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The Gift: Taste Them Again for the First Time, Part 2

Dwight Nelson


How can writings a century old possibly impact my third millennial life? And if I were serious enough to check them out, how would you suggest I begin? It may not be as complicated as you first thought.


Dwight Nelson

Senior pastor of Pioneer Memorial Church in Berrien Springs, MI



  • December 30, 2011
    11:00 AM
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him him him him this message was presented to FG Y Z two thousand and eleven other resources like this is online menu I see where I had a I standing that English is that everything is another laptop is real and what our role that in just a moment a chance to settle back in the day to act Ellen Gabriel assist right before you hit it the replay they roll the tape here you want to the app store and you found an apt in this document my microphone what is the apt that you found cold and white answers completely free at the outdoor otherwise it is or what I would have liked at all that would meet my friend John Lake so you get the Apple and iTunes on your iPhone Gabe or just show me the table of contents a mumble mumble mumble mumble all the subjects are fed a white Bible and a white life is interpreting a white judge nor plagiarism miscellaneous charges are being held charges of the white author subscribe of the links look alike under fire the whole book is there you got your book you have to buy the book wow thank you Gabriel drifts up on the App Store LN answers that first website that there is under study guide no one answers with the App Store has as great aren't women who were paroled this now Gabriel has nation 's rich and I want to just to listen this godly man eliciting and when you heard hello my preaching and praying and remember as you're listening to this Jesus statement a good tree can't bear bad fruit and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit so when you hear the frontage trust me you conclude she can only be one tree in July I want I saw in Colorado and will will and will and you will a will and will is an out and is now in he will visit a eye is on the ground and assign will will will will is my pride and you live in I was sitting in a and you and will and she is in the Bible and in a message is is is is is is mother I will just as long as it started to rain on her know I will buy in but when she is pretty boy and will remove you from this conversation all morning unusual and original you are a failure to verify life is all about but through all the confusion I shoot right through the writing on that talk about a measure in folders and was using on my site as well in I'm here is not how I will will will a personal community environment with a yellow and proceeded in my heart and my how is a is a member of the church in a you will and you will have as much as forgotten all about and she was in and I will give you we we believe there is the trouble is reviled in sugars reviling a question he and Richard but when you pray on earth and a and will guide in hand as a teenager sitting fifteen view way from this woman so where we go from here I would say the best part the last and I want to plunge into this now with you because this is where it gets practical Sony just walking and for the first time and that the seminar dynamic standing guys evolve and handed out new to have anything in addition we all have the store now we have some summit is at the moment on a listened yes-men and the study guide website www. answers .tv right there in the series against the last four presentations are devoted to Ellen White and the presentations we had to yesterday to this morning we've had the first one this morning how come to the last portion takes him again for the first time when I was then when I was a kid in the church school leaders to have a time in the day when the tedious ARI wasn't really have show and tell that out in the school you went to showing to evaluate you find about something wait at least now I have what I want to show solid handle of the show until here before we plunge into this final teaching and wouldn't you know it to have ongoing share with you both from the sun from cyberspace Christian science Monitor there and that the respected news organization out of Boston Massachusetts and now run a website the Christian science Monitor website with CS Monitor .com here's a headline I noticed that it is not for real education reform take a cue from the Adventists or why you think I stand by that read the story would you of course so let me just read you a line or two amid all the buzz on education reform the seventh and the school system might seem unexpected place to look for models in improving student achievement a biasing a mind body and spirit and schools outperform the national average across all demographics or now I'm really curious education reform this is by writer Elisa Kindle education reform is taken center stage lately as Americans struggle to close the optimum end achievement gap Obama I'm still not enough in the wily permit the second-largest Christian school system in the world on the way raising out a little flat went to his woman second-largest Christian school system in the world is that they are performing national average across all demographics listen in this fifth two thousand six as a part of a common cognitive Genesis study data on more than fifty thousand students enrolled in seven dampness schools with examine why would one believe in the effectiveness of the holistic approach and the schools they want to quantify empirically how well students inhabit schools perform are for your independently financed study showed that student at the schools outperform their peers at the national average in every subject area our research shows the demographic at the schools are closest close to that of public schools because something within you you run all these private schools because you have a high-quality education and private schools but the demographics show that in