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The Gift: The 2nd Coming of the Holy Spirit, Part 2

Dwight Nelson


There will be no second coming of Jesus without first the second coming of the Holy Spirit. So what will it take for the Spirit's second coming to take place? And what needs to be happening in my life and God's church for us to be filled to the max with Him? It may not be as complicated as you first thought.


Dwight Nelson

Senior pastor of Pioneer Memorial Church in Berrien Springs, MI



  • December 29, 2011
    11:00 AM
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him him him him this message was presented to key wisely two thousand and eleven hundred other resources like this is the online menu I see where I had a nice added in an ELISA got it always you can understand why of all subjects Jesus gave attention to this was his number one number one six Holy Spirit because when you get the Holy Spirit Reagan didn't get me I can't even if they were demanding doesn't like that it's your advantage but I know I just can't be with you I'm too far away the one he comes he will glorify me he will bring my physical presence and sometimes you'll be praying you will be printing a you will sense the presence of Christ in that program that is that the Holy Spirit of the most humble like all three members of the Godhead the most common one being in the universe got is the most humble being in the universe we think of as a backup these the most machismo Iraq's interim and here now is not going to stay in an amount of that cave you listen for me from there enlightening earthquake fire and when it was just such Sarah 's defense can is is the writer visited three shows a day though being the humblest meaning universe even understand why once you may be the same way so that when we walk in the room the attention is not immediately on who we are but who we represent each about me walking the party about me in touch with the Senate 's Internet crowd they were laughing about makes up on a laptop via part of everything that's happening here is my intent is not to get you to think of me my intent somehow there to be an old opportunity for me to say were both virgins I am a disciple of Jesus if the disciple outside the mass you'll need a design that satisfied to be the master if the disciple outshine the master is at the front of the domestic NASA can't use I make disciples going all the world and make disciples of all nations so so what it what it was a guy draws us in the strategic plan of felicity this is that the final wrap on this study guides for the other two I want to go back along the back was surely something that we can do with Revelation eighteen one which is essentially a prophecy of the second coming of the Holy Spirit revelation eighty one is a prediction of the second coming of the Holy Spirit when the glory of Christ all initially to show you how that works on the back now to relation eighteen one I'm pulling a segment out of out of IgG rumors uneasiness any year we did that on Loma Linda together into thousand seven Tuesday pharmacology then she's the star daisies in Spokane Washington pharmacist South athletic background sunny change and this practical piece just at the end before we hurry off to we were not hiring off the line for her not I think of one reason it right and we had lunch because of you and the reckless anyway the granola without milk and use applesauce instead I went all over the place I think of this I love being in the identified even any that so yet again and applesauce on so if you did that you're not even hungry thankfully all is still digesting and so anyway were going to develop I will undoubtedly not a business article fifteen in the middle of it they are okay so naturally shaking one this is something any diseases and this is what was an attractive young hallucinating one after these things I saw another angel coming down from heaven having great authority and the earth was illuminated with his glory I would buy that the Bible we have give I was a pioneer in the highway just be shameless here and tell you that these teachings are on a website called Debbie WW p.m. church .tv this is sitting as a pulled out one of those this is from the rumors in the series and singular website job study guides there but I want to look at that ancient and look at what's going on here notice for John why is this is not something we were just terrified of English shouted but he was given Old Testament language independent address for a one letter that you think your job luckily my revelation is replete with Ezekiel have to worry a single right now he brought me to the game to game basis for what direction he's something in the East every morning what happened and he's every morning the sun is a so to speak the sun comes up in the eighties so is it just that I was brought to the gate of Jerusalem they think it is facing to the east and behold the glory of the God of Israel came from the way these so a figure is God 's glory is being shown as they want as a sunrise that's exactly right Ezekiel is being shown a sunrise a Simi Valley station that the glory of the God of Israel from the wind is his voice like the sound of many waters and don't read that and here is what word did you just read that line where users read that line as revelation taking money back to show you applicable verses on the screen together and beholden this is easy to the glory of the God of Israel came to the way these his voices like the sound of many waters and ears shown with the Lord I want to start early stage when we just read everything I saw another angel coming down any great authority and the earth was illuminated with his glory direct quotation we now know where John got revelation taking one he went back in the welding signal forty three that little little picture frame moment and I'm going to use that always requested all of his Holy Spirit and with Duncan on Ezekiel that well Holy Spirit is working on a nice collected at each school pulled by in two side-by-side