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The Power of the Spirit, Part 1

Ivor Myers


What should we expect from a Spirit-filled life? Discover how to work in harmony with God as the Holy Spirit leads you to a transformed, empowered life.


Ivor Myers

President and Founder of ARME Ministries and Pastor of Templeton Hills Church



  • December 29, 2011
    2:30 PM
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him him him this message was presented to UIC two thousand and eleven from other resources like this online menu I see where I had a dog and once again seems as if you help us to session lengths and I thought you indeed change us into your image in Jesus name we pray amen so so writing starting eight simplifies the sesame can do nothing against the truth but for the true we can do nothing against the truth but for the trip I like the fact that God 's word accomplishes what it says it will accomplish a man on Cleveland the government saw that he and he tries to do God 's word still stands faxed statement nothing against the truth but for that you want to open up with just laying the foundation laying the foundation upon evolution what is evolution unless you're not here to hear a talk on science so don't worry I'm not going to attempt to Siegel he has but one of this and a simple way as I can and loses the concept that out of chaos comes one order over long periods of time I is there is also involved in the concept of evolution theory that humans involved from nowhere life forms on a innocent man share a common ancestor okay so you've evolved from animals and Don this over long periods of time and agree there is constant Tatian that teaches that certain species survived based on their ability to adapt to their surroundings you heard the term survival of the finished fitness being on their ability to adapt to that particular environment and for all is the concept of evolutionary process blasts as long as life lasts as long as more or less we will continue to evolve although I can't read something very interesting the other day that there is some scientists who believe that humans have stopped them off recognize we reach our Macs I really also continue to evolve and we just coincidentally have reached on no more fingers I think in fingers and toes very were pretty good so the face of evolution this is pretty strong wintergreen because they they are depending upon his faith to believe something in which there was no one no evidence for Rick on but their faith is to be admire like if Christians have the faith of evolutionists as well as I have all much and will send you believe in evolution is a definite creation CA evidence is accounted for the creation of man on something that was using to us I creation of missing a evolution is a counterfeit of creation all I want to challenge that notion that evolution is a counterfeit creation I don't believe that evolution is a counterfeit of creation on many reads you the definition of a counterfeit I may the counterfeit means to illegally imitate some counterfeit products are often produce against take advantage of the superior value of the imaging product so in order for a counterfeit to be a counterfeit it has to look like a genuine basis in the counterfeit fix out of the know it is not a genuine fix out of the right so you can call that all children be A certainly have a counterfeit ten dollar bill right for counterfeit one dollars because in love all lives the real estate you realize that evolution and creation are too silly and concepts but social evolution even though it is a counterfeit it is not sure to think of creation he went so far as you cannot trust Kerry to learn it all where I will know evolution is believe yes we are on thing about it is not counterfeit of creation creation says one thing is that something will be getting are you with me I saw him I believe that evolution is not the question is a counterfeit of what the dongle is not on you does not come up with things on his own wherever you find a counterfeit there must be a genuine article it is not creating another creative so the question is what is evolution of counterfeit and is semi- particulars of the Psalm thirty three births six in verse nine one of the creation very quickly Psalm thirty three Psalm thirty three or six twenty eight is seen in the Bible says here while the word of the Lord went ahead and made all the horse and then my friend is not known as for he spake and it was why it was done he commanded an extensive background this is what we call the creative Word of God amen God 's will and what you are there was no time no chat in the him will do so I really appreciate the creative Word of God and a man using creation everything I thought he speaks I was so to speak it was so he speaks and it was so so we are moving the chances for native element that when God speaks things right into existence so something happened over there was a change that occurred in the book of Genesis and you know the change out of the need did something with a bit they said they ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil man his sins and now man needed to be safe and I am so the question is how is meant to be saved I want to go with me to the book of Romans chapter one Romans chapter one Romans chapter one verse sixteen the Bible says for I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ for it is the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believes it to the Jew first and also to the Greek so what the dog news what will God news what was the vehicle he used to bring salvation it's called by gospel eyewitness of our okay seventeen for therein is the righteousness of God revealed Sean Watt shake the faith as it is written that shots shall be thy want me I think so what is it that bring him to a sauce related seminar I must have me see a man right now the question is why do anything what estate what is the question what is faith what's the first thing that comes your mind when it comes to my he was eleven that's going to Hebrews chapter eleven he was chapter eleven Hebrews chapter eleven verse one the Bible says now faith is the wild substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen if we rephrase that we might say that it is the assurance of things hoped for or the conviction of things not seen on with me so so say is is knowing that that God has says something and what we should invite a thing that he said right at his faith faith is is is knowing that God has spoken and that is where it is one is show I love the looks of confusion uncial interface design where is the master I just love the injuries anyway all right so so that's the safest state 's insurance and the conviction of things not seen or things that have not yet come to ask me him all the assurance of