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The Result of the Spirit, Part 1

Ivor Myers


You can prepare today for the latter rain. Learn practical, relevant biblical principles for aligning your life with God's will for His remnant people.


Ivor Myers

President and Founder of ARME Ministries and Pastor of Templeton Hills Church



  • December 30, 2011
    9:45 AM
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him him him him this message was presented to FG Y Z two thousand and eleven other resources like this is online menu I see where I had a okay good morning everyone do is that so far in an while this is a white include our yes yet somehow suppose you been with me for the previous to this be the final one final presentation ending at twelve o'clock outside have two presentations actually between now and twelve and my goal in these presentations is to encourage you that the latter rain is its in progress we we are the generation that can see Jesus come again I believe that with all my heart you sound so excited the I know that reverse assignment being outside I am just ninety seven but I know that I know that sigh you guys really want to see Jesus come amen and though we know that in order to see Jesus come we have to be prepared to receive that latter rain and so would not be discussing what it means for this for you as an individual and the church are we what we need to do to while receiving flattering and what that original thought what the lettering looks like in fact this message I'm going to walk hopefully give you a demonstration of what the rain most like and how you can know when it is falling so that some open with a word of prayer and then we won something heavenly father how we come before you once again thank you Lord for your mercy and goodness and grace and Lord were asked in a very special event you would speak to us today Lord fathers show us your glory help us to understand what it means to receive the lottery we thank you Lord for what you're about to do some hearts on fire we pray this in Jesus name amen like an open to the book of John chapter sixteen John chapter sixteen verse thirteen and by the way if you're taking notes today you're really let alone take notes because today we are going to be flying through the Scriptures okay so on if you're taking notes and be prepared and artists mentioned this as well if after this message you want my notes says come to me Navy at Sunday Facebook so you can either phase will be you could e-mail me if you have my e-mail address sake don't you can glance while Booth the Lamb or the army move and that you can get my contact information there and I will e-mail these notes you are and your mother knows it's you you may have heard that you would like to get a copy of it by the way I believe that's in this is the stuff that I share is not our copywriting you know this is God 's word a man and and so you know so you can't visit has to affect preachiness is enough hope you don't mind and do not like is not my message it's God 's message so and anyway so John chapter sixteen verse thirteen John chapter sixteen verse thirteen Bible says here howbeit when he the Spirit of sure this common and so with that spirit of truth it is the holy spirit and soul when he comments now we know that he came back in the days of Pentecost but we know that the latter rain were looking for him to do what come again right in mighty power so when he comes hobby when he distributed the scum he will do what guide you into all truth so one of the evidences of the latter rain falling is that God 's people will be guided into lots into true now what is the truth Jesus is the true vine and that's cool intentionally because as with anything but Jesus is the truth they met and so the Holy Spirit when it comes we can know that one of the sons of the latter rain is that when the amount of rainfall in the Holy Spirit comes he will die God ministers into all truth amen no other thick gods people a God 's people he will die God 's people not just the minister is what God people which sent me back home one day soon I hope to be no come into one of the ongoing Maha you get back is the Holy Spirit will be dining God 's people into all truth and the truth is Jesus and goes on to say verse fourteen and he shall do what glorify me so one of the one of the the snapshots if you will of the latter range falling is God 's people being guided into that shows which is the word of God that Charlotte is to be centered in who and Jesus in other words what I'm saying to you is that one of the signs of the matter ranging point out is a revival of Bible study but not just any kind of Bible study I believe Bible study that points are to Jesus Deuteronomy thirty two Deuteronomy chapter thirty two beginning with verse or rather for us to Deuteronomy thirty two verse two notice what the Bible says here Deuteronomy thirty two verse two the Bible says my strandy sounds wrong as what the rain my speech shall distill as they do as the small rain upon the tender and as the showers upon the grass I want to get the get the picture your dog is making you sick my thoughts when will you draw as what as a ring so once again we see the outpouring of the Holy Spirit is one God doctrine drops as rain Johnson's reign on what on what on the racks at so what's the grass there is a blade visibly visibly visibly everybody get some right the Holy Spirit will be revealed by the fact that all the world God 's people will be getting fresh revelations of Jesus Christ limits of what Hosea chapter six