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The Test of the Spirit, Part 1

Ivor Myers


What does it mean to be filled with the Spirit? Be illuminated through a study of the parable of the ten virgins.


Ivor Myers

President and Founder of ARME Ministries and Pastor of Templeton Hills Church



  • December 29, 2011
    9:45 AM
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him him him him this message was presented to FG Y Z two thousand and eleven other resources like this is online menu I see where I had a I want him now I feel I see they'll will soon module where we will be talking about Holy Spirit are you excited this morning and freeze like to invite you a with immediate is only why get right to the word of God finally you have your Bibles I arrayed against the way a man that's afraid heavenly father we come before you in the Lord because we are in need of a word from you father we want to know what it means the Holy Spirit please Lord you would take this message board and not allow it to reach the hearts of your people we want to be ready for your soon coming and we want to know what it takes to be prepared for that song please log speak to us in Jesus name we pray amen I have found the site to ask a question at the beginning of each presentation that I will do today I think it's a very common question how do you want the Holy Spirit so here's my question the question is do you really want the Holy Spirit because on the laughter presentations you might think twice about what you are asking for what is the name to really really want the Holy Spirit anyhow you really ready for the Holy Spirit are you really wanting the Holy Spirit to fill you because we look at the glorious side we look at the things that come with the Holy Spirit the preaching of the gospel end in other finishing up on the work but I want to share with you today that when we asked for this theory we really need to count the cost what were asked so long I'm found this message the unknown Jesus the unknown Jesus and not limited today let's take a look at somehow rumbles okay I want you to open your Bibles first walked to the book of first John first John first John chapter four verse thirteen we did everything that the Bible says hereby know we that we dwell in him and he has because he has given us of his walk there is a very simpler than the Bible let's listen all the way that we know Jesus and that the only way that we can know Jesus is by having the Holy Spirit the Spirit is given to us so that we can get to know Jesus amen I'm another that's the whole point of salvation as we want to get to know Jesus that's what saves us even knowing Jesus Christ again the name of the message the unknown Jesus do you really know what it means to know Jesus you really understand what it means to have the spirit of God I certify that we need to prepare a rest from when Christ comes in getting economy want to be ready when Jesus comes again without the spirit you can be right salsa let's set aside I want to go with me first the book of Matthew Matthew chapter twenty four Matthew chapter twenty four twenty four will begin with verse forty two Matthew twenty four verse forty two the Bible says watch therefore for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come but know this better than the house had known in what watch the thief would come she would have watched and not have suffered his house to be broken up on review are watching for Jesus is coming back was honestly therefore be also ready for such amount as you think not the son of man while the Son of Man coming no solicitors forty five who then is a faithful and wise servant whom his lord had made ruler over his household to give them meat in due season let me ask you something where God called us to do while you wait for the diverse so long as that sounds over his household Findlay all one needs and new season I giggled something is that servant whom his lord when he comes shall find so doing very I say unto you that he saw make him ruler over all his goods bought and if that evil servant shall say in his heart my lord why is this coming him shopping that will serve in that mean when Danny smiled his fellow servant to the laughter is what you are to criticize all when and where you want to put in their it is to be on with your fellow servant knows what it will say to eat and drink with the drunken the north that servant shall come in a day when you look is not for human and in an hour when he is not aware and you shall cut him asunder and a port and appoint him his portion with the hypocrites there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth with one of the part that weeping and gnashing of teeth and we want to be ready when Jesus comes meanwhile when Jesus comes we want them to be another look at us and say well done good and faithful servant what will this parable leads us into a second power now Matthew twenty five verse one you'll notice that Jesus actually just keeps on seeking so this is a continuation of what we just read and not we find being introduced the parable of the lot and merchants these parables connect in fact Minnesota and that all the problems will look activate actually connect now those listeners want then shall the kingdom of heaven be like the ten virgins which took been announced and went forth to meet the bridegroom and five of them were wise and five were foolish I want to jump out of the van and in verse one then shall the kingdom so when they are and what I've been quite deliberately read before that at the end of time when went on I think I saw given there for some time the marmoset and salvaging an enemy like an unsettled fan versions known as fond of them were wise and five of them were solely as nominee is working with you know what the what if there is a strong concordance blockading blockading quite interesting don't be blockading the wise being widely said they were solely as they are now and so