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Staying on the Path to a Healthy Lifestyle

Eric Walsh


Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician



  • November 7, 2006
    7:30 PM
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in the girls in my first Corinthians I sat there for the start of the twenty fourth I will talk to topping staying at the help is so why was recognized when you want written is an interesting people they lived almost all the what is a man so is connected to manifest so people also sound what the Panama now was for that to go from walk home Central America some may because of this the Corinthians were aware of people a lot of tree spices not the author 's full school accident very very busy pagan worship practice where they were when he resembles the first thing raping five all in all modifications as he feels one of the reputable big into sports at the time Reeves had what was called and that brings far as all the turn of the last and so the rings happen so everyone will love for the baby is older they Paul uses in perspective nine twenty four one seven uses the analogy of this Olympics to make some really good points if you have to understand sports does the job of using the sports of your favorite sports that they were wrestling Greco-Roman wrestling boxing and of course racing but was all in one young man from the town and he was brain we use it between these things for years and then the train and he wasn't everything equal to the lunatic and when I think that all you would be a hearer of the whole family will be given riches and a lot of have to work but you feel lost he really didn't want such a shame to lose a lot of them and the ones about the fact that within the removal by a proper disbursement is not responsible also has no heat not that they which run in a race run all but one receives from so wrong that you may obtain every man strive for the mastery is temperate in all things now they do is to obtain paperwork around but we are working I therefore so run not as uncertainty so fine I is one that is in the air but I keep under my body and bring it into subjection lest by any means when I reach the others I myself should be cast all these things very seriously over LIBOR of Bible study at the believe that they are rich with what God will have no trouble even very applicable to those living in a first verse verse twenty four he says believe not that they would want in a race run all one was surprised so wrong that you may obtain all the Savior on the sign-up is first but are not really serious about running the Christian rights essential to understand what these guys put into the him but my putting and Dundas and human rights is working out in the blocks to run unless they are serious about winning the race he says don't become Christians don't protect your question unless you want to run as seriously as they live example of stories and sprinklers are allegations of steroid and some term of repayment and Johnson can actually do a resident of important branch of Canada and he ran the hundred meter dash at getting what ever and ever does they found out later on actually use all steroids and performance-enhancing drugs on substances that were legal and extracted everyone thinks he said what he did that because of presidential wit was so he can not hold to the race and I hope is fully appropriate as possible I remember watching a result of his will keep everyone else almost standing still he just broke the world record shattering election because he was using steroids steroids of someone over financing from Paul says listen when you're Christian you gain two games to Christian service but we are very serious about nothing should be more important that when you get out in the block call yourself a Christian is serious about winning the West is interesting because it now I like basketball and football locker room but I was stopped by the woman that there are applicants out to the public post a comment and I love to play football but really we want to will not during the season one six yes it was a vibrating judicial window watching Jim in the game one one championships this summer one football championship run enough you also belong in the in the humility of development and out and out you want because they would stand a little whistle blowing once I jumped over to want more healed more laughs is also restraining the use of the game and we were all in the city and Randall Baldwin blowup was a man had again been as good training on how to submit the review the sports analogies that the reality is you can't just show up in the interest of a weekend devoted charges and dress-up instances I advise you a shiny list are and what the building and all of a sudden single solvent followed Microsoft of it and everything is going right when you didn't sprain all the Judeo-Christian is as much about what happens when no one is watching what happened when an three one one just like the left right as I remember what it wavered as he will give Obama with Mary Margaret about that in a monotonous it's aslant and also because of you people who generated with behavior Larry Bird we win awkward shot over or when you look over his shoulder new built-in but I know was that Larry Berg so that the Stadium of the arena sometimes for I always wanted to know why we needed to be sweeping the floors of of of the Marina as we shall while you want to go for the likes are all on the you must do everyone alike are all you respect is why the dedication and all of a sudden now is on the now human abuse from Christians right to get an advance bridge unless it is no longer molecular but I saw a young leave the Lord one but recently all shoes you have sex with her boyfriend so that very fact that one is shouting at home alone in early June at your boyfriend is like getting these slippers by pulling the line in a specific even Christians that have led this will allow the mortgage the trouble with love about this pursuit race statement that we all are Christians when we get together in a group with one song being sung and when and when it are others the Bible study with but when you get all by herself at an end and she so pretty young than you seldom looking at a skill that happened just over that stroll or take the arrival of all our cells with digital have a plan so you wind up in a particular which were on certification are and she's all over you at a in you don't know what they know that Christianity has only been on Christianity when the lines are all when you are home alone in consequence of something in your mind you are you will live a holy chase and I would shop the very evil he ten inch selling advertising comes in on the reading will growth on companies be so cute with his cheeks only sold you the cylinder of about one hundred city of the top of the cute little people never the phone company is not difficult to only call your house for the Maha Mrs. Smith know you're a six hundred dollars behind on your payments and we are going to cut off your phone unless you mean that you husband exemption it is good-looking enough to be enough of this project will keep you all all children does not fade to progress and growth of the ever-growing Western pregnant Sabbath oversight