fact and this was a closer than those of other schools with high economic and social economic diversity or not the somehow one class school enrollment is open many students are admitted without the kind of screening for ability that many of the other private schools ploy in the church in North America runs a lot of thousand schools many of which are small and rural we found no relationship between the size of the school the students attended an achievement so if you have kids earrings a little country corner someday don't disparage that little country school the results are the same agency instead more like software Gavin Denison vanished we believe it lies in the holistic approach of these schools a commitment to educating mind body and spirit unlike public schools and schools across the country and the standard curriculum includes a traditional 3Rs along with emphasis on spiritual and physical development is there is a coherence I cannot think I have a school that doesn't often exist in other systems last line to reform in the public school system will take hard work and innovation but the address provide a model that can help reformers get the reset button and in an amazing where do that where did that concept of church school come from from the little lady is the subject of our reflective thinking here by their fruits Jesus said you know them the largest Protestant parochial school system on earth raisin my little woman who went nine years of age because of the tragic accident had to drop out of what is with that by their fruits you to send another update that's one headline question of a headline this one with the lighting is so good upon this room did you see what I have in my hand it had nothing to grab the tomatoes as a geographic so I get this National Geographic magazine and it says the secret of living longer I got my attention so I don't look under the okay here it is what I send you the feature article author right what if I said you could add up to ten years to your life a long healthy life is no accident begins in the genes but it also depends on good habits if you got the right lifestyle experts say chances are you may live up to a decade longer so what's the formula for success in recent years researchers have found out across the globe we went to Sardinia Italy we went okay now Japan and we went to a place called Loma Linda California order to place and we studied a group of seven p.m. and is ranked among America's longevity All-Star so I is forget about Sardegna is forgiven okay now known as part of Japan were Osborne I use resist the urge to read that section is revisiting him research born during a air of 19th-century health reform to popularize organized vegetarianism the graham cracker and breakfast cereals John Harvey Kellogg was inhabited we started making wheat flakes probably heard of those visa families churches always preached and practiced a message about this evening it expressly forbids smoking alcohol consumption and eating delivery unclean foods such as port it also discourages a consumption of other meat rich foods caffeinated drinks and us it also discourages the consumption of the meets rich foods caffeine drinks and stimulating condiments and spices grains fruits nuts and vegetables constitute the diet chosen by chosen for us by our Creator wrote Alan why an early figure out should be administered and is also observed the Sabbath on Saturday socialize with other church members and join a sanctuary time and helps relieve stress today most advanced follow the prescribed lifestyle and testimony perhaps the power of mixing health and religion in that something to national headlines and one when they have in common both of the result of diminishing the limit likely to his woman in the nineteenth century the largest Protestant health system on earth thanks their vision isn't that something is assumed by their fruits you will know them out we just noted a moment ago that what's amazing about how the divine inspiration works is not so much what the inspired one borrows its what the inspired one leaves out so I got this book so many of you like action of the book written by an Australian I read an air nose and throat specialist Linda McMahon and Loma Linda University biologist researcher named Leonard Brand and examine how my healthy chocolate with their words on the screen to do I have this NASA got a get out of this memorandum Don McMahon the critics claims that Ellen White's writings can be explained as originating from strictly human sources do not stand up to critical valuation Doctor Donna McMahon 's research reveals a dramatic difference in quality between Mrs. White's health principles and those advocated by other health reformers in the eighteen hundred and so I'm looking at their book and he put a half unless a list of health reforms that were advocated in the time of the Elimite wrote so what Sylvester Graham to be heard if so Mister Grannis and health reformer 19th-century here is material that he recommended to his readers don't heat your house again that is a mood to do that that's through though naked without one really does make sense don't rock the baby to sleep I can sleep don't drink water D it would you get your liquids only from fruit asset Mister Gray is it is a health reform and William Alcott where very little clothing even when it's cold trilinear Michigan he knew that I appreciate they canceled don't use eyeglasses don't cover children crying is good for them that is for those of you live in Florida if this is for those in another Florida and California avoid sweating and hot weather is reviewed it avoids letting you to be healthier RIP is a is a health reformer named Larkin Coles avoid excessive spitting was incurred him rock sound great on what was going on there don't nurse babies at night drink a little water don't wear black rubbing the body with the handle sensitive for a bath I don't know where this was that comes from that what Ludwig mayonnaise but mundane and and brain are noting is in this when you compare all that was being offered at