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The Test of the Spirit, Part 2

Ivor Myers


What does it mean to be filled with the Spirit? Be illuminated through a study of the parable of the ten virgins.


Ivor Myers

President and Founder of ARME Ministries and Pastor of Templeton Hills Church



  • December 29, 2011
    11:00 AM
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him him him him this message was presented to FG Y Z two thousand and eleven other resources like this is online menu I see where I had a white sagacity what I so far away a lot thanks Arius Holy Spirit is where Cher Lloyd to understand what it means the Spirit dwelling in Allah nor as we continue to look for your work please actually will continue to speak to our jaws prayer in Jesus name we would need a lot of I present this message Lord and they may we gain a greater understanding of what the Spirit is trying to do in our lives in Jesus name we pray amen once again I entitled this message the concert I'll begin it with the same question do you really want the Holy Spirit after the first necessarily so while the Holy Spirit are amassing the question again do you really want the holy spirit I want to talk to you about the work but the spirit of God needs to do in our lives in order to prepare us for the end times and ordered in order to prepare us for Christ's second coming had to do it on the talk to you about music music him him asylum in this the language of the soul someone says on your new music comes from new switch means to meditate on the thing music we might best describe it the expression of one song and feeling and as when you're listening to music you are underestimating to the expression on the authors thought and feelings music is very different from a dissertation are you with me like when we listen to music it's almost as though we are all our IMO oceans to just zero three don't we annoy most of the bad word here but on this point okay so maybe this is muted like this in and is a great song to him and I will guard my emotions that are not enough another music moves you are so lovely and moves our motion you can connect in a way that is different from that same meeting the dissertation you know all music is is is that hallway expression of one's thoughts and feelings are you with me so why am anybody have a favorite song gone and the favorite song what all favorite song he the Psalm Opera and a man in a favorite song it's the song on the outcome what I want to propose to you up-to-date with him is that is that all God wants that she shot how to sing that song about that earlier don't worry if you have a bad boy don't worry if you have a good voice to what oncoming of the matter was a song to pull an expression although hard on the author tells us in the devotional heaven page one fifty four the song which the rents on ones with saying the song on their experiences will declare the glory of God is same as on a solid is written based off on me authorities experience there is a difference between singing some words often the page and singing a song from experience argument example amazing Grace many of you heard the following are the sodomy had and some of you may be able to testify me know what I used to sing that song and I decided as words on the page but then but then nothing happened are that family member dies the name that that whatever it is that things happen and now when you sing that song are you with me your your no longer singing it is just more obligation to become you expressing your song now the Whitney God is sure to prepare our people to see the song of the lower now than every song there is another litany was a nullity the melody is the theme of the song it's a central point of the song noticed with me but Christian education page fifty seven this theme was of redemption is one that Angels this all year to look into a better fifteen will be the science and the song out there again throughout the ceaseless age is an opportunity is not worth your careful thought and study now that if the song are you with me in the song work of careful study now this being the infinite love and mercy of Jesus the sacrifice that about half cost of the most series of silent reflection we should file up on the cabinets are bodily the characters made up of two things thoughts and feeling the interesting song satisfaction of bonds had four thoughts and feelings sold a song on but I am is really a song about his character and went when and where we were going to send us confidential users I got lost at sea just a single song what we're really learning is that he wants to give us the experience of Jesus because not having the experience of Jesus we develop the character of Jesus and when we notice saying the song of the Lamb we are singing not as though we're reading words complicated but with training because it was the song I were experiencing which means if you don't have the experience you get caught from the choir and you are going to be an time on your and if you don't know how to sing the part so this is an audition time if I can like this the Holy Spirit is the conductor the Holy Spirit in the future the Holy Spirit is the one that is seeking that she just how to sing the song that goes on Lisa Trollope on the charts of our ability minutes and indecisive we should match up on the mission at hand him casino from the same as we contemplate how many things out faith and love will grow stronger and our prayers will be more and more eggs the book of God because it will be more and more makes with faith and love prayer when we pray for here were trained for the holy spirit tell me the film was prior to listen this is what I like for the splash onto buses page one forty three Eric is not to work any change in God is to bring off into harmony with all all right so every song press briefing number what is the melody Safina the father of the song was