tells us humanity now that the angel comes down to the angel comes down to is conclusively losing the video and easy to forty three and out as the NATO comes down and revelation anyone is got to be the same one is about as I was about as diesel one of speaking an eclectic and I rarely there remember that Lindsay needs in areas that voice out of the out of the fiery burning bush the I am is a gun is there is going Moses is facing is in a in the church and asked me who sent me what you like and I rarely turn has gotten his close VIM Jesus corner in the Temple by the by the prelates one a Pharisee and the religious hierarchy they began the young Nazareth teacher Courtney 's post in the Temple Jesus is standing his ground is our day something is what you know about Abraham the makers of the journey forty inch on a fifty eight before Abraham was I now same boy now we know that for think of Jesus himself Michael the Archangel is Jesus Michael is the pre- incarnate Christ of the way it felt like the why behind the Reformation Martin Luther was the voice and my point was even shot and Luther leaned heavily on the way I thought my questions we agree Jesus is Christ has always been the intermediary between the throat of the universe and creation suddenly feeling when angels shall look like an angel by the way funds are at the heart is going to run gases do not enter from the powwow whatsoever me I am an angel angel Michael just another and I should be even told but the but the fact that Michael appears like some reviews say they might has always been God with us Mark amazes like the figures that you would like God or the question who is like I either ladies Emmanuel God with us same one when he comes he takes on our form otherwise that's a Christ as he will bear our form for every man five hundred ninety two lives to service one else scar for organization Reverend you will become my name for ever but they let you that doesn't give you an exalted if that doesn't portray you the exalted status of the human the human race has been elevated to the throne of the turn the human race of sinners we are all sinners and we've been elevated to the level of Almighty God 's human means is on the front of it a few Monday night an angel being citizens is fully randomly got off I noticed Michael turned human so so here is a list of the glory of a luminaire in Ezekiel forty three fragrance and Gloria did not deserve the glory of Christ the revival the second coming of the Holy Spirit meeting and the glory of Christ exploding processor okay so you know now let's talk about the sunrise as the sun coming up Malachi four do not feel fear my name the sun of righteousness shall rise with healing feelings of that the sun is the son of God 's righteousness Sun of righteousness this glory days anyways I see his son coming to send them information while it is a great writing the whole earth is so emblazoned his rising sun we suppose it is easy scones might not have four deuces you got that right he is the nephew and he is legal is not arguable in segregation for Versace is giving us reimburses to be intensely practical moment string of versus equity is four six four eight is that God who commanded the light to shine out of darkness who was shallow Erhard to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God where does God 's glory shine the brightest what is it saying there in the face of Jesus Christ isn't that amazing the face glory shines in the face of Jesus Christ that's why Jesus is the quintessential pass the nudist ease these pauses when he was either going to say that it had a lifetime of darkness is a usual if you looking to Jesus face you see his glory and watch this guys keep on in relation if you want to have Ezekiel forty three children now have segregation the former system but one more person than before whenever something I make this point of glory shines best and brightest in the face of Jesus was a bargain Asa let's go live who when I want to say before that's asked how LI wrote these words this isn't as the treasures of wisdom and knowledge are open to all people and were not like if it were possible for thousands of the most gifted man with you tomorrow night only twenty four seven two seventy four Jesus always a force so that they can give people on this one is an twenty four seven telling us about Jesus even if you could study portrays NASA 's charms they wouldn't exhaust the subject the brightest minds on this planet with rules agencies couldn't exhaust such is an exhaustive search that glory will reignite his glory this one was Emmanuelle got it never discusses as white as four thirteen in the great and it is the bumbling fumbling here and you son of your son of thunder the attitude vision by Peter and John are based everywhere they show up visual together you find here John showing up on the John's Gospel Lucas showing up to date obviously John is young Peter is a seasoned fisherman but the truth is somehow clicked it just hung together and share ministering as forward air arrest for having healed them never they going to the gate beautiful limited by announcement of our report there comes a latch the visit to the that's all I look like computers wanted by the most dot and finally deal with your jungle do you know where Peter and John were going in ask three the goal for their going to prayer it afternoon prayer evening prayer in the afternoon evening prayer is that somewhere this is England when you ask to Justice Thomas Southern librarian stuff happens when you are affirming our relationship when you headed in the right direction they're going to prayer meeting at the northeastern end by like a beautiful hall that is a that is a she eludes an understatement because this case Carmen I wasn't from some of my in LA with the old silver the afternoon sun shining on a beautiful seventy feet tall afternoon sun shining on the new and may not be right about seventy people were at the sun shining on a new book exists in a blaze is absorbed by so here is a smart guy by the way