the time this little woman is writing health principles sums on here she doesn't take any of that nonsense Incorporated harassing out this difference indicates that Mrs. White and health information that could not have come LA's none of this is front to scientists right albeit and scientists don't you listen carefully this this difference indicates that Mrs. Whitehead health information that could not have come from any human source available anywhere at the time she lived and wrote at least in the area of health our research has provided evidence that demand extra biblical extra human source of information to account for the accuracy of her principles is an amazing all of the solutions skip skip skip skip skip is okay stop already but I was filming how would she know exactly I was living God who is this was a great health reformer if the Almighty himself if you diligently he is God speaking if you diligently the voice of the Lord your God and do what is right in his site give ear to his commandments and keep all his statutes I will put none of the diseases on you which I have brought on the Egyptians for I am the Lord who does what I am the Lord who he was you amazing even up to a ten year inventing skin and now it's being shown at the healthful lifestyle advocated by the other woman has a ten year demand is the rest of human society maybe the government may be our Creator really does know our bodies best and he has counsel for those who wish the tenure grandson about you but it does look as if were looking at Jesus coming later than we thought I want that tenure matters that Medicare doesn't want the tenure match their art but the dramatic Apocalypse now Jason again for the first time that I need there there is something I'm I need you to catch before we look at the bodily another bit of research the powerful empirical test of reading away but it has on your life and your spirituality before that on the back to a revelation relationship to twelve verse one revisited this for a moment now great sign appeared in heaven all woman clothed with the sun with the moon under her feet and on her head a garland of twelve stars I love this picture and so when I can good chance of that but other than artists portrayal of that woman she standing on Lucy 's clothing in the sun Garland of twelve stars was one representative refresh my memory she represents the charity of your woman represents the impure woman representing the interchurch apostate church good so here just as I saw this one wow this will was going on here degrading and being with child the one became pregnant she cried out in labor and paying to give birth restraint and less old and the second sign of the sign behold a great I reread Dragon having seven heads and ten horns and seven items on his hands and I went to Google as a Google finding the most ferocious dragon you have and here's what Google gave me and then it is an Dragon voice so you will you are paying an online misunderstanding of unknown in Garland Madeleine Garland staff on us and the Greek word for God is not from whence comes the word Stephanie R Stephen it means that Garland and victory it's what the Olympians were crowned with a little greenery they were crowned with when they when they were one and the prevailed so she had the winners crowned on but yes she's pregnant and I seem to land seven halves one all and tell you a third of the stars of heaven she was an earlier and the dragon stood before the woman who was ready to give birth to devour chatting to see that salivating yeah the Senate has all aware ready to consume the child is born but looks she bore a male child who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron a messianic picture straight out of Psalm two a child without a God Dragon missions the story felt that one line your Christmas in Calgary and at one of moment childhood on the one about the woman who banners for the woman and the woman fled into the wilderness where she has a place prepared by God the patient reader their one thousand two hundred and sixty days a day amount roughly equals one year twelve hundred sixty years is in the dark these are the Middle Ages star and repressive lighting Middle Ages she's hiding the true churches and ninety now when the dragons on the human cast in the beard he persecuted the woman who gave birth to the male child in the drawing was enraged only and the dragon was enraged with a woman and he went to make war with the rest their offspring the random number seed who keep the commandments of God him the testimony of Jesus Christ the possessions to possessions dynamics the running community a candidate may keep the commandments of God this is one possession of being to God radical obedience to God but they possess something and notice what is exaggerated out onto me and I have what I may have the testimony of Jesus is a question is a question we need to be asking after yesterday we quickly correct we quickly study Revelation nineteen in an and the relation for a job at nineteen just nineteen up again just to remind us for the testimony of Jesus is what the ladies and gentlemen the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy so I need to ask you why has been dragging from the very beginning being so in range over the gift of prophecy why is he in to destroy the spirit of prophecy identify guys from church to reveal his interceptions good tells us about Jesus Mary Vegas hitman points out Jesus bringing him into the church very good I go running every morning at six thirty I run 5K during the week and can dance on the Greenaway I get get that in a new not this time of the year in Michigan anyway since there is more experts black so I run not just with a reflective vest on the runner friend of mine gave me but I also run the length of the housing plan if I have the flashlight in my hand I feel relatively safe this day this happened about six weeks ago so I'm running and I happen and it's pointing ahead and I hear behind me and every runner just freezes when she hears her years as I hear the sound of nails on pavement