about a remember the story and second Kings chapter one eight Isaiah is the King a standing around his palace leaning on this balcony railing that the thing is evidently I was a union job or something but them 's the railing broke his head at it is a danger again any set a date is not ascended Masters as Dogtown and inquire of the God event on whether I live or not death guys is going to disguise catching on the road kebabs upfront him back and tell him land is here such a therefore you shall not come down from the negligent gun abuses and yes isn't that is it because there is no God in Israel you are sending to inquire and they only bother the God of Acheron again moving so he says you are people are being tested who are we going to listen to and it's it's it was an amazing thing because this particular illustration is not a background had to do with the case of injury going on she says shall we represent before the world that our physicians must follow the pattern of the world before they can be qualified to act as successful physicians this is the question it is now testing the faith of some of the present let not any of our brother displease the Lord by advocating in their assemblies the idea that we need to obtain from unbelievers are higher education and that specified by the Lord so the question plan for its work spent much time on it does the world offer higher education if you look at your ways and you cannot evacuate wages in general education the world is not if I can save twenty soul is an auto mechanic now save three is that it nuclear physicist which is the highest education agency in allergies that with my kids in school to listen think of it the job you enjoy most like what would be your dream job would be the absolute worst job you could possibly match just pretend for a moment but somehow I the Lord shall knew that doing that worst job you can save one more soul and getting your dream job for fifty years your entire adult life when he was distinguished on the console how much of it will something to ponder anyhow no direct application here but I got Kaylee is going okay Grace is a lot more powerful almost like a health scenario defines and things we don't have time to blanket now in order understand the historic continental SF the jump out and we have to look at the history of medical licensing in California fascinating stuff in California in nineteen hundred they had medical societies which were directly tied into the whole process of being getting a medical license okay they had the American Medical Association which was our relatively young organization that point okay but they had done something really really cool and a year in advertising and banning any rough cut your branding is a big event that either branding these guys had gotten their thing Brandon they called them they were known as regular medicine again the only folks who did one better than that were the teachers will not so much anymore we are is a church what used to be what you recall the educational program that when you graduated you were a teacher to recall that normal school and I know these teachers are they are normal ha ha him really hard again and you may not necessarily regular DJs are not necessarily normal but the branding thing is powerful and out to get you get the right brand on on Pensacola type anger coca A item and will take over the world branding is important they also denied an association on the osteopathic medical Society noted that the medical society chiropractic medical Society and the athletic medical society you probably haven't heard the Atlantic medical society but they were serious note analysis is reasoning there neglecting medical Institute later and eclectic medical college operated in Cincinnati Ohio from eighteen forty five until nineteen forty two this school medical thought emphasized use of herbal remedies but was open to adopting any other techniques approved advantageous actually the echo what geeks receive very high praise from Alan light she didn't raise any of these outfits but she did say there is that in comparison the others epileptics are better she said that much that she was not fond of any of these organizations and his exhibit of some of the domestic is there was a special was that guy up in Oregon someplace to get on with Doctor Holden a think was his name remedy is mixed up but he was working he was either a homeopath and he hated the AMA or he was in a make identity hated homeopathy I forget which way it went but in writing this pamphlet with forming Ellen White pulling her same as on our context trying to prove it guess Brandon Edison was a great thing okay MS and is in a letter to him was the view that something they can be faced off in a nice heinous is not even decent of you to stop it it was in that letter she said no quick fix of motor racing I would take it too far but now drugs with that silly things were you know what everything changed what changes things like this semi- passive I Sacramento capital ring Inc. seven twenty seven and the loudest asked which placed all medical licensing under the jurisdiction of a single board of medical examiners made up of five representatives of the AMA to homeopath sent to athletics okay five stainless steel gives you nine members on the committee in order to keep the home in the AMA from railroading things entirely they required a supermajority of six the passing emotion that so the AMA guides even if they all banded together they could not rule the roost and that convince at least one of these other four guys about with it if you want a medical