even the delay since birth he has to make in the something scratching every day somebody who loves in France have been out of order but somehow these vegetable legs he squawked the lady Palm out if you travel in the ECC of all the time puts upon the passage on Tora Bora is only running through the same paper there are any from your pocket Outlook for all the rapport and beer giant is going to petition the government has done up right and good there halfway up the stairs a staff and they see that man that vegetable specimens of it to other human beings shriveled up and down the stairs you and your recipient it goes like this gadabout endowing on anyone and take initiative because I was of the word because they know what the Spirit is an enemy season they look like to pass on me were talking for but the man's Hargreaves when Peter gets right up there is nothing a man is right up there the Mennonites are scary and he says Silver will and God 's eye she could tell by looking at these guys talk about silver is a settlement of having on drugs and can lead to country functions wasted my time yeah as soon remove an item in salary nine nine but such as I have I give you the name of Jesus answered to and that that triple success looks in the face of the big fish and there is just enough liquor in our and somewhere and an act three says Peter reaches down resident only rich somewhere between down and up electricity ships those who are several things and before he gets in the full suit two strong legs and the price goes bananas because everybody sings in money and the other day that will ask you if you are a man and you know what happens the crowd was released in theaters as regions on any scale oh they came into a measurement now it is illegal in her name is Mary and Jesus a man who knew was a Friday and he will lose and is alive in all my renown author going on the authorities and an error is one big mass is appearing jobs and boys arrest those two mumbling fish and is the weakest guy was outside its curse now when they saw the boldness of the Radeon and perceive the Republicans never been to school what that means is ended the rabbinical school and the December as a means they were uneducated and untrained men they are and they realize I cannot visit and they took notes that these men they could not voice an opinion Ramses FL yes that's oh Ilya Masterson to have your devotions might logo seventy brings him up for us but you want to do going to be alone Jesus be with their personal data he will bring a very very since the presence of Christ in you you will you will believe that you are in his press on so that happening here and Jesus is a little odd to be operative here and in the intensive practical and I want to do this is the segment is reversed taking jotted down to one of the text so far I like the city to remember of in Revelation eighteen one Earth explodes revelation on the music of forty three to you know there is for the glory of Christ the sunrise and the center-right is not high for two to none other than Jesus self we then went to the necessity went to that Griffey is forsaken to ignore the innovative diseases and yes always a Marine invasive Jesus Serna with the next activity we did have a little and then the next asked back for thirteen now watch this guy but we all went unveiled face beholding as in a one we all have this from the new living because little easier flowing we all unveiled face beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord we remain transformed into the same image from glory to glory just as by the spirit of the Lord somewhere in another something amazing about mirrors mirrors will reflect what is pointed out there are mirrors reflect what they are pointed at having their wavelet is natural not visited another limitations restoring it up in Holland Michigan the massacres and his member the Holland Michigan seven answers it is that the church a few years ago we went up and when we do about Barbara and should like an signature job level of the development soldiers and bioethicists love going to church and so he sources New Jersey's as I say one thing about the the rest 's line on the real customer restroom for me to see when you see him all this is violent to see this one so existing right here in an article that would be what you call before you are right so stand right here so there's an engineering is a woman's room there and the doors in all the sellers want to mention with this so when you open the door to measure there is any wall right so you can see right is the one that will run along right this is where you make the architect forgotten a little calculation and we put the mirror above the sinks on the side you can stand united they see the mirror as he was behind a wall which is not good news I know what they ended up having to do to rectify the centimeters ball is an annual whatever Amir responded that it will reflect plan was for a bloody year to reflect that the salon under the policy we all asked as he is in a skill is in a mirror the glory the Lord remained friends were looking into this one whose faces in the meter I write it down it's a long narrative they never reflect themselves they reflect the wonderful music a nearly eleven engineers looking at itself it were going really believe it was a mere seven thousand meters you can do mirrors and I pointed you so reflect cyclic and we're disappointed you and you see you the question is when Jesus comes to us where our mirrors where our mirrors if there pointed in when others walking there what do they see the sand but here's what it means a mere mile I pointed me to the papacy when I walked in the room me all I said in a morning worship now the whole I sent a morning worship is to recalibrate the mirror of your life so that it points straight at the center righteousness and easily agitated she reminded me when you finally figure out mere words you even do this analysis unlike the is across the room and is a nice hemisphere Internet is a distant aggressive music and the Senate how