scrambling and I know that there's something coming on the very fast and it's probably a dog and it was pitch black and I had this drove and I will around just like that as a German shepherd about eight feet from me with his actions only download what I signed that lighting is ice-skating to stop and raced off and I'm pumping adrenaline out for three days just it's just like that get over it I had things to get my arts out that I was awful but I was waiting in my hand I had that halogen light that guy was long or whatever was in the dark it was near his territory just about having his made it he needs you so I wrote this life when I had the light is why I refrain you know why because if I have disliked what is a like new for me I was still ahead of me the line exposes the lies immediately upon when I shine it it exposes what's ahead so that when I get to it I'm not surprised sometimes I run and I added this to Eileen my class I offer I see a dark spot in the road I tell you what runners just to see all kinds of stuff and when you see a dark spot you think it was this an animal lying there you have to have the light if the light is in your possession you can you give focusing you can turn into what's in front of you you can turn you sure in the future will be brought to nation and you will be able to see what's coming if I want Dragon and I would recommend I would bring also enhanced in the air on flooding out that life at any cost because that halogen light of the apocalypse the halogen light of the spirit of prophecy exposes the modus operandi of the Dragon is that she got me into this if I were the Dragon talk about health I would have people laugh at some of the little standards that once were part of our lifestyle what else I have people say he doesn't matter not everybody does Starbucks come on what's the big meal I knew you want I wouldn't want them to know about the effects the oven induced log into the system I would just as the psychiatric units because I can get them to lower their standard here then I can get them to just drop it down here then I would get them to just lower down here then I get them to drop it down here and pretty soon they lost their sensitivity to fill a halogen light that warned the generation here but I have to have the clearest mind that any generation history of humanity at your love have to have alignment thank you that have never even have to have a system of health that can survive I just work on all the peripherals they're all looking over here the light was meant to expose this but they're not using the flashlight for that anymore I was a dragon as I do in my saying on the basis of what goes between my lips apparently Dan what is the question yes and then the movie resolved and resolved not to watch at anything that was counterproductive to his relationship a guy I guess the point if are the Dragon I have to strategy strategy number one is an aesthetic argument the strategy number one I would rather see author is lousy like to get rid of that halogen lights I would ravage the author and her writing so that no one will reader I have so many cyberspace websites I would be attacking her from every angle I could because I to put the light house I have to get the light at the light is green my eyes and see me I've got to kill the light sensors and what I would ravage the author in writing so that no one will reader admire the strategy would be equal and opposite strategy number two I would overemphasize the author and her writings so that no one will reader it away I went that it is imminent from want is a great help these kids know they're not really and all this technical debate about what the apologists of bringing up right now but there sank in a subsequent hearing her answers that I don't want anything to do with her at the brain strategy better way overkill already healed I don't want to have a generation baby boomers now and I'm a baby boomer it was overkill when we were growing up so we overcompensated and for our children we under so so I had a generous three thousand five hundred give the commander University most of those hello you know you then this is now safe is the worst guys in their strategy you're right Jesus is giving you that intellect that you have taken you don't believe the way to go go to either extreme hold that you test all things alone again Donovan Sanders who is the namesake of the university where I had the privilege of pastoring right my motorway first missionary and that's why the system for school higher education and in the denomination 's name of the universe University named after the first missionary Jonathan Zanders he wrote something on a hemodynamic point in November seventeen eighty three fifty rather eighteen seventy review and Herald and is laid out twenty short points to express oneself and us believe about the biblical teaching spiritual gifts and home life prophetic ministry is currently the point only lasted a half dozen rebounds how this may help point salt number nineteen this is the point is number nineteen one of the chief gifts of the Spirit of God that he got his place in the New Testament church is a gift of prophecy writers versus Nitschke and Andrews goes on the Bible connects with the closing work of this dispensation be in the mid- Arena community of faith the radical apocalyptic Canadian landscape spiritual gives do not therefore ceased to be of importance in the sight of God knowing that to his two people watch this and that the masses and that message which is to accomplish the perfecting of the saints and to fit them for translation has to spirit I connected with it and speaking out in the management of its work okay so what is pulling his leg spiritual gifts the New Testament clearly teaches will be in existence all we just before Jesus comes those guess is that we and operation in Panama refining and here's where the balance comes analogous finally in the reception of members into our churches are I saw somebody new enjoying how to communicate will bring a man finding out we desire on this subject to know