license in nineteen oh one or two or three or four five six these are the guys of an energy and you had to convince them begin with you Netherlands ran the tests to a lesser stuff now who's missing from that list the chiropractors the osteopaths are missing from that list the osteopaths we had a spy someplace and based on this code because ten days later another establish a Board of osteopathic examiners and explicitly exempted them from the jurisdiction of any other provision of California law the osteopathic need to enact us know when and if that isn't what I have our own blog and all other law touches us and nobody else's jealous and if your home if you are a chiropractor you a chance of getting a license or consent to this method if that is not the time to take chiropractic in California because you are going to begin what could none of these guys realized while that made everybody met the I like this and they were all mad at the osteopathic as they pull off this fancy-schmancy stunt and and got the best ever they were very visibly globalize the guy was mad at him in the next six years there were twenty seven bills introduced into into the legislature in California trying to get this thing rewritten I read through all of them are fascinating acoustic swing treated that way and when he and Caitlin and Jesus Jesus will there were four bills working their way through the legislature slowly and all of a sudden the stars lined up at him somebody cut a deal in a smoke filled room in the back and back of the bar someplace I suspect that getting all hornbills was roadhouse and a compromise bill was instigating it within ten days was passed into law can somebody who had that the clouds greased the skids now this one going through this I guess I was really fascinating and maybe neuron number twenty one Congressional bills affecting aware that wasn't everywhere sediment in a sense of the Oxfam there were number of minor changes and shoe very significant new provisions is what the law said three forms of certificate of your medical license of the three forms of medical license shall be issued by said board the California State Board of medical examiners first a certificate authorizing the holder thereof to practice medicine and surgery is basically an AMA license second a certificate authorizing the holder thereof to practice osteopathy is obvious in osteopathy licensed third certificate authorizing the holder thereof to practice any other system or mold and treating the sick reflecting not referred to in this section hello what is can you spell blank check what and where did this come from well now this wasn't like it was any new technology medical license at the thing he still had to go to is to go to medical school and is still had tests again but they change the list of the tests to really fascinating stuff I don't know I never been able to find out if any behind-the-scenes scoop on what was going on with this but the Los Angeles land owners of the club in the log required examinations on anatomy histology gynecology pathology bacteriology chemistry and toxicology physiology obstetrics general diagnosis and hygiene ten areas of think it is okay Democratic what's missing no requirement for surgery wealth when sending pharmacology clinical pharmacology you did not have to take a test on drugs to get a physician 's license manager Southern California you did not have to take a test on surgery to get a physician 's license in California and a consent now in surgery needle now outside now you know sure if you're taking a consul just because you see a way to pay off your summer cabin that people care off and out I remember that properly and how is it from the surgery is a wonderful thing God bless the people that know how to do that I'd like to try someday plan the honeymoon is going to let me and I have brought but I do go to medical school I displayed my life so now I I I may have to pass on the overtime being the butt is blatantly braze alloy black in nineteen oh seven you could get a fully legal recognized license to practice some form of medicine not huge aforementioned without even know surgery another thing that we wanted to train people to do the audit is urgent like that even if some people off that knows measures that a lot examples are related to the same meaning in surgery we weren't real big fans of live material netiquette though right though it is the very tail end of of the really weird now let's give the guy a bunch of you are senselessly without does and that was that was pretty well going on its way out by nineteen oh seven but if I were still traces that nonsense around so basically the state health quality read them this is what death is John Burton said since the legislative California has opened the way for the students of such schools Loma Linda college and medical events is to be legally recognized practice sanitarium methods of healing or rational remedy with no thought or effort on our part it seems to us as a divine providence coming again next year after we had started our school is the Lord opening cigars here is the big question again the battle was thought by the osteopaths for the legislative into the delight he schools requirements renders the medical course or equal to a high school preparation of the temperamental branches that underlie medical education material Medicare and surgery are both sort out so the good thorough school of hygiene or rational practice of medicine would have no difficulty in being recognized in this state should our school be recognized here it stands would have a vantage ground from