many have the remarriages millionaire it's a labyrinth that this will think that God is perfect and lot your mother 's reading worship this is where we must freely worship reading a devotional and that so you got this thing and you can see when and who is able to grasp her visual sister he got it just right and you just bring down half hour foresee a new north there he decided that the last time she has no idea is this thing on her head on into the flight and then you just drop it one more millimeter and when you do I intervene as since this is why why what glory that you have been near ingested so was facing the sun and just the right angle that sun was shining right in Europe that's a lot of the mirrors they will reflect what their pointed act so guys we could talk about the second allows her to remove the face we pray for a pointless print this reprint of course we pray as our later this weekend but there was something that we can take all of us and here is the take-home part now I want you to set up a time seven days a week for the rest of your life when the meter is recalibrated every morning to be pointing straight the face of Jesus in his horny mother the day yet it is good if you give your driver three in the County of Bay City and I'm finding a job or doesn't move everything on my and your stock and you have those less than charitable thoughts for the individual that may earn it was pointed to for a few months ago about going out to etch and then your family your roommate because I told him by name of they guys are mirrors are going anywhere but I think I'm because I been to a series of events will be very unseemly attempt she should metadata anyone is rid of me the care is not this is not going to want to get up in the morning the whole point of having this time is near her time alone Jesus is his ability to go she should shut and then he calibrates so that is right it is pointed straight at the sun of righteousness so that when I walked out of there and they take note that the sun is reflected in what manner the second apologist to make and behold the glory of God is automated about that because notice who is the back notice who brings the glory of God just like the last line if the spirit of the Lord is bringing glory to us the Holy Spirit in our recalibrate that might help turn your matter how turn your is and how to turn ERI is applied and he loved him all day is why they're all a and saying that we do rose a in line is long as of course we learn the students is missing in the him there is turn your eyes to her command on you and the things of earth what happened to them they're no longer in the mirror why is I got appointed Jesus Guang Sun of righteousness second coming of the Holy Spirit latter rain all about being alone with Jesus seven days a week now there goes Alice it is precisely what Miller this is the art are great spiritual forefather William Miller wrote these words when he discovered his as I was constrained to admit of the Scriptures must be a revelation from God they became my delight when we came in holy Scripture your modifying holy Scripture when you're looking for Jesus whole new paradigm shift your bona fides as when you now say I can't find an argument from the state of the dead some arguing I come across in the text now you don't go to the Scriptures and worship time for that you go to the Scripture so that you might turn your eyes upon Jesus at my doing just as game against the suggestive unit if you have not had a strong prayer life on a daily basis seven days a week they do not go to Genesis I'm suggesting that you go to for books that are high concentrate megadoses of Jesus and what those four books me Matthew Mark Luke John that someone suggest a cause histamine among my office they're passengers burned out in any universe and man I'm trying so caught up in his academic game shots it out of the cost is a tenant is for you Kenneth Anand on any datagrams became a Reagan promised did you commit to ten minutes a day ten minutes a day just you and Jesus alone no one Donna Shirley ten minutes a day to you here do I see you given up our Christmas break and be here your highly motivated you know that you're a highly motivated crowd this weekend not ten minutes for you thirty minutes for you I tell my creatures of the seminary minimum one hour for you one hour you and many others whatever thirty minutes I motivated this but this is small as I can because I don't want you so sure I'm not limited as a writer that way I can come up with an attack rubbish you can come up with that kind of time but I don't want to start I want to put too much unusable you won't even start for you thirty minutes thirty has begun just like that are about to show you the gun just like that don't worry about the time one is not a problem time by the way as somebody once said about prayer when it comes to prayer is not mind over matter it's mind over matter interests you just got to get out of the van is getting out they had everybody has the same amount of time every day twenty four hours nobody gives more nobody gets less on the same so you make a determination are usually not always has rated the descriptions was a revelation from God they became my delight and in Jesus I found a friend of the Savior became related shapes among ten thousand in the Scriptures was before were dark and contradictory now became the length of my feet and the like tonight at present telling the Scripture will come alive to you your knockout if you're not been doing a each article I promise the new year well yes you know me there may be someone that sometimes you and I want to have breakfast and verse ten represent a white homemade granola sliced banana done with it a some silk milk on top of it two pieces of toast with peanut butter and raspberry jam my life is utterly predictable him and if I get that I'm into the day so that my breakfast all the time okay so it's a great breakfast there some days I went when I had an emergency kit out of the house now somebody is in crisis fly I may