verse three eighty Hosea chapter six verse three Hosea chapter six verse three the Bible says here then shall we know if we follow on to know the Lord is going forth is prepared as the morning and he shall come onto our house the rain as the latter rain and the former rain onto the art what you see about that verse she comes on to what sort of focus again of the Holy Spirit when he comes he is going to God God 's people into all truth Deuteronomy thirty two says that God 's doctrine shall drop as rain and then went for the Hosea that Jesus himself will come onto what the rain like he is very what is that each one of us who are connected with Christ walked following the guidance of the Holy Spirit going to receive fresh revelations of Jesus Christ but can you imagine you seven million bachelors in a use of underlying use of in the name whatever whoever your favorite preacher just imagine that creature multiplied by millions and you can easily see how the work on this product would be wrapped up about what it suggests that the reason why the work in this article is not wrapped up is because many of God 's people on doing not really know the Scriptures for themselves and are not really seeing Jesus in the Scriptures as nation signs of the times April eighteenth nineteen hundred on my truck might like this God designed that the message of redemption shall come to his people have about a rain for they are fast losing their connection with God they are trusting in man glorifying men and their strength disproportionate to the strength of their dependence we to know more than we know at the present time we comprehend the things of God there seems to be developed upon which are worthy of more than then a passing notice just how we read the Scriptures passing notice we argue no skip all the great portions of Scripture and we look for the things that this comment jump out at us and I believe one of our rainfall one of the Simon Lau transforming no unfamiliar tax and unfamiliar stories will suddenly begin to jump out and God 's people all over it on the line is raining upon the book and suddenly things are rehearsing on about things we hadn't seen before the inhabitants that God is moving upon his people that his doctrine is falling like rain are you with me as we search the Scriptures the character of Christ will appear in its infinite perfection like that we search the Scriptures we should try to find Christ everywhere when we begin to find Christ everywhere in the Scriptures it's a sign that the spirit of God is fallen upon his people and in fact your memory the early rain hot in the early rain again what was the what was the event that shaped all on the day of Pentecost before prayer they were to disciples they were walking Sunday at Smyrna story and on their walking their Yum there are discouraged and Jesus the Bible says draws near he'd come highlight why you saw the scars less than I want you so down and they begin until a minute and then even the Bible says what casino he begins to open up the Scriptures and the Bible says from from Moses onward he expounded in those things that related to who himself as they're walking you know what happens the disciples in the use of also we then on they say come come you know statement does not eat with nothing and didn't know that they were already eating I thought there is has on Jesus breaks bread the Bible says when he brought bread their eyes were opened and they knew that it was he and many disappears and then they said did not our heart burn heart heart when you get heartburn after you eat my suggest you that God wants to give us heartburn hearts set on fire your ass we see Christ in the Scriptures so when I would like to do today is unlike to give you a demonstration if you will of Christ in the Scriptures whether you look at a passage of book that you all love is the well are saved of the book for a moment but let's both of Revelation chapter fourteen and then I'll tell you the title of the message in fact of the cytoplasm of the message now it's called the Son of Man Son of Man Revelation chapter fourteen Revelation chapter fourteen verse fourteen the Bible says Hill and I looked and behold a white cloud upon the cloud one sat like unto not what everyone Son of Man having on his head a golden crown in his hand a sharp sickle who was a son of man it's Jesus Jesus on when you when you read the Bible you should ask God for rain upon that book that your reading way upon this reservoir because I want to see Jesus in the verse I want to see Jesus in the book and the more we see Jesus is the more we ourselves become Shane Shane and me become who I came that's the purpose of the Bible as we need to hold Jesus as we mentioned the great sensor of attraction on why tells us that on every page that is illuminated by the Spirit of God will reveal Christ in addition you'll imagine that Christ in every page of the Bible are you serious really my company thought you would've seen twice in the problem of the good Samaritan yesterday yet there he wants for those of you who were here yesterday Christ in every page of the search so here we have revelation fourteen speaking about the Son of Man not monastic question is anyone else in the Bible called the Son of Man who is seeking Daniel and I believe I think the interesting thing though is that Daniels the Son of Man I believe once or twice are just some of them once or twice I was called I'm sorry not Adam Isaiah is called the son of man I believe once or twice but Ezekiel is called the son of man ninety three times ninety three