which to secure recognition another states the same as the osteopaths are being recognized their healing artist has been recognized in all the states with a identified the way to the front with everything against them they are opening the way will evidently make it easier for a time at least four other reputable methods of healing to become recognized it certainly was a great misfortune that the American medical missionary college stop right there what's the a.m. MC and we know a couple of medical school back in Battle Creek it certainly was a great misfortune of the American medical mystery college was launched under the cover of the will what was that rather than under the banner of the healing art embodied in the third Angels message it seems to some of us that we shall make the same mistake they did if we undertake to follow their example in establishing medical school was a very standard if it is that all maintain means commercialism from first to last has anybody heard anything at all recently about the birds are prohibitively high cost of healthcare is just check John Byrne was a genius of years ago is that enough people down I will be nothing a commercial data billing code for that goes on is unsure that this is the question of establishing independent and uniquely Adventist medical school comes up the first thought on something 's minds will be in a superficial medical education would be disgrace to the work of the message unless we can establish a fully equipped also what the wrong idea was to become a member of the Association of American medical colleges where they exit AMA's educational branch is only one of the biggest stories of the Lord Leslie do this thing is I do not believe we should from the moment you countenance anything this is much that is now embodied in the medical schools in the world is as useless as the maxims of the scribes and Pharisees and their interest that either a positive injury to the mind of the student disqualify him for the work you should do it again if much of their courses mere rubbish Casale write your brother birds getting on critical hair what right does he have to say Nice uncharitable things about medical education SAS is putting online almost exact according to stories and experiences connected with the model in a sanatorium in college and medical evangelists forty two in all that right after their but actually did a little more research you find out that it originally came from a letter beach is forty one Olson Lee October seventeen nineteen oh three oh three long before global and was purchased in oh five notice this letter be two forty one please let that be stand for John Burke still in Australia as well the letter she sent him recording her so is it fair for him to say those things I think so stubborn he says in all that stuff is true of the Burton asks what a medical school of eliminating the useless things in the work adding that most helpful hearing agency the influence of the gospel of Christ is revealed as the Scriptures combined with rational remedies in the ten fundamental right does not harm your with words such as school becomes superficial simply because it's student loan was not recognized by the modern schools of the world when it you don't want a superficial school you don't want a cheap school you don't want and dumpy school because it was your influence and he wanted so the question is if our schools stood alone would that undercut its influence well anything saying his fourth medical mission work is to be carried forward with an earnestness with which it has never yet been carried forward this work is the doors to which the truth is to find entrance to the large cities that's important not just guarantee that a minor thermocouple of full writers writer medical missionary work is the way to reach the cities unless you want to write off no more than fifty percent of population nears this point medical mission is the door through which the truths that interest large cities she said we must do more than we have done to reach the people of our cities we are not to erect a large buildings in these cities but over and over again what has been given that plans are no buildings and services should be made in every city in America we have no time to neglect the doing of this work which for years has been outlined before us the first three words in every city there are many women who the sanitarium where near at hand would not be a little one long layoff I love it is not a very decided like the large planets as small sedentary and established in many places of the greatest number of people eased and lastly I saw to be reached through the sacred and he reached out by massive buildings that might establishment of many small sanitary inventor to be as lights shining in a dark place arsenic urines are to help make up the number of dots people we are not to establish a few mammoth institutions with us it would be impossible to give the patients the messages that will bring health to the soul small Senate hearings are to be established in many places it a lot of people really puzzled over this emphasis on the small ephedrine concept L lysine distress and says it enough times but you know it a really flies in the face of a lot of what we've learned from experience healthcare is more efficient in larger centers so my basic question I suppose is before looking for a good reason to follow the small century of model when this is reason enough right there again later said yesterday if you like a challenge in life find something that says is impossible and spend the rest your life