I may just grab movies from Louise 's it has a one second shelf life in the blue one is noted in his hometown however the present if so I get this on the Saudi mold exists this is all there will be days like that when you have worship which is softly one second shelf life spinoff but when I get more like that who I long around town and visit of the road if they go again I'm a failure represent him never ate breakfast again you can tomorrow measuring and that one is awaited emotional and even asked Sunday's religious mouse to write home about today is a three run home out anyway but some days like that don't don't fall apart I'm married to the most wonderful girl the world for thirty seven years a huge are not guys I so Karen had been married to the syntheses of the matrimonial college hello there and remember themselves I play I just tell you an intimate American diabetes it is not a honeymoon twenty four seven for the rest of your life there are some days when it doesn't feel like I if you're not married yet to let that discourage him and because when you're not married every day is not like I'm so that so the point is guys there's some days when you can learn much in love and marry in this amazing audience likely by Clement married it the problem is a lot of below plow I hated a service that's enough I wasn't not three years and you don't you you made a commitment to each other relationships are to be based on romance Romance got acquired knowledge and fires him because the relational question and commitment to each other and it is how I water it is a matter were together misunderstood Jesus a single there's some days when you just have to feel like a whole Lotta anything going between me and Jesus fulfilled that some days he spends with you review the same way how do I get his relationship which I hope this changes nice villas at the great thing about Jesus it is the love and no matter what you and I don't eliminate were very temperamental they longer I love anything about it I'm not so sure about energies until we grow to individual displays the status and Joe were you walk with God so long that even though he is in place now still trust me that's where you really start a riot takes a long time to get there don't feel bad you know Udell on window you know when it is your you know you don't know yet long way to go and you have all that energy on vision subconscious loves in adults and seven morning right into my teaching I'm just saying that Israel is more our share with you what I believe you are strategic you you were prophetically predicted that predicted you would come at this time you watch so that they can interview you make an event so you know where that is practices are worth worth that I let some others are we all found a surprise long as he ultimately this is the revival of the William Miller was his binary files watched the notice is description of the revival anyway I pray for revival that an amateur I've read that Wilson great leader calling insureds revile Reformation come on guys let's go let's go you want to see a revival of the one that began this movement is a template with the considering all found peace in Christ long as the other sure the blessing is back in the right revival the hearts of parents returned to their children are the children of the parent Malachi for the Mary's replied reserves were swept away heartfelt confessions were made and members of the household labor for the salvation of those who are nearest and dearest event is dispatched I got mine off to save our lives to save my lost parents that a sailor lost siblings it is theirs 's passion to be working best in the millwright revival now watch this one more line of all the great religious movements since the days of the apostles which are not sympathetic of all the religious movements as the days of the apostles the more free from human imperfection and the wiles of Satan it was that of the arm of eighteen forty four how that was read soon Christ statue rated five in no analysis is that the apostolic revival Pentecost his ministry is amazing I think on her one advantage of gap itself maybe I escorted check it out they conversely for one so this passage willy-nilly have for Jesus the heart so here's apparently a break and then share with you know how to do is a great-grandmother way axis thirty three eighteen this is Moses speaking to God he says please owed God show me your glory as in the new King James I have in the King James my little girl when she was still home to grant a computer secrecy just type up this text recorded in a nice Gothic organized border around it and so she did one copy in my prayer journal and the other on the wall where I where I go I have a prayer for the closet not really a closet but it's where I go my prayer time everyday so I have been on a wall IDCs field not attempting to IBC 's field guide show me thy glory for calico language understanding gains a lot of the time is why his new translations but I like the language there I beseech thee O God shown by short police pictures please show me your glory in every day you go into your prayer closet with that practice thirty three eighteen I believe that all honor that prayer I believe usually of glory not some sort of slump handwriting on the walls sort of way not just the quiet assurance that God and you've been talking I beseech thee O God show me thy glory okay area for leisure prayer of the naked green artwork by way Nathan Green is a greater things in our community I I have this picture of Christ on the intercessor Lawrence Jesus over the coverage of the years and I should put that up for you guys in my preaching class but that of your request this reminder Jesus the prayer pray here the intercessor the same Jesus please only are going to faith in Jesus every morning to go here in zero prayer closet time guys I'm not worried for you not one moment okay so I wanted something I could take home something start January one continue no matter why how I'm feeling just as coming to thirty minutes my way