things at Spokane but not yet come to pass okay okay I will normally stand Romans ten is one gets a how does one get shaped Romans ten seventeen Romans ten percent cannot remember before you revisit this remember that that we saw the definition of a is that faith is the substance of things call for the evidence of things not not saying why not saying don't notice how we get straight on ten seventeen and comment by sharing by Natalie Friedman say why not see but by hearing and hearing by the word of God the just shall live by faith the just walk by faith and faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God when God created he stole and it was it was done that was it however when Matt is saying something strange happened as outlined one swallow is they are very all right and now this seems like all ages of trying to all areas of time before one was okay comes the pack 's and to me that sounds like by the way what was what means you fall it means to change it means things kind of no situations change and things change the wife simply means the change of meeting the goals through stages to get to a particular point salt so what I'm saying is it appears that the form saying that once the creative part of God but after seeing it feels like the one gone chance on this evolutionary principle which astounds them with me principal the principle of evolution is that water come out of chaos and over a long period of time currently that when God him I know nothing about and I don't think the insurance you have in our North Park how does they come not by you I went back and creation that we were there wife's doctoring is when witnessing the scene docs say that there be light back now what do you have to exercise faith in God said I will like him only know what we know that no cut costs and are decided and the words are registering in our minds we would also have seen the moonlight trying to pass out before I is no need for a because you're one in your city immediately I do not constantly save you from the same problem the city out of the situation by Delaware promise you will be okay I promise you I I I I genuinely do now could it be because God is trying to avoid my safest spirit of God is trying to teach you what they release and the only way that he can teach you what they read he is this how you have to trust what new he will hear from not from people but from what the word of God at one forty nine page fifty seven we reviewed on a mind which is the truth that the soul that is converted undergoes a marvelous change I tried again a marvelous change what is change the book I was attractive because it reveals truth testified against this letter to the contrite heart becomes the food of the soul consolation of his life I anointed with spiritual disarming the whole new duties in the word of God and see that the inspired words of Scripture are especially to the needs of the soul once sin entered the word of God into the needs of the soul of an English so if you somehow that God was speaking but he wouldn't not know what he spoke to do a lot come to pass and then the night because the UN are needed to exercise and so God on his wife Denise and I just think that I can adjust my word I can trust my words disabled on the stereo and all wants to teach us how such trust in God even though it seems like all areas of time him you have ever held onto some Don God is that it is now you want to do something and do anyhow by now you are God someone she trusts you want to learn how to trust not by seeing one by one she and he even started he ran the online space that you are going to be the father of granulation and then my symptoms were sure by now appears that the water it is additional to that so Abraham is now in his old age and he's going to notify stress what are her as a result people then to another woman to bear another child that is not promised he decided to change things into his own not shocked no word of God the evolutionary process of God I'm noticing the beloved evolution is a counterfeit of something genuinely but it is not a counterfeit of creation him this process just how much the government has counterfeited Shatner when the process of salvation through the teaching of evolution so in one hundred years old and he finally gets child by John you said cremation were just on one promise and then got the sacrifice action you see we go through this and we find that by the time Abraham dies off I think has two sons Jacob and Esau say aggrandizing GWC from all the Sergeant Jacob you know the promise is that Jacob would get about Frank and what happens Jake he understands our orgy just a talking all that she is a positive shot of the autonomic and the other wanted and but he has a problem with the warm Dominique that was illusionary processor who trust you guys I trembled with you every time I think because I don't want to get the wrong picture what happens is that God has promised what comes about and I am now on Jacob as you say not to take things into my own head 's Jean Dominique the word of God I know what happens he eventually feels about right from one of Esau and then he team he sent into exile and Don years later he got some are want to go back to the land and houses one back in the land he needs on with his brother Esau and there they wrestle out was a process of fourteen years or more for Jacob finally realizes the promise what was destroyed I'm not trying to do it was trying to teach these men they spurred much I can do without it's trying to trust and depend upon what about consultants will be on the authority of what happened you are starting a saline salsa was the right and okay the world is God 's word going to come to pass in the midst of all this chaos what is evolution teach border on occasions over long periods of time and we understand from this it is this why they had a meeting going on in your life and God has given you are probably love the sign any means getting I given you are promised me to learn to say in John Shatner when evolutionary process this is will him if he's taken in genuine truth that is spiritual in nature and manipulated it applied to the physical world and then charging you teaching to deny the God that's all he's done saw the want of all smoking we should understand that when God speaks despite the chaos that we are and that we find ourselves in the spirit of God well really awesome well bringing to fruition the word of God as he is smoking the word delays catastrophe to hear that the reason the word of God they used to test our faith in fact it is the only medium whereby our faith can be strengthening if God spoke and shopping we would have no reason for what he thought God speaks he says nothing think them aware and explain the latest falcon and the time it finally comes the past that went on