a payment on the phone around in the life on track now when we pride in where price of the spirit of not just the most what were actually paying is spirit please bring me and so harmony with the nominee seller asking please bring me essential harmony with the knowledge saw want to present all that is one of you have a particular part in the song the song is not complete without your part and so the Holy Spirit is the conducted peace teaching you how to see anybody when announcing the Sierra Nevada housing without Santa Elena might do something like this costs on society the Holy Spirit 's job is that she doesn't bring us into harmony with the melody in fact I like this quote from AFSCME 's four seventy six when this area God controls mind and heart for converting solid and forth into one news now before he realizes that any theory it is one the promise of God has been fulfilled that his transgression have been forgiven and he is competent to advise them about the spearmint is a very important thing trying all week we warn against your putting too much trust in to experience but we need to qualify we shouldn't put any trust in files Experian but there is a genuine experience the experience of the Holy Spirit program that's when you have that experience that means behind an intellectual knowledge on the Holy Spirit on and after you have that experience we will not be able to partake in that and time quite by the way were misled Hezekiah when the armies weren't where they are written Darwin and the will to do you know about a golfer to get a choir for your story to session I had an innate and adaptive thing and praise God okay when at present the Bible says that God set up listening for the enemy but I believe that there is an end times song that God 's people must learn to sing and the only way you can use our needs is by the spirit of God so watch these license not remember a song is is an experience and distance what are the licensing as often this is page one twenty five the truth is in Jesus the spirit is never explained wall wall if using you can explain the truth as it is in Jesus you do not yet understand the truth admittedly Jesus is something that must be experience I know that's a cursory magnetism experience careful eleven counterfeit experience became gotten the experience is vital without it we cannot saying the song once it was illegal to even shut the two percent to the shelter to verse ten through twelve he decided to percent to twelve teams to Utah the Bible says for the King handful of law things that Michael Moore all things in bringing many sons unto glory to make the captain of their salvation perfect through all walk through suffering for both you that sanctified and it was fun all want for which cause so call them bread in the interesting that Jesus came to this paragraph why what is the famous but what would he need to do in order to help us in it the software needed to suffer or team needed to take upon himself he needed to ask Jesus had gone in the northeastern intellectual understand what Jesus does not come down and in and you and I will be able to connect I want to go through your experience so that if if if we want to get to know Jesus we must begin to go through Jesus experience right on Kingston of a source while saying I will declare thy name unto my brethren in the next sentence SARS when I sing craving unto the landlord is frustrating from verse twelve hour declared on a month-to-month renting to my brethren in the subject line improvement to the executive from the father anyone know what song Psalm twenty two anyone found twenty two beginning my God my God why not want forsaken me so watch his beloved aunt phase Ferris is taken from the very place in which was prophesied Christ's crucifixion in the trial him in the congregation can cram and of his father and he also sang praises unto God as I was trying to get something he wants the song in the remember that they wanted to send you be all his life was the sole what that tells beloved is that God wants your life to be a song and a psalm has to be more than intellectual Lee perform it must be an experienced the you really want the Holy Spirit really really you want you want to strengthen the English Admiral Quigley Ricardo excitedly all right mental check almost on your hands why not good to come back to that question myself all design industries nineteen both the redeemed and the unfallen beings will find the cross of Christ since all it will be seen that the glory signing the face of Jesus is the glory of self-sacrifice involved in the life on Calvary it will be seen by the laws stop announcing law is the law life for art in heaven the agent not her own has its source in the heart are John iPhone is the expression of the heart of the author so if I want to learn to sing the song I have to have the heart I the only way for me to get the heart of God is when the Bible says I will put a new spirit I just very melodic I think in the heart of God saw that we just sang that song is very because only those who have the experience of the mound will be able to sing the song on the once and go into the session I chapter three verse twenty seven I is the thirty first twenty yes tonight chapter three verse twenty the Bible says about time I will bring you again even in the time that I will get you for I will make you a name and the price is among all people on the art sometimes I fear I'm going to make you unnamed and I want at a price from you would like to be made of praise to them imagine a pride is one phrase means to get your Strong 's concordance of the word is the word can be I will make you him the ladies are going in a new mail notification I will make you I am Johnson eleven make you a song that's what appraisement is that the family using praise and look at the same word God him who will be able to sing that song salts are thoughtlessly I have the heart of