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The Result of the Spirit, Part 2

Ivor Myers


You can prepare today for the latter rain. Learn practical, relevant biblical principles for aligning your life with God's will for His remnant people.


Ivor Myers

President and Founder of ARME Ministries and Pastor of Templeton Hills Church



  • December 30, 2011
    11:00 AM
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him him him him this message was presented to FG Y Z two thousand and eleven other resources like this is online menu I see where I had a guy is happening a lot and has resources is vital in some sponsors out what you are okay like a good portion of you have and basically what army level can is it such traveling school that teaches how to study the Bible it's five days we have different speakers come in and these different speakers shared their bear secrets of how to study the Bible and basically what shocked these which I took a quick that the latency with the tools that you need in order to break open the Scripture for yourself and so on enough and if you're interested in and coming to an army camp it'll it'll revolutionize the way you study the Bible on how many new saw something in the book of Ezekiel is dancing for that's the chronicling the way doing it on the Bible Kentwood taking obscure passages where were they not principles of how to use the Bible how to study the Bible showing how to use a concordance you know giving the Bible software programs are sharing one software programs that will help you are in your industry the word of God and you can also go to the website we have material on your material on the website on but you cannot download on that will instruct you on how to open the word of God for yourself so if you're not able to make I know we do have resources available online that you can use and you can get started right away with digging deep into the word of God amen I write so on were going to why conclude with the messes I've entitled in the fourth decree the fourth decree on and it's a very special message to me because this message will roll one that you know really how closely are the finishing the work are on top of that we want to know for Jesus again is that okay with it on the fridge incident in the Scriptures and went to see him through the Scriptures as were buildings in this to this final conclusion on again seeing what the Holy Spirit wants to do with us not only in our personal lives are also as we study the word of God those two things need to be high on our list the Holy Spirit working on lies in the Holy Spirit empowering our study of the word of God so would want to begin with Tom the book of Daniel Daniel chapter five he testified that Smith had a word of prayer and a father again we asked you would speak to us in order as we open the words so was Jesus show us your love to show us how weeds can be to your comings and in Jesus name we pray amen Daniel chapter five beginning with verse one the houses on the king made a great feast one thousand of his lords and John mine before the thousand Belshazzar wine tasted the wine commanded to bring the golden and silver vessels which his father Nebuchadnezzar had taken out of the Temple which was in Jerusalem that the king and his princes his wives and his concubines might drink very then they brought the golden vessels that were taken out of the temple of the house of God which is at Jerusalem and the king and his princes his wives and his concubines junking them they drank wine and praise the gods of gold and of silver of graphs of iron of what an assault so what's going on Belshazzar is having a face and industries see commands that the vessel is sacred vessels of the Temple are brought and they began drinking are these vessels what is he doing his desecrating the vessels of God right is actually mocking God that's what is in the meantime outside the city walls is a man by the name of science science was replacing Daniel and this was a book of Isaiah forty four Isaiah forty four verse twenty seven the forty four verse twenty seven the first twenty six says here that confirm it the one of his sermons that perform at the consulate as messengers of Satan Jerusalem thou shall be inhabited into the cities of Judah you shall be built and I will raise up the decayed places there that sits in the deep being dry and I will dry up by rivers that saith of Cyrus she is my shepherd I shall perform all my pleasure even saying to Jerusalem Shelby built into the Temple by foundation shall be walk me this verse is speaking Cyrus and what God had prophesied that he would do that he would dry up the rivers and if you go over the chapter forty five verse one says both say the Lord 's anointed to Cyrus whose right hand I have holding to subdue nations before him and I will loose the loins of Kings to open before him the true these days on the gate shall not be shocked so what's happening God has spoken at Cyrus would open the gates and when drawing up the river is sung about working with SARS can overthrow battle I so get the picture you have Belshazzar he is drinking and he is mocking the vessels of the Lord on this happen this way please find the reason why Belshazzar is so comfortable is the cause Babylon in the heavily fortified city shot barbecue from Prophets and Kings says Babylon was besieged by Cyrus nephew of Darius the Mead and commanding general of the combined armies of the Medes and Persians but within the