opportunity is the window to which the spirit and en masse on you to strengthen your faith with me by the way were told in Revelation fourteen twelve that in the last days God 's people will have the commands of God and not in him Jesus now what about me Jesus what is windshield on our he exercise what part of the word of God did he exercise and demonstrate all the line I think they are he says okay the whole thing was what it was that you can see the exercise that authority is enabled but what when he healed them it was done it was bad when the axis one Notre Dame it was done as a question there is the faith of Jesus Moses David the demonstrating where in his final hours of his life now it's on the ones with the Palestinian envoy three minus C remember saying comes my wife carrying seeing some question whether her place on the cross when Jesus got that had up on what you are because he couldn't attend upon his son anyone know when she tried all my God my God why hast thou what you're thinking me why childless that's easy to work with me I will see through the world of its own he couldn't sell you have to do is will he have an son once amazing what now you know why she does however is why she filled in for the evening that had no new are not upon what he or she wants to know if you want to have the faith of Jesus you have to learn to depend upon the deep and missionary process of God himself it is the spirit of God that is on us in this window of time between the words spoken in the word want to you'll remember government as part of the evolutionary teaching is a constant that humans involved from the world forms of life or that any Sandman share a common ancestor photography Bible says that I cannot talk about man being like brute beasts is not talking about you know you weren't a once it's also about wheezed act like animals that is ordinary for that carnal nature my thesis is what happened when John comes in when the spirit comes into lives and being in Christ is why she's a new creature by the way second Corinthians Paul tells us that it isn't by the only that we want that we devolve to say I default I say you involved this eleven you look just like Jesus I really just like Jesus you reflect Jesus Christ perfectly just like what's happening when we are justified in justification is the moment of his happens and a in and anything are you with me so that I don't think any you're forgiven your client is not says never in Christ amen number that's not the end of the plan of salvation there is also a lot sanctification and we're told that sanctification is the process all daisies the large changes in the spirit of God reveal Christ we become changed every day to meet you and we've all Christ we can't say we've come better we all hated him as we all had this is like in the last year don't read ahead I'm talking a spiritual sense of all the relocation if you continue out to you on the log of the whole Christ is in you begin so I think you are in mainland China talking about it is that pollution is a direct interface to the final salvation there's a spirit of God 's job to gain by you until you become a sure player reflection of Jesus Christ what about the principle of adaptation survival of the fittest in with the Mrs. fitness is one ability to adapt to the environment cannot sell you something W when I need to learn how to adapt to the word of God because as we learned on down to the word of God it defines our fitness for the kingdom of and if we go down to the lower level as he says those who don't adapt magi are in the very same way another as we learn to adapt to the whereabouts unknown I want our situation or circumstances on his sternum dominating and the child has to adapt to the warrant is not in any given situation another know what the devil brings you are to be long watch transform by the word of God we learn what it means since it is a change in the notes also think about the circumstances he was Joseph was a man who knew how to I got every moment of his life to the word and not what's his name for the kingdom of you will need to learn how to start about a strike in the insurance industry this process that we are continually changing not being changed by a while but being changed by the word God speaks many tests lasting when you trust what you believe will you know when you understand you have faith and when I spoken it will come to pass and we chatted to him ourselves that's why he gives us the spirit it is a spirit upon your holy window come change where change is scary until we begin to look and reflect the harder image of Jesus Christ we are told test install will come to an sold-out nonstop the nor does not work a miracle to prevent this ordeal child to shield his people from the temptations of Satan if they are tempted severely is because circumstances have been so shaken by the apostasy of Satan temptations are permitted in order that characters maybe did not want that will decide the best of the human family for the whole Manhattan characters that will stand through all the pressure up on a drug to start him public life but when we learned the word of God there is nothing Satan can build can cost up to this one finally the thought that as long as life lasts evolution will continue with all that's the apostle sixty sanctification is not the work of a moment and our ID but of a lifetime it is not game I defined the ceiling but as a result of constantly dying to sin I'm constantly living for Christ cannot be right enormous riches wrought in the character by feeble intermittent efforts it is only by long commute ever with me on my belong persevering effort shall discipline conflict that we shall overcome we are not Monday how strong will be our confident that someone is saying arranged we saw myself to subdue these settings has overcome so long as my son asked there would be no stopping please no point in which we can say I have plenty obtained sanctification is the result of life long will be permanently released many just mention something here that you need to understand our lifelong obedience a sanctification being the possible lifetime doesn't mean that you are starting to get alcohol today but finally after years and years and years of struggle I finally given it up will the state especially when it comes defendant there is no delay in God 's word when God speaks he says look I'm giving you that you're listening and according to your apartment and that we do not now in effect and the delays that you know what I think you drink a limited one and out individually now that never happened but the fact is that sanctification is the process of such a so so I know God will show you something in your life that you did not do one thing that he was wrong and even when he saw you that you have the power by the grace of