when you need no but the really millions of them out you know there's yes they do you mean by personal client will think you are making finished school and limiting everything it takes for me so it only stood to take care farmer who want to talk to her about that she was also pop-culture cute little boy crazy to see she was never Chinese at home to hitting singles between the church and for life outside the church and because the tool didn't altogether when the time of dictation she felt something 's invincible in the neck but but but I wanted to understand that if you're going to be in this race do you see the regional and even if this will look great on it all in all what they do you won't even run around your house that is a limit of normal but I is an area in writing all Christian and not have a relationship with Jesus into the about was the wrong place the charming relationship the biggest thing is to read books on one hundred job in real estate if you wish to make friends with me will never have the wisdom of crisis and now reaching out to everyone all on number on a friendly war often without a visa is meant for verse twenty five says that everyman was five for the mastery is temperate in all things nothing would look into the problem we can hear from his corruptible power is incorruptible their problem a house the last one ever lost that they need to envision what temperature all effort is an old English word comes from the word uses much more about the watch is the template means to do so shall use of some five five Jamestown you know the power after reading the future and responsive effort will open up in such a bouncer that your body will inspire you I will inspire you as you give yourself an appropriate old one go by this file to shield use the example of midnights that is going to get milk we just think that a lot of what they know it is alcohol the same principle of our craving for alcohol it are ultimately grieving father owned by his five children while they visited world one and since she is even our righteousness I think this is the best of you you can't trust this the minute you begin to believe that you are limited to begin to believe that you conquered your weaknesses the minute you begin to believe that you can stand on your holding you you start to look to just how is normal I just than someone else then the reality of your weakness was a lot any willful I warn Christians all the time he to be Christian is the Judeo-Christian is this a problem if they need to know only why the devil wants to watch what he wanted to think you might want to think only of everyone else in the individual think that you can get you all live in that is all little with some of the hoarding of the child you will you will mainly be developed you like the musical instrument but evening at the bottoms out and played himself out of respecting but I will insult my role about the role of the most sleep said that often each my policy is if it means that we were born to single parents and education is all what that means is that you cannot Susa is will he only trust in God but also the reason we buy every medicine on December the eighth of England located right around when we can so you trust this Christmas especially when going out with old all over the place that I dislike the test was someone's son of the young ladies all unless you really don't want to get into trouble with the boys will never get into a car alone enough to be that way until you're ready to be married because in the reality of the situation in the boy to lose the weight is not about music for myself but you don't put on it all of Army marching band music on this is one of the bathrooms everyone will hear all of the soldiers out in the music business I worked on military fuel is not filling out your skin people dermatologists so violent he was excited by what is skin that is the size and evacuate the premises overlooking job is one of room to love a few these non- ophthalmologist I can't tell anything about you I set up against the elevators it is not an economist I still don't like to be suitable nowhere near gospel since he called the rep power and so you are challenged what happened to the really slow down and take this as soon as they are to have six national basketball Association they will be the anytime to talk about Michael Jordan but maybe also six Republic of the prior year I sworn out of one on on on on all I'm going to ask you for submitting human when we read my story and getting the make is not fast was that we spent hours in his back are all alone shooting shots of living in the basketball star Alana Sabin all in all of the pain that goals the Michael Jordan in this exchange is written in all these you know that when Jesus returns is not Michael Jordan these are fast becoming a wonderful slamdunk he had hung hanging on the side of the families live .com fifty one on the NCAA championship is not as well for only lots Afghan army steals he had it all mean at all a and an average will career permanently open I was trying to get in tonight 's word is that the only permanent championship beer is the one to win when you let Jesus run in the wanted to get when Jesus is the star will be the one to get all of the attention is the one making all of the moves of this is when he called later in your life there is a file that you get a receipt that you would everything on the auto galloping demand to do so in the notebook will manage the rest of our rockstar do you want to me that he does not bring them forget and holds the ghetto 's of America from the Seawolves the chances that this is not slim to none and live anywhere near Russell Simmons and Jay-Z go beyond the show was always how things have gotten this season and is available for rental car this evening and now that was not even resetting the guy that I was in Maine law Rolls-Royce is an annual chat at all of this but I will submit you what all of me playing all the gold and diamond when Jesus returns Peter says it will all work will be broken down as it was amazing how all will become as useful as it is all for the AOL also want to thank all double the matter how many degrees you get the now I love working out in the mapping out American education is not the always and yet it will work hard and do well in life is that the management is not marked with families worse than an infidel unless seeing what worked well here on earth but that when you look at what God is trying to say your with your eternity is not high up in the things of this world doesn't want less government people nervous for young jeweler mount as the Bible says seek first the kingdom of God and that always the first part of the blog a lot of it was a professor life was the mark of even when she's everything else is relevant well this morning that the job titles really don't mean anything if covered by month they wouldn't obtain a corruptible from the incorruptible also the first music I was so wanted not as uncertainly so I wanted beaded that year also shadowboxing just twenty fighting release of verse twenty seven but I keep under my body and bring it into such one of who I inspire all so Paul Rowley looks all blossoms alone were the only all-time all is clear that he is nothing separate from God that