God I have a positive point guard and guide you and I don't be one of the declaration of Christ is undoubtedly of the file is there wants to bring us and so harmony withdraw the way that he walked away as he will give us the heart of God so that we won't be in window with God who yes yes yes the Lord is anxious to sleep with his anxious that everything separating us from him it should be put away the hearts may be in unison with it is time to be in harmony with God 's something false page three seventy and here's another one the Holy Spirit if we pray for trusted and believed in the argument what happened at Pentecost God pornography is his spirit how she wants us to describe after Christ's ascension the disciples were gathered together on one accord in one place was the result is converted into the believers themselves reconverted born again for a living powerful God enforcing them unused on a new song was put into him him him him he then praise the result comes from the Holy Spirit saw in their brethren and sisters the face of angels just prevailed once something object of emulation Swan Obama could be high crimes some of them that believed were on one heart and one mind and reading spiritual health the inner harmony the song they had learned the song by Westminster releases one ten page ninety seven artists in Islam the words must come off the page enter the word must become reservoir might let go page by the court April one eighteen eighty nine life is a shall we not now to our heart to praise God from whom all blessings flow every complaint I sent out words into songs of joy and thankfulness for his beautiful gifts in the world of nature for the subject of his dear son to save a perishing work if we would be among the house will praise God a while to come we must begin to praise him Sarah has now we must tool in our hearts to the music and then we just praise the God of the Lamb for ever and ever beloved if you want to learn if you want to sing the song there you have to learn to sing a way he got designed to get us the Holy Spirit is not to get us into the him and tell you how living your life and in our summer happens and you complain about it the conducted the Holy Spirit and that is what wrong you got it wrong try again your part alone please will do it again on NFL the Bible says do not explain when your regular the ones that you stop you missed the part of again next Friday okay you can do it I can pleasing in China there and now we get into the message you missed that this is to see him do something very interesting and really did this is where the readings outside it is quickly music is the heart of the art anyone tell me there are the five books that are found in the heart of the Bible one of those findings that are found in the heart of the Bible are you ready they are Joe Psalm what is a song him so songs Proverbs Ecclesiastes and song are some something what is different about these books then all of the book of the Bible this is my fifth experience art are you with me experience see below you know when you're going to a rough time how do you turn to the book of Revelation making many reasons Avalon want me when you're going to hang around here in one month the torrents of his interesting life is about the Holy Spirit seems to leadoff the most fine blokes when we're going through all experiences in our lives that were trying not to think that I can do is anymore why does he lead us to those books couldn't be because he's trying to teach us how to see her songs some watched five books these of political of the Bible the books that express one Walsh right now unable so and so Joel was a book of Jonah the book of Job is about suffering that's interesting check this out someone describes a man that feared God and it soon was able right to fear God is illegal is described as one targeting and you and identifiable themselves as am I going to experiment out sure I want to do nothing he will resize job now when you may not alone in the book of Joe is actually a soul is actually a height of Jesus Christ of the whole sermon on not letting the very quick version in October ten he's going to try is being typed in the Bible says that that's not on time sensitive considered my servant Job that there is none like in all the earth and things of this renowned angioplasty and not just go ahead test test them and what happens depends on the tacit Chapter one Chapter two in the lobby space and then gets what the real Chancellor Joel James and John chapter three because in John chapter three and onward that's when Angelos three friends and Arthur Jones three friends begin to tell him that he you must have done something wrong to I got up on the dinar when the Jews were trying to convince Jesus on you you has to be something you want to be healthy on the right is certain because God is punishing you not where they were unaware their own in Iraq you know what is sorry Joel is the is ought not exalted in the and then the three guys that were talking potential .sys and then now if you wanted set with me you have to go through Joe and he is here and I is you save another salt will want to remain in the theory the Holy Spirit was bringing so through an experience in which she won the love identify with the party with me for this one you know God wants to do with you Melanie asked the question again you would really like to learn how to sing the song of the Earth they are having an color learned not only learn the ways of being in Lebanon is essentially on sale you have an experience like Jill Montiel you called through until that time you will just read the book of Job of the book him great on the lessons wonderful intellectually stimulating but I feel you reasonable control which fears in your heart seeing your name set of jolts me saying this book is Michael until you have experience I see are wholly satisfied that it was hate the one of the things