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God's Word as our Guiding Light

Eric Walsh


Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician



  • November 6, 2006
    7:30 PM
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are you sorry and will mark the six chapter marks up to six hours one Scripture says in Mark six first one and he went on from there and came into was only country and his disciples follow the Messiah things he began to teach in the synagogue and many hearing him were stopped saying from whence hath this man is in and what wisdom is given on the even such mighty works are wrong I is not this the carpenter the son of Mary the brother of James and Joseph and Moses and of Judah and are not his sisters here with us and they were offended at Jesus and a prophet is not without honor but it is an old country among us only in and in his old house and he lived there no one were saying that he may have abnormal sickle and human anymore because of their unbelief and he went roundabout each is entitled God Word I like the revival was asked to lose morbidly who you were mourning which shows reaction which the suffering of Jesus and fishing historians Jesus actually returned to where he was from human hometown and rolling greetings in Jesus Donna 's reputation as the human link that will hold he would've received a heroes welcome this is what Jesus went back home and really only the last I aware everyone knew him they think will make Jell-O Jesus Jesus the son of everything and was brought as an assistant and they could not see Jesus as a simple young man to Jesus the Messiah so they know you were and the violence is familiar what are the results of questioning our when we disbelieve in God 's word is true the Bible says in verse five he could do there know my work Jesus is our goal to save ability to work miracles what is the work miracles he did not did a lot of because the Bible is confident that one horse I want chapter sorry Mark reply to read the chapter you find that there is as leader of the synagogue reason I don't need when Jesus was born on Hill and Jesus was heading his way so he said to Jesus and Jesus was leaving the company of house a woman with an issue of blood stopped I'm really been stop just barely touched his garment and was healed and noticed origin as tells her that because the prostate to the Naval while all that is going on someone else from the messenger comes from the madhouse that you know what Jesus is no real reason all the way to the house anymore the young girl is dead Jesus says in Mark five when you look at what he says he says in Mark five first it is either soon as you learn the word that was spoken he's out of the room of the synagogue be not afraid only delete Jesus takes a few of his disciples Peter James and John and Iran when he cometh to the owner of the synagogue and sat at and he saw the trouble the Bible says why make this a doing week the family back to sleep people asked Jesus to score on a cellular contrast ruler of the synagogue believed in what happens about seven verse forty one into the damsel by the handset of their delete that one which is interpreted down for my sake of the arise and straightway the damsel arose and walked out for she was of the age of twelve and they were astonished with great so that's in contrast when you believe God 's word even though someone is that they can be brought to light you see Jesus is God 's word the Bible says in John one verse one in the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the word was God so also is God 's word when Jesus speaks it is a divine procession coming out of his mouth so the same Jesus that says damsel arrived in the same Jesus and said let there be light and just as when he spoke in the old Dartmouth award let there be light light appeared sullen he speaks into death arrived even disappear so powerful of the life-giving force that is Jesus that when Jesus when Lazarus died Jesus don't have time to get there because Jesus that I any Jesus has been in the role of Lazarus that will not have been able to take last so how was the life-giving word of Jesus but when he called Lazarus from the great yeah José Lazarus arrived this is just that I come over and that person would like to in the under the sound of his voice low and wall so how is the word of God yet the word of God is under attack Eugene gotten anyone now thinking that they are so smart so why so so filled with man-made and earthly brilliance that they want to question God 's word got out his one thousand and ironically the greatest dollars and attackers of God 's word now comes not from outside of Christianity or outside world where Jesus really should abide his hometown his own church it comes from inside of his church ironically the greatest I had to attend the Bible as the word of God is infallible truth come from Christian scholar is amazing about three we can whatever the moment that the students as I was trying to get away after the last session recently I listened unless your University I am worried because I have a class in this class they are active she eluded to attracting the word it's a religion class when he began to explain to me some of the things that will be taught instead of the Satanic bunch of these ideas are basically saying you can't be lost the guy is so merciful that no one will ever be lost in all the big change that I will submit to you that that knowing God 's word not understanding that can be accomplished since instantly with your five logical senses but if you are going to know God and get a real understanding of his work there is a sixth sense but must come at the waist and back in a you must begin to be able to see that which is invisible if you want to understand the court accepted for your cell will all modern era is everything in touch and feel and smell and taste and NBC and an result the in the intelligence of the eye is when the phone that Kerry and defined the cause that we drive everywhere so good and intelligent we all miss commands in on YouTube the big debate going around is that an e-mail right of the day on others of his video in England this am and probably the standard of Christian of a book in my library homework but the government Library will call that the Celtic connection speaks about the vanity call state after when he got when he began to evangelize the British I haven't used the South Hebron apostolic Christian present Gospel of British South converted all of the pagans of the British house to Christianity and is amazing what I have is of a man on one of those I'll speak with such intellect and yet such stupidity as he tries to destroy God 's word he says to believe in God is foolish it was an intelligent being in control of his universe the universe would