I eat down my body and bring it into subjection why because your body will inspire the Judaism law died they all of a sudden written you that just like a human abuse by the trade deficit with a starting see what rights so long to wait off and out walked a little bit of it but as a web of more than for what it is part one gram of feces for the Miami Heat of July the first of lead in July would talk of possible bipolar football at all it is already done in your the things are not football division the one who means his off-season is hard simple the drinks of the gospel not what is normal so there you said you're not dating one circles around is that the new data at the left you're right on you that what he says when the time comes like a four five what is his choice and every single day yet the Russian ineffable something as our present and she begins the three he is the divine can have that the get go where you want to weekend out when the lives differently during the football while I take my body and I need it down I bring it into subjection why because I have to be able to form at other times that is not here just testing it through seventy years I'm not here just to get through life and I mean nothing now all I offer consumers on the part of it only because I claim to be on Jesus decided and announced the everything is a lot of how the enemy is trying to destroy me is like that is what you all about the matter revealed by the subject have got to ask God the Bible is mine that was also a trust so is everyone you know the subject is led by any means when I have preached to others I myself should work past week and we is he is better translated this one fall on what the other people I will have long been searching all my life of all my life was spiritual all are all the person I wanted that it is was was Sunday school and Elizabeth TBN or creating it all the time but personal Christian office I don't want all that on judgment day when my name is Paul goes on submit a night I will that mean about amended by raise our strength and the changes in my life within another thing that will happen overnight won't happen almost all at once and it didn't happen all at once all that is not only wants to leave it in the Old Testament but with daily prayer and daily life of study and fellowship of believers God gives each cellular membranes Jesus changed there was a time when I thought all my life will be in the big cities in the micro LLC lack of evidence of ice and snow at all has erased on a part that the life and I want to tell you all of it was just the outline of based on gnome cocaine and marijuana marijuana like like I was on it spoken of us that like these why does many the ruling a lot and attempted suicide and saw how hollow is the meet me on this earth cannot learn it is better to be small all of her the God of the vaccine seven the agenda rest like our sin how powerless it is relevant that is sort of the nineteen thirty six I just know running for the United States and England what runner in a time in nineteen thirty six the German rule led by it all and nice and slowly taken over and one of the things that Adolf Hitler do you make sure the tubules is the media on the make things to the matters in Germany were the most stability to the ball of your wisdom and most of the Jewish turn from any other Junior but I wanted this for you so he would put pictures of the rest of appropriate paper said they were inferior being the NY office a while of our welfare and in and destroy the following the public trend when it is likely that Germany is the source of Germans helping you all over the place Jim is the one that convinced but because the settlement was that in itself when he heard that the Americans were going to bring what he's not exist on the part it is the promise the German people that the German would be any other world he was superior based on race and especially what he would does Nolan 's new things from the south at the time were not recent friend is out of the way what is one of the rates for the want of right versus left is when Jesse Owens while I belong I will why is there and wasn't moving things off running and comes down to is all able slide here is what I weigh wisdom you just allow all you know we used that why you knew what was going on they would like to disqualify order to have a chance of being German we went back he was given three chances we went back to second W even more when that is all even just like we hear all of them out in that update in Munich the holes they deal with you in all I will for me even the second time to build out and spend the problem with putting get qualified for a minute that's the physical cable the idea is to do it again will like how you look at how the Obama of the line his father went back because we qualify even without one but haven't got wet brackets offset of the towel and went sailing with the Olson on a book only just been brought all the top stadium almost the step up without the mark was on the towel and went on to win the Golden of Windsor actually it will invest so yes here's how you can find long as I thought we only use a few lessons be present really admire this is old and slow the seal of a normal level of awesome that you hear is someone like that job really like the Hitler of event of that time is the enemy in the know was how you must switch so I will like anyone do something you can almost all every time sometimes that you know what I limited change in my life list of the Lord will definitely enjoy the something is yelled out all his life white is under your skin when you step on his righteousness makes it clear that yes you are sure on where you're supposed to be but because of his race he makes it up and you're not disqualify mapping of your own never both are stepped on while you walk chocolate on this room 's cheese I submitted my Jesus is not closely everything you're working in one day he is set Jesus Christ five how to mother the landing sacrifice for my policy when you think that except deliverance than what the world is saying another one about the newspaper the same exceptions ninth one bottle raise the roof off I'm going to say a prayer is also good for your dedication stood from tonight will spirit of God is working on the home that was Christians that is playing in the game are not being Christian the one with God at all rim set up at five five one one seven five posted November the amount which is a matter we Jesus I don't like how things fit in the malevolent Washington for the master is where move with God everything is about you guys thought about more right now we ask for your mercy and your father and I would work floor after you fall myself next month recognizing lower there is nothing about that the symbols homeworking the news yet Jesus Kings delivered the perfect likely died on the cross so that Eric walls and every other person in this room of the solvent model chance Bob Dotson that not one of us it's why not to do things that Bob .net us work out our salvage the intervention by receiving Jesus as more or less as one of all the people living here I bought myself another personal family issues finances are somewhat more new bus shown his Jesus in the


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