out I don't want to go and when I noticed that because you don't want to experience that will bring you into fellowship with the software ratings price is very strongly believe that shines and bring us into a set set the price I want to do it I went on we must be open and wanted to say our Lord here I just started please teach me the song where possible average cost to the song are you really do you really want the Holy Spirit seriously seriously so also the book of Joel is about fearing God is about issuing it was not perfect and glorifying God in the end of phase I trial is that they can not strange when these things happen to you you're being brought into fellowship remember the paces of general use in cases until one thousand the book contains the evening at the time that people are going to leave pacing and if you don't have the experience now if you refused to listen to the conduct anyhow you send the conduct I will first realize our wife is laughing Sana and I've been doing is going on out as I will will add an monthly leave him in going to want to know and understand please unmount me holding holding on why Holmes known so long because he's trying to see just the thing even when things around me when I write so that's the book of Job the book of Psalms was the book of Psalms about the book of Psalms the book of Psalms is interestingly enough it's about deliverance from David Anthony like the word endings is less like three hundred times in the whole Bible I believe a hundred of those are found in the book of songs you said about his wanting to read the Psalms Hades a great work but it's another thing to go through an experience where you have people who naturally want to see you fall it's a nonsensical photosphere is where you have people want to feel craft want to see the start who want to see and when you and vice versa when you realize when you feel hapless David to work I do not do something my enemy that will commonly on telling it's one thing to read the Psalms without an experience it's another thing to read the Psalms which he him are not talking about anybody being blogosphere is where you are mainly found in your line was David writing this for me it's not beyond the intellectual and reason your heart in a way that a certain mind always undergone the waiting line enemies us around me for what you and I descend on the only way that we can learn to sing the song the lab is if we allow the Spirit to bring us into places where we can will be no need experiencing and most of us don't want to experience which means we don't really want to thing the phone that I have to know how to depend on God when it seems like your enemies are surrounding you and there was no way of escape you know that David David is one I wrote my God my God why suffer thinking your Bible says about David David was a man after God on a well-known events ahead and created an a was a musician but other than that there is a spring Omni was aware where where you can just like man this song it's almost like the words weren't even necessary it was everything that goes beyond the warranty just feeling the data could feel the heart of God because it was musician these are the patrimony yes you are you are some things I want to bring you an infinite spirits when you become a man or woman after God 's own high and the only that is done in the spirit of God you read this all just like Jesus Porter from us a lot because feeling they were like on the fan page heart one of our problems are common the book of Proverbs is about one wisdom is not wisdom and as an shot him is actually talks about how those who have wisdom will grow and favor with God and man I'm paraphrasing will grow if they were gone a nineteen hour that were aware that the phrase very similar to those found to grow in favor with God and that is found in Luke chapter two verse forty where Jesus grew in favor with God and with some fat powers for says that Winstone capital at all if you exalt her she will guide you is not interesting John sixteen says hobby when he is the Spirit of truth is he will be watched this kid rummaging I what happened the Sarawak and I went the spirit what guiding value of the spirit to guide yes Lord but not to the wilderness at the time I will me the promised land not needed in our lab the latest Monday August twenty eleven if you want to be guided by the spirit if you want to ensure we have next things like Jesus this feeling is going to have to guide you into the world and into a place where you will have to experience with them just as Jesus exercise wisdom and God is going to the Holy Spirit is want to bring you into situations and circumstances where you must depend upon the wisdom of God wisdom cannot be so much explained it must be experience and that's what our progress and Ecclesiastes autolock is about the wisdom of God is upon the God and by the way of progress to says that when winter when you have wisdom it will keep you from the strange woman the Harley when the only spirits when we went on to shoot you from the heart of it this strangely very wide-ranging renovation and the heartland without a hair-raising windlass that downloads file that says that there is no in the last days was sure that a lot of them overcome that want to understand so I want when you want window described on Jennings wants to give us wisdom but how does it give us wisdom and guidance into an experiential one one one saw some some as Solomon about the Montessori celeb Hashemi Solomon is about income that she will love honey I love you intellectually and absolutely not the song of Solomon is a very cynical it's a nonstory I know I know though is a principle I got it right a notable in that time how they give is with a honey I love you it's a principle and you and take that with you all the love is not only on an intellectual thing and must be an emotional thing it is quite interesting when you