two things is what you asked your friend is the thing the Bible Fran wants to become a party can you think to think his and her sister things we ask number one that they believe the Bible doctrine spiritual gifts the Bible teaches spiritual gifts number two that they will candidly a claim themselves with the visions of Ellen White which had ever held so prominent place in this work would you be willing to check it out just check it out examine for yourself we believe on this we believe that every person standing us in carrying out this purpose will be guided in the way of truth and righteousness just check it out for yourself taste them again for the first and the editor 's adventure and these who occupy this ground so those are coming into our community of faith are never denied all the time they desired to decide this matter that got some banisters you are not required to believe you are not required to profess and believe that Ellen White is a manifestation of a gift damages remind us yes you must believe spiritual gifts are existence of the end of time and that we believe that unlike manifestoes guess you're given time Alec announced you take the time you examine the evidence those who occupy the ground never denied all the time you need to decide on this matter Illinois and that little bit I should know accommodation to somebody discovered something for the first time that's healthy that's good don't have a require of somebody who is joining your community of faith where you are you little church to suddenly become equivalent about of a seventy year Bible student UK are starting up with one day and then a year left left people grow up in Christ Romanticism was in the Gaza Strip rustic take all the time you need set up an office downtown accounts and make you as a business announced as good counsel by Landis a certain advantages that if you take the time and you examine the writings you will come to the conclusion that this is good fruit or day by the spirit of Jesus are so where to go next I say we on embrace of Kellogg's corn place granite marketing strategy of using regular when I get out of this business is brilliant guy who the guy who invented this little catchphrase earned every penny of the million dollars again to come up with our state and Tyson again for the first time when 911 when I grew up in Japan my brother Greg Mrs. to carry commissioners kids and family have with your cereals we had this kind interesting granola that was made by David Japan missionary college then the school and the lumpy hard granola only had mothers hot oatmeal and after a while just those two choices it just in the next well both so when we won our first furlong of value that drew when we came in our first furlough at least got into an American supermarket and we realize that there are no details of shells was only practicing and only breakfast cereal Valley nine hundred and you just can't leave all the serious American city will have been out of the house in North Carolina this is his position as one of the leaders in brick with you today but that marketing strategy was a brilliant ploy to do what you think Kellogg's is going forward that marketing strategy right there what will the sentence is facing after the first of all is supposed Kellogg with try the big corporations trying to bring back yet that they're trying to reach the people who grew up eating cornflakes as Iraq rubbing foreplay but after a while you developed a sophisticated palates and now it's useful links cornflakes reship cornflakes musical acts soy milk and raspberries so catalog is now making a making an effort to go back to the ones who grew up with cornflakes but felt that they become so sophisticated it outright we only conflict anymore now it's brighter and with that brilliant lying there say taste them again for the first that Anthony do anything again for the first time the meeting of course is we want you to come back as you never really got it the first time you didn't know what you had you come back this time and tasted like it's the first all our cornflakes still think they're wrong about a way that there is not a bad serial the Louisiana what would happen if we do the same will happen if sure is grown up in this nation and in Canada North America in particular growing up with his gift with and become sophisticated math were getting a patient is all over the map for getting our signs were getting arc were getting our math education we are now so that we have left behind against my childhood what would happen when a generation of young coming out through if they never even seen this again what would happen if we would go back to the gift and tasted all over again for the first time that's the point is it possible that there is more to this game than we ever first new question related out of college yesterday this amazing empirical research evidence difference among Russian deadliness coming Junior a few years ago survey lesson of this more than eight thousand two hundred members of the one hundred ninety three seven damaged churches across North America same survey eighty two hundred eight thousand two hundred people there research confirmed on a broad scale what many must have experience on a deeply personal scale and he they were never meant to survey twenty variables of spirituality I find out what's up with the level of spirituality was there Mister Souther twenty different spirituality practices twenty oh seven the survey when a new label year involvement with all twenty arts of the survey were not eight thousand two hundred Adventists were surveyed the results came back and when they were compiled thus done and conclusions and other sure we get back to studying a hazard this study has worth and just having a chart that you have interested to get on the flip up onto the screen amazing amazing because one of the questions was one of the questions was you mean the writings of Ellen White now that was that was a question among the twenty so it didn't stand out but they're going to use that question how to measure responses to