not all want audio with them but the one I still went in their vessels with their while the right mentality they also have instructed and midnight it was a cry made behold the bridegroom cometh going out to meet him and almost burned his roles and gender maps and the film presented to the wise give up on your walk why don't our grounds are gone out but the wise answered saying not so that's there be not enough for us and you wouldn't believe rather than sell and buy for yourselves while they went to buy the bridegroom came and they are ready went in with him to the marriage and the door was shut so here we find the bridegroom and the five foolish their hands but they had no water oil now you help me what don't know why you will represent Holy Spirit so they hadn't all horny spirit watch this verse ten and while they went to buy the bridegroom came they were ready went in with its American door was shut afterward came also the other virgins things are not all that was but he answered and said that when you have found to you I know you and not okay Paul I'm just made the connection member opening verse already started Kevin Thomas saw then we can want to know Jesus right so we can be prepared for this coming year you have a group of people who had survived working on no Jesus God Law and Jesus himself and I know what you want I know you not represent Ms. Psalm one nineteen one oh five very quickly Psalm one nineteen one oh five Psalm one nineteen one oh five the Bible tells us here Psalm one nineteen will find my marriage is a lot once at my feet and a light unto my path so they should come back to why the focus accounting represent why the word about not having the word of God with you today you understand the word of God again decided and you understand the word of God on you and that's why you're here most of you for the most part are here because you understand about the Sabbath and about the state of the dead a man later date also you understand the word of God but very important that's in the theater but it is that understanding the word of God does not equate to having the Holy Spirit the five foolish had the word of God exact problems chapter six verse twenty three thank God all in like a light or like a map so not only did the five boys versus the word of God they had the law of God and yet they did not know Jesus because they did not have the Holy Spirit they have the word they have the commandments him the spirit John for verse twenty two North of the Bible says John chapter four verse twenty two Jesus is speaking here John chapter four verse twenty two the Bible says you are sick what you know not remaining what we worship for salvation is under Joseph the hour cometh and now is when the sure worshiper is the one true worshipers want on why you are surprised shout Marston farmer and why parent and child for fathers to get such divorce against God the Spirit and the rest of him must worship him in their and in lots true but it is not enough to just have an intellectual knowledge of the truth it's not enough to just know the commandments I believe in the Commandments you have to know Jesus son I want to get to upper parable and this problem actually picks up when this very question on his variation of knowing the command is not willing to put on the problem of the good Samaritan Limited Luke chapter ten chapter ten I want to the notice how horrible the game to chapter ten beginning with verse twenty five the Bible says in all a certain lawyer stood up and tempted him saying Master that's a lot still to enter Harriet eternal life and his other hand what is right and I want you all how readers now cancer saying thou shall not let with all my heart with all my soul with all my strength and with online mind and my neighbor as myself he set out to him by I will also read some picture here on this saw all the this is why you're asking a question about what needs me inheritance and Jesus directions a lot in the long and this man on professors found on one shack in all you and I tried that that's your job before Jesus this man obviously hadn't want the light of two amen notice goes on to say verse twenty nine when he wanted to justify himself some of the visas and cool is my one neighbor and Jesus answered saying and now begins the tolerable of the good Samaritan a certain man went down from Jerusalem to Jericho and fell among these which stripped him of his raiment and wounded him and departed leaving him half dead by chance there came down a certain priest that way and when he saw him the past five on one the other side he passed by on the other side it's interesting to the past my on the other side know what's up in here this priest sees a man the man is wounded dog the priests were the very ones that were in charge of on the law of God they were the ones that were to be interceding for individuals that were hurting the this priest had on nonessential but when he is not at this man the Bible says he separated himself what you know ASAP really insulting passersby as it were on the other interestingly in this were neighbor is from the thing works I see on means they are neither I was lying there there was one that was the question is phrased he sees a man in the hot on the other side wanted to name is quite interesting on what was married what you think about what happened in this priest that was passing by maybe saw my when he looked at the man he recognized that it was his his nephew or he's uncle or his son we begin with the A1 went over there anyway then we can try to know if you are walking by you was seen on the fallout come to Houston with you later on the anonymous you really want the Holy Spirit is anonymous and so what happens is that he passes by on the other side is the inequity in more than someone that he knew someone that was a friend of his someone then maybe you have some other all life sending a feminist lies on one evening originally is his body as it is friend