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  • December 31, 2011
    2:00 PM
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him him him this message was presented to key wisely two thousand and eleven hundred other resources like this online menu I see where I had a chance and I mean is he and he is and he will and will remain here for five days and I know I go back home and I feel I level in our fear is on how to be leaders in our level of care and year and how we can go home and bring the important and urgent plea for the Holy Spirit and Henry FMR home taking his hat at two forty two and healing please turn with me three two forty two and they can use that leaves the hospital teaching and Alice sat in breaking of bread and a prayer and they fear came upon every soul and many wonders and nine through the only working at their call me in or forty five and a song you soon and good and hard and then to all according and any man we can date today continuing leave with one accord in the temple and breaking bread at home they said there is with gladness and being on high grade and having favor with all the people and the Lord him again I know that in a grand jury to you and live in your home logo Terry and I hate to find out how leaving the train in a few minutes how many things are not okay before leaving annually we either had to me we binary maddeningly thank you so much that you do not relent in the dark and that you given your word that we might know how we can have your holy spirit and have power and churches that are like the light on a hill to those who are in need to learn I just pray that you would blast of total church segment and he liked the night you would bless each presenter annealed black hearts of those who are listening that we can go home and make a difference where we are we thinking we love you amen it appeared everybody know we read about the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the book of acts we see the result being a very practical manifestation of God 's Spirit God love working to people we look at this manifestation we wonder while is it even possible in a world we live in today but as we look at God 's promises as we look at the record of God 's working in the book of acts we know it by faith it is possible to have Joseph 's experience in our own local churches as we have been listening to messages in and calls to receive and ask the Holy Spirit indwelling in our hearts you may be wondering what effect is this going to have in my life in my local church it is my local church going to be different because you and I attended USC that is the question and that is what I want to ask you to pull out your program booklets is both right here and turned the page twenty page twenty this afternoon we are in our portal church segment and what we are you with the very practically think about what the spirit looks like any spirit filled church where church looks like this film by the Holy Spirit were going to be discussing a good number of topics as found described in the first few chapters of the book of acts page number twenty and you are going to see a good number for this coming I'm going to ask the presenters to come join me right here starting off with subject on worship prayer abiding in the church praising God all things in common as any had need signs and wonders with joy apostles teaching breaking bread preaching leadership growing in the church are those things most characteristic that you want the senior church I'm going to be out the opportunity to share a little bit about what their seminar at the rate of the Laguna looked like and how you are going to be able to learn to apply the principles that the effects of the spirit in your local church in now accepted to the disciples gathered together in one place and they prayed and the Holy Spirit was poured out in the Old Testament as you approach God you went to the holy place where you have the three secrets to power in the Christian life that was the table she read that would be the Bible the candle stick represents letting your light shine and then right before the veil with a holy place was was that altar of incense that represents prayer were going to be talking about how to pray to receive the fling of the spirit how did Jesus pray what was the the science in the Lord 's prayer when he said pray in this manner serenity talking about the basics of prayer in room three ten and I think it's a three fifteen we begin love to have anyone who wants to come and learn about the get the rest of everything on three o'clock Summit leading to join the Ohio Roy gave my topic is worshiping Jesus said to the woman at the well that those who worship truly worship in spirit and in truth so what does that mean and what a look at biblical principles tracing through the Bible or we can learn about how to worship in spirit and in truth at the end of time of course worship is a big conflict issue we find in Revelation thirteen that is worshiped the beast the dog comes back and says worship him who made heaven and earth the sea and the fountains of waters we see that there is even conflict sometimes among God 's people Pastor Dwight was talking about walls and we find a cultural barriers in worship today age group barriers you know what I'm talking about and so by looking at the biblical principles will learn some of the nonnegotiable 's and then will realize the difference between those and the man-made traditions we have to have some of those that they're not sacrosanct and if we can pull together towards those biblical principles and we can have more variety of the way we do things greater interaction less of a performance oriented worship service where worship becomes a spectator sport then it were to move closer to the kingdom of God by his grace here at fastener in any talking about how to take your friend to heaven with you many times we build relationships we do community service we reach out to the community and friendship but we wonder how we break that barrier into spiritual things and begin to talk to people about either end and spend some time looking at how to take our enemy to have it sometimes the people you have conflict with sometimes the people that they are the most antagonistic to the gospel can be the greatest converts in God 's kingdom if you know how to win the heart of a hostile person so any looking at the real practical ways to do this and this is going to be in room zero three twenty thirty I didn't migrate our session will also talk about worship of a more specific lead the role of music in worship looking at difficult principles I've been also getting into some pack of guidelines about being in worship leader on sabbatical Dilantin and hence on that's how to did he have a I really biblically based on a spirit filled music service in church you very much and this is in room three fifty two two thousand good afternoon my workshop is not all thinking and I am going to be talking about how nice financial resource that so we can actually use the resources that we have received from God lifetime 's work we need to be faithful in all areas and in mice our workshop under the looking up we had better be practicing some tools that will help you to get closer to those people that felt financial of the equality of right now is a really good suitable to get close to people to get close to their hearts I will guarantee that you will come out of their pending are learning something