times in Ezekiel 's call the Son of Man execution when the something even more interesting Jesus this call the Son of Man ninety nine the three times that there must be something there something that God wants us to see someone I think a look at the book of Ezekiel your favorite book that let's thought in the book of Ezekiel Limassol with Ezekiel chapter one and here's were going to do when I go through the entire book of Ezekiel okay okay both of the entire book of Ezekiel and what were going to see this amazing what were going to see is what happens when God reigns upon a book what happens when we ask God to show us Christ were going to find Christ in the entire book of Ezekiel are you ready I'm ready I read some hardware I want to watch this begin with Ezekiel chapter one not looking similar to Ezekiel chapter one is all about Ezekiel chapter one eight Ezekiel behold also the first time the glory of God by the neighbors nineteen verse nineteen the Bible says and when the living creatures went the wheels went by the name of the living creatures were from the earth the wheels were lifted up with this order the spirit was to go they went with and they went it was their spirit to go and the wheels were lifted up over against them for the start of a living creature wasn't that within the wheel so what we have to do is send this vision where there are armies Angels are creatures of habit and their moving whatever the spherical I'm not going to verse twenty six verse twenty six Michael says about the firmament that was over their heads was the likeness of a throne as the appearance of a sapphire stone upon the likeness of the throne with the lightness of the appearance on the mound above upon the throne and I saw the color of amber and the appearance of fire round about it from the appearance of his loins even upward from the appearance of his loins even downward I saw that one of the appearance of fire that had brightness roundabout as the appearance of the Bulldogs in the cloud in the day of rain salt was the appearance of the brightness of it this was the appearance of the likeness of the glory of the Lord and when I said I fell upon my face I heard a voice of one that spake unto me so who is Ezekiel seeing here is seeing Jesus please note Ezekiel chapter one Ezekiel is introduced to Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Angels moving were ever the spirit was to go in a interesting the very first event we are introduced to him Jesus is the beholding in fact John one fourteen says we beheld his while you are really as the only begotten of the five in fact when Jesus was born you remember something was hovering right over him but we are told from the spirit of prophecy that it got star was really a band of interesting is it you want the glory of God is seen as the first incident of the first introductions of Christ is on manifest in the flash at the little baby interesting okay okay that's what Ezekiel chapter two Ezekiel chapter two verse one two centimeters of a man stand up on my feet and I will speak on TV and the spirit entered into me when he spake unto me and set me up on my feet but I heard him that spake unto me I found to be Son of Man ascending to the children of Israel to delegates nation that has been down against me the answer fathers have transgressed against me getting drunk and was very great civilizations at the two may have a couple of things happen in Ezekiel is about to become mission to Wall Street to rebellious Israel but before you commission the spirit enters into hand anybody's heart hurting about not burning in the very same way we had Jesus in the New Testament is about to be condescending to go speak to the rebellious house of Israel but before you go to top five and the spirit of God it gets better be wanted and those of me verse nine percent by the way I it in my notes here I have verses that correspond with me I have liked on the bruises some of them are being these prices that correspond many of them understood to give you the story and you should be able to get up what my notes all that everything 's in here okay so easy to allow chapter two verse nine and when I looked behold and was sent to me and low on role of a book was very a spread before me and it was written within and without and it was written there and lamentations and mornings and more so before Ezekiel 's commission to Gorski court or actually being commissioned one of the nice things that happened to him is that he's founded a scroll I scroll just as Jesus actually entered upon admission he has had to scroll Son of Man son of man on this goal let's go to one Ezekiel chapter three Ezekiel chapter three verse seventeen Son of Man and maybe a watchman unto the house of Israel therefore hear the word of my mouth and give them warning or rather get one of them up and give them warning from me Ezekiel is here set of the watchmen just as Christ was set up want but in verse twenty five is anyone now Son of Man behold here in Mountain View this opulent band upon the sum I need with them and also not want among them I will make my tongue cleave to the move of my mouth but now something down and shall not be recruited to them for they are learned or a rebellious people so Sega was told he would be and he would be sign Son of Man Son of Man what happened to Jesus he was found in the Bible says he opened not his mouth that's what Ezekiel chapter four Ezekiel chapter four beginning with verse ones also son of man take the time of the day before the portray upon it the city even Jerusalem and related