on his cousin his family was in labor do we do the same today do we sit in and in and in the house of God having the light of truth but when we see someone who's heard as someone who was wounded that are not known at first all while no she then somebody else's quick so that the minister is so the story goes on Lieutenant verse thirty three verse thirty two I might want to leave my when he was at the place came in on him and have to buy on the other finally like the same thing a man was found and harnessed in high regard and that he sees a stranger the Bible says he simply passes by on the other side he didn't know even what you do and what please remember that she did not knows he hope you thinking with he did not know so so the Bible says on verse thirty four and verse thirty three by Sergeant and why Samaritan now you know the Samaritans were considered enemies of the children are neighbors can you imagine the Samaritan walking along and probably seeing injury do you know his attitude sediment what old guests have hindered you will he deserves right place at us as active as he journeyed came where he wants that's interesting game where he was twenty five years he had one compassion he had one compassion on him and went to him and that his will is pouring and I am him and him and him alone wow are you and I I I is sorry and I shall send how to send not know how I wonder what we'll talk about this your member story that was given on the parable Jesus gave about a man who will bring that story anything is NASA's unlimited voice and resonance I know that what happened is that the magnet instantly rising on the benefits of the Lord shall send you for getting the debt the goggles off and you see someone that always came a fraction of what you old business is low and Ingram Micro to give me what you call me and I think please have mercy with me but the guy does not want mercy certainty and a galactic lie on his law he brings him back to influence the medicine I have mercy on you since you have had Comcast sending on those that all you do you really really really want the Holy Spirit the understand he realized that regardless if you have the children the word of God if you are not willing to be compassionate if you are not willing to fourteen goals old something you see yourself how many of you inheriting some forty something like an apology I saw him done something to him you will you want just as you want vindication you want to show that you want then okay in the classroom where contributed a sudden heart then again compassion because somewhere and it asked me to have experience compacts the Bible says that he do need became close she went and bound up his wounds with something with the ILO and with one of the next something you help me practice schedule happens right social life does not want you'll represent in the Bible I will represent the Holy Spirit watch this you I do not fantasy baseball had the money didn't have any of the Samaritan comes along and he audio obviously never was the line represent Scripture South American change the oil and the wine the holy him he all he wants to animate you really want to what I think about it the interface under enemy in your mind right now that he got in the face the life you are facing anything to okay so signing and how now I want you and your matinees I know it's hard I know it's hard what do you want the Holy Spirit so in your imagination in and out working that person with the oil with the blood seat limit I believe that that is one of the greatest evidences of the Holy Spirit dwelling in and you'll see shortly that Jesus takes that as one of if not the greatest at of the spirit working in social all a real estate and here you are on my speaking about the ten virgins in the oil she says this is a symbolic of those who have not prepared themselves by developing a child to disband a time of crisis it is a simulation by their neighbors and phase Jimmy on terror or I shall be long those who went also worldwide hotels that were wise to not want their oil industry during the mass of the flu Sergeant 's character is not transferable if you wanted to challenge an account and charger is that demonstrated when no one is looking Levi thought nobody was looking the Pharisees on the I was looking at the phone am I was looking with somebody was looking at the same spot is not to be bought sold it is not the acquired the North and every individual an opportunity to obtain our righteous chapter to the Oslo provision but he is not provided away what was one you may demand parts one another character is not going to our experience is my learning by learning lessons from the great teacher so that he can not assess patients on the chop and exercise faith so that he can move mountains of impossibility is impossible to impart the fragrance of love it is impossible for one human heart towards one another the love of God and humanity that will represent and represents the Holy Spirit but if you have the Holy Spirit in you you're going to the and what greater love can be demonstrated cannot cannot cannot you see your daughter heard on the side of the role your son go there we've been but what happens when you see your enemy wounding you see beloved if we love those that love us do not even the publicans the same the greatest demonstrations demonstration of the Spirit of God in you is when you can love your end when you can come near when you can begin near Telesat ancient one a C one four one see you when we shot self so what not so happens that in the end she brought me on some hurricane brings him to the interesting Samaritans were looked upon with great content body to the fact when they wanted to talk to say Jesus you are full of the devil you know they call them a Samaritan I find quite interesting because I love you the trouble I see she is not out of the Samaritan she is the one that is coming along and he sees you want high on the sign on the wall