very practical that you can implement immediately in your church three sixty one BC and CEN hello the title of my is signed and wonder and Matthew chapter ten Jesus held to go and he healed that to cast out demons to cleanse lepers and I don't know about you guys but when I look at the health ministry that we see take place in the Bible I like learning what can I do to help to reach out to people like that we know we have an amazing help message the right arm of the gospel the help that I need people to try and help bring them into the gospel is okay and I were going to becoming very practical health evangelism thing that you can take on you that you can hold in your local church such as how to do a how hair how do you think why housing is the depression recovery program in your own shirt I saw many seminar and a couple of other things I just want to invite you to join me in room three seventy and we need to use the marks the title of my seminar is entitled with joy and of course in that ideal church they were going from house to house and breaking bread with fellowship and with joy if you don't have a church that is full of joy you want to come to the seminar if you have relationship issues in your church that are inhibiting things if you have other issues that are inhibiting you to receive that July one of the greatest joys on this earth should be relationships in our local church in teaming up to accomplish God 's will and that you can find out how to accomplish that in room Reese seventy one a thirty wonderful I have been assigned the topic of discerning and dealing with sin and error and false doctrine the church doesn't that sound like fun absolutely so all of you heretics who has entered in always interested to our seminar will talk about you today the truth is that this is a challenging topic in effect I was looking at the program and thinking I can do about four of these topics fairly well because I'm been doing that but not this one so we had learned together and pray together about all this and see how the Lord would lead assess three sixty two the end of the hallway and was either my eye that they want to friendship foretaste of the joys of heaven is a great comment that we think our friendship can give someone out a full taste of heaven amen my brother and I will be doing is unethical breaking bread and will be discussing how and why use status will be finishing a chat how to lead a small group when you do it over expansion and the principles behind on to continue on ninety nine from the Sabbath lesson this morning 's mother ministries one of the few ministries are one of the unique ministries making combine all four components of acceptance he was forty three to forty seven in a snapshot in a statement in a short period of time and start adopting us in our house on breakout session we fight with the unexpected small group ministry and ethic it's really three seventy one big thing here alright good afternoon everyone my seminar will be very simple very focused very directional it's just on how to prepare and preach a sermon so if you are an aspiring preacher or someone who you think might have the opportunity to preach in the future and you would like to learn how to prepare and how to preach a sermon from my perspective I don't know everything I know a couple things be happy to spend some time to get this afternoon wearing General assembly be here J Gallo more and nothing in the church moves unless the local church moves in the local church doesn't move unless the local church has spirit led leadership and I have a dynamic team is going to help me can measure is director of mission conference just and him director of our campus ministries and he has associate is all right loss I will talk about how you can in fact the local church how you can use your leadership how to become a leader in that local church and make a great impact for God right where you live in I'm not in my seminar is growing in the church decidedly new believers but it has to be twenty five years and I never thought it would make a statement please don't baptize anyone out I found my something that's making a counter Dwight Nelson and ninety eight because we didn't have a plan of what to do with the numbers work they were baptized so the article to focus on intentional strategy of helping people be disciples to be fully involved in the message and mission of the Seventh-day Adventist church Michigan conference in private accounts to hear from fourteen years they had to be made and developed a program that you and even added it to your local setting is not I have met many people here who have been administered just two months even to week somebody appetite two weeks ago reviewed here and you have friends who needs to be mentored and disciples and if you perhaps you're the one that needs to be mentored and fully learn how to connect with the Adventist church invited to come as well they'll be in room three forty thank you notes when you're going to open heart but I'm excited because I really believe that God is wanting towards in your heart and therefore is such an amazing change in your local church as such I want to invite a group of friends were going to be sharing a little bit of how their local church it involved in all these different aspects of ministry and what they are doing by the infilling of the Holy Spirit in their church environment good afternoon again I leave for young people here who are on Angie's University community and each of them to introduce themselves you that afternoon hi my name is David spent some recent Angers University grad who now works here in these high on my name is Ed also and I'm a high school student and Tim Richmond 's Academy in England Wales lasting time you my name is Sydney and Justin and I and everything grab from Angie is working in the Michigan area now and every city as many of you know is located in the e-mail is a very different and very familiar sound of my hometown where I grew up my parents so that there not far from there about ten miles north in the city by the name of Benton Harbor is a harbor had been in the news a lot in the last couple of years in the last decade really and even just two weeks ago in the New York Times there was no occasion article talking about the fact that Harper was struggling financially it was struggling to manage the government so much so that the state has taken over how to how to run many of the city to think that any officials don't have any power anymore the state government controlling that they harbor the city with many many many more important than that if the people of individuals with many many of these young people are starting to figure out how they can best reach the needs of that community through an organization associated with in Atlanta Tommy a little bit more about harbor of hope how it got started what it's all about I'm harbor hope is a very unique church another painting in Ben Harper in two thousand and three was a result of a few students is really on having desire to retire this summer urban community and there are quite a few different outreaches that we have there we do door-to-door ministry of a weekly basketball on miniscule Isuzu I just recently started up and bases is going into this community and utilizing the spiritual gifts that everyone in the community has and bring us into the body and the like now you're very involved with the community righteousness that that meet each of you decide