seemingly impregnable fortress with its massive walls and it suggests all graphs protected by the River Euphrates and stocked with provision and abundance the voluptuous monarchs felt safe and pass this time in Mark and revelry get the picture so he's just like yeah whatever you know sources outside the city where Osiris is outside the city now but the Cyrus do Cyrus decides to Denver the river Euphrates and what happens is that all they wanted to break the river Cyrus descends into the river bank the gates have been left unlocked unlocked and so Cyrus enters into the gates not silence descendents of the United back in Isaiah forty five that Cyrus I just need to say that I set you up for this data five Daniel finds ethanol at the sentence of the river bed and opened the gates while Southerners find the same hour came forth fingers on the man's hand and rolled over against the candlestick upon the pastor of the wall on the king 's palace and the chainsaw the part of one wrote that McCain 's countenance was changed and his thoughts troubled him so that his signs on the lines Warren Mills and Ms. small one against another draft my daughter prophesied his trend the seventeen cause allowed to bring in the astrologers accounting the soothsayers and you know he's conning everyone to bring them in on no one can read it read the writing and then as a new chapter five verse twenty four Daniel comes in you know and there is a lot to give the meaning of what is written on the walnuts would associate Daniel chapter five verse forty four that was the final fans sent from him and their surviving was written this is a lot of that was written many minutes until you forcing this is the interpretation of the thing that it God has numbered by kingdom and finish the check out the hard way in the balance and I found wanting Pervez Vikings and is divided and given to the needs and the first that was the end of basses are seen not going to second Chronicles thirty six second Chronicles thirty six second Chronicles thirty six verse twenty three the Bible reads here now in the first year of Cyrus king of Persia the word of the Lord that where the Lord spoken by the mouth of Jeremiah might be accomplished the north side of the spirit of Cyrus king of Persia that he made a proclamation on what everyone are proclamation throughout all his kingdom and put also invited so says Cyrus king of present all the kingdoms of New York born bottom hasn't given me and he has charged me to build him a house in Jerusalem which is in Julia who is there among your modest people in the audience God be with him and their Hindu walk the walk so that's reason houses are is having the feeds he is mocking the vessels of the Lord he feel like he is safe even in impregnable points but in the meantime I signed the city is cyber Cyrus divides and tries up the river that descends into the riverbed all pins on the dates and answers answer none echidnas are into Belshazzar 's domain are his kingdom his kingdom is overthrown and the champions that was on note that done by Drew on the Joe's were then given this decree by Cyrus you're not free you can go and build Jerusalem armies begin the process of building Jerusalem in particular the Temple douses a is the king of that I believe that Belshazzar would serve as a type of the true King of Babylon Avenue Saint and all we know that Satan appears comfortable in his kingdom what one Monday have an event that would change everything in his kingdom so what do you think somewhere where Satan all was made the mocking the vessel of God and Jesus party we happened right where we want so sorry the king of Babylon is Satan using mocking Jesus before his people is something that he doesn't mean see outside the city outside seating you can read about Cyrus you know thinking interesting about Cyrus to be read in Isaiah forty five how he was called Shepherd and then and forty five it says the faith on the Lord Osiris many call them my anointing the war in nineteen indicates Messiah so creepy that Cyrus is actually a type on Jesus so that the picture saying as easy as possible and is not made in his data wrapped him he is not a winning but outside the city I find this very there is cyber the mutiny decided on okay how did Fatima Massa Cyrus dries up the river bed and these things Cyrus isn't it outside the city which is a was taken outside the city and one thing that is already thinking I'm not listening to the mound as he realized that Jesus in the mountains rise to have these standing into the riverbed and old all against what is the date on how well not program also he opened the gates in an old mansion you are all one you know you know how things try to stop me of how by the way what is great do you know on Sunday morning when when the Roman guards were surrounding that soon notify the village Jesus from opening the gates of hell the Bible says an angel the sense and rolls away the stone is rolled away the stone he sits on a Mac you should sign it the argument you know how humiliating you know how to start an older brother he's six nine two six eight and the when I was young I would always like in the fight to him and they were really fights I mean there was a fight for me but painless games agonizes before you justify adding zinc in and in the Yahoo swing away in an and he does have his hand on my four head and eleven an afterlife he does gets hot in the making picnic to put in the ground and sit on the angel sings on the system