molding and user friendly ACK the spirit at his own blog any change and he brings us to the aim anybody know where any where is the aim game brings us to the hand again dropped us off and then he sat on the other to the keepers of the hand hold and change their opinion on going away and when I come back and want for them to come back abundantly appears to parents I'm leaving you some things to take care I'm leaving some gigs him here are you with me and yes what alas take care of him it's interesting we go back to Matthew twenty five Matthew twenty five and I want to notice this Matthew twenty five is quite interesting Matthew twenty five and a once a notice on verse thirteen is what is the part of the ten virgins watch therefore for another day not how wherein the Son of Man cometh now notice that are not sparse for the kingdom of heaven are struggling and the way our country who called his own starting an Internet onto an enemy of God are under the weight remember what are we measuring Christ the sudden heart failure who changed the things are precious and you cannot freeze until he had the chart I sat in on all the members of the church unlike the time when I come back when I come back selling their remote possibility twenty five and arrive after the time of the ten virgins gave zones the story by the way the kingdom of heaven is like a man who have to went onto Barnes Ernie you can do when his people him a him and at one or the foreign country is its head said I will call was also it is not grounded in what are you going to watch this and he comes home on the DJ Countess to one another so while I'm giving you I'm giving you everything you are going to need the care of my brother so you know the story I is on the one side and give them to the other what two pages of the last one one and all when he comes back what happens one who had five and multiplied by the way those kids are the gifts of God 's Spirit that the gifts of the Spirit are to be used some minister and to take care of God 's good comments on what you want in the church you said what he's not got good and she is not God 's not this offering he's not good guy like him that he and I were on the same page my hair I listen you guys made me even thinking away this summer is not for me the economic will be lost because they hated somebody in fact on lettuce so you bargained this message at the five foolish virgins were murderers of our nausea from the Scripture social watch this on the Bible says that all when he comes back on an asset comes backend cc zero he did also I can what went to the same one when one would need to conduct them to Europe and accounted getting using the Bible says personally seven onset now therefore happened my maintenance changes and that my coming I should have received mine own with usury therefore the town from him and get on to him with halftime talents for on to everyone I saw beginning and he shall have abundance but for me and have my Sony taken away even that which he has and casting the unprofitable servant into when and out of documents once the mass assaults that because we didn't take care of his enormous money Verizon will well that's unconditionally that let's look let's look at the very next verse which introduces us to our final powerful when the Son of Man shall come in his glory is going straight on right when the financial accounting is already on angels with him and shall he sit upon the throne of his glory and evil and before him shall be gathered all nations and he sounds in them from another remember remember what exactly do a shot rated himself what to believe I don't patient rated himself now when she him and says he separate this one on vasopressin is defined as something that I is a monument under pressure and a lot of his same from the use of the sheep on his right hand but that go on the net ready for this inaugurated what was then shall the King say unto them on his right hand he blessed of my father and potential use of the fund is well silent hunger and you gave me being Yemeni descent bundle of humor what is I will really get the data that will longer needing any I was back you gave me drink I was a stranger suddenly had now given you coldly I was sick and you visited me I was in prison and you cannot delete nonaggressive Zen that summarizes answer him saying Lord I installed me the confidence that you can give me strength when saw we thee a stranger and Symbian Arnett and upon the hallway release and are in prison and came on very suddenly worthless thank you I mean that will guide him around I saw on the side of the road I help them out when I feel so horrible this imagine am the guy that was injured the Bible says that that is descended from Jerusalem he was coming down and she's coming down from Jerusalem as he's coming down from Jerusalem she is formed it can be in usable and beaten she was through this as so far she is on the side of the road and the Bible says that the Pharisees asked by unlocking the save you save yourself do you know the Bible says that as Jesus was on the cross they pass by save yourself with saving you save your 's but I want to want to listen you see in this powerful not only was Jesus 's I was also the guy that was wounding some now watch what she is doing he's trying to see how would we shrinking if we didn't know who he was do you really have the spirit of every thought you were run over and lost to you if shopping out a lot happier when we look at an enemy we CNN and are you with me when we look at immediately CNN he could immediately see an enemy because they don't have gone very or the only of compassion when we sealed him him and him only half the people mistress who we just hope lightning strikes him I just hope that a developed color printing is not crazy you might be safe only when one guy when we saw the negative difficult puzzles anything we read so sometimes when our people that we don't like what they thought when they stumble