look like this and it seems that makes so much sense but let's back up for second if there was no one intelligent in control of the universe what do you really believe that everything around but it happened by chance I don't play the lottery stories the chances of winning the lottery are between one and one million and one and forty or fifty one hundred one how walking back the chance of being struck by lightning are one in four hundred thousand lightning is usually separates reinvigorating lately my finish we the number one weather call whether all related scenario normally every year more people die white license agreement anything that any of the weather and the like now how did you really have a warranty was in Southern California were writing I really worry about the storm was likely to be strong I like yet the chances of being struck by lightning are often forty two thousand times better than you winning the lottery I guess only people play the lottery every meal you see the lottery is tax the people don't know where those of you really know your math would resume on the Milan so maneuvered now I say all of that because they are want you to believe that the entire world into existence by accident in UK by accident when a lot of you believe what accident you have the perfect mix of nitrogen and oxygen and carbon dioxide in the air by accident the Earth would be placed just the right distance from the sun so the atmosphere and the temperature would be conducive to human and an altogether life form that we have more event by accident the water would be made of H2O just the waves made our system will be designed so we can drink water and be replenished ultimately by WishList seventy to seventy five percent water you think it's by accident that you have the ability to see one of most complicated things in all of the University 's human site that would've taken even evolutionists agreed it would take billions of years of human site to give all now if you need it and so involved I haven't what you do one of the million years didn't have makes sense you need it so you all the millions of years to get on millions of years you blinded you really didn't see I submit to you that even in their wisdom every and is taught in the public schools are our kids go to school also confused because it's also intellectual it's also rational as you hear it but I'm telling you like the people of Jesus 's hometown at age even when Powell will like him and the man often refuse out telling you here and the position in the side and research is that when you really study what God has made it is no conclusion you can come to accept that God has to be on the throne is really no other conclusion you can talk to when you look at the human liver instance the only one of the human bonnet has published to regenerate is also the only one of the human body and really is able to break down poison as they come into us the amazing when you look at the chimneys of what you think of the processes of the frontal mobile guilt right amazing as you think of it yet they are bowls would say you are simply an monkey will keep all and yet taken showing the missing link in between the monkey can you get the world believes the book that you must have been speaking about what culture the supernatural rubber known as abusive when the insurgent showed his video for a wine afternoon we get an art which archers actions just around the corner is often just just put it mildly or as a customer to get church of God and we moved your own without our site now so I know this area of familiar weekends this area as well the meetings and so forth I saw the video that Roger brought them try to get the community to come out and tells us something powerful he says that evolution is that the power companies were to be your backdrop again being in worship and begin seven administration how testable you think he says when he was worth before he became a Christian and the human temple and they were talking about the double happy about one of the things of the devils happy about was that man is bitten or believe in evolution he said that the devilry joists that men who believe that Solis only said that when people stand up and become teachers of evolution the devil protects people 's protection of the professors in the universities around the country is the select actual politics found even more intellectual got a video engineer from his own mouth out what makes sense but some of you may not realize that you are in the middle of a great war and is not the war in Iraq is not of the war in this dog is not the war in Afghanistan is not the warmth of your vote tomorrow on election day is the great award is the war between good and evil the real good and evil is the great controversy between and the devil can do one thing that would give them victory over you and cause you to be lost if the convince you that you cannot trust God 's word that is easy everything bounces back to the every other religion I ever studied outside of Christianity that that is pseudo- Christian always attached gods were why because God 's word of the text below the the word is a light dominated and found one might be one of the byword of the lamp unto my feet and eight unto my path you don't know God 's word one I hobbled out in a house that you not familiar with you my trip and fall apart is void where you going to live life without knowing God 's word is the stumble around in darkness for the seventy or eighty years on ninety year on year God bless you without God 's word you are walking in complete dark the devil you want to have the one flashlight that would make you able to find the role that so we ask God 's word constant everyday all day but God knew about God is so possible that over fifteen hundred years and one book one actually need five oh there were group of Jewish guy was used to keep all of that on all of the writing they would write them in the Jewish process of exactly what that Israel in high school he brought us to where the scribes would've been working in the describes the exact they have to try and write that the Bible out by the memory sometime if a big ones like the state that the stock reached the beginning your Google videogame console tree had a lot to do one of the things that God because he had some of these scribes and the protectors of the word put the word of God the Bible of the time in jars either Medicaid at the southern end of the density so all the while the criticism if the Bible so there was no money date the question was every Bible character in the Old Testament so there was no real Isaiah equipment really live in it but all the things he was in a Bible study was that it had been misinterpreted the translations were all in all I was in the in the nineteen number remove a