debt then conquer somebody get the picture what what is holding you and bond what I've is only one bond is just around the Internet angel sitting on national Cyrus says your free oh you can create a free fall upon your father spent his salt Christ through his death and resurrection says to us recently your free will but it's been not only does Cyrus Jesus descend into the deep not only does he penetrate the gates not only does he open the gates you'll remember you'll remember at the very time that Nebuchadnezzar at Cypress was gaining his victory that Cyrus was entering in the city no a member of the Bible says in that hour and appear to roll on the wall not Daniel comes in and it is the interpretation and immunity within Daniel chapter five verse twenty six this is the interpretation of the thing many not have a number like kingdom and finish a date is finished your kingdom base it is finished your kingdom Balthazar in the very hour that Jesus and Danny is a victory the crockpot on low crawl you send SMS using different value that but it gets better because John I I see him and appear in that song Daniel thought anyone else think of an unseen hand is up here in the temple Adam when those fail Jesus and the Scriptures are you with me to this than the bodily when when Nebuchadnezzar in oh one Belshazzar saw that heard that all on himself and he knew that it was his back now this because Calvary wanted declares a more immutable proclaims to the universe of the wages of sin is death in the same as a starting cry is finished now I'll think it was wrong screen controversy page five oh three and today Bible commentary one five page one one oh nine it was not the hand of the priest that went from top to bottom the gorgeous veil that divided the holy from the most holy place it was the hand of God when Christ it is finished the holy watcher that was an unseen again Dallas is Lars I also size fees pronounce the Jewish nation to be a nation on search this day now that's traced on the wall the characters that recorded Belshazzar 's dome on the end of the Babylonian kingdom rent the veil of the temple from the top of the bar on the about you hard sounds so on by the way things in the lines were loose so that in their yes yes Satan 's ones Windows definitely so so what we had from here on out is Cyrus has given arbitrary now not how many decrees were very given for the total project of rebuilding the talk funny and you know I'm increasingly if if you remember the title of the Simon then you should know that there are four decree the plan of this message is the fourth decreed there for decrees okay cell so I wanted to look at music trees so decree number one on Windows for a dynamite verse twenty five Daniel nine verse twenty five this is what the Bible says here that it mongers twenty five know therefore and understand that from the going forth of the commandment to restore and build Jerusalem unto the Messiah the Prince shall be seven weeks and three scoring two weeks this great sound you on the wall even in Charlotte times so we find that there were four things that were to be done according to these decrees on the Temple was to be rebuilt the city was to be rebuilt the street was to be rebuilt and not want almost to be rebuilt okay very good she got in my the first decree is given in the book of Esther is going to make weekly answer chapter one and you're going to want to follow very closely don't fall asleep as your chapter one beginning with verse one as a chapter one verse one now in the first year of Cyrus king of Persia the word of the Lord before the Lord might be a bottom of the Jeremiah might be fulfilled in Lord stirred up the spirit of Cyrus king of Persia but he made a proclamation throughout all his kingdom and he put it also in writing saying thus saith Cyrus king of Persia the logon of heaven has given me all the kingdoms of the earth as Shaw 's needs and building a house at Jerusalem which is in Judah who was there among them all the people that Islam be with him and him go up to Jerusalem which is in Judah and down the house of the Lord God of Israel he is the God which is in Jerusalem so the first to create brings attention to a desolate sanctuary one February one brings attention to way desolate sanctuary they in this first decree if you are as a chapter to sixty four as attracted to her sixty four the Bible says in the whole combination together was forty in two three hundred and three score beside the Simonson domains of one that was seven thousand three hundred thirty and seven and there were among them two hundred singing the singing men and single women so there are about fifty thousand euros that went off I went back to Jerusalem in this first victory how many sales fifty thousand that went up in this decree under Cyrus on something asset management has been created do we recognize admit after the trades and start that sending the prophecy and the twelve and the the Tigers they prophecy what decrees it the third decree given by Artaxerxes okay very good now if you don't know that don't worry about that right now just can't hold on your in your mind and remember that okay now I understood resuming the belt was one of the leading factors in this end in this project under under Silas 's decree which is given in five thirty six BC the second decree is given by the window dalliance and five twenty BC and is found as a chapter six answer chapter six thousand mistakes and said as a six six and seven miles