read the song of Solomon for example and song of Solomon chapter three where the bride is speaking actually she cannot find Robin on the Jesus sees she is interested in another I know my father was a fine thing to set up on them and were nominating vote yet a Windows 2000 experience why not like God is not there where are you I can't find my pinup couldn't be that sometimes God will maybe hide himself so that we can experience him and him under family life I can have enough time to take for granted things about your new car you know uncle got been someone breaks a window in his wintertime and all of a sudden you realize how precious that window was that you never thought about before the wind diet for Windows you can shop the six questions Elizabeth is when I found him is always in the advantage is that if you are in town that I'm not seeing similar to the people of God need to get to a place where they experience holy love sickness on you Nelson Fedora God is going to create experiences of the Holy Spirit and is wanted for links theory is that millions you released for at least five bought some electronics carrying that part of your funny anti- not be ready for the real part of the sermon see Revelation fourteen there are three Angels messages the first Angels message hydration is veered off and give glory that sounds a lot similar to salt was a lot fearing God and Damon Carnahan is a little method and theory and on and giving Larry the second Angels this is the enemies of God 's people and him sound like the sound recipient on the animated of God 's people the third Angels message is a distinction between the righteous and the wiki just like the book of Proverbs is a distinction between the righteous and the wiki once this wants to the four angels messaging a lot of flooding to the licensing angel that ascends with the court with what Coronado lightens the whole world yet outlets of the four angels messages this business carries all right it is right here I cannot believe that it is not here there is autonomous at four fifty those who wait for the bridegroom 's coming artists say to the people behold your God the last rays of merciful light the last message of mercy to be given to the world that's the fourth Angels message is a revelation of his character love the fourth Angels message is a revelation of the character of God love just as the song of Solomon him him him I want to listen to this the Holy Spirit is trying to take us through an experience because in order to prove know in order to thing that final message we must have had an experience in to know what happened to you what happens in time of trouble when it seems as though God has forsaken his people do you know that it finds that is what so felt here that outside the David felt the sauce Solomon I lost my beloved another listen when God finally creates that an concourse this time to sing the song if you have not had an experience before hand when those enemies surround you as baby David when the four winds on Louis as they were in the story of Joe when God seems to be nowhere to be found in the song of Solomon if you've not learned how to seeing the song if you have not learn from experience what it needs to love God what it means to maintain even when everything around you seems to be falling apart even if you can't from the quite him my audition are really downhill runner 's audition is the end of time once you make the audition gets very differently you get the same for God is significant to see what was from the restaurant to build this earned on his job how you can join the choir and had the opinions and as you sing that song and if we truly want the spirit of God if we truly want the spirit of God we have to know asking for this to be ready to say Lord teach me the same to you really want to learn how to sing Marine one not statement to you will close and will have a question-and-answer session and will post a time a friend of neon reviews the Senate could not be happy in God 's presence she would shrink from the companionship of holy being could he be permitted to enter heaven it would have no joy for the spirit of unselfish love that means there every heart responding to the heart of infinite love with such no answering cord in his soul is not interest his motives would be detailed in to those that catch we say this was their came with me in writing anyone be our discarding note in the melody of heaven modules viewed today this is going to teach me how to sing the song always of the Holy Spirit is not about the Holy Spirit I will be empowered and I can do anything I can walk on water and all these things but but but could it be that way looking like too far ahead before the glory there's the wilderness are you ready for the wilderness may don't think how chocolate don't wait for the wilderness some troubled times five training now he's bringing personal wilderness experiences to you now to prepare you for the final trouble you will try off in your life so if you really want is forgot to me people in the same Lord here's my life do with it as he will you are the conductor teach me to hold those notes teach me to hold both know heavenly father we so desperately want to sing that song and yet we fear the rehearsals nor we thank you for giving us the understanding they need you do not allow child to come to us because you're punishing us your launch also come to us so that we can learn how to sing this host file it since last song on free help us mold us make us bring us into harmony with the divine melody now might be in a rhythm with your online in Jesus name we pray amen his message was removed when you were not really what is anyways the subordinate is on the seven-day amendment to inspire young Bible -based Christ centered Christian downloadable but just another resources visit the online and see what he went on


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