and say one is that yeah you may understand the environment understand it and probably is an obvious case when you understand compression Udall known me when did we see you in a way answers he says the Kings also has instilled in them verily I sent you inasmuch is the one in the face of these my brethren you have done it unto who unto me that's forty four then shall they also answer him or rather verse forty five now the verse where Versar on now where are you diverse no no no verse forty one forty one and you shall say also unto them on the map and deposit me because I don't need right from me Bucharest and everlasting fire prepared for the government of Angels file assignment you know me always you gave me no drink I was a stranger needs an all-day event and you clothed me not since and imprison you believe you visited me not that's how they also answer him saying our disarmingly hungry thirsty strike us our stranger in your sickle and present in a minister to be quite an adventure the unknowns and when you see you and treat you bad when we gossip about often the module bosses you'll realize when I brought that stranger into your circle when I brought that person my girl is my gift even though you thought he was an enemy of foreign affairs firms he couldn't but how do you treat people 's best page and what happens when Jesus says depart from me you shall go away into everlasting punishment but the righteous into one interlocking if you love those I love you what do you different than the public button love your enemy pray for those that this might actually that you may be the children of your father in heaven not to satisfy one page will put to flesh out fresh on chapter two fresh on chapter two verse four first John chapter two verse four the Bible says CNET say I know him now what's jointly do we know that we know God we know Jesus through his wife it was spirit right to say I know him and keep it an obvious lot and this is a lot as a liar and the truth is not in adverse event and see if he was out where's your thoughts but it would look closely we would see that in our lab is no fire because a minibus the oil of compassion is missing in no we got here because one one nine Walmart shows we want more investigating the word of God I know and I'm off-again even to the word of God eleven there comes a point in time with your algal oil of him him him something I know no one believes not think of people I love you know people who know the truth but can be very difficult to be around yet will I hear it all mean can you imagine a Pharisee convention all I see there inside out there is anybody's guess I find that all the one guy but audible on the way to my Minnesotans and newsletter on the way were talking about someone they don't like that they hit whatever we do with it when they when they got together it was just a little crazy oriented on the Argos here are you with me first onto nine first-round tuberous Manawatu notice for something was not kidding that's safe use in the light and what hated his brother has no oil in the Queen is in darkness even until now there's no one like you if you say I'm gone which are unwilling to forgive verse eleven he that he and his brother is in darkness and walking the dog just like the five foolish virgins whose lamps one could even announce one out there was someone that they could be the last one out because they did not have the audio of God 's compassion and I while I'm gone love and we now do you have that face in your mind you really want the Holy Spirit one the Holy Spirit but not at that a must suffer seem to suffer in the Bible tells us that he that hates his brother is what is a murder no you may have taken a knife to his chest if you change your brother the Bible says your murder guilty of committing the five foolish virgins thought they had truth bobbing in on the word of God was enough that all they needed was understand against a prophecy of the Sabbath all these things augmented to do was to show that they love conventions and see him at the next convention but in their hearts in their hearts they did not have the oil of the Holy Spirit for the really want this what time the last six minutes okay we'll take a break and die in our second session five minute break in a second session we're going to discuss in musical language work of the Spirit of God is trying to do in our hearts how the spirit of God is seeking to bring us into harm the need him on the knee the message is entitled the song of the man mathematically would like to sing that song again and how many of you think him and guess what in good news and bad news the good news is that it the good news with all of the good news in this ability they can sing this song has nothing to do with your voice and clean out the bad business for those of you have good voices that make unity and him and so the song of the Lamb that's how close and forever he quickly will take a five-minute break and we'll come up for a second session seventy five we ask more than you which so was that while it is important to understand the word of God while this is important to have the light in these last three you come back you're asking did you know if we say that we knew you at all without driving or sister if we held grudges if we were unforgiving you will say the president he refused to give the present you pacify the person that you disregarded that was me you don't know me and I don't know you so what does Lord have the spirit of compassion that we might truly be ready when you come from that far country to receive your good give us all that we may be prepared from families of prayer in Jesus and his message was removed when he was utilizing the subordinate 's room number seven and amended by a young vibrant my roommates and Christ centered Christian the downloadable but just the resources visit the online and see what I see when unlocking


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