is not therefore attacked by a governor beyond the member should set our bonds bonds my and your companions the back which are beyond the river be a far from thence that the work of this house of God alone yet the governance of the Jews and the elders of the Jews built this house of God in his place realistically was given was because there was opposition to the work of God 's people building the Temple by Whitney there was what opposition saw this approval is given all I want off on Jan the enemies of God 's people living all right so that the decree is given in Ezra chapter seconds one thousand seven Africa seven and that's look at verse on most twelve Artaxerxes king of kings unto Ezra the priest scribe of the Lord God of heaven perfect peace at such a time under the decree but on people of Israel analyst recently divides in my realm it's a mind of their own free will to go up to Jerusalem for the UK the son of the most twenty five and now as reacted was Mama Dobbins and finance said magistrates and judges which may judge all the people that are beyond the river on such as know the novel by God and teach them that that that changed on 9/11 and Susan Quezada will not do the log by God among the king that judgment be executed speedily upon himself this part of the creative given by Artaxerxes and in this they create is real hard zero-sum gains its autonomy right data all on their own kingdom again and and there's all mentioned on the law of God and those who don't keep it should be fine and then there's a fourth degree this entry is given once again by Artaxerxes not put on knowing you're probably thinking this is really more interested please know be very effective in a little while if you miss what I'm saying fourth entry is given five oh Artaxerxes so watch this and the third degree was given by and the form decree was given by such entry on the third decree are really one of the same decree you with me so far okay this much decree he am my guess is the one that needs out this month and dog you understand the Nehemiah as on as he didn't miss a train derailment is this increase is because the wire had been gone so that update Nehemiah father what was going to Barb LaMotta knew nobody knows that Jerusalem is lay out on Catholic spell that died in the wild having been built is the scars he is downtrodden and autosensing Jansenists final decree except I had the workout Nehemiah goals he surveys the city he sees that they know the condition of the city says look let us not be a report saying what about everything that got what was not finished they were in the approach to the cause of the they were for the treats cinema thinking with a decrease of proclamation how many Angels messages there are three Angels messages but then there is a form Angels message and the fallen Angels message is really a part on the third Angels so what the first Angels message brings attention to the sanctuary of the eyewitness remember on the charts itself gone through a period of twelve hundred and sixty years of captivity in Babylon experience in a temporary file rest comes to people and says I'll focus on the Temple agency just as that of the missing you for twelve hundred and sixty years that SARS was in captivity and bondage and highly dependent upon Babylon received a temporary wall saw that the people of God are able to involve three on Cyrus who is Jesus sat on my people and begin to restore the temple that Babylon itself had cast down okay now may need to hold onto the person next to you because you might follow my father just bring some racer are you ready you're ready you're ready take a while to how many people were involved in the preaching and the following of the first Angels let us take a wild guess this we house do you remember do you remember how many people are in that first they create him in my sirens not looking at me funny second-degree one might balance it was given against the enemies of God 's people who are attempting to hinder the work second Angels message Babylon is fallen Angels message Jerusalem gains its autonomy Jerusalem games as autonomy and has its own set of law is not its own independent system you realize but on the other assurance and not start of an Adventist church it was a group of people from all different denominations who had come and gone up to doing the work of building the Temple after they realize when resizing the second method after they realized when the air for a while because we have the far end of messages to preach on regardless on temperature negatively on .com one hundred five thousand ourselves of Seventh-day Adventists it was under the preaching of the third Angels message when the salad was entered the law am not the way that the decree is a pronouncement upon the also refused a cheap know now Angel McAfee so excited for the Florida Angels message is a warning against New Orleans who refuse to cheat the law of God coincidence on things not I did all that to bring you to this point see the praise God for several the bill and the work that he did under the first decree praise God for Ezra the one that that these men did on the second at the start of the Creek praise God for all the praise God for Ellen White and James Wyatt and all those who came before part of those first three degrees praise God which is the mother probably after Nehemiah something strange has happened to seeing them on your is looking back and it has been fourteen years since sought since Artaxerxes decreed