trying to do unless you want to succeed well now this is important because the health care system of the church was going to be very largely determined by the health education of the church and what will they train people to do what they were going to one another in the field and make sense to Natalie Allen White wanted to make sure that the education of medical education was correct so she did what she could with many times was simply writing out what the learned shoulder that was her unique contribution so she said things like this the education that meets the world 's standard is to be less and less valued by those who are seeking for efficiency and carrying of the medical missionary work in connection with the work of the thirty 's message they are to be educated from the standpoint of conscience and as they conscientiously faithfully follow right methods and their treatment is sick these methods will come to be recognized as preferable to the methods which many become accustomed which demand the use of poisonous drugs recognized to be preferable what does that equate to analyze him again better at influence it's like being those guys over there are to stop the wheel still in their saving lives it would probably guy over here their methods are preferable down there's a lot of questions and if you know someone I said earlier about we need to learn to allow other people to make their own thoughts in Owen and get used to her environment brothers and sisters they may make mistakes I capable of a few myself now there's going to be some difference of opinions and this question of the ideal program of medical education frankly is big complex spree drinking game I have my own ideas I hold them somewhat tenaciously I recognize that people have their own ideas bless them in the same as always be some variety but you know what it was a classic example of my delays as the headliner the use of poisonous droplets genealogy talking about calomel and arsenic and whether opium in El Dorado and other than the really whacked out for us that was you that was a question is you talking about the know that the drugs were using today and some people are going to say and if you paid agent to this discussion there are some people say never comes in a syringe it's evil of the concertgoers back and a discussion of people say well that's that's that's maybe making her say what she wasn't really saying is all even have to use the fact that different people interview this a little differently and know God bless them all as long as they're endeavoring to be true to the text inserted in the Council I can deal with people understanding things a little differently to hurt my feelings like I recommend that the LB confessions of these issues that you can't work with people but it is intriguing to think that it is an is is a complex one sometimes the whole issue of poisonous drugs is just one of many fascinating questions I'm not going to try to answer today and instead I want to look at what I think is a good approach to working us in the tricky problems and and not just medical education even in your head especially in your personal life when you come out to a big issue it's tricky complicated and confusing it had approached find one thing and it is not confusing history that do that much in a conservation is incredibly patient he's not going to insist that you have every issue of everything figured out at square one be faithful to what you do understand what are the rest may take a while translator people wrestle listening to whole lives and die not knowing the final answer you may be one of me to them and that's okay as long as Linda Faison that was less clearly kick the can down the road in our civilization we got to make a contribution this process or were not helping anything so any help you well to my thinking and again you feel free to make your own the one unavoidable reality is that the world educational standard consistent is going to be somewhat different from the standard system God wants research and think this could be a difference closer in some areas further off-base and others okay there will always be some difference until one of two things happens nearly time that the world approach is going be identical to the church 's approach is if either the whole world is converted comes over comes on board or we sacrificing principles and adopters discovered what had been so the basic picture lists as SOI was pinging anyhow was a small cemetery and scattered all over the place of the relatively small number of doctors and I say relatively don't know what that would mean in terms of actual numbers but a relatively small number of of fully licensed doctors providing supervision and maybe legal cover so to speak for a much larger number of workers training as uniquely well-qualified nurses versed in superior methods of patient care and trained in appropriate evangelistic techniques but is that feasible can you actually make that work financially well couple of interesting quotes on that well I think you are singling in these cities and begin working in a humble way if we had faithfully followed from the first instruction regarding city work means would come in for us establishing these places schools and small senators voted between the second bridge the gospel and educate the people and Bible truth I do so is no confusion what this means mean okay good money means means money in the next sentence if we can say from the beginning we would have had means to sustain all the enterprises for missionary work and we could carry forward if I read that correctly