before us but put it out into the same place in these the same place day where you have your prayer every day it's been the same place don't you change the place because we are very curious as were curious creatures as human beings the longest in a new place you're analyzing a ring around and if you have a proclivity as many of you who are keeping your room clean the house clean looking around all works you may be distracted you and I was in place for you every day leave you forgot to see them coming you just become so familiar to you no longer concentrate on the print or the pattern the rug just do not go back to the same place so you shall borrow somebody or dormitory room at a place where you're away from your roommate you can do it in the draft he can't do it in the trap it's just it's it's it's on private you need some place to twelve o'clock you will gain wealth just remember go to the same place of burial guy hairy don't we go anyone interested in as we get to the place and fifty one full story reminds an effort in this and you have been doing this on a seven-day week basis and I might give you an assignment one gospel story today not restore the faith of the Jefferson Davis once during the three versus eight versus one and all you want is one story that violently to know because when you refill your confusion what is the word from God for me in this in this passage was sorry guys one taking one miracle one paramount one answer that one stories via via walking on the water could read it again every time you go back to the story the Holy Spirit will manifest during you where you are at this moment is supernaturally done mine but it will happen to you you would hear stuff out a story you never heard even a thousand dollars in the story because you know it do it sequentially then you know that you're not picking your message for the day the spirit is big message for you much better to do one story from the gospel every morning reread your electronic burgomaster be done once first I think you like twenty five seconds maybe forty seconds to reach not really believe it so you wanting you want to be there you want to watch Jesus the whole point is turn your eyes upon Jesus where we decided we turn your eyes upon Jesus loving Jesus let the seeing you know you want to see your smell I want to taste you want to feel it that's fine you need to be there with Jesus that this mind being a witch was also in Christ Jesus you design raises page eighty three by the way which says anything about our everyday desire of ages says that a letter imagination grasp each scene from the life of Jesus so I'm getting a wiper that let our imagination grasp each see especially the closings are the imagination grasp each scene that means let the imagination see it smell it touch you watch to memory or near never care what Jesus RI guy and you're asking yourself this question what does this sound want to does this thread right now for our time through one this is very coming of Jesus and I promise you that something will come out of your come come gurgling out of your very soul when it will be an impression take the impression I'm not saying you getting direct messages from God you're getting direct impressions from the Holy Spirit take the impression anything a human honest about that that appears during you so gung ho to jump out of the boat realize going in the same way I was ready to jump out and about try something new you can make it replaces the like down on your face why don't you learn Peter 's last meeting he drives these it sucks whatever is out of our elevated history do what you say something to you what the story telling him I say reducing up guys here the last one this is the last one here is where it's different than anything you've got a lucky writing energies taken out I think your iPhone think I had out here which he used to write an e-mail to Jesus I don't have an address but you write the e-mail anyway but that e-mail is a little punitive little folder on your laptop just blue folder on your iPad the full what happened when you writes you send Mary gazing your mind I just got just meditated an hour writing duties and realize how much like Mary I really I want to do something big for you I hurried into the room all the guys around me I go weak start sobbing left school and make myself and I hear you say that Mary what this woman is not only told that for the rest of Christian history in the Gospels Jesus when I do for you please honor a copy of units in the type of nightmares for a speech of the FLSA in his life writing write an e-mail meet a single that if you kneel down years you sound asleep number one in the morning you're not this will keep your mind focused on that one story and a new writing e-mail it's arriving that people respond to letters from e-mails and people of the world a doing this now wants its records it's revolutionized my prayer life I promise you it will change your prayer life you will never be the same again because something will be happening in that engagement of writing money and adults anything goes with Tom 's even diseases of the foundation is so guys that's it by the way I many of them drafted at Yemeni and them perky and presence of Almighty God himself putting her face pray for the people that you have it I keep a daily gorilla seven longer present and daily prayer list and daily presence I like emergency room for request for you salvation healing water back to China with those giant thirty minutes if God was gone long ago so guys Lord Jesus has called you for such kindnesses made over forty Gopher broke her hand and when you come out to verify some of the world where you live and take note that you two had been with Jesus the name of its monkeys say it one more time in return you dismiss it as you want to see this important ministry said the vintage inspired young by Bible makes presented Christians to download moment just to the resources visit the online and see what you see when launching


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