thirteen is undermined somewhere that the watch is not finished our church has been a year for all hundred and sixty seven year I really doubt that the wire is not finished we are her thoughts about Adventists in twenty twenty on the approach adopted was found when twenty four hour approached the longer the work they definitely enroll when the longer we are approached so watch this on the news to create knowledge let's want on here under Artaxerxes and under on the first three decrees the city and that Temple are being rebuilt but in the mind in the MI 's job is to complete to me the streets and the wall we've already got a certainly not as we understand how we understand the sanctuary would die down but the street on the wall this is what needs to be accomplished what is the street was a street was when what was the purpose of the street to need some way it's a way it's a way you see beloved I believe that the work that is to be accomplished under the preaching of the fourth Angels message is that God 's people must become so familiar with the way God 's people must become so familiar with the way that when they are asked about watch and share with someone the way they are the way you him him or him him on the one on the confusion they know no way sometimes try to prepare people who do know the way that means that I would not send all the way here and we've got to know the way in Jesus when we know the way we can count on earth the way but not only was the street to be rebuilt meaning that you are need to gain him out of the water God so that we are able to share the way went on and at the drop of a but the wall must also be due what is the wall what is the wall here's some interest in the know that Nehemiah himself is a type of Jesus you know that of Nehemiah is is building your remember the Bible says that he's on the wall and he's building I is building off his enemies come to him and they try to get him to come down from the wall get him to come down from the wall and if you really account Nehemiah says four times they tried to get me to come down the mouse I cannot come down because I'm doing a great work Jesus is on the cross doing a great wire and four times the Gospels record people send in your menace on the countdown bar I is that I'm busy I can come down when watching the Bible says that Nehemiah finished the wall in fifty two days p.m. below that if you count fifty two days from the day that Jesus was on the wall saying I cannot come down I'm doing great but you know what happens if you count if the fifty two days you must not know because your client fifty two days brings you to the day of Pentecost the outpouring of the early rain LMI says this the gift of his Holy Spirit rich full and abundant is to be discharged as an encompassing wall of fire Christmas presentations page torn I think it was always scared Rich wanted this to be you shot him then all I find Jesus was on the cross and fifty two days later he completes the work on building a wall of mom of five you're not already spirit around his charts the understand what I want is for once it is put while the protection the government and any other reason why God is holding back the four winds right now is because the wall in the complaint not not not not license thirteen years thirteen years thirteen years between the decree aside of all Artaxerxes and his fourth decree thirteen years in thirteen years the work was not enhanced Nehemiah finish the work in fifty two days you you need to just pause and get the significance starts in years fifteen to date Nehemiah said okay no one else wants a social life on the line when the party while some grain bin mail I was a cop advocate to send I will go up and finish the work they did so they does everybody know that Iran is now and what was me I can't believe it we've been here for so long all what shall we do and it will morning and got in object space but in him I sent them into something fun I knew something about phenomenon I will know I can use me and him I was able around the people and the people together united we finish the work in fifty two they are on the map of it and take a hundred and sixty seven years under the comparison it was taken us a little under two years if we had the spirit of Nehemiah I'm not setting any time on the same comparison wise thirteen years to fifty today is a hundred and sixty seven years would be equivalent to two years to finish the work so that God 's spirit could fall in the Google home but here we are year after year looking forward to another celebration and research has been around for another we need me in my weaning people who will sense the calling of God 's Spirit and will save Lord here I am use me we need people who will realize that the work of building the wall must be completed and we can completed very quickly if we put our hearts to the fourth decree is a fourth Angels message it's the latter rain we are waiting for that time in fact we are living in that time who will go that's a question SARS Kula Goa who will go but I wanted understand the reason is unthinking of this message I am hoping and creating each one of you will realize that God means you individually she needs you are familiar my team needs your brain he needs your mind he needs your heart you cannot say whether the pastor Billy cannot say I let you know that the superstar doing you've got to realize at the work cannot he finished without Michelle one more thought this can amount I