to get involved with that community it's one of neither all I have a friend behind the wheel I don't very bring into what he thought what an event that seeds are going to involve the harbor of hope I'm a access started coming with made with my family and my mom begins on the connect and more and Martha started attending before I asked her to come horrible I kind of felt like I didn't have anywhere to survey guided given me a desire to serve people but I really have a place to do it and I did have opportunities in the morn was thinking the Harbor club I started to see God placing opportunities for me to get involved and serve and user gives it is given me and him that really that really threw me inside and pulled me in this snout we are talking about how only opportunity he started opening for you to begin to start the service began to change you you see any difference in your own life as a result the service you are doing I think the biggest one for me is God maybe see how important services and how important it is rarely to daily use what he's given me any getting started giving me a minute to tell you that I don't have to go to another continent of Africa but every single day of my life I need to be sharing his love his message was love that Layla this is an organization are charts that were planted in two thousand and three now what he hears an almost nine years ago that means that taking a lot of commitment of people who were involved to stay to continue with this line and he decided to stay involved with harbor of hope what is it that means that staying power that commitments in the ministry when I first seems a hybrid slope on that a lot young people that the I am the word 's meaning because of other people and because of their life and things like that I just really really really great opportunity to share Jesus executive role on company row Harrington helped myself to as well and so on how many different change event at personal level with his wife and I keep coming that she had a relationship with them become you to learn anything at that time later and are held during the head that has become my church family and I only play the things children indicated that I motivated and they look up to me that I am failing have an obligation to go and to be there with them okay I I want to know that you've given enough time playing around with Madonna China Friday by uncommitted picking up K and added anything will call you ninety five economy becoming like I'm in the overtime become my sense and is not encouraging to know that as we begin take an active and there is not something that you feel like a duty to do something we Montague we currently carry for those people know much because they become a part of our family and really believe that relate what had to continue to serve as now I was wondering also behind one of your favorite parts are there any other favorite and you may see why you continue to be involved in harbor hope what was so exciting about it what you know what's your favorite magnificent any of you love is a very unique there is never a dull moment letting the nose was running rather than any of my favorite hires is probably that most intimate and visibility that will you give me how much knowledge they had how much they're listening and I hadn't fully glory the server in question in their life I answer the question that you might be a good office invading the third of as I is designed to highlight it and I think that will do their part and is watching walls go down on you and any and down the receptacle values that have been bungled I like a bear and what you want you know and taking the time to become their friend and went to connect with them is that you really care about them and be sent to open up and seem to stop in engine speed that you write about Jesus and God being better people monitoring and my favorite part is Athena changing the work that God is remote in my life and in all the others around the other kids in the scene howl all every single moment is impacting them and changing the heart and a chicken and we won't be assembled at the Hornblower say I think the best part of our hope of seeing the slides transform early we were talking about on testimonies from the church and instantly time I came on the market Sue is he was then seventeen now eighteen years old and I met him at the church and he expressed to me how we've been going through different strong discipline troubles with her on in school with his grades lesson on legal issues as well as video I want my life change I don't want to be going on this path anymore it was awesome to know the part of Bible studies with him see the Holy Spirit working his life to the power he went on word means anything I've know why but now I think this way nothing hope of Holy Spirit working on a number of last summer that left the team on back here what can happen when Bible studies with the market and it was amazing to call him over the summer and hear that now that people leave others with him now he's the one in his committee with other teenage boys and in talking about the word of God came and having teenagers like that now on fire for him within that's exactly what it's all about right way reaching other people so they can reach the people who are closest to them and to affect the whole entire world now from what I understand it there's people out there who are interested in learning how to become more involved in their community how to become more involved in working with the church plant in doing community service as a form of ministry that you learn a little bit more about that is that right especially right after this happened of the breakout sessions I believe that certain segments and yes you will be leaving what a breakout session on three sixteen three sixty one as we were going to be three sixty one if you want turns your program booklet on pace for just enough to have dispirited CYC and UIC talk about the different aspects that you I don't know among us participate in one other aspect that enthusiasm for survey didn't care for the needy service to the community promotion of human rights and stewardship of the environment you see a part of proclaiming the dreams of message is meeting the practical needs of people within their communities to make the more open to receive the gospel when it comes to them this is one of the things that this is one of the ways that young people have prosecuted that canceled your interest and also learning how to do that doing community service as a means of bringing the gospel into a new community I would strongly encourage you to participate had trouble church meeting before you break would ask you to join us from Jimmy's father I think you so much because you have given us new little grandfather was possible local church will be want your spirits who are your lives we want to see your churches revives father we just want to pray that you would guide us to those specific things we can you will like you to make a difference for now is the breakout sessions learn more about this freight invoice fighting is opening their minds as to buy a page of these lessons found in this message was recorded by half she nicely she wisely supporting ministry on the seventh day Adventist sequence by a young define the Bible makes price-sensitive Christians the downloadable other resources visit the online and CYC when the logic as


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