every other of the nineteenth spiritual practices are so they asked the readers of Alan White as you would answer the question yes I I reveal a white those who say that you remember why depending on the graph as the readers of the donor obviously the nonreaders but in this they asked there they asked the recently video survey respondents rank your relationship with Jesus eighty five percent of those who read Ellen White said I have a strong relationship with Jesus fifty nine percent of those who said I do not really a little light say I have a strong relationship with Jesus you see the difference those who wait on white consistently reported they had a strong relationship with Jesus to him but with a difference thereof twenty six percent difference wow maybe maybe begins as a residual effect on all of our spirituality as I know about assurance of being right with God a lot of people out there particularly among the critics who say that if you read how might you have no assurance of you Gloucestershire she does make you so works focused and conscious of your behavior that is if she lost the gospel isn't it amazing that among that within the seven Venice community those who read our white express age of percent of them express and assurance of being like God whereas among those who don't we don't like fifty nine percent said I have the assurance of being right with God is him him friends amazing and I want on this but somehow to chart a level attorney was in the chart at your leisure I feel now prepare for witnessing this I've read a lot of but the reason only forty nine percent and yet feel what I feel well-prepared witnessing twenty four percent in the nonreaders said I feel prepared for witnessing daily personal monastery I thought this was very significantly this is not do you study the Bible every day eighty two percent of those arena U budget every dance of the Bible you don't read the Bible forty seven percent around you know we don't like forty seven percent say I study the Bible fifty three percent of those who don't read Ellen why don't read the Bible 's enemies this is then just turn them communicate this is like asking asking that this method is what you think the synthesis of dance family worship in the home business young parents family worship in the home those homes whose parents are reading Ellen White seventy percent of homes certainly have an worship those homes that are not reading Ellen White only forty two percent and less than half of them have family worship women when this is making a difference this isn't just about reading out what this is coloring your entire spiritual profile nobody really question was currently using outlines the key the question is simply slipped in among the twenty anyway isolate the responses the number twenty we then evaluate responses than in the nineteenth and consistently consistently leaving Roger and ugly and yes you will sell no analysis is seldom does a research study finally happened so Emily waited toward one conclusion in the church will survey on every single item that deals with personal attitudes and practices of spiritual life not member who regularly studies Ellen White's books tends to rank higher than does the member who reads them only occasionally or never isn't that amazing eight thousand two hundred respondents amazing remain in Germany means that when you case and again for the first time your reading of the writings of Ellen White in the new year is the next of the last bill they avail it so your determination in the new year I want to increase my reading of this gift entrusted to the church your inclusion of the reading of Ellen White's writings will open the door to what we just seek a deeper walk with Christ and a more fruitful expression of your faith some as young came up with this inventiveness and about a way to be so much more blessed now they surveyed eight thousand seven hundred seven a.m. and is living in our states and Canada and then got these results would like please turn thirty most merrier name where the woman again why we believe the testimony of Jesus articles but going by the same history books that I hope you read in the new year if you never read it online before here's what you do just check it out just to taste maybe something that is made is not taking any decision of the first got here the three to start with please and one of them is that it is a unique when Shelley another that in this moment no one will step the Christ this is a classic getting a bad awareness of a minute exhibit hall here for this convention did have like a book on book sales aren't like that they had unanimous most here okay stuff to Christ this is the spokesman translate into more languages than any of her books are never sees the third most translated author in human history the most translated American author male or female Emperor and this is a number one thousand book steps to Christ I got it and I suppose given innocent gift edition leather bound you know what can I read this book last January we were having forty days of prayer in our church and we were there some there's a Facebook website by the way that will help you get to this book in forty days it gives you an exact portion to be reading and every day as a parent are doing any teaming together and I told my testimony yesterday was this a book when I was in the seminary is what brought me back to Jesus equipment and all of us born saved I figured but it was a suitable and so I am actually unabashedly unapologetic about recommending this book to you by the paperback edition by nice leather bound edition keep this with you to throw in your purse or briefcase the less I forget you do it right you are such a business decision bibliophile you are so old-fashioned originally get this on your iPhone of course get this book I thought you had it within twenty four seven appoint his readings just reading this book will bless you and his files okay so can I want to this book I am for the first time I think this how we delete this book is with grand declarations of God 's love for the