really wanted to stop this children of Israel they get out of Egypt in captivity they crossover the Red Sea Desmond that and when Moses called Moses said I'm sorry in Sinai Moses Paul Paul Paul called it a kind of what that crossing the ocean crossing the sea type of baptism children is that after that happened they go into a period of time they spend forty years in the wilderness and then they get to another member of the joint on the other side of that river it's the promised land but before they can enter into the promised land they got the defeat Jericho right you know what happened on they had since facts are some the size came back with what evil reports we cannot do what we can think of right spot came back and they were terrified and a terrified everybody else this trouble on the other side this church chart of the top among the New Testament church was given their freedom when Christ the Passover lamb died for them and then conduct as they are walking on their way to freedom of the experience of baptism Betsy what was that doctors there at the cost to the parliament just like it doesn't look as available Passover lamb freedom baptism Jesus freedom that is the church just like the Old Testament shows went into a period where they were in the wilderness and after the wilderness we know that that that there was something that comes next and is not to be another river there's got to be another crossing my something if the first crossing was assembled on the early rain then that last crossing must be symbol of the lottery so where are we on the charts from the crossover now are we in the wilderness now the wilderness and in seventeen ninety eight cents of where not supposed to be in a wilderness but were not reminded for the Jordan not want to cut we hang out well because on the other side of Jordan is a time of trouble in the this photo that I want my kids to be in the experience the wilderness do you really want your kids in the inexperienced wilderness two zero I love a good mood problems I live here in the wilderness the real estate here you know what happens at the Jardin hot set up to try in elephant in the crossover and the interesting about this is what happened previously was that you know all is real sense five and Dom the slides went over the knee came back in and out they gave airports and funds also had sent spies to spies remember at the weekend that gave the reports for the that the river did not dry don't on till on the Israel crossed the together as I think we need to stop sending spies Doug David March the do not know Walmart and then they come back and give us a report in way SLI wow sounds scary over there and let's see what a slightly refined we need to stop this mentality of the superstar we need to cross to get when the people of God realize that it is together this is where you know this is my ministry will be here under ministry right there when the ministry 's when the ministries when when I did not know that vows the Communist savings of boy of saline when the black churches and the white church on a single money went when these decisions but when we went when we get rid of the mentality that I'm been a be the one to console of my ministry is to be the one to plow through it and leave us on through this link when we get rid of that mentality and begin to realize that it is uniting that we cross over then we won't be like that Army in Ezekiel then we would be that people that you are prepared to enter into that time of trouble and that's what it is that's what that's what it does for the Israelites when they went and chilled all conflict with the attorneys were present in the United not have brought about are allowed try to convince you that you finish I will need to be Renaissance and we need to be ready to give that kind about it and if we do not also would get it if we continue to send spies if you continue to have that mentality that God cannot use you he will not use 's heart burning same one suddenly feel God 's personal calling on you to go deeper in the word of God to get connected with the spirit of God I hope that that is what has been accomplished here today pray with me heavenly father we thank you for your incredible madness assents love for reps know what we have learned today where we are in this RFC history we are standing before the Jordan and you are waiting on us to step into the waters please Lord forgive us of arson forgive us for a exalting man in the place of God help us to realize more than you desired to use each one of us forgive us Lord for the separation that lease Bill Clinton seems like the world is even far advanced of us black churches and white shirts is what is that what a shame yes Lord for for that time we can understand but now the walls need to be broken forgive us Lord our pride humblest and then use us to finish the wall law we know that once that one is finished you now see that your church is protected and the winners can be that knows but you cannot let the Winslow's now because there was no protection for the church how possible to finish the wall so that we can advance thank you for hearing operating thank you for her son use this slide is Jesus name in this message and will and him did you nicely GUI cinema supporting ministry on the second thing is sequenced by you the Bible makes unprecedented Christians the downloadable purchase another resources visit us online and CYC when I go


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