little shepherd boy was taken after World War II without that when I drove into work a unheard ajar crash he climbed up the case aside and walked into the cave and I'll be here Charest Clay jars filled with scrolling when he went back and told his believe in a town where he was from what you they came back when archaeologist and team on what we now call the densities with powerful is the Dead Sea Scrolls have many other ancient book that even some of the apocryphal book all written in one of all the Old Testament of the Bible what about the only book accident was found in its entirety the book of I think how we translated ancient Hebrew the modification was like the King James version there was no word of God had almost been perfectly preserved and of course it's interesting that a book that was held in its entirety would be the book of Isaiah because it is called the messianic book of the Old Testament the prophecies that the upcoming birth of Jesus so there's no question in a short little bit above that of the existence of David and Solomon of a hero I'm telling you this because some will question whether or not this is really God 's word on telling in a noncommercial or companies on this because God was also sure because God 's word is a book of human gospel again little things like in Isaiah he said that a man with a child be born of a virgin and and and the government would be upon him and it goes on all kinds of the Hollywood suffering die all the little things even the most little and little privacy the following is over three hundred and all of them were fulfilled in Jesus São Paulo but Josephus great ancient Jewish historian who wrote about Jewish history even Josie was never became a Christian in writing the mortgage will see both of them or Mark does the talk about you that at the end of this private event and disbandment was meant to tell you that if you really want support for believing in God 's word exists because of the devil wanted to do was have no way to deal with it allow God 's word how to deal with you know what's right and what's wrong I didn't know which way to go when you pray how do you receive after the government were to go back to go to we say what I thought or the Bible says all is given by inspiration of God prophecy came not in old time by the will of man but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost John says the Scripture cannot be broken I submit to you tonight if you want an abundant life over to study God 's word for it when you are in trouble when you're contemplating marriage young people you don't just run off to Vegas in an emotional outbursts defying everything your parents might be saying instead he will develop those your spouse to be or maybe spousal should say that person light of what God says that characteristic the character that a Christian husband or wife should be when you wanted to have a career and agent debating what does God want me to do with the rest of my you will not work and study and read and I got to show direction as to what was apparent when you go when it difficult with two children being brought into the book of Proverbs and read these precious children of a preserve request that it would be better parents so that you don't live your life based on this on really doing is stumbling around our minds as we were once part Bible says now are you okay walk as children deny God 's word is like Google but as we grew apart about a lot of different things but I submit to you this is why I'm a Christian because in these pages I know the character of the living God he speaks to these words I'm a virulent dogma of God of course there is also God just and I hope that you would find that God 's word refresh at a patient who was debating his ego just a few recent election is on as many Damon 's wife and his breach with your children and he was so angry that he would show it he was working ten hour twelve hour day and sleeping with whose family had not taken a vacation by you his wife have not gone anywhere except he was going somewhere that were related to the inner-city narrator is incurable and then was telling me how he so anxious an enormous problems in the course of the company they wanted to be written proposal or was so long that some other anti- anxiety medication I want to write about but often the spirit of God moves on I've got the show was really going on the mechanic continued to talk to him again to reveal that he was once a seven then Barry White Barry White with Google when the image is what some of you what you're go out Lahore 's Abuja Denny's of it all is raised in the system with the Loma Linda Academy wanted last year university with the PUC for a while he was raised in Athens education and turn and walk away from it all because he got the lost default being a lawyer would satisfy him it was filling you would be completely and if you have that kind of career he was the son of immigrants and so his father bolted and bracketed on without a lawyer and somehow this will live it that being a lawyer with calls and happy theory is now happening in the middle of a literal nervous breakdown available to work with you for the first time he met that many days of work in five years time he said even suicidal thoughts with them and I said to him don't you understand that God is still working on even though you this bandit got internally and have turned the only thing your wisdom is higher than God was using God 's plaintiff on account of practical joke on to become one of the doctors you probably run into what difficult medication will send you back to your room and tell you do need to go back to start reading God 's word and praying with your family and you will be healed then again his life begins and write it he began to recognize that he felt empty because he didn't even like being a lawyer of the matter he wanted to restore our houses must often listen because you walk in your soul your real reaping what you have some sort only when we are you in the world go back and find God education stopped thinking us on the God who raises you put Islamorada 's life is that they don't like something and eighteen years naked woman on a trip she aboard the secular right down description until and when you walk away from this stumbling block money you make the title is Valdosta word were empty my thesis it would be asked with indigenous oral copy the human heart so big that only addicts talking about the tonight I'm telling you want to feel the holy study Rita Psalm every morning study one Bible character every month read the book of Mark if you just jumping back in the Bible study study study to show yourself who funds of God seven an age of all the electricity 's terrible stumbling and on and


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