God to overcome that the self is a process that we go through our entire life I at least managed to the why because really really want to all the right that we had been walking in the light of the truth but that which we don't know what you're long gone so they wanted nothing and legal cells derived on a holy life you are being constantly we aren't unsaved into the things of God we are changing from what we were five years ago ten years ago we are not familiar glasses I grow since the case is a progressive work as an advance from one stage of perfection is to another using praise God and when he speaks his word comes past was when God makes a promise you know and most of the times we mess up is because we trust in God Dotson then bring your wife when someone got been tell us about the one to be patient I'm than on the main person domiciled your feet and we go do something I help the process we are in the way of God is not God 's will is what I will do this for you but we are exchanging to all this because we fail to understand the and the missionary processes of God and that will take those very processes and applies them to physical pain and come to the teaching of evolution what we know the falsetto singing another by the Spirit of God is fine if you just how to trust when God speaks how to understand that God 's word will come to pass in the end of time another when when when when when I said I will deliver you and it seems like we're not going to be delivered just what you say of Jesus he is not a means into your own needs how to take things into your own that's really messed up each by the way you know prophecy is God speaks and overlong and you know what Babylon University Greece Rome there are the fall and he says that though they're not you want to know what are the reason why prophecy feels they industry executives I believe in God we've gotten so that him all all I believe this because they see the power of God for what they're saying is even though I will chat off God is able to bring order to order exactly take his word fifty five start on my bars shall not meet until invited and will start in the day thanking you see it's going to come the top of the mall we learn to understand about that shot and word is the same our lives will be everything God has spoken it worried about his company but on you know when Abraham finally get to see his promise that promise of the great multitude waited to see it happen that was not at all times that was all but gone faithful to his word writing the paths the spirit of God is trying to teach us how to trust even when that which is the most chaotic thing that can happen even when it seems to get in the way on God 's word is saying not even get the most chaotic even not even death can stop my work my promises from coming to pass as one of the most about this this is so when we know you haven't gone you know we got new bodies and dog sitting was sent with your yeah we are the maximum of our potential that will happen the fact in mind when you guess what you want all of eternity we will be involved in the should want on Saturday watch this history in Jesus and himself on the cross will be the size of our salvation I want a eternity that means that ad retirement leaving a hole tries what happened easy I can you imagine becoming more and more like Christ out all eternity changing what house they feel when you take the food on the table in the industry of life is the best rather had the second value better was the past yesterday but today it is certainly the best and endangering God so while all of its heavy he will ever be lonely single remember God is infinite she is from everlasting to everlasting so there's never a place and time what a guy okay we have not gone the full rent what will all be will always be evolving spiritually I do not undo one o'clock understand of the devil has taken this should help to figure in such a way as to attempt to deny the existence of the benefit I want the spirit of God to begin the work of changing me now I want the spirit of God to begin the work of making me more like Jesus Christ not the process begins sheer comedy would like to be changed as they continue to be changed this is what happened to all eternity begins there begins vinous spirit of God in all its beholding Christ another one a marvelous the one among the devil is not genuine can you imagine can you imagine any times yet for the devil brings up ask yourself what's the genuine was the general about a homeless presentation today to learn you learn that God 's word you should trust that when God speaks even if it seems like it's taking a long time for Rick to come to pass it will come to pass and it is that window of time that the spirit of God him as well as assess here happy and healthy nominees to trust healthy healthy and when you learn to have that sleep is holding me to come change legal mean mold into a likeness of Jesus Christ so that when he comes again we will be able to see him one day 's face and hope none of you have stones at the you are so quiet in the value in the sermon once before Lord please help assignments of one three zero I think I was I we in the documentation that is that it is it is absolutely insane Satan will take about which is generally and totally flipping to war against God himself I created is our desire that we all will understand how the spirit of God is seeking to change us and that we will cooperate with that change Lord help me to adapt to your word count and such trust even through these long ages or periods of time where it seems like you're not hearing the Lord help me help me to know what it means to be transformed from the eighth and the inauguration is no longer life is life to life and in your image Lord help me to become a new creation in Christ 's frame seventy five pray that you have taken the words I spoke you have made them to be understood in the way that you designed them to be on the always thank you for the genuine process of salvation we thank you for the fact the new design to see a speedball from a lower form of lifestyle and living life in the image of Jesus Christ nor transform us renew us by your spirit and then lower we look forward to the day when we will see you face-to-face and when experienced throughout all eternity and Amber increasing knowledge of your goodness and your grace one that will change us day by day into ever clearer reflection of your time we thank you Lord for hearing attention this spring in Jesus name we pray amen in this message was removed in anyways we anyways the supporting ministry on the seventh day Adventist sequence by you the Bible makes unprecedented Christians the downloadable purchases of the resources it is online and see what I see when I go


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