fields against it and build a four against that house Americans that set the camp also against an absent battering rams round about it moreover tickled to be an iron pan and set for one of mine between the city and set my face against the it shall be the siege about some bases against it this shall be assigned to the house of Israel what's happening here is not as common in Ezekiel the Son of Man is real not because of their abominations and well-being this leads is an enlightening with what Jesus warned what happened to Israel as a result of their abominations in fact in fact from Ezekiel chapter for Ezekiel chapter nine it is all about Ezekiel resulting in the abominations that are being done on in the house of God will you think of chapter eight Ezekiel chapter eight verse sixteen Ezekiel he was sixteen the Bible says adding brought into the end of one of the North Houston behold the door the temple of the Lord between the ports of the altar were about five and twenty men with their backs toward the temple of the Lord and their faces toward the east and they worshiped the sun toward the east that is something we have to seem to sell some of the lightning to the house of Judah that meant they commit the abominations which they come in here so what's happening here is a short walk through nine is speaking about how the readers of Israel are committing abominations now go with me to Matthew chapter twenty one Matthew twenty one verse one and Jesus went into the temple of God and did what cats out on them that sold and bought in the temple and overthrew the tables of the money changers and the seats of them that sold out and sell to them it is written my house shall be called a house of prayer but you have made it a den on these are you seeing the paramount South Park Ezekiel one seemed to be giving us the story of Jesus Christ what the Gospels being explained in the book of Ezekiel well that was a passage on this bus at Passover because that will give unimportant because you know nobody really read the okay twenty three North welfare Matthew twenty three will not be twenty degrees on about the entire chapter is about Jesus speaking goals onto the fallacy Ezekiel chapter four on the abominations being down in the house of God not two twenty three Jesus begins to describe all the abominations that are being made out by the fallacy Holger plate ninety twenty three come back with me to Ezekiel were now in Ezekiel chapter ten Ezekiel chapter ten iso Ezekiel not to than on all the abominations and not we get individual can guess what we find in Ezekiel ten verse fifteen Ezekiel ten verse fifteen I may as well just go ahead and get excited for you because of Ezekiel chapter ten verse fifteen look at what happens and that shadow wolves were to develop this is a living creature that I saw Bob a member of cheaper and when the child problems went the wheels went behind them and when the child is listed on their wings to Mount up from the earth the wheels also turn not from beside them and when they studied the status when they went up these were lifted up also with them for the spirit of that increase was in them is her thinking and the glory of the Lord departed from all the threshold of the house and start over the charitable the glory on the lower we sample at halftime now go back with me to Matthew twenty three were talking about the latter rain here what's hot about what happens when Don begins to enlighten your eyes to see Jesus in every portion of the Scripture remember is it just for three on the abominations being done and that Ezekiel can the glory of God leaves the temple desolate watch this Matthew twenty three Matthew twenty three Jesus is talking about all the hypocrisy of the scribes and Pharisees everything that's being done by then and now knowledge and thirty seven all Jerusalem Jerusalem God kills the prophets and started them which were sent on to the top often would I have gathered thy children together even on the hand doctor checked under her wings and you would not be a whole the all the archive in the path onto you definitely are using the parallel it gets better go with me to Ezekiel Chapter 11 Ezekiel chapter eleven we does any flipping back-and-forth underscored replace it easy to Chapter 11 by the way we are coming to a very very strong conclusion because I'm initially the book of Ezekiel where we are right now in us history somewhere is Ezekiel chapter eleven in Ezekiel chapter eleven all when I do read this whole chapter but I'll simply tell you what Chapter 11 is about individual Chapter 11 of the leaders of Israel comes spot here him as often as we all comes barnyard to do evil while that's interesting because we find that Aziz is finishing his work the leaders of Israel begin to watch comes fine very very interesting handling we now took Chaplin Chapter 11 laws of me versus thirteen onward chapter eleven Ezekiel eleven seat eleven verse thirteen came from researching onward on it says here it came to pass I prophesy the teletype the seventh and I died then I saw my face and cried aloud was a set Lord God will not make a full end of the remnant of Israel and that God was on the site no automatic milliliter have these spy Israel's rebellion shot as we know that caused Jesus is wrapping up his ministry in Israel well there won't be a friend chapter eleven verse twenty two Chapter 11 verse twenty two then did the cherubim 's lift up their wings and wheels beside and the glory of God of Israel was over them and the glory of God went up from the midst of the state of the city and