human race on the newsstand guys love this again and again and again this is a classic ways you never read alike before here young adult you just you wanted to check them out check the books at star what Christ is a short little book you will now love I understand that the book doesn't have a lot of stories in it some I recommend another one for you if there is a limitation again for the first time you send like I grew up reading these books once upon a time in a long time I frame the street these three go back to the street start with the street and see where God leads you here's number two the desire of ages not because our client only carry-on I didn't bring my paperback is outrageous but I want to tell you about it because my friend Jerry Patzer for he died organize the production of this little paperback bazaar pages it has the award-winning our work of Darrell Tang is a sketch artist is a picture of Jesus on the cross just ahead in the crown of thorns on the cover Pacific crest with this one out your Montana but here's what's unique about it is not the artwork every chapter has the artwork is what you need it's the new King James version the fact of the matter is the King James is unintelligible now to an entire generation I read the King James sometimes absent what did I just read some of you are offended by that are not worried about your being offended I'm worried about a generation now they can't understand and then a generation that needs to take seventy so desire Vegas has come out now in a new King James version and I'm telling you it will bless you I read it through the pagination is different but you know what you notice and as a nation just read its paperback you get it perhaps here the exhibit hall etc. is out on my desire basis for the twelve or thirteen times folks it's it's just a classic you can read it again to hasten again for the first time and get the new King James version in a love the paperback edition second iMac isn't on your iPhone regions and the third one this is the first for the first time the third one I recommend is the most great controversy hands down this is the most dramatically influential book Ellen White has ever written this book is read in high places I know three scholars who trace their conversion and membership in our community of faith to the reader this book I wanted if you read this book you will never be the same again this book also out of the new King James version motorway this book will leave you never the same again in fact White wrote about this book these words the great conversation be very widely circulated it contains a story the past present and the future it outlines the closing scenes of the search history and there is a powerful testimony in behalf of the truth I am more anxious to see a wide circulation for this book than any of the others I have written will independently this is the one for human rights Congress in the last message a warning for the world is given more distinctly than in any of my other books three blocks and then three months he never ran away for two thousand twelve at three months step one of the three May Congress and three books three books a theologian and Joseph Bastogne summarizing these books and their final she's written called the conflict in the ages you notify bar patrons and profits design ages as the apostles angry Congress now riding on those firemen and this quotation writer to cover the data series is in many respects a theological masterpiece in a unique way over my unfolding drama the most significant controversy in human history identify the main issues in the conflict and demonstrates their relevance for each individual in a simple ways you provide answers to some of the most vexing questions relating to the human hello those having to do with the problem of evil one of the major achievements of this work if not the most important is the exoneration of that character patriarchs and prophets begins with three words great controversy and some of the same three words do you know what those three words are God is love and between those covers is the dramatic portrayal of God in the midst of Lucifer 's rebellion trying to win the heart of the human race back to his king God is love okay what if you're going to pick a new reading list for two thousand twelve I would humbly urge you to include on that list even if you've read them before steps to Christ desire of ages and the great controversy hastened again for the first time and I promise you you will never be quite the same again by their fruits Jesus said by their fruits is a youth edition release good for you by their fruits Jesus said you will know them a good tree cannot bear bad fruit and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit this gentleman present the evidence for your contemplation but I'm on the hope and pray that in the new year you takes a gift of the testimony of Jesus again but stand together as we pray holy father we have flown to this material in less than a few sessions bottom line your passion and love for the human race extends itself in a gift the gift is the Lord Jesus himself but the testimony of Jesus is a part of bacteria and so all communities of faith on this earth dear God grant that this one that we are humbly honored to be a part of grant that we might taste and see that the Lord is good and if it's been a long time since we've tasted then may we face them again for the first time it's a new heart a new eagerness to see the picture of Jesus contain in these pages they given his men women and these women the young adults these teenagers these children make every one of them a mold and radical disciple of the Lord Jesus and in the new year with good news our Savior send this world on his behalf this afternoon this message at him and she nicely G Y C supporting ministry on the seventh day Adventist sequence five when you define the Bible makes price-sensitive Christians the downloadable purchase the resources visit the online and see what I see when I have


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