Ellen White just said that medical missionary work in the cities is going to be the financial backbone of the loud cry when you think if I was over having free I'm guessing not there is an unfortunate flipside to that naked eye and said do you not know that unless you carry the truth the city there will be a drying up of means well okay so what do we actually do going back to our history and what do we actually do the road we traveled events because it was a complex issue and because there were differences of opinions younger people thought different things and one of the more influential of opinions was this particular comment to the question and a comment ninety oh seven eighty Daniels and if that's not a good reference that's what was anyhow he wrote there he said this in a meeting he says does the plan for the College of medical evangelists contemplate the establishment of a full-fledged made all you will be recognized by legal bodies such as the American Medical Association you know it must have such recognition to be worth a nickel what's his interest here in the worth a nickel what he wants no nomination and he was Jack and Lois of the church 's medical work and that was his opinion is the only way to get that influence was through the AMA though personally puts the onus to original the benefits of them is not my opinion I differ with him on the one who say that here's my best guess to get a remember the Doctor Kellogg had been a huge pain in his next and last several years talented lied to him and lied about him time to develop the Chicago city mission and a huge financial drain stuck the ways I felt way too much money and accomplish relatively little insoles one Daniels was tired of Kellogg's excesses and eccentricities and it's true that Helen and associated medical school with a AMA think that was what Daniels was thinking of I think my guess is when Daniels wanted just a normal medical school give me something respectable how evening is given in normal respectable medical school in his mind that dynamism looked like waking up at the AMA was the safest thing the normal thing to do is sad I know I was inside that I I I differ with him I think that was a mistake to your AZ Daniels is a human is entitled to make a mistake on he's a better man than I am a sacrifice more than I ever have I was more than I probably ever will God bless his memory I think you made a mistake maybe if you had a translation looking at it from a hundred years down the road like I do in my degree was maybe it would but this is this is the clearest thing out of all historical studies is that so much easier looking back at you for her first hindsight is funny funny they say right so let's be charitable now I'm not selling a stones any agent handles I was shooting on the other way and I was there were people who didn't agree with him one of them I might mention was that values action something -year-old minor advantage on burden Bergenfield was the route to go but you know he was a member of the committee is on the committee narrowed people on the committee and are able eventually and went anyway and so they decided to join up with a entity of health and easy to do so this amazing things happen here and in any conduct in God this is not harsh judgment wasn't me around like this visit she says in obedience is the easiest path to follow in a timely goal off of God 's back life gets harder for us regular statements will always think always to be so nice when I can just do my own thing and no of specificity that you get off the path of obedience in life gets tough I think what we see is life getting tough watch what happens when they decided to join up with the AMA first thing they did was they rejected the sanitary building at Loveland said the network which is wrong so old brother and said well what can we do let's build a hospital so they don't hospital down the hill from the sanitary sanitarium going as a sanitarium but this is going as a hospital and well the problem is after two years of work on building the hospital the building was unfinished behind schedule overbudget and already rejected by the AMA why do they reject they said it in the wrong spot its way out there in the country not just country Internet's first area was fascinating but then I don't have any sites listed what's fascinating about that is that all that I know I was telling John Burton to go looking for another property she kept saying love interest we need to be other cashless tourists so they can converted here to send back home to wherever they can take message with so the AMA looking very well so yeah I'm not opposed the AMA is not the mark of the beast then restrain other actually went to the trouble of adding up all the letters one time and again at the two thousand five hundred eighty four something magazine getting it back to back down to six execs before you can call on the market of these I was thankful for the AMA I think they have older all the assets of medical practice in the United States I just don't think that the great architects for evangelistic programs until I don't know what it should I don't think coming out of the IBM was a great architect for evangelism programs and in I hate IBM else I think the problem is a fairly evangelistic programs as well as I that helps okay so having this hospital of the country wasn't in work for the AMA and so they said what you need is a two hundred bed hospital in downtown Los Angeles in a perfectly good sense from their point of view I can't fault them a better remember what they were saying if you need a bunch of sick people and all kinds of diseases now he is very processing the Council was to focus on common ailments and simple remedies why common ailments and simple remedies a it simple and be there because I always arranged people I can spend it on thirty years specializing in and in dealing with some no rare genetic condition that afflicts one out of every fifteen billion people and I would be a blessing to that I guess fifteen days of the about point three people there has to have the disease visit with you and I would be a blessing that one person but you know if I find something that helps a gazillion people at the chance to influence a gazillion people will want on influence that faith itself so any help because makes a amazing rational is in the hospital in downtown Los Angeles now there's a fascinating story we need to sit in here and I can assure any slaves discusses really quickly or back in eighteen ninety nine while it was what happened here's the sickness is not the first time that the AMA had told that if they need a half of the hospital in a big city the first time it happened once before back in eighteen ninety nine the same people and said the same thing to the directors of the American medical missionary college Kellogg school Amy told them they needed a large hospital in downtown Chicago why do they need a large hospital in downtown Chicago because it was required with regard who required question will require this hospital intensive in the state of Illinois required no at some federal statute requiring required it was required in order to join the Association of American medical colleges the AMA affiliated educational wing and that's a record why would they have to do that what good would that do here's the answer according to the letter but going to the details having dance in a meeting I required would allow them to join that the Association of American medical colleges which would give their college clothes and assured standing and position among the medical institutions of this and other countries what do they want influence influence influence is the currency of sulfate of the corrective power in the world but he and assured standing in other words if they wind up with his human organization he would gain influence and prestige the directors take out a property in Chicago to buy they had plans drawn up the building at anyway you move forward with Doctor Kellogg came back home from Europe we happen to be a time but when Sean came back from Europe why because while he was in Europe he received a letter from Ellen White she was in Australia he was in Europe she wrote she wrote for each book Battle Creek and he forwarded many unfamiliar again she sent this letter in which she read from his Kellogg first spending a lot of money on a big expensive that it big expensive medical building down in Chicago in her vision she saw this big building she sobbed it destroyed some sort of a natural disaster like the earthquakes of the other buildings falling around it she was alarmed she says when she woke up she wrote immediately Doctor Kellogg reproving him for spending all that money on his big building be doomed to distraction what all I didn't realize when she wrote her letter to Kellogg was that the building she had seen a vision had been built it was the building that was planned but nobody was talking about those plans when John came back in love the plan is canceled mums the word guys don't see any of that project today it was three years before no one ever found out about the plans she got up very quickly there was no such building centerline it will ultimately like that eczema plans three years later she found out that Clinton's blood and using the resulting isn't in the middle of that galaxy she will just use it I was shown that the vision of buildings in Chicago and the draft upon the means of the money of our people to erect them in their destruction was an object lesson for our people warning them not to invest larger there means in property in Chicago or any other city I like the promise of God should positively open the way in planning for no duty to build or buy as necessary and giving the note of warning a similar caution was given in regard to the building you can do a set of caution was given in regard to building in Los Angeles eight ninety nine is a vision about buildings in Chicago she mentions several warnings given in regard to building in Los Angeles as an object lesson for a people edit the interesting thing about the lessons is that Dan Conley blessing usually consists of something is not important as an illustration of some things more important than against River was a Jeremiah took to stick sellers it's a distinction right and you in Israel and joined together and I think this is one important there were not a blessing I guess the vision about Chicago was an object lesson of our people what's the important part that was great assessing funny she would mention Los Angeles the vision of the Chicago building was given during eighteen ninety nine Melinda was a personal nineteen oh five the AMA to start putting pressure on for a hospital in Los Angeles about nineteen twelve how could Chicago be an object lesson for Los Angeles well I think less the building was never built in Chicago was built in Los Angeles is not in and known to give the brother credit I find no evidence whatsoever that they ignored this life I find no evidence whatsoever that the subject of the Chicago division Chicago ever came up in any of their considerations of something advertisements that they are there thought entirely valid many of them were even aware of it I remember him talking personal letters knowledge she writes this guy an image before the people know about it if they didn't happy be complete writings of Ellen G White on their CD-ROM was either about his Internet postings so don't cut it a little bit of slap us in Ozma on her high horse too much Amy is idling Loma Linda and they need a hospital Los Angeles Saturday read on okay here's some of the zealot wrote latest focus of the Lord has at no time indicted of ninety eight introduction of the brother did not remember the Chicago situation up in nineteen twelve nineteen thirteen nineteen forty when there's other things going on in regard to Loma Linda and I don't regularly amazed this is a awesome what you remember was even back in nineteen oh one it seems that there are no proposal to buy some property on Wall Street sometimes a bike on the outskirts of LA at the time the building abominations antigen venture restaurants don't like compliments on Stevenson and taken to see the property she was not impressed the Lord has at no time guided a large plan to delay for buildings in Los Angeles he has given light as to how we should move in yet movements of the major conjuring online instruction given I was taken to see this property and as I walked up the hill in front of it I heard distinctly a voice that said encourage no settlement year of any description for bits my people must delay from such surroundings this places us sign up for wickedness the place of my institutions are established must be altogether different leave the cities and like Enoch come from your retirement toward the people of the cities but seems pretty clear alienating anybody can misunderstand language like that Hamlet is observable whether he needed Frank well you know all much easier looking back forget it looking forward to know be be very cautious about this okay it's entirely fitting that people like me should be charitable because the guys that I'm talking about now are the ones who built the latter that I've been privileged to climb on so you know keep keep that in mind okay this is what happened it was felt by some of the brethren that the testimony nineteen no one had reference to a sanitarium and not to a clinical hospital such as the needs of the college medical college now required to begin I should point out that there was no requirement from state law or federal law with only a requirement in the AMA that it be done this way well they wanted influence but less than I wanted was to they thought they saw the best route for many the best decision I disagree with them but I had to dance and looking backwards and the final result of the consultations was a two hundred bed hospital in downtown Los Angeles its construction was authorized in the fall of nineteen fifteen it was completed in nineteen sixteen and names the Helen July Memorial Hospital in honor the Lord 's messenger died in June of nineteen fifteen over the decades says the white memorial was played a large role in the training of thousands of fully licensed highly trained and qualified savannas physicians many of whom observe the Lord selflessly for which we should all be grateful the medical missionary course I love Melinda did not fare so well this is the course was to train the thousands it was last offered in nineteen twenty three personally I believe we missed a golden opportunity I think of the burden was right I believe Lord gave us a chance to establish a new kind of medical missionary practice with the blessing of city California Center it appears to me that our effort went instead to trying to conform to the requirements of even the goals of the AMA by nineteen twenty four the medical school and become fairly well known in the Los Angeles Times ran a human interest story on the school 's history I don't know if it was intrepid reporting by some reporter or simple coincidence but I was fascinated in reading the article see how you described it speaking of one-liners at first they had to have the sanction the state Board of medical examiners they also wanted the approval of the American Medical Association I really confess that I can be a bit pessimistic at times this may be one of the but I fear that somehow we didn't give enough thought to statements like this some of our medical missionaries as opposed in medical training according to the plans of all the schools is essential to the success to those of thought the only way to success is by being taught by worldly manner by pursuing a course that is sanctioned by worldly man I would now say put away such ideas this is a mistake that should be corrected it is a dangerous thing to catch the spirit of the world the popularity with the escrow synonym for popularity the popularity with such a course invites will bring into the work of spirit which the word of God cannot sanction now we can be all depressed I prefer to be please know we haven't done all that we couldn't should and I think still got his gun the tremendous links to try and and and drag us kicking and screaming another thing and preserve the history so that we can go back and see if he's trying to bring us kicking and screaming to the right thing and our last session will focus on and I wanted to thank you and thanks for the piece is to use the time I regularly listen to in this message is reporting I found to be in my seeing you my seat supporting Seventh-day Adventist seems I him I find that I sent him recently that I downloaded versus other resources visit us online he Wednesday when doing a in a


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