stood upon the mountain which is on the east side of the city being on the side of the glory of God first is that the Temple now it needs the city your member ninety twenty three Jesus says your house is left unto you desolate now when you're twenty four cell twenty four comes after twenty three known as Matthew twenty four must want Matthew twenty four Matthew twenty one and Jesus went out and departed from the Temple as a cyclist changed once again to him for selling the building of the Temple and see his presidency and all these things without thinking there shall not be one stone upon another shall not be thrown down on his first three Nazis upon the model Molly is nowhere that is outside his disciples came opening onto him privately saying tell us what's only when something 's being was under the sign of the coming of the end of the world is and what elements of the miserable design is a twenty nine the holy Shekinah in departing from the first Temple act upon the eastern mountain as a result the fourth sentence of the fourth most to forsake the children Sandy salt Christ upon on that lady earning heart overlooking Jerusalem this I think is page twenty nine she was honestly the brawls and Glenn are glands of the mountains had been consecrated by his presence here is its speeds echoed them the child set the Trenton shouts of the multitude that proclaimed him king on its laws him found the holy robbers not as in Bethany in the Garden of Gethsemane at its foot he had prayed on Arsenal 's another common fear just as the glory of God departed from the city soul Jesus departed from the city sold Jesus went to the garden of Gethsemane and we know that that ultimately that scenario ends up with Jesus being one crucified one in the book of Ezekiel okay have twenty minutes left where on chapter what in the all right when we have whites why I'm not that I pick up the speed here all right so many do it like this I'm just an attempt to you okay so so from chapters twelve to fourteen chapters twelve to fourteen Ezekiel speak about Israel's exile Israel's exile just as we know that Jesus had spoken about the destruction of Israel by the Roman shot chapter twelve verses one through three were on his interest told get all the stuff of Israel and remove it just removed it piece by piece because I don't have nothing left just as Jesus said there shall not be what one stone upon another in Ezekiel Chapter thirteen verses ten through fifteenth there is talk about a law being broken down at provides a body on the all wall being broken down that will be the result of Jesus 's death them on the wall of separation between Jew and Gentile being what him down fifteen the rules allow many of you think you are into the feasibility of Jerusalem is described as a lesson mind is enough that on the financially that no group grow on the street from henceforth chapter sixteen on top of Jerusalem is described how he saw to win them over just as Jesus describes Israel as insult as a mother hen Douglas wanted out of six in chapter seventeen Jonah is described as ensuring that will be cut down cut down on another tree will replace the somebody help me know who the second time will replace is reading from chapters eighteen to twenty one further judgments and limitations on Israel 's house remember this started out after Christ that Israel had three and a half years to repent and they did not and adults was taken from them and given to the Gentiles while easy to twenty one tapes is halfway through the book of Ezekiel is not yet right with the book of Ezekiel does one begin to happen from Ezekiel twenty two on work all of a sudden now that focus on Israel and its punishment in mass shift from twenty two onwards you start hearing about the punishment on Gentile nations lots are you serious your twenty two on Winter twenty nine you find the judgment of that nights in Moab and Edom and Tigris and all of these Gentile nations and then get this up what were seeing here is not from Ezekiel Juan Baldwin twenty nine really think us from the beginning of the gospel all the way I could sense how kindly with resolve now watch this in Ezekiel twenty nine in Ezekiel twenty nine from illegal twenty nine Safari to watch this it talks about how how Egypt's will fall of Babylon it doesn't have how many you get the significance of that Egypt both fall of Babylon in the book of Daniel there are two chains that are described in the book of Daniel chapter is that they are that she am not styled and the king of the north so watch these nine elevenths health of Manchester on the end of time in particular when around on the May seventeen hundreds that the key on the north or the King of the South in other words after the seventeen hundreds rather than the king on the South agent representing one for me what injured represents the Bible represented what atheism and of the night of God right now Babylon represents white power everyone wants lots religion informed the false charge and it tells us that eventually the king of the South Egypt with all to the king on the north that mama were taught in time in that you want it begins when the coming of Christ and Dennis were on the parallel extensions on the web comprising ministry burial and resurrection under the transition to judgment on the Gentile nations within the possible and then Ezekiel twenty nine brings 's right to property the king of the North and the king of the South Watsons Ezekiel thirty three in Ezekiel thirty three easy joy is again set as a watchmen on the wall Kathy something made your heart is not burning right now to check your bulk measures the individual thirty three Ezekiel the Son of Man is once again set up the watchmen on the wall warned of coming judgment of the Ezekiel thirty three on where it is in the description on the last day event Ezekiel thirty four Ezekiel thirty four just just one verse twenty six and thirty four percent six and I will make them and the places round about my hill a blessing I will cause the shower to come house roll and I will call the shower that come down in his season there shall be negative about our session with me Jesus comes as part such as the committee such as what is that spirit enters the biggest decrease in Israel house is rebellious souls in the abominations he then leaves the template this is all this is you are reading the gospel according to Ezekiel the gospel beloved Jesus Christ is all over the Scriptures and went on our rain begins to fall you to will be fine did you become a customer you never believe what I found the spirit of God 's law and one of the greatest evidences is that Christ will begin to be smooth and will begin to be seen all over the stretches and places that we didn't know that he wants so now you have this evidence of Gentile nations then this talk about the king of the South Florida the King of the North and then and then Ezekiel is being commissioned again the watchman to warn of impending doom and judgment had not served on Dennis send rain can I watch this because he gets it inside his heart Ezekiel thirty five is a judgment upon the Edomite I will know the Edomites are that were as far as sending now is all was known for his hatred against God and called Jacob some serious trouble in fact is known as Jacobs time of trouble some of you are still alive and is easy all conditions of the watchmen again three Angels messages chapter thirty four on the part highway chapter thirty five time trouble not to attack my people of New Orleans who loves my people and such time of trouble worry this will be done they will be John's chapter thirty six is a promise to the faithful logit analysis thirty six beginning with verse thirty three chapter thirty six beginning with verse thirty three the Bible says here that says a lot about in the day my son hath commanded you from all yarn equities I will call sanctuary anywhere damn it's only when I went zero from August and when the high priest believes the temple at all and have been removed from his people young and demanding here now who ever thought when the last time you read the book of Ezekiel is that while in all the blood that seems to be a book of it all that's one phenomenal in sum the modern template amendment to the home of the gospel is there and if that is what we ask don't baptize our eyes that we will behold wondrous things out of his book salt salt so we watched Donna to stop the company now after God cleanses his people from Alderson the high priest is that the sanctuary what is the next event that Christ comes again and when he comes again when he wanted to what they wanted to what happened like being in a time when Christ comes again resurrection features is resurrection so what is a resurrection like what happens all the right I'm leaving now in the loans really a wonder we can find deadbolt anywhere in the book of Ezekiel 's seat all look at this why is he killed thirty seven days I'm trapped highest food is spicy and how him is an interesting transition here in Ezekiel thirty seven because before before the minimum resurrection there must be a spiritual resurrection are you with me God the Bible says love God calls on young but but what is the final thing you know the story for success was the committee can use Baldwin in his iMac on the charts it's pretty good analysis prophesy and Ezekiel prophesied and Bolan comes a bit to get involved so what happens is that there is a uniting among the people of God okay but but before that on the great army can come to life in the individual is told to prophesy to the wing spirit of the prophesy to the wind and when the winds come they come an army becomes either living on the Iceland ad litem are not under any army we only there we are in Ezekiel thirty three thirty four thirty five thirty six thirty seven dollars and waiting for the breath of God and enter into his people that we will come on living on one review outlets about this class is class talking about the bills in the jungle and the valley of dry bones this causes one represented by the by the Valley of dry bones in Ezekiel those who have committed to ought to have had committed to them the charges of truth and white dead in trespasses and sins need to be created anew in Christ Jesus there is so little we know vitality in the church of the present time that it takes constant labor to give men the appearance of life to the professed people of the wind the converting power all knowledge comes upon the people it will be made manifest by activity they will become more cars and molesting the reports of Christ greater than the riches greater riches than the charge that this one will have the respect of the life of him on the immortal inheritance amounted to this they will not be dependent upon the administrators for their life expectancy they were afraid and depend upon passive Myers to feed me on the versus great but I need to start eating for myself I think the saunters over to my mother thing got a meeting of the breath I need to start thinking from mice you know how you know how rich is when you did for sunning yourself into a fire herbicide this is a joke and was somebody a matter to be great but the fact that I don't fit as much bass wildlife you know about your much loved and he decided up here all by myself and I why because I found it myself and myself I found it was God 's Spirit speaking to the economist Michael K God I know we got a connection that could not have found something like this by myself and have to be the spirit of God and another when you begin to search the Scriptures and find these things and they are all over is evidence of the Spirit of God is falling on an individual here what they are upon God 's church becomes a you know that when God called Israel out of the people you know they did in Samuels first sign of chapter eight the people are after you know these victories were being one under us under understandable the people then said his son your we want okay with watching and I was like okay Samuel and are supporting they had rejected you they predicted me and then begins his long history of scenes in chains and things and the kingdom being divided on Israel needed to let on that nothing in this morning one are we doing the same thing we want we want a preacher get a strangers large way in which the winning for just something as this one can wonder at what happens is that we become dependent upon men for the NASCAR outline says one of the rainfall of God 's people will no longer will you be dependent upon someone else's kingdom will be finding these precious gems themselves and will be able to share and another when we haven't had to change in membership educated by the spirit of God you will have your seventeen million bachelors are you with me all right all right so so so much this spiritual resurrections about them dry bones I literally resurrected okay not after the amount of dry bones and after resurrection we got the one minute and nineteen seconds left but we wanted to figure within the next time hope you don't mind because we really want about and this is will will and so Ezekiel thirty seven is the value of dried votes resurrection but that's what happened Jesus called his defense is able to have an married heaven for how long a thousand years and then what happened it comes back down to this RF and then you have a battle happening what is that belligerent libels that was that the Babylon or the final Dominique and leaving them I should say of Armageddon but who are the participants in that battle to nations God and may not do you know and see the someone take a walk while you take a wild guess about what easy to thirty eight and thirty nine are about if you have such subheadings in your Bible just look at the subheading for Ezekiel thirty God and make a decent business coincidence you thought there was no rhythm or want to the book of Ezekiel is a bunch of chapters thrown together with just your confusion right and there was a selected verses and you and reading there are not enough light address there is some Enron to the book and if there's rhythm and rhyme to this book how many other books that we escaped over how many other presses can not go by the wayside being lazy in our Bible study nor rain on this book that need to hold wondrous things out of this book all right so after Donna Magog are destroyed the survivals at the document that are destroyed what happened the new Jerusalem the earth made new just not sure how to make this model when the moment for second so it wasn't a wild guess now only eight more chapters in the Ezekiel Ezekiel chapter forty two Ezekiel chapter forty eight no one else a chance is wrong about easy kills vision of the new Jerusalem the temple the great controversy according to the book of Ezekiel Hatch partner partner of yesterday we spent time on on both the practical off things straight about how the spirit of God is the cheapest and Trenton prepares for the end of time and today today we're spending time including on this mess is coming up when looking at how God is going to manifest himself as the lingerie and how he's going to enlighten his people how to the heartburn all you want to create in them this designer to see the word of God in a way that they had never seen it before I pray I pray that you have gone through the book of Ezekiel today you will you your desire will be Lord help me to see Jesus in all the Scriptures when the spirit of God comes upon us that the job of the Spirit of God is to glorify Jesus and he will deal with when you open the word of God he will show you Jesus and Genesis it was sudden she was an accident he was showing Jesus enrolled he was showing Jesus and Chronicles it will show you with Jesus everywhere and then when you are equipped with Jesus everywhere you go forth to share the three Angels messages in a Christ centered Jesus centered way over Watson God 's people that are out there Windows phone churches will not be able to resist the beauty of the gospel in a one in the next pray heavenly father give us heartburn that ties our eyes that we may behold wondrous things out of your law show us Christ in every portion of the Scripture that might be holding we may become change grant us the spirit whose mission it is to glorify Jesus and may your Dodge him all on 's early reign and the manner in the hearing am in Jesus thing that this message was reported in him him and he wisely realizing the supporting ministry on the seventh day Adventist sequence by a young vibrant